Endorsement of Ron Paul for President




I wanted Ron Paul to win the 2008 Presidential election, but he was crowded out by the CIA mentored, came from no where candidate Barack Hussein Obama, backed by the Neo-Liberal wing of the crypto-Jew Zionist elite in the Republican Party.

An ominous reflection of the state of affairs such as they existed in the Soviet Union during the 1980's before its collapse, where the Jewish run KGB was appointing its members and non-members as Premiers into ultimate collapse and disaster for the Soviet Empire in 1991........a fraction of the Jews in the country WANTED THE Soviet Union to collapse and fail, because this was their international tribal objective.

No other Communist state has to date collapsed.......not even Pol Pots in Cambodia, invaded by Vietnam. The collapse of the Eastern European Communist states was at the behest and instigation of the Jewish run KGB working with their local Jewish agents in those countries....Markus Wolf head of the Stazi, by way of one example.

The American election system is rigged and therefore, tightly controlled which results in the Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumbs of the Zionist controlled vaudeville act of over 12 months anointed as President. Ron Paul thus never had a chance.

The 12 month long vaudeville farce is an elaborate process of sublimation and final Imperial Coronation by the Zionist elite for the Zionist elite of their "Chosen Candidate". Democracy, even crude Third World democracy does not exist in the USA. Though this never stops the USA lecturing other nations about the virtues of pure SOLID Democracy.

However if an outside candidate shows sufficient grass roots support, then the fake vaudeville farce must recognize this fact. To do otherwise will make the system all to obviously rigged even to morose Joe six-pack......the vaudeville of 12 months thus must be subtle to remain reasonably legitimate. Ron Paul won the Iowa election so he was put in Third behind a utter non-candidate bible thumper, and he also won the New Hampshire libertarian state, so he was put in second place.

The crime is when alternative news outlets report such results as fair and somehow acceptable, which contain glimmers for hope and change.

Of course Ron Paul himself is also an establishment candidate. A man who serves so many years in Capital Hill, and beckons his son to join the gravy train can only be an establishment candidate, with their instantly recognizable codes and demeanor. Ron Paul fills the alternative bit part role in the Zionist run vaudeville of Capital Hill which passes itself as Democracy.

The trick is to keep the masses within the system and not push them into joining the massed ranks of the LEADERLESS OWS movement, which are less controllable by the Zionist elite.

BUT in the sum total of things in a world which is fundamentally unfair, irrational, and stupid.......in a world where Jew scum float to the surface along with their dumb fuck WASP minions to do their bidding, Ron Paul looks rather hopeful and appealing in the messages and policies he purports to support. Bear in mind good reader that politicians always change their tune once in power.

But there it is, Ron Paul the WASP, looking earnest, sincere, wholesome........slightly too old.......zero charisma.....with the best policies out of ALL the republican candidates and obviously far better than CIA President Peace Prize Barack Hussein "I want to reach out and understand Moslems Cairo speech" Obama.

So good luck Ron Paul. I hope for America's sake you win. The same consistent position I held in 2008..........but significantly more detached this time.


Ron Paul Is The Only Candidate With The Momentum to Challenge Romney

Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman campaigns are all collapsing

Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com

Ron Paul’s second place in New Hampshire confirms him as the only candidate going into South Carolina and Florida with any kind of momentum to challenge Mitt Romney, with support for Santorum, Gingrich and Huntsman collapsing.

Jon Huntsman’s one chance to insert himself into the top tier by beating Ron Paul to second in New Hampshire has failed. Despite the establishment media
attempting to use Huntsman as a Ron Paul spoiler, in addition to dirty tricks on behalf of the Huntsman campaign in creating an anti-Huntsman video and blaming it on Paul supporters, the former Obama administration official didn’t even get close to Paul last night.

Indeed, with Huntsman performing best amongst voters opposed to the Tea Party, he stands no chance of performing well in the more conservative states. Huntsman isn’t even on the ballot in Arizona, Virginia or Illinois. In South Carolina he is currently polling less than Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum’s second place in Iowa was followed by a poor fifth place finish in New Hampshire. After pouring money into the state, visiting more than 30 times and making it a top priority, Santorum was expected to achieve somewhere between 10-20% of the vote yet ended up with a disappointing 9.3 per cent.

With limited funds remaining after a New Hampshire gamble that failed to pay off, Santorum’s campaign, and his current potential third place finish in South Carolina and Florida, is under threat. Ron Paul’s ads lambasting Santorum as “a corporate lobbyist and Washington politician” with “a record of betrayal” are also eating away at his support amongst conservatives.

“The momentum has dissipated. You can’t save political capital, you have to spend it right away. He took his capital and let it dissipate,” said Larry Sabato, a political science professor at the University of Virginia.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich, who the polls suggest is Romney’s closest rival in South Carolina and Florida, had his campaign hire a cavernous ballroom at the Radisson Manchester for last night’s primary that ended up being barely a quarter full as Gingrich stumbled in fourth place with 10 per cent.

Gingrich, who has cut an insreasingly angry and aloof figure over the past few weeks, didn’t even bother to congratulate Romney or Paul on their success. One of his aides has also been accused of assaulting a woman for carrying a sign at a campaign stop. Gingrich’s support has been savaged by 96% of all Super PAC money being spent attacking his candidacy, illustrating the fact that Republicans clearly don’t want to see him challenge Obama in a fight Gingrich would almost certainly lose.

After emerging as a clear frontrunner, Gingrich’s numbers have dropped off alarmingly. Ron Paul’s debate attack on Gingrich when he labeled him a “chicken hawk” has undoubtedly made red state conservatives think twice about supporting a man who enthusiastically supported Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ attempt to impose a carbon tax on the American people under the discredited pseudo-science of global warming.

Polls show that Ron Paul is the only other candidate besides Romney who has a good chance of beating Barack Obama in a hyothetical head to head. He trumps all the other challengers to Romney in terms of electibility.

The key for Ron Paul is the fact that is Romney takes South Carolina and Florida, several if not all of the other candidates will suspend their campaigns or drop out altogether. This will force the media to frame Paul as Romney’s adversary and will allow Paul to unleash a barrage of attacks exposing Romney’s record as a big government RINO Republican.