With country going to the dogs, fresh elections urgently needed.

Billionaire crook ex-con is never going to go for early elections, because he knows that given his record he will never be elected for a second term even with the help of the ISI, AND more than likely he will lose his leadership position within the PPP in addition (his own party never liked him for obvious reasons). He needs the next 18 months to loot the country further, and thus in the process make the country far worse. Therefore greater hartals need to be established in front of parliament and by the Presidents residence for fresh elections in Islamabad.......non-stop, until Zardari gives way.

Zardari has lost his legitimacy by creating a royal mess in Pakistan, AND by acting as a powerless front for the actions of the Pakistan military with their misadventures within Pakistan's SECURITY and FOREIGN POLICY ARENA.

The Americans will do their best to maintain the $3 billionaire chore crook ex-con in power as long as possible. Each time he smiles and steals from Pakistan's coffers they feel warm and reassured.

Sharif needs to do a heck of a lot more populist canvassing across Pakistan with the media, and move his backside out of his cushy haveli.....as with Imran Khan.

Time for Zardari bhen to go.


Sharif for fresh polls in Pakistan

Pakistan's former premier Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday called for fresh parliamentary elections to be held immediately in Pakistan, saying this was the only option to solve the country's problems.

Sharif said the government has disappointed the people and a fresh mandate is necessary now.

This is the first time that Sharif has called for fresh polls, though other leaders of his PML-N party have often said that the country's problems, including corruption and the perceived inefficiency of the Pakistan People's Party-led government, can only be resolved through mid-term elections.

The two-time premier and PML-N president told Geo News channel that he had advised President Asif Ali Zardari four months ago to hold fresh elections. "It was a sincere advice but President Zardari turned down the proposal," he said.

Pakistan is facing problems like lawlessness, power outages, price hike and unemployment and fresh elections alone are the solution to these issues, Sharif said.

He said Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani could dissolve the National Assembly or lower house of parliament and announce fresh elections just as he (Sharif) had done in 1993 when he was the premier.

The PPP-led government has rejected similar demands from other opposition parties and said fresh elections will be held in early 2013 after it completes its five-year term.

Sharif has been critical of the government's policies since he pulled the PML-N out of the ruling coalition in 2008 but never sought fresh polls.

The PML-N had joined the government after the 2008 general election in the national interest but could not go along with the PPP because of its policies, he said.