The Commonwealth Games

Mani Shankar Aiyar Saab (henceforth MA) of the Indian left with Communist tendencies has been talking about the heavens opening, the nature of evil and GOD recently in relation to the Commonwealth Games (CWG) to be held in India in October 2010. This is interesting for such a politician. He opposes the CWG because the final cost of the games may well be over $8 billion or more, which he feels could have been better spent on more productive sectors of society, such as children and so forth. He opposes ego massaging prestige projects such as the CWG, Asian games or the Olympics. The subtext according to him being a poor nation such as India should spend its resources on better more useful things rather than pursuing an elusive status. After the CWG games are over, the athletes residences will be turned into hotels, and the sports facilities will be used fleetingly by a few Indians, with not much impact given that India is not very strong in sports generally.

Slave Labor with children is being used for the construction of the CWG facilities. Or was that in relation to another industry.

After the fanfare of the CWG games there will still be 840 million Indians living on 20 rupees a day, and just one meal a day. In that sense MA is right. The spectacle of the CWG games is almost shit smelly disgusting given the reality of India for 80% of Indians.

The false pabulum is fed to the masses with bread and circuses to deflect attention away from the real issues of the state.

Which is precisely what Goondawood does so well, though I hear they with their shady under world backgrounds have been excluded from the ceremonies. Phew!

Though I was looking forward to Mallika Sherawat doing an evocative dance on the CWG center stage, wearing a skimpy undress with some blond Russian backup dancers, AND THE HEAVENS OPENING as with MA's secret prayer. India's finest cultural icons for all the world to wonder and gawp at.

India has hosted the Asian games before in 1951 and 1982. They went well, and no harm done. Minor nations with just a flag, an airport and a seat at the UNGA have hosted many International games. After all games are games right? A celebration of nations in friendly competition, whether regionally through SAARC Games in the future ? Or globally. If large, medium and small nations can host games why not India? As long as the costs aren't too great. $8 billion sounds too much and one suspects there has also been a massive overhaul of general infrastructure not directly linked to CWG games. An extra airport terminal, better roads, more hotels. In that sense it can't be all bad though sad that the state jumps to action when foreigners requirements HAVE TO BE MET.

The perennial Coolie mentality.

Unlike MA, I favor India hosting the Asian Games, and the Olympics. Life should not be one big maths class with dour do-right teachers lecturing about the esoterica of existence. Leave that to the sadhus and the 1% of Indians who actually seriously follow their utterances and rituals. Status and national image is important. Hosting the Asian games and in the near future one hopes the Olympic Games confers that on India.

I agree with MA on the CWG games though of course for different reasons.

I have repeatedly argued that India should leave the British Commonwealth as a member. There are many very good reasons for doing so, but since India is run by an Anglicized elite with emotional linkages to the UK, that eventuality which will happen one day is not going to happen now, or the immediate future.

A Great nation must first and foremost respect itself, and if it doesn't other nations will not follow suit and give that nation the due respect it deserves. Why should they? The world is racist. The world is competitive. The world is nasty especially if you are a brown country people.

When Pakistan backed the insurgency in Kashmir from 1989 serious consequences should have followed. It should not have been accepted as the norm of living with Pakistan as a neighbor.......for 21 years. Either India should have launched a serious comprehensive effort to end the crisis with Pakistan over this issue diplomatically, or launched a military strike against Kashmiri insurgency bases in Pakistan; one or the other. India is a STATE with serious resources at its disposal. Neither has happened, and the solution is not tit for tat insurgency in Baluchistan and other parts of Pakistan. It does not solve the problem.

When George Fernandes as defense secretary was seriously mistreated by American authorities twice, clear consequences should have followed.

If nothing happens the other offending party will think ALL is well, and will continue to mistreat. We are in the final analysis animals with a thin veneer of human rationality and conscience. We must have the ability to bear our teeth, as well as offer the hand of friendship.

The East India Company from 1757---1858 committed serious atrocities in India through first the British army, and at a secondary level through their instituted laws and governance. Their rule was poor, and disadvantaged everybody, save a few chosen retainers (Maharajah's, Zamindars......). They had come to make money and satisfy their shareholders in London come what may. India was the vast candy shop without the shop keeper. Or as they termed it then, "Shaking the Pagoda Tree".

The situation had become SO BAD for the longest ruled part in India under the East India Company that its Indian soldiers, normally the most regimented and loyal revolted across the religious boundaries. The whole of the 140,000 Bengal Presidency army........that speaks volumes about the level of misrule, and we are not talking about fickle excuses like greased cartridges. The real reasons were deeper, and far more legitimate and immediate.

The Liberation War lasted for a year, was disorganised and wholly spontaneous, save for the general unifying discontent of the Indian soldier, often leaderless. They fought bravely for one year, accounting for 20,000 British soldiers along with many Indian soldiers loyal to the East India Company, from the Western Army made up of Sikhs and the Madras and Bombay Presidency armies which eventually defeated the uprising.

As a result of the ACTIONS of the Indian fighters, the British disbanded the East India company and formalised their rule of India more directly, and there on became more sensitive to the needs of Indian people to a certain degree. That is not to say things became better for Indians after 1858. But the fighting had an impact on British rule in India; it would not be the same again.

Between 1757---1947, about 30 million Indians perished under British rule, through war, rebellion, massive repression in the wake of the Liberation War that went on for years, and simple starvation. Many millions of good, honest brave Indian men and women gave their lives for the eventual Liberation of India. Their memories should not be belittled or soiled by the celebration of the British Empire through the CWG NOW.

The British Commonwealth is essentially a celebration of the former British empire and all that it stood for, with the Queen of England at its apex, symbolically. India does not need to be part of this. India shouldn't be celebrating this, given the sacrifices of millions of men and women in India.

India does not need to be celebrating an Empire that looted between $1,000 billion to $1500 billion from the country into London, over 200 years turning grey, smelly insignificant London from being just another European City, into a magnificent global Capital.

India does not need to be celebrating an Empire that officially expressed clear disdain for Indians, through the tool of education and general public policy which stated that all things from Britain were good, including Morris Dancing and all things Indian were inferior. Save for the works of a few
Indophiles, especially in the early stages of Company rule. An Empire that kept itself a polite distance from the average Indians.

Indofiles of course didn't run the East India Company, the British Raj or even British foreign policy now. My special "experience" tells me this clearly is not the case, even without directly being involved in ACTIVE politics, but by merely being very casually related in the war of ideas one can gage this fact.

Why should a "white" European country actually like a big brown county in far away Asia with historical greatness and certain ambitions? There are no reasons.

It is useful to understand the nature of the UK, and its elite power structure, and how that impacts on India fundamentally beyond glib public pronouncements.

The British elite is composed of many competing groups holding various ideological views of their world. The most powerful among these groups is headed by the Rothschild extended family based in London and also throughout Europe. Their power base is finance and they are the richest family in the UK, though of course this fact is not advertised too often.

over 200 years ago a small time Jewish money lender based in Frankfurt realized that by lending to governments for WAR, his profits would be guaranteed (governments rarely default on loans) and the profits would be far greater than lending to individuals........and thus the FUNDAMENTAL basis of Rothschild's money making was established.

Fund wars at first.......the Rothschild House based all over Europe funded both Napoleon and his considerable war making machine, AND the opposing armies against Napoleon.

1. Stage one fund the war machine of a German Princely state...Hesse.

2. Stage two expand the family financial operations all over Europe, and fund all sides in the frequent Pan European wars..........Napoleonic wars.

3. Stage three fund covert wars in foreign non-European countries to weaken them and bring them under the control of the Rothschild financial Empire........American Civil War, where the Rothschilds funded the rebel South with 5 million Europeans against the Union forces of the North with 22 million European Americans. The war should have finished in 1/2 years given the imbalance, but as the South enjoyed the Support of the Rothschilds via Canada and the UK through their point man Judah P Benjamin, "The Brains of the Confederacy" and minister for war......the war lasted for 4 long years, resulting in the death of 620,000 Americans and immense physical damage. The Rothschilds assassinated Lincoln through another of their agents.

4. Fund World Wars......WWI, which lasted for 4 years and eventually claimed the lives of 9 million people. Then impose a peace through your Banker terms. The Versailles Treaty had a heavy presence of Jew Rothschild Bankers and their fronts at the Peace Treaty. Though most rational men might wonder what Bankers have to do with International peace negotiations and Settlements. Even over the issue of Financial settlements and reparations.

5. Stage 5 create the conditions for a future World War. Implement an unfair treaty which is too harsh towards Germany. Fund the Nazis, and gay psychopath into power in Germany as a dictatorship, ditto Italy, ditto Japan, ditto the Bolsheviks in the Russian Empire..........ALL funded armed, with Jewish Capital from London and NY.........Then have a World War...II. 60 million dead, but reinforces Rothschilds Power over the world. Then impose YOUR peace, and establish the UN.....with global governance.

The European Rothschilds and especially UK Rothschilds have considerable power in that historical sense, and thus are important people to Remote View 24/7 to Understand Fundamental GLOBAL events as they really are, rather than in the manner they are reported through the Rothschilds controlled media.

Even with Nathan Rothschild's low pedestrian looks and presence....the UK Rothschild's are still considered to be the premier Jew family out of the entire Pan European clan, and global Jewry of 15 million. To Reinforce this image, the Rothschild's have slyly engineered one of their own to marry into the British Royalty.......Lady Shand Kydd/James Goldsmith.....Diana/Charles....William/Harry. So after Charles III, it will be King Emanuele I. With London as the New "Jerusalem" with the "The City" the center of clever Jew finance.

America after the civil war came under their influence through Rothschild funded business Houses such as the Rockefeller's, JP Morgan, Rupert Murdock, and on the intellectual side Bernard Lewis, Kissinger, Brzezinski, and the Rhodes "Scholar" Clinton......along with the "British invasion" of the 1960's and the Beatles. It is no surprise that the USA in the twilight of its existence should mimic the "Rothschild business model for growth and development"....endless war, endless covert ops, endless conspiracy, endless war crimes, and be the premier arms exporter in the world.

This is analysis which will never be given by RAW. Indeed the Rothschild empire relies on Intelligence Agencies to do their bidding, and many a Rothschild family member have actually served in intelligence agencies. I myself have been harassed by many such agencies such as the German BND even though I no linkages with that country which might interests them in any conceivable manner save to serve/operate as a tool of the Pan European Rothschild's. I left the country in 2005.

But all countries on earth should know about the Rothschilds. To fully understand the motivations and actions of the Rothschilds is to really understand how the world really works.

India too should understand the Rothschilds. For the sake of national security. How do the Jewish Supremacist Rothschilds feel about poor brown people, who wear strange clothes and eat different foods? People who are Hindu and speak a different language on average. If they harbor a certain degree of disdain for Europeans, what do they truly feel about South Asians? What is their likes and dislikes, beyond war, money making/high finance, narcotics exports and child sacrifices?

What we like and dislike for most of us is a fickle thing. The likes and preferences of rich people with ample indulgence money is beyond the basics. The likes and preferences of rich JEWISH people with ample indulgence money is beyond the basics

The name Rothschild literally translated from German means RED shield. The dragon symbol as with many European Houses is also a prominent feature of the Rothschild household insignia. Communism is identified as an extension of the Jewish religion, as a clever mechanism for concentrating the wealth of the nation in the hands of the few, under the guise of helping the masses. A perennial Jew Capitalist objective in all countries they existed under.

It is a clear fact that the Rothschild's through their connections funded the Bolsheviks into power in the former Russian Empire in 1918. One must suppose that the Rothschild's also had a hand in the rise of the Communists in China under Mao over coming the Nationalist Kuomintang.

"Communist" China with its considerable CAPITALIST tendencies is now the number one exporting nation on earth, the greatest manufacturing nation on earth, and the second richest nation on earth. One cannot assume ALL this has been achieved through the great benefits of Communism/Socialism, or Chinese sheer hard work and thrift alone (If that were the case then North Korea, Vietnam, West Bengal, Kerala and Cuba would all be great success stories.......NOT). BUT it is clear that International Jewish Capital has strategically turned China into a big economic player.......simultaneously emptying American/European manufacturing in the process at the very same time as China's economic rise from the early 1980's.

One must assume the Rothschilds as unofficial Kings of the Tribe had something to do with that. "The Tribe" operates in quite a tribal herd like manner, which is interesting given that in most sophisticated and cosmopolitan societies which have achieved a high level of true "Civilisation" slave like knee jerk adherence to "Tribal needs" with orders from the high and above might be deemed as quite primitive in a post enlightened individualistic age.

But still normal rules of science do not apply to Jews. We must assume they are at once cosmopolitan, sophisticated, worldly wise as well as being simultaneously highly tribal, bigoted, defensive verging on the Masada myth siege mentality...........and supremacists as their rabbi since childhood has told them that they are indeed the chosen people. At least in the last 200 years, under the aegis of the Rothschilds based in England, France and Europe.

Their mystical charts, Quija boards, sacred numbers and soothsayers have decided that "Communist China" is the New Jerusalem into which they must invest all their capital, turning China with its $2.5 trillion FCR into the unofficial banker of the world. China can shut down America tomorrow, and still survive to continue doing business with the rest of the world, without America. In the next 10 years the yuan will become the new Reserve Currency of the world. China could easily become the largest economy by 2015, as I have repeatedly stated for 10 years.

The confident zealot Jew with their
mystical charts, Quija boards, sacred numbers and soothsayers have decided that "Communist China" WILL, do their bidding, despite the physical lack of a Jewish lobby in China. If the International Jew could control and manipulate intimately such illustrious nations as the UK, America and Germany.........then why not China? If they could manipulate and out smart blond Teutonics under rabid BASIC Hitler, then why not "lessor Asiatics of the Yellow race"?

Like Nazi Germany they too are building up China. Like Nazi Germany they too are building up China's armaments, only this time through Israel......the latest American military technology. Like Nazi Germany China has been extremely aggressive with its neighbors, invading Tibet, Korea, India and Vietnam........and fist fights with the Soviet Union, to the point where the Soviet Union came near to Nuking China in 1969.

On the other hand the International Jews are not always right, and not always making the smartest decisions. History does not always repeat itself. China may not necessarily play the role of the new Jew funded Nazi Germany, invading Siberia in the future, where Russia's population declines to 80 million by 2050, or attack India jointly with Pakistan........or Myanmar (acquiring nukes), Vietnam or confront the USA. China might become more Democratic. It may even discard Jewish Communism/Socialism......it certainly is not a Communist state even now. The teachings of Confucious might become the main state ideology in China in the future....who knows?

There certainly is no harm in having an Asian Superpower which counter balances American military might. There is no harm in having an Asian superpower whose behaviour in foreign affairs is far more enlightened than the USA. There is no harm in having an Asian superpower which desperate nations in the Third World can turn to for geniune economic help and assistence. These are all good roles China can play, without compromising its true global interests.

The concern is the certitude with which International Jewish capital is invested into China, even to the point of bankrupting the USA. So that China can be used by the International Jew to play their agenda's, whatever no-good outcome that may be. The British Rothschilds play a considerable role in that.

Can the Chinese be enlightened enough into seeing the "Game" and avoid it? Who can say.

The behaviour of the East India Company in the Indian Subcontinent between 1757--1858 is reason enough for India not to continue being a member of the British Empire Commonwealth.

The behaviour of the British Raj in the Indian Subcontinent between 1858---1947 is reason enough for India not to continue being a member of the British Empire Commonwealth.

The REAL nature of British foreign policy in the Indian Subcontinent between 1947--2010 is reason enough for India not to continue being a member of the British Empire Commonwealth. Creating the notorious ISI in 1948, and further soldifying Pakistan by nudging it into the arms of the USA whose weapons have subsequently been used to attack India. By contrast Mountbatten promised Nehru and Gandhi in 1947 that Pakistan would crawl back into India's fold. Further through the Rothschild Network backing for China as an accepted member of the International Community, with even a VETO permanent seat at the Security Council whilst totally ignoring India's rightful status beyond worthless gesture politics.

The Times has come for India to leave the Commonwealth.

Unclji hit me again: The strange and sad state of Pak/USA relations

One shifts from disdain mixed with frustration to sad pity when one reads about Pakistan.

180 million people living in a failed state number das, defacto run by the military who in turn take orders from the USA.

63 years of utter failure and misery for people in East Pakistan, Baluchistan, NWFP and eventually of course in the Punjab.

The main problem is the Pakistani military. If there was no Pakistani military Pakistan would be a great country. Every major problem in the country can be traced back to the Pakistan military.

Quite why still some in the Pakistan military want to claim the whole of Kashmir defies belief, after the failure of East Pakistan, Baluchistan and now NWFP, as failed state number das.

Quite why chamars from the Poooonjab still yearn for "Strategic Depth", over the whole of Afghanistan using mad unstable fundies defies belief. As if Arriana Afghanistan could ever be controlled by Harijans from the Punjab, especially after the failure of East Pakistan, Baluchistan and now NWFP, as failed state number das.

After 63 years don't these idiots get it? What planet of hope do they exist on? Regular Pep talks from visiting American military officers?

They know better?

We mustn't pass without mentioning the Powerless civilian politicians and "leaders" who rubber stamped Chamar chain smoking Kiyani's appointment illegally recently. This is what Washington wanted after all.

Zardari is a certified crook with $3 billion looted from state coffers stashed in off shore accounts. Everybody in Pakistan knows it, and hence he was never liked by the nation or even his own Party. But he enjoys American backing, and that is enough for his Presidency. The Pakistan military like him because he is a weak leader with no power, lacking popular support/mandate/legitimacy. Zardari provides a "Democracy veil" for the Pakistan military, whilst they continue on with business as usual. The great benefit of Zardari for the Pakistan military is that a SUBSTANTIAL portion of national failure can be apportioned to him, even though Zardari exercises very little real strategic power within/without Pakistan.

Zardari bhen understands this, and is only in it for the money.

To date 1500 Pakistanis have died from floods during the monsoon, and many more may die. Any normal leader, an average leader, not a great leader, a reasonable leader might want to be "with his people" in their hour of grief and need.

Organizing relief. Organizing refugee camps. Meeting the victims of floods. Showing, sharing, sorrow and remorse.

Not Zardari Bhen.

Laughing ear to ear, he went off to Rothschild France to pay respects to the little Mossad Juif Sarkozy, and then on to Rothschilds UK to pay his respects. OBVIOUSLY the man is a certified puppet of the USA. ONLY foreign owned puppets behave this way.

How can 180 million self respecting Pakistanis tolerate his behavior?

Zardari after all is a mere sponge, soaking up the animosity directed at the government and the "ruling class". Though one should cough and remember that the Pakistani military is Harijan Middle class.

The MAIN PROBLEM as it has been since Laiquat Ali Khan's assassination in 1951 is the Pakistan military assuming civilian power; Thinking that they know better than everybody else; implementing completely disastrous policies within/without Pakistan; Propagating friendship with Jew dominated USA which has been a disaster for Pakistan AND finally lacking the powers of REFLECTION and Circumspection......stock taking of the deep strategic kind......nothing doing for these filthy Harijans.

Pakistan due entirely to the military is between the proverbial rock and hard place now.

Its a slow motion train crash, and every passenger in the country save the "Strategic Depth" middle class Harijan military officer corps can't see the Abyss in the near horizon. They can't grasp the fact that Pakistan is a failed state number das. They can't grasp the fact that their policies fundamentally is destroying the country, just as it did in 1971. These "Strategic Depth" cowards can't face up to the truth of the real situation.

Pakistan cannot continue like this, any kuta with no education knows this. The American aid might buy some politicians and military officers, BUT the money is not enough to cover the real costs of such policies against Pakistan. The guesstimates of the costs to Pakistan of the current MILITARY policies runs any where between $45 billion-----$65 billion.

This is unsustainable. No nation can sustain such costs. Not even a Marshal plan from the USA will help because the level of governance is too weak and corrupt for the extra funds to be effectively used.

The only solution is for Pakistan to step out of this hamsters treadmill.


Wikileaks Docs Target Pakistan.

By Kurt Nimmo at Infowars.com

Not long after Wikileaks dumped tens of thousands of classified Afghanistan “war” documents into the public arena for consumption, the corporate media zoomed in on Pakistan. “WikiLeaks documents released Sunday shine a spotlight on Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, a spy agency that has been accused for years of having links to terrorist groups,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

“In the reports, the retired general [Hamid Gul] and former head of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) from 1987 to 1989 is accused of ordering IED attacks against Afghan and international forces in December 2006 and of plotting to kidnap United Nations staff to use as hostages in exchange for militant prisoners,” reports the Christian Science Monitor. “The ISI is mentioned in at least 190 reports, and is accused of backing attacks against US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces in Afghanistan.”

Demonizing Pakistan and Gul play right into the Pentagon’s script as the puppet Barry Obama expands the “war” in Afghanistan and sends drones armed with Hellfire missiles into Pakistan’s tribal areas to kill a never-ending cast of intelligence created bad guys.

It is also highly suspicious the documents appeared a couple days after the Bilderberg-attending globalist and Rockefeller minion Richard Holbrooke, who is Obama’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, said “links between the ISI and the Taliban are a problem.” Holbrooke readily linked the Taliban with the mythical al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and the Haqqani network.

The Pakistan connection eluded to in the documents also underscore the attempt by the U.S. to put Gul and three other former ISI officials on the United Nations’ international terrorist list.

Holbrooke, of course, did not bother to mention that Pakistan’s support for Lashkar-e-Taiba was signed off on by the American Intelligence. French investigating magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguiere said as much last year.

The founder of the Haqqani network, Jalaluddin Haqqani, was involved in the American Intelligence-ISI effort in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. The Afghan was cultivated as a “unilateral” asset of American Intelligence and received tens of thousands of dollars in cash, according to an account in The Bin Ladens, a book by Steve Coll. Haqqani helped and protected the infamous American Intelligence asset Osama bin Laden. He was subsequently named military commander for another American Intelligence contrivance, the Taliban.

Earlier this month Senate fixture Carl Levin called for stepping up attacks inside Pakistan. Levin specifically mentioned the Haqqani network and said the group “directly” threatens the “mission” in Afghanistan.

Both al-Qaeda and the Taliban are AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE assets. The Taliban emerged from madrassas established by the Pakistani government along the Afghanistan border and funded by the U.S., Britain, and the Saudis. The creation of the Taliban was “actively encouraged by the ISI and the American Intelligence,” according to Selig Harrison, an expert on U.S. relations with Asia, a fact affirmed by Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

“Between 1994 and 1996, the USA supported the Taliban politically through its allies Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, essentially because Washington viewed the Taliban as anti-Iranian, anti-Shia, and pro-Western. Between 1995 and 1997, US support was even more driven because of its backing for the Unocal [pipeline] project,” writes Ahmed Rashid, a long-time expert on Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In 2009, appearing before a congressional hearings on the Obama administration’s foreign policy, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted the U.S. created the Taliban. “Let’s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago… and we did it because we were locked in a struggle with the Soviet Union,” said Clinton.

Following Clinton’s remarks, Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari told NBC News the ISI and the American Intelligence worked together to create the Taliban. “I think it was part of your past and our past, and the ISI and the American Intelligence created them [the Taliban] together,” said Zardari.

The Taliban conquered Afghanistan with the avid assistance of the ISI and American Intelligence. According to files at one European intelligence agency, the Taliban received “strong military training, not only by the Pakistani services, but also by American military advisers working under humanitarian cover” and were provided with “satellite information giving the secret locations of scores of Soviet trucks that contain vast amounts of arms and ammunition.”

Hamid Gul became the head of Pakistan’s ISI at the behest of the American Intelligence. Gul was a favorite of American Intelligence Station Chief Milt Bearden and U.S. ambassador to Pakistan Arnie Raphel, who viewed him as an ally and a potential national leader of Pakistan. Bearden would later claim that Gul wandered off the reservation and the corporate media would ultimately accuse him of complicity in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Support and funding for the Taliban continues to the present day. In June, Rep. Dennis Kucinich accused the Pentagon of funding the Taliban. “Our troops are dying in Afghanistan, and now it turns out we may be funding their killers,” Kucinich told Raw Story. “The American people are paying to prop up a corrupt government that may be using our money to pay private companies to drum up business by paying the insurgents to attack our troops,” he said.

In addition, the U.S. has paid the Taliban to not attack convoys in the country. “A congressional investigation revealed that millions of dollars spent by the US military for security purposes has inadvertently gone into the pockets of the Taliban,” Aljazeera reported on June 23.

“Welcome to the wartime contracting bazaar in Afghanistan,” writes Aram Roston. “It is a virtual carnival of improbable characters and shady connections, with former American Intelligence officials and ex-military officers joining hands with former Taliban and mujahedeen to collect US government funds in the name of the war effort.”

Afghanistan is America’s longest war for good reason — it is highly profitable for the military-industrial complex and provides an excuse for the government to maintain a foothold in central Asia while constructing a surveillance and control grid at home.

Pakistan is the new frontier of the Forever War on Manufactured Terror and the sudden appearance of tens of thousands of documents in part pointing a finger at the America’s junior partner in crime is highly suspicious to say the least, especially considering the America’s Intelligence fondness for patsies taking the fall.

American Hero Bradley Manning, Wikileaks and the real Afghan war.


There are rumors that wikileaks is an elaborate intelligence psy-ops to deflect attention from the real issues in Afghanistan. Sorry, but if you focus in this parallel world long enough, you take everything with a pinch of salt.

The Pentagon Papers came out in 1971, by which time it was quite certain and clear to all that the USA was losing the Vietnam war, and that the Nixon administration was committed to withdrawing from Vietnam. The Pentagon Papers covering information from 1945--67 was thus flogging a dead horse in terms of the all important state decision making mechanism in relation to Vietnam strategically........if it had come out in 1965, that would have been far more useful. Then possibly no 4 million Vietnamese dead, Cambodia destabilized, with Pol Pot waiting in the wings.....and unofficially 150,000 Americans killed/MIA..........flood of narcotics enmasse into the USA.......3 million vets lounging about in the USA, as social outcasts

On the other hand the wikileaks revelations tells us that there are some "Good Americans".......if you follow private Mannings conversations with Lamo one also discovers a very sophisticated rational human being, and not as projected by some in the Jewish media persistently (to bolster the Jew global agenda/requirement for unthinking andriods) that all Americans are fat grasping unthinking bastards salivating over other peoples resources, goose stepping around the world with clear flimsy abandon under the orders of Schizoid Zionist Jew MASTERS from the little geographical entity known as Israhell.

The wikileaks revelations are also good because its gives us a glimpse of the "truth" in Afghanistan.........that rather then being a noble cause of fighting "bad evil people out to destroy America" Marvel comic strip narrative, the American occupation of Afghanistan is in stark reality a war crime carried out on a daily basis by many American/NATO soldiers in that hapless poverty stricken 4th world nation, vulnerable and exploited over 30 years by American geo-strategic machinations/scheming ( The Bear trap.....Operation Cyclone......creation of Taliban in 1994) through the services of the Pakistani military.

Finally Wikileaks is a VERY IMPORTANT RELEASE, A CATHARSIS for "Good Americans".......who otherwise through troubled conscience might either do harm to themselves as thousands upon thousands are doing now in Afghanistan...........good pure Americans........or to their colleagues as Colonel Kurtz like figures. Wikileaks affords "Good Americans" to do their bit for their conscience and America in a righteous wholesome, noble, constructive manner.

On the other hand the wikileaks revelations might under the cover of selling us "The truth which the government doesn't want you to know, but we beat them to it" may in fact be reinforcing OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA...........innocently or if you are of the more paranoiac disposition with malice a fore thought.

The 91,000 out of the 250,000 leaks reveal to us amongst other things that OBL was in Quetta Pakistan, still alive and "al-Qaeda" is thus very active. In this simple specific revelation and leak wikileaks whilst purporting to SUPPORT AN ANTIWAR AGENDA and shine a beacon of light on the truth is in fact JUSTIFYING AND BOLSTERING THE OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT NARRATIVE of "al-Qaeda" the global menace is waiting in the wings safe in Pakistan, organizing and fighting, just like Saleem Shahzad from Pakistan the NY fizzle bomber. Mullen, Hilary and all the rest chip/chime in and reinforce with this latest wikileaks revelation.

We who do not possess wikileaks organizational and networking capabilities with access to certain Western governments, and STATE classified information of the highest order from the sole superpower on earth have asserted with our meager humble assertions for years that "al-Qaeda" is a fake front organisation of Western and Israeli intelligence; nothing more.

Osama Bin Laden the possible crypto-Jew ancestrally hailing from Yemen was recruited by Western Intelligence in the late 1970's to early 1980's.....a man from the elite of Saudi commercial society whose father made billions in the construction business....and became closely allied to Western business concerns related to the Bush family and others, INTIMATELY. Yes there are millions of Jews who could easily pass as Arabs. Many Middle East regimes may be run by crypto-Jews as with the case of the Western world..............in countries such Libya, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, Iran and of course Turkey..........if you are wondering about the strange silence of especially Arab countries in the face of Israeli genocide against fellow Arabs.

We can even reveal Osama's code name whilst he worked for Western intelligence to the end.........TIM OSMAN

Here he is wearing an US army jacket. You would think that a man purportedly at war with the West...Marvel comic strip style, would be a little conscious of his clothes and appearance.

Here he is with a small part of his huge extended family, and a few Western ladies.

Many of us have argued that "al-Qaeda" is a fake intelligence front of Western Intelligence and Israel:

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept an unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ." -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.

non-existent "al-Qaeda" therefore...2+2 =4 didn't carry out 9/11. Israel with their Jewish agents in NY, and in the security apparatus of America must have. Then the whole basis of war against Afghanistan, Iraq, and the low intensity war against Pakistan is BOGUS............Then it means several prominent Jews (neo-cons) Crypto-Jews, and their gentile "lackeys for the Shekel" must have committed HIGH TREASON against the USA, and war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Crypto-Jews in the Middle East

Osama the dead nemesis

Another significant ommision by wikileaks which explains America's real desire to be in Afghanistan for a good many more years is Afghan heroin, again an issue the alternative crowd have been talking about extensively for many years. Put simply the Taliban eliminated Afghan Opium/Heroin by 2001, but since that time after the American occupation the production of Afghan Opium/heroin has sky-rocketed.

Many "creative" explanations have been provided for this anomaly by American officials, but the reality seems to be that besides fighting the dreaded "al-Qaeda" and the ISI controlled Taliban, the main "business" of the American armed forces in Afghanistan is harvesting the Opium and exporting to the USA, North America generally, Europe, Russia, Iran, Central Asia, Pakistan.....and even India. It is estimated by some alternative writers that the American criminal fraternity in the American armed forces, allied with the civilian underlings are making between $50--80 billion from Afghan Opium/heroin.

It will allow Hilary Clinton to buy a $50 million mansion in an exclusive area.

These demented American criminals will have the added S/M pleasure of hearing, watching Afghan civilians squeal, squeak and suffer under the evil American occupation, whilst being simultaneously shafted by them under the guise of being a benevolent occupier out to nation build. Presumably that is why so many American servicemen choose to "opt out" in a variety of ways rather than continue serving with such a military force.

Wikileaks is there of course to publish governments papers which publicize government irregularity and illegality. It does not exist to discredit and change specific government policy. OK. But leaking also has its own agenda's....good and bad.

The average American moron is not really going to connect with selective images of war crimes by American forces in far away, and really not relevant in my life Afghanistan. Brown people, poor fourth world people living in mud huts, with strange clothes, customs and language. For them, it can be explained away in their conscience that stuff happens in war....what can you do? People can be desensitised to war, as a distant disconnected spectacle, that might be vaguely fun or not as the case may be.

The Abu Gharaib revelations didn't fundamentally move American society where it mattered, but merely lowered the stature of the USA in the world. Do pure criminals and Hilary really give a figs leaf about America's image. American troops are still in Iraq, running one of the worst none-regime failed states in the world, and they are hoping to be in Afghanistan harvesting the Opium for a few more good years. Yeeehaaa........running one of the worst none-regime failed states in the world.


Bradley Manning’s Gift

Leaked documents spill the Afghan beans

by Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com

They said the huge cache of classified documents – including 250,000 diplomatic messages passed from US embassies around the world to Washington – was a fantasy, “boasting” by Pfc. Bradley Manning, the intelligence analyst who gave Wikileaks that video of US soldiers laughing and shouting “good shot!” as they mowed down Iraqi civilians. The “hi tech” media, especially Wired magazine, did everything they could do discredit and smear him, including spreading rumors about his alleged sexuality. Now, with the release of over 91,000 internal US government communications, intelligence analyses and incident reports via Wikileaks, the motive behind the determined effort to smear Manning and shut down Wikileaks is all too apparent.

The Guardian provides a helpful interactive map, in which you click on a location and read the “incident report.” Of course, you’re reading a selection of what the Guardian editors consider important, but it looks to me like their news judgment isn’t bad at all, because the first one I clicked on was an intelligence report detailing meetings of the Taliban with Osama bin Laden in Quetta, Pakistan, and in villages on the border with Afghanistan. So, bin Laden is not only alive, but they know where he is. I guess when Hillary was hectoring the Pakistanis about the whereabouts of bin Laden, the subtext was: “If we know, then you must know, too!”

A good number of the incident reports are those that detail civilian casualties, which don’t seem to have been reported by our own “embedded journalists”: the title of this one, “Five in car, including toddler, machine-gunned by patrol,” is typical of what the reader has in store. Here’s another: “Special forces wound two, kill six, including young girl, plus donkey and chickens.” There are hundreds of such reports, detailing slaughters both horrifying (“56 civilians killed in NATO bombing”) and pathetic (“Practice shell kills child and 10 sheep, injures shepherd”).

What’s particularly bad, from the perspective of the Obama administration officials charged with selling this war to the American people, is the dramatic portrayal of the sheer chaos enveloping our military effort, such as this one, entitled “Border police high on opium’ in shoot-out.” Oh, and by the way, the Taliban is apparently armed with portable heat-seeking missiles – a fact the administration has been covering up.

Like all raw intelligence, however, I would take some of these “revelations” with a very large grain of salt, such as one report that says a top bin Laden adviser flew to North Korea to buy weapons. And there are several reports of the Pakistani army setting up suicide attacks on US forces – alongside tales of cooperation between the two militaries.

What we are getting from these logs – and we have just begun to mine this rich lode of information – is a truer picture of the war in Afghanistan than our government, and our “mainstream” media, have been willing to give us. Now that our eyes are being opened to the cover-up of countless civilian casualties, the truth about our “allies,” and the mystery behind the continued ability of bin Laden to “elude” us, let us decide if this is truly a just war, a war worth fighting – and going bankrupt over. And I mean moral bankruptcy as well as financial.

The importance of Bradley Manning’s gift to the American people cannot be overestimated – and there is probably more coming – like those 250,000 US diplomatic messages (i.e., the history of American shenanigans abroad for the past few years, at least). It will take time to analyze all this material, and present it to our readers, but that is my task in the coming days, and a job the staff of Antiwar.com staff is taking up with alacrity.

The release of the logs also brings into focus the Manning case, and its importance – really, at this point, its centrality – to all those opposed to our foreign policy of global intervention. Bradley is sitting in a jail in Kuwait, right now, being interrogated and, who knows, perhaps even tortured, within an inch of his life. This is intolerable. He is a hero, not a traitor: he is giving us the truth about what we’re doing in Afghanistan, and around the world. We should thank him for this priceless gift by working tirelessly to free him.


The correct development model

I had the extreme privilege of studying under Professor Upendra Baxi for my Masters, former Vice chancellor at Delhi University. He is one of the few socially orientated legal minds who may have pioneered petitioning the Supreme Court, as a way of fighting for justice for the marginalized under class given the appalling lack of governance in India.

Post-emergency, and since the early 1980's the Supreme Court has come a long way in terms of asserting itself as a fully functioning constitutional body within the Separation of Powers mechanism, as a beacon of hope and light in the very dark recesses of "Socialist" neo-liberal Shining India with its 55 billionaires and the 840 million existing on 20 rupees a day, and one meal a day.

Of course that is not to say that all SC pearls of wisdom are actioned on immediately after their pronouncements by the alert and responsive state.......since 1996 at least the SC has been repeatedly pressing for police reform nationwide with little effect and growing cynicism........India has inherited a colonial police force which has not been significantly reformed, and so it is often referred to as one of the worst in the world, enjoying low pay of 3500 rupees per month for the average officer and scandals after scandals.

Governments often bury SC recommendations in commissions lasting for years, which when finished are then ignored gathering dust because the public's attention has moved on to other things.

India is a post-colonial state with a stay behind Anglocized elite, who spend their leisure time in London and NY where their children are educated, and their serious money in Swiss vaults to the tune of $1500 billion. Yes Congress got rid of the 500 Maharajahs who had allied themselves to the British and the Zamindars, but unfortunately the rest of the Anglocized elite still exists in India Physically whilst spiritually anchored to London saab and NY.

India will be celebrating and hosting the Commonwealth games this year.

The Prime Minister of India is Manmohan Singh educated in the UK, and whose first language is English. The real power is Sonia Meino from Italy, with no education, hidden out of sight in control of all important appointments and slowly grooming her fickle playboy son to replace Man Mohan Singh.

The President of the country is a diminutive old dear who does not look or sound like a President of the largest democracy.........and she has just awarded herself a 100% pay rise upon entering office (first major public duty). Then we have AK-47 Anthony a Harijan street sweeper in charge of defense.......then there is a lovable geriatric gnome in charge of the finances......Mamta Banerjee who as railways minister stays away from her post to play politics in her home state. In most self respecting nations such leadership would never be tolerated.

We thus must not expect too much from such a rotten state, and must take a certain amount of comfort from the knowledge that things are not so bad in comparison to failed state neighboring Pakistan.

In that sense the Indian SC along with the military are probably the best institutions in India, and institutions matter as Professor Fukayama has so correctly argued since institutions maketh a country; the difference between having a failed state or a first world state.

So I want to celebrate with the Supreme Court and India generally for them coming out and stating what is so obviously true. We are not Amartya Sen, but we can make deductive judgments based on rationality. I absolutely support this statement by the Supreme Court. India must find her own development model which best suits are own needs and not over rely on imported foreign economic models which subsequently court disaster as in the case of Argentina and Russia in the 1990's. There is a strong correlation between wealth distribution and national stability. There is a strong correlation between vast income disparity, exploitation and colonialism.

But I also want to side track the debate.

Does gross poverty automatically create insurgency in any given society? The judges have concluded it does in India's case in relation to the Naxals at least, but the reality is of course more nuanced.

There are many examples where gross poverty, exploitation and subsequent genocide of various shades did not automatically lead to mass insurgency:

When the Spaniards with the Portuguese colonized Central and South America from 1492, and 50-70 million indigenous people died in the next 400 years, there are no clear reports of great insurgencies by the local people.

When the British East India Company starved to death 10 million in Bengal in 1769, because priority was given to growing OPIUM, jute and Indigo for export to China and Europe, there are no clear historical reports of organized resistance either by the ruling local elite or anybody else. The same in Bengal in 1943--44, when the Raj engineered another artificial famine in this area killing a few million more.

When the British starved to death 4 million Irish through stringent Corn Laws in the 1840's which were applied unreasonably, halving Ireland's population there were no popular resistance.

When the Communist authorities in Moscow decided to punish the Ukrainians for showing nationalist tendencies, and instituted the Holmidor killing 10 million, there was no popular resistance. In fact there isn't a lot of indication of resistance by most Soviets whilst the Bolsheviks went around killing 60 million people between 1918----1991. In Putin's Russia the achievements of the Bolsheviks is still celebrated today.

On the other hand many resistance groups have existed due to the good grace of external STATE backers:

The PKK resistance and PJAK in Northern Iraq are backed, trained and armed by Israel.

The LeT is backed by the ISI, which in turn is backed and funded by the USA.

The Taliban is backed by the ISI, which in turn is backed and funded by the USA.

The mythical "al-Qaeda" is backed by the ISI and Saudi Intelligence, which are in turn backed by Western Intelligence and Israel. It is mythical because it is non-existent save for OBL and a dozen of his followers who originally worked for Western intelligence.........but the narrative of the Scarlet Pimpernel like "al-Qaeda" myth is maintained by Pakistan and Gulf client states for the USA and Israel.

The Kashmiri resistance exists due to Pakistan, a client state of the USA which is being funded with billions of $ in arms, and economic aid.

The American resistance existed due entirely to the funding of the French state. Without this support there would be no USA.

Hamas exists because of the funding and support from Israel, to undermine the Socialist PLO and to create the scary Islamic boogie who can't possibly be negotiated with under peace talks.

The Tamil Tigers resistance existed because of the support from India.

I could go on.

Most resistance groups in this modern day and age have some types of foreign backers.
It is naive to believe that such resistance groups and their extensive coordinated activities are purely popular local efforts without foreign backers. That justified local grievances are the only reasons for explaining such resistance.

However it is also true that a prosperous successful society such as Norway, where wealth inequality is reasonable, and governance excellent is extremely unlikely to see an insurgency. Norwegian society works both at the micro and macro level.

Domestic resistance is a symptom of a failed state which has failed the people, in some shape or form usually always in Third World societies. India by having 55 billionaires and unequal wealth distribution will invite PREDATORY FOREIGN POWERS TO EXPLOIT such internal weaknesses, grievances as Pakistan is doing now with Kashmir.

How can this problem be managed?

India is prospering, and I say let India prosper for a good many more years.

India does not have a social security system, unlike most advanced or even second world countries (Turkey)............not even a rudimentary one.

So the only other option is government subsidies for basic essentials like food, fuel, education, and health directly. Now most cynical development observers might argue that the "aam admi" will never see such subsidies as they will inevitably be filtered and frittered away by the netas in charge of such schemes. But there are in existence clear government subsidy programs which are fully functioning, and benefiting large numbers of people, and this is where massive government programs need to expand.

As professor Fukuyama has so eloquently argued in another of his books , where there exists great wealth inequality in a society, this will lead to significant social instability and the ONLY AGENT which can rectify this imbalance is the state through an equitable tax regime which is comprehensive, and the redistribution of the services and subsidies through national and state budgets. It is the duty of the government, not through cheap gimmicks but clearly thought out programs which are effectively implemented and funded to reduce the wealth gap.

In that sense "Socialist" India talks the talk of Socialism and Socialist equality, but does not walk the walk..................Socialism and equality are often quite superficially applied in India, as are many other things such as justice, education for the masses, access to health care, food, housing and so forth. We are not talking about reaching for the stars, with Astro-Physics thingy's.

The Congress elite talks of Socialism and "aam admi", but in reality they are ALL post-colonial Anglocized poo droppings who merely pay lip service to such things with blurry meaningless glib platitudes and gimmick politics and policies served to the poverty stricken masses............whilst secretly funneling wealth and Indian assets to off shore accounts, courtesy of a few more multi-billion $ Jew banker coded arms deals and contracts from the state.

I had secretly hoped that the BJP would bring some discipline, sharpness and order into India, so that India could leap forward significantly, away from its clumsy clueless elephant image stumbling through the 21st century. I think my secret desire and hope reflected that at least over the last year.

Congress is Congress, its not going to change after 63 years.....run by geriatrics and side show clowns under the Nehru Dynasty, and behind them the International bankers based in London and NY.

BUT, sadly in its present shape and form the BJP highlighted and celebrated by communalist's and street thugs deserves nothing more than running a village Panchayat outside Pune, with all the goons sitting under the village Bunyan tree, sipping chai and discussing where the cow dung should be deposited to be used for manure fertilizer.

There is a power struggle within the BJP between the Cosmopolitan Delhites and the Gandhi killers of the RSS based in Pune.............one hopes for the sake of Indian Democracy where an effective credible opposition is very important that the Delhites of the BJP prevail over the RSS backed figures.

What do I mean by clumsy elephant, when I refer to India. India is rich, it is the 4th largest economy on earth after the USA $15 trillion, China $ 10 trillion, Japan $4.5 trillion....India real economy is close to $3.6 trillion---$3.8 trillion which will overtake Japan in about 3/4 years to become the 3rd largest economy on earth measured by PPP. So India is a big economy.

On the other hand it is a clumsy elephant because the government/governance which is so essential to a nations development is so poor........"kala sala poor", that we can see clear indications of this failure at many levels whether in foreign policy where India enjoys excellent relations with Bhutan and the Maldives but can't influence outcomes in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and of course Pakistan, despite enjoying the massive resources of the 4th/.....3rd richest nation on earth...........it is a pure issue of management. A nation where 840 million Indians ....whats that ........80% of Indians are "Kala sala poor".

Exports of a mere $175 billion despite having the huge stock of enterprising and scientific genius which repeatedly show results in the USA and UK. You know the story....Mr. Patel came to the UK with nothing in his pocket, and now he is a billionaire.....Mr. Verma came to California as a student, he now runs a successful Silicon Valley multi-billion $ business. Because in such societies with their infrastructure and structure of the state make it possible for talented Indians to succeed, whereas as in India if you are criminal, thief and a goonda with the connections you will succeed in business and politics. Most of Congress politicians must be certified criminals of one sort or another.

EXPORTS: Making things and selling them to the international market at competitive rates.......


1 People's Republic of China $1,202,000,000,000 2009 est.
2 Germany $1,121,000,000,000 2009 est.
3 United States $1,057,700,000,000 2009 est.
4 Japan $581,000,000,000 2009 est.
5 Netherlands $499,000,000,000 2009 est.
6 France $475,000,000,000 2009 est.
7 Italy $405,000,000,000 2009 est.
8 Belgium $370,000,000,000 2009 est.
9 South Korea $364,000,000,000 2009 est.
10 United Kingdom $351,000,000,000 2009 est.
Hong Kong $330,000,000,000 2009 est.
11 Canada $316,000,000,000 2009 est.
12 Russia $304,000,000,000 2009 est.
13 Singapore $270,000,000,000 2009 est.
14 Mexico $230,000,000,000 2009 est.
15 Spain $218,000,000,000 2009 est.
16 Republic of China (Taiwan) $204,000,000,000 2009 est.
17 Saudi Arabia $189,000,000,000 2009 est.
18 India $176,500,000,000 2009-10

THE NATIONAL BUDGET: the effective collection of taxes from the WHOLE POPULATION, and the implementation of expenditures and government programs which strategically directs the nations DEVELOPMENT, but also acts as a redistributive mechanism which looks after the needs and welfare of the vulnerable sectors of society broadly defined in Developing Nations as Women, children, elderly and the "Poor".....80%---90% of the population.


1= $1,000,000

1 United States(Federal Budget only) 2,300,000.0 3,800,000.0 -1,501,000.0 2010 est.
2 Japan 1,614,000.0 1,997,000.0 -383,000.0 2009 est.
3 Germany 1,398,000.0 1,540,000.0 -142,000.0 2009 est.
4 France 1,229,000.0 1,445,000.0 -216,000.0 2009 est.
5 China 972,300.0 1,137,000.0 -164,700.0 2009 est.
6 Italy 960,100.0 1,068,000.0 -107,900.0 2009 est.
7 United Kingdom 819,900.0 1,132,000.0 -312,100.0 2009 est.
8 Brazil 657,900.0 657,900.0 +0.0 2009 est.
9 Canada 514,500.0 547,200.0 -32,700.0 2009 est.
10 Spain 420,400.0 536,300.0 -115,900.0 2009 est.
11 Netherlands 408,500.0 398,800.0 +9,700.0 2008 est.
12 Russia 383,500.0 273,500.0 +110,000.0 2008 est.
13 Australia 343,600.0 340,700.0 +2,900.0 2008 est.
14 Saudi Arabia 293,000.0 136,000.0 +157,000.0 2008 est.
15 Norway 283,700.0 197,000.0 +86,700.0 2008 est.
16 Sweden 270,500.0 258,600.0 +11,900.0 2008 est.
17 Mexico 256,700.0 256,800.0 -100.0 2008 est.
18 Belgium 251,300.0 254,200.0 -2,900.0 2008 est.
19 South Korea 232,200.0 222,900.0 +9,300.0 2008 est.
20 Austria 198,600.0 203,000.0 -4,400.0 2008 est.
21 Denmark 192,000.0 177,600.0 +14,400.0 2008 est.
22 Switzerland 173,600.0 168,200.0 +5,400.0 2008 est.
23 Turkey 164,600.0 176,300.0 -11,700.0 2008 est.
24 India 153,500 205,300 -51,800 2010.

India must raise its budget from the current $200 billion to $800 billion by 2015.

India must learn to tax the criminals and those who deposit their money in off shore accounts. India must massively expand the tax base. In a nation full of tax law professor geniuses how difficult can it be to cobble together an effective tax regime which is transparent and applied to ALL in the country, fairly.

Yes Indians refined the art of not paying tax especially under the dreaded British Raj/East India company.........but they have now gone, and the Indian state requires significant more funds to establish meaningful development for all Indians.

It is unacceptable given the genius and talent of Indian people that 421 million Indians "enjoy" living standards below that of the poorest continent on earth........it is beyond shame.........I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it shame.

But there are clear solutions. And if there are none bar a few more gimmick programs which benefit a few netas, then we must expect the Congress leadership to be rounded up in the future enmass, herded like cattle into the CWG stadium and shot...........like in some greasy Third World coup.......Metaphorically speaking of course.

But the Congress post-colonial droppings must not expect the Indian aam admi to remain apathetic to such clear injustice.......unlike the East India/Raj era which eventually accounted for the lives of 30 million Indians (1757---1947) there are now 56 million armed Indians.


Skewed growth to blame for rise of Naxals: SC

Dhananjay Mahapatra of the TOI.

This is the worst that the government could have ever got from the Supreme Court.

Terming the developmental policies as "blinkered", the apex court has said that the promised rights and benefits (as promised by the constitution and Congress Party "aam admi" manifesto's) never reached marginalised citizens (?????? not quite marginalised 80% of the population)fueling extreme discontent and giving birth to naxalism and militancy, which are threatening the sovereignty of the country.

Referring to largescale displacement of tribals from forest land in the name of mining and development, the SC said non-settlement of their rights and non-provision for timely compensation of their lost land has created the worst kind of hatred among them towards development, possibly giving birth to extremism.

"To millions of Indians, development is a dreadful and hateful word that is aimed at denying them even the source of their sustenance," a Bench comprising Justices Aftab Alam and B S Chauhan said on Monday.

"It is cynically said that on the path of `maldevelopment' almost every step that we take seems to give rise to insurgency and political extremism which along with terrorism are supposed to be the three gravest threats to India's integrity and sovereignty," it said.

The anguish of the apex court brimmed over when it dealt with a case relating to acquisition of tribal land by Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd in Sundergarh district of Orissa, which is a Maoist hotbed, and found that those who lost their land were not paid compensation for 23 years.

This extreme example of governmental apathy shook the conscience of a Bench forcing it to ask a series of questions -- "Why is the state's perception and vision of development at such great odds with the people it purports to develop? And why are their rights so dispensable? Why do India's GDP and human development index (which is based broadly using measures of life expectancy, adult literacy and standard of living) present such vastly different pictures?"

It said: "With the GDP of $1.16 trillion (of 2008) Indian economy is 12th largest in US dollar terms and it is the second fastest growing economy in the world. But according to the Human Development Report 2009 (published by UNDP), the HDI for India is 0.612 which puts it at 134th place among 182 countries."

(2010 officially the Indian economy at $ exchange rates is $1.3 trillion, but if measured by Purchasing Parity Power {PPP} it is around $3.6 ---$3.8 trillion, making it the 4th largest economy on earth)

It said the counter argument was that very often the process of development that most starkly confirms the fears expressed by Dr Ambedkar, who had said though politically one man had one vote of equal value, in social life one continues to deny one man one value.

Justice Alam, writing the judgment for the Bench, said this was because despite the philanthropist approach of entrepreneurs and governmental efforts the human factor in the most mineral rich areas have not been able to solve their displacement from forests, despite they being called the oldest dwellers of the area.

On the yet-to be-settled rights of tribals whose land was acquired and no compensation was paid for 23 years, the Bench took assistance from Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam and counsel Janaranjan Das to frame a scheme.

Under the scheme, the Centre being the owner of Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd would determine and pay the compensation to the erstwhile landowners. The SC appointed a former judge of the Orissa HC, Justice A K Pasricha, as chairman of a commission to prepare a report on the land acquired within four months and submit a report to the apex court.