President John McCain.

John McCain, Zionist Warmonger, Rothschild puppet

By Texe Marrs.

John McCain is a vile, wicked, deceitful man, a warmonger and a sexual deviant. Make no mistake about it. If this man wins the presidency, America is finished as a nation. Forever.

Dumb Beast Led Around by Homosexual Lieberman

In March of this year, John McCain traveled to Israel where he shamelessly pandered to Prime Minister Olmert, the Likudnik extremist Benjamin Netanyahu, and other Zionist Masonic overlords and groveled at their feet. McCain also had a stopover in neighboring, war-torn Iraq, where he was led around like a dumb beast by his Mossad and ADL stooge handler, Jewish bigot, and closet homosexual, Senator Joe Lieberman.

McCain then flew from the Middle East to London where, on March 20th, two Rothschild Illuminati, the super-wealthy Lord Jacob Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild, held an "invitation-only" private luncheon for him at the luxurious Spencer House, St. James Place. No doubt, McCain kissed "Lord" Rothschild's ring, if not his big right toe and pledged that, if the powerful Zionist poobah would only make him President of the United States. Israel's enemies, Iran and Syria, would end up nuclear toast.

(blogger: Lady Lynn De Rothschild is backing Hilary Clinton, openly dictating to Nancy Pelosi that Bilderberger Hilary should be the next American President---so obviously the Rothschild dynasty is hedging its bets, and has openly identified itself with the More War For The Jews constituency, overtly backing two pro-war/endless war candidates; not a surprise given the track record of this dynasty, and their involvement in the European revolutions of the nineteenth century, the First World War, the Second World War and so on..........It is a shame that they can manipulate the USA, a superpower with such capable and intelligent people for their specific agenda's, which is clearly inflicting great harm on the American nation to its profound detriment, and so goes without saying the rest of the world. In a sense this is an unique position to be in, as the nations involved in WWI and WWII did not have this knowledge but now we do..............and the next logical step is dealing with the issue meaningfully, so that no further harm is done then that already has been achieved by this blood lust cult dynasty)

"I love you too"

Lovefest between liberal Senators McCain and Clinton: "Not a dime’s worth of difference."

"John McCain is Bought by Jews"

As Nathanael Kapner, a knowledgeable Jew who—thank God!—is also a Jesus believing Christian, writes in his website (www.realjewnews.com), "John McCain knows which side his bread is buttered on. And that's the Jewish side of campaign contributions."

Brother Kapner noted that McCain was at the private Rothschild fund-raiser in the posh London Spencer house. Kapner's sage conclusion: "John McCain is bought by Jews via the Rothschilds!"

Kapner also reported that McCain recently was forced to apologize to the Jews for having the audacity to say in a speech he had given that, "America is a nation founded on Christian values." Immediately, the Jewish organizations sprang into action, prompting the frightened McCain to trot out before the news cameras and retract what he had said.

McCain Betrayed Our POWs

McCain's innumerable deceptions and treachery extend back many years—virtually his whole life is one, big fabrication. Sure, he was a POW, but after he returned from Vietnam, McCain is the dirty rat who sold out the remaining POWs in captivity. He and his liberal pinko buddy, Senator "Swift Boat" John Kerry, even engineered "Favored Trading Status" for their erstwhile Communist friends back in Hanoi. Jane Fonda, Move over!—You've got company.

McCain's father, Naval Admiral John McCain, was an even greater fraud. He's the guy whose cowardice, lies and incompetence as Commanding Officer of Pacific Forces doomed thousand of American troops to misery and death during the tragic Vietnam War. The senior McCain also just happens to be the sorry traitor who stood by and let Israeli bomber aircraft decimate the U.S. Liberty Ship in 1967, killing and wounding so many of our sailors.

Nuking Iran is McCain's Promise

John McCain and his insane, bloodlust, Zionist whack-job colleague, Pastor John Hagee, promise to use nuclear bombs to destroy Iran. That would mean thousands more U.S. fighting men and women going to their graves and tens of thousands more coming home minus legs, arms, and limbs. It would entail the entire world viewing America as a heartless, savage beast nation. John McCain is a monster, period. In a word, this man is a dangerous, soul-less psychopath.

Here is a man who only got into the Military Academy because his grandfather and father before him were military brass and pulled strings. Predictably, McCain finished almost dead last in his graduating class. He never accomplished one positive thing as a Naval aviator. He did, however, manage to execute a miserably incompetent, faulty landing that killed a number of carrier personnel and, later, he was shot down over North Vietnam. Not exactly a picture of success.

John McCain has never done an honest days work in the private sector his entire life. He cheated on his first wife with the much younger Cindy Hensley, then abruptly divorced his wife and married the pretty Cindy within a few weeks. Now come reliable news reports about McCain messing around having an affair with a young Washington D.C. blonde lobbyist, Vicki Eisman. A real "Family Values" character wouldn't you say? McCain is so vile that other Senators have labeled him "President McNasty!"

McCain has threatened to reduce Social Security benefits, and he consistently voted as a Senator for higher taxes. His World War III insanity will bankrupt America and force this nation into a North American Union slave state. But then, why should John McCain care about you, me, and other middle class Americans? This heel married into the Hensley fortune—Cindy's rich dad owned a beer distributorship and reportedly got his fortune via his unsavory ties to the Jewish Mafia.

McCain: "I think gay marriages should be allowed"

John McCain is an unprincipled man who kisses up to the homosexuals, liberals, and The Bohemian Boys embrace. John McCain has promised the Jews to keep U.S. troops in Iraq another hundred years if necessary.

He lies and pretends he's a "conservative" to win high office. In a 2007 Massachusetts forum, the scoundrel stated, "I think gay marriages should be allowed." Yet, on the campaign trail, he often states just the opposite.

I have no doubt that ignorant Christian evangelicals will act like the stupid lemmings they are and go straight over the cliff to support this filthy reprobate, McCain, for President. Like dumb dogs, they'll pull the lever for him simply because he's the Republican nominee. Today's evangelical Christian has no principles and is neither evangelical nor Christian. As Pastor Chuck Baldwin so sagely stated in a recent internet column, "I will say it straight out: any Christian or conservative who supports John McCain has no principles left worth defending."

Pastor Baldwin then went on to observe: "Christians have swallowed the Bush/McCain Kool-Aid as surely as did the followers of Jim Jones. They are drunk with denial and deception."

Of course, the truth is, these Kool-Aid drinkers are not "Christians" at all. They are fakers, hoaxers masquerading as Christians while, in actuality, doing Satan's bidding.

McCain is Every Patriotic American's Nightmare

Liar, compromiser, warmonger, bloody arrogant hothead, and more—I explain in my investigative report exactly why all these derogatory adjectives apply to John McCain. Beware, people of America—Satan's Illuminati-endorsed, straw-brained, would-be U.S. President, is at our door. He's the Rothschilds' stupid, inept, but pliant puppet-and he's every patriotic American citizen's nightmare.

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Swift boaters against McCain

Reverend Wright (ex-Marines Vietnam veteran) endorses McCain

Reverend Wright supporter of McCain, endorses the Catholic Church, and calls for love, peace and reconciliation of all mankind

McCain is his own master and will do the right thing by America.................he sez


More Crypto-Jews in America.

For those of you who thought I had gone too far insinuating Osama Bin Laden was a Crypto-Jew, here I have for you more Jewish political deception. Jews pretending to be what they are not.

What I want to show you is that the issue of OBL as a crypto-Jew, is not a random occurrence, but a very common one, in the way the Jews practice and exercise power-----it comes natural to them, and it does not operate as a random one off phenomenon, but is a concerted effort to achieve specific political/strategic objectives. You have to really understand them before you can recognize this game. It takes time......it takes time......

So ladies and gentlemen here we have the American Neo-Nazi version of OBL, Bill White and his very small merry band of Israeli agitators. He operates as a disinformation agent, tapping peoples rage in America, funneling it and misdirecting them.

The article below shows them as nothing more than Israeli intelligence fronts.............



By What Really happened.

Every time the Israeli lobbyists in the United States demand more money or more special legal protections, they wave about these so-called "Neo-nazi" or "White Supremacist" groups like Stormfront and the American Nazi Party. AIPAC, ADL, JDL, and their ilk raise tons of money by waving these boogie-men around as a real imminent threat and danger!

(blogger: like al-Qaeda to a more dangerous degree)

Yet no matter what laws get passed and no matter how many millions ADL, JDL, etc. raise, Stormfront and the American Nazi Party remain strangely unmolested by either criminal or civil actions.

How very strange!!!

So, earlier today, the Commander of the American Nazi Party, one Bill White, posted an article on the official American Nazis website an article accusing rising Presidential candidate Ron Paul of being a "Secret" White Supremacist.

Now, one might suppose that the American Nazi party would be happy to have a candidate who shares their views, and one might assume that Bill White is smart enough to know that making such a public accusation is going to be quite harmful to the candidate he claims shares his philosophy. Indeed it does appear that Bill White's accusation is intended to cause as much harm to Ron Paul as possible.

Of course, Bill White's claim did not do much more than incite a great deal of laughter. But in their haste to get this message out, one of Bill's minions slipped up.

Rather than cut and paste the text of Bill's accusations, one of the members of Bill's blog, apparently to prove the story's source, screen captured Bill's article, posted it to various newsgroups and in doing so, let slip a rather interesting secret.

Here is that screen capture.

Click for full size image.

Note the tiny little icon indicated by the arrow in the Windows toolbar. It's a megaphone. But not just ANY Megaphone, it is the icon proving that the member of Bill White's American Nazi group is ALSO a member of Megaphone, the Israeli propaganda communications network!

Here is what the Megaphone looks like when it is running.

More about Megaphone can be found at Wikipedia and more about Bill White and his many fronts can be found HERE.

But what we have here is what appears to be a group of self-proclaimed NeoNazis using the Israeli propaganda network!

... which goes a long way to explaining why they are never arrested or sued by those groups that raise so much money using them as scarecrows!

(As with Osama Bin Laden and his fake al-Qaeda----'we gotta keep our boogie men going, to frighten the children see')


And some more links for you read up on:

Alleged White Supremacist Bill White's attack on Ron Paul.


# http://judicial-inc.biz/Bill_White.htm
# http://judicial-inc.biz/Bill_White_Weise_supplement.htm#Jewish Schools
# See Whites article below main article.
# Goebbels Diaries. Louis Lochner. [1948] Pg 183.
# http://query.nictusa.com/pres/2007/Q3/C00432914/B_PAYEE_C00432914.html


More Crypto-Jews in the Muslim world?

At least his got the color scheme right

There are a variety of words Muslims use to describe Jews pretending to be Muslims. Because such words exist we can safely assume without hitting the conspiracy button, that there are Jews living in Muslim societies who seem Muslims outwardly, but who are in reality devoted to the Talmud, and at another level Israel, the perennial haven and insurance policy where Jews can run to in times of strife for safety.

The distinction between Muslims and Jews are a little sharper now, because of the state of Israel, and the course of history, but at one time the distinction would not have been so great. In the great Muslim empires we see the role of Jews within the Moorish and Ottoman empires. We know that Mohammad the prophet of Islam was partly inspired by their religion as a merchant, in his earlier life when he traveled to Palestine and Damascus. If we observe the Samaritans of Israel today, of whom a few remain, who still follow the old form of Judaism that came out of Egypt, we can see where Mohammad got some of his ideas from for his new religion. Indeed Many Jews fully, or 'partly' converted to the new Abrahamic religion after its foundation.

OK, so we know there are Crypto-Jews in Christian societies, but what about their network in Muslim societies? The animosity of traditional Christian societies to the presence of the Jew has meant there is some literature which points to the Crypto-Jew amongst them with some certainty, without it being derided as malicious gossip------it is a practice by Jews which is well identified by Christians. However the general harmony that Jews have enjoyed in traditional Muslim society has meant that this consciousness or awareness against the Jew never developed or never had to develop until now, even though Jews used this stealthy deceptive avenue to progress in all matters socially and become accepted, just as they did in Christian societies.

So who are the wealthy powerful Crypto-Jews within the Muslim world? I am afraid I do not have a secret list which I could share with you, but merely a repetition of the gossip out there:

With a wink, he says "Shalom Habibi, and say hello to uncle Hyam in Haifa" and "Hey uncle Hymie when can we expect an attack against Lebanon? What can we do to help you there?"

Jews have lived in Saudi Arabia for over 1400 years. Several Arab/Muslim intelligence agencies think the Saudi royal clan are Crypto-Jewish. There mission is to spread for The UK an extreme form of Islam which is wholly irrelevant in the twenty-first century, keep Muslims backward, destroy progressive thought in Muslim society---where it was the leader in such matters in the world at one time, progressive movements and progressive persons within the umma.

Whilst the Saudi Royals live the most unholiest of lives, even by moderate Islamic standards----Western prostitutes, call girls, casino's, wild parties, massive palaces, extravagant spending in the face of Muslims suffering around the world

Thus we see the Saudis funding 'Operation Cyclone' and 'Operation greenbelt' dollar for dollar for the creation of Islamic holy warriors in the wake of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Osama and some of his most closest cohorts came from Saudi-----more on him later. The Saudis also funded the Taliban partly. Being leaders of the two most holy places of Islam they seem to be providing minimal leadership to the umma where it matters, when Arabs are victims of genocide left, right, and center around them----Iraq, Palestine and Somalia.
Finally the Saudis were installed through the good grace of the British; Rothschild Britain.

Meanwhile back at the Crawford ranch, two Cryto-Jews having a love-in?

House of Saud descended from Iraqi Jews

The 51st state of America

Points to note:

  • Saudi Arabia can do no wrong in the eyes of the West, and is rarely criticized, despite the gross Human Rights violations within the Kingdom---why this special treatment?
  • 15 of the 'alleged' hijackers of 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia, which would raise some serious issues which the AIPAC would normally be shouting and making a fuss about. But hasn't; its business as usual. Erie silence as far as Saudi culpability in that matter is concerned.
  • Saudi Arabia is the primary funding nation of Western backed Islamic/intelligence/black ops by the West in the Greater Middle-East. Think about that. The redirection

Another is Turkey, a close ally of Israel, which facilitates a significant Israeli security presence on Turkish soil, and often acts as a proxy in security matters. By the early part of the twentieth century 500,000 Jews were living in the non-Arabic part of the Ottoman empire, and were dominant in the financial sector, and many aspects of trade. Their position was by 1914 what the American Jews position is now in the USA and in Germany in 1930. The Young Turk movement was run entirely by Jews and crypto-Jews------funded and backed by....................... you guessed the Rothschilds. According to the rumors the founders of the modern republic of Turkey were cyrpto-Jews.

Emmanuele Carosso
Jewish lawyer who funded and organized the "Young Turks" for the Rothschilds of Lon

In that sense the operations of the Turkish armed forces in Northern Iraq is a hoaks. Whilst the Turks attack the remnants of the PKK in Northern Iraq, the Israelis openly arm, train and back the Kurds, who then carry out a few ops against the Turkish military in Turkey. There is absolutely no public outcry in Turkey about the fact that the Israelis and the Americans are training the Kurdish militia, and thus defacto elements of the PKK. We must not rule out the fact that some of the alleged PKK ops in Turkey may be the work of the Turkish Deep State.

So what is the Jew game plan for this particular theater? Well I am afraid nothing original but the same game plan that they have always used else where----pitch one ethnic group against another, and in this case get the Turks to send in their conscript army en masse to Northern Iraq, where they come into contact with the American armed forces, followed by misunderstanding, and a fire fight ensues between two NATO allies. The psychological conditioning against America, justified and sometimes not justified has already been worked out in Turkey, with Turkish movies such as the Valley of the Wolves, and sensational novels concerning dirty American deeds, in and around Turkey which have become best sellers since.

According to Abe Foxman, head of the American ADL, Turkey is the second most important country after the USA for Israeli strategic requirements! Turks have even informed me that their President Abdullah Gul is a Crypt-Jew, but one cannot decipher whether is just a passing comment against the AKP, or a well informed one. One can see the horror ordinary Turks feel for the plight of fellow Muslims in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Palestine, but the elite seem to be oblivious to this general sentiment. Not unlike the USA or UK to a lessor degree.

The Jewish media and crypto-Jewish controlled media have energetically vilified Arabs in Turkey, as to be loathed and despised, even though the vast majority of Arabs in the Levant and Mesopotamia were loyal, and fought side by side as part of the Ottoman empire. The so called 'Arab rebellion' started in 1916 by the British (who covertly funded the Jewish Young Turks as well in 1908) was in reality a Bedouin affair living on the periphery of the Ottoman empire, and not by the majority of Arabs within the Ottoman empire.

I have done this to explain what a Jew/crypto-Jew controlled media can do even in a modern Muslim society-----in many respects, as well as the sympathy displayed for the Arab suffering by Turks, the animosity against Arabs is also very strong, not too far under neath the surface. This is what happens in a society where the Jew/crypto-Jew control the security apparatus, media, business of any given country, even a Muslim one.

Israeli approved.

The Turkish 'Deep state' consisting of the armed forces, intelligence, police, The Grey Wolves party, and of course the MAFIA are Jewish controlled, and this explains the close relations with Israel clearly where a good deal of the Israeli airforce is based there, and Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel. Also noted is the execution on weak charges by the military after an illegal coup, of the PM of Turkey, Adnan Menderes (1950-60), his foreign minister and the minister of finance, to please the Jews of Turkey, against the damage done to Jewish businesses in Turkey during the 1955 riots, by ordinary Turks who were frustrated by seeing the wealth of the nation concentrated in the hands of Jews and other ethnic minorities, after 32 years of the creation of a modern republic.

So what is the game plan of the Jew in Turkey? It is seems periodic coups to reinstate their power after they destabilize it initially, using the 'Deep State'------classic textbook military coup---you CREATE the problems and then provide the solution, as the national flag waving saviour. Since 1980 there hasn't been a coup of course, but the military are still very influential, in a Third World kind of a way.

Turks are clearly a very capable, hard working people as first hand observation's has confirmed, who deserve better than their present position of being a Third World state that survives on IMF bailouts and handouts. The periodic financial collapses is a typical Jewish scheme of control and manipulation of markets which consequently lead to greater control of the wider society by the Jews, way beyond their official stated numbers, and not including the Donmeh.

Until Turks get a grip on this Deep State problem, without being coy or shy about it, the country unfortunately will continue to go through the typical cycles of the last 8 decades of a few years of boom followed by catastrophic financial collapses---------the time to be clued up is now. There are no other logical explanations.

*Also we can read this in conjunction with the issue of Sibel Edmonds the FBI translator, and her revelations about the relationship of the Turkish Jewish Deep State and the American neo-con Jewish Deep State, and their criminal activities together.


Persia---yes yes Persia---of course Persia. Persians and Jews in their illustrious history have always worked together, one as the master and the other as the subject race. All empires up to the British understand the value of using small tightly knit insecure communities within their empire as a useful tools, fifth column, against the majority-----certainly the Persians did, as did much later the British. Rothschild Britain installed Colonel Reza Khan into power in Persia in 1921, as their point man. The rumor states that he was a Crypto-Jew.

The Jewish Shah

His Jewish son naturally develop close relations with Israel, providing them with cheap subsidized oil, a relationship which is still maintained to this day via European sources. The Shah used Israeli middlemen to buy arms from the USA, a relationship that continued with the mullahs and Iran-Contra into the eighties. The Shah besides Turkey was the only other Muslim country to recognize Israel diplomatically. Finally the Shah allowed Israel to establish and train his most sensitive and trusted state apparatus--SAVAK, which used indescribable modes to suppress decent by ordinary Persians. By 1979 there were still 100,000 Jews officially living in Iran, the largest Jewish community in the Middle East, outside of Israel; they had it good clearly for them not to want to run to Israel.

This writer will say the Crypto-jews are still operating in Iran significantly now under the mullahs, within the leadership. In fact the mullah regime of Iran is very Jewish. The 'Islamic revolution' has a Jewish funded Bolshevik feel to it, as argued before. "In terms of Iran, the shades of the Russian revolution resemble what happened in Iran in 1978-1979; The destruction of the middle class; The destruction of the old elite; Capital flight to Jewish bankers in London; The constant false propaganda fed to the masses by the mullahs without fail in Iran to distract them from the real issues, so you have.............Uranium enrichment is our right......Salman Rushdie........the plight of the Palestinians.........Holocaust inquiry............now 9/11.....with any luck UFO's next............strange Islamic laws that do not make sense, and to make matters worse, they are arbitrarily applied without any legal consistency.........beyond the sanctimonious talk massive criminality by the ruling elite...................so on, so on, so on and so on. The terror against the good Iranian people by the mullahs, the like of which Iran has not experienced since the Mongols invasion 800 years ago."

But you may ask why get rid of one set of Crypto's which is beneficial to Israel, and install another set which apparently seems far more hostile to Israel. For that ask the Rothschilds-----put them under surveillance and remote viewing, along with their lieutenants subordinates in Europe and America-------IT WOULD SAVE THE WORLD A LOT OF UNWANTED BOTHER, and you would/could pick up intriguing real intelligence. I for my part cannot begin to comprehend their thinking, and I will not make the mistake of thinking like them, when I really don't know them that well, except that they have funded quite a few revolutions around the world, which has caused many people to die.

We of course see that they funded Hitler especially in the early years, which inadvertently caused many of their fellow Jews to perish. The Rothschild's funded the Bolshevik Revolution from 1917, which claimed the lives of many Jews also, though the vast majority were gentiles. We see in their grand schemes that they have no shame or remorse in losing a few of their kind along the way----thus in that historical sense, in whatever scheme they have now cooked up, the Shah was no longer needed, and his generous services to Israel. They did not invite him to Israel after his fall, or America for long, or of course the UK. The countries that most benefited from him.

The Jew, Saeed Imami former deputy head of VEVAK, Iranian intelligence until 1999.

Why on earth would the Islamic Republic allow a Jew into such a sensitive post, juxtaposed with the negative rhetoric against Israel? Haling from a insignificant minority which did not play a significant part in the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Why the need to have a Jew in such a position? Is it perhaps because the Jews did play, and do play a significant part in controlling and running the Islamic Revolution/regime in Iran from behind the scenes?

Let us apply the Jew financed Bolshevik model in the former Soviet Union as an example and as a comparison with what happened in Iran from 1979 again as before, it can be very instructive and I assume Jews have these ready made models which they work to subvert societies. We know that the minority Jews of Russia were less than 2 % of the population, and yet they took control of the entire country after Jewish money destabilized it, and killed 40-60 million gentiles.

We know that in Russia the Jews took control of the security apparatus
---------the key to state power and control. This after all is what they are attempting to do in the USA. In that sense if the Islamic Revolution and regime is a Jewish funded operation from London by the Rothschild's then taking the Bolshevik Revolutionary model as a an example, the presence of a Jew from an insignificant minority in Iran isn't a surprise in the over all scheme of things, and the historical Jewish subversion of other societies.

One can only speculate that there must be other high level Iranian officials also of the Jewish persuasion serving and running Iran, in the intelligence, armed forces, and civilian bureaucracy.

As with the Bolshevik revolution, where intellectuals and the middle class were specifically targeted for destruction, so we find that the Jew deputy head of Iranian intelligence carried out attacks and killings of Iranian intellectuals. 5 million mainly middle class Iranians have left the country---unprecedented in Persian history, and those that remain face severe harassment to the point that many more wish to leave. Jews prefer to rule over clueless sheep, whom they can manipulate and control using cheap empty slogans and 'jam and butter' tomorrow empty slogans. They don't like the middle class of any country, specifically countries they wish to subvert. The Jew Imami was deputy head of VEVAK until 1999. Whilst allegedly Iran was opposed to the existence of Israel, which they refer to as 'The Zionist entity'.

It is stated he was merely a front for a vast organization of Jews in Iran.

Iran 1979

Mossad Chief Eliezer Tsafrir, accompanied by Israeli military attaché Yitzhak Segev, standing in Azadi Square, cheered the return of Ruhollah Khomeini to Iran, chanting "Allahu Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar". Source Dr. Trita Parsi's "Teacherous Alliances: The Secret Dealings of Iran, Israel and the USA"

Mossad/Zionists and joint Iranian intelligence cooperations.

We know that the Israelis trained SAVAK from 1957, and they worked together very closely in relation with operations against the PLO, and most significantly operations against Ba'athist Iraq in the 1960's and 1970's, funneling arms and material to the Kurds.

Did this close relationship continue after the Islamic Revolution of 1979? On the surface not, but in reality yes. Of the official full-time SAVAK staff of 15,000 in 1979, about 60 senior key officers were executed for their loyalty to the Shah, whilst the rest continued at their posts. All that changed after the Islamic Revolution, and nothing much more at a superficial level was the name of the organization, SAVEMA.

Considerable evidence suggests that this relationship continued extensively into the 1980's. As a result of the arms embargo the Iranian armed forces consisting of arms from American/British supplied equipment were now supplied with badly needed spares with the help of Israeli intelligence. Iranian oil continued to be shipped to Israel through Turkey and European fronts. The Israelis together with their European counterpart intelligence organizations provided valuable intelligence on the activities of Iranian dissidents in Europe to the Islamic regime. If we observe the level of Iranian dissidents killed by the IRI in Europe alone.

The American invasion of Iraq is a classic culmination of this long standing close collaboration between Israeli and Iranian intelligence since 1957.


So good people what have we learnt here? Deception comes easily to the Jew? Maybe.

I have brought up the subject so that I can direct you gently to the next and main issue. Who exactly is running al-Qaeda? Whose tool is it? What is its long term agenda?

I through my humble perceptions and insight over the topic for over a decade can quite categorically tell you that al-Qaeda is an Israeli and Western intelligence front/tool to further Israeli and Western (Jewish) geo-strategic objectives through military force in Muslim countries and for 'mobilizing' their domestic peoples. It is a deception. It is a grand deception with seriously dangerous consequences.

Fake al-Qaeda
The Israeli run al-Qaeda front
Israeli operatives in al-Qaeda


Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

BBC’s killer documentary called “The Power of Nightmares“. Top CIA officials openly admit, Al-qaeda is a total and complete fabrication, never having existed at any time. The Bush administration needed a reason that complied with the Laws so they could go after “the bad guy of their choice” namely laws that had been set in place to protect us from mobs and “criminal organizations” such as the Mafia. They paid Jamal al Fadl, hundreds of thousands of dollars to back the U.S. Government’s story of Al-qaeda, a “group” or criminal organization they could “legally” go after.

Well thats one explanation for the creation of 'al-Qaeda' at least....


So now we have the strange specticle of the al-Qaeda number two accusing the Iranians of disinformation, when Ahmedinejad stated that he doubted the American version of events on 9/11 as not wholly kosher, and hinted that it might be an inside job. Of course he wouldn't be the first global statesman to have said it, and he certainly won't be the last, especially from now on as Bush's term comes to a close. But we have the peculiarity of the al-Qaeda number 2 accusing the Iranians of spreading disinformation, and inadvertently defending Israel! No No No it was us, not Israel, as many suspect, please believe us not Iran. Well I have seen it all. 'They' (puppet masters/handlers) must be getting really desperate for this to come to pass.

Ayman claims al-Qaeda after all did 9/11, and takes full credit, even though Osama when he was still alive in late 2001 stated categorically he did not do it.

Osama's last real interview before being executed by the Pakistanis on orders from the UK, December 2001

Does the number two wish to refute the number one, who is deceased, eliminated by the ISI so as not to be around for too long giving his version of events, and refuting the official Jew version about 9/11. A crypto-Jew who didn't imagine that it would lead to this in his name.

The FBI to date has no proof that al-Qaeda did it, and have said as much, seven years later, but 'fake' al-Qaeda with its number two insists they did---talk about bringing dead sheep alive.

The Jew puppet Ayman al-Zarkawi should check his facts before he contradicts his own leader publicly.

And now you have guessed, there are rumors that Osama bin laden was another Crpto-Jew, descended from Yemeni Jews on his mother's side. Keep an open mind people. Yemen from where the Bin Ladens hale from once had a thriving Jewish community (Yigel Emir the killer of Yitzak Rabin was an Yemeni Jew) Ordinary people like us don't have the benefit of peeking into their hidden networks. His father got rich collaborating with Jewish businesses in America, getting contracts in Saudi Arabia where networks and connections count for everything especially if you are a foreigner from Yemen, and you build a construction empire from nothing.

Thus as the son of a rich Yemeni/Saudi crypto-Jew young Osama would have been introduced to the "network" that way, and effectively became their agent from 1978, if not earlier, and the rest as they say is history. He was the Israelis point man for recruiting the young misguided Muslim idiots, about 15,000, through the Americans first of course, and London which he visited many times. The core of that became al-Qaeda it is alleged by the West, but.............

So the al-Qaeda activity in Yemen makes sense in that context and the Israeli co-ordinated attack on the
USS Cole from there, and the subsequent dismissal of John O'Neal, a promising FBI senior operative.

In addition Michael Moore's fundamentally flawed (no mention of Israel), Jew financed work Fahrenheit 9/11 makes sense in a crypto-Jew networking kind of a way, between the association of the huge alleged crypto-Jew Bin Laden clan, and the alleged crypto-Jew Bush family, in crypto-Jew controlled Saudi Arabia. Think of all the 'Islamic fundamentalist' finance and activity coming out of that so called 'western ally', and yet nothing fundamental done about it since. Yet irrelevant disconnected nations to the 'al-Qaeda' problem are targeted such as Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Osama's moma is a YEMENI Jewess

Fake al-Qaeda decides to defend Israel after all

More on fake al-Qaeda

Osama's mom lives in Israel


So what is the overall purpose of writing this piece of blog?

The 60th birthday of Israel has just been celebrated, and not too often Israel over the years has been portrayed as the little helpless country which is perennially on the brink of being driven into the sea by hostile hoards of Muslims waving their scimitars at the gates of Jerusalem.

As has been shown above nothing could be further from the truth. Three of the most important Muslim countries, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran has been run by Crypto-Jews which have covertly cooperated with Israel where and when it mattered. The actions of these countries viz Israel over the last 60 years speaks for itself, beyond one or two simple rhetorical utterances.

There is rhetoric and political rhetoric, uttered once in one fleeting moment for domestic consumption, and perhaps even misinterpreted, but it is the actions on the ground which we judge a nation by, and in this sense Israel faces no threats to its existence from ANY Muslim country. The only threat it faces is its own self destructive paranoia, and the desire to wage permanent war. In doing so it will not only destroy itself, but it seems it will also bring the USA down with it.

Israel possesses 400 nuclear warheads, which is illegal viz the NPT. It is an open secret. This covert nuclear program was built up with help from the UK and Norway, and unauthorized help from the USA. It is stated that President Kennedy upon the discovery of such a program attempted to block it, and this was the cause of his death with the help of crypto-Jew elements in Texas, and the Jewish Mafia headed by Meyer Lansky. No other power in the Middle East possesses nuclear bombs, however if Israel specifically attacks Iran's peaceful nuclear assets, that will automatically trigger other Muslim nations to go nuclear.

Israel is the fourth most powerful country in the world conventionally speaking, after the USA, China and Russia. It is unrivaled in its power in its neighborhood. It can mobilize 1.1 million men and women in a very short time.

Israel is backed for now, by the sole superpower on earth, the USA. The USA provides it with the latest military toys virtually free. In short Israel has access to an unlimited supply from the biggest military arsenal in the world. Further, agreements between Israel and the USA means that any attack on Israel by a third Party will be deemed an attack on the USA.

Only a seriously inbred schizo would argue that Israel is genuinely under threat, because such people have problems with proportionality and judgment.

But, but, but if the agenda is something else, the dream of creating an Eretz Israel, as repeated by Crypto-Jew Bush subliminally in his speech, then we are in an entirely new ball game, and we are indeed in for the long haul, because there are an awful lot of countries to destroy and dismember in order for this dream to be realized----Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Saudi, Iraq, Egypt and if I am not mistaken parts of Turkey. Iran doesn't even come into the picture.

"We should prepare to go over to the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak link is Lebanon, for the Moslem regime is artificial and easy for us to undermine. We shall establish a Christian state there, and then we will smash the Arab Legion, eliminate Trans-Jordan; Syria will fall to us. We then bomb and move on and take Port Said, Alexandria and Sinai."

(David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar,
Delacorte, New York 1978)

Good luck! You of course should try at empire.


Boy George and the cult of imbecility.

I thought I would post this for pure entertainment value. Obviously as his term comes to an end---only a few months away, more articles like the one below will appear as people lose their inhibitions, and the need arises to put it all into perspective, looking back at his two very long terms.

Couple of very brief things need to be said before we go on to the main article by Texe Marrs. Here you have somebody who is a two term President who:

1) Failed as a businessman, with every business venture he managed coming to a disastrous end--------You know things like that should have given some people in the GOP who cared about the party some early analytical clues.

2) Alleged homosexual, which from my perspective is nothing wrong in itself, each to their own I say, but from a security perspective------you can be blackmailed -http://judicial-inc.biz/Gannon.htm- Jeff Gannon and all that although a funny side of it if it exists, of an American President in such situations such as this, which is an open secret. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3e9paM_hYo "Midnight Cowboy" with John Voigt --great allegorical movie.

3) An alcoholic who went to rehab, at 40, then found Jesus so he says, then he discovered alcohol again under the 'stress' of office.

4) According to this article below---he is a crypto-Jew of the satanic cult variety, haling from a family of crypto-Jews of several generations, with linkages to the Rothschilds of London---i.e their puppet. Motto "Destroy ye world, and pour the resources of the world into London banks"-------variation of the Southern confederate front backed by the Rothschilds of London.

5) Strikes me as a profoundly insecure talentless, schmuck, who needs to prove to himself, and to the rest of the world, what he isn't, and can't be. A schmuck loser who lives in the shadow of his father. A schmuck loser who needs to collect others like him, around him in political power, to make him look and feel better--no mean task there.

6) Here is a gentleman who did his best to avoid national service when the call came when he came of age, and yet now as President he does not miss an opportunity to visit young nubile military conscripts in their bases, and lecture them on the glory and valor of fighting and dying for ones nation---the irony is rich, or is it simple hypocracy.

7) Of course we could say that he is merely a front for 'other' forces----but I think its a bit disingenuous to say that he is not in charge. He certainly sets the general tone, and being around for eight years he should have a clue what is really going on beyond his personal bubble.

What could be possibly worse?

And as if the GOP has not learnt its lesson, the party establishment is going for an even worse candidate after Bush junior; Wacko nutjob 'Bring on a hundred years war----yeeehaaa' McCain. Whose got the Song Bird files? Those Song Bird files really need to be disseminated to the American public well before the September Republican convention.

Yet the GOP have an obvious choice, provided by divine providence, with many years of exemplifying work and experience------RON PAUL-----a sure bet---a good Christian; a man of sound character; a man of good judgment, without any gaping flaws, as a pose to the above clown George junior.




By Texe Marrs.

"A man is considered an anti-Semite if he calls a Jew a Jew."

"Then...when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you." —John 20:19


You can read the full article here http://www.texemarrs.com/022006/george_w_bush_zionist_double_agent.htm

It was in 1990 that I first met the remarkable and brilliant Boris Lunachev. Aged, bent over slightly by repeated attacks of osteoporosis, Lunachev had asked to see me privately. He had, I understood, once been a most distinguished professor of Marxist doctrine at the prestigious Lenin Institute. He was a rising star on the Soviet political and educational scene. But in the late 70s, Lunachev was abruptly and unceremoniously ousted from his post and exiled to the West.

Shaking the wisened old man's hand and seeking to inject a friendly tone into our conversation, I smiled and said, "So, you are a Russian, Dr. Lunachev?"

"Yes, I am a Russian," he answered.

"But please, my dear friend," he continued. "Always remember, there are Russians and then there are Russians. And some who are Russian are not Russian."

Confusing language, I thought, if intriguing. I made a mental note to later inquire further into the nature of Lunachev's puzzling words. However, I soon discovered that follow up was not at all necessary. The good Professor Lunachev more than answered my curiosity with what he had to say.

A Stellar Career Until...

Lunachev recounted his stellar career, beginning as a leader of the Communist Youth, his earning of high-level doctorate degrees, and his academic career, during which he was lauded and commended on a regular basis. Apparently, Lunachev was poised for further advancement; he was even being considered for a top political position in the Kremlin as a Marxist theoretician and was well rewarded economically by the elite intelligencia. Until...until he said something very, very vital—and very, very sensitive—to the wrong person.

It seems that a high-ranking Commissar had come from Moscow to the Institute to interview Lunachev for the Kremlin post.

The Commissar, who was very pleased with Lunachev's deportment and his responses to standard questions, finally stated: "Professor Lunachev, is there any area of research or study that you have conducted that is unique or unusual?"

"Yes," Lunachev replied. "I have recently been studying the field of race and biology. I have discovered that the great Karl Marx was a Jew and so was Comrade Lenin." "Comrade Stalin was an avid reader of the Jewish Talmud, and Comrade Khruschev's real surname was Perlmutter. He, too, was a Jew."

"I believe these facts of racial history need to be reported to the Soviet people and to the world," said Lunachev, "so everyone will recognize that the government of the USSR is not, as some have alleged, anti-Semitic."

"Thank you for your time." retorted the now sober-faced and ashen Commissar. "You are dismissed."

His Unpardonable Crime

That very evening, Boris Lunachev was accosted on his way home by Soviet secret police. He was taken promptly to a waiting aircraft and flown to Rome, Italy, where he was told by Soviet Embassy officials he would forever be persona non grata (unwelcome) in his native Russia. He had become an outcast.

What was Lunachev's horrible crime, his unacceptable transgression against his Communist overseers?

"My unpardonable crime," Lunachev said to me, "was to call a Jew a Jew."

Professor Lunachev, however, considered himself fortunate, indeed. "In 1917 in Soviet Russia," he explained, "one of the first laws passed by Lenin and the Bolsheviks was a law making anti-Semitism a crime punishable by death. In Rome, the KGB bluntly told me that to call a Jew a Jew, and especially to make public the name of a crypto-Jew, one who was hiding under an assumed Russian name, was clearly an act of anti-Semitism."

And so it was that Lunachev, by no means an anti-Semite in the real meaning of the term, a man who simply wanted to give Communism's founders and pioneers their due by recognizing their racial ancestry, became a feared and marked outlaw, a dangerous subversive to be banished and persecuted.

Understanding Lunachev's Predicament

I vaguely understand Lunachev's predicament. I was the first to publish the true facts regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton's Jewish ancestry. I also exposed "Irish" Senator John Kerry's true race—yep, he's a crypto-Jew. And for good measure, I threw in revelations that former Secretary of State, Comrade Madeleine Albright, and General Wesley Clark are also Jews. Reluctantly and angrily, Hillary, Kerry, Clark and Albright subsequently came out of the closet and owned up to their Jewish heritage, though they have all refused to explain why they had hidden it all these many years.

What a buzzsaw and furor I had ignited! The hounds out of Jerusalem's darkest cemeteries came at me with fangs bared, blood dripping from the corners of their gaping jaws. I discovered, as did Lunachev, that it is forbidden to call a Jew a Jew.

That was when I, too, realized, that I had unwittingly became a vile and evil "anti-Semite," targeted for destruction by the denizens of the emerging Jewish World State.

However, unlike in Soviet Russia, in America the midnight cowboys who reside in the cesspool of Soviet Washington, D.C. have so far been unable to banish Texe Marrs or to oust me from my independent perch as president of Power of Prophecy Ministries. Oh, how they have tried, but I am still here, toiling away, exercising my First Amendment rights, much to their chagrin and annoyance.

And Now, Yet Another Revelation

And now, dear friends, I have decided to reveal to you the name of yet another crypto-Jew. This time, the culprit is a man who is only the latest in a series of dynastic leaders, all of whom were and are Jews and all of whom have carefully and watchfully guarded this Great Secret. I hereby stamp myself—according to the reigning criteria or rules promulgated by the Illuminati elite—as a bonafide anti-Semite merely by once again calling a Jew a Jew. Fact: GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, is a Jew.

Absurd? Preposterous, you say? Well, I have carefully traced the history of the Bush Dynasty, including the Rothschild faction, and without hesitation I declare to you that, yes, indeed, George W. Bush is a Jew: A Jew by race, a Jew by religious choice. Hidden from public view.

What the media dare not tell you is that, as President, George W. Bush appointed as his first official White House spokesman, a Jew—in fact, a Jewish rabbi—Ari Fleischer. He retained a Jewish banker, Alan Greenspan, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He made a Jewish Rabbi, Dov Zackheim, the Comptroller (money man!) of the Pentagon, and he placed a Jewish ideologue and Christian hater, Michael Chertoff, in the scary position of being head of FEMA and Homeland Security. Yes, Chertoff, an ADL fiend whose father is a Jewish rabbi, is now America's Gulag Commandant, our American version of Himmler.

My investigation of the Bush-Jewish connection has been in progress for six years now. One thing I discovered is that George W. Bush is a devoted student of the Jewish Talmud, just as were Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. He is also, I am persuaded, a dedicated agent of Zionist Israel, which makes him double agent and traitor to the United States of America.

Bush has adopted the same techniques of torture, political deceit, perpetual war, and pure hatred of perceived enemies, as has the notorious Israeli spy agency, Mossad. The Mossad's motto is "By Way of Deception Make War." This, not coincidentally, is also George W. Bush's motto. How very Talmudic. How very Satanic.

"Christians Who Are Not Christians"

But, isn't Bush supposed to be a Christian? How, then can he be a religious Jew? Ah, perhaps those who ask this question should read books like Colonel Donn de Grand Pr้'s insightful Barbarians Inside the Gates: Book Three, the Rattler's Revenge. As my friend, the good Colonel de Grand Pr้, notes so wisely in his excellently documented volume, we are confronted today by Leviathan, a two-headed monster, "one head comprised of Jews who are not Jews and the other, Christians who are not Christians."

Which leads me back to Professor Boris Lunachev and our informative and rewarding meeting. As we departed, I again took his hand in mine and I asked him. "Dr. Lunachev, is there anything you'd like to say to me, perhaps to capitalize or to emphasize the importance of what we have discussed?"

"Yes," Lunachev answered, his probing brown eyes peering deep into mine. "I beg you to never forget, there are Americans and then there are Americans. And some who are American are not American."

"We are one nation. We are neither American Jews nor Soviet Jews, but only Jews!" Theodore Herzl


If this is indeed true, then that would make Bush junior the fifth crypto-Jewish President after:

1. F D Roosevelt: just after the Jewish planned collapse of the American economy in 1929. http://judicial-inc.biz/Bush_Mossad11.htm

2. Harry SOLOMAN Truman
3. 'Ike the Kike' Eisenhower:

4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_H._W._Bush''Bush the elder

5. http://www.texemarrs.com/062006/bush_pitiful_tool_puppeteers.htm''>President Bush

OK some personal thoughts:

I don't know if this is more Zionist disinformation, with suggestive pictures. It certainly smells like it.

I always thought that George compared to Bill Clinton, was a better person, if not a better President. That he was merely a hostage to his condition. A guy pushed into a position he really didn't want, by his father. Someone who stated in 2000 about caring Conservatism, and looking after the needy. Of an America that needed to mind its own business for once. A President whose political/administrative options were chosen for him by circumstances beyond his control. A slightly dimwitted clueless guy, out of his depth in one of the most demanding jobs in the world----quite quite clearly.

I certainly hope that the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia were launched because of genuine convictions on his part, and he thought they would be good for America, and the world. That they weren't launched on behalf of a Jewish death cult, with Armageddon as its ultimate goal. That the sacrifice of 10,000 (unofficial----yes people you now have to question everything the government says) servicemen deaths from America; 40,000 wounded, and another 300,000 affected were not for the sake of a Rothschild London based Jewish death cult, with no connections to reality.

I certainly hope he exercises his remaining time in office in a more constructive and humane way---if that is possible for him, and that he does not become a hostage to circumstances yet again because of Israel.


Illicit arms profits and the Sri Lanka conflict.

By Wake Up From Your Slumber.

Yesterday in Sri Lanka a bomb ripped through a packed civilian bus Wednesday, killing 23 people and wounding 67.

I mention this because Mossad has directly sustained this violence since 1983, when ethnic Tamils in the north started fighting for independence from ethnic Sinhalese in the south. The Tamils want an independent state called Tamil Eelam.

Mossad has caused Sri Lanka’s fighting to become some of the bloodiest in human history. Entire villages are routinely wiped out. Massacres happen almost daily. Over 70,000 people have been killed.

The purpose of this post is to give an overview of Mossad's involvement. Also involved are MI6, plus India's equivalent to MI6 (or the Pakistani ISI), known as the "Research and Analysis Wing" (RAW).

In Sri Lanka, Mossad trains, arms, and equips both sides -- through its Cambodian Zim Shipping empire, and through its holdings in South Africa -- and perpetrates false flags whenever there is talk of peace. Mossad’s goal is to maintain the lucrative arms market, plus the local drug trade that helps pay for those arms.

When the Tamils started fighting the Singhalese for independence in 1983, the Singhalese President Junius Jayawardene brought in 50 Mossad officers to train his security forces at a place called Maduru-Oya. This was not scret. It was in all the newspapers.

From that point on, Mossad armed, trained, and equipped both sides. (Since the Tamil forces are smaller than the Sri Lankan army, the zio-media calls the Tamils “terrorists.”)

In 1991 Victor Ostrovsky, author of By Way of Deception, told Indian Abroad news service that Mossad brought many Tamils to Israel for training in 1984 and 1985. "These groups kept coming and going. When I was in Mossad, it was part of our routine job to take them to training camps and make sure they got training worth what they paid for, no more and no less. The Singhalese paid in cash.”

Ostrovsky said the arrangement for training was made by the Mossad liaison in India, who lived there under a British passport.

We know from sources other than Ostrovsky that shortly after the war broke out in Sri Lanka, Mossad approached a group of officers from India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW, which is India’s equivalent to the CIA). In July 1984 this inner RAW circle arranged with Mossad to send Tamils to Israel for commando training. Mossad paid the RAW team for this by setting up accounts for them in the BCCI bank. (More about this below.) The Tamil commandoes that went to Israel became known as the TELO. They are separate from the main Tamil rebels, known as the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).

Meanwhile the Jews simultaneously trained the Tamils’ enemies (the Singhalese) in Israel, but did not tell the main Tamil army, or the main Indian government, or anyone else. In Israel they kept both Goy groups apart. The Jewish purpose for this, as always, was to fan the war to a fever pitch, and make a fortune as the Goyim kill each other.

Each group had 60 members. Training started with a two-week basic commando course at an Israeli base known as Kfar Sirkin near Tel Aviv. This is a fairly large base, but on one occasion the two groups passed within a few yards of each other while they were out jogging.

After the two-week basic course, the Israelis took the Tamils to Atlit, a top-secret naval commando base at Haifa. Meanwhile Singhalese were brought in for basic training back at the Kfar Sirkin base. After the Tamils completed advanced training in Haifa, they were moved out, and the Singhalese were brought in to learn how to deal with all the techniques the Israelis had just taught the Tamils.

The Jews had to dream up punishments and night training exercises to keep both groups busy, so they wouldn't run into each other in Israel. Sometimes the situation was hectic, but the Jews were tickled to deceive the filthy Goyim while preparing them to kill each other.

The Jews made a tidy sum training the Singhalese. Ostrovsky writes in his book By Way Of Deception that, “Israel charged each of the 60 Singhalese $300 per day, for a total of $18,000 per day. For a three-month course, Israel charged them $1.6 million. In addition, Israel charged them $5,000 to $6,000 an hour for helicopter rental, with as many as 15 helicopters being used in a typical training exercise. The Israelis also charged for special training ammunition. A bazooka shell, for example, cost about $220 a unit, while heavy mortars were about $1000 each."

Apparently the Jews did not charge the Tamils, which had little money at that point. Instead, the Jews regarded the Tamil training as an investment toward the Jewish goal of getting a major war going in Sri Lanka. Then the Jews could make a financial killing off the physical killing. As noted above, the Tamil commandos formed an elite splinter group known as the TELO, which was separate from the LTTE. The TELO was tied in with the inner circle of India's RAW (the intelligence agency) -- unknown to the overall Indian government.

At one point the Jews worried because 27 Indian commandos also came to Israel for training, and the Jews could not let the Indians see the Tamils or the Singhalese. Therefore the Sayret Matcal took over the training regime for the Tamils and the Singhalese. The Sayret Matcal is a commando-recon group that executed the false-flag raid in Entebbe Uganda (1976).

So the Jews trained Tamils, Singhalese, and Indian commandoes, preparing them all to kill each other. (Jews love to pit armies against each other like chess pieces, because it makes Jews feel like gods. It’s part of the satanic impulse shared by most Jews.)

Meanwhile back in Sri Lanka itself, the Jews did everything possible to escalate the massacres on all sides into a full-scale war.

In 1985, Rafi Eytan, head of the Israeli intelligence agency LEKEM, was caught running spy Jonathan Pollard against the USA. Afterward, Rafi Eytan was sent to Sri Lanka to take over Mossad operations there. His cover was that he was an employee of Israeli Chemical Industries, which has operations in Sri Lanka.

By 1987, Jewish evil became so extreme that India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi convinced Sri Lankan President Junius Jayawardene to sign the Indo-Sri Lankan peace accord, which gave autonomy to the Tamil areas in the north and east of the island. An amnesty was declared, and 3,000 Indian troops were sent as peacekeepers.

Then Indian troops started to confiscate Mossad arms. In 1987, the Hindustan Times reported that in the Sri Lankan city of Jaffna, the troops seized large quantities of arms with Israeli markings, meant for the Tamils.

The Jews panicked, since peace would put an end to their death market. The inner circle of the Indian RAW also became worried, since they were on the Mossad payroll. What would become of their paychecks? Worse, when Rajiv Gandhi drafted the peace accord, he demanded that all Israelis leave Sri Lanka, since everyone knew that Jews maintained the violence there.

Therefore the Jews (and perhaps the inner RAW circle) started plotting to liquidate Rajiv Gandhi. The Jews also increased their arms to both the Tamils and their enemies (the Singhalese) against Ghandi’s 3,000 Indian troops.

In 1989 Ranasinghe Premadasa became President of Sri Lanka. Because he was a dictator, a separate resistance movement rose up against him among the Singhalese in the south. This was the JVP (People's Liberation Front). They were not Tamils; they were Singhalese Buddhists.

Therefore Premadasa allowed Mossad to arm the enemy (the Tamils) in hopes that the Tamils would wipe out the JVP Buddhists, and also cause the Indian troops to leave Sri Lanka. Meanwhile the Jews committed a series of false flag murders, causing all sides to escalate into worse and worse atrocities.

India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi responded by sending 97,000 additional troops.

By the following year (1990) Jewish false flags massacres had reduced Sri Lanka to a quagmire for India. Under political pressure at home, Rajiv Gandhi withdrew the army, but used the Indian navy to completely shut down the Jewish arms trade in Sri Lanka. In November 1991, the Indian Navy seized an Israeli ship carrying large amounts of arms and ammunition from Singapore to the Tamils.

That was it. The Jews could tolerate no more interference from Gandhi.

For shutting down the Israeli arms trade, Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991, along with 15 others in a blast. (On 8 Aug 1984, Gandhi’s mother, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, condemned Sri Lankan President J.R.Jayewardene for bringing Mossad into Sri Lanka. Two months later, Sikh separatists gunned down Indira Gandhi, probably using intelligence furnished by Mossad.)

Five weeks before Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, Yasser Arafat in Palestine warned him that a hit was planned. The bomb that killed Rajiv Gandhi was composed of RDX explosives thought to have been manufactured in Israel. The conspirators’ trial was held in total secrecy, and court records have never been released. No one knows what happened to the “suicide bomber,” or who was behind the assassination.

Subramanian Swamy was a newspaper columnist on the Israeli payroll. After the assassination, he wrote numerous editorials saying the LTTE did it, which was a deception, since the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) are the regular Tamil Tigers. The Tamils trained in Israel were part of a splinter group known as the TELO, as noted above. The TELO was connected with the secret inner circle at RAW that was on the Mossad payroll. (RAW = "Rearch Analysis Wing," or Indian intelligence.)

I suspect there was no suicide bomber, and that Mossad set off a bomb, or equipped the TELO, or perhaps the inner RAW circle to set off a bomb for Israel. Certainly Mossad was involved.

And of course the slaughter continued in Sri Lanka, while the Jews continued to make millions in arms sales.

Incidentally, Lalith Athulathmudali was the Deputy Defence Minister and National Security Minister for Sri Lanka under President J.R. Jayewardene. He led military attacks against the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). In 1988 he tried to become president of Sri Lanka, but lost to Premadasa. Therefore Athulathmudali started plotting against Premadasa. He complained loudly that Premadasa had allowed Mossad to arm, train, and equip the Tamil Tigers against Sri Lanka. (He was not referring to the Tamil commandos trained in Israel. He meant Mossad’s equipping of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.) Athulathmudali had been on the Mossad payroll, but now turned against the Jews for his own political advantage. Therefore he too was assassinated.

Indian court Justice Milap Chand Jain came across evidence that a suspect known as Chandraswami had links with Mossad and with RAW (Indian intelligence). Mr. Jain linked Chandraswami to Mossad through the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

BCCI was a major international money-laundering bank founded by Agha Hasan Abedi of Pakistan in 1972. Abedi moved his headquarters to London, and registered the company in Luxembourg (which vies with Switzerland as Europe’s biggest money-laundering center for world gangsters, especially Jewish gangsters.) BCCI operated in 78 countries, had over 400 branches, and claimed assets of US$ 25 billion. MI5 confirmed that the Israelis funded their Abu Nidal terrorist through the Sloane Street branch of BCCI, near Harrods in London. The Israelis also used BCCI to fund “Black September” and many other Israeli false flag operations.

On 21 September 1977 Bert Lance (director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget) resigned in disgrace from the Carter Administration, and went to work for BCCI. Lance got many U.S. officials to launder their money through BCCI, including U.S. Defense Secretary Clark Clifford, and his Jewish partner Robert A. Altman.

Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s ISI, England’s MI6, and America’s CIA also used BCCI, as did rich people all over the world. For example, Garrards and Mappin & Webb, the jewelers responsible for maintaining the crown jewels, and makers of the trophy for the America's Cup, all laundered their money through BCCI. So did billionaire Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. None of these gangsters, rich people, and intelligence agencies could afford exposure. Therefore Bert Lance and his cronies were acquitted of all charges.

(In 1974 Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky was acquitted of all IRS charges for the exact same reason. The days of getting someone like Al Capone for tax charges are long gone, since gangsters, governments, rich people, drug lords, and intelligence agencies all use the same money-laundering banks. Typically money is given to casinos, since casinos can make up any story they like regarding their money sources. Then the casinos deposit the money in various banks.)

Finally BCCI became such a mess that gangsters from the next level up (Bank of England) closed it down in July 1991. About a million criminals and rich people were affected. Some withdrew their money in time. Some didn’t.


I repeat: because of Jewish involvement, the violence in Sri Lanka is truly extreme. Statistically Sri Lanka has far more suicide bombers than any place in the world – and I mean REAL suicide bombers (many of them women and children).

By “real suicide bombers” I mean to distinguish them from bombs in Iraq, which are usually remote-detonated false-flag bombs set off by Mossad or by US / British operatives. The zio media calls every Iraq bombing a “suicide bombing” in order to sustain the false myth of mad Muslim “jihadists.” The media also ignores true suicide bombings by Hindus in Sri Lanka, since only Muslims can be suicide bombers.

(By the way, have you ever noticed that Islamic fundamentalists from North Africa and Iran don’t commit suicide attacks?)

Suicide bombing happens in extreme circumstances when an oppressed person chooses death over humiliation. In Sri Lanka, for example, cadres swallow cyanide capsules if captured.

In his May 2005 book Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism, University of Chicago political scientist Robert Pape analyzed 315 suicide bombings (real suicide bombings) from 1980 to 2005. Pape concluded that…

1. Religion (Islamic or otherwise) has little to do with suicide bombing. The motivations are nationalist, not fundamentalist. Every suicide campaign is meant to compel a force to withdraw from territory that bombers view as their homeland.

2. The world’s leading practitioners of suicide bombing are the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

3. Suicide bombers are not poverty-stricken loners. The data shows that most are highly respected members of the middle class in their countries. Ninety-five percent of suicide attacks occur as part of coherent campaigns organized by large organizations with significant public support.

4. Contrary to claims by the government and the zio-media, nations (including the USA) routinely make concessions to suicide bombings. Pape examined 18 campaigns, and noted that in 13 cases, the occupying forces were compelled to leave, while the forces in the other five cases are in trouble. Conclusion: suicide bombings work.

The very first Tamil Tiger suicide attack was on July 5, 1987. He was equipped by Mossad. Thus, just as Menchim Begin invented the car bomb, Israelis invented suicide bombers.

Palestinians took note of its effectiveness, and started using suicide bombers shortly thereafter.


Again, whenever there is talk of peace in Sri Lanka, Mossad commits a false flag operation to trigger the violence again, thus sustaining the arms trade. For example, in 2005, Sri Lankan foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, a Tamil Christian, was bringing peace to Sri Lanka. Therefore on 12 August 2005 he was shot dead as he climbed out of the swimming pool at his luxury home. SP Thamilselvan, leader of the Tamil Tigers’ political wing, denied that the Tigers were involved, which was probably true, since the Tamils always claim responsibility when a killing favors them.

ISI drug lords in Pakistan and Israeli gangsters in Turkey (plus Mossad in Southeast Asia) sell heroin to the Tamils, who use the drug proceeds to buy arms from Mossad. In the early 1990s, over 600 cases involving Sri Lankan Tamil traffickers were reported to Interpol.

Mossad is not the only source of arms and training, but it is the largest in Sri Lanka. Most (not all) of the weapons come from Mossad-owned factories in Vietnam and Cambodia, and from Jewish-owned factories in South Africa.

The British also arm and train both sides. Just as the CIA uses its “National Endowment for Democracy” to arm dictators and death squads, MI6 uses use Oxfam (Oxford Famine Relief), which is one of England’s most powerful and secretive intelligence organizations.

John Glover, a British feature writer, wrote to the Western Mail in Wales about the ongoing and future training programs for Tamil youth by British mercenaries.

"A band of British mercenary soldiers recruited in South Wales is training a Tamil army to fight for a separate state in Sri Lanka. About 20 British mercenaries were signed up after a meeting in Cardiff, and have spent the last two months in South India preparing a secret army to fight the majority Singhalese. The British mercenaries are employed by Keenie Meenie Services, a branch of the SAS, which also arms, trains, and equips the Tamils’ enemy, the Singhalese.”
Mossad is deeply involved in Sri Lanka’s government, and keeps it thoroughly corrupt. For example, Ostrovsky writes that Mossad got donations for the Mahaveli River Diversion Project. Then Mossad and President J.R. Jayewardene pocketed all the money.

When Mossad or the CIA commit a false flag attack in a war zone, their choice of location depends on the ambient violence level. If the bloodbath is proceeding well, but needs a little kick, a false flag massacre will be in a hot area. However, if the killing needs a major jump-start, Mossad will strike far behind the lines, in a capitol city, or in a place where the attack causes direct fear in the middle class.

The exception is when a host government – in this case Sri Lanka’s government – asks Mossad to back off. Mossad must comply to some extent, in order to remain in the host country and keep its arms market.

In 2002, Norway brokered a partial peace deal between the Tamils and the Singhalese, causing a slight drop in the violence. After several years, however, Sri Lanka’s president, Mahinda Rajapaksa complained that the cease-fire “wasn’t working.” Mossad coached him in what to say. Rajapaksa announced that the cease-fire allowed Hezbollah – Hamas – al Qaeda the Tamils to build up their military strength.

So, two weeks, ago President Rajapaksa announced that he was planning to withdraw from the agreement. Sri Lanka’s government unanimously agreed. Violence started escalating again, with about 300 people killed in the last two weeks.

Yesterday’s blast, which killed 23 and wounded 67, was in the remote town of Buttala, about 150 miles southeast of Colombo. The 8 a.m. explosion came just hours after Sri Lanka’s government officially pulled out of the cease-fire agreement. The bomb was planted on a roadside in standard Mossad fashion.

And so Mossad is back in business, and the violence will now take a sharp upswing again. The Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission has been dissolved. This was one of the few independent groups with access to both rebel-held territory and the government.

Of course, none of this can be talked about (by the MSM). Since Jews own all the media, no one can mention Jews. Therefore conspiracy theories abound concerning most events in the world, which in turn helps conceal Jewish involvement. Everyone is busy pointing fingers at everyone else. We see this with 9/11, with the London subway bombings on 7-7-05, with the Madrid train bombing in March 2004, and many other events.

No one can get at the truth of anything, since no one in the media can mention Jews. And the masses don’t care, since they avoid mentioning Jews at all costs. :-)