Unwanted in the EU since the 1980's application, "al-CIA duh" regimes in the Mediterranean, and South, AND open hostility to Iran and Syria.......Welcome to Turkish "diplomacy"

Turkey under Turgut Ozal showed strong interests in joining the rich EU in the 1980's, with its massive, wasteful, unaccountable subsidies....which poor nation would not want to join such a rich club? The EU however since Ozal's time have sent signals repeatedly that they do not want Turkey in the EU. To that end nations, which are not exactly more developed than Turkey such as Romania, Bulgaria and other East European countries have since joined the EU, ahead of Turkey.

But the stolid Turks have not got the message, and they persist.

Turkey since 2011 at least has played an integral part in the "Arab Spring" or to put it more directly, CIA/State Department subversion of several Arab countries, with the idea of bring "al-CIA-duh" into power. 

Erdogan, to curry favor with the USA, has endorsed these so called peoples revolution by visiting Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. 

With Syria, Turkey has played a more direct role, arming, training, leading, planning "al-CIA-duh" operations in neighbor Syria which results in death, rape, destruction, displacement and war crimes. 

Turkey has displayed psychopathic behavior of on the one hand seeming to cultivate good relations with Syria for many years as a good neighbor helping them, easing them out of the Cold War stupor.....and the other since 2011, suddenly, threatening to attack and invade the country, whilst simultaneously playing the leading role in the subversion of peaceful friendly Syria, using "al-CIA-duh".

Naturally if Turkey continues to be hostile with Syria, more overtly, Iran cannot stand by and merely watch one of their closet ally since 1979 being destroyed by Turkey systemically...IRAN WILL HAVE TO ACT.

But one wonders about the wisdom in Ankara which directs such strange unbalanced policies of supporting USA backed "al-CIA-duh" groups against a moderate STABLE neighbor, which had the potential to become a very good ally of Turkey in its Southern border. Are such policies in Turkey directed by Israel?

Then where will Turkey's near regional allies be? Russia?

ISRAEL + USA = NATO counts for everything of value in the international field in Ankara?

Iran maintains good relations with Turkey on the basis of being neighbors, and if Iran is destroyed by the USA, and invaded.....Turkey will be the main route through which Ahmedinejad and the secret Jews who run Iran will escape to Israel, Europe and South America....Nazi Germany like. HOWEVER, open continued hostility by Turkey towards mullah Iran's best and longest friend IN THE WORLD will mean that the friendship between Iran and Turkey will flip to open hostility, and Ahmedinejad, due to retire next year can do nothing about this problem on his escape hatch to freedom. (He will however incorporate new industrial parks on the Turkish/Iran border).


That was too cruel even for a Turk.
Dutch saying

Where the Turk treads, for a hundred years the soil bears no fruit.
German saying

No grass grows in the trail of a Turk.
Arab saying

Where the Turks's horse treads once, the grass never grows again.
English saying

A Turk who hears the word 'paradise' asks "Is there any gold to be looted there?"
Persian saying

No cold without a gust; no bad guest without a Turk.
Serbian saying 

I do not wish for camels milk and I do not wish for the sight of an Arab.
Turkish saying 

Deonme Davidloo.

Iran Warns Turkey Not to Invade Syria

'Very Strong Warnings' Issued Today

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com
The ever-growing Turkish bellicosity toward Syria has apparently gotten some serious attention from its neighbors today, as reports have Iran issuing “very strong warnings” to Turkey cautioning them not to invade Syria.

“Any attack on Syrian territory will meet with a harsh response, and the Iranian-Syrian mutual defence agreement will be activated,” the statement reportedly said. 

Turkey’s president and foreign minister have both issued statements recently suggesting an attack could be forthcoming.

And indeed, as Turkey continues to rail on about Syria’s ceding of Syrian Kurdistan to the PKK, one unnamed Arab diplomat reported that a deal is already in place between Turkey and the United States to use the PKK as a “pretext” for an invasion of northern Syria.

Turkey and Iran had been on relatively good terms in recent year, but then Turkey and Syria had a long-standing alliance which is entirely in ruins now as well. Turkey’s interest in imposing a ISLAMIST regime in Syria dovetails nicely with its hope to keep the nation’s Kurds tightly controlled, but an invasion to that end risks blowing up not only Kurdistan, but the entire Middle East.


They were formulated in 2003--2004 under the Bush II junta.

These reports of PENTAGON contingency plans against Iran are not new.

They were first planned in 1979 (The Pentagon were not informed that the mullahs were in fact installed by the CIA/British)....with the possibility that the Soviet Union might invade Iran.

Then updated in 1988.....at the end of the Gulf War, which Iran lost.

Then again in 1996....after Clinton imposed further sanctions against Iran.

Then in 2001, prior to 9/11, when the Pentagon envisaged the invasion and occupation of several Middle Eastern countries, along with Iran.

Then the CURRENT PLAN, initiated in 2003......which has not basically changed.

Shock and Awe theory.

Massive airstrikes in Iran, using large numbers of the 5000 fighter jets in the airforce, and navy.

In addition cruise missiles and drones, again against land targets.

From the American point of view there are believed to be 2500 land targets in Iran.

Then Special Forces going into Iran to initiate further attacks.

There after.......IF THE USA AIRFORCE has achieved its objectives of bombings for several weeks and months...... then ground forces are committed to occupy the parts of Iran which are near the Straights of Hormuz, including Bandar Abbas; Parts of Khuzestan Province with the oil-fields......and if no clear resistance as expected, then land operations against Mashad from Afghanistan.

Then finally land operations from Azerbaijan towards Tehran.

The Israeli spy's in the mullah navy and Pasdaran should be executed by now.

The real battle is on the Iranian landmass, as I have stated since 2006. Those who propagate (i) SSM based military strategy as a response to aggression against Iran, and the importance of (ii) naval operations are promoting secret Israeli disinformation against Iran's real strategic requirements.


Thats it.


US assures Israel of 'contingency plans' to attack Iran if talks fail

US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon

US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon


US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon has informed Israel of Washington's ‘contingency plans’ for a possible attack on Iran, should the negotiations between Tehran and the P5+1 fail, an Israeli paper says.

The Israeli daily
Haaretz reported on Sunday that US President Barack Obama's national security adviser briefed Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the plan during his visit to Tel Aviv two weeks ago.
Citing a senior American official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the report said Donilon has assured the Israeli premier that the US “is seriously preparing for the possibility that negotiations will reach a dead end and military action will become necessary.”

Donilon also shared information on US weaponry and military capabilities for dealing with Iran's nuclear facilities.

Last week, Secretary of US Air Force Michael Donley said the force’s new bunker buster bombs, each weighing 15 tons, were ready to be used in an attack.

According to the report, these bombs are intended for fortified bunkers deep underground where chemical or nuclear weapons are stored.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has told EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton that the ‘stalled talks proved that the time had come to move from talk to action to stop Iran.’

However, Ashton, who is scheduled to meet Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council in the coming days, said she was still hopeful the standoff could be resolved diplomatically

Washington and Tel Aviv have repeatedly threatened Tehran with a military strike to force it to halt its nuclear energy program, claimed by the duo to have been directed towards the acquisition of military nuclear capability.

But Iran has dismissed the allegations and the threats, pledging a crushing response to any attack on its soil. 

CIA on the whole works for the USA elite and ISRAEL

At one time, MANY YEARS AGO, a former German defense minister sarcastically commented that German Intelligence worked for the CIA (post-war occupation arrangement), and the CIA was run by Israel.

"The BND (German secret service) is steered by the CIA and the CIA is steered by Mossad," von Bulow said."

Clearly such a reputation, based on myth or fact would be damaging for a state institution which represents the power, will and capability of the sole super power on earth, with an official annual intelligence budget of $80 billion, and unofficially...god knows what?!!

Or to put it another way.....$100 billions spent massing 900,000 people in various multiple intelligence organizations which ALL they did in the end was merely to prop up Israeli strategic policy for all intents and purposes, would not seem to make sense logically.

To be known as the gofer of Israel, an unthinking loyal automaton of Israel would not be very good for the reputation of the institution, either.

At a strategic level it might also not make sense. The USA, and Israel are a little different despite the manic Israeli attempts to converge the perception of interests of the two states. 

The linear political situation in the USA, and media bias makes things worse. The perception has been created in Capitol Hill that the USA exists for Israel, and therefore ALL matters of national security in the USA must clear the Israeli TSA groping scanner before there is approval by Capitol Hill.

States institutions from the CIA, State Department and Pentagon onwards have not been able to mount an effective defensive strategy to demonstrate to the American tax paying public that the state pillars of the USA work for American interests first (All right, American elite interests at least)...and only if it is useful and suitable now and then.....work with Israel, as directed and required by the USA.

Nothing of the sort.

It is Israel's Likud which sets the agenda, and then the USA state pillars follow....simple examples abound: the fake narrative of GWoT for 11 years, the operation of "al-CIA-duh" in the Greater Middle East for 14 years....and the promotion of the "Arab Spring" to bring into power Islamic Fundamentalist regimes 2011--2012; the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan for 11 years.....and finally of course the invasion of Iraq.

Looking objectively at these Israeli Likud promoted foreign adventures, all the USA has got in return for these sagas is more security within the USA, defense and war costs of $3 trillion; military personnel deaths; the loss of standing of the USA in greater measures in the world; a fundamental weakening of the state; loss of direction of the STATE.....embroiled in a manic Moby Dick like quest for enemies that the CIA trains, creates, funds and runs in the first place.......simply stupid and delusional. 

But presumably the highly intelligent smart people of the USA intelligence community all know these facts already.......before all of us even thought about it?


Former US Officials: CIA Considers Israel No. 1 Spy Threat in Middle East

Despite the close relationship on the surface, there is lots of distrust and spying on the part of the US and Israel

by John Glaser, antiwar.com
Despite the close diplomatic ties between the US and Israel on the surface, the intelligence agencies of both countries are anything but friendly, according to former US officials.

“The CIA considers Israel its No. 1 counterintelligence threat in the agency’s Near East Division” officials told the Associated Press. “Counterintelligence is the art of protecting national secrets from spies. This means the CIA believes that US national secrets are safer from other Middle Eastern governments than from Israel.”

Israeli intelligence agencies have been implicated in intrusions and tampering with sensitive equipment of CIA officers in Israel, criminal espionage cases inside the US, and disciplinary proceedings against CIA officers.

Israeli agencies were also blamed in the presumed death of an important CIA spy in Syria during the George W. Bush administration.

These kinds of nuances in the US-Israeli relationship are rarely talked about in the open. And the relationship is severely oversimplified in the presidential campaign, which can often appear as a contest for who supports Israel the most.

One well-known case has colored the alliance skeptical since it happened in 1987. That year, Jonathan Pollard, who worked for the Navy as a civilian intelligence analyst, was convicted of spying for Israel and sentenced to life in prison. In January 2011, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Obama to free Pollard, as Israel has been doing for years, and admitted that Israel’s behavior in the case were “wrong and wholly unacceptable.”

After 9/11, the Bush administration had the CIA rank some of the world’s intelligence agencies in order of their cooperation and friendliness in the war on terror. Israel was low on the ranking, considering its deep ties to Washington, and even fell below the intelligence agencies of Libya.


Overview: Israeli Spying

Israel Runs One of World’s Most Aggressive and Damaging Espionage Networks Against U.S. 

by Alison Weir

One senior American diplomat explains that inside the State Department “everybody knows that Israel spies on us. When someone is caught, they’re ‘punished’ by being promoted.”
In 2006, a Pentagon judge stated categorically: “The Israeli government is actively engaged in military and industrial espionage in the United States.”

Technology Theft

Israel obtains significant advantage by systematically stealing American technology with both military and civilian applications.
US-developed technology is then reverse engineered and re-exported minus research and development costs, providing a huge advantage against foreign competitors.
Sometimes, the military technology winds up in the hands of a US adversary.
Israel has sold advanced weapons systems to China that incorporated technology developed by American companies—including the Python-3 air-to-air missile and the Delilah cruise missile.

Tel Aviv has also stolen Patriot missile avionics to incorporate into its own Arrow system and it used US technology obtained in its Lavi fighter development program—which was funded by US taxpayer provided $1.5 billion—to help the Bejing government develop its own J-10 fighter.

Governmental Reports on Israeli Spying

Israel features prominently in the annual FBI report called “Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage.”

The 2005 report, for example, states:

“Israel has an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States. These collection activities are primarily directed at obtaining information on military systems and advanced computing applications that can be used in Israel’s sizable armaments industry.”

It adds that Israel recruits spies, uses electronic methods, and carries out computer intrusion to gain the information. The 2005 report concluded that the thefts eroded US military advantage, enabling foreign powers to obtain sophisticated defense technologies.

A 1996 Defense Investigative Service report noted that Israel has great success stealing technology by exploiting the numerous co-production projects that it has with the Pentagon:

“Placing Israeli nationals in key industries … is a technique utilized with great success.”
A General Accounting Office (GAO) examination of espionage directed against American defense and security industries, also undertaken in 1996, described how Israeli citizens residing in the US had stolen sensitive technology to manufactureartillery gun tubes, obtained classified plans for a reconnaissance system, and passed sensitive aerospace designs to unauthorized users.
In its report the GAO stated that an Israeli company monitored a Department of Defense telecommunications system to obtain classified information, while other Israeli entities targeted avionics, missile telemetry, aircraft communications, software systems, and advanced materials and coatings used in missile re-entry.

The GAO concluded that Israel “conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any US ally.”

In June 2006, a Pentagon administrative judge overruled an appeal by an Israeli who had been denied a security clearance, stating:

“The Israeli government is actively engaged in military and industrial espionage in the United States. An Israeli citizen working in the US who has access to proprietary information is likely to be a target of such espionage.”

125 investigations into Israeli espionage stopped due to political pressure from above
More recently, FBI counter intelligence officer John Cole has reported how cases of Israeli espionage are dropped under orders from the Justice Department.

He provides a “conservative estimate” of 125 worthwhile investigations into Israeli espionage involving both American citizens and Israelis that were stopped due to political pressure from above.

Top US Neocons Investigated for Israeli Ties

A number of individuals—many of whom have been senior officials in the Defense Department, National Security Council and Office of the Vice President—have been investigated as security risks due to their actions in regard to Israel.
In April of 1979, the US Deputy Assistant Attorney General recommended in writing that Stephen Bryen, then a staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, undergo a grand jury hearing to establish the basis for a prosecution for espionage.There was considerable evidence to justify this prosecution.

Yet, the case was shut down by Philip Heymann, Chief of Justice’s Criminal Division. Heymann was a former schoolmate of Bryen’s attorney, Nathan Lewin.

In 1981 the FBI received an application by the Defense Department for a Top Secret security clearance for Bryen. Richard Perle, who had just been nominated as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, was proposing Bryen as his Deputy Assistant Secretary.

Within six months, with Perle pushing hard, Bryen received both Top Secret-SCI (sensitive compartmented information) and Top Secret-“NATO/COSMIC” clearances.
Bryen then attempted to provide top secret technology to Israel.

Similarly, In 1983 Richard Perle recommended that a man named Michael Ledeen be hired at the Department of Defense as a consultant on terrorism – despite the fact that the CIA had him in their files as an agent of influence of a foreign government: Israel. Once in place Ledeen continued to take actions to assist Israel.

“One might wonder how, with security histories like these, Messrs. Bryen and Ledeen have managed to get second and third chances to return to government in highly classified positions.

“And the explanation is that they, along with other like-minded neo-conservatives, have… friends in very high places.

In particular, Bryen and Ledeen have been repeatedly boosted into defense/security posts by former Defense Policy Council member and chairman Richard Perle, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith.

A Case Study

An interesting story relating to the pending sale of twenty F-35 fighter planes to Israel illustrates the problem:

The $130 million F-35, one of the most advanced fighter planes in the world, will be a gift to Israel from the US taxpayer, but Israel is balking at the sale and is demanding full access to the plane’s advanced avionics and computer systems.

But Lockheed-Martin and the Pentagon both know that Israel will steal whatever it can if it gains access and would then market its own products at a price below that of US defense contractors. The result is a triple whammy for Uncle Sam: the expensive planes are given to Israel free, the technology is then stolen, and future sales vanish.
Many analysts feel that the United States-Israel military assistance entanglement – what we give, sell, and especially what is stolen – is an unaffordable and unjustifiable burden on every American citizen.


Assad's victory through perseverance.


Syria defeats NATO’s swarming terrorists

Armed rebels clash with Syrian government forces in the center of Syria's restive northern city of Aleppo.
By Professor Webster Tarpley at Presstv.com

"NATO created a multi-layered strategy to subvert and destroy the Syrian state using covert action below the threshold of bombing and invasion, although including out special forces and espionage."
Last week, the NATO powers launched their long-awaited summer offensive against Syria. This was a multi-pronged effort designed not just to overthrow the government of President Assad, but also to totally disintegrate the existing structures of the Syrian state, dissolving the entire country into chaos, confusion, secession, attempted coups d’état, and a likely massacre of Assad backers, Alawites, Christians, Kurds, and other minority groups.

This assault peaked between July 18 and July 21. Almost a week later, all indications suggest that Assad, the Baath party, and the Syrian state have proven to be much stronger than the NATO planners had imagined, and that the imperialist attack has been defeated for the time being.

The easiest way for NATO to destroy independent Syria would be to obtain a UN Security Council resolution authorizing a no-fly zone, a bombing campaign, and incursions by special forces, many of them sent by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the other reactionary Gulf monarchies. But this path has been blocked by the courageous resistance of Russia and China. 
Another method would be to form a coalition of the willing outside of the United Nations and proceed to the attack, as was done in the cases of Serbia and Iraq. But, with Russian President Vladimir Putin reasserting Russia’s support for Syria, this method poses the risk of Russian and Chinese retaliation in ways which the Anglo-Americans might find extremely painful. Therefore, NATO created a multi-layered strategy to subvert and destroy the Syrian state using covert action below the threshold of bombing and invasion, although including out special forces and espionage.
The signal to activate the assembled capabilities was given by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on July 8, when she warned Damascus that little time remained to avoid a “catastrophic assault” capable of destroying the Syrian state. This is exactly what was attempted last week.

First, NATO attempted to isolate Syria by interrupting communications with its traditional ally, Iran. According to the Wall Street Journal of July 23, the United States in particular has exerted pressure on the government of Iraq to deny overflight permission for flights between Syria and Iran through Iraqi airspace. An official US diplomatic demarche delivered in Baghdad demanded that such flights be banned. At the same time, pressure was exerted on the government of Egypt to violate the international status of the Suez Canal by preventing the transit of Iranian ships allegedly headed for Syrian ports. But these efforts have yielded only mixed results, according to this account.

The main diplomatic thrust of the destabilization effort was yet another UN Security Council resolution opening the door to Chapter Seven economic sanctions and military attack on Syria. This transparent bid for a general war in the Middle East was duly vetoed by Russia and China, while Pakistan and South Africa abstained despite US pressure. United States Ambassador to the UN Susan E. Rice became hysterical, raving that the Russian Federation was “pitiful,” “dangerous,” and “deplorable” after she lost the vote. Hillary Clinton had previously branded Russia as “despicable” and “intolerable.” 
One imagines these charming ladies chewing the carpet as Hitler reportedly did during the run-up to the Munich conference of September 1938.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov correctly described the US diplomatic posture as “justifying terrorism.” According to Lavrov, the US stance amounted to, “We will continue to support terrorist attacks until the Security Council does what we want.” 
It would now be in order for Russia and China to propose a Security Council resolution condemning the United States and its allies for giving material support to terrorism.

The most dramatic single episode of the assault was an apparent explosion on Wednesday, July 18 in one of the main Syrian government buildings which killed Defense Minister Rajha (the top Christian in the government), crisis management director Turkmani, and Assef Shawkat, a military intelligence expert and brother-in-law of President Assad. Interior Minister Shaar was reported wounded, and national security director Ikhtiyar succumbed later to injuries. 
Western media were quick to gloat, attributing the explosion to a suicide bomber recruited from inside one of the key ministries, but this may reflect an attempt to launch a variation of Operation Splinter Factor among top officials. Other hypotheses include a rocket fired from a US drone. Thierry Meyssan has reported that the explosion was detonated from inside the US Embassy, which is nearby.
The goal of this attack was clearly the decapitation of the Syrian military and security forces, and of the Syrian state overall. But thanks to the fact that President Assad was not involved, Syria was able to maintain continuity of government and a functioning command structure, which quickly recovered from this staggering blow. Within hours, replacements for the slain officials had been nominated and announced to the public, and a reshuffling of top jobs continued for several days. If NATO had prepared a coup d’état to fill the void, there is no indication that it ever got off the ground.

So far, the NATO attack on Syria has depended mainly on Salvadoran-style death squads composed mainly of foreign fighters, including al-Qaeda and similar groups, some of which had originated as part of the US counterinsurgency effort in Iraq in 2005, during the tenure in Baghdad of US Ambassador John Negroponte. One of Negroponte’s disciples, Ambassador Robert Ford, was present in Damascus during the pre-2011 preparation of the current assault.

But, given the inability of the numerically weak death squads to capture and hold even a single town or village, to say nothing of a region of the country, it was decided to recruit and deploy an entirely new echelon of foreign fighters from all over North Africa and the Middle East. These were necessarily mercenaries, fanatics, convicts, and adventurers whose military training and weaponry would be inferior even to those of fighters deployed by NATO so far.

Their task was to implement a strategy of swarming. In military terms, swarming is the attempt to overwhelm an opponent by a rapid series of attacks from loosely coordinated autonomous groups. Quantity trumps quality. Many thousands of additional fighters were shipped in by NATO; Meyssan puts their numbers between 40,000 and 60,000, but this may be excessive. They crossed Syrian borders with Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraqi Kurdistan. The fighters themselves came from Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, and other countries. As they entered Syria from foreign territory, the fighters seized temporary control of several border crossings, a fact much-hyped by the Western press.

The premise of this irregular assault had been the wishful notion that resistance by the Syrian army would collapse. But the Fourth Armored division, the Republican Guard, and other key units held fast. This left the foreign fighters as sitting ducks in vulnerable positions they could not hope to defend. As of this writing, the foreign fighters have been largely mopped up in Damascus, and another large concentration in Aleppo appears to be surrounded and destined for annihilation. NATO’s pool of cannon fodder has thus been sharply depleted.
To spread the idea that Syrian resistance had collapsed and that further resistance against NATO was futile, Ben Rhodes of the Obama White House, the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Prince Bandar, and other officials had also prepared a campaign of psychological media warfare and video fakery. Syrian state television, al Adounia, and other pro-Syrian broadcasters were to be denied access to Nilesat and Arabsat, and their signals replaced by fake programming generated by the CIA, including with movie sets and Potemkin villages in the Gulf monarchies. But this plan had been revealed many weeks in advance, notably by Meyssan. Accordingly, loyal Syrian broadcasters prepared their audience with public service announcements about what was coming, and how to receive genuine programming.

Programming on Nilesat and Arabsat was in fact repeatedly interrupted, while the widely hated al Jazeera of Qatar and Saudi al Arabiya reported that Assad had fled. But few were fooled by the crude NATO substitutes, so shock and awe fell flat. A NATO plan to organize a panic run on the Syrian currency, contributing a further dimension of economic and logistical chaos, also fell short.

As it became clear that the anti-government forces trapped in Damascus were being decimated, King Abdullah of Jordan began harping on the danger that Syrian chemical weapons might be used or get out of control - an established meme of NATO propaganda. NATO was clearly still looking for a pretext to attack, but the eleven Russian warships assigned to Tartus and the eastern Mediterranean left that approach fraught with peril.

A danger is also emerging for the reactionary feudal monarchs who are NATO’s main allies in the Middle East. Partly as a result of NATO’s incessant pro-democracy rhetoric, the ferment of social protest is now widespread in Saudi Arabia, surely one of the countries most vulnerable to a mass upsurge. On July 22, an explosion occurred at the headquarters of the Saudi intelligence service in Riyadh, killing the deputy director. The target may also have been Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who had just been named intelligence boss, and who is deeply implicated in the Syrian events. Was this somebody’s payback? More importantly, might this attack become the trigger for a mass movement in Saudi Arabia powerful enough to threaten the feudal-reactionary dynasty and the power of the infamous Sudairi clan?


Elite perversion, sex, pornography and pedophilia in prudish criminal UK STATE.

What this article tells us is that International Jews to a great extent favor and recruit deviant homosexuals (the type that like little boys peachy bums) ......and other fringe deviant gentiles (non-Jews) to promote their power and agenda's against the host country. The type that would not normally question their authority, or any anti-state activity carried out by the International Jew.

However in the case of Heath he was ditched in a Conservative Party coup, in favor of Thatcher, the first trans-atlantic neocon installed by the Jews........and the scenario for which was vaguely portrayed in the tv drama, "A Very British coup"......along with the covert destabilization of the Wilson government by MI-5 agents.



Victor Rothschild, said to have influenced Churchill, Thatcher, Heath...(handler of Stalin for the Rothschilds clan....who advised the purge of the Soviet officer corps in 1937, to give Nazi Germany a chance to win easy victories, and thus invade deep into Russia..thus also fixing a long four year slaughtering match between the Two Jewish funded and directed entities.....10 million Germans dead, and 30 million Soviets....but definitely not 6 million Jews

Provided STATE secrets from the West to the Soviet Union (scientific and personnel information) to prove his credentials as an useful agent for the Soviet Union and maintain his influence there, the role of which was later confirmed by senior KGB officers in the mid 1990's. Feted by the British establishment )
T Stokes, who claims to have had links to the UK security services, believes that the Rothschilds exercise great power in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

Lord Archer of Sandwell

Peter Archer

1. Lord Archer of Sandwell (Peter Kingsley Archer) was noticed by recruiters for certain spooks, while studying at the London School of Economics.

He was very swiftly given a seat in the UK parliament and a job in government.

(Others who were 'parachuted' into parliament include Tony Blair ( Crypto-Jew), Peter Mandelson (Jew) and Labour Party leader Ed Miliband (Jew)

Lord Goodman
2. Archer 'was a Rothschild man'.

Reportedly, Lord Victor Rothschild used the Jewish Lord Goodman to direct Archer.

Jeremy Thorpe.
3. Reportedly, it was Lord Goodman and Peter Archer who helped bring about the acquittal of Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, when he was on trial for the attempted murder of a male prostitute, in 1979.

The police's Operation Arundel and Operation Ore looked into child sexual abuse.

Reportedly, these police operations linked Thorpe with Sir Anthony Blunt and Tom Driberg.

Blunt reportedly worked for Lord Victor Rothschild.

4. Lord Goodman 'was Mr. Fixer' to the wealthy Jews who surrounded and funded Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

UK Prime Minister Edward Heath (left)

T Stokes tells that Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and Conservative Party leader Edward Heath had one thing in common.

The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes on September 6, 2011

According to T Stokes, BBC disc jockey Allan ‘Fluff’ Freeman owned a shop in Lea Bridge Rd. London, and 'this was where young boys from several care homes would be brought in by taxis for the night'.  


Reportedly, those who visited the shop included Jimmy Saville, Jonathan King, Joe Meeks and on occasion Brian Epstein.

The local police chief discovered that Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe and other top politicians attended 'kinky parties' at the shop in Lea Bridge Road.

Reportedly Jeremy Thorpe had a taste for young street boys and runaway teenagers.

Scott (left) and Thorpe.

Thorpe was put on trial for the attempted murder of male prostitute Norman Scott.

Reportedly, 'Thorpe threatened to expose the perversions of many members of government'.

Thorpe got off ‘Scott free’.


Sir Edward Heath, UK prime minister from 1970-74, "was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht."

([2011] JERSEY:  Children were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen

Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to try to pick up young boys in public toilets.

"Late one night on the Thames embankment by the House of Commons a British prime minister approached a rent boy."

Reportedly, almost all the rent boys worked for the spooks - CIA, Mossad, MI5 and the KGB.

"The details of the encounter on the Thames embankment quickly ended up on the London KGB station chief’s desk."

Quite naturally, the KGB man handed the file to MI6, which had close links to Lord Victor Rothschild.


Western Intelligence admits its "al-CIA-duh" running Syria terror show, with Turkish, Saudi, Qatar and USA help


German intel.: Qaeda behind terror in Syria

    This is what its really about......creating Greater Israel.

By Presstv.com

The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has revealed that al-Qaeda is responsible for numerous terrorist attacks in Syria, including the Houla massacre.

The BND estimates that al-Qaeda has carried out “about 90 terrorist attacks” in Syria between late last December and early July, German daily Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote in an article on July 16.

The revelation was made public by the German government in response to a parliamentary question.

The German government also confirmed that it had received numerous reports from the BND on al-Qaeda’s involvement in the May 25 massacre in the Syrian town of Houla in the central province of Homs, in which 108 people, including dozens of children and women, were killed execution-style.

However, the German government stated that the reports were supposed to remain classified "by reason of national interest."

The West and the Syrian opposition blamed the Syrian government for the carnage, but a Syrian government-appointed fact-finding mission had said that armed groups had carried out the massacre to frame the government and foment sectarian strife.

The intelligence reports raise several questions about the terrorist nature of the self-proclaimed Free Syrian Army, and even more so about the fact that many of the armed terrorists, killed in clashes with Syrian security forces, carried foreign passports.

On Thursday, The New York Times published an article, stating that “the evidence is mounting that Syria has become a magnet for Sunni extremists, including those operating under the banner of al-Qaeda.”

Syria has been the scene of violence by armed groups since March 2011. The violence has claimed the lives of hundreds of people, including many security forces.

Damascus blames “outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorist groups” for the unrest, asserting that it is being orchestrated from abroad. The West and the Syrian opposition accuse the government of killing the protesters.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and most western countries have supported and funded the violence in Syria by providing logistics, arms, and intelligence to anti-government elements.

"al-CIA-duh" facilitated into power in Damascus, is more of a threat to modern secular Turkey, than a small Kurdish enclave in Northern Syria

"al-CIA-duh" run by Western Intelligence is the biggest threat to Turkey, and the region in the medium to long term, especially if several Arab regimes are converted through the "Arab Spring" into "al-CIA-duh" run countries.

Then the whole thing will be like a vortex which sucks in modern Turkey, presided over by NATO/USA/Israel in a neo-Crusader role.

Turkey's Rumi wisdom would be to keep well clear of this "al-CIA-duh" vortex.

Deonme Erdogan and the AKP may wish to show their usefulness to their Western masters to an extent, in the region, but this particular show of usefulness, together with misplaced....."Sunni nationalism" with recent visits to Egypt, Libya and Tunisia must be tempered with questions of what will transpire if and when "al-CIA-duh" is placed in Damascus, through Turkish backed terrorism, rape, murder, pillage and destruction.

The Syrian government if it has given limited autonomy to the Kurds, have done so out of realism, and the need to appease allies, and reduce the possibility of the Sunni Kurds joining enmasse with the ranks of the opposition...........and not as a diplomatic forefinger at Turkey.

Syria's President apologized for the downing of the Turkish jet for baiting them in their own air-space, which subsequently the Turkish military claims was not downed by the Syrian missiles??!!

Syria potentially could have had excellent relations with Turkey by now, but Deonme Erdogan has decided to play the useful dog of the globalist Jewish elite.

He is not a REAL Turkish leader.


Syrian President Bashar Assad, amid growing unrest, has granted control of parts of northern Syria over to militant Kurds, long branded as terrorists by Turkey, in a provocation that could lead the conflict to break out internationally.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had earlier said that Turkey would not accept an autonomous Kurdish area in Syria, fearing separatist Kurds in Turkey would use it as a safe-haven to launch cross-border attacks.

Late on Thursday Turkey mobilized and deployed tanks and missile batteries on the Syrian border near the Kurdish region, with Erdogan commenting if the Kurds control these areas, “then intervening would be our most natural right.”
Kurdish control of these border areas are an apparent consequence of the chaos of Syria’s internal conflict, in which the US and its allies are sending aid, intelligence, and weapons to the Syrian rebels, despite numerous crimes and ties to terrorist groups.

Turkish military intervention against the Assad regime came close to being a reality back a few months ago when Syria downed a Turkish fighter jet that went into Syrian airspace. Turkey has shown little hesitation to attack its neighbors if they feel their Kurdish threat demands it, as cross-border attacks into Iraq’s Kurdish region in recent months has shown.

If Turkey, a NATO member, involves itself in the Syrian conflict in a direct and belligerent way, it could have far reaching consequences, with possible implications of a US intervention.


Doenme Turkey "Woof woof" working for Israel, and to install "al-CIA-duh" in Damascus


Turkish dog..."wooooff, wooooooff" maybe serving in Doenme Turkey for Israel, or Azerbaijan, or Turkmenistan.

CONFIRMED: Turkey Running Proxy-Invasion of Syria

Admits hosting foreign fighters seeking to enter Syria, trucks in weapons to rearm terrorist groups.

by Tony Cartalucci

July 26, 2012 - The Washington Post has just published an article with the very misleading titled, "Turkey a hub for Syria revolution as illegal border crossing points abound," in which it describes "Salafi Muslims," who have "come to offer help from the countries of the Persian Gulf region" arming and joining the so-called "Free Syrian Army." The article also claims "weapons are ferried into Syria, delivered by Turkish military trucks and picked up by fighters on the other side in the dead of night."

A more apt title would be, "Turkey hosts invading Saudi and Qatari ("al-CIA-duh") mercenary army."

This confirms earlier reports featured
in the New York Times and the Washington Post, that not only are the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia and Qatar funding and arming militants via Turkey, but that the US is coordinating the logistical aspects of the operation as well. 

Likewise, CNN has attempted to spin concessions made by its own Ivan Watson, traveling with sectarian extremists into Syria,
where it was admitted:
Meanwhile, residents of the village where the Syrian Falcons were headquartered said there were fighters of several North African nationalities also serving with the brigade's ranks.
A volunteer Libyan fighter has also told CNN he intends to travel from Turkey to Syria within days to add a "platoon" of Libyan fighters to armed movement.
 CNN has now added:

On Wednesday, CNN’s crew met a Libyan fighter who had crossed into Syria from Turkey with four other Libyans. The fighter wore full camouflage and was carrying a Kalashnikov rifle. He said more Libyan fighters were on the way.

The foreign fighters, some of them are clearly drawn because they see this as … a jihad. So this is a magnet for jihadists who see this as a fight for Sunni Muslims.

CNN then attempts to claim the "real" Syrian "revolutionaries" "do not want an Islamist political agenda to be mixed in with their revolution."

Photo: The face of Libya's "revolution" was literally Al Qaeda. Abdul Hakim Belhaj, commander of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) listed by the US State Department as a "Foreign Terrorists Organization," was armed and backed by NATO (including the US) in his efforts to topple the government of Libya. Belhaj more recently pledged (NATO) weapons, cash, and Libyan militants to the "Free Syrian Army."


Unfortunately for CNN, despite its best efforts, it cannot qualify its claim that these foreign fighters are "unwanted," - for the so-called "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) has long since exposed itself as a sectarian extremist front infiltrated with foreign fighters and foreign weapons, stretching back as far as 2007

Saudis and Qataris Attempt "Arab League-UN" Rescue of Faltering Mercenaries

Perhaps as a sign the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are stretched to the limits of their ability to covertly undermine Syria, they have announced plans
to seek "UN General Assembly action" for a "political transition and establishment of a democratic government in Syria." 

For the despotic, unelected, grandiose nepotism of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to call for a "democratic government in Syria" is truly a move made as much out of desperation as it is one of farcical hypocrisy.

Image: In "progressive" Saudi Arabia, who is calling for a "democratic transition" in Syria, women are not even allowed to drive, let alone vote for their leaders - who with Qatar, are amongst the few remaining absolute monarchies on Earth.


Both Gulf State nations are run by absolute monarchies - some of the only kind still left in the world. In Saudi Arabia, not only are elections out of the question, but women are in fact, prohibited from even driving. How the Saudis themselves are not subject to UN resolutions, open condemnations, sanctions of all kinds, and ultimatums over their own dictatorship is a true indication of the bankrupted, hypocritical, self-serving dysfunction that punctuates a Western corporate-financier dominated "international order." It is an "international community" that creates the illusion of urgency and injustice when it seeks to expand its interests into one nation, but conveniently ignores real injustice when it jeopardizes their interests elsewhere.


Turkey Supports Subversion of Syria, While Crushing Dissent at Home

Turkey itself has been waging a decades-long bloody campaign against its own armed uprising in predominately Kurdish areas bordering Syria, Iraq, and Iran. In fact, at one point, the US allowed Turkish tanks to cross into American-occupied Iraq to attack villages suspected of harboring armed Kurdish separatists in 2008, mirroring the very tactics Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is now condemning Syria for. The Guardian reported in their 2008 article, "
Iraq demands Turkey withdraw from border conflict with Kurds," that the conflict had been raging since 1984 and had cost the lives of 40,000 people.

Turkey has in recent weeks,
violated Iraq's airspace in order to strafe and bomb Kurdish villages inside Iraqi territory. Iraq has lodged a complaint with the UN Security Council - a complaint likely to go unnoticed.

One can only imagine the "threat" Syria would be portrayed as if it were to likewise strafe and bomb targets beyond its borders in pursuit of now admittedly foreign-armed, foreign fighters invading its country via Turkey. Turkey, a NATO member since 1952, would most likely invoke "Chapter V" of NATO's treaty, a mutual defense clause that makes an attack on one alliance member an attack on all members - thus opening up the door for more direct foreign military intervention. 

Turkey's ruling government led by PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is in fact undermining its own national security by running errands for NATO versus Syria. By supporting foreign terrorists invading neighboring Syria, it undermines the legitimacy of its own campaign against Kurdish rebels within its borders, not to mention beyond them. Turkey's current stance vis-a-vis Syria is not shared by all members of Turkey's government, and at this critical stage, now more than ever they need to make their voices heard both to the Turkish people and to the people of the world.


Carving Out "Safe Havens" for the US State Department's SNC

The ultimate goal of inundating Syria with foreign fighters and weapons while Saudi Arabia and Qatar farcically call for a "democratic transition" in Syria is to create a "safe haven" from which the US State Department
coached and directed "Syrian National Council" (SNC) can rule from - further dividing and undermining the Syrian nation-state.

This geopolitical objective was first summarized in the Fortune 500-funded Brookings Institution's March 2012 Middle East Memo #21 "
Assessing Options for Regime Change (.pdf) and recently reiterated almost verbatim by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The US foreign-policy think-tank, Brookings Institution blueprinted designs for regime change
in Libya as well as both Syria and Iran. In their report, "Assessing Options for Regime Change" it is specifically stated (emphasis added):

"An alternative is for diplomatic efforts to focus first on how to end the violence and how to gain humanitarian access, as is being done under Annan’s leadership. This may lead to the creation of safe-havens and humanitarian corridors, which would have to be backed by limited military power. This would, of course, fall short of U.S. goals for Syria and could preserve Asad in power. From that starting point, however, it is possible that a broad coalition with the appropriate international mandate could add further coercive action to its efforts." -page 4, Assessing Options for Regime Change, Brookings Institution.

: Also out of the Brookings Institution, Middle East Memo #21 "Assessing Options for Regime Change (.pdf)," makes no secret that the humanitarian "responsibility to protect" is but a pretext for long-planned regime change.

The Brookings Institution's "safe havens" and "humanitarian corridors" are meant to be established by NATO-member Turkey,
who had been threatening to partially invade Syria in order to accomplish this. And while Turkey claims this is based on "humanitarian concerns," examining Turkey's abysmal human rights record in addition to its own ongoing armed campaign against the Kurdish people both within and beyond its borders, it is clear they are simply fulfilling the agenda established by their Western patrons on Wall Street and in the city of London.

There is still extreme danger that with Aleppo still under threat by foreign fighters and the so-called "Free Syrian Army," NATO
is preparing cross-border provocations to justify the "limited military power" Brookings calls for in establishing its prescribed "safe havens." Fabricated "massacres," "humanitarian crisis," and false flag attacks involving chemical weapons are also pretexts the West might use for a limited military incursions into Syria in an attempt to cripple its military and lend its militant proxies a "safe haven" in Syria to rule over.

Disinformation and terrorism for Israel


NATO Terrorists Come to Overrun, Not "Liberate," Aleppo.
by Tony Cartalucci

July 25, 2012 - A pivotal conflict is unfolding in northern Syria in the city of Aleppo - one told with two narratives. For the Western media, speaking on behalf of US foreign policy and the corporate-financier interests behind both their "journalism" and the subversion of Syria, the "Battle for Aleppo" constitutes brave "pro-democracy" fighters rising up in the streets of the ancient city to do battle with invading "regime thugs." This despite a year and a half of reporting Aleppo as admittedly a pro-government bastion.

 Image: An approximation of areas where fighting has been taking place in Aleppo, Syria. Clearly during the initial offensive by the FSA, they came in from 2 of the city's main highways, both leading to the Turkish-Syrian border. It appears that a large number of fighters have been trapped inside the center of the city, surrounded by Syrian military forces. This was not an "uprising" but rather an invasion by armed militants from either near, or across the Turkish-Syrian border. It is unclear whether a significant number of additional militants are on their way.

An Invasion, Not an Uprising
The second narrative is discerned not from official Syrian government talking points, but from a more critical examination of the Western media's own reports, which exposes what is instead, indeed a pro-Syrian Army, pro-Syria city being overrun by so-called "Free Syrian Army" militants pouring in from two specific points - Aleppo's northeast facing Azaz, and Aleppo's northwest facing Bab al-Hawa. Militants emanating from these directions come from areas directly across from the Turkish border.

We know this, because BBC and other Western networks rode in with the militants on their way to Aleppo. One report, by BBC's Ian Pannell, describes how he came in on just such a convoy. Clearly, these are not "sons of Aleppo" rising up.

The offensive was coordinated with an assassination bombing and a similar militant assault on Damascus - timed so closely with the UN Security Council vote, the vote was pushed back a day only to be vetoed by Russia and China, with Pakistan and South Africa abstaining in protest of the US-UK backed resolution.

It appears that the operation in Damascus was expected to last longer and cause more chaos amongst the ranks of the Syrian military. It also looks like a large psychological operation planned by NATO was attempted, but failed, or pushed back at the very least - one involving the seizing of Syrian broadcasting and replacing it with false reports of the government's imminent demise. The lightning fast defeat of FSA militants in Damascus lent the Syrian people and their army a morale boost, instead of the psychological defeat NATO had intended to deal.

With Damascus secured and slowly returning back to normal, all eyes have fixated on Aleppo. The Western media is now portraying security operations in the city as "brutal" with verified lies of "Russian-made MIGs" "bombing" civilian populations being spread. With FSA militants seemingly trapped in the center of the city, and with the Syrian Army allegedly bringing in reinforcements, the Western media has attempted to portray what was a militant infiltration of the city, as instead, an invasion of Syrian military forces against "city defenders."  
How to "Liberate" a Pro-Army, Pro-Syrian City - Use Terrorism, Brutality, Intimidation

Also discerned from the Western media's own reports is just how the FSA is trying to "liberate" Aleppo. BBC's Ian Pannell claims militants are attempting to "extend their control" while "seeking revenge." His narrative is accompanied by video footage of FSA militants rounding up what he claims are "suspected shabiha," kicking them and firing weapons at their feet. The fate of these unarmed, terrorized men is never revealed by BBC, and Pannell excuses the FSA's behavior by claiming, "there is little justice on either side." 

Image: From BBC's Ian Pannell - young men "suspected" of being "Shabiha" are rounded up as the FSA "seeks revenge." BBC fails categorically to explain how NATO-backed terrorists can "liberate" a city that is admittedly pro-government - but it appears it will be done through terrorism, brutality, mass murder, and intimidation. 

CNN also adds inadvertently contradictory facts to their fallacious narrative. In an article titled, "Faces of the Free Syrian Army," we are treated with a grossly unsubstantiated narrative, seemingly meant to counter evidence reported on by outlets such as French intellectual Thierry Meyssan's VoltaireNet. VoltaireNet's article, "Who is Fighting in Syria?" reveals that the FSA's ranks consist of mostly radicalized gangs, many not even Syrian. Further more, the article points out that the Syrian Army is conscripted from amongst the nation's citizens. It is a "people's army."

CNN's article, despite attempting to allay fears that the FSA consists of foreign terrorists, still admits:
Meanwhile, residents of the village where the Syrian Falcons were headquartered said there were fighters of several North African nationalities also serving with the brigade's ranks.

A volunteer Libyan fighter has also told CNN he intends to travel from Turkey to Syria within days to add a "platoon" of Libyan fighters to armed movement.

Clearly, foreign-armed militants storming a city, many of whom are not even citizens of Syria, is not a "liberation," but rather an invasion. Especially when these foreign fighters are facing an army conscripted from the Syrian people themselves.

And as with any invasion, a degree of "shock and awe" is required to create the necessary fear and panic in order to subjugate the invaded.  The atrocities BBC alludes to reaffirm reports from both Human Rights Watch and the UN describing widespread war crimes carried out by the FSA. This, above all else, is how they "take" and "hold" territory, especially in areas where the Syrian Army enjoys widespread support, like in Aleppo.
This is not "liberation," this is terrorism and invasion.

British Bullshit Corporation....Whoring with cum


BBC Covers Up War Crimes - Misleads Over Syrian Security Operations.  
by Tony Cartalucci

Update: Indeed BBC did not see "MIGs" bombing Aleppo, though it appears they weren't even anti-tank SU-25's but rather training aircraft. Aero L-39 Albatros are also not even "Russian-made" as the BBC claimed. The article below has been amended to reflect this information. Read here for more

July 25, 2012 - When big lies must be told, BBC is there. From Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya and now Syria, BBC has paved the way for Western disinformation meant to mange public perception around a war the public would otherwise never support or tolerate.

The BBC,
caught on record producing entire "documentaries" on behalf of corporate-financier interests, has already been caught in immense lies regarding the NATO-fueled destabilization of Syria. 
This includes the disingenuous use of photos from Iraq, to depict a so-called "massacre" in the village of Houla, Syria.

Now, as NATO's Al Qaeda mercenaries operating under the banner of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" flow over the Turkish-Syrian border in an attempt to overrun the city of Aleppo,.........the
BBC is there, attempting to manipulate the public's perception as the conflict unfolds.

BBC's Ian Pannell admits
he rode with a convoy of militant fighters ("al-CIA-duh" terrorists) into Aleppo at night. He claims many are desperate for the FSA to succeed, "clamoring for freedom denied by their president," but concedes many others fear an "Islamic takeover" and sectarian "division and bloodshed." The latter of course, is self-evident, while the former is the repeated, unfounded mantra of the Western media used to cover up the latter.

Pannell poses amongst staged settings, claiming a single burning tire equates to a barricade set up by the militants (
see more on the use of burning tires as propaganda here here). He concedes that militants are taking to the rooftops with sniper rifles in the districts they claim they control - begging one to wonder where else terrorist snipers have been, and how many "sniper" deaths have been mistakenly blamed on the government.
Covering Up FSA War Crimes

Pannell then attempts to cover up serious war crimes committed by the FSA militants he is traveling with, claiming that men the FSA arbitrarily rounded up while "seeking revenge" were "suspected Shabiha," harking back to Libya's NATO-backed terrorist death squads rounding up and killing Libya's black communities in orgies of sectarian genocide - which outlets like the BBC defended as simply rebels targeting "suspected African mercenaries." Pannell papers over what he just reported with the unqualified claim that there is "little justice" on either side. What became of the FSA's victims is not revealed.

Image: From BBC's Ian Pannell - young men "suspected" of being "Shabiha" are rounded up as the FSA "seeks revenge." BBC fails categorically to explain how NATO-backed terrorists can "liberate" a city that is admittedly pro-government - but it appears it will be done through terrorism, brutality, mass murder, and intimidation. 


BBC reporter Ian Pannell's failure to report on the war crimes he admitted witnessing, smacks of endorsement and complicity - an attempt to preserve the romanticism the West has desperately tried to associate with their FSA death squads. Pannell's report also confirms earlier descriptions of widespread atrocities committed by the so-called "Free Syrian Army."
In Libya, when the government of Muammar Qaddafi collapsed, and as Libyan terrorists overran the last of the nation's security forces,
entire cities of Libya's blacks were overrun, their populations either mass-murdered, imprisoned, or forced to flee to refugee camps. These are people who had lived in Libya for generations. A similar fate awaits Syrians should NATO prevail.
BBC Confirms Syrian Army Use of Heavy Weapons ARE Proportional to FSA Threats

Pannell's propaganda in Aleppo continues, where he admits FSA militants possess tanks they allegedly "captured" from the Syrian military, but then, showing video of what is either an
anti-tank SU-25 aircraft or an Aero L-39 Albatros training jet, rolling in with machine guns, claims it marks a "dramatic escalation" and a sign of "desperation."
Image: From BBC's Ian Pannell -FSA tanks are positioned in or around Aleppo, according to BBC. The myth that NATO-backed militants are "lightly armed" is unraveling as they attempt to take on large cities flush with cameras and media from both sides. Eager propagandists attempting to portray victories have more than once shown "captured tanks" in the hands of militants. Heavy militant weapons beget heavy government weapons. 

In reality the Syrian army is using force directly proportional to the threats NATO-backed militants have presented. Tanks and heavy weapons mounted on trucks, also featured in the BBC report, are legitimate targets for government heavy weapons. The precision an SU-25 lends the battlefield versus heavy artillery bombardments when neutralizing FSA heavy weapons is the only conceivable way to minimize civilian casualties.

Images: (Top) From BBC's Ian Pannell - BBC and other Western media outlets have claimed "MIGs" are bombing Aleppo's civilian populations. This all based on a single "tweet" made by BBC's Ian Pannell. Pannell now reports this video depicts what he saw - which in reality is either an anti-tank SU-25 or Aero L-39 deploying machine guns, not bombs, versus what Pannell already admits are FSA heavy weapons, not civilian populations. (Bottom) Several orthographic views of the SU-25 and Aero L-39 for comparison. 

And as the Western media is so found of reminding its viewers, Aleppo is decidedly pro-government, and pro-President Bashar al-Assad. Therefore to indiscriminately use disproportionate force serves no purpose for the Syrian government, who has gone through extraordinary lengths and placed its soldiers at great risk to minimize damage to the city and its inhabitants - a city and population that serves both an important role economically and culturally for all Syrian people.

Remember Fallujah, Iraq

A government is put in a difficult position when armed gangs enter a city "seeking revenge" as BBC's Ian Pannell puts it, when these gangs have trucks mounted with heavy weapons as well as tanks in their possession. For the West, to berate the Syrian government and portray its security operations as unmitigated "brutality" is disingenuous at best, especially considering the militants
are there solely because of years of financial, military, and political support from the US, Israel, and the Gulf State despots.

File:US Navy 041108-M-8205V-006 An air strike is called in on a 
suspected insurgent hideout at the edge of Fallujah, Iraq by U.S. 
Marines assigned K Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st 
Marine Division, during the openin.jpg

Image: Western hypocrisy - Fallujah, Iraq in 2004 was bombarded by artillery and airstrikes for weeks leading up to the final invasion. When over 10,000 troops entered the city, they were accompanied by tanks, and supported by heavy artillery and airstrikes. When the West is subjugating others, heavy weapons seems acceptable - but not when another nation attempts to defend itself from admittedly Western-backed terrorists. 


The West might want to also revisit the lessons it learned from flattening the Iraqi city of Fallujhah, twice. The US bombarded the city for weeks prior to its final invasion in 2004, where over 10,000 troops entered with heavy artillery and air support. Apparently it is acceptable for the West to subjugate others using such tactics, but nations are prohibited from using similar tactics to defend themselves. 
The Syrian uprising was a foreign-plot stretching back as far as 2007, foreign militants admittedly flowing over the border from across the Arab World, admittedly armed and funded by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

The Battle of Fullujah is considered a notch in the belt of Western military prowess, while the West condemns Syria's attempts to defend one of its most important cities from foreign-subversion and destruction. While NATO believes it can still win the geopolitical battle it is waging against the Syrian people, it has already long lost the battle for moral superiority.