Child abuse, Paedophilia and satanism in the criminal UK state.



Sydney Cooke, whose pedophile ring has been linked to former UK government minister Sir Leon Brittan, who was once the minister responsible for MI5.

Sidney Cooke, who was part of a murderous child abuse gang in the UK, was reportedly protected by the police and the security services.

The murders of 9 boys have been linked to Cooke's gang.

Sydney Cooke reportedly supplied young boys to the elite.

Sidney Cooke's links to murder of Vishal Mehrotra.

Vishal Mehrotra

In 1981, a young boy called Vishal Mehrotra was murdered in London.

In 1982, parts of eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra's body were found in woods


Cooke was mentioned at least EIGHT times in a police report, but, the police report was censored.

Sidney Cooke's links to murder of Vishal Mehrotra.

In 2005 there was a police review of the Vishal mehrotra case.

Eventually, the review was released through the Freedom of Information laws.

But, large parts of the review, apparently about Cooke and his gang, had been removed.

The Sunday People understands that one informant apparently said "Cooke and his associates" claimed at least 12 victims, including an "Asian boy".

Last week, the UK police refused to say if Cooke had been questioned about Vishal.

Vishal was last seen near Elm House guesthouse , the boy brothel for top people, reportedly run by the security services.

Kevin Allen, 51, whose brother Martin Allen went missing in London in 1979

The kidnappings of Vishal, and other children such as Martin Allen, have been linked to fairgrounds where Cooke worked.

There were two fairs in the area when Vishal vanished.

A police report stated have that the 1984 case of seven-year-old Mark Tildesley, believed murdered by Cooke, may be linked to the Vishal case.

The 2005 police review mentioned the murder of Jason Swift, 14, and Barry Lewis, six, in 1985.

Their bodies were found naked in woods.

Cooke was jailed for Jason Swift's manslaughter in 1989, but was fairly soon released.


Investments in Mining


Iran needs $15bn in investment to develop mineral sector

By Presstv.com

According to the Sixth Economic Development Plan, Iran needs USD 15 billion in investment to develop its mineral sector and increase production capacity of steel, aluminum, and copper industries.
Mehdi Karbasian, deputy minister of industry, mine and trade, said on Sunday that according to the Sixth Economic Development Plan, the total capacity for production of steel in Iran must increase from the current figure of about 23 million tonnes to 40.3 million tonnes by 2020.
Mehdi Karbasian, deputy minister of industry, mine and trade
The official’s remarks came in an address to the inaugural ceremony of Iran Mines and Mining Industries Summit, IMIS 2015, which opened at the international conference center of Milad Tower in Tehran.
He added that according to the development plan, output hike for copper and aluminum industries has been set at 400,000 tonnes and 800,000 tonnes, respectively.
Karbasian, who also heads the board of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), noted that more than 68 different types of minerals have been discovered in the country, adding, “Iran ranks among 10 top countries in the world in terms of mineral resources with mineral reserves amounting to 60 billion tonnes.”

The official stated that more than 70 percent of about 6,000 mines in the country are currently active.
Karbasian mentioned young, educated manpower as well as a big domestic consumption market as major advantages of Iran's mineral sector.
The deputy industry minister added that Iran's position in terms of mineral industries is unique in the Middle East and the country accounts for about 25 percent of Middle East’s minerals market.
“At present, Iran ranks 14th in the world in terms of steel production, 9th in cement production, 10th in iron ore reserves, 25th in aluminum production and 2nd in terms of decorative stones.”
File photo shows an aluminum plant in Iran.
He noted that Iran's mineral sector has created about 620,000 direct and indirect jobs.
Iran Mines and Mining Industries Summit, which has been organized by IMIDRO, was inaugurated in Tehran on May 31 and will continue on June 1.
The event is attended by 118 participants from 20 countries including Germany, Sweden, Finland, China, India, Japan and Canada, in addition to 230 domestic companies.
On May 13, Karbasian said more than 200 mineral projects ready for investment will be presented during the summit.
“The most important topic to be discussed at the conference is the mineral sector and its role in creating new jobs and helping development of the country,” he added.


Iran's Petro Chemical Industry


Iran's petrochemical production to hit 180mn tonnes despite sanctions

A general view of installations at Gachsaran Petrochemical Plant in southern Iran..

By Presstv.com

An Iranian deputy minister of petroleum says the country’s petrochemical production capacity will reach 180 million tonnes in next 10 years despite international sanctions imposed on Iran's energy and financial sectors.
Mohammad Hassan Peivandi, Iran's deputy minister of petroleum and managing director of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) was quoted by Iranian media as saying that after provision of necessary financial resources, Iran will increase it petrochemical output to 180 million tonnes a year, ranking the first among Middle Eastern countries in this regard.
He added that during the next 10 years, the public sector will implement projects to increase petrochemical output by 60 million tonnes, while the private sector is also expected to supply needed funds to cause a further boost of 60 million tonnes in the country’s petrochemical production capacity.
“The National Petrochemical Company has been able to garner needed credits for financing petrochemical industry projects and even if international sanctions against Iran are not lifted, these projects will be financed through domestic banks,” Peivandi noted.
Sanctions were imposed on Iran's energy and financial sections at the beginning of 2012 by the US and European Union (EU) claiming that there is a military aspect to Iran's peaceful nuclear program; an allegation Iran categorically rejected.
The Islamic Republic and the P5+1 group of countries – the US, the UK, France, Germany, Russia and China – reached an interim agreement on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in the Swiss city of Geneva last November, which led to relative loosening of sanctions against Iran, paving the way for further cooperation in various economic fields between Iran and other countries.
The two sides also reached a mutual understanding on April 2 in the Swiss city of Lausanne, which is considered a prelude to the achievement of a comprehensive deal before a self-designated deadline at the end of June. A key point of Lausanne statement was a promise to lift a series of economic sanctions on Iran – including those on the country’s oil industry.
Peivandi stated that Iran's petrochemical output will hit 120 million tonnes in the next four years with propylene production being a priority because production of its precursor, methanol, will increase from the current figure of 5 million tonnes to 24 million tonnes in the next few years.
The official noted that given the possibility of removal of sanctions and the subsequent need to attract new investment in Iran's petrochemical industry, necessary infrastructure for the attraction of foreign investment should be provided.
The official’s remarks came after an NPC official announced earlier in May that Iran is planning to bring three new petrochemical plants on-stream before the end of the current Iranian calendar year (ends March 20, 2016).
Maryam Shahedaei, the official in charge of projects at the National Petrochemical Company said the three plants will be located along the path of the West Ethylene Pipeline in West Azarbaijan, Kordestan and Lorestan provinces.
“When the projects become operational, the country’s production of light and heavy varieties of polyethylene will increase by about 900,000 tonnes,” she added.


Stop the pigeon now!


Besides the usual infiltration, greater resources and a clear strategy must be directed against Pentagon/CIA heroin from Afghanistan, via Pakistan.....into the Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Fake currency.


'Spy' pigeon from Pakistan jailed in Pathankot

The entry and capture of a white pigeon, apparently from across the border, in a border village of Pathankot in Punjab on Thursday has caused a flutter among intelligence sleuths and Punjab Police. This comes two days after an Intelligence Bureau (IB) alert to Punjab Police on the possibility of Indian Mujahideen being active in Jammu and Pathankot areas.
The fact that the avian 'intruder' bore a stamped message and had a wire-like object on its body made the security agencies take a closer look at its flight into India. A part of the message was in Urdu, but the numbers appeared to be that of a landline telephone in Pakistan's Narowal district.

The bird landed at the mud and brick house of barber Ramesh Chandra in Manwal village, 4km from Pakistan border, around 6.30pm on Wednesday. The suspicions of the barber's 14-year-old son were aroused by the Urdu markings, and he went to the nearest police post around 9pm with the "spy bird". His arrival there with the bird perched on a wire mesh along with Chandra's chicken created a stir.

"Unfortunately, mobile phones rarely work in the border areas. My son ran to the nearest police post," Chandra told TOI.

The cops then took the bird to a veterinary hospital in Pathankot for an X-ray. This did not throw up any clues. "Nothing adverse has been found, but we have kept the bird in our custody," said Pathankot senior superintendent of police (SSP) Rakesh Kaushal.

"This is a rare instance of a bird from Pakistan being spotted here. We have caught a few spies here. The area is sensitive, given its proximity to Jammu, where infiltration is quite common," said Kaushal.

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Cops at Bamiyal police post made a diary entry terming the bird as a "suspected spy", and sent a communication to BSF and IB.
The bird was found on a day when an inter-state meeting on security was being held among officials of Punjab Police, Indian Army as well as those from Kathua and Jammu districts.

"It was a meeting to launch joint search and combing operation in the respective areas. The security of Ranjit Sagar Dam was also discussed and decision has been taken to strengthen the security setup in and around the areas," said Punjab Police inspector general (border range) Ishwar Sharma.

Inevitable will towards settlement


U.S. and Iran address obstacles to nuclear deal as deadline nears


Bollywood China

Isn't this how Hinduism and Buddhism spread to Suvarnabhumi and East Asia?

Soft Power.


Real-life rivals India and China turn reel friends



In the otherwise adversarial relationship between India and China, movies promise to come to the rescue. Following conversations between President Xi Jinping and PM Narendra Modi, the two countries have agreed to co-produce three films together.

'Lost in India', a prospective film came about after Xi told Modi that a 2012 Chinese blockbuster, 'Lost in Thailand', resulted in a burst of Chinese tourists to Thailand. (Modi could have told him about 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' and Indian tourists flocking to Spain). 'Lost in Thailand' was a Chinese slapstick low-budget comedy which tickled every funny bone among Chinese viewers and even overtook 'Titanic' in box office collections.

READ ALSO: Aamir, Jackie film fillip to Modi's China visit

Now, India-China joint venture in films

Bollywood, which also specializes in an Indian version of slapstick stuff, will have to take up the challenge of making 'Lost in India' funny to both Indians and Chinese. It's not easy, but if Bollywood can crack this, it might get an entry into the world's largest movie market.
(Will the Chinese actors be forced to sing horrible Bollywood groupie songs?)

Two other films will be co-produced — one a feature film on Xuanzang (Hiuen Tsang), and another on yoga. Yoga is kosher in China, and after the high level endorsement along with tai-chi at the Temple of Heaven, the Chinese will enthusiastically celebrate World Yoga Day on June 21 with over a dozen programmes across the country.
(Is Zuanzang going to sing his way from China to India and back? With Sunny Leone item numbers....if she is included, please reserve my ticket)

This year was the first time China purchased four Indian films. China buys 34 foreign films every year, most of them Hollywood blockbusters. Indian films barely get in edgeways. But the summit proved to be a good reason to do so. Aamir Khan, whose '3 Idiots' was a runaway hit in China, sold two of his big films to the Chinese market this year. 'PK' was a massive success, showing in over 4,600 screens across China and pulling in big bucks. It's important to remember that while '3 Idiots' was a hit, it never showed in movie theatres, but only on the DVD circuit.

The Chinese have also bought Aamir starrer 'Dhoom 3' and Shah Rukh Khan's 'Happy New Year' where Khan dramatically saves a little Korean boy from tumbling to certain death. Bollywood will have to feel its way in this market. Central Asia, Gulf and Middle East, even Africa have been converted to the Bollywood way. It remains to be seen whether the Chinese succumb.


Israel needs more money...please give them.

Although the American writer seems a little indignant of the Israeli approach I can't see the problem with this.

More American money and more weapons will ease Israeli anxiety.

The $1.5 trillion unofficial security leviathan of the USA Empire, can spare a lot of cash. 

I believe during the Camp David Peace Agreement, Israel and Egypt got quite a few goodies from the USA for signing up to peace.

A mere $1.5 billion is the difference between Iran having nuke bombs or otherwise, from an Israeli perspective.

The USA has also destroyed Iraq, Syria, Tunisia and Libya for Israel.

AND mobilized the Crypto-Jews in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar to wage Jihad against fellow Muslims.

The Jew must show gratitude to the USA, even as it eventually collapses under the weight of Israeli demands and needs.


‘Netanyahu to US: Give 50% more money, we’ll shut up’

By Presstv.com

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is asking the United States to provide Tel Aviv 50 percent more money for weapons and “we’ll shut up” on Iran nuclear talks, an author and investigative journalist in Philadelphia says. 
Dave Lindorff made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday while commenting on a report which says Israel has asked Washington to increase its annual military aid by 50 percent. 
“The idea that Israel would be asking for more money, it’s basically an extortion of the politicians in Washington in order to get Israeli support for the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran over a nuclear deal,” said Lindorff.
Iran and the P5+1 –  the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany – are negotiating to work out a comprehensive agreement aimed at ending the longstanding dispute over the Islamic Republic’s civilian nuclear work.
The two sides reached a landmark framework agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program on April 2 in the Swiss city of Lausanne. Now they are set to start drafting a final accord, which is expected to come until the end of June.
On March 3, Netanyahu, on the Republican invitation, addressed a joint session of the US Congress, where he ranted for nearly 40 minutes against the Iran nuclear talks, warning Washington that it was negotiating a “bad deal” with the Islamic Republic.
“You have Israel opposing that even to the point of the Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] coming to the US and speaking at Congress and attacking the plan, which is a kind of appalling,” Lindorff stated.
“Now basically Netanyahu is saying ‘alright, give us 50 percent more money for weapons and we’ll shut up,” he added.
“It’s really kind of insulting. "So if the US goes along with this, I think there's gonna be a lot of outrage in the US,” noted the author of The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office.
"It's certainly outraged me. All kinds of social programs are being cut in the US, and the idea that we'd be giving an extra $1 1/2 billion to a country [sic] that is sticking its thumb in our eye is kind of beyond belief," he concluded. 
Citing an Israeli security source, Defense News reported that Israel has asked the Obama administration to increase its annual military assistance by 50 percent to an average of $4.5 billion a year over the 2018-2028 period. 
Under the existing agreement that was signed in 2007 and expires in 2017, annual military assistance to Israel grew to about $3 billion a year. 
US President Barack Obama agreed in principle with Netanyahu to increase the follow-on aid package to between $4.2 billion and $4.5 billion, the Defense News report said.


Angie betrayed Germany


Merkel deceived German public on US espionage pact: Report

By Presstv.com

German Chancellor Angela Merkel deceived her people about an inclination by the United States to sign a no-spy agreement with Germany, according to a new report.
The high-circulation daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported on Wednesday that Merkel’s claims in the run-up to the general elections in 2013 regarding Washington’s readiness to stop espionage on Berlin had been totally fake.
The report, which is based on some confidential documents seen by some German broadcasters, said that Merkel was aware at the time that the US would not agree to refrain from spying, but she, along with members of her government, still led the public to believe that this would be the case.
According to a document, which has also been seen by Merkel, Germany’s then-foreign minister Guido Westerwelle received “no concrete confirmation” from US Secretary of State John Kerry after asking him about the possibility of such an agreement between Berlin and Washington.
Merkel has repeatedly been criticized in the German media about her deceptive methods of handling the controversial US espionage case with many saying that she has tried to mislead the public about the deep layers of cooperation between the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the German intelligence service BND.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel (© AFP)
According to leaked reports, the US espionage apparatus has been actively spying on members of the German government as well as industrial enterprises for years.
Revelations over the past two years have proved that BND has been engaged in an extensive cooperation with the NSA, with documents showing that the German intelligence agency has provided its US partners with a huge collection of data on the activities of German and European firms for more than 10 years.
Earlier in May, Germany's federal prosecutor launched a preliminary probe into the case following media reports and demands by opposition politicians for more information on the unfolding scandal.
According to the German magazine, Der Spiegel, BND has collected information on European firms at Washington's behest to see if they were violating trade embargoes.
The magazine has also claimed that in 2013, the BND officials ordered its staff to delete some 12,000 email addresses, IP addresses and phone numbers, mostly from senior German officials who had been under NSA surveillance.



India's foreign aid strategy....what strategy?

India is rich, as the third richest nation on earth with a PPP GDP of $5.5 billion.....and a budget of $370 billion 2015-2016.

On the other hand India may be considered poor as the country contains 850 million people who live on just $2 a day and ONE MEAL consisting of just white rice a day.

India also takes foreign aid to the tune of billions, STILL. It would be thus paradoxical for such a needy country to give out foreign aid simultaneously, when it has such acute needs at home. Indeed it gives out far less foreign aid than China, overall.

Logically when poverty stricken INDIA does give out foreign aid it should  be carefully measured and considered in terms of overall strategic value, in such ways where rich Sweden may not give such considerations.

MONGOLIA is a small country in the realm of Indian strategic thinking, in many senses.

A Mongolian ruler probably has not visited India for a long time and vice versa.

There is probably zero interaction between India and Mongolia in the realms of trade, education, tourism, investment, security exchange and political interaction. The Mongols last attempted to conquer India in the 13th century, but were soundly defeated by the Turkic rulers of India......and that is the sum total of Indian-Mongol relations. In 1337 a Chinese-Mongol army (China was under Mongol rule) defeated an invading Turkic Indian army of 100,000 in Tibet.

Mongolia has a population of 2.8 million.

Mongolia is a satellite state of Russia.

Why in such a scenario should INDIA give so much money to such an insignificant country?

Could the money have not been given to the poor of India, in order to accelerate DEVELOPMENT in the country, in such ways as to benefit the poor who have been waiting patiently since 1947, since independence for the fruits of freedom? Are the Chhattisgarh Maoists going to wait indefinitely for the Indian rulers to get their finger out of their asses, so that they can deliver DEVELOPMENT?

Could the money have not been given to neighboring Nepal, with a personal visit by Modi with a fat cheque in their hour of need and tragedy?  What an impact that would have made to Indo-Nepal relations!!!!! Rather than the clumsy BUT sincere peace meal help India had given to Nepal?

The answer lies with the BJP, and its RSS spiritual masters, with their close links to Israel. The RSS was covertly founded by the British, like so many other fascist groups in the 1920's (Mussolini's black shirts, Nazis in Germany, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.........the Criminal UK state is a right royal trouble making nation that is not equaled by any other nation). Whilst Indians fought for independence generally, the British used the RSS and Muslim League dogs to counter the Indian independence movement.

In the last 90 years, since its inception, the RSS true to its communal roots has developed close relations with Israel. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'....something crude like that. Since the ascendency of the BJP from a tiny two seat insignificant fringe party, with guidance from Israel and London, India has gotten closer to Israel, especially in the realms of security, defense contracts and so forth. India turned to Israel for over priced expensive munitions during the Kargil confrontation of 1999. A whole host of Israeli security personnel have come into India, to advise and train Indian security.....and look at security through the lens of Israel. Indian security was thus 'rewarded' when the FBI asked RAW of India to draw up the list of the so called 19 Arab Hijackers of 9/11 residing in and near American military/security installations in 2001.

The culmination of this closeness, has been the increase in Saffron terror within India, and 26/11 which was carried out by Mossad, RAW, RSS, Shiv Sena, CIA and the CIA funded and run ISI.....with foreign gora mercenaries in broad daylight killing Indian citizens in the streets of Jew smelling Mumbai.

Help the BJP into power, with elections pending in several states. Help ignite war between India and Pakistan.

Back to Mongolia......what the fuck does all this have to do with MONGOLIA?

Mongolia has two things which the Jew loves, and worships (Besides the fact that Khazar Jews are racially linked to the Mongols)

(i) Overt machismo, war likeness, primal animal toughness. For the Jew living in the fringes of European society for so long after the Roman sacking of Jerusalem, quietly serving the gentiles subserviently, until the Rothschilds came along...the sight of physical and military strength and power, ESPECIALLY when exercised against others was to be worshiped. This is in certain senses also relate to Jewish homosexuality.....and why Jews love war.


(ii) The Primitive savage Mongols destroyed 4 great civilizations....The Chinese, which they eventually took over; The Russian....The Golden Horde; The Iranian Khorassani Empire and the Arab Empire centered around Baghdad.

For the anti civilization Jews this was GREAT work...rather in the manner Palestinians clapped and cheered as Saddam Scuds hit Israel in 1991.

And thus, this is why Modi gave insignificant Mongolia $1 billion dollars.

Modi will be the first Indian PM to visit Israel. Modi will go there and pay homage to the RSS-Israeli links.

If poor impoverished India can give insignificant Mongolia $1 billion, why can't the USA give Israel more money annually?


Mongolia gets $1bn while Maharashtra farmers die, says Sena


India can only fight a hot war on multiple fronts for a meager 3 weeks

 Need one say any more.


India faces severe ammunition shortage, can fight war for only 20 days: CAG


India cannot fight a war beyond 15-20 days due to crippling shortages in its ammunition stocks. To add to its woes, the home-grown Tejas light combat aircraft is still nowhere near being combat-ready despite being in the making for over 30 years.

This grim reality of the critical shortfall in ammunition reserves adversely impacting the operational readiness of the 1.18-million Army as well as the problems dogging the Tejas fighter, which has led to a sharp fall in the number of IAF fighter squadrons, has been repeatedly highlighted by TOI.

On Friday, it was made official by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. In reports tabled in Parliament, the audit watchdog attacked the Tejas Mark-I jet for being just about 35% indigenous and falling short on as many as 53 technical requirements, greatly reducing its capabilities and survivability in combat.

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Amid stalled fighter projects, upgraded Mirage cheers IAF

It also slammed the defence establishment for the dismal management of ammunition in the Army, expressing shock that there was total "disregard" of the policy to hold ammunition for 40 days of "intense" fighting under the war wastage reserves (WWR).

Stocking of 125 of the 170 different types of ammunition was not enough for even 20 days of war-fighting or "minimum acceptable risk level" requirements. "Further, in 50% of the types of ammunition, the holding was critical or less than 10 days in March 2013," said CAG.

The situation has not changed much since then. As reported by TOI, the approved Army "ammunition roadmap" holds the desired 40-day WWR will only be possible by 2019, which as things stand now does not seem achievable.

The CAG said while the Ordnance Factory Board was failing to meet the requirements due to its limited production capacity, the import route was also proving to be "unreasonably" slow. "In 17 import cases (total imports worth Rs 16,594 crore) for which acceptance of necessity was accorded in July 2013, no contract could be concluded by December 2014," it said.

As for Tejas, the CAG held the fighter was "dependent on foreign sources" for important components such as engine, multi-mode radar, radome, flight control system actuators, multi-functional display system and the like.

Moreover, Tejas Mark-I is "deficient" in electronic warfare capabilities as the self-protection jammer could not be fitted on it due to space constraints. "The radar warning receivers/counter-measure dispensing systems fitted on the aircraft are also having performance issues," it said.

The Tejas Mark-II, with more powerful engines and weight reduction, which is what the IAF wants, is still on the drawing board. As of now, the fighter cannot fire BVR (beyond-visual range) missiles or drop laser-guided bombs, nor is capable of undergoing mid-air refueling. It, hopefully, will be able to do so when the Mark-I gets its final operational clearance (FOC) by December 2015.

"IAF would be constrained to use Mark-I, which has reduced survivability, lower performance, lower range and endurance, reduced pilot protection, reduced operational capability and reduced weapon accuracy," it said.

Read in Hindi: सेना के पास केवल 15-20 दिन युद्ध लड़ने का गोला-बारूद — CAG

Not the NAVY.

Sadly LAND POWER India is building another aircraft carrier, the third in its arsenal, which will be ready by 2025, using American technology, based on EXISTENTIAL THREATS from CHINA, just as Modi visits China.

How wrong can this get?

It gets more wrong as money meant for a Mountain Strike Corps to meet REAL THREATS, as a pose to imaginary ones is siphoned off to pay for the aircraft carrier. Clearly London Sahib had a hand in this utterly stupid decision. The RSS emerged and blossomed during British colonial rule, as a ruse to polarize Indian society through rabid extremist religious dogma.....just as the Muslim League was Christened by the British Raj in Bengal in 1905, on the eve of dividing Bengal on religious lines.

The RSS now bow to London Sahib wishes, by this simple act of diverting MSC funds for a white elephant aircraft carrier project, to be built by 2025 using American technology. FUCK!

London Sahib has been encouraging both India and Iran through their spies, to divert vital military resources of two developing nations (who don't spend a lot on their military---because they distrust them...(Iran 3% of GDP....India 1.7% of GDP) into the NAVY. In the case of Iran, even though the Israelis for the better part of 20 years have been threatening air strikes with America on LAND TARGETS in PERSIA a billion times......the Israeli spies in Iran's security keep shouting about the navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy. navy, navy and navy.Fucking navy!

India has fought a good many wars UP THE MOUNTAIN.....1948....1962....1965......1971 was undertaken on the basis that the mountain passes would be snowed under......1999 Kargil. Saichen Glacier 1990---2002?

There are daily incursions, and exchange of fire in the LOC...and LAC.....since 1947.

During the recent Chinese Premiers visit to India, Chinese troops invaded and occupied Indian territory, indicating that a Busharaf fraction exists in the PLA.....who don't want peace and co -existence with India.

China claims Arunchal Pradesh.

Pakistan still claims Kashmir.

You would think that a nation that spends so little on defense, BUT has fought so many defensive wars should hedge its bets on the VERY REAL threats, rather than on Existential threats....from the future.

But no, the ass fucks in the RSS have decided to honor the intrigues of London Sahib for allowing them to exist and blossom during the British Raj.....1921? Just after Gandhi began his non-violent campaigns, and other Indian revolutionaries intensified their campaign for Independence.

The RSS emerged and intensified their Hindutva campaign, specifically at that time. They channeled their energy fighting fellow Indians.....both Muslim, and specifically Hindu Indian leaders (Gandhi).

The British built the first dreadnought in 1906.

With the launch of the dreadnought, a dreadnought fever developed in ALL powers and would be powers to build such ships.

Wiser counsel would say that certain not so great LAND POWERS should have pooled their meager resources into their army, where the critical and decisive battles would be fought that would ultimately decide the fate of the overall war beyond all else....but no!

The ever weakening Ottoman Empire was one such victim of the dreadnought fever.

The Jewish Young Turks were maneuvered into power by the Rothschilds of London (Just as the RSS have been in India) The Young Turks sounded like the RSS......appealing NOT to the unity of the country in a COSMOPOLITAN nation, but to Pan-Turanic nationalism that was in all cases illusionary, impractical and dangerous.

The Ottoman Empire lost the Balkans war of 1912-1913. You would think that given their very recent experience ALL resources would be funneled into the army, mobilizing to 360,000 on the eve of WWI.......NO...the Jewish Young Turks installed by the Rothschilds of London, instead opted for a big navy, including the purchase of 2 modern dreadnoughts from who??????...................................from the UK. Not Mausers and Krupps artillery from Germany, OR the upgrading and EXPANSION OF their meager 2 munitions factories built by the French in the 19th century.

In order for poor poverty stricken Ottoman empire to be able to purchase modern dreadnoughts...a pathetic melodrama of epic cinematic proportions took place where the Jewish Young Turks appealed to the nation to give their ALL for their country....a Dreadnathon Charity took place...and old people, young children, poor families across the country gave their life savings to be able to purchase the two British Dreadnoughts.(1913-1914).

War broke out, organized by the Rothschilds and NY bankers...and the Jew Young Turks NATURALLY looked to London for an alliance OF-COURSE......after all London was their original patron. The Jew Young Turks approached London 3 times for an alliance ........BUT the Rothschilds...sorry London refused the Turkish overtures. The Ottoman Empire had to be destroyed, so that Israel could be created....and the Jewish Young Turks would help London achieve this objective. To encourage the Jewish Young Turks to choose the wrong/right side in the war, the British immediately confiscated the 2 dreadnoughts being built in the UK meant for the Turkish navy. Then mysteriously two German dreadnoughts sailed from the other side of the Mediterranean UNHINDERED by the Royal navy into Turkish waters, where many British and French warships would be sunk subsequently by the Turks....AND the Germans went to Istanbul and told the Jewish Young Turks...'ich liebe dich' and handed over the two ships free to the Turks. The Germans then sent a military delegation to guide the Ottoman empire's ARMY...ARMY...ARMY.....led by General Liman Von Sanders a Crypto-Jew......who would play a decisive role at Gallipoli, along with the other crypto-Jew in that sorry saga, Colonel Kemal.

Dreadnought fever also caught Imperial Russia.....another poverty stricken would be power, which relied on French handouts to a certain extent to build its strategic infrastructure.

Imperial Russia lost the war against Imperial Japan in 1905. The decisive factor was the defeat on LAND, in Manchuria. The Jews sensing a weakness in the regime after its defeat organized a REVOLUTION in Russia, where the Czar conceded many of his powers.......loss of legitimacy.

You would think given that experience there would be a massive re-organisation of the Imperial Russian army officered up to 50% by the nobility inept officer class....and greater expenditure on maxim guns and artillery....and overall modernisation of the ARMY....NO! The Czar decided that what LAND POWER Russia needed was a bigger and better navy.....spending $600 million into that direction between 1908-1914.

Ultimately Russia lost the GREAT WAR on the land....and through the inappropriate readiness and archaic nature of the Russian army.



Eye on China, Modi government clears funds for India's largest-ever warship

India has finally set the ball rolling for the eventual construction of its largest-ever warship, the 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier INS Vishal. The defence acquisitions council (DAC) has sanctioned an initial Rs 30 crore as seed money for the project.

Just before PM Narendra Modi left for China on Wednesday night, the Manohar Parrikar-led DAC cleared a flurry of long-pending projects for ultra-light howitzers, medium-transport aircraft, light utility helicopters and the like worth over Rs 25,000 crore, as reported by TOI.

But tucked away in the approvals was the relatively minor amount of Rs 30 crore for the indigenous aircraft carrier-II (IAC-II). But its potential is huge, and very significant for a country that is vying with China for the same strategic space in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

Carrier battle groups are the final word in raw power projection around the globe, capable as they are of travelling 600 nautical miles a day with their supersonic fighters and missiles as well as accompanying destroyers, frigates and submarines.


India now puts aircraft carrier plan on fast track

India eyes US aircraft carrier technology

China plans to build three more aircraft carriers: Report

Officials said there were three main reasons for the DAC's green signal to the "commencement of preparatory work for construction of IAC-II". INS Vishal is likely to have nuclear propulsion for greater endurance as well as CATOBAR (catapult assisted take-off but arrested recovery) configuration for launching fighters as well as heavier aircraft from its deck.

The first obviously is the increasing presence of the Chinese Navy in the IOR, coupled with its assiduous attempts to establish logistical bases in the region. "After inducting its first carrier Liaoning in 2012, China is building four carriers, two conventional and two nuclear-powered. The latter will be over 90,000-tonne super carriers like the American Nimitz-class ones," said an officer.

Two, the 56-year-old INS Viraat will retire early next year, leaving India with only one operational aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya. The 40,000-tonne IAC-I or INS Vikrant being built at Cochin Shipyard will be ready for induction only by 2018-2019, as earlier reported by TOI.

"It will take well over a decade to build INS Vishal. Its size, propulsion, its aircraft etc will have to be finalized before the construction can actually begin," he added.

Finally, India and the US are now set to collaborate on aircraft carrier technologies, with New Delhi having asked Washington to share technology for EMALS (electromagnetic aircraft launch systems) developed by General Atomics, under the bilateral Defence Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI). "US defence secretary Ashton Carter and the top brass of General Atomics are slated to come to India in the first week of June," said another official.

All Indian carriers till now have had angled ski-jumps for fighters to take off under their own power in STOBAR (short take-off but arrested recovery) operations. But this limits operations to only fighters like MiG-29Ks. With CATOBAR, IAC-II will be able to handle more as well as heavier aircraft for surveillance, early-warning, electronic warfare and other operations.

Keep moving .......ahead, faster...nothing to worry about

India's trade is about $822 billion for 2014, and about 15% of the $5.5 trillion PPP GDP.

India's growth has not come from EXPORTS, but from domestic investment and consumption.

So a slump in Exports from the $336 billion figure of 2014 is nothing to worry about in any real sense.

AND again NO......there is no correlation between India's domestic investment and consumption led growth, and general global decline in demand due to the slowing of the Chinese economy, Europe and an USA economic collapse.

India needs to re-orientate its focus  on trade with STILL buoyant economies like Japan, South Korea.....yes China, Russia, Persia, SAARC neighbors, ASEAN ........and so forth in anticipation of economic slump in the EU and North America.

Readjustment of trading priorities to meet the very reasonable figure of $900 billion exports for 2019. The Indian government may wish to play a significant role in this direction.

AND finally I repeat again, the Soviet model under Comrade Stalin between 1928--1941...where his command economy, under detailed planning achieved on average 20% GDP growth rates year in year out. Obviously the totalitarian government exacted a heavy sacrifice from the population (butter and jam tomorrow), which would be politically unacceptable in Democratic India. BUT that is not the point of the argument. The point is that despite sanctions by the Western powers, and the Great Depression of the late 1920's and early 1930's.....the Soviet Union still achieved through heavy INVESTMENT in INDUSTRY and INFRASTRUCTURE remarkable economic growth.......and the secret source of China's economic miracle since 1980, with the aid of foreign capital investment, and Capitalist legal instruments in specialized trading Zones, through the far sighted leadership of Deng Xiaoping.


Export slump cast shadow on growth prospects

Reuters and Times of India.

India's exports slumped for the fifth straight month in April from a year earlier, dragged down by fall in global demand that has cast a shadow over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's goal of achieving over 8 per cent growth in 2015/16 fiscal year.



The ongoing weakness in merchandise exports, which account for about 16 per cent of India's roughly $2 trillion economy, will weigh on January to March economic growth numbers due to be released on May 29.

Modi sees manufacturing and export-led growth as the best way to create jobs for the millions of young people who helped him gain power last year.

He aims to almost double goods and services exports to $900 billion in the next four years.


But merchandise exports contracted 14 per cent in April. The trade deficit narrowed to $10.99 billion as oil imports declined by more than 42 per cent from a year earlier, data released by Ministry of Commerce and Industry showed on Friday.

Exporters said falling global commodity and crude oil prices had so far partly offset their lower overseas sales, but they fear more gloom - as demand is falling further, particularly in oil exporting and Latin American countries.



 "There is a fall in order booking for coming months, particularly from buyers in the Middle East, Africa and Latin American countries," said Ajay Sahai, a senior executive at the Federation of Indian Export Organisations.



 He warned that exporters could be forced to lay off workers if sales orders continued to decline over the next 4-5 months.

Some relief could come from the Reserve Bank of India, which has cut policy rates twice this year to 7.5 per cent because of slower consumer inflation, and is expected to make borrowing cheaper again when it meets for a policy review on June 2.

To counter slack global demand, Modi has vowed to modernise overloaded roads, ports and railways in a bid to make India's exports more competitive. This week, he is visiting top trading partner China, hoping to invigorate exports.

India's economy expanded 7.5 per cent year-on-year during the three months ending in December, higher than China's 7.3 per cent growth recorded in that quarter. 


RSS Communalism


How Akbar went from great to not-so-great


The Akbar vs Rana Pratap debate is driven by myth-making rather than facts, say scholars.

In the latter half of the 16th century, when Elizabethan England was persecuting Catholics and the Spanish Inquisition had become an instrument of terror, one Indian ruler had established the first nursery of Indian secularism at Fatehpur Sikri. He held socio-religious and spiritual discussions with men of different faiths at the ibadatkhana. 
 That was Mughal emperor Akbar, a man far ahead of his time.

But the emperor's legacy is now under siege. Last week in Delhi, members of a Hindutva outfit defaced the signage of a road named after Akbar and several other Muslim rulers. They wanted these roads renamed after Hindu rulers like Shivaji and Maharana Pratap.

Days later, Union home minister Rajnath Singh demanded the epithet 'great' for Rana Pratap. He also said that the rest of the country should follow Rajasthan's example and devote a full chapter to the Mewar ruler in history textbooks. Many interpreted this as an official signal to knock down one of India's most remarkable rulers.

A smear campaign against the emperor seems to be currently running on social media. Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs and chainmail are calling Akbar a "rapist, looter and killer coming from a family of drunkards, illiterates, homosexuals and child molesters". And all sorts of falsehoods culled from TV serials, myths, legends, and propaganda are being passed off as the "real history of Akbar".

"It's unfortunate that people are so gullible that they lap up fiction as fact. While there can be no doubt that Maharana Pratap was an important figure in history, it's unfair to compare him with Akbar," says archaeologist and historian Dr KK Mohammed, who discovered Akbar's ibadatkhana at Fatehpur Sikri in the 1980s.

The scholar elaborates his point with a historical anecdote: "Once in Hormuz, some Portuguese had tied a copy of the Quran around the neck of an ass and released it in the market. When Hamida Bano Begum, Akbar's mother, learnt about it, she asked the emperor to tie the Bible around a dog's neck and release it in Agra. Akbar refused. If the actions of the Portuguese were wrong, then this would be wrong too, he reasoned. His stance showed his remarkable mind and spirit."

Professor Jos Gommans of Leiden University says for the cohesion of India as a nation, Akbar will do a much better job as a hero than Rana Pratap or Shivaji. "Akbar inspired even Dutch liberals in the mid-19th century to build a secular society without religious interference."

Dirk Collier, author of The Emperor's Writings: Memories of Akbar the Great, points out that historical facts are being ignored in the debate. "The resistance of Maharana Pratap against Akbar has often been portrayed as a desperate and noble struggle for Hindu independence against the overwhelmingly superior forces of a Muslim invader, but, as most historians agree, it was hardly that. The Hindu kings of Amber, Bikaner and Bundi sided with Akbar, and even Rana Pratap's own brother Sagaraj did the same. Pratap's army, on the other hand, included large Afghan contingents. Only 30 years before the fall of Chittor, an earlier Rana of Mewar had marched against the neighbouring king of Malwa in alliance with the Muslim sultan of Gujarat. In other words: the Mewar conflict was essentially one of local rivalries," he says.

A current television serial eulogises Rana Pratap and vilifies Akbar as an ever-scheming, bloodthirsty bigot. Its impact has been such that one blogger says her five-year-old neighbour is yet to study history but already hates Akbar. But, argues historian Tripta Wahi, Akbar's secularism remains unmatched even today. "He separated religion from the state — his Tauheed-i-Illahi or Din-i-Illahi was essentially a reflection of that policy. It was Akbar who had abolished slavery in India. He also abolished sati in his empire, centuries before Sir William Bentinck," she says.

Wahi also points out that in the 1560s, when the Mughals were trying to create a bigger state system, the indigenous states, Hindu as well as Muslim, were resisting it. "Akbar was resisted by the Sharqis of Jaunpur, the Afghan sultans of Bengal, the Bahmani kingdom and its splinter states, Gujarat and Malwa — all these were Muslim kingdoms. And some of them resisted for far longer than Mewar. Yet you don't hear the proponents of Hindutva talking about Chand Bibi or Malik Ambar of Ahmednagar sultanate."

The historian points out that Akbar made intelligent use of secularism in his statecraft. For instance, post-war, he treated defeated Rajputs and Muslims differently. He returned to Rajputs their vatanjagirs (patrimonial estates) and gave them high mansabs in his military bureaucracy. Neither favour was granted to defeated Muslim landed gentry. Akbar wanted the Rajputs to become important shareholders in his successes. Across the border in Pakistan, Akbar is not seen as a great ruler either. Islamic hardliners there sometimes dismiss him as the "infidel king" for his secular views. All of Pakistan's missiles or weapon systems are named after Babur, Ahmed Shah Abdali, Mahmud of Ghazni or Muhammad Ghori but none after Akbar.

Ironically enough, in India, there are no public buildings or spaces named after the Great Mughal. But there are roads, universities and public buildings — including an airport — named after Maharana Pratap.


India's second aircraft carrier

This is India's second aircraft carrier for the LAND POWER of India.

A third will be built in India, using some USA technology, and will be the biggest.

A total waste of public funds for a country that actually spends very little on defense...at just 1.7 % of its official PPP GDP.....$4 trillion out of a total PPP GDP of $5.5 trillion. 

India's REAL defense budget at official USA 2015 prices is nearer $90 billion......officially it is just $37 billion.

But feels good for a nation with superficial super power pretensions.