Iraq developments, General Patraeus and the Zionist lobby




So the phony drum beat of war against Iran is being increased, and if the reports out of London are to be believed, Patraeus will tell Congress that the Iranians were involved physically in fighting side by side with Sadr's militia's against regular Iraqi forces.

So let me see if I got this right, and you kids at the back I want to pay special attention, because I am going to read a very special fairy tale:

So the Iranian government sends their forces across the border illegally (according to them) to join a Shi'ite militia, which is on record as being staunchly nationalist and thus not too pro-Iranian (i.e let me spell it out for our American friends---no foreigners in Iraqi soil thank you---no Americans, and definitely no Iranians) to fight against a pro-Iranian Iraqi Shia dominated government!

Now it could be the mullahs in Tehran are banana's, with no logical line of thinking, you know the 'mad mullah's' thing, but I doubt it. They are a pretty cold calculating political bunch of people, who have been in power for 29 years. In fact they are not that ideological as you might think, but rather more interested in staying in power. So why on earth would they want to unsettle things in Iraq right now when everything is peachy, where the USA has wisely yet again delivered for them all they wanted------Saddam gone, hung, and their puppets running the government of Iraq. In fact the rapid reflex covert Iranian attempts to save the apple cart, verified by the press in Washington, points to the opposite and proves that they want to protect the status quo, and not start a shooting match against their own trained and backed puppets, and thus the USA, using proxies who want all foreigners out of Iraq.

So whats up? A couple of things.

American policy in Iraq is an abject failure because of the conflicting interests of the Jews who want one thing, and the interests of America which is given superficial lip service, and the actors involved in the theater reading several different scripts creating the inevitable contradictions. Fallon was part of that as much as Patraeus and the policy makers in Washington.

The absurd accusations against Tehran tells us more about the level of desperation of the Americans then what is the truth of what they state.

When you make big mistakes from the beginning and continue with them for the better part of five years without any adjustment and reflection, then the chances are your next decision will also be an abject failure. Failure builds on failure; lies builds on lies.

Patraeus may be another crypto-Jew battling for Israel, and his career and ambition. Nothing to do with American strategic interests.

Within the Pentagon the WASP military, told Bush the reality, that the American army was a spent force, and the situation was dire; the call for reduction in Iraq would inevitably come from this. But the Jews have other plans of course. Thus false accusations against Iran is the latest silly justification for keeping the present troop levels in Iraq. Its been done before, but the Jewish media haven't taken them to account, and asked hard questions-----i.e IED's from Iran.

What gives the London media out burst against Patraeus? The mullahs are British installed puppets and obviously the UK wants to protect them from an out right invasion, and over throw. Huge amounts of Iranian assets have been transfered from Iran to British financial houses, ----Capital flight-- $100 of billions ; 1) Via the middle class and old elite leaving the country 2) Direct control over the mullahs-----who besides physically owning money in their own accounts, and state capital, don't understand the intricacies of national sovereign finance, but the Jew in London do.

It would save a lot of bother if the British told the Americans outright that the mullahs were their puppet, and verify that the mullahs were not developing nuclear weapons, but that would be tantamount to stating:

1) Our puppets in Iran invaded your embassy and held the 52 hostage for 444 days with our knowledge and pleasure.

2) We knocked you out, and your controlling interests in Iran, and have done so for the better part of 29 years successfully.

3) We have people at the highest level in your political and administrative system who work for us, and our interests.

4) It gives new meaning to the 'special relationship' and you have been suckered.