Hilary Clinton and her hubby Bill took $145 million from the Commie Ruskies illegally in order to sell USA strategic Uranium and military technology to the Red Ruskies ILLEGALLY.

Cointel pro Mueller was the bagman for the Uranium to the Red Ruskies at a shady East European airport.

Working for his Clinton masters.

Yes, this is another terrible Hollywood B-movie that is totally FALSE/FAKE starring George Clooney as Robert Mueller.

In America when the elite commits crime and high treason, it is totally ignored.

It only gains attention when FAKE PROJECTION is directed against another member of the billionaire elite with links to Netanyahu Likud, and a serving populist President.

But, that too after the old gnome is kicked from his long stupor.......who when not sipping lemonade on the promenade is otherwise busy chasing inconsequential reefers, looking at hapless Muslim TROPHIES caged at Guantanamo forever for the false flag of 9/11 by Israel....and visiting shaking hands with Nicaraguan teenage gangsters.

Imagine an AG actually doing his job!!! What is the world coming to, and Trump giving the seal of approval to Cointel Meuller to continue with his illegal fishing expedition?....based initially on no evidence, but sure will find some evidence on behalf of the Clintons.


Assange the hero of humanity


Cold Creepiness

Roger Stone on fire


The Clintons are Jewish.

The Clinton's are Crypto-Jewish, which means they don't visit synagogues or wear their Jewishness on their sleeve. A historical Jewish strategy living in Europe to escape the Ghetto laws of Christendom.

Bill is believed to be the bastard child of the Rockefellers.(Themselves Jews of French origin)

Hilary is Jewish on her father's side, originally from Poland.

Both were appropriated FRONTS for the Globalist Jews based under the Rothschilds of London.

That is why both propagate their Anglo-Saxon demeanour, especially in America.

That is the reason why Bill Clinton finished his education at Oxford, the elite University of the British ruling classes.

That is why Hilary sometimes likes to bare all in British TV programs.

The CRIMES of the Clintons, especially around money and finance (Fast easy bucks---money laundering, stealing other people's money and narcotics peddling)......is the TRADE they were groomed for by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds of London, through the CIA.

Their extremely ugly daughter, who looks like a Shrek, married to a Jew financier appears to have the same personality as her parents. The proverbial apple does not fall far from the tree.

1. America's struggle for FREEDOM is the destruction of the corrupt globalist Jew elite who have subverted the Anglo-Saxon/Celtic origin of MODERN AMERICA.

2. The destruction of the Rothschilds CHANNELS OF INFLUENCE on the USA state via INDIVIDUALS such as Kissinger (A Jew) ...and organisations such as the CIA.(a Jew smelling crime organisation, which promotes other Jew fronts in America) 

The notorious untouchable CLINTONS are the small cog of the much bigger strategic problem of the above just mentioned. 

It is much easier to spew bile at the above two Bonnie and Clyde characters groomed carefully for 50 years by the Rothschild of London, BUT much harder to dismantle 1 and 2.


The Iranian civilian nuclear deal with the five powers +1.

Having signed the agreement after excruciating long negotiations with the USA team made up of stern, anally retentive Jews from the Obummer team, Trump for whatever reason wishes to break that agreement and go it alone. 

There are many gossip going around which opines as to why Trump should do this.

So here is the Quija Board: 

1. Trump is of Crypto-Jew origin from his Fathers German side, and especially his notorious grandfather who ran brothels, gambling dens and slum landlordry and the white flesh trade WITH EAST EUROPEAN women...to/from Noo Yawk.....before being chased out of the country back to Germany during WWI. For ANY DISRESPECTFUL JEW MAFIA FIGURE TO GAIN RESPECT IN THE COMMUNITY, WHAT YOU DO IS A MAYER LANSKY......You profess your loyalty to the state of Israel, and support its most ardent extremist policies. Extremism thus stands for purity. Extremism stands for good, noble, pure, loyal, brave,......BS. 

Continued here: 'TRUMP RAPED 13-YEAR-OLD'

The Trump family empire was built on the backs of prostitutes.

"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel"............The same trick as Jew Hitler.

The same trick the military might play in a banana republic. 

2.  Trump is a closet gay......if you watch carefully his hand movements and the way he emphasises certain keywords. His uber macho stance and his pussy grabbing, therefore, may be an attempt to hide this his butch gay side which is naturally attracted to the military and war generally. Gays can crank out children for their front, and BE around very beautiful women......Tom Cruise for example......Hitler. Thus you have WAR to satiate his FAUX MANLINESS.

3. The other gossip is that Trump is a fundamentally weak-willed man, who has succumbed to the false accusation that he is not patriotic enough (SPECIFIC STRATEGY OF JOHN PODESTA AND THE DNC).....instead of being MANLY AND ADULT, Trump has been baited and stung by this false accusation from the DNC, and now he is on a WAR PATH to prove his PATRIOTISM, along the process of subverting his administration and domestic policies.

4. An obscure false narrative from the Jews as part of divide and rule state that Celts in North America and Europe must prove themselves against Iranians/Aryans IN A DEADLY GAME OF RACE BAITING BETWEEN TWO CAUCASIAN RACES. This explains the disproportionate dire position of the USA vis a vi Iran (land of the Aryans) Afghanistan (Ariana old name) Ukraine (former Scythian/Sarmatian Iranian speaking people) and Russia. In all four cases the JEW has conspired using the CIA/State Department to turn otherwise USA friendly countries into battleground enemy states)........against whom the CELTIC USA MUST MEASURE UP TO.

5. Just because Obummer is a corrupt CIA plant, that is not an excuse to over turn ALL his policies. Especially those which Obummer constructed with delicate International negotiations with major foreign powers. This will give the definite impression that the USA is in decline, and is a thoroughly untrustworthy partner, which changes its International Legal obligations on a whim.

Trump must tread very very carefully with Iran.


Iran - Trump Has No Strategy, Only Aims And No Way To Achieve Them

By Moon of Alabama

Trump hates the international nuclear deal with Iran.  The agreement would enforce restrictions on Iran's nuclear program and opened it up to deeper inspections, then those since 2003. The other sides of the deal committed to lifting sanctions and to further economic cooperation. 

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was negotiated and signed by the five permanent UN Security Council members (U.S., Ch, Ru, UK, F), Germany, the EU and Iran. If the U.S. defaults on the deal it will be in a lone position. The diplomatic isolation would limit its abilities to use its influence on other issues.

Trump has little knowledge of Iran, the nuclear deal, the Middle East or anything else. What he knows comes from Fox News and from Netanyahoo and other Zionist whisperers who get to his ear. All he heard is that the deal with Iran is bad. Therefore, he concluded, it must end.

The White House handed a paper to the media which is supposed to describe President Donald J. Trump's New Strategy on Iran. But there is no strategy in that paper. It list a number of aims the Trump wants to achieve. But it does no explain how he plans to do that. It is a wish list, not a program to follow.

The "Core Elements of the Presidents New Iran Strategy" are:
  • The United States new Iran strategy focuses on neutralizing the Government of Irans destabilizing influence and constraining its aggression, particularly its support for terrorism and militants.
  • We will revitalize our traditional alliances and regional partnerships as bulwarks against Iranian subversion and restore a more stable balance of power in the region.
  • We will work to deny the Iranian regime and especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) funding for its malign activities, and oppose IRGC activities that extort the wealth of the Iranian people.
  • We will counter threats to the United States and our allies from ballistic missiles and other asymmetric weapons.
  • We will rally the international community to condemn the IRGCs gross violations of human rights and its unjust detention of American citizens and other foreigners on specious charges.
  • Most importantly, we will deny the Iranian regime all paths to a nuclear weapon.
The list is full of factual mistakes:
  • Iran stabilized Iraq when the Islamic State was only days away from taking over Baghdad. Iran also helps to stabilize Syria and to defeat the Islamic State.
  • Ballistic missiles are not "asymmetric weapons". Iran's neighbors Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have such missiles. Iran's missiles are no threat to the United States.
  • The IRGC is the equivalent of the U.S. special forces. It is funded by the state. It does not "extort the wealth of the Iranian people". (The IRGC's pension funds (bonyads) hold significant industrial assets. But they are different entities.) The IRGC does not kidnap civilians or kill foreigners. The IRGC does not undertake terrorist ops against domestic targets or foreign targets.....and then boast about them via video's.

  • The IRGC does not detain American citizens.

  • Iran has repeatedly declared that it rejects all nuclear weapons out of religious reasons. It signed several international agreements which prohibit and prevent it from seeking such weapons.
  • Iran is a CURRENT signatory to the NPT.
  • Iran continues to cooperate with the IAEA since 2003 with one of the most thorough inspection regimes in the IAEA's history for the sake of the Jew Jew boy.
The White House list of aims, "the strategy", is followed by "background" information on Iran and its alleged behavior.  Some White House intern must have copied it from a neoconservative version of Wikipedia. It is a conglomeration of general talking points which lack a factual basis.

When the JCOPA deal was closed, Congress legislated that the White House must certify every 90 days that Iran sticks to the deal. Trump will now stop to certify Iran's compliance even as everyone, including the White House, acknowledges that Iran is fulfilling all its parts. The White House claims that non-certification is not a breach of the agreement. The issue now falls back to Congress which might re-introduce the sanctions on Iran which the agreement had lifted. If it does that Trump will say that it is responsible for all consequences.

It is not clear if or what Congress will do. Senators Corker and Cotton are pushing for legislation that amounts to an unilateral change of the nuclear deal. It would introduce new sanctions if Iran does not accept their demands. Trump seems to support that.
But it is not going to work. It is an unilateral breach of the contract and no other country involved in deal will support it. Trump may introduce new economic sanctions on Iran but why would Iran care? Unless all other countries follow Trump's lead, it can simply buy and sell elsewhere. 

The EU countries were again craven and offered to push against Iran's ballistic missiles if Trump does not completely break the JCPOA deal. This was utterly stupid negotiation behavior. Why offer concessions to Trump even before he makes a self defeating move? Still - they will not support breaking the deal.
Iran will not give up to its rights and it will not disarm. Obama pushed sanctions onto sanctions to make Iran scream. But the country did not fold. 


Steve Bannon's Jihad for America First.

A former Naval Officer serving the Pentagon

A former Goldman Sacks Banker

BUT he has become enlightened and found Nirvana, maybe finally.

Yes, he did choose General Kelly of the Deep State as Trump's Chief of staff, who then pushed him out, and yes he also did choose Reince Prebius who was a disaster in that position.

He was politically naive, and indecisive......in getting his considerable and important ideas across over the head of corrupt Jared Kushner.

But for all the mistakes of Kushner and his bad advice, he, in the end, was not fired, but Bannon...who chose to leave.

Maybe Bannon is too BUSY IN THE CLOUDS, with all his theories and ideas?

Some say he is aloof and sociopathic, as someone who really did NOT 'huddle up" with the Trump base when it mattered most, between June 2016-------September 2017.


Image result for HUDDLE UP

Barry Seal of the CIA---MAKING sympathetic photogenic heroes out of criminal CIA monsters



Drain the Swamp


Who in the anti-SWAMP movement is organising this?

Where does the funds come from to organise this?

Which billionaires are sympathetic to this movement?

How does the MOVEMENT avoid putting up conflicting candidates for the same seat?
Bannon has an ideal candidate for Michigan, as does Roger Stone.....2 separate alt right candidates....fighting against each other, splitting the vote (Example)

How many Republican seats are targetted???....30.........why not more???

Has the NRA been brought into this with their considerable organisation?

Have ALL non-Trump right-wing groups been POOLED for this objective at the grassroots level?


The TEA PARTY POLITELY attempted to influence the Republican Party....with mediocre success, and now out of commission. 

The new movement in the wake of Trump must actually ELECT THE RIGHT CANDIDATES DIRECTLY....to ensure that the right policies are pursued once they are elected......no more flip flops, bait and switch......or in the case of Trump hiring the SWAMP/DEEP STATE into his hapless administration.(Because he has been visited by Henry Kissinger in the Whitehouse in November 2016, who has ordered Trump who to hire via the Rockefellers....who themselves take orders from the Rothschilds of London)

Then the USA can be Globalist Free.

David Zublick----American Pedogate



USA's sponsoring terrorists


Syria - Russia Issues Third Warning Against U.S. Cooperation With Terrorists

By Moon of Alabama

The Syrian Army was on its way across the Euphrates river to liberate the oil- and gas-fields east of Deir Ezzor city. The U.S. countered the move. It sent a small forces of Arab tribal mercenaries who were earlier allied with the Islamic State (ISIS). These proxy forces came from a northern direction and moved through Islamic State held areas without fighting and casualties up to the walls of Deir Ezzor city.

Map by Weekend Warrior - bigger

The Syrian army was about to win the race when it started to cross the Euphrates. But it suddenly was surprised by a large al-Qaeda attack in southern Idleb province. That area had been quiet for months. 29 Russian troops who were supervising a deescalation zone there were nearly encircled by al-Qaeda forces. They only escape after an emergency relief operation had cut through al-Qaeda lines. The Russian Ministry of Defense accused the U.S. of having communicated the position of the Russian platoon to al-Qaeda.

Shortly thereafter a Russian general, visiting Deir Ezzor city to supervise the Euphrates bridge crossing, came under extremely well aimed mortar fire by the Islamic State. The general and two other high ranking officers were killed.

During years of fighting around Deir Ezzor ISIS had never shown the capability for such a precise strike. Someone must have communicated with the terrorists and transferred the exact position of the local headquarter, as well as the time of the Russian general's visit.

A week later a concentrated ISIS attack on the main supply road between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor was attacked by a large number of ISIS forces. It is trying to retake al-Suknah in the middle between the two cities. The Russian Defense Ministry claims that the attacking ISIS forces came from southern areas of al-Tanf near the Jordan border which are under control of U.S. forces. Should ISIS take al-Suknah the Syrian-Russian contingent in Deir Ezzor would gain be cutoff.

Due to those three attacks the Syrian-Russian move towards the eastern oil-fields came to a near standstill. U.S. proxy forces are now slowly taking the area.

It seems obvious that the U.S. military is again cooperating with terrorist groups in Syria. There must be at least some information flow between U.S. intelligence and al-Qaeda and ISIS. It seems that deconflicition data the Syrian-Russian alliance is sharing with U.S. forces in Syria is ending up in the hands of the extremists. This explains how al-Qaeda and ISIS can suddenly and very precisely attack critical Syrian and Russian positions which are known to only very few people.

The Russian have protested several times and had warned the U.S. not to continue with their nefarious scheming. The third severe warning came yesterday with statements by the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and direct accusation against the U.S. military by the spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry.

In an interview with the semi-official Saudi paper Asharq al-Awsat Foreign Minister Lavrov was extraordinary frank (the full interview was covered only in the Arabic edition). Interfax recapitulates:
"The US-led forces' activities in Syria cause many questions. In some cases these forces mount allegedly accidental strikes against the Syrian Armed Forces, after which the Islamic State counterattacks, in other cases they inspire other terrorists to attack strategic locations over which official Damascus has restored its legitimate authority, or stage fatal provocations against our military personnel. I would also mention numerous "accidental" strikes against civilian infrastructure that have taken hundreds of civilian lives," Lavrov said in an interview with the Asharq Al-Awsat pan-Arab newspaper ahead of the Russian visit of Saudi King Salman al-Saud.
These accusations, from a very high level of the Russian Federation hierarchy, should not be ignored. But the "western" media were silent over Lavrov's accusations. Only AFP picked up some bits but missed the central point.
The Russian Defense Ministry was even more direct:
A spokesman for Russia's Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that a series of attacks launched by Islamic State in Syria on government forces had come from an area near the border with Jordan where a US military mission was located.The spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said in a statement the attackers had the precise coordinates of the Syrian government forces, which could only have been obtained through aerial reconnaissance.
Konashenkov accused the U.S. of "flirtation" with the terrorists and warned that, should similar happen again, Russia will take severe countermeasures.
While these accusations fly, and the relation between U.S and Russian contingents in Syria further deteriorate, Russian diplomacy is winning the day.

Last week the Russian President Putin visited Turkey. (At about the same time the Egyptian chief of intelligence was also in Ankara. He allegedly met his Turkish colleague. A few days later he visited Damascus.) Yesterday the Saudi King arrived in Moscow for an unprecedented visit. Meanwhile the Turkish president Erdogan touched down in Tehran in an unusual amikal atmosphere.

Instead of reporting on diplomacy and the increasing chances of a military conflict between super powers in Syria, U.S. media asks if Secretary of State Tillerson called President Trump a "moron" or a "fucking moron". (For the record - the NBC journalist who overheard Tillerson's outburst says it was "fucking moron".)

There have now been three significant incidents against the Russian-Syrian alliance in which, according to Russia, U.S. malignancy played a role. Each time Russian officials warned of consequences. To some extend the U.S. hostility is incited by Israeli nagging. But the record shows that CentCom, the U.S. military command in the Middle East, is overtly aggressive and not always following Washington's line. It is high time for the White House to get the situation under control.

The bear is a docile animal. But it should not be provoked. There is reason to believe that the Russian forces and their allies in the Middle East have the ability to surprise the U.S. military with unforeseen and deadly moves.

Should these U.S. provocations continue Moscow will have no choice but to order harsh retaliations.


The Las Vegas false Flag mass shooting--American Gladio II; The USA is run by sick Satanic Paedophiles who take their orders from the Rothschilds of London.

It is 11 months since the election of Donald J Trump, a populist leader.

The Deep State/DNC were fearful and embarked on outlandish bizarre means to oust him since they had automatically assumed in their lazy self-assured world that since the Clintons in 1992.....their anointed one would be elected. .....yet again...and things would continue in the RIGHT PATH towards global government, 2 administrations a piece:

Accelerate the police state in the USA, through false flags mass shootings.

Neo-liberalise the country further---18th century mercantile society (I do do not subscribe to the feudal society argument.....modern technology will prevent us from going back to that kind of society.)

continue the final ascention to total global war, through Russia.

Abduct more American children for sex, torture and Satanic death. 250,000 a year???? genocide???

Aniont Israel with special significance and power, disproportionate to its size and real importance.

Jew-fuck bastardise American culture with low brow trivia.

BUT Donald J Trump WAS instead, to his own surprise, elected
( German/Scottish....and possibly crypto-Jew........his Salome like daughter converted to Judaism and married a Corrupt as they come orthodox Jew. Trump mentor was Roy Cohen a CIA officer who ran paedophile rings for the NY elite, and the Jewish mafia which built his casino and real estate empire) 

The USA Deep State was nervous with Drumpf, at first since they did not have the full measure of the man, and whom they after all expected would lose with his outlandish OTT performance on the vaudeville stage which is called the American Presidential elections.

But now President Donald J TRUMP IS PERCHED OBEDIENTLY ON the lap of the generals, and it is they who run his administration in all areas that matter.

They have conspired to push out ALL Trump loyalists from his hapless, naive, inexperienced administration.

SO........time to continue with the Globalist master plan.....which calls for more False Flags in the USA.

Pity the American people.

Such GREAT PEOPLE, led by totally moron neanderthal leaders.

So dear Americans what is to be done?

Well since Trumps election the Deep State/DNC have attacked Trump, AND Trump supporters in addition.

The purpose of attacking Trump supporters is classic agitation, which is to gage a violent REACTION from Trump supporters....which of course they must refrain from.

The attack on the senator

The murder of a GOP organiser


And now this on Country Music fans(many Trump supporters)

Once the Deep state initiate civil strife, and anarchy they will declare Marshal Law.....which must be avioded at all costs.

This is not a GENIUS CONSPIRACY.......this is what happens in all banana republics when the military take over......on Behalf of the CIA/STATE DEPARTMENT......Wall Street/USA corporations.

This whole process is the measure of the corruption of the failing USA state.

Others like Alex Jones, ALWAYS INFORMED, with parents from the Deep State with good connections to that community(Which is why he for 25 years speaks so confidantly against them).....thinks that the current hoax Galdio ops was directed against Trump, to warn him that he could be Dallas'ed just like JFK.

Marilou Danley is Pulling a Marina Oswald on Us

by Scott Creighton at American Everyman

When Marina Nikolayevna Oswald was taken into custody for “questioning” she didn’t believe her husband had anything to do with the assassination of John Kennedy. She was held for months by federal authorities and later kept in “protective” custody by the Secret Service while the Warren Commission did their thing. By then she was saying Lee wanted to kill everyone INCLUDING Nixon and some random general he didn’t like. In the end she testified she thought her husband was guilty. And after that, she was allowed to go on with her life.
After the Boston Bombing Ibragim Todashev was picked up by the FBI and “questioned” in Orlando. He ended up being shot in the back of the head from someone standing behind and above him. The feds said he grabbed a gun, then they said it was a sword, then they said it was a broom. They wanted him too say he thought his friend Tamerlan Tsarnaev was guilty as well. I guess the interview didn’t go so well.
It’s no wonder the FBI never records interviews… or at least they SAY they don’t.
Today Marilou Danley is in custody and it appears she has chosen option 1 over option done.
People don’t understand the gun-grabbing push that is behind the American Gladio campaign. The real one. Not the phony one being sold to fans of folks like Rush or Di$info Jone$.
Let me explain it for you.
They don’t want to take everyone’s guns. Don’t be ridiculous. What they want is to set up unelected boards in every state where they will assess your social media footprint or your emails or your letters to editors or your protest history, things like that, and make a determination as to whether or not you can be trusted with a gun.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a weapon you intend to purchase or ones you already own.
They want to evaluate you to decide if you have the right… to your rights.
That’s one reason I get so mad when I read over and over again folks like Mike R. from WRH reporting on what drugs some American Gladio patsy took or didn’t take. He’s playing right into their hands.. kinda like a Cass Sunstein cognitive infiltrator. That’s why his work is never featured on my website anymore. And probably why mine is never featured on his these days either.
That’s what they want. “Common sense” gun legislation. And they couldn’t pass it under ObamaGod, though they tried, they couldn’t. He was from the wrong side of the isle.
But now we have a new flip-flopper in Chief, Donald Trump, and he’s already said “it’s not the right TIME to address the gun issue” or something to that effect.
Folks are going to be more accepting of “common sense” gun control under Trump especially since they decided to target a bunch of their own at a country music festival. Yes, passing legislation mandating various scanning equipment in hotels, colleges and high schools is part of it but it’s not ALL of it.
There is so much to this it’s hard to explain in one brief article. Not only do you have the element of being separated from your constitutional rights by an arbitrary decision made by unelected hacks but, when it starts… what is going to happen? The decision will be made based on numbers of criteria like your internet footprint for instance. So that means everything you type or say online will factor in… so people will start self-censoring.
Also consider the fact that once ONE constitutional right can be taken from you due to what you say and do online becomes the norm… how long before another right can be taken from you? And then another and another?
That’s what this is all about. Yes, American Gladio is a strategy of tension operation and there are many aspects to it, but this “common sense” gun control agenda of theirs is one of them.
To that end, the Feds now have Marilou Danley in their possession. She’s the live-in girlfriend of the patsy du jour Stephen Paddock and this is what they are saying already:
Marilou Danley, the woman investigators hoped would provide key details into the motive behind her boyfriend’s deadly shooting attack, said she remembers him exhibiting symptoms such as lying in bed and moaning, according to two former FBI officials who have been briefed on the matter.
“She said he would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, ‘Oh, my God,'” one of the former officials said.
The other former official said Danley spoke about Paddock displaying “mental health symptoms.” NBC
They have no mental health history to use on this patsy so they are going to try to fabricate one. In fact, his LACK of a history of mental health issues makes him a BETTER candidate for what they want to do because they want to be able to diagnose mental health issues themselves in the future based on other, less professional criteria. Like comments left on websites or social media posts for example.
Hence, Marilou’s contributions to this effort are critical and, from what I see so far, she’s opting for the Marina Oswald route rather than the one Ibragim Todashev took. Hard to blame her.
Stephen Paddock was carefully chosen to this end in my estimation. He is older, no outward political affiliation to speak of, he is from the upper class and was a country music fan which makes his attack on country music fans even harder to understand.
They wanted someone completely outside the standard model for an event like this because they wanted to show ANYONE could “snap” and be dangerous… ergo, when they pass their “common sense” gun laws they will be able to justify stripping the rights of all sorts of people regardless of whether or not they APPEAR to be dangerous.
In short he’s a perfect candidate… because he isn’t.
He isn’t ISIS. He isn’t ANTIFA. He isn’t Muslim or some radical Christian looking to kill abortion doctors. In short… he’s perfect for what they wanted. He’s a blank slate, a true sleeper cell of one and that is what they are going to sell the people of this country when they come out and say they have “experts” who can apply the algorithm and predict violent behavior from folks to protect us all from this kind of senseless violence.
Of course, with this much planning involved, there is always a motive. This kind of action, this kind of effort isn’t taken by a mad-man gone crazy and flips out and kills bunches of people. It was WAY too contrived for that.
There is a motive. There is ALWAYS a motive. And in that motive we can determine the mental state of the perpetrators. Plural.
Yes, someone is mentally ill. Someone thinks the ends justify the means and the greater good will be served by doing some bad… and that ladies and gentlemen, is true mental illness.
The patients are running the asylum.




Swamp Deep State Insider--General John Kelly


Swamp Creature John Kelly Blocks Rohrabacher's Assange Deal

“I think ... there is a wall around (the president) ... created by people who do not want to expose ... that there was collusion between our intelligence community and the leaders of the Democratic Party,” - Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Image result for dana rohrabacher
Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge

As we reported last week, California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher earlier this year tried to broker a deal between the Trump administration and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange whereby Assange would furnish purportedly conclusive evidence that Russia wasn’t responsible for the DNC leaks in exchange for a presidential pardon.
Well, apparently Trump isn’t an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal (the newspaper that originally reported on the Rohrabacher-Assange deal), because when asked about it over the weekend, he responded that he’d “never heard” of the deal.
Image result for swamp deep state General Kelly
That’s not surprising. As WSJ initially reported, Rohrabacher was stymied by Chief of Staff John Kelly when he tried to take the deal to the president.
Trump’s chief of staff, who’s efforts to impose “discipline” on the West Wing in part by limiting access to the president have been widely publicized, suggested that Rohrabacher first clear the deal with the intelligence agencies, which, of course, would be a non-starter.
So, in what’s likely another attempt to circumvent Kelly’s influence via the media (after all, it’s not out of the question that Rohrabacher was behind the initial leaks to WSJ) Rohrabacher complained to the Daily Caller that certain disloyal aides are creating “a wall around” the president.
“I think the president’s answer indicates that there is a wall around him that is being created by people who do not want to expose this fraud that there was collusion between our intelligence community and the leaders of the Democratic Party,” Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller Tuesday in a phone interview.
“This would have to be a cooperative effort between his own staff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie that was shoved down the American people’s throats so incredibly earlier this year,”Rohrabacher said.
As WSJ reported, Rohrabacher met with Assange in August at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has lived in asylum since 2012 due to now-dropped sexual assault charges in Sweden. However, American authorities are reportedly still investigating Assange for his role in disseminating thousands of classified US documents. At the meeting, Assange purportedly promised to deliver information that proves Russia wasn’t behind the DNC leak.
Image result for swamp deep state General Kelly
While Trump said early in the campaign that he believed Assange should get “the death penalty” for publishing US secrets and endangering intelligence assets, he has since softened his tone.
Earlier this year, he praised Wikileaks for publicly denying that the Russian government was the source of the leaked DNC emails – provoking outrage among Democrats and some Republicans, who accused the president of siding with an enemy of the state over his own intelligence community.
Image result for swamp deep state General Kelly
US intelligence agencies have claimed that Russian state actors were involved with the hacking and leaking of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails.
Image result for swamp deep state General Kelly
Rohrabacher said that a pardon would likely have to occur for Assange to give up this information about the source of the DNC emails. Assange has long maintained that he would never reveal a source, but Rohrabacher said that Assange now “wants to get out of the Ecuadorian embassy.” Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller that he hasn’t seen the information that Assange says vindicates Russia, but vouched that the Wikileaks founder would provide the goods if the president is on board.” According to US laws, the president is able to preemptively pardon someone.
Image result for swamp deep state General Kelly
To be sure, nobody has railed against the ongoing Russia investigation harder than Trump, who has vehemently denied accusations that his campaign colluded with Russia, while also pushing back against the notion that Russia actively tried to interfere in the US election.
Image result for dana rohrabacher
It’s not out of the question that Trump would consider such a deal if it were presented to him.
Source: Zero Hedge

Old sleeping gnome Jeff Beauregard Sessions needs to go


Deep State Plant.

Lou Dobbs


This is a DNC/Deep State action.

James Clapper is an empty suit.

The ADMINISTRATION left behind by Barack Obama.

Get rid of Sessions.

Remove Meuller.


Why does SNL aviod the DEEP STATE, when they mock the hapless prisoner Donald Trump

You have to be pretty stupid or on Mars not to notice that the military/Pentagon along with the CIA run the USA, and the current administration.

Trump loyalists have all been thrown out more or less with Bannon from the administration.

Trump is under siege.

BUT SNL, the cool liberal alternative comedy never mention the aura and all-pervasive power of the Pentagon in the current Trump administration.


Do they fear that the Deep State will do a Jay Leno on their precious skits and jobs?

Or maybe SNL has become part of OR taken over by the Deep State, just like the 'invasion of the body snatchers'

The 1956 movie was a play on Communism and its attempts to take over the USA, and the Hollywood/USA paranoia around that issue.

The 1993 movie I think is about the Pentagon and the American military.


Greater Kurdistan


By The Grace Of Israel - The Barzani Clan And Kurdish "Independence"

Moon of Alabama

The Kurdish region in Iraq held a "referendum" about splitting off from Iraq to form an independent state. The referendum was highly irregular and the outcome was assured. That such a referendum was held now had more to do with the beleaguered situation of the illegitimate regional president Barzani than with a genuine opportunity to achieve independence. The referendum was non-binding. It is now onto Barzani to declare independence or to set the issue aside in exchange for, essentially, more money.

We first wrote about the Kurdish problem and Kurdish ambitions in Iraqi back in December 2005(!). The problems of an independent Kurdish region we then pointed out are still the same:
A landlocked Kurdish state of some kind could produce a lot of oil, but how would this oil reach the markets, especially Israel? The neighbors Turkey, Iran and Syria all have Kurdish minorities and have no reason to help a Kurdish state to enrich itself and see that money funneled to their unruly minorities. After [Kurdish] grabbing [of] Kirkuk, the Arab rest of Iraq will also not support pipelines for then Kurdish oil.
Arabs, Turks, and Persians see the Kurds as a recalcitrant nomadic mountain tribe and stooge of Israeli interests.

In the mid 1960s and 70s Israel cooperated with Iran, then a U.S. ally under the Shah, to fight against its Arab enemies - Iraq, Syria and Egypt. As part of the cooperation the Mossad sent Lt. Colonel Tzuri Sagi to develop plans for and build up a Kurdish army to fight Iraqi troops in northern Iraq. Tzuri Sagi was also responsible for the Israeli assassination attempts against Saddam Hussein. His Kurdish cooperation partner was the leader of the Barzani clan, Mullah Mustafa Barzani. The Kurdish army the Israelis created is now known as Peshmerga. The son of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, Masoud Barzani, is now the illegitimate president of the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Lt. Colonel Sagi with Mustafa Barazani. Photo reproduction: Yossi Zeliger - source - bigger

Sagi with Kurdish commanders - bigger

Barazani with then-head of the Mossad, Meir Amit - bigger

The Barzani's are part of a major Kurdish tribe and a leading clan in the Kurdish region of Iraq. (The other major clan are the Talabani, currently with much less power.) In 2005 Masoud Barzani, the son of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, was elected President of the Kurdish region in Iraq. His eight year term ended in 2013. The regional parliament extended his presidency by two years. But since 2015 he has ruled without any legal basis. He prevented the parliament from convening and formally ousting him. Masoud Barzani's son Mazrour Barzani is chancellor of the region's security council. He controls all military and civilian intelligence. Nechirvan Barzani, a nephew of Masoud Barzani, is prime minister of the Kurdish region.

U.S. oil interests helped to build the Barzani's power. The Kurds pumped and sold oil without the consent of Baghdad. Oil is exported through Turkish pipelines and sold mostly to Israel. The family of the Turkish president Erdogan is intimately involved in the business. But despite billions of income from (illegal) oil sales the Kurdish region is heavily indebted.

Corruption rules in Kurdistan and the regional government had to rob local banks to find fresh money. That still wasn't enough to pay salaries. The Barzani family mafia has robbed the region blind. To keep going, the local government needs to annex more riches and widen its business base.

The Barzani family has deep religious-historic ties with a Sunni spiritual order of Sufis, the Naqshbandi. The Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order was one of the Sunni-Baathist resistance group of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. In 2014 it helped (or didn't help?) the Islamic State in the takeover of Mosul before being shunned and defeated by it.

The Iraqi Kurds, under Masoud Barzani, were complicit in the mid 2014 Islamic State takeover of Mosul and the Sinjar region inhabited by Kurdish speaking Yezidis. They saw it as an opportunity to take more oil and declare their own independence from Baghdad. Only after the Islamic State marched towards the Kurdish "capital" Erbil, where U.S. and Israeli intelligence as well as western oil companies have their regional headquarters, did the Barzani Kurds start to oppose the Islamic State.

They then used the fight against the Islamic State to widen the area they controlled by 40%. Minorities like the Yezidi and Assyrians, which were driven away from their homes by the Islamic State, are now denied to return to their areas by Kurdish occupiers. As NYT correspondent Rukmini Callimachi reports from the ground:
A common refrain I hear is that the Iraqi army ran when ISIS overran Mosul, whereas the Kurds stood their ground. Sadly that's not true. One of the areas that was under the control of Kurdish troops was Mt Sinjar, home to a large share of the 500,000 Yazidis living in Iraq. According to the dozens of interviews I've done with Yazidi survivors of ISIS' ensuing genocide, Kurdish troops cut and ran when ISIS came. Adding insult to injury, say community leaders, Kurdish troops disarmed Yazidis. And did not warn them of ISIS' advance. The result: Thousands of Yazidi women were kidnapped by ISIS and systematically raped. Many I spoke to partially blamed Kurdish troops for their fate.
Callimachi further reports that Kurdish troops now prevent Yezidis from returning to their homes. Barzani has unilaterally annexed their land and unilaterally declared it to be part of the Kurdish region. The Kurds also occupy land and villages, already mentioned in the bible, that belong to Assyrian Christians.

Another hotspot is Kirkuk. The oil rich city is an original Turkman and Arab areas. The Kurds snatched it in 2014 while the Islamic State marched onto Baghdad. The  move on Kirkuk was, allegedly, coordinated with the Islamic State. They now want to annex it. The Iraqi state is naturally vehemently against this and is now sending its army. The Turkish government, which sees itself as defender of all Turkmen, also threatens to intervene.

After the Kurdish independence referendum the Iraqi government declared a partial blockade of their region. Iraq is a sovereign state, the Kurdish region has no independent legal status. This gives Baghdad many ways to strangle Kurdish ambitions. Starting Friday all international (civil) flights to Erbil are by order of Baghdad prohibited. A land blockade and stoppage of all trade and monetary transfers are likely to follow.

Syria, Iran and Turkey have all spoken out against Kurdish independence and threatened retribution. Officially the U.S. is also against an independent Kurdish state. Israel was the only state that supported the referendum. That sympathy (or politically convenience) runs both ways: In Kurdistan's Erbil, the Polling Station Head Shouted Out: 'We Are the Second Israel!'

Referendum rally in Erbil

Chuck Schumer, Democratic Senate leader and a reliable Zionist tool, called on the Trump administration to recognizing an independent Kurdistan. Trump can not do so because it would put the U.S. in opposition to its "allies" in the Turkish and the Iraqi government. But the official position is different from what the U.S. does on the ground. U.S. arms still flow to Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria.

Likewise Turkey is officially very concerned about the independence move of Kurdish Iraq but it also has commercial interests in it. Long term it fears the independence movements in its own large Kurdish population and sees the referendum in Iraq as a U.S. move against Turkish security interests:
[Turks] believe the referendum is actually part of Washington’s supposed long-standing desire to establish “a second Israel” in the region. Israel’s support for the KRG referendum has fed into this perception.
According to the Iraqi prime minister Turkey agreed to isolate the Kurdish region. But Turkish companies, and Erdogan's immediate family, have commercial interest in oil from the Kurdish region. Turkey exports some $8 billion per year in food and consumer goods to the Kurdish region. While Ankara is anxious that its own Kurdish population will follow the Iraqi Kurdish example, near term greed may well prevail over long term national interests.
Without Turkish agreement an "independent" Kurdish region in Iraq can not survive. Such independence  would totally depend on Ankara's whims.

Should Masoud Barzani gain enough external support and prevail with his independence gimmick, the situation in Syria would also change. The Kurds in Syria are currently led by the PKK/YPG, a political cult and militia which follows Abdullah Öcalan's crude philosophies. Politically they are opposed to Barzani but they have similar interests and attitudes. Though only 8% of the population, they have now occupied some 20% of Syria's land and control 40% of its oil reserves. Continued U.S. support for Syrian Kurds and the example in Iraqi could incited them to split from Syria. Damascus would never agree to that.

Kurdish independence, as Barzanistan in Iraq and/or as anarcho-marxists Öcalan cult in Syria, would be the start of another decade of war - either between the Kurdish entities and the nations around them, or within the ever disunited Kurdish tribes themselves.


Bannon the NEXT leader of the Republicans?

He lacks the charisma of Trump

He does not have the deep pocket of Trump 

He does not have the media profile of Trump

Whilst he might be ideologically more pure to the Trump base, compared to Trump......he has a long way to go TO build up his LEADERSHIP CREDENTIALS.

However it is clear that Trump has surrendered to, and succumbed to the Deep State, if not the swamp.

Mitch McConnell seems like a bought and paid for stuffed Turtle squatting on us ordinary Republicans

et Tu Paul Ryan?

Another great Jared decision which Trump followed....rather than to his true base. Jared's apprenticeship as PRESIDENT will be very short.

Kidd Rock.... Rock's???

Roger Stone


General Kelly illegally spying on President Trump in order to control him. The information then is passed on to the DNC and the FBI/DEEP STATE.

Meanwhile, General Kelly is also preparing to push out True pro-Trump Troopers......Peter Navarro and Steven Miller from the Trump administration.

Robert Mueller is preparing charges against President Trump.

In preparation for the Mueller charges, General Kelly is in tandem isolating President Trump under the FAKE MEME of administrative efficiency.

Sessions continues to disappoint the president. He should be sent to Homeland Security and a more effective new AG in his place.......Tom Fitton Judicial Watch???? 

Has Trump surrendered to the DEEP STATE?

Has Trump given up on a second term?

The NFL 'drama' seems to have been organised by the DEEP STATE to distract and divert the attention away from the slow coup in Washington.


A local solution to the Israeli Greater Kurdistan project.

Yıllar önce olması gereken şey budur.

Ne yazık ki, Erdoğan abe İslamcı eğilimleri ISIS'i CIA ve İsrail için desteklemekle meşgul olduğu için, bu yerel sorun üzgün geçmişte kardeş ülkeler arasında çözülemedi.

Bu Kürt sorunuyla savaşmaya hazır olan Suriye bu koalisyona dahil edilmiş olmalıydı, ancak sanırım Erdoğan hâlâ bu mantıksal içerime itiyor.

Sınırı tüm yasadışı Kürt teşkilatlarla sızdır.

Yasadışı Kürt teşkilatlarla olan sınır ötesi ticareti durdurun

Türkiye, İran, Irak ve Suriye arasında 300.000 kişilik bir ordu oluşturun .... bir Türk generalinin komutasında sadece bir komut ile Suriye ve Irak'taki tüm Kürt varlıkları PKK / PJAK aleyhindeki ortak terörle mücadele operasyonlarıyla dört ülke, etkili ve verimli bir şekilde.

Bunun gerçekleşmesi için, Deonme Erdoğan'ın, mültecilerin satışı ile uğraşan mafya ailesi, ISIS yağı, yasa dışı uyuşturucular ve Suriye ve Irak'tan gelen tarihi eserler arasında ilk önce yer değiştirmesi gerekiyor.

A snake is always a snake.
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Image result for colonel ralph Peters map
Colonel Ralph Peters of the Pentagon's map of GREATER KURDISTAN.
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Turkey, Iraq, and Iran Consider Joint Military Action Against Kurds

Turkish FM Says Possibility of Attacking Kurds 'On the Table'

bY Jason Ditz  Posted on
at antiwar.com

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu today warned that every option is on the table for dealing with Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence bid, and that they are considering a joint military operation with the Iraqi central government against the Kurds.
Iran chimed in shortly thereafter, saying they’re eager to stand with both Iraq and Turkey to rule out any possible secession of the Kurds. Top Khamenei adviser Ali Akbar Velayati termed the big “an abhorrent deviation,” adding that the region would “not allow the creation of a second Israel.”
Iraqi officials haven’t directly addressed the possibility of military action against the Kurds, though the Iraqi parliament has approved the deployment of the military into areas contested by the Kurdistan Regional Government.
It’s long been feared Kurdistan’s independence would mean a fight. Kurdish officials have spent the last several years building up the Peshmerga into a substantial, US-armed fighting force, though it’s not at all clear they could hold their own against three nations at once.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was a lot more direct about what is being discussed here, warning that the secession attempt could lead to an “ethnic war” of the region against the Kurds.

(Erdoğan, Büyük Kürt projesine karşı 4 ülkeyi UNITE'a çevirmek için yanlış dili seçti. Kürtler, Aryan / İran kökenli büyük bir halk. Salahaddeyi ürettiler ve Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'na sadık kaldıklarını belirttiler. Fakat biz, Ortadoğu'da bir yenisini yaratmak için ... 4 büyük ulusumuz yok edilebilir .... İsrailin talebi üzerine. Bu tür bir yasadışı kuruluş için hiç mantıklı argüman yoktur.)