The Fix is in.


Even so called sophisticated political pundits can't seem to see the bigger picture, that many non-voters in the USA seem to see, namely that American presidential elections are mere Punch and Judy puppet shows run by Wall Street and the Jewish elite of the USA.

Goldman Sachs runs the Obummer administration.

Goldman Sachs and Wall Street to a great degree ran the Bush II administration.

The Jewish lobby has a over bearing influence in Capitol Hill.

Never the less, despite this sad fact, the USA cumulatively over 230 years has through the endeavors of hard working emigrants has made the country into a great nation, despite the present situation, and that it must still go through the facade of "Presidential elections".....the longest election contest in the world....12--15 months?

Obummer, recruited by the CIA just like his mother, has been groomed to rule the country and he is anointed by the Jewish elite to run the country for a second term. He is a mere front of the Jewish power elite........who use the Democratic Party, the traditional Jewish party where 80% of Jews vote to effect their specific agenda's for Israel, and for themselves.

In the foreign policy arena this has meant endless wars for Israel, and in the domestic arena the process of establishing a full police state, on the basis of "al-CIA-duh" and Tim Osman.

A second CIA led/Wall Street Obummer administration will be decidedly bleak, nasty, brutal, and far more dictatorial in the USA, and the world. With the Gay farts speaking double speak through their rectums whilst wreaking havoc in the USA, and around the world.

The only solution for the world is to disengage from the USA power system, and attempt to roll this power back to the Capitol Hill/Wall Street sewer, where it belongs.

Mitt Romney the Moron, with all smiles and his close ties to Israel will not win the next Presidential election.


Are the Republicans deliberately throwing the presidential election?

by at antiwar.com

The economy is in a mess, and – in spite of the Obama administration’s pathetic attempts to conjure a "recovery" out of thin air — looks like it is tanking. The European banks are on the verge of a meltdown, and the jobless rate in this country is much higher than anyone in officialdom is willing to acknowledge (although ordinary people know the truth). What’s more, America’s position abroad is none too good: after being driven out of Iraq, which is falling into the Iranian orbit, we’re well on our way to losing the war in Afghanistan, and the whole region is in turmoil. Israel is threatening to start World War III with an attack on Tehran, an act that would drive the world economy over a cliff. Would you want to be President when the price of oil is over $200 a barrel?

Which brings us to the question that has been hovering around the edge of my consciousness ever since the Republican primary battle commenced: is the GOP deliberately throwing the 2012 presidential election?

Yes, I know the Republicans hate Obama and all he stands for, and I certainly have heard them inveigh against the President in ways that would formerly have been considered off the reservation not too long ago. For example, trying to delegitimize a sitting President by questioning his US citizenship, and/or implying he’s a "secret Muslim" – I mean, really! Surely that’s over the top, to put it mildly. And yet …

And yet I am a firm believer in action over words: and if we look at what the Republicans are doing (or, rather, not doing), as opposed to what they are saying, it’s enough to arouse a certain suspicion that something just isn’t right.

On the one hand, the GOP is telling us Obama is leading us down the road to "socialism," that he’s "appeasing" our enemies and stiffing our friends, and that he’s basically destroying the country. On the other hand, they haven’t put forth a candidate who has a chance in heck of beating him. The leading candidate for the party’s nomination is a caricature of everything voters are sick and tired of:

he’s a phony, a spoiled rich guy, an automaton whose words and actions convey, above all, an almost comical impression of inauthenticity.

Furthermore, aside from these personal failings, Mitt Romney’s record is uniquely suited to collapse before a well-financed and relentless assault from the President and his supporters. While the Republicans rail against Obamacare as a step toward "socialism," Romney is himself on record as having supported the very same "individual mandate" so abhorred by the GOP. As the former governor of a very liberal state, Romney wouldn’t have lasted long as a "severe conservative" – unless such "severity" now means issuing a proclamation of "Gay Youth Pride Day" and supporting tax-funded abortion on demand.

When it comes to foreign policy, what is striking are the similarities rather than the much-touted differences between the two: in spite of Romney’s rather unconvincing sallies at the President over Obama’s supposed "weakness," when it comes to specifics it’s hard to see where Romneyism ends and Obamaism begins.

Both want us to stay in Afghanistan as long as the military chieftains insist: both see the US as gate-keeper and guardian of "world order," and – on the pressing issue of the day — both continue to maintain Iran is developing nuclear weapons in spite of what our own intelligence is telling us. Going right on down the line, on specific foreign policy issues the ‘difference" between them is chiefly rhetorical. Romney and Obama have repeatedly voiced their unconditional support for Israel, in spite of the fact that the real interests of the US in the region are ill-served by such an unreasonable pledge. Even when Romney lashes out at Obama for his "weakness" before "our number one geopolitical foe" – hapless, declining Russia – it turns out his actual position is practically identical to the President’s: both want to use the threat of installing a missile shield over Eastern Europe to blackmail the Kremlin into joining the effort to isolate Iran and otherwise kowtowing to Washington.

In short, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two when it comes to the vitally important issue of America’s role in the world – which isn’t all that shocking, come to think of it. After all, "politics stops at the water’s edge," as a long-dead interventionist Senator (and badly-compromised turncoat) once put it, and that rule is strictly observed in Washington, where the bipartisan interventionist consensus brooks no dissent.

Romney isn’t so much a serious candidate for the presidency as he is a national joke: his record as a "flip-flopper," his inability to project anything remotely resembling sincerity, and his Richie Rich persona have all combined to turn him into a human piƱata for both liberals and conservatives to pick apart. Which leads us back to the question I asked at the beginning: is the GOP deliberately throwing this election?

It makes sense if we take the economic critique proffered by anti-inflationists like Ron Paul and Gerald Celente seriously: would you want to be President if we’re on the brink of another Great Depression? As the American dollar is destroyed, and the buying power of the average American is about to become the equivalent of a consumer in, say, Zimbabwe, is it really in the GOP’s interest to take the White House this year?

In spite of Romney’s rhapsodizing over the joys of yet another "American century" on the way if he wins the White House, I suspect the judgment of the Republican Establishment deviates quite a bit from this rosy scenario. They know that, whatever the outcome of this election, the country faces what the Israelis call an "existential crisis," albeit not one embodied by the specter of non-existent Iranian nukes. And while the cause of the crisis is economic, the consequences will be felt in virtually every sphere, including the foreign policy realm. With a much-reduced ability to project military power overseas, the US will be caught in a conundrum: how to reconcile our image as a "great power" – indeed, the world’s last remaining "superpower" – with the gritty reality of a nation going into foreclosure.

Ron Paul isn’t the only one conjuring visions of America as Greece-times-ten, and it doesn’t take much imagination to see how the march to austerity will be met here in this country, where Americans’ sense of entitlement is almost as well-developed as their taste for vulgarity. What happens when the bread-and-circuses stop, and Americans are forced to confront the grim reality of being broke?

Back in the winter of 2008, when the economy was taking a major nose-dive and the too-big-to-fail crowd was threatening a financial version of the Samson Option, top US officials were quietly discussing the prospect of rationing food and fuel, and making plans to call out the military to keep order. Although President Bush was still officially in office, Obama was waiting in the wings, preparing to take the reins – and one imagines the defeated GOP didn’t envy him. Quite the contrary: and I doubt they ever want to be in the position Obama found himself in, which is why I believe it is quite possible that the Republican leadership – by which I mean the Republicans’ big money backers – have decided to throw the election this time around.

The strategic thinking behind this can be summed up in three words: After them – us! That was the slogan of Germany’s Communist party in the 1930s after the fateful election which brought the National Socialists to power. The Communists, having rejected an alliance with the German Social Democrats on orders from Moscow, were convinced they would be catapulted into power as a result of the backlash from Hitler’s victory at the polls – a strategic calculation that had "backfire" written all over it, as Trotsky pointed out at the time.

Before taking that historical note too far, however, I have to admit the idea of the Republican high mucka-mucks getting together and deciding it would be better for them to throw the election to Obama by putting up a loser like Romney does seem a bit far-fetched. Perhaps they’ve convinced themselves, on one level, that Romney can actually win, while – on quite another level – they don’t believe it for a minute. People usually have no trouble holding mutually exclusive beliefs in other areas, and politics is certainly no exception.

In your heart, you know he’s a loser – now there’s a campaign slogan tailor-made for the politics of Bizarro World. Which is all the more reason to believe there’s some truth to it.

If voters are in the mood to punish the Democrats somehow, and if they can’t in good conscience do it on the presidential level, then isn’t it more likely they’ll take it out on the rest of the ticket? If Republicans can retain control of the House, that may be enough to keep them from regretting their loss at the top of the ticket. Another wave of victories on the state and local level will perhaps be enough to satiate them, at least for the moment, until they get another crack at the White House. Then they can sit back and blame the President for everything, as the crisis unfolds, while cat-calling from the sidelines: a perfect set-up for career politicians who have no principles, no sense of duty to the country, and no compunctions about defrauding their supporters. With Congress in their hot little hands, they can obstruct the President’s domestic agenda and heckle him into getting more aggressive on the overseas front – a perfect vantage point from which to observe the rapidly accelerating decline of the American empire.


Mullah Iran OK for now?

For armchair generals this is a big issue. Does Israel intend to attack Iran this year, against none-existent nuclear weapons targets that even the IAEA experts on the ground have not been able to find, after 9 years of extensive searching.

No they won't, but it will further the cause of Eretz Israel and the dream of a Jew empire that never was, with Jerusalem as the Imperial capital......and Emperor Netanyahoo the I, as the new Imperial majesty.

The Trick for this dream is "al-CIA-duh" and the unquestioning compliant power of the Pentagon/NATO.

Empires obviously take time to build, maybe 100 years of good hard solid fighting.

So whats in a year with this dream in mind.

Though if I were donkey mullah Iran, brought into power by the USA/UK to realize this Israeli goal some 33 years ago, they certainly should not relax even for a year, since a good deal of the Iranian public hate them, having experienced mullah rule for the first time in Persian history of 2500 years, and it has not gone very well, naturally.

Repeated conventional attacks against Iran will reduce the power of the mullahs eventually, but along the way will also kill many Americans and Israelis.

The question is how badly Netanyahoo wants to be the first Emperor of Eretz Israel.

Empires require a little sacrifice by the plebs.


By Infowars.com and Paul Joseph Watson

Israel’s plan to attack Iran has been postponed until spring 2013 following a war simulation that showed Iran could kill 200 Americans with a single missile strike, according to a report by senior Haaretz correspondent Amir Oren.

“At 8:58 P.M. on Tuesday, Israel’s 2012 war against Iran came to a quiet end. The capricious plans for a huge aerial attack were returned to the deep recesses of safes and hearts. The war may not have been canceled but it has certainly been postponed. For a while, at least, we can sound the all clear: It won’t happen this year. Until further notice, Israel Air Force Flight 007 will not be taking off,” writes Oren.

According to the report, a war simulation conducted by the U.S. Central Command found that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would immediately be followed by an Iranian missile launch that would kill 200 Americans, a price deemed not worth paying by U.S. generals.

During the same meeting, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak also acknowledged that Israel would not act alone in striking Iran before the U.S. presidential elections in November, according to Oren, meaning that, “For all intents and purposes, it was an announcement that this war was being postponed until at least the spring of 2013.”

A delay in launching the attack until next spring would scupper expectations that the military assault was set to take place before the end of this year, a time frame that Russia understood the Israelis were working to. Last month, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Nikolai Makarov stated that an Israeli decision on whether or not to attack would be made before the summer.

The Great Persian airforce of 190 operational OLD planes after 33 years of mullah rule......on military exercises with their latest stealth fighter model copy of the F-5. The Secret Jews in Iran have persuaded the mullahs that Iran does not need an air-force, which after all was a mere hobby horse of the late Shah. In modern wars jet fighters are NOT important. A state under repeated threats by Israel and the USA does NOT require a strong air-defense or air-force......according to the puppet mullah donkeys of Iran, and their Jewish puppet masters.

In January, the U.S. cancelled a joint military exercise with Israel which was perceived by many as a sign that the Americans were getting cold feet.

Earlier this month it was also reported that Israel had “agreed to hold off a strike on Iran’s nuclear sites this year in exchange for receiving U.S. military equipment,” including bunker-busting bombs and refueling planes. The deal was seen as a tacit admission that the Obama administration would support Israel in launching the attack but only after the election in November.

Young illiterate village boys of the Revolutionary Guards---the "Shock troops" of the mullahs will be deployed overseas against Israel once hostilities start.

If a decision has been made to postpone the attack, expect the United States to withdraw at least some of its naval might from the Persian Gulf. The U.S. currently has the USS Carl Vinson and the USS Abraham aircraft carriers patrolling the Strait of Hormuz, along with the USS Makin Island, a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship. Earlier this month it was announced that four additional mine countermeasure ships were also heading for the region.

The Artesh....poorly equipped EVEN for defensive warfare, on Iranian soil. It does not have any offensive capability. The puppet mullahs brought into power in 1979 by the USA/UK have maintained defense expenditure of 3% of GDP, despite 9 years of threats against the country by the USA and Israel. Ahmedinejad the Jew says with certainty that Israel will never attack Iran.......because they are not that crazy, or simply they dare not...

The Great Persian navy, which can sail to the Atlantic Ocean, the Red sea and the Mediterranean. The secret Jews and Ahmedinejad the Jew says WHILST Iran is attacked from the air against its 3000 military and civilian strategic sites, the Great Persian navy will fly the Iranian flag around the world, proudly, catching Somali pirates--A British coded gimmick ----whilst Iran is destroyed.(We know air power destroyed Saddam, Gaddafi, Lebanon, the Taliban......)and yet we have this Jew diversion, where the worthless navy has been given many hours of propaganda time, and state resources.....THE ACTIONS OF A PUPPET STATE OF THE USA/UK/ISRAEL.

1. Priority one is air-defense

2. Air-force

3. Army

4. Revolutionary Guard.

Project for a New American Century....going swell and peachy



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The purpose of an Empire is to steal money from the ordinary people and give it to the elite.

In his book, The Rule of Empires, Timothy H. Parsons explained that Empires are not there to civilize, they are there to extract wealth.

If we look at the American Empire we can see that the people who have benefited from the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are the arms dealers and drugs dealers, rather than the ordinary people.

Empires mean slavery.

On 27 March 2012, at Global Research, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains how the American Empire is 'extractive'.

(Empires Then and Now)

"After eight years of war and attempted occupation of Iraq, all Washington has for its efforts is several trillion dollars of additional debt and no Iraqi oil.

"After ten years of trillion dollar struggle against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Washington has nothing to show for it except possibly some part of the drug trade that can be used to fund covert CIA operations.

"America's wars are very expensive.

"Bush and Obama have doubled the national debt, and the American people have no benefits from it...

Empires are for the 1%

"Washington's empire extracts resources from the American people for the benefit of the few powerful interest groups that rule America...

"In the New Empire success at war no longer matters.

"The extraction takes place by being at war.

"Huge sums of American taxpayers' money have flowed into the American armaments industries and huge amounts of power into Homeland Security.

"The American empire works by stripping Americans of wealth and liberty...

"This is why the wars cannot end, or if one does end another starts...

"Just like the bombed and murdered Muslims, the American people are victims of the American empire."

John Buchan was once the head of Britain's secret service.

Buchan was also a writer.

In The Thirty Nine Steps, published in 1915, he considered the idea that there are secret Jewish puppet-masters who manipulate people into starting wars.

The novel formed the basis for a number of film adaptations, notably Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 adaptation The 39 Steps, a 1959 colour remake, a 1978 version, and a 2008 version for British television.

The film versions leave out the most interesting bit from the book.

So here it is (The 39 Steps - Google Books Result):

The aim of the whole conspiracy was to get Russia and Germany at loggerheads.

When I asked Why, he said that ... everything would be in the melting-pot, and they looked to see a new world emerge.

The capitalists would rake in the shekels, and make fortunes by buying up wreckage.

Capital, he said, had no conscience and no fatherland.

Besides, the Jew was behind it, and the Jew hated Russia worse than hell...

The Jew is everywhere, but you have to go far down the backstairs to find him.

Take any big Teutonic business concern.

If you have dealings with it the first man you meet is Prince von und zu Something, an elegant young man who talks Eton-and-Harrow English.

But he cuts no ice.

If your business is big, you get behind him and find a prognathous Westphalian with a retreating brow and the manners of a hog.

He is the German business man that gives your English papers the shakes.

But if you're on the biggest kind of job and are bound to get to the real boss, ten to one you are brought up against a little white-faced Jew in a bath-chair with an eye like a rattle-snake.

Yes, sir, he is the man who is ruling the world just now, and he has his knife in the Empire of the Tsar, because his aunt was outraged and his father flogged in some one-horse location on the Volga.'


Project for a New American Century.

It was a Jew banker driven idea of full spectrum control of the entire world, through the unchallenged might of the USA, post 1991 and affected solely through the Pentagon.

Now with recent experience that plan has been downsized somewhat to emphasize the use of Special Ops/CIA......and NGO's.

There are obviously some simple problems with such Hitlerian schemes of wars of conquest.....despite the Freudian copy of the Stahlhelm helmet from the 1990's for the USA military. (Jew bankers funded and directed the Nazi party in Germany into power 1933-45, using German Crypto-Jews in powerful positions)

After all the USA is a multi-cultural country, where the Mexicans will become the majority by 2050, and decidedly more colorful with Barack Hussein Obama as President already.

People every where will resist being subjugated in their own country, sooner or later.

You can sell bad CIA funded governments for so long, but much harder to explain away why there is a need for foreign troops in your country.

American society itself will regress from such policy sooner or later.

No body wants a world filled with Special Ops, CIA personnel along with their dogs prancing gay like leading the world with false stories of "al-CIA-duh" and fake terrorism.

This is the 21st century and we ALL must pursue better things to do to lead humanity and civilization forward.

There is much more to achieve.

Gay Special Ops and the CIA cannot do this for the world.

As events in the world unfold this will become more self evident.


The Massacre of the Afghan 17 and the Obama Cover-Up

By Professor James Petras at Information Clearing House and the James Petras blog

--- The March 11 Massacre of the 17 Afghan citizens, including at least nine children and four women, raises many fundamental issues about the nature of a colonial war, the practices of a colonial army engaged in a prolonged (eleven-year) occupation and the character of an imperial state as it commits war crimes and increasingly relies on arbitrary dictatorial measures to secure public compliance and suppress dissent.

After the cold-blooded murder of the 17 Afghan villagers in Kandahar Province the US military and the ever-complicit Obama regime constructed an elaborate cover-up, exposing the Administration up to charges of conspiracy to suppress the essential facts, falsify data and obstruct justice: All are grounds for criminal prosecution and impeachment.

This massacre is just one of several hundred committed by US armed forces according to the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai. It could ruin the Obama presidency, by putting him on trial for conspiracy to obstruct justice and arguably send him to jail for war crimes.

Obama’s deliberate lies about the events surrounding the massacre and the fundamental responsibility of the high military command for the crimes committed by its troops underscores the breakdown of the occupation of Afghanistan, the very centerpiece of Obama’s war policy. The President of the United States has personally played a major role in the cover-up. From a political vantage point, the executive conspiracy charge has wider and deeper implications than the massacre itself, as horrible as it is.

The Massacre, the ‘Official’ Story (1st version) and the Cover-Up

According to the US military command in Afghanistan and the Obama regime, at 3am on March 11, 2012 a deranged soldier walked off a Special Forces Base in rural Kandahar Province and without command authority entered two villages (two miles apart), shot and killed 17 unarmed civilians, mostly women and children and wounded an unspecified number of villagers; then he doused their bodies with gasoline, set them on fire and hiked back to base to surrender himself to his commanders.

This ‘surrender’, the Pentagon claims, was recorded on video and no less than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, vouched for its authenticity as conclusive proof for the story of a lone, unbalanced mass murderer. The military command quickly whisked the initially unnamed murderer out of the Afghanistan to the maximum security federal prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and only then identified the madman as a 38-year old, multi-decorated, 11-year army veteran, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. The US has rejected all attempts by the Afghan President, the Afghan Army Chief and members of the Afghan Parliament to interview Sgt Bales, gather testimony and bring the suspect to trial in Afghanistan.

According to an independent Afghan parliamentary investigation led by Sayed Ishaq Gillami, and initial investigations by General Sher Mohammed Karimi of the Afghan Army, who interviewed residents of the two villages, there are significant contradictions in the US military’s and President Obama’s “official story”. Eye witnesses have testified that up to 20 soldiers were involved, aided by a helicopter. What they described was typical of a US Special Forces’ night time raid, which involved the systematic breaking down of doors, rousing the sleeping families and shooting Afghan victims.

Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, finds the villagers’ version of events quite plausible for the following reasons: The villages, where the murders occurred, were two miles apart, making it highly unlikely that a lone, fully armed solder could haul a multi-gallon jerry can of gasoline from his base to the first sleeping village, break down the doors of one or more homes, commit the murders, douse and burn his victims and then proceed on foot two miles further on to the second village, shoot, kill and burn the next set of unarmed villagers and then walk back to his base and surrender.

It makes far more sense that a heavily armed group of Special Forces troops, engaged in village ‘pacification’ operations, left their base in military vehicles, passed through the gate in the wee hours of the morning, on a routine official operation, authorized by the bases military command and something went wrong. What was supposed to have been a typical midnight assault on a “pacified” village in search of Taliban supporters, turned into the mass murder of children and their mothers in bed with virtually no adult males (husbands, fathers, uncles or brothers) present to protect them. Typically, all Afghan farmers keep weapons in their homes, but these villages had been disarmed by the Special Forces and the adult men had either been detained in earlier sweeps or were in hiding from just such brutal operations in the expectation that their wives and children would not be attacked.

Whatever triggered the mass murder of mothers and children in their nightclothes in those villages in Kandahar, one thing is clear: the President of the United States conspired with the US military command to obstruct justice in the cover-up of a heinous war crime, a felony punishable with impeachment.

When the implausibility first ‘official’ story became embarrassingly evident to the most superficial observer, the Obama ‘cover-up’ crew released a new version on March 26: According to the revised version of events, the lone, deranged Sgt. Bales committed the first massacre in the early morning hours of March 11, walked back to base for breakfast and lunch and then walked out again to a second village for another round of mass murder – before returning and turning himself in to his commander posing for the video.

Why the Obama Cover-Up: Military Demoralization and the Iran War

Why would President Obama engage in such a clumsy cover-up further eroding US relations with the Afghan President Karzai, the Afghan military and especially the Afghan people? Why would he risk charges of conspiracy to protect war criminals by insisting on an easily refutable cover-up?

The story of the alleged assassin, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, provides some leads about the larger crisis facing the imperial military. Bales is a ‘decorated’ soldier rewarded for his three tours of combat duty in Iraq and his more recent Afghan assignment where he would have participated in similar types of Special Pacification Operations among civilians in the countryside in Afghanistan. In the days after news of the massacre leaked out, a furious Afghan President Karzai claimed that “hundreds” of similar massacres had been perpetrated by US and NATO forces and had gone unreported in the Western media and unpunished. Karzai has repeatedly called for an end to US Special Forces’ night raids on sleeping villages. But, until now, there had been no need for a US Presidential cover-up up.

With the approaching US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the growing expressions of militant Afghan nationalism, the Obama regime must hide the true nature of the occupation. Washington’s Afghan clients can no longer ignore US war crimes against innocent children and women and other non-combatants. This is especially true in the so-called ‘pacified’ villages where the adult Afghani men have already been arrested in sweeps or driven into hiding and with the few remaining, disarmed and ‘under the control’ of the US Special Forces.

Considering even the US official story, why would the Special Forces commanders in charge of the Sgt. Bales base ignore the loud bursts of gunfire and screams of women and children in a village within 100 meters of its perimeter at 3 am? According to their official version, the base command only became aware of the massacres when Sgt. Bales walked back to base, raised his hands high for a video-op and confessed to killing and desecrating the bodies of 17, mostly children and women.

Obama has tried to sell the ‘confession’ video as proof of the ‘official version’ of events to a skeptical Afghan President Karzai who contemptuously demanded the ‘alleged’ video be turned over for a detailed examination for authenticity. Obama’s refusal to release the video tends to confirm his role in the cover-up. Obama’s contention that a ‘lone unbalanced gunman’ committed the crime is completely self-serving and exposes serious and deep structural problems with the war in Afghanistan.

US combat troops in Afghanistan are demoralized and angry because their military commanders have marched them into a cul de sac – a dead end. They are engaged in a long, losing war where every dead US soldier is accompanied by scores who are maimed, blinded and mentally traumatized. In Obama’s war, the wounded are patched up and recycled back into the same meat grinder in an increasingly hostile environment, where rape, torture, maiming and murder become their only ‘recreation’. Sgt. Bales was coerced into multiple tours of duty in Iraq and then shipped off to Afghanistan, contrary to his expectations of a promotion and an end to overseas combat assignments.

There is a huge gap between the world of the political warlords in Washington and their accomplices among the warmongering ‘lobbies’ and that of the soldiers who risk their lives in imperial wars of occupation. These dispensable soldiers are repeatedly deployed to brutal colonial wars thousands of miles from their homes to confront an ‘enemy’ they cannot possibly understand. They end up brutalizing the families, friends, neighbors and compatriots of the elusive Afghan anti-colonial fighters – who are everywhere. Back in Washington none of the political war-mongers ever experience the pain and suffering of a prolonged war, which for any soldier on the battlefield, is ever present, everywhere. Soldiers, like Sgt. Bales, operate in a very hostile environment where, a roadside bomb or a grenade thrown from a motorcycle, or even a ‘trusted’ Afghan ally, who might turn his gun on his US ‘mentors,’ are omnipresent threats to their ever returning home in one piece.

Obama has to conspire with the Pentagon in covering up this mass murder, defending the officers in charge of these ‘pacified’ villages, because there are no alternatives, no back-ups, no new recruits eager to engage in the 12th year of war in Afghanistan. There are only the re-cycled killers, willing to pursue their career in ‘Special Forces’ involving ‘kill and destroy’ operations. Furthermore, Obama cannot rely on the international allies who are rushing to withdraw their own troops from this quagmire. And Obama has a problem with his allied Afghan warlords and kleptocrats, who managed to run off with over $4.5 billion dollars in 2011 (half of the entire state budget) (Financial Times, 3/19/12, p. 1). President Obama cannot allow an entire garrison, including their commanding officer to be put on trial for the war crimes in this massacre. Holding anyone, besides the hapless Sgt. Bales, accountable for the massacre would incite a general rebellion within the armed forces, or, at a minimum, further demoralize the elite Special Forces who are expected to man these long-term engagements after the regulars withdraw, which in the case of Afghanistan could last until 2024.

This issue has implications far beyond Afghanistan: Obama has developed his entire new counter-insurgency strategy centered on the easy entry and bloody exits of US Special Forces targeting over seventy-five countries. The Special Forces figure prominently in Obama’s military preparations for Syria and Iran, which have been developed at the behest of his Zionist overlords.

In the final analysis, the entire imperial military apparatus of the Obama regime, while formidable on paper, depends on the ‘Special Operations’ formations. As such, they are the centerpiece of the new imperial warfare, developed as a response to the demands for reduced ground forces, budgetary constraints and growing domestic discontent. Their ‘actions’ are designed to leave no witnesses and no embarrassments. They may be the butchers of children, women and unarmed civilians but they are the White House’s butchers.

Despite all their crimes and cover-ups, the Obama regime’s priority is to defend the empire with whatever personnel is available at his disposal. So while Sgt. Bales is in Leavenworth, the Afghan elite cry injustice, the families in Kandahar mourn their dead and the Taliban plan their revenge.

On the domestic front, Obama faces strong popular opposition to the costly unending wars, which have destroyed the US economy, and growing anger and demoralization in the armed forces. As a result of the massive popular discontent among the American people with politicians of both parties who have recklessly sent troops into anachronistic colonial wars, which serve the interest of foreign powers, the President has issued an executive decree, allowing him to assume dictatorial powers in order to militarize the entire economy, its resources and its work force. On March 16, 2012 Barak Obama issued an Executive Order-National Defense Resource Preparedness in order to sustain the global empire.

Clearly prolonged colonial wars cannot be sustained through the consent of the citizens and such wars cannot be prosecuted according to military manuals and the Geneva Conventions. At this point, only Presidential ‘rule by decree’ can secure compliance of the citizens at home and only massacres and cover-ups can sustain the colonial occupations abroad. But these are desperate and temporary: When the extreme measures have run their course there will be nothing to fall back on and nothing can save the president of a collapsing empire from the revolt of its citizens and soldiers.

James Petras, a former Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York, owns a 50-year membership in the class struggle, is an adviser to the landless and jobless in Brazil and Argentina, and is co-author of Globalization Unmasked (Zed Books).


Imran Khan has hope for Pakistan

One must always be optimistic.

He sees light at the end of the tunnel for Pakistan.

He states with added commentary, by me:

Pakistan now has a powerful independent Supreme Court, which does not cower in front of the military as it use to in the good old days.

Pakistan has a powerful independent media which is very focused on the REAL ISSUES which vexes the country into a failed state situation.

Pakistan's people are united and politically aware of all the big issues that affect the country.

Even Pakistans' children are aware of the big issues that affect the country.

In 1951 the population of Pakistan was 33 million with about 15% being urbanized, and an even smaller middle class. Today Pakistan has an unofficial population of 190 million and an urban population of about 36%. ....with 38 million Pakistanis belonging to the educated middle classes.

Such a state is harder to manage and fool than it would have been in the 1950's.

The second factor is that people in Pakistan have wised up to the relationship of the Pakistan military with the USA.......its covert and not so covert nature, and the consequent harm it does to Pakistani society.

Finally there is a level of desperation in Pakistan given the situation of the country which can't be explained away by mere propaganda......the critical desperation WILL force change in Pakistani society, hopefully peacefully and in elections soon this year.

The old game

US seeks using India to isolate Iran, build China cold war: Author
Booker Prize winning Indian novelist Arundhati Roy


Washington seeks to isolate Iran and build a cold war with China through its ‘theatrical drama’ ties with New Delhi, a top Indian author says.

The main concern of the US is to isolate and attack Iran for its nuclear energy program, The Hindu quoted Arundhati Roy as saying on Friday.

In the same way, China has become the target of the US as a result of the escalation of the conflict on account of capitalism, the Booker Prize winning novelist added.

The US, Israel and some of their allies have accused Tehran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear energy program.

The US and the EU have used this pretext to impose sanctions against Tehran, while Tel Aviv has issued threats of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Washington has repeatedly threatened the Islamic Republic with “all options” on the table.

Iran has refuted the allegations, arguing that as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Tehran is entitled to peaceful use of nuclear technology.

The IAEA has conducted numerous inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities, but has never found any evidence indicating that Tehran's nuclear energy program has been diverted towards nuclear weapons production.

War and arms deals are the two US techniques to bail itself out of a tight economic situation, Roy concluded.

China and Fair Trade.

To follow American dictates studiously is to bow to American hegemony in the world. Perhaps that is not what all sovereign states desire....or the world requires from a debt ridden, corrupt, drug peddling, permanent war nation.


Chinese firms fill in gaps left by Iran sanctions: Nicholas Burns
Former US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns

They (Chinese) have fundamentally undercut the sanctions regime.”

Former US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns

By Presstv.com

A former senior US diplomat has slammed China for what he called Beijing’s “mercantilist” approach in filling whatever space the western companies have vacated because of the sanctions against Iran.

China has been the “major hindrance” to effective pressure on Iran, Nicholas Burns, who served as Under Secretary for Political Affairs under former US President George W. Bush, said on Friday, Wall Street Journal reported.

“They (Chinese) have fundamentally undercut the sanctions regime,” Burns said. “Our pressure should be on China.”

Beijing has repeatedly condemned the US-led unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic, saying it will not bow to US pressure to cut its oil purchases from Tehran.

"China opposes any country implementing unilateral sanctions on another country according to its domestic law," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said at a daily press briefing on Wednesday.

"China legally imports oil from Iran through normal channels in a reasonable and fair manner," he added.

The US, Israel and some of their allies have accused Tehran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear energy program. Washington and the EU have even used this pretext to impose sanctions against Iran.

On New Year’s Eve, the US imposed new harsher sanctions against Iran aimed at preventing other countries from importing Iranian oil and conducting transactions with its central bank.

However, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement on Tuesday that Washington had exempted financial institutions from 11 nations - Belgium, Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain - from the new sanctions.

The most important countries which have not been included on the exemption list are China, India and South Korea.

China is the biggest buyer of the Iranian crude and figures released by US Department of Energy show that about 22 percent of Iranian oil exports go to the East Asian country.

Iran has repeatedly refuted the Western allegations regarding its nuclear energy program, arguing that as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, it is entitled to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

The IAEA was set up by the USA, with intelligence officers operating within it.

Both David Kay and Scott Ritter were American intelligence officers when they scoured CIA Saddam's WMD's in the 1990's in Iraq.

The IAEA was set up by the USA in the 1950's, and Amano and his bias is a reflection of this institutional fact.


Blix: US, Israel source most of IAEA allegations
Former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Hans Blix

By Presstv.com

A former chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency has challenged a report delivered by the IAEA in November on Iran’s nuclear activities, pinpointing that the agency receives unverified intelligence, mostly from the US and Israel.

In an exclusive interview with Qatar-based news network, Al Jazeera, on Saturday, Hans Blix stated that the IAEA received information from a variety of sources, mostly from the United States and Israel.

“My view is that they must assess it very carefully and critically because otherwise they can be pulled by their noose,” he asserted.

“I remember from inspections in 2002 and 2003 that there was a famous document that allegedly to be a contract between Iraq and Niger for the import of yellow cake of uranium oxide quoted by [former US] President [George W.] Bush in his State of the Union message. The IAEA had it for one day and concluded that it was a forgery. [Former IAEA head, Mohamed] ElBaradei then announced it was not authentic. That shows how careful you have to be,” Blix stated.

The UN nuclear agency’s current Director General Yukiya Amano issued a report on November 8, accusing Iran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear energy program.

Iran dismissed the report as “unbalanced, unprofessional, and prepared with political motivation and under political pressure mostly by the United States.”

Tehran argues that, as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the IAEA, it has the right to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

The IAEA has conducted numerous inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities, but has never found any evidence of diversion in the country's nuclear activities.

Blix likewise noted that Iran had been very cooperative as to allowing the IAEA experts to visit the Parchin military base, situated some 28 kilometers (18 miles) southeast of the capital Tehran.

He highlighted that it was typical for any country to be rather reluctant and not let international inspectors go anywhere in such venues. Nevertheless, Iranians have been more open than most other countries, he said.

Israel, always vociferous in its accusations against Iran’s nuclear energy program, is itself widely known to possess between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads. Tel Aviv, however, refuses to allow its nuclear facilities to come under international regulatory inspections and rejects all the regulatory international nuclear agreements.

Blix also called on the Western states to support Iran’s bid to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) and assist the Islamic Republic’s civilian nuclear program.

Furthermore, the former IAEA chief condemned the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, stressing that such actions could not deter Tehran's nuclear energy program.

No Regrets

There are no expressions of remorse or regret at the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers, in an unprovoked attack by USA soldiers against a clearly marked military post, at night running for many hours whilst the Pakistanis pleaded with their American counter-parts to cease the attack, against a sovereign state and a nuclear armed long term ally since 1954.

Its was a brutal expression of power, which was hoping to entice the Pakistanis into a bigger conflagration with the mighty USA/NATO war machine occupying Afghanistan.

Thus the USA/NATO occupation forces would have ANOTHER GOOD reason to stay in Afghanistan......to deal with the "dangerous, slippery, two faced Pakistanis", as well as fight the Taliban and "al-Qaeda".

The Pakistan military have been good servants of the USA for 56 years since the two countries signed a security pact in 1954. But long service counts for nothing in Washington.

The Pakistani military created, armed, trained and ran the Medieval stone age Taliban, when the USA and Sandy Berger ordered them to create it from 1994, using Gulf State oil money. The Pakistani military still run the Taliban on the covert orders of the USA, because peace in Afghanistan will mean the USA/NATO will have to pack up and go back......rather than hang around looking for more mischief.....or harvest the Afghan heroin and ship it to Europe and North America using USA military transport planes via Kosovo/Turkey.

The Pakistani military have sustained the myth of "al-Qaeda" created by the CIA based in Afghanistan and Pakistan from 1996. They have even handed over about 700 mainly innocent people based on this mythology to the Americans to be tortured......they have disappeared 3000 people in Pakistan since 2001 based on this mythology for the USA......they have conducted several military campaigns in their own territory, paid for by the USA to support this mythology of GWoT.

The Pakistani military sustained the myth that Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan, in a garrison town of all places, waiting all these years (5 years there) to be taken out by the USA.......whilst the great Pakistani military were unaware, clueless, helpless in their own country in a otherwise sensitive zone.....the mother of all psyops against Pakistan.

The Pakistani military have thus fundamentally subverted Pakistan, with 300 terrorist incidents since 2001 and 4000 civilian deaths in the service of the USA, and GWoT.

But of course, the more the Pakistanis military serves the USA, the more contempt they have for the Pakistanis. The death of 24 Pakistani soldiers was an expression of that American contempt in November 2011.

But in the Pakistani military the need to become a millionaire is more important than any sense of personal honor, or "Esprit de corps", professionalism or the unheard of service to the nation.

In the Pakistan military a Brigadier up is guaranteed to be a multi-millionaire of $100 million or more.

In the Pakistani military the main preoccupation of the 20,000 officers is how to make money illegally using the vast state resources, and the dominant position of the military which controls 10% of the GDP.

To justify its bloated worthless size of 800,000 military (unofficially) and 300,000 paramilitary, AND further allow it to exploit the state it thus involves itself in false security adventures designed by the USA........for the USA, to the fundamental detriment of Pakistan.

Many Third World banana republic failed state military operate this way (Indonesia....), but the Pakistani military have taken it to a new level. In no other military in the world do senior officers automatically become millionaires, exploiting the state.

From this pressure to make money for the senior officers the Pakistan military which decides ALL foreign policy and security matters is thinking of opening the land route for the NATO/USA occupation forces again, beyond the current covert supplies running through Pakistan with the help of the Pakistan military.

Izzat is not important for the Mir Jafars and Mir Sadiqs.


‘No US-led trooper will face charges over Pakistan killings’
Pakistani soldiers salute the coffins of their comrades who were killed in a NATO strike during a funeral ceremony in Peshawar on November 27/11/ 2011.

By Presstv.com

The US military says no American soldier will face disciplinary charges for the US-led airstrikes that killed 24 soldiers in northwestern Pakistan last November.

A second investigation into the incident carried out by the US military determines that no American military personnel should be punished in face of the deadly airstrikes, The New York Times reported on Saturday, citing three senior military officials.

The American forces fired in self-defense and any other mistakes had been the result of battlefield confusion, the officials said.

“We found nothing criminally negligent on the part of any individual in our investigations of the incident,” said one senior American military official involved in the process, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

NATO helicopters and fighter jets attacked two Pakistani military outposts in northwest Pakistan on November 26, killing 24 Pakistani troops and plunging the already strained US-Pakistan relations further into crisis.

A primary investigation into the incident by Pentagon in December put the blame on both Americans and Pakistani forces, indicating that the Pakistani troops fired first from two border posts that were not on coalition maps.

The findings also suggested that the Pakistani soldiers kept firing even after Americans tried to warn them that they were shooting at allied forces.

Pakistan, however, rejected the result of the probe, pointing the finger of blame at American troops.

This is while a Pakistani parliamentary committee on Tuesday demanded an apology from the United States for the November airstrike, calling the attack a “blatant violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

In response to the airstrike, Pakistan stopped the NATO supply convoys headed for the US-led forces in Afghanistan. Islamabad also called on the US to vacate Shamsi airbase in Balochistan province.

Shalom Salaam

Its a fact that most people every where are normal desiring pretty much the same thing......a nice place by the beach, under the umbrella, a nice chat with friends at a cafe, or just lounging around doing nothing.

But like the deviant scum which often float to the surface, where they manipulate power to serve their peculiar world view, and personal interests.......tend to dominate power in certain countries such as Israel and Iran.

In the case of Iran things are so bad that over 33 years 5 million mostly educated sane, balanced Iranians have left the country in exchange for a desperate future in the welcoming West.

With Israel, sections of the CIA predict the country will implode in a few years destroyed by its Likud Imperialist Eretz Israel hubris. Normal skilled educated people don't want to live in a war state for ever...forever trying to own more sand. Bye Bye Israel, eventually according to some.

Its is logical therefore that more and more sane Iranians and Israelis should reach out to each other just as the deviant scum tries to create further barriers and greater war drums against each other.

The article below is misleading in that it suggests it is only the Israelis who have taken the initiative for peace. But it is also a fact that many Iranians try to open channels of communication with Israel, by directly visiting the country. This is dangerous for them as they can be arrested in Iran on the suspicion that they have been recruited by Israeli intelligence.

It is also a fact that in 2003 Iran offered Israel through its diplomatic communication to the Bush II administration, via Switzerland a "Grand bargain":

1. Full diplomatic recognition of Israel by Iran.
2. Cutting off ALL aid to Hamas and Hezbollah.

The mullahs are cynical pragmatic puppets of the West, with no clear base ideology.

Thus the Grand Bargain offered by mullah Iran would have been a significant verification that the mullahs were not building atomic bombs, and seeking improbably to wipe Israel off the map.

But extremist Israel and its puppets in Washington have never been interested in peace.........they want war...war....and more war.

The Bush II administration turned down the offer, on the advice of Israel, and was not prepared to recognize the mullah government in return or provide guarantees against future military action against Tehran.

The problem thus lies with Likud Israel, and the right-wing elements in Israel, buoyed by the possibilities of using unchecked post 1991 American hyper-power.

This minority in Israel desires an empire on the ashes of Arab regimes which surround Israel, and therefore much more fighting will have to be done to realize this "impossible" dream.


Hands extended: Online and off, some Israelis reach out to Iranians and look to mend fences

By Associated Press,

Ruthie Pliskin didn’t want Israel’s threats of a possible military strike to be the only message her country had for Iran. So the doctoral student from Tel Aviv posted a photo of herself and her cat on Facebook, with a sign in Farsi reading: “We love you, people of Iran.”

She says she received enthusiastic responses from Iranians when she posted on an “Israel-Loves-Iran” Facebook page who corrected the sign’s spelling and returned warm wishes.

Pliskin is among a small but growing number of Israelis trying to reach out to Iranians, even as Israeli politicians warn with growing frequency and intensity that Israel might strike to halt Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons program.

Israelis mounted an art exhibit in Tel Aviv centered on Iran, built a website in Farsi with news of Israeli daily life, and protested Saturday against a potential strike on Iranian nuclear installations. They have also posted images endlessly shared on Facebook against a war with Iran.

Meir Javedanfar, an Israeli expert on Iran, said that this marks the first time Israelis have reached out in such a way to another nation in the Middle East. Has it had impact in Iran so far? That’s not clear yet, though Israelis say Iranians are responding positively to the Internet outreach. But it appears unlikely that any good will being generated by civilians will sway governments.

Israel’s leaders say a nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat. Iranian leaders often demonize Israel. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has said he’s willing to give sanctions and negotiations a few more months to deter Iran from trying to obtain nuclear weapons, but suggests that, if efforts fail, Israel could strike this year. Iran insists it is pursuing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, but warns it will strike back if attacked.

In Israel, surveys show that a majority oppose a solo Israeli attack on Iran without American military cooperation.

Retired Israeli military and intelligence leaders have advised against striking Iran, arguing that Israel doesn’t have enough bomb shelters or gas masks to absorb a possible Iranian counterattack.

“Despite all this, our prime minister wants to take us to war,” said Tzvika Besor, a Tel Aviv marketing agent who organized Saturday’s protest. “And we say no.”

A few hundred Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv Saturday night, holding signs reading “No to war,” and, addressing prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Bibi, don’t bomb Iran,”

And another prominent Israeli added his voice in opposition on Saturday. Former Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Israel shouldn’t be the one taking on the entire Arab and Muslim world when it was clear Israel would be blamed the day after.

Other protests have taken a more artistic approach. In early March, three Tel Aviv artists mounted an exhibition called “Iran,” featuring a fake missile pointed at the nearby U.S. Embassy, a statue of Barak titled “the most dangerous man in the world 2012” and short films. Hundreds attended its opening night.

At Haifa University, the head of the Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies started a Persian-language news portal from Israel, called TeHTel, to show a Tehran-Tel Aviv bond.

Launched March 4, the site drew 22,000 visitors in its first two weeks, including several thousand directly from Iran. TeHTel offers personal essays from Israelis, musings on hamburgers and holidays, and translated news from Hebrew news sites and blogs on the country’s social and economic reality. An anonymous donor underwrote the project, and paid staff to maintain it, including Iranian-Israeli translators.

“There’s interest, people are reading it, there are talkbacks, people write and reply to each other,” said Soli Shahvar, the site’s creator. “We want to come and stop this twisting of reality that (the Iranian) government does to Israel as a people that wants to rule the world, as Zionists who are killing Palestinians.”

The hunger to connect has reached the government as well. Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said that the office staff will learn about Iran next week, with a slide show, tastes of Persian food and lectures on Iranian religion and culture.

Palmor said it will be a day off from politics, and more like other enrichment lectures on American literature and French wine.

Despite the current animosity, Iran is “still an important country in the region with which we have had good relations in the past and with which we aspire to have good relations in the future,” Palmor said.

Prior to its 1979 Islamic revolution — when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini severed all diplomatic and commercial ties with Israel and began referring to its government as the “Zionist regime” — Iran was an ally of Israel with the Shah maintaining warm relations with Israeli leaders.

This is not the first time the Internet has bridged a gap between hostile countries in the region. Israelis and Lebanese commented on each other’s blogs throughout the Israel-Lebanon war in 2006. A Gazan from a refugee camp and an Israeli from a border town co-hosted a blog during Israel’s military offensive in Gaza in 2008.

But Iran is different.

Javedanfar, an Iranian-Israeli, said this movement may be fueled in part by a large successful community of Israelis with Iranian roots that is “out and proud with its Persian identity.”

Some 250,000 Israelis, out of a population of 7.8 million, are of Iranian descent. They include former army chief Shaul Mofaz and singer Rita, who has put out a Farsi album.

The success of the Oscar-winning film “A Separation” has helped humanize Iranians, in contrast to “the petrifying picture of Iran which Iranian politicians have managed to produce,” Javedanfar said.

Pliskin, 29, is among the Israelis who wanted to reach out with anti-war posters for Iran. The Israel-Loves-Iran page garnered 34,000 “likes” within a week.

One shows a couple kissing. The young man holds up his Israeli passport, right beside his purported girlfriend’s Iranian passport. “I love my Persian girlfriend,” the caption reads.

“Persian cats, we will never bomb your country!” reads one Israeli poster showing a cute cat.

Other posters claimed to show Iranian affection for Israel, but their origins could not be pinned down. One said, “Israelian friends, I wish we both get rid of our idiot politicians anyway, nice to see you!”

Pliskin called the connection with the targeted country “exciting.”

“I was moved by everything that’s going on,” she said, “and that I was able to be a part of it so easily.”

Many Israelis feel the same way about the Palestinians.........and communicate with them as much, if not more than they do with the Iranian people...........the problem is the Israeli state and its leadership and their megalomaniac designs on earth using American military power.