Fitna--------racial provocation, Jewish style.

The strategy is transparent, from outer space.

Get your dogs in Europe and else where to bait Muslims, and when the Muslims do react inevitably, especially the illiterate ones or their funded agent provocateurs then shout as loudly as possible through your media, 'The Muslim hordes are at the gates'. Demonize the Muslims, as reckless savages who go into rage for inexplicable reasons-----and don't do any background checks or research about the substantive issues why people behave this way, just transmit the images, and some banal side comments as news. Then drive the hell out of the Palestinians, and justify your action against them because these are after all savages, right?

Hence we have had this promotion of Islamic fundamentalism by sections of the West, and Israel. The secular Muslims have to fight back against both, as both are the enemies.





In relation to the article/blog in point and the wider issue of Fitna and Van Wilder.

Obviously Jews are doing a propaganda drive, with the help of elements of the Far Right in Europe (which I always thought was manipulated by the Jews themselves traditionally to scare and keep in line the Jew masses) The Mohammad cartoon episode was initiated by a Mossad agent by the name of Fleming Rose, working for the Danish newspaper which supported the far right, and accepted as OK from the right wing government of Denmark----Fleming Rose is not his real name ------actually an Ukrainian Jew:



The French Arab riots on the surface looks like crazy Arabs going on the rampage, but a closer investigation looks like the right wing French MOSSAD agent, Nicholas SARKOZY as interior minister staged highly provocative action calculated to incite Arabs. Look it up people...............

<="http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/4280">wake up from your slumber

The Dutch saga looks like more MOSSAD activity to give Muslims a bad name to justify Israeli inhuman activity against the Palestinians, in collusion with Right Wing elements in Europe:


It is quite simple people. The strategy is simple, using shaven headed, working class yobs, with low education/IQ to garner support for Israel and its genocidal actions in the Middle East. The question is how much is the general media going to accept this as fact.