The worlds most annoying interviewer

A Deep State insider, Dr. Steven Pieczenik has some very important things to say which contextualises the serious situation in Afghanistan for the USA, and the war on terror........but Alex keeps interrupting him.......'Because he is running out of fucking time"      or      "We have got to go to another annoying break"

Or maybe Alex does not like what Dr. Pieczenik is saying and is doing his best to cut him off, in the hope that President Trump continues to give him and his show some TOKEN/SYMBOLIC recognition, in lieu of the Trump base who elected him.

That is the most garbage interview I have ever come across.

Jones 'ability' to reduce great men from the state, offering humble wisdom into mere phone-in audiences....who apparently talk too much.

There MUST BE clear differences in how people are treated in the show between 'EXPERTS' like Pieczenik, and an Infowars supporter giving their 2 cents in a phone in.

This is the LOGICAL thing to do in coordination with Iraq and Syria

The Greater Kurdistan project must be destroyed.

Iran and Turkey, the two countries that will lose the most from the CIA's Greater Kurdistan Project, therefore, must work together.....militarily.

At least these 2, if not all 4 countries.


Iran denies joint operation against Kurds with Turkey

By Yahoo News and AFP.....and antiwar.com

 Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Tuesday denied claims by Turkey that the two countries were planning joint military operations against Kurdish rebels in Iraq.
"We have not planned any operations outside Iran's borders," said a statement from the Guards' regional ground forces headquarters published by the ISNA news agency.
"But as always we will strongly confront any group, team or person who wants to penetrate into Iran's territory for anti-security or terrorist operations," it added.
The statement came a day after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a joint Turkish-Iranian operation against Kurdish militants was "always on the agenda".
A leading Turkish newspaper also claimed Iran made a "surprise proposal" to Ankara to jointly attack Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq during a rare visit by armed forces chief of staff General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri earlier this month.
Turkey has battled the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) for decades, while the Iranian security forces have also fought its affiliate, the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK). Both groups have rear bases in neighbouring Iraq.
Despite denying that specific operations were planned, the Revolutionary Guards did threaten the possibility of cross-border attacks in the future.
"Although Iran has no plan to take widespread operational actions outside its borders, if any terrorist group... aims to take the slightest measure to create insecurity on our borders, they will be faced with our intensive and fierce response, and their remnants will be targeted wherever they are," the statement said.
Erdogan said on Monday that the two countries' military chiefs had discussed how to work against Kurdish militants.
"The work will continue because you know that the PKK terror organisation has a foot in Iran," he said.
"We believe that if the two countries cooperate, we can reach a conclusion in a much shorter period of time."
Tensions between Turkey and Iran -- both of which see themselves as historically powerful regional leaders -- have often been tense, and they currently back opposing sides in the Syrian conflict.
Bagheri's visit -- hailed as the first by an army chief of staff since Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution -- was therefore seen as a key sign of warming ties.
"The actions of Turkey and Iran complement themselves. We reached good agreements to prevent terrorists passing from one side of the border to the other," Bagheri said during the visit.




Erik Prince is correct, up to a point. This 'problem' should be made an Afghan problem.

What ALL mainstream media misread and misinterpret whether deliberately or through lack of knowledge the TRUE MOTIVATIONS OF THE USA's presence in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is an Opium plantation, run by the CIA/Pentagon, and when it is processed in Afghanistan/Pakistan into Heroin it is exported throughout the world in what is a $50-100 billion annual business, including importing the stuff into the USA, USING MILITARY AIRCRAFT.......with the money laundered in Wall Street Banks.





The PRICE of sacrificing a few 1000 American servicemen and private contractors for this illicit business is worth it for many in the DEEP STATE. 

The annual cost of $50 billion to the AMERICAN TAXPAYER......is worth it for the few in the DEEP STATE.

AND YES, the depreciation of the American army fighting an insurgency OF 20--30,000 MEN is worth it for the DEEP STATE.

The Afghan war may be 'good' in criminal ways for the American Oligarchs........since it seems they are no longer able to compete and undertake business in the normal sense against Japanese, Chinese, German and emerging new markets.

But Professor Michael Chossudovsky is not a conspiracy theorist.

Old gnome Jeff Sessions won't be dealing with this 'little problem' involving USA state institutions since at least the days of Vietnam, and why that little war lasted 10 pointless years. He prefers to prosecute individual Americans, who are not politically powerful, smoking soft drugs privately.


Mike Huckabee on Fox


Orthodox Chabad-Lubavitch Jews (Hasidim) Ivanka and Jared Kushner need to go back to New York, and Israel.

They need to be removed from the Whitehouse.

Out of the Trump administration.

Salome's 7 veils dance needs to be stopped, in front of King Herod.

Jared Kushner is weak, and will become weaker....just as Trump promotes him to his deputy with massive unconstitutional powers.

AND whilst it is fashionable for Trump's allies to talk of his many enemies.....within and without(VERY important)...we must also talk of the failings of his own family, especially his DNC linked son-in-law and daughter. ......who never fail to give the wrong advice, and the Trump talking points from Soros and the DNC transmitted by via these two.

The other weakness of Trump is his penchant for billionaires, Globalists and Deep State Generals who betray him, and his constant whining about not being able to implement his populist agenda......because of the Globalists, Billionaires and Deep State Globalists.


Steve Bannon on the war path


Having insider knowledge, he will now go after the DNC plants inside the Trump administration.

As well as Matt Drudge.


Pssst! Psssssst! Psssssst!.....somebody tell Cointelpro Mueller.


Time to pardon Julian Assange

He ALONE has exposed the crimes of Hilary

He ALONE has exposed the crimes of the DNC

HE has also exposed the crimes of the USA DEEP STATE.

Julian Assange, the great Aussie, has selflessly promoted the interests of the world, and played a significant TIMELY ROLE in the election of President Donald J Trump.

At a minimum the Trump administration must first through the DOJ, cancel all charges against him and any overt or covert requests for his deportation by the UK Criminal State to the USA as a fugitive, who illegally (according to Obummer law) published USA state secrets.

He MUST be free from his Ecuadorian embassy prison, and allowed to roam free in Leicester Square and the West End as a free man, and further that the USA government will not intern him or imprison him should he travel to other countries where the USA exercises significant COVERT power.....EG Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand on his way to Australia to visit his family and home.

Julian Assange must not be harassed by local overt and covert security forces......especially any dogs working for the CIA.


Then when President Trump is politically stronger, give Julian Assange a few years later.......

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is an award bestowed by the President of the United States and is—along with the comparable Congressional Gold Medal—the highest civilian award of the United States. It recognizes those people who have made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors".[2] The award is not limited to U.S. citizens and, while it is a civilian award, it can also be awarded to militarypersonnel and worn on the uniform.(WIKIPEDIA)





Assange Meets Rep. Rohrabacher, Vows to Prove Leaks Didn’t Come From Russia

Congressman Says He'll Brief Trump on Meeting

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange met with a member of the US Congress for the first time Wednesday, as Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R – CA) met him during a three-hour gathering at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

During the meeting, Assange assured Rohrabacher that Russia was not the source of leaks which WikiLeaks published during the 2016 campaign related to the Democratic Party, and he promised specific information would be provided to prove that.

Rep. Rohrabacher is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, a position which might be of considerable import amid multiple Congressional investigations into the allegations of Russia being behind the leaks.  Assange has long maintained that not only did Russia not provide the leaks, but no state party had done so.

How Assange intends to prove it wasn’t Russia, short of outing his sources, is unclear, but Rohrabacher did suggest he was provided with some specifics from Assange about which he intends to brief President Trump.

The putative “Russia hacks” have fueled US hostility toward Russia since mid-2016, despite both Russia and WikiLeaks denying that Russia was involved in the leaks, which were seen to politically embarrass Hillary Clinton during last year’s campaign, and which some Democrats have alleged were a concerted Russian plot to “get Trump elected.” 


More DNC agitprop and DIVERSION with destabilization as cover from Clintongate


Cointelpro Mueller is another aspect of this.....

Russiagate is another aspect of this...

The administration leaks is another aspect of this...

The media MSM onslaught against Trump is another aspect of this...

Trumps counter-move must be:

1. Continue the economic reforms, and public jobs drive

2. Tighten up his ship of state, with more true Trump Troopers....quickly through the networks of his base.

3. Attack the DNC on many fronts......opening investigations into everybody in the DNC, including the cleaning ladies.

old Gnome Sessions is not equipped to do 3. Strange looking Rod Rosenstein, is a bi-partisan blank appointee of the Deep State who appointed Mueller.......he first needs to go. 

Fox news: 354 out of 577 current administration positions that require congressional approval have been left blank by the Trump administration......no nominees. Is the Apprentice gameshow host hoping for bigger commissions from the nominees to those positions, or is he just lazy??
Image result for trump golfing meme
We must not rely on the Washington post statistics.

The old gnome will NOW go after the DEEP STATE leakers....they are already trembling in their boots with utter fear.


Loose pro-DNC Deep State Lips Sink Ships

So President Trump must hire more True Trump Troopers, and replace the 80% Obummer holdovers from his administration.

This Globalist Neo-liberal regime started in January 20th 1993......they have been in power for 24 years....under Clinton, Bush II and Obummer.

With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the GLOBALISTS thought that their time had finally arrived.

Trump MUST establish a massive master plan to replace them ALL.

The Apprentice showman surely can organise a basic employment drive of a few 1000 in Washington, without relying on Goldman Sacks, the Deep State swamp politicians, Billionaires with off shore accounts or Deep State Generals.

Maybe Mike Cernovich could do this very effectively....connecting with young energetic True Trump Troopers from the base.

He must learn to embrace his True Trump Troopers, who are not RICH and SUCCESSFUL like him.....people who are not so cosmopolitan and diverse. Trump must learn that fellow billionaires and military men who exude muscular military power, aren't the only people to have around his administration.


The many nations the CIA and State Department have destroyed and destabilised

The list only includes countries destabilised and destroyed since 1945, not before.

And it is subjective.

The true list is greater.


Overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List

By William Blum at information clearing house.

Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)
  • China 1949 to early 1960s
  • Albania 1949-53
  • East Germany 1950s
  • Iran 1953 *
  • Guatemala 1954 *
  • Costa Rica mid-1950s
  • Syria 1956-7
  • Egypt 1957
  • Indonesia 1957-8
  • British Guiana 1953-64 *
  • Iraq 1963 *
  • North Vietnam 1945-73
  • Cambodia 1955-70 *
  • Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
  • Ecuador 1960-63 *
  • Congo 1960 *
  • France 1965
  • Brazil 1962-64 *
  • Dominican Republic 1963 *
  • Cuba 1959 to present
  • Bolivia 1964 *
  • Indonesia 1965 *
  • Ghana 1966 *
  • Chile 1964-73 *
  • Greece 1967 *
  • Costa Rica 1970-71
  • Bolivia 1971 *
  • Australia 1973-75 *
  • Angola 1975, 1980s
  • Zaire 1975
  • Portugal 1974-76 *
  • Jamaica 1976-80 *
  • Seychelles 1979-81
  • Chad 1981-82 *
  • Grenada 1983 *
  • South Yemen 1982-84
  • Suriname 1982-84
  • Fiji 1987 *
  • Libya 1980s
  • Nicaragua 1981-90 *
  • Panama 1989 *
  • Bulgaria 1990 *
  • Albania 1991 *
  • Iraq 1991
  • Afghanistan 1980s *
  • Somalia 1993
  • Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
  • Ecuador 2000 *
  • Afghanistan 2001 *
  • Venezuela 2002 *
  • Iraq 2003 *
  • Haiti 2004 *
  • Somalia 2007 to present
  • Libya 2011*
  • Syria 2012
Q: Why will there never be a coup d’├ętat in Washington?
A: Because there’s no American embassy there.


Charlottesville destabilization and CIA strategy of tension.

The neo-Nazis in Charlottesville appear to be clean shaven, tattoo-less military men marshalled by the CIA 'rent a mob' scam practised around the world.........since the days of the Monroe doctrine. They are state destabilisation shock troop ACTORS mostly hired by the CIA, in its globalist misadventures abroad.

Working class men with low IQ, and low levels of education. ....but lots of testosterone. 

If in Venezuela why not the USA...no?

What is the difference between Venezuela and the USA to the CIA???? Nothing.

The REAL neo-Nazis in the USA, COMPARED to the recent fake CIA ones from Charlottesville, such as the 'Aryan brotherhood' and 'Aryan nation' with Bill White are infiltrated and run by the FBI, the domestic intelligence agency......as part of their normal undercover work. The FBI often fronts and directs their poorly attended rallies of usually a handful of over dressed faggots in Nazi German regalia, along with tattoo's......symbolism over substance.

More often than not, these organisations are also created by JEW JEWS.

Bill White (Weiss)

Frank Collins (Cohen)

Alan Ayling.....founder of the English Defense League (Jewish founder, and pro-Israel)


Above, we see Mayor Michael Signer, the Jewish mayor of Charlottesville.

You mean Odessa....

The CIA's Operation Gladio is about getting people angry and scared and easy to manipulate.


Undercover Israeli soldiers admitted in 2005 to throwing stones at other Israeli soldiers so they could blame it on Palestinians.

Israeli police were filmed in 2015 dressing up as Arabs and throwing stones, then turning over Palestinian protesters to Israeli soldiers.

The Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

Quebec police admitted that, in 2007, thugs carrying rocks to a peaceful protest were actually undercover Quebec police officers.

The Charlottesville Nazis are CIA FAKE. 

The real American neo-Nazis, infiltrated and RUN BY THE FBI are also........ fake.

A real Nazi in the USA might be someone who looks smart, successful, Jewish, lives in NY and works for Wall Street. They are highly educated, and they speak eloquently like urbane cosmopolitans....but more importantly, they have power, and links to the elite power structure of the USA. 

They have no time for poor people in the USA, and outside, for old people, for other nationalities especially non-European ones. They love war, and global violence and hatred.
(Scott Creighton)


This littel drama in Charlottesville seems to have been created by the CIA.

The drama parades young men ONLY in Nazi mode, with torchlights. This pleases with erection and masturbation the Nazi elements of the CIA Deep State.

HOWEVER THE OVERALL DEFINING end of the saga is a purported fake neo-Nazi (military guy) ploughing into a crowd of anti-Neo-Nazi supporters.

Thus in this CIA saga the neo-Nazi is the villain in the eyes of the American as he should be, of course.

It is a subtle CIA pitch for Hilary, who has been groomed into power by the CIA.

and, a not so subtle, pitch against President Trump and his ARMY of ANGRY WORKING CLASS RED NECK WHITES.

There is NO EVIDENCE that President Trump endorsed this event, or his party organised it.

The event is however saying that maybe marshal law needs to be brought in, and President Trump impeached for unleashing dangerous undertones in American society.....and that ONLY HILAY can save the republic from eventual civil war, along with the help of Bill and Soros....and...


Charlottesville: What You Wish Upon Others, You Wish Upon Yourself

By Moon of Alabama

U.S. "liberals" cuddle fascists and right-wing religious extremists in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela and elsewhere.
But when similar movements appear on their own streets they are outraged.
The person in the center on the above picture drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters in Charlottesville killing one and wounding several.

Politicians and media hail such persons when they appear, often hired by the CIA, to overthrow the government of some foreign country. They condemn the same mindset and actions at home. But glorification of right-wing violence elsewhere hands justification to right-wing groups at home.

Above: Fascist torch march in Kiev January 28 2017. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Republican Senator McCain, The New York Times, the Washington Post and many "liberals" supported the above nazis.

Above: Fascist torch march in Charlottesville, August 11 2017. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Republican Senator McCain, the New York Times, the Washington Post and many "liberals" condemned the above nazis.

You can not have only one of these. 

To claim, as "liberals" do now, that such marches as in Charlottesville, "is not what and who we are", is a lie. Ask people from outside the U.S. how the empire appears and acts towards them.

The U.S. uses fascism, religious extremism, torture, targeted killing and many other vile instruments of power in its quest for global dominance (Through divide and conquer). All of these methods and ideologies, all of them, will one day come home.(with the aid of the CIA)


Cointelpro Mueller's and Comey's FBI participated/ran Hilary's election campaign

The ALTERNATIVE MEDIA elected President Trump. 

This FACT has not registered with President Trump, and he continues to surround himself with the swampers and Deep State generals, which WILL have consequences.

Then he whines about the swampers doing the dirty against him to his base.

This is becoming a tired long running vaudeville.

He has the power to hire and fire anybody in his administration.

It would appear but for the actions of the Deep State and Hilary's unpopularity as a person, and as a candidate, that President Trump would have won a LANDSLIDE IN NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES, but for the actions of the FBI and the rest of the Deep State.

We get a little glimpse of this below.


What is going on at the DOJ????? ASKS 15 year old blogger and news reader???

Trump selected Deep State Insiders in his administration.

He did not select few if any True Trump Troopers.

Therefore, naturally, the Deep State Insiders will do their best to protect one of their OWN,  who is Hilary.

Naturaly they will select Rod Rosenstein as acting deputy AG.

Naturally they will select Cointelpro Mueller to start a witch hunt against President Trump to hound him, and thus check him and his pure agenda.

Naturally they will focus on Russia, North Korea and much else BUT Hilary.

The problem of America........the real original problem of America is the DNC and its crimes committed alone, or with collusion with the GOP SWAMPERS....against the USA.

That really is it.

Mitch needs to retire and make way for a younger man who can meet the Presidents FULL expectations.


"They never fought Barack Obama this hard" (IMPLICATION: They are overly obtrusive and dismissive of their OWN PARTY'S LEADER)

Paul Ryan is also a problem for the Trump agenda.



Cointelpro Mueller.....a history of scumbagging to political pressure in order to get results.....wuff wuff!!!!


Robert Mueller, Conspiracy Theorist

He’s unfit to be special counsel
 Posted onat antiwar.com

When former FBI chief Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel to preside over the “Russia-gate” probe, official Washington sang hosannas. Democrats, Republicans, the pundits, and the cocktail party chatterers of every persuasion swooned over his “impeccable” credentials.

That should’ve served as a warning sign, right there. Because what are those credentials? What is the Mueller record, and why does it inspire confidence in all the usual suspects?

Mueller has been consistently wrong about every important investigation he’s been involved in: and not only that – he’s erred on the side of a group-thinking warmongering and utterly clueless political class.

Let’s start with the most egregious case: the “Amerithrax” investigation. When, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, letters containing anthrax showed up at the offices of NBC, the New York Post, and two US Senators, then FBI Director Mueller mobilized his agency to get to the bottom of a crime that shocked the nation – and helped push us into the Iraq war. Colin Powell used the anthrax attacks in his talking points for war with Iraq, telling the United Nations:

“Less than a teaspoon of dry anthrax, a little bit about this amount – this is just about the amount of a teaspoon – less than a teaspoon full of dry anthrax in an envelope shutdown the United States Senate in the fall of 2001. This forced several hundred people to undergo emergency medical treatment and killed two postal workers just from an amount just about this quantity that was inside of an envelope.”

The Iraqis, intoned Powell, had never accounted for their biological weapons. The implication was clear: the Iraqis were behind the anthrax attacks. Americans were told by their government that another terrorist attack utilizing biological weapons was imminent: they rushed to the hardware stores and bought up duct tape and plastic tarps. Mueller appeared before Congress, testifying that cooperation between Iraq and al-Qaeda on US terrain represented a direct threat:

“Secretary Powell presented evidence last week that Baghdad has failed to disarm its weapons of mass destruction, willfully attempting to evade and deceive the international community. Our particular concern is that Saddam may supply al-Qaeda with biological, chemical, or radiological material before or during a war with the US to avenge the fall of his regime. Although divergent political goals limit al-Qaeda’s cooperation with Iraq, northern Iraq has emerged as an increasingly important operational base for al-Qaeda associates, and a US-Iraq war could prompt Baghdad to more directly engage al-Qaeda.”

A month later, the invasion of Iraq began.

And the anthrax investigation dragged on. The probe focused on one Steven Hatfill, a former employee of USAMRIID, the primary US government bio-weapons research lab. Given the weaponized nature of the anthrax contained in the letters, FBI investigators were convinced that a scientist connected to anthrax research was the culprit. But why fixate on Hatfill?

This focus was due largely to the efforts of two individuals who were not experts in the field. Instead of homing in on the science – trying to trace the peculiar anthrax strain found in the deadly missives, which had killed 17 people – the FBI investigation under Mueller’s direction was based on purely circumstantial evidence uncovered by two individuals with little to no scientific knowledge: one was Don Foster, a Vassar College professor whose claim to fame was tracking down Newsweek columnist Joe Klein as the anonymous author of Primary Colors, a roman a clef about Bill Clinton’s scandal-plagued career. 

The other was Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a molecular biologist and former advisor to President Clinton on bio-weapons, who believed that the anthrax attacks were the unintended consequence of a secret CIA project gone awry and that the FBI wasn’t making any arrests because it would reveal the government’s responsibility for the whole affair.

Like the amateur “investigators” of the Twitterverse, who today weave elaborate conspiracy theories linking various Trump administration figures to murky Russian operatives, Foster had done some digging and uncovered a pile of circumstantial “evidence” pointing to Hatfill: he dug up an interview with Hatfill during his tenure at the National Institutes of Health in which he outlined how bubonic plague could be manufactured and launched in someone’s garage. Foster also found an unpublished novel written by Hatfill that described a biological warfare attack on Washington, D.C. More “clues”: Hatfill had been in Rhodesia during an anthrax outbreak that occurred during the 1970s, and had been a student at a medical school in the town of Greendale – the name of the made up school listed as the return address on the anthrax letters.

Rosenberg was also on to Hatfill’s trail, and she got together with Foster, comparing notes: they had independently come to the same conclusion – Hatfill was the likely culprit. Foster had previously gone to the FBI, which initially rejected his evidence: Hatfill, they told him, had a good alibi. Yet the Foster-Rosenberg team of amateur sleuths soldiered on: Rosenberg carried out a public campaign explicating her pet theories, including authoring a “Possible Portrait of the Anthrax Perpetrator” that did not name Hatfill but surely described him to a tee, even naming one of his friends.
Still, the FBI was uninterested in the Foster-Rosenberg sleuthing effort – but this changed when the two amateur investigators met with Senate staffers, including those whose offices had been targeted by the anthrax letters. The FBI agent in charge of the probe was brought into the meeting. As David Freed, writing in The Atlanticput it:

“Rosenberg criticized the FBI for not being aggressive enough. ‘She thought we were wasting efforts and resources in a particular—or in several areas, and should focus more on who she concluded was responsible for it,” [FBI agent Van] Harp would later testify.
“’Did she mention Dr. Hatfill’s name in her presentation?’ Hatfill’s attorney, former federal prosecutor Thomas G. Connolly, asked Harp during a sworn deposition.
“’That’s who she was talking about,’ Harp testified.
“Exactly a week after the Rosenberg meeting, the FBI carried out its first search of Hatfill’s apartment, with television news cameras broadcasting it live.”

From that day forward, Hatfill’s life became a living nightmare. Then Attorney General John Ashcroft declared that Hatfill was a “person of interest.” The FBI trailed him everywhere. The media hounded him. He was driven out of two jobs. His friends abandoned him. His home was trashed by agents, as was his girlfriend’s apartment. He was constantly stopped by local police. He became a pariah. Although ultimately exonerated when the “evidence” against him collapsed – Hatfill was awarded a $5.82 million settlement after enduring six long years of torture – his life was effectively destroyed. And all because Robert Mueller fell for a conspiracy theory that had no basis in fact.
As Freed notes, President George W. Bush was constantly needling Muellerabout the slowness of the anthrax investigation, and there was tremendous pressure for the FBI Director to come up with something. The hysteria level in the country was reaching new heights on a daily basis. The theory of Hatfill’s guilt filled a need for Mueller, both politically and career-wise. As Freed writes:

There was enough circumstantial evidence surrounding Hatfill that zealous investigators could easily elaborate a plausible theory of him as the culprit. As fear about the anthrax attacks spread, government and other workers who might have been exposed to the deadly spores via the mail system were prescribed prophylactic doses of Cipro, a powerful antibiotic that protects against infection caused by inhaled anthrax. Unfamiliar to the general population before September 2001, Cipro quickly became known as the anti-anthrax drug, and prescriptions for it skyrocketed.”

Pursuing the trail pioneered by Foster and Rosenberg – Hatfill’s good alibi was apparently forgotten – the FBI tried to tie together the bits and pieces of information linking Hatfill to the attacks into a legally airtight case – and they failed. But that didn’t stop them from leaking to the media all along the way. As Freed writes: “The result was an unrelenting stream of inflammatory innuendo that dominated front pages and television news. Hatfill found himself trapped, the powerless central player in what Connolly describes as ‘a story about the two most powerful institutions in the United States, the government and the press, ganging up on an innocent man. It’s Kafka.’”

Is any of this beginning to sound familiar?

Here is a politically important case, in which several high-level people have been targeted: investigators come into the probe assuming the identity of the responsible party, and are engaged thereafter in looking for confirmation of their assumption.

The parallels with the “Russia-gate” investigation are glaringly obvious: despite the lack of any real forensic evidence, the investigation is based on the assumption that the Russians, under the direction of Vladimir Putin, interfered in the 2016 presidential election by “hacking” the DNC and John Podesta’s emails, handing them over to WikiLeaks, and otherwise engaging in a concerted campaign to keep Hillary Clinton out of the Oval Office. All evidence to the contrary – and there’s plenty of it – is being pointedly ignored. Instead, the Russian conspiracy theory is being pushed by political actors with dubious (and quite obvious) motives, with the probe headed up by a man with a history of succumbing to political pressure in order to get “results.”

Like the Foster-Rosenberg conspiracy theory targeting Hatfill – and the “evidence” the Bush administration utilized to drag us into war with Iraq –   bits and pieces of “intelligence” are being strung together to depict a Vast Russian-Trumpian Conspiracy to steal the 2016 election. A meeting with the Russia ambassador: a meeting with some Russian lawyer; the selling of condos to Russian clients; bit and pieces of intercepted communications leaked by anonymous intelligence officials. The whole thing resembles the “factoids” touted by the Bush era “Office of Special Plans” that were disseminated in the media to mislead the public and the Congress into going along with the Iraq war.

Rod Rosenstein’s letter appointing Mueller as Special Counsel assumes a conclusion and then seeks evidence to confirm it: 

the letter takes as a given the role of the Russian government and gives Mueller the authority to probe “links” – the same carefree methodology that led to Hatfill’s years-long persecution at the hands of the government and its media accomplices.

Speaking of media accomplices, the worst was undoubtedly New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who persistently passed along Rosenberg’s unverified accusations under the thinly-veiled protective shield of prefacing it with “some say.” Weeks after Hatfill was exonerated, Kristof dashed off a reluctant-sounding pseudo-apology: that he’s now among the chief expositors of the Russia-gate conspiracy theory should come as no surprise.

Mueller’s weakness for convenient conspiracy theories that complement the conventional wisdom in Washington make him the worst possible choice for a special counsel. 

His tendency toward groupthink made him a key player in the campaign to lie us into the Iraq war. 

His utter lack of epistemological integrity in targeting an innocent man for the anthrax attacks – and refusing to clear Hatfill two years after investigators concluded he wasn’t the perpetrator – demonstrate his unfitness so clearly that one can only marvel there was no public outcry at his appointment. 

These flaws are more than likely to produce the same results in the Russia-gate probe – albeit on a much larger scale.

If Mueller carries out his mandate as special counsel the way he conducted the Amerithrax investigation, it will be as if Louise MenschEric Garland, and Seth Abramson are providing the FBI with leads and guidance – just as Don Foster and Barbara Hatch Rosenberg did in the Hatfill case. But with this difference: hard scientific evidence – tracing the anthrax variant contained in the deadly letters – eventually led the anthrax probe in a different direction. In the case of Russia-gate, there is no science, only the guesswork of various self-interested cyber-security firms like CrowdStrike, which first fingered the Russians as the DNC/Podesta hackers. The inherent subjectivity of hacking attribution, and the extreme politicization of the investigation, will block this kind of corrective.

Which will empower Mueller to make it up as he goes along. Or, paraphrasing David Freed writing about the anthrax investigation fiasco: If there is “enough circumstantial evidence” surrounding the Trump administration that “zealous investigators could easily elaborate a plausible theory” of them as the culprits in a collusion scheme involving the Kremlin, then that is what we can expect to see.

This goes way beyond the Trump administration, Russia-gate, and the current political brouhaha over the 2016 presidential election: this is about the epistemic corruption that is rife in our political class. It is a pandemic born of groupthink, hypocrisy, smugness, and the willingness to fabricate “facts” in order to achieve political ends. It is a deadly disease, and it is killing us. The only antidote is a free media untethered to political interests and answerable only to the truth – and that is precisely what we don’t have right now. The media is complicit in all this: indeed, they are the carriers of the bacillus that is destroying this country. What happens when a free society poisons itself? I’m afraid we’re about to find out.

Important note: I don’t want to leave the impression that Mueller got it right when he targeted scientist Bruce Ivins as the culprit. In fact, the “evidence” marshaled against Ivins – who committed suicide before he could be brought to trial – was pretty much on the same level as the allegations made against Hatfill. I wrote about the Ivins case here. I also wrote about the anthrax attacks herehere, and especially here, in 2003, where I upheld Hatfill’s innocence and pointed in the direction of the probable perpetrators.
In short, Mueller never got it right.


Assassinated Seth Rich supplied leaked DNC emails TO WIKILEAKS FOR MONEY

What we don't know is whether other DNC staffers ALSO participated in this:

......so end of Russiagate, and one of the most famous investigative journalists of the last 40 years has just confirmed it.

Hilary killed Seth Rich (Yawn...nothing to see here)

Cointelpro Mueller of the DNC can pack his bags and go home.


Has Seymour Hersh Debunked ‘Russia-gate’

Journalist Seymour Hersh has given us good reason to believe what many have long suspected: that the “hacking” of the Democratic National Committee, which supposedly delivered the White House to Donald Trump, was an inside job. In a recorded phone conversation (here’s a transcript) with Ed Butowsky, a Republican operative who has been financing an investigation of the Seth Rich affair, Hersh told Butowsky that Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC and was murdered on July 10, 2016, was in contact with WikiLeaks, and wanted money for access to the DNC emails.

Hersh doesn’t buy the conspiracy theory surrounding Rich’s death: he sees it as a random event, one that wasn’t too unusual given the neighborhood Rich lived in – and yet this haphazard tragedy may have led to the unraveling of the mystery that is, today, at the core of our politics: the controversy over who delivered the DNC/Podesta emails to WikiLeaks.

The Democrats, the media, and the War Party contend that the Russians hacked into the DNC, and fooled John Podesta into handing the keys to his emails over to them: a full-fledged federal investigation, complete with a special counsel, is now busy trying to find evidence of the Trump campaign’s collusion with this nefarious plot. On the other hand, the case for Russian “hacking” has been fragile from the start, and has only gotten less tenable as time goes on. Now another blow has been delivered to the “Putin did it” conspiracy theory, one that may indeed prove fatal.

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Hersh contends that, upon Rich’s death, the District of Colombia police went into his apartment – with a warrant — and examined his computer, but they couldn’t get into it. So they called in the DC cyber unit, which didn’t do much better, and so they called in the FBI’s Washington field office, the cyber unit, and they got in. “What I know came off an FBI report,” says Hersh. “Don’t ask me how. You can figure it out.” Well, yes, we can indeed. He goes on to say:

“And so what the report says is that sometime in late spring, we’re talking June you know summers in June 21st, late spring would be after, I presume, I don’t know, I’d just say late spring, early summer and he makes contact with WikiLeaks. That’s in his computer and he makes contact.”

Hersh notes that the last DNC/Podesta emails posted by WikiLeaks are from late May 2016, or “early summer,” a timeline that fits in with the sequence of events: his contact with WikiLeaks followed by his death in what appears to be a random shooting. Hersh continues:

“So, they found what he’d done. He had submitted a series of documents, of emails. Some juicy emails from the DNC, and you know, by the way all this shit about the DNC, um, you know, whether it was hacked or wasn’t hacked, whatever happened, the democrats themselves wrote this shit, you know what I mean? All I know is that he [Seth] offered a sample, an extensive sample, you know I’m sure dozens of emails and said ‘I want money.’”

This note of realism – “I want money” – for the first time provides us with something that has previously been missing from the arguments of those who have claimed that the “hacks” were an inside job, and not a case of Russian cyber-warfare: motive. After all, why would Rich, supposedly a loyal employee of the DNC and a committed Democrat, hand over embarrassing emails that would hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Well, now here we have it. If true, this not only explains why Rich would do such a thing, but also why the Rich family is furiously denying that their son was in any way connected with the DNC/Podesta email revelations.
Hersh goes on to detail what is in the FBI report:

“Then later WikiLeaks did get the password, he had a Dropbox, a protected Dropbox, which isn’t hard to do, I mean you don’t have to be a wizard IT, you know, he was certainly not a dumb kid. They got access to the Dropbox.”

And so, according to Hersh, WikiLeaks must have reached a deal with Rich, and the rest is history. It’s not clear to me what “They got access to the Dropbox” means: is Hersh talking about WikiLeaks, or the FBI? In any case, Rich apparently took precautions to cover his ass, as Hersh relates:

“He also, and this is also in the FBI report, he also let people know, with whom he was dealing, and I don’t know how he dealt, I’ll tell you about WikiLeaks in a second. I don’t know how he dealt with the WikiLeaks and the mechanism but he also, the word was passed according to the NSA report, ‘I’ve also shared this box with a couple of friends so if anything happens to me it’s not going to solve your problem.’ Ok. I don’t know what that means.”

Well, something did happen to him, but we’ll pass over that and note that Hersh mentions “the NSA report.” So the FBI, in investigating this case, turned to the National Security Agency, which has access to everyone’s online communications, and came up with evidence confirming that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks, that he had a secure Dropbox, and that he was concerned that he might be in danger. Hersh says “the word was passed” – but to whom? There are more mysteries here than we can uncover with just these bits of information.
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According to Hersh, a warrant exists for the DC police entry into Rich’s residence. There’s also a report from the FBI, which Hersh has not seen, as far as I can tell, but which has perhaps been read to him. As Hersh puts it:

“I have somebody on the inside, you know I’ve been around a long time, and I write a lot of stuff. I have somebody on the inside who will go and read a file for me. This person is unbelievably accurate and careful, he’s a very high-level guy and he’ll do a favor. You’re just going to have to trust me.”

Hersh’s record speaks for itself: from exposing the My Lai massacre to ripping the lid off the false flag Syrian “chemical attack,” he’s made a career out of unmasking the lies and machinations of the War Party. I’ll take his word over the word of some anonymous spook leaking to the Washington Post any day of the week. And perhaps this is the time to point out that there’s just as much evidence for what Hersh is telling us as there is for the tall tales of “collusion” with Moscow that have been retailed by the “mainstream” media for a solid year.
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Freckles cow making false claims against the Syrian government, for the Jewish Neocons. She is married to a Jew.

The “Russia-gate” conspiracy theory never had any real evidence to support it aside from the arbitrary assertions of three US intelligence agencies: the “proof” they submitted to the public was laughable, as Jeffrey Carr and other cyber-warfare experts have pointed out. Yet we don’t have the actual evidence to support Hersh’s contentions, although if he’s right there is indeed a paper trail: the warrant, the FBI and NSA reports, and probably more.

However, it is an exercise in elementary logic to take the simplest explanation for how the DNC/Podesta materials got out – an insider with access did it for money —  rather than assume it was an elaborate Russian conspiracy involving teams of hackers, the Russian intelligence agencies, and Vladmir Putin himself. Apparently our brainless media, not to mention our not-very-intelligent “intelligence community,” have never heard of Occam’s Razor.

Hersh, who has been around the block several times, and is intimately familiar with how the intelligence community operates – as well as being personally familiar with the individuals involved – is onto the game that’s being play here. In his words:

“I have a narrative of how that whole fucking thing began, it’s a Brennan operation, it was an American disinformation and fucking the fucking President, at one point when they, they even started telling the press, they were back briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press, fucking cock-sucker Rogers, was telling the press that we even know who in the GRU, the Russian Military Intelligence Service, who leaked it. I mean [it’s] all bullshit…. Trump’s not wrong to think they all fucking lie about him.”
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It’s all bullshit: Russia-gate, the “collusion” gambit, and the whole avalanche of fake “news” that purports to describe a Russian conspiracy to “undermine our democracy.” It’s a lie, pure and simple. More than that: it’s an exact inversion of the truth. Because what’s happening is that a vast intelligence-gathering apparatus is being utilized to undermine an elected President and undertake what is in effect a “legal” coup d’etat. But then again, projection has always been an essential element of the War Party’s methodology.

I’m not surprised that Hersh’s revelations have been studiously ignored, even by some “alternative” news sites. Despite this ominous silence, there has been one attempt to cut Hersh off at the pass: National Public Radio ran a piece about the lawsuit Butowsky is being served with in which Hersh’s conversation is quoted. NPR tellingly edits out what Hersh actually said in that conversation, but does cite Hersh purportedly saying Butowsky misunderstood him.

However, it looks like Hersh didn’t know he was being recorded, because the recording directly contradicts both Hersh and what NPR is reporting. An email exchange between Butowsky and Hersh, in which the former pleads with the famous journalist to go public, has been published, and when a reporter called him for comment Hersh clammed up:

“‘I’m not going to comment about that stuff, I mean, come on, I live in the real world.’
“When asked to confirm that it was him speaking on the bombshell audio recording, he stated, ‘I’m not going to talk to anybody about that. No comment.’

While Hersh is being called on to clear this matter up, there are several reasons why he might not do so, at least quite yet. He could be working on his own story, and – in the same vein – doesn’t want to burn his source, who would be understandably nervous about possibly being outed.

Whatever is going on here, Hersh’s contentions are now public. The truth, whatever it may be, is going to come out.