Boy George and the cult of imbecility.

I thought I would post this for pure entertainment value. Obviously as his term comes to an end---only a few months away, more articles like the one below will appear as people lose their inhibitions, and the need arises to put it all into perspective, looking back at his two very long terms.

Couple of very brief things need to be said before we go on to the main article by Texe Marrs. Here you have somebody who is a two term President who:

1) Failed as a businessman, with every business venture he managed coming to a disastrous end--------You know things like that should have given some people in the GOP who cared about the party some early analytical clues.

2) Alleged homosexual, which from my perspective is nothing wrong in itself, each to their own I say, but from a security perspective------you can be blackmailed -http://judicial-inc.biz/Gannon.htm- Jeff Gannon and all that although a funny side of it if it exists, of an American President in such situations such as this, which is an open secret. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3e9paM_hYo "Midnight Cowboy" with John Voigt --great allegorical movie.

3) An alcoholic who went to rehab, at 40, then found Jesus so he says, then he discovered alcohol again under the 'stress' of office.

4) According to this article below---he is a crypto-Jew of the satanic cult variety, haling from a family of crypto-Jews of several generations, with linkages to the Rothschilds of London---i.e their puppet. Motto "Destroy ye world, and pour the resources of the world into London banks"-------variation of the Southern confederate front backed by the Rothschilds of London.

5) Strikes me as a profoundly insecure talentless, schmuck, who needs to prove to himself, and to the rest of the world, what he isn't, and can't be. A schmuck loser who lives in the shadow of his father. A schmuck loser who needs to collect others like him, around him in political power, to make him look and feel better--no mean task there.

6) Here is a gentleman who did his best to avoid national service when the call came when he came of age, and yet now as President he does not miss an opportunity to visit young nubile military conscripts in their bases, and lecture them on the glory and valor of fighting and dying for ones nation---the irony is rich, or is it simple hypocracy.

7) Of course we could say that he is merely a front for 'other' forces----but I think its a bit disingenuous to say that he is not in charge. He certainly sets the general tone, and being around for eight years he should have a clue what is really going on beyond his personal bubble.

What could be possibly worse?

And as if the GOP has not learnt its lesson, the party establishment is going for an even worse candidate after Bush junior; Wacko nutjob 'Bring on a hundred years war----yeeehaaa' McCain. Whose got the Song Bird files? Those Song Bird files really need to be disseminated to the American public well before the September Republican convention.

Yet the GOP have an obvious choice, provided by divine providence, with many years of exemplifying work and experience------RON PAUL-----a sure bet---a good Christian; a man of sound character; a man of good judgment, without any gaping flaws, as a pose to the above clown George junior.




By Texe Marrs.

"A man is considered an anti-Semite if he calls a Jew a Jew."

"Then...when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you." —John 20:19


You can read the full article here http://www.texemarrs.com/022006/george_w_bush_zionist_double_agent.htm

It was in 1990 that I first met the remarkable and brilliant Boris Lunachev. Aged, bent over slightly by repeated attacks of osteoporosis, Lunachev had asked to see me privately. He had, I understood, once been a most distinguished professor of Marxist doctrine at the prestigious Lenin Institute. He was a rising star on the Soviet political and educational scene. But in the late 70s, Lunachev was abruptly and unceremoniously ousted from his post and exiled to the West.

Shaking the wisened old man's hand and seeking to inject a friendly tone into our conversation, I smiled and said, "So, you are a Russian, Dr. Lunachev?"

"Yes, I am a Russian," he answered.

"But please, my dear friend," he continued. "Always remember, there are Russians and then there are Russians. And some who are Russian are not Russian."

Confusing language, I thought, if intriguing. I made a mental note to later inquire further into the nature of Lunachev's puzzling words. However, I soon discovered that follow up was not at all necessary. The good Professor Lunachev more than answered my curiosity with what he had to say.

A Stellar Career Until...

Lunachev recounted his stellar career, beginning as a leader of the Communist Youth, his earning of high-level doctorate degrees, and his academic career, during which he was lauded and commended on a regular basis. Apparently, Lunachev was poised for further advancement; he was even being considered for a top political position in the Kremlin as a Marxist theoretician and was well rewarded economically by the elite intelligencia. Until...until he said something very, very vital—and very, very sensitive—to the wrong person.

It seems that a high-ranking Commissar had come from Moscow to the Institute to interview Lunachev for the Kremlin post.

The Commissar, who was very pleased with Lunachev's deportment and his responses to standard questions, finally stated: "Professor Lunachev, is there any area of research or study that you have conducted that is unique or unusual?"

"Yes," Lunachev replied. "I have recently been studying the field of race and biology. I have discovered that the great Karl Marx was a Jew and so was Comrade Lenin." "Comrade Stalin was an avid reader of the Jewish Talmud, and Comrade Khruschev's real surname was Perlmutter. He, too, was a Jew."

"I believe these facts of racial history need to be reported to the Soviet people and to the world," said Lunachev, "so everyone will recognize that the government of the USSR is not, as some have alleged, anti-Semitic."

"Thank you for your time." retorted the now sober-faced and ashen Commissar. "You are dismissed."

His Unpardonable Crime

That very evening, Boris Lunachev was accosted on his way home by Soviet secret police. He was taken promptly to a waiting aircraft and flown to Rome, Italy, where he was told by Soviet Embassy officials he would forever be persona non grata (unwelcome) in his native Russia. He had become an outcast.

What was Lunachev's horrible crime, his unacceptable transgression against his Communist overseers?

"My unpardonable crime," Lunachev said to me, "was to call a Jew a Jew."

Professor Lunachev, however, considered himself fortunate, indeed. "In 1917 in Soviet Russia," he explained, "one of the first laws passed by Lenin and the Bolsheviks was a law making anti-Semitism a crime punishable by death. In Rome, the KGB bluntly told me that to call a Jew a Jew, and especially to make public the name of a crypto-Jew, one who was hiding under an assumed Russian name, was clearly an act of anti-Semitism."

And so it was that Lunachev, by no means an anti-Semite in the real meaning of the term, a man who simply wanted to give Communism's founders and pioneers their due by recognizing their racial ancestry, became a feared and marked outlaw, a dangerous subversive to be banished and persecuted.

Understanding Lunachev's Predicament

I vaguely understand Lunachev's predicament. I was the first to publish the true facts regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton's Jewish ancestry. I also exposed "Irish" Senator John Kerry's true race—yep, he's a crypto-Jew. And for good measure, I threw in revelations that former Secretary of State, Comrade Madeleine Albright, and General Wesley Clark are also Jews. Reluctantly and angrily, Hillary, Kerry, Clark and Albright subsequently came out of the closet and owned up to their Jewish heritage, though they have all refused to explain why they had hidden it all these many years.

What a buzzsaw and furor I had ignited! The hounds out of Jerusalem's darkest cemeteries came at me with fangs bared, blood dripping from the corners of their gaping jaws. I discovered, as did Lunachev, that it is forbidden to call a Jew a Jew.

That was when I, too, realized, that I had unwittingly became a vile and evil "anti-Semite," targeted for destruction by the denizens of the emerging Jewish World State.

However, unlike in Soviet Russia, in America the midnight cowboys who reside in the cesspool of Soviet Washington, D.C. have so far been unable to banish Texe Marrs or to oust me from my independent perch as president of Power of Prophecy Ministries. Oh, how they have tried, but I am still here, toiling away, exercising my First Amendment rights, much to their chagrin and annoyance.

And Now, Yet Another Revelation

And now, dear friends, I have decided to reveal to you the name of yet another crypto-Jew. This time, the culprit is a man who is only the latest in a series of dynastic leaders, all of whom were and are Jews and all of whom have carefully and watchfully guarded this Great Secret. I hereby stamp myself—according to the reigning criteria or rules promulgated by the Illuminati elite—as a bonafide anti-Semite merely by once again calling a Jew a Jew. Fact: GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, is a Jew.

Absurd? Preposterous, you say? Well, I have carefully traced the history of the Bush Dynasty, including the Rothschild faction, and without hesitation I declare to you that, yes, indeed, George W. Bush is a Jew: A Jew by race, a Jew by religious choice. Hidden from public view.

What the media dare not tell you is that, as President, George W. Bush appointed as his first official White House spokesman, a Jew—in fact, a Jewish rabbi—Ari Fleischer. He retained a Jewish banker, Alan Greenspan, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He made a Jewish Rabbi, Dov Zackheim, the Comptroller (money man!) of the Pentagon, and he placed a Jewish ideologue and Christian hater, Michael Chertoff, in the scary position of being head of FEMA and Homeland Security. Yes, Chertoff, an ADL fiend whose father is a Jewish rabbi, is now America's Gulag Commandant, our American version of Himmler.

My investigation of the Bush-Jewish connection has been in progress for six years now. One thing I discovered is that George W. Bush is a devoted student of the Jewish Talmud, just as were Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. He is also, I am persuaded, a dedicated agent of Zionist Israel, which makes him double agent and traitor to the United States of America.

Bush has adopted the same techniques of torture, political deceit, perpetual war, and pure hatred of perceived enemies, as has the notorious Israeli spy agency, Mossad. The Mossad's motto is "By Way of Deception Make War." This, not coincidentally, is also George W. Bush's motto. How very Talmudic. How very Satanic.

"Christians Who Are Not Christians"

But, isn't Bush supposed to be a Christian? How, then can he be a religious Jew? Ah, perhaps those who ask this question should read books like Colonel Donn de Grand Pr้'s insightful Barbarians Inside the Gates: Book Three, the Rattler's Revenge. As my friend, the good Colonel de Grand Pr้, notes so wisely in his excellently documented volume, we are confronted today by Leviathan, a two-headed monster, "one head comprised of Jews who are not Jews and the other, Christians who are not Christians."

Which leads me back to Professor Boris Lunachev and our informative and rewarding meeting. As we departed, I again took his hand in mine and I asked him. "Dr. Lunachev, is there anything you'd like to say to me, perhaps to capitalize or to emphasize the importance of what we have discussed?"

"Yes," Lunachev answered, his probing brown eyes peering deep into mine. "I beg you to never forget, there are Americans and then there are Americans. And some who are American are not American."

"We are one nation. We are neither American Jews nor Soviet Jews, but only Jews!" Theodore Herzl


If this is indeed true, then that would make Bush junior the fifth crypto-Jewish President after:

1. F D Roosevelt: just after the Jewish planned collapse of the American economy in 1929. http://judicial-inc.biz/Bush_Mossad11.htm

2. Harry SOLOMAN Truman
3. 'Ike the Kike' Eisenhower:

4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_H._W._Bush''Bush the elder

5. http://www.texemarrs.com/062006/bush_pitiful_tool_puppeteers.htm''>President Bush

OK some personal thoughts:

I don't know if this is more Zionist disinformation, with suggestive pictures. It certainly smells like it.

I always thought that George compared to Bill Clinton, was a better person, if not a better President. That he was merely a hostage to his condition. A guy pushed into a position he really didn't want, by his father. Someone who stated in 2000 about caring Conservatism, and looking after the needy. Of an America that needed to mind its own business for once. A President whose political/administrative options were chosen for him by circumstances beyond his control. A slightly dimwitted clueless guy, out of his depth in one of the most demanding jobs in the world----quite quite clearly.

I certainly hope that the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia were launched because of genuine convictions on his part, and he thought they would be good for America, and the world. That they weren't launched on behalf of a Jewish death cult, with Armageddon as its ultimate goal. That the sacrifice of 10,000 (unofficial----yes people you now have to question everything the government says) servicemen deaths from America; 40,000 wounded, and another 300,000 affected were not for the sake of a Rothschild London based Jewish death cult, with no connections to reality.

I certainly hope he exercises his remaining time in office in a more constructive and humane way---if that is possible for him, and that he does not become a hostage to circumstances yet again because of Israel.