Rehabilitation of the Soviet victims of Stalins terror

According to Alexander Solzhenitsyn 60 million Soviet citizens perished under Bolshevik rule 1918-1991. A significant number of that was under Stalin.

The Bolsheviks were a Jewish organization funded into power by the Jewish bankers of New York and London.

But the 60 million Soviet victims, including Jews do not have the benefit of Hollywood films to remind the world of the ghastly horror of Jewish Bolshevik rule in that country.

Curiously one of the very first laws enacted by the Jewish Bolsheviks was to make it a criminal offense punishable by death, any criticism of Jews.

The purpose of the Jewish Bolshevik revolution was:

1. To put Jews on top of Russian society, by the use of the cover of 'Worker peasant rights of the masses' 'Everybody is equal'......and yet most of the 60 million killed were peasants.

2. Prime Bolshevik Soviet Union against Nazi Germany, ready for another slugfest between the two. Key strategic industries in the Soviet Union and armaments originated from the USA, and funded by the USA. The Russians with their bare hands building dams, bridges, roads and factories was obviously a fiction......and not necessary. You need capital equipment and experts to build these complicated things.....the USA provided that help.

3. Race war: The Jews turned Russian society upside down, by putting themselves at the top of society, and then ethnic SLAVS in front of them. As is the case to this day. Traditionally Russia is the country where the Iranian and Germanic tribes evolved over several thousand years as part of the vast Indo-European family. The Jews from 1918 put ethnic SLAVS in front of them as representation of themselves and their power.(Similar to how African-American culture is promoted over European culture in the USA) OR in the case of India.....South Indians over North Indians. But this is unnatural. Russia is Indo-European.
Mr. Pearlmutter

4. Kill Russians as vengeance......any...... type of Russians for their treatment of the Jews for over 1000 years. Kill them politically, socially, through starvation, over work, concentration camps...AND WAR.

5. Destroy the Czarist Russian nobility and middle class who might be a threat to Jewish rule.

6. Destroy the Russian Orthodox Church........kill the priests, and destroy 5000 churches.

7. Destroy Russian identity. Submerge traditional Russian identity with vague globalist communitarianism.

Russia is still dominated by the Jews and their Slavic puppets.....thats why I don't go there. Ukraine for 3 weeks was close enough! But it is that Eurasian land mass where my being comes from, and determines who I am. 


Russia to Redouble Efforts to Honor Victims of Stalinism

Not that you'll hear about in the western press which will continue to insist Putin sees Stalin as a role model and would like to rehabilitate Stalinism

This article originally appeared at New Cold War.org and Russia Insider.

The government of Russia has announced a sweeping new policy commemorating the victims of past repressions during the era of the Soviet Union. The ‘State Policy on Commemorating the Memory of Victims of Political Repression’ was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on August 15 and published on the government’s website on August 18. The announcement by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation is here in English  and is reproduced below.
The policy was developed by order of President Vladimir Putin, the presidential administration and the Human Rights Council. The HRC requested its formulation in a meeting with the president last October.
The Russian news agency TASS publishes a commentary on the policy on August 19 by Lyudmila Alexandrova . The writer cites the government document: “Russia cannot become a full-fledged state ruled by law or occupy a leading position in the world community unless it memorializes the millions of its citizens who perished during the years of political repressions.”
Alexandrova continues:
The document sets out the task of laying down the conditions for free access to archival materials and for educational and informative programmes related to repressions and their inclusion in TV and radio schedules as well as in the curricula of secondary schools.
The document envisions a network of museums and memorial sites, creation of an all-Russia Memory Book and identification of mass burials of those purged in the epoch of political repressions.
In addition to it, results of a competition for the best conception of an all-Russia monument to the victims of repressions will be summed up on October 30 when the nation marks the Day of Memory of Political Repression Victims, which will also be erected at the President’s instruction.
Publication of this concept crowns four years of efforts on the part of the Presidential Council for Human Rights and the Kremlin Administration, Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily quotes Sergei Krivenko, a members of the board of the Memorial International Society.
The entire text of the TASS article is below.
News of this decision by the Russian government is hard to find in English. Two commentaries in The Moscow Times and in Deutsche Welle consist of strident editorial arguments belittling the significance of the Russian government decision. Western media has, typically, self-censored any reporting of the significant decision.

Russia condemns political repressions officially
New reports by Lyudmila Alexandrova, TASS,
MOSCOW–Adoption of a state concept of the policy on monumentalizing the memory of victims of political repressions is an extremely important event that signals the start of huge and complicated work, as the number of Russians who treat political repressions tolerantly has been growing of late, experts say.
The Russian government has endorsed the concept of a state policy on memorializing the victims of political repressions.
“Russia cannot become a full-fledged state ruled by law or occupy a leading position in the world community unless it memorializes the millions of its citizens who perished during the years of political repressions,” the document says.
It puts forward the task of laying down the conditions for a free access to archival materials, educational and informative programmes related to repressions and their inclusion in the TV and radio schedules, as well as in the curricula of secondary schools.
The document also envisions a network of museums and memorial sites, creation of an all-Russia Memory Book, and identification of mass burials of those purged in the epoch of political repressions.
In addition to it, results of a competition for the best conception of an all-Russia monument to the victims of repressions will be summed up on October 30 when the nation marks the Day of Memory of Political Repression Victims, which will also be erected at the President’s instruction.
Publication of this concept crowns four years of efforts on the part of the Presidential Council for Human Rights and the Kremlin Administration, Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily quotes Sergei Krivenko, a members of the board of the Memorial International Society.
An inter-departmental commission set up specifically for this purpose had come to face with instances of bitter resistance,” Krivenko said. “There are forces in this country that try to put up monuments to Stalin and don’t want any discussions on the victims of repressions.”
The number of immediate victims of Stalin’s purges that lasted from the end of the 1920’s through to the beginning of the 1950’s runs into millions of people but the exact figure is unknown.
A poll taken by Levada Center in May showed that the percentage of Russians believing the sacrifices the Soviet nation had suffered during the Stalinist epoch were justified by the greatness of the then objectives and results achieved had risen from 25% in 2012 to 45% in 2015.
“Such is the outcome of Stalin’s popularization by separate politicians and in some TV shows,” said Dr. Valery Khomyakov, the Director General of the Center for National Strategy.

“On the face of it, the number of programmes that would expose the reality of Stalin’s regime has become far fewer compared with the 1990’s or the early 2000’s,” he went on.
Khomyakov supported endorsement of the concept. “I’d like to believe this is the beginning of huge, thorny but important work. It’s important to tell the nation the full scope of truth about events of the 1930’s through the 1950’s and the role that Stalin and his henchmen played then. It’s important because we’re still walking up and down the city streets named after them.”
The government’s concept is a signal that the government has set a task of this kind for itself and what is important now is to ensure that this effort does not melt down into a yet another campaign with a zero effect, he said.
Adoption of the concept is critically important if it is followed by practical steps, agrees Lev Ponomaryov, the executive director of the Movement for the Rights of Man.
“I surely support the proposal to include programmes on victims of political repressions in the TV channel schedules, since television is the prime instrument in shaping up the public opinion,” he told TASS. “Let’s wait and see the concrete actions that will be made in this sphere.”
As for this moment, however, the official position of the federal government and the action of regional and/or local authorities on the issue do not match one another while the attempts on the part of some political forces to whitewash Stalin and even to erect monuments to him do not always meet with a resounding rebuff, Ponomaryov said.

Endorsing the Government policy concept for the remembrance of victims of political reprisals
By the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, 18 August 2015

The resolutions on the remembrance of victims of political reprisals are meant to promote the state partnership with civil society, contacts between generations, the succession of cultural experience, and youth patriotism.
The decree has been submitted by the Ministry of Justice in compliance with the presidential order summarising the meeting of the Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation of 14 October 2014 (No Pr-2783, Para 2, of 2 December 2014).
The present decree approves the Government Policy Concept for the Remembrance of Victims of Political Reprisals (hereafter, Concept).
The Concept bases on the premises of the Concept of Long-Term Socio-economic Development of the Russian Federation until 2020, approved by Government Decree No 1662-r of 17 November 2008. The draft Concept complied with the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation to 2020, approved by Presidential Order No 537 of 12 May 2009, the Strategy of State Nationalities Policy of the Russian Federation through 2025, approved by Presidential Order No 1666 of 19 December 2012, and the state programme, Culture and Tourism Development, 2013-2020, approved by Government Decree No 2567-r pf 27 December 2012.
The Concept pursues the following key goals:

– to elaborate and implement an effective state policy for practical patriotism and the remembrance of victims of political reprisals;
– to provide the social conditions necessary for Russia’s innovative development based on the active cooperation of state and civil society institutions;
to enhance personal intellectual and cultural potential;
– to promote the nation’s moral health, particularly through practical patriotism, in partnership with public organisations and religious communities;
– to guarantee free public access to archival and other materials pertaining to political reprisals;
– to guarantee public access to memorials of victims of political reprisals; and,
– to launch relevant educational programmes.
The implementation of the Concept envisages the establishment of museums, memorial complexes and exhibitions dedicated to the history of political reprisals, the elaboration of relevant educational programmes, learning materials and databases, the publication of books, magazines, and audio and video materials, research on the topic, conferences, seminars, etc.
The Concept is envisaged as being implemented in two stages: 2015-2016 and 2017-2019.
The centenary of the 1917 events and the 80th anniversary of the year 1937 both fall on 2017.
The present resolutions on the remembrance of victims of political reprisals are meant to promote the state partnership with civil society, contacts between generations, the succession of cultural experience, and youth patriotism.

Eastern Indian Infrastructure development and cooperation


Car ride from Kolkata to Dhaka a reality soon

Ha? Good Cop bad cop routine.......does he understand the implication of what he is saying?

Benjamin Netanyahu is messianic according to certain Israeli security officials. A megalomaniac....the perfect leader of Israel. A nation heavily into paranoia porn.


Benjamin Netanhau is gay......visiting certain New York gay bars to watch live BDSM shows.



This is not Abu Gayrape or Guantanamo Gang bang

"The abuse at Abu Ghraib is certainly foreign to traditional concepts of American justice, so how did it come about? After sifting through mountains of evidence, I believe that question can be definitively answered: The same Jewish supremacist forces that orchestrated the Iraq War also brought to Iraq the torture methods of the Israeli State. The tortures of Abu Ghraib are completely consonant with the history of Jewish supremacism. As Jewish manipulators exercise their supremacy over our political and media establishment, America becomes more and more their agent in these crimes. We do so at the risk of all we hold dear." 

"What was more interesting was that many of those who were tortured turned out to be innocent.[5] The brutal acts that happened in Abu Ghraib included rape, sodomy, homicide,[6] and even urinating on detainees and having them masturbate " 

Benjamin Netanyahu's shrink committed suicide a few years back.



Netanyahu Claims Israel Fine With Iran Having Civilian Nuclear Program


Insists Iran's Civilian Infrastructure 'Completely Unnecessary'

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

Speaking over the weekend during a visit to Italy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed Israel has no problems with Iran having a civilian nuclear program, and that the objections to the P5+1 nuclear deal are purely because of “military implications.”
This is paradoxical, of course, as Israeli intelligence has repeatedly affirmed that Iran only has a civilian nuclear program to begin with, and Netanyahu has been harping on about it as an “existential threat” to Israel for decades irrespective of that(Civilian nuclear program).
The attempt at splitting the difference appears to be a function of Netanyahu trying to appear less unreasonable during a visit to Europe, with his visits to the US much more belligerent about Iran in general, with little concern about the “why” of hostility toward Iran, something his party has long treated as an end unto itself.
The Rabbi
Netanyahu went on, however, to complain that Iran’s civilian nuclear infrastructure is “completely unnecessary” and shouldn’t be allowed, going on to say that Iran’s ability to enrich its own uranium was “vital to manufacturing nuclear weapons.”
Despite Netanyahu claiming the deal allows Iran to “expand” its enrichment, it actually doesn’t, and indeed the whole reason Iran has insisted on having the ability to enrich fuel for its own nuclear facilities is because, amid intense Israeli and US pressure, Iran has often struggled to obtain the fuel from abroad.


Iran's conventional arms acquisition progam

The HESA Saeqeh is a copy of the 1950's second generation designed F-5/F-20. In an era of 5th generation fighters, it is useless.....useless. بی فایده
The Iranians know it. It would have been better to FOCUS on reverse engineering the F-14 with Chinese help. But maybe that would have been too complicated for a nation which spends so little on defense in relative terms. I do not doubt the ability of Iranian scientists to reverse engineer ANYTHING.

F-5/F-20 are used as trainers around the world, or phased out.

Iran has about 7/8 plane projects for the airforce.....WHY?.....one plane project focusing on the F-14 or the Su-30 would have been enough......license production or reverse engineering with Chinese help. Why this Nazi Germany type pursuit of a 1000 different designs....with 1 or 2 actual models?

Iran must pool its resources for a credible airforce of 100,000 personnel, and 700 jet fighters including 300 Su-30's eventually produced under licensed production.

Should Donald Trump win in the USA, his security adviser will be John Bolton in 2017.

Iran has 2 years.


Sukhoi Su-30

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says Tehran is in talks with Moscow for the purchase of Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets. 
“We are discussing the purchase of Sukhoi fighter planes” from Russia, Dehqan said in an interview with Lebanon-based Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news network on Sunday.
Earlier this week, Tehran and Moscow held negotiations about the Russian-made Sukhoi 30 fighter jets, a twin-engine, two-seat supermaneuverable fighter aircraft.
The talks were held on Tuesday on the sidelines of the MAKS 2015 air show in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow during which Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari were present, Fars News Agency reported.
In response to a question about the purchase of Russia's Sukhoi 30, Sattari said, "We spoke about it but we didn’t discuss purchasing them and talks were mostly focused on the technological issues."
Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan

Elsewhere in the interview, the Iranian defense minister said Russia has agreed to start delivering of S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system to Iran by the end of the current year.
Moscow had banned the delivery of the missile defense system to Tehran in 2010 under the pretext that the agreement it signed with Iran in 2007 was subject to the fourth round of the UN Security Council sanctions against the country over its nuclear program. 
On April 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree paving the way for the long-overdue delivery of the defense system to Iran after Tehran and six world powers reached a mutual understanding on Tehran’s nuclear program in the Swiss city of Lausanne on April 2.


Four more WASP senators needed


On Friday, Democratic Senator Tom Carper of Delaware became the 30th US senator to announce that he would support the Iran nuclear agreement.
On Friday, Democratic Senator Tom Carper of Delaware became the 30th US senator to announce that he would support the Iran nuclear agreement.
 US Senator Tom Carper has announced that he will support the historic nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers, including the United States.
“This is a good deal for America and our allies, including Israel, one of our closest allies. And, oh yes. It beats the likely alternative - war with Iran - hands down,” Carper wrote in an opinion piece published in The News Journal of Delaware on Friday.
Carper, a Democrat from Delaware, on becomes the 30th US senator to announce that he would support the successful conclusion of nuclear talks  reached last month between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries - the US, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany.
President Barack Obama needs 34 votes in the Senate, or 146 in the House of Representatives, to save the nuclear agreement in the Republican-controlled Congress, which is reviewing the accord and is scheduled to vote on it next month.
The Obama administration has said that it is confident it’s going to have enough votes to sustain a possible veto. White House spokesman Josh Earnest has said support for the agreement is growing.
The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and other pro-Israel lobbying groups in the US have launched a massive campaign to defeat the historic agreement in Congress.
AIPAC has reportedly deployed about 300 lobbyists on Capitol Hill to try to convince lawmakers to vote against the nuclear agreement.
According to reports, the Israel lobby is spending up to $40 million on television commercials and other propaganda material to inform the public “about the dangers of the proposed Iran deal.”


Fagot writers and spooks



Sir Stephen Spender (1909 - 1995) was an English writer who wrote: 

"I find boys much more attractive, in fact I am rather more than usually susceptible...

"But actually I find the actual sexual act with women more satisfactory, more terrible, more disgusting, and, in fact, more everything." [17]

Spender was a typical member of the English elite.

From 1953 to 1966 Spender was editor of Encounter magazine, which was set up by Spender and the neoconservative Irving Kristol.

Encounter was funded by the CIA.

Spender pretended to be 'left-wing' and even homophobic.

The critic Cyril Connolly described Stephen Spender as being "shrewd and ambitious, aggressive and ruthless".

Three gay writers - WH Auden, Stephen Spender, Christopher Isherwood.

Spender was married to Agnes Maria Pearn (Inez Pearn) and then to Natasha Litvin, who was Jewish.

Spender's mother Violet Hilda Schuster was half Jewish.

Stephen Spender's son Matthew Spender describes a scene in postwar Paris when, "at a party of intellectuals, Natasha (still newly married) enquired who the elegant young man talking to her husband was. 

"'Don't you know?' the worldly Parisian replied. 'That's Stephen's new lover.' She promptly fainted."

A few days later she tried to throw herself out of a train.

'A House in St John's Wood: In Search of My Parents'. / A House In St John's Wood: In Search Of My Parents

Stephen Spender (left) and family, 1959

Spender wrote: "Whatever happens, I shall never be alone. I shall always have a boy."

Spender was brought up in a house in St John's wood and attended the Hall School in Hampstead

Stephen Spender and Franz Büchner - 1929

Stephen Spender's male lovers included Tony Hyndman, Lucian Freud, WH Auden and Bryan Obst.
Spender used to 'cruise' for young men.

While cruising around Piccadilly in London, Spender met Tony Hyndman, a former Welsh guardsman and occasional male prostitute.

The relationship lasted 6 years.

Boy by Lucian Freud.
In his 30s, Spender was in love with the teenage Lucian Freud, who was later a friend of the Kray Twins.

Freud "had a well-documented relationship with the Kray Twins Reggie and Ronnie."


Spender's last gay lover was the American ornithologist Bryan Obst.

Obst died from an Aids-related illness.
Stephen Spender: The Authorized Biography

.Stephen Spender and wife Natasha shortly after their 1941 wedding
Stephen Spender's wife Natasha used to receive passionate love letters from the crime-writer Raymond Chandler.

Stephen Spender and son Matthew - 1950.
In 1955, Matthew spender overheard his father telling his mother he wanted to leave her and live with a new boyfriend in Japan.


You are unlikely to find any top novelist writing a book about 9 11 being an inside job.

This is because the CIA and its friends control many of the top writers.

The novelist Ian McEwan wrote the novel 'Sweet Tooth'.

The novel deals with the subject of Britain's security service MI5 giving money to writers and academics so that they will promote certain propaganda.

Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan is the son of an army officer.

He was educated at a government-run boarding school.

It is known that the CIA poured money, through front organisations, into cultural projects  in Britain.

Ian McEwan feels obliged to say: "I don't think MI5 ever backed ten writers and academics…" 

Ian McEwan: Why I'm revisiting the Seventies

A A Milne

Among the writers and intellectuals who have worked for the security services (CIA, MI5 and similar):

A.A. Milne

Malcom Muggeridge

Roald Dahl

Ian Flemming

C.S. Forrester

James Michener

Eugene Fodor

Somerset Maugham

Graham Green

Crompton Mackenzie

Aaron Copland

Igor Stravinsky

Britten of the CIAaangirfan: BENJAMIN BRITTEN

Benjamin Britten (CIA)

Stephen Spender

Nancy Mitford

Vladimir Nabokov

Jayaprakash Narayan

Arnold Toynbee

Bertrand Russell of the CIA.

Bertrand Russell

Hugh Trevor-Roper

Arthur Schlesinger

Arthur Koestler

George Orwell 

A surprising number of the above were lovers of boys.

China determines the global financial markets

China has emerged as the bellwether of the world’s economic health.
China has emerged as the bellwether of the world’s economic health.
Asian stocks take heart from a sharp rebound in US shares, breaking a six-day losing streak which plunged global markets into mayhem.
The turnaround came after carnage on global markets which shaved $2.2 trillion off US stocks, with China being at the epicenter of the financial tremors.
China’s Shanghai Composite Index on Thursday rose 2.2% to reclaim the critical 3,000 mark. The benchmark’s steep decline on Monday triggered a massive global selloff and stoked worries about China's economic health.
The gain was notable given that China’s shares took an exception the previous day to decline after markets steadied across the globe.
Japan’s Nikkei average closed up 1.1 percent after rising 3.2% the previous day. European markets took their cue from Asia, with Germany’s DAX opening more than 2% higher. British and French shares were also up at similar rates.
The rallies came after US shares rose sharply, with the Dow Jones industrial average marking the third-biggest surge of all time at 600 points or 4%.
Soothing words from President of New York Federal Reserve Bank William Dudley led to the rally. His remarks that an interest rate hike in September seems “less compelling” eased concerns that the move would put further pressure on markets.
 President of New York Federal Reserve Bank William Dudley speaks in Minneapolis in June. ©Bloomberg  
US investors are worried that raising interest rates could take the steam out of the economy and lead to a downturn. Those concerns led to panicked selloff of shares on Monday which came after declines in China.
Not lifting interest rates, however, could signify that the global economy remains exceptionally weak. This means the recent trouble is far from being over and more turmoil could be down the road.
The Chinese government’s intervention to devalue the yuan triggered fears the world’s second largest economy might be in a worse shape than thought.
China has emerged as the bellwether of the world’s economic health and its market developments are having far-reaching effects.
Crude oil markets were also boosted from the rebound, with US futures rising 2.2% to $39.45 a barrel. Europe’s benchmark Brent rose 2.3% to $44.11.
The oil market, which is already under pressure from a huge supply glut due to Saudi Arabia’s maximum production, took a double whammy from the recent financial turmoil, with prices slumping to 6.5-year low.

American Jews do not support the Israeli lobby on everything....they have their own nuanced perspectives.

There is always hope in the world.

Maybe in the future the majority of Jews and the 52 Jewish political lobby groups in the USA will change their perspectives on a number of issues:

(i) Wisdom of leading the covert charge, with the aid of Israel and the FBI to convert the USA into a Bolshevik Police State since Bill Clinton, run by Jews and trained by the Stasi(Marcus Wulf--Jew, retired and died in Israel) and the former KGB (Yevgeny Primakov---Jew, former head of KGB)....and Jew organized false flags in the USA 1993 WTC, Oklahoma 1995 and 2001 9/11. These were clearly Jew organized events. Whilst some elite Jews may think a totalitarian state is good for the tribe (Shorter leash on the USA), especially if the economy crashes 2015/6.....and there are riots, and instability, ultimately a totalitarian State is doomed to fail, and will harm many if not most Jews in the USA....who do not escape from the USA to Israel.

(ii) The Jew wisdom of trying to control the Presidency. On the Republican side crypto-Jewish Jeb Bush with his infamous crime family, and Donald Trump whose entire family is married to Jews......ALL supported by Jewish mafia casino money. On the Democratic side fagot Bernie Sanders is a Jew who is out doing Obama's CHANGE mantra with his LOVE for the American middle and working class..yeah! Why can't European non-Jews who made America what it is today, run the country? Nobody seriously thinks Jewish fiat currency, and speculation made the country great......or Jewish porn.....or Jewish TV and entertainment.

(iii) Why do the Jews try to run Capital Hill? Everything from there has to be Israeli centric?

(iv|) Why do Jews run the Federal Reserve?

(v) Why does the Jews dominated USA wage war against so many poor nations, based on false excuses.

How will the truly big questions on earth and the universe be solved by such narrow minded malice?

The largely JEWISH neo-con artists are the true enemies of the USA:

1. Their children do not serve in the armed forces of the USA or Israel.

2. They have never served in the armed forces of the above two states.

3. They derive the bulk of their income from the whole process of war making....from Think Tank Conceptualization to actual war. 


American Jews Reject the Israel Lobby—and Support the Iran Deal

The war coalition of billionaires, fundamentalists, and Netanyahu cronies doesn't speak for Jewish opinion.

By Jon Basil Utley at the American conservative and antiwar.com

The Israel Lobby does not represent most Jews. Sound surprising? You’d never know it from most TV talk shows or Republicans denouncing the Iran agreement as a terminal threat to Israel, and least of all from “The Lobby” itself. Its intimidating power depends upon the myth that it represents all American Jews, when it does not even represent a majority. It should really be called the “Likud Lobby,” representing Netanyahu, neoconservatives, militant settlers on the West Bank, evangelicals (mainly old ones) impatient for Armageddon, and the military-industrial complex.

Most American Jews are divided or just don’t care, just like other Americans. The young, especially, do not support the policies of Israeli or American hawks seeking more wars in the Middle East. Many Jewish voices are in accord on the pact.
By a 20-point margin in various polls, American Jews support the Iran agreement. The largest circulation Jewish newspapers carry balanced analyses and discussions. The Jewish Week’s publisher, Gary Rosenblatt, reports interesting and typical polling on Jewish Americans in an article, “Iran Deal Driving Jews Further Apart“:
  • 90 percent are proud to be Jewish
  • 43 percent say that caring about Israel is essential to their Jewishness
  • 65 percent feel “that U.S. support for Israel is either about right or, for 20 percent, too much.”
An earlier Pew poll showed:
  • 31 percent did not feel attached to the state of Israel
  • 39 percent felt only “somewhat” attached
  • 83 percent believe that the settlements on Palestine lands are inimical to Israeli security.
The largest Jewish newspaper, Forward, has published articles like “Fact Checking the Flame Throwers on Both Sides of Iran Deal” and “Why Israel Lobby is Biggest Casualty of Feud over Netanyahu’s Speech.”
J Street, named for the missing street in Washington, was founded to promote the missing voice of non-AIPAC Jews. It is manning phone banks, placing op-eds, and running ads in support of the Iran agreement. The old-line American Council for Judaism has long promoted peace with profound, learned writings since the founding of Zionism. Tikkun is another large organization supporting the agreement.
The New Yorker reports on AIPAC’s declining influence. Last March I wrote “The Crumbling Israeli Lobby” with statistics about its declining support, particularly among younger Jews and Evangelical Christians “rebelling against the excessive biblical literalism of their parents.” The Washington Post published “Jewish Leaders Don’t Speak for American Jews on Iran,” which analyzed the “rift between American Jews and the groups generally known as ‘the Jewish leadership.’” The article follows the money, explaining how a minority of the old and rich calls the tune.
All this support for the Iran deal from Jews of all ages (see J Street’s statistics) has not outweighed the literally billions of dollars which some older Jews are willing to throw into the fight. Congress may yet override Obama and reject the agreement. The Washington Post’s Walter Pincus wrote “The GOP’s Alternate Universe On Iran,” explaining that the options remaining after rejection of the deal are leaving Iran to proceed with producing nuclear bombs or starting another war. Although many Republican leaders prefer war, the potential disaster to the world’s economy from the risk of destruction of Persian Gulf oil exports is still to be considered.
The main issues also involve a lot of false information and unproven accusations about Iran. The biggest is that they are religious crazies who would commit suicide if they had just one bomb to drop on Israel. Actually, Iran’s policies have been very cautious. Another is rebutted by Phil Giraldi’s “Did Iranian Weapons Kill Americans,” concerning their supposedly helping Iraq with shaped charges to repel American forces. Another story is that Iran is the largest sponsor of state terrorism because it supports the Hezbollah guerrillas. And so on. They are all familiar to those of us who wrote about and exposed lies about Iraq before Washington destroyed that country.
Republican claims that they are just demanding a better deal are not believable, as other nations won’t go along. The agreement is about disarming Iran’s nuclear potential (that was the basis for multi-national support) not forcing it to surrender itself. The Europeans, Russia, and China never agreed to demand such a surrender.
Most Americans, Israelis, and Iranians want peace, but powerful forces profit from wars. We have an earlier tragic example to learn from, the undermining of the Oslo peace accords, which actually contained compromises and started settling the Palestinian issue. Netanyahu and a handful of neoconservatives put out their own plan, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.” This agenda included the destruction of Iraq, and one of the signatories, David Wurmser, explained how Iraq could be thrown into chaos.
Former National Security Council director Brent Scowcroft compares the Iran agreement to earlier diplomatic breakthroughs opening up China and agreeing to armaments control with Russia, “an epochal moment that should not be squandered.” Most American Jews agree.


Elite Paedophilia and Child murder in the criminal UK state.



The Lord Fox was an illegal drinking den with a room where punters could be strung up from a metal frame chained to a wall.

Terry Dwyer, who ran the den, "happily boasted about his time in London supplying rent boys to Harvey Proctor."

Read more: hulldailymail.

Harvey Proctor is a former pupil of Scarborough High School for Boys.


The former UK Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor (above) has named some of the top people being investigated by the police in connection with the torture and murder of young boys.


The people named by Proctor are:

Edward Heath (left) and his mentor Madron Seligman, a close associate of the Rothschilds.

1. Sir Edward Heath, former Prime Minister.

Heath has been accused of raping a 12-year-old boy in a London flat in 1961.

Edward Heath's chief mentor was Madron Seligman, a close associate of the Rothschilds.


2. Sir Michael Hanley, the former head of MI5.

Hanley was reportedly picked by Lord Victor Rothschild to be the head of MI5.

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3. Lord Leon Brittan, formerly the government minister responsible for the police and MI5.

He has been accused of attending child abuse orgies at London's Dolphin Square apartment complex and at the Elm Guest House boy brothel, both of which have been linked to MI5.

Leon Brittan is of Lithuanian Jewish descent.

Leon Brittan named as child rapist . / SAVILE, BRITTAN, HEATH, JACONELLI
Sir Maurice Oldfield (left) and his deputy Sir Peter Hayman, both alleged to be child abusers.

4. Sir Maurice Oldfield, the former head of the security service.

Sir Maurice Oldfield and Edward Heath are said to have been visitors to the Kincora children's home, reportedly used by MI5 as a boy brothel.

General Bramall 1973.

5. Lord Bramall, the former head of the UK military.

Field Marshall Lord Bramall was interviewed by police in April 2015 over sex abuse allegations.


6. General Sir Hugh Beach.

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Thatcher in Mortlake.

A child sex abuse victim has identified a second house in the London borough of Richmond where children, in care in the borough, were taken en route to the child brothel at Elm Guest House.

"The property in Avondale Road, Mortlake, has since changed hands but appears to be some sort of holding house for children in care who were taken out for the day."

davidhencke.wordpress.com - February 5, 2014

Rocks Lane Barnes.

Elm Guest House was the government-linked boy brothel on Rocks Lane, near Barnes Common, in London in SW13.

It is believed that Elm Guest House was being used by the security services as a way of blackmailing and controlling top politicians.

David Hencke describes events from the 1970s onwards and begins with Harvie Proctor.

Elm Guest House | ukgovernmentwatch

Harvey Proctor, former Member of the UK parliament.
Harvey Proctor ran a shop in Richmond at 11 Brewer’s Lane.

Harvey proctor, the Conservative party member of parliament for Billericay, stood trial for sex offences of a sado-masochistic nature against teenage boys, and was forced to resign.

Reportedly, Harvey Proctor visited Elm Guest House.

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11 Brewer’s Lane TW9.
Harvey Proctor’s shop is owned by Cottonrose Ltd.

Avondale Road Mortlake SW14 -  some sort of holding house for children
The child victim described visiting a ‘Holding House’ in Avondale Road, in Mortlake, before being driven on to Elm Guest House. 

The owner of Elm Guest House, Haroon Kasir, said that Sir Jimmy Savile often came to visit him and take ‘tea’. 

 "Savile’s brother Johnny was in the local paper ‘helping’ at the Mortlake Fair in 1982."
Holland's former Justice minister Joris Demmink may have been part of the elite group that visited Elm Guest house, according to rumours.

‘Dutch journalism also rumors of Joris’ escapades in Thailand and in a London hotel (Elmguethouse).’

Elm Guest House | ukgovernmentwatch

Martin Allen went missing in London's Kings Cross in 1979.
Kings Cross in London was a place frequently visited by Jimmy Savile

Martin Allen went missing in London's Kings Cross in 1979.
He was later seen with a man at Earls Court Underground station pinned to a wall. He was also seen at Gloucester Road and Baron’s Court stations.

Elm Guest House | ukgovernmentwatch

Jimmy Savile in 1979.

The kidnapper of Martin Allen was blond.


In 1981, Vishal Mehrotra (above) went missing near his home in Putney in London, not far from Elm guest House.

On 10 August 1982, the Daily Express reported that the police investigation was linking Martin Allen and Vishal Mehrotra to Elm Guest House.

On 16 August 1982, Michael Havers, the Attorney General at the time, intervened to stop further reporting.

Elm Guest House | ukgovernmentwatch

In 1990, at the age of 47, Carole Kasir, the owner of Elm Guest House, was found dead in her flat. 


On 16 December 2012, The Independent reported that "Chris Fay, a social worker who worked for a small charity, the National Association for Young People in Care (Naypic), has alleged that a terrified Kasir had shown him about 20 photographs of middle-aged men with young boys, taken at what he said were kings and queens fancy-dress parties, attended by a number of powerful and well-known people.

"One, Mr Fay alleged, featured a well-known public figure wearing nothing but a French maid’s apron alongside a young boy nude apart from a tiara."


There has been speculation that former UK prime minister Edward Heath visited Elm Guest House.

Savile, who is believed to have worked for the security services. 

Elm Guest House was part of a world-wide network.


Leon Brittan's name has been linked to some of the above events.

In 1989, "Labour MP, Bernard Cohen, directly named Leon Brittan in the House of Commons, and was told to be silent by the speaker of the house, for daring to 'smear' Brittan."

Princess Diana knew about Elm Guest House.

 Another victim of the Elm guest house scandal believes Princess Diana saved his life, the Sunday People has revealed.

The man, now in his forties, met the princess when he was sleeping rough outside a London church.

He claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10 while he was in care at Grafton Close children’s home.

Diana gave him food and helped him find a temporary home as he battled to rebuild his life in his twenties after escaping care.

He left a tribute to Diana at Kensington Palace when she died in the Paris car crash of 1997.

The man said: “I have rebuilt my life and I owe it all to Diana.“

“She kept in touch with me even after she’d helped my back on my feet. I have lost a real friend.”