But they can't physically initiate WWIII, UNLIKE YOU

President Trumps tweets from Sunday: 

The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong – they are sadly weak on immigration,” Trump said.
The two … Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III,” he added, using an acronym for Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group.
These two old farts are an utter sham of imbecility, Grand Standing for more War, for ever. But they have no official power to follow through their policies.
However the POTUS is the one who can initiate WWIII realistically, by....giving SPEECHES which subconsciously wip up militarism and jingoism with a military bent.
The POTUS can 'rebuild the military' in the hope and expectation of further and better military confrontation which is ill defined, but which could eventually lead to WWIII.
Or setting up 'terrorist safe zones' in Syria without consulting the Russians, the Iranians and the Chinese....3 governments who have guaranteed support for the legitimate moderate, secular government in Damascus.
Banning people from certain troubled countries in the Developing World in the Middle East is good as a stop gap measure, if it prevents CIA/State Department Deep State actors from those countries tooing and froing between there and the USA....the nauseating sight of Syrian terrorists in suits lobbying in Capital Hill, by way of just one example......never mind the millions of other 'exchange' programs run by the CIA/State Department.
On the other hand if this is a precursor to the Pentagon 7 countries in 5 years regime change plan from 2001.....isolate them, separate them, vilify them first policy, then not good.


It is official, as reported by the BBC in London. Trump was recruited in Moscow by the KGB

These are the likely indications as suggested by the London Guardian, and London BBC recently (5)

Trump likes Russians girls. This is the hook used to recruit him, and control him by the KGB......aka SEXPIONAGE....honey traps.
Image result for sexy little nymphs

The dossier suggests a rather shallow FLAME HAIRED Celt of Scottish descent, who has very deep sexual deviations, not unlike the.....

After buying state of the art Russian arms, which in any case are ....his next step will be to jointly fight rogues around the world with the Russians, followed by further joint military exercises between the two countries.

The USA MIC is horrified.

The Russians of course have more sincere motives.

The Russians remember fondly that it was a Jewish front bank in New York, of the Rothschilds of London which kick started the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution from 1916 with payments of $20 million ($1 billion) With Trotsky leading the charge from New York, and Lenin from his palace in Switzerland via Germany.The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution eventually killed 60 million people 1916--1991, inside the former Soviet Union....with Genocide against the Russian intellectual class, clergy, genocide against Ukrainians (20% loss), Tartars all over Russia(50%) and Khazaks(30%)

The transfer of strategic Western Capitalist technology to the Soviet Union from 1920....starting with steel, petroleum extraction, tank manufacture, aircracft manufacture and so forth.

To the 2 million GM/FORD trucks given to the Soviets from 1942-44, so that the Red army could advance against Nazi Germany more quickly, and smash 500 Nazi Divisions and do 80% of the fighting against Nazi Germany. Otherwise the Soviet military in WW11 was a foot force....and slow.

So with such high flying Globalist Deep State cooperation between the two, why not the USA buying Russian jets along with Russian rocket engines.


KGB Sends Trump His First Directive: Axe F-35, Buy Russia's MiG-35 Instead

The Trump Administration has ordered a full review of the costly F-35 program. KGB sources say that Trump is already negotiating a contract with Russia for 10,000 beautiful MiG-35s.
Russia Insider Paul Kaiser Subscribe to Paul Kaiser
The F-35 is a complete disaster. The over budget, behind schedule stealth fighter jet has at least 276 defects and won't be fully combat-capable before 2020. And the program's total price tag? Over $1 trillion.
Back in December, Trump described spending on the fighter jet as "out of control" and said billions could be saved on military "and other" purchases.
Well, it looks like it wasn't just empty Twitter-talk: Defense Secretary James Mattis has ordered a full review of the F-35 program.
Comrade Trump (real name: Donat Ivanovich Trolstoyevski) has performed spectacularly. Years of KGB plotting is finally coming to fruition.
The Manchurian candidate's first orders from Moscow? Cut the F-35 program, and spend the remaining budget on purchasing cutting-edge, Russian-made MiG-35s instead.
This will pump billions of delicious US dollars into the Russian economy, allowing even the poorest babushka to buy an iPhone 7.
Image result for smoking old babushka
Thank you again, Donat Trolstoyevski. And keep up the good work!

Trump must first order the CIA to dismantle the $2 billion aid to the Syrian terrorists.

Russia will not be a mere appendage to Trumps Imperial policies, distancing Russia from China, Iran and Syria. But that the Pentagon can undertake joint aerial strikes against ISIS with Russia.

The best way to defeat ISIS is for the CIA to dismantle the $2 billion aid that is given to the Syrian terrorist groups by the CIA using Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and NATO each year/annually...WITH ARMS, TRAINING, LOGISTICS, C&C, MEDICAL AID, TRADE FOR ISIS OIL....AND THE ARMS FROM EAST EUROPE AND THE UKRAINE.

This in the full sense is what it really means to fight ISIS....a creation of the CIA. 

Russia should not fight ISIS with the USA upon Trumps orders, THUS SANCTIFYING A CIA lie that somehow ISIS is an independent 'revolutionary group' which emerged 'naturally' from the prisons of Iraq......FIGHTING A LEGITIMATE WAR OF STRUGGLE FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE OPPRESSED SUNNIS OF SYRIA AND IRAQ.

The CIA created ISIS, and sustains ISIS....TRUMP MUST ORDER THE CIA TO DISMANTLE THIS DETSBAILISATION FIFTH COLUMN OF THE CIA, first before than should be any meaningful comprehensive cooperation between Russia and the USA.

RUSSIA will not add fuel to the FALSE FIRE that the CIA's ISIS IS A MENACE to the world...requiring joint action by both countries..whilst simultaneously the CIA/PENTAGON SUSTAIN THE 'REBELS' 'THE SYRIAN OPPOSITION' BY covert means via Turkey.

The promise of lifting of sanctions by the USA against Russia, as dictated by Rothschild London May, sometime in the fuzzy maybe future, cannot be a quid pro quo of Russian cooperation with the USA in fighting ISIS, thus sanctifying ISIS whilst in the background the Pentagon and the CIA continue funnelling arms, ammunition, and more terrorists from their networks into the Syrian/Iraqi theater.

RUSSIA is doing an execellent job of fighting ISIS by its self. 

If it undertakes joint strikes with the USA, it will ensure that ISIS WILL always have forewarning of Russian airstrikes.

The USA must not create Safe Havens in Northern Syria....just because the Saudis and the Turks want it.


A Brave, New Multipolar World: Lavrov Declares End of US Regime Change Dominoes

By Rudi Panko at Russia Insider

As a seasoned diplomat, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov knows when to keep his mouth shut. This is perhaps the greatest difference between Washington and Moscow: The Russians know that actions speak louder than words.
When the Kremlin does makes extremely pointed remarks, you can bet they are backed by sober analysis, the "facts on the ground."
According to Lavrov, the supporters of "messianically imposing their own ultra-liberal values, changing sovereign countries’ political systems, among them through ideologically motivated operations to topple undesirable regimes," gained the upper hand in the West some time ago. "The failure of such attempts is obvious, but they will be dealing with the aftermath for a very long time," he emphasized.
The aftermath Lavrov is referring to has several layers to it. The most obvious consequence of Washington's actions in Syria is a massive humanitarian crisis that will take decades to fully rectify. Hundreds of thousands dead. Millions of refugees. A huge swath of the country's critical infrastructure destroyed completely. As Lavrov puts it:
Outside interference turned the region into a space of chaos and anarchy, with numerous radicals immediately taking advantage of this," the minister explained. "Hence, the weakening or collapse of statehood in a number of countries, an unprecedented surge in international terrorism and extremism, and the large-scale migrant crisis that has engulfed Europe.
If you read between the lines, Lavrov is also hinting that there is another serious aftermath to Washington's disastrous and failed intervention in Syria: The west's game of regime change dominoes ends in Syria. It's over. Welcome to the multipolar world.
Lavrov said as much when he pointed out that while Russia has always advocated for conflict resolution based on national accord, Washington felt that it could trample on international law and do as it sees fit, wherever it wants, whenever it wants.
These days are over.
Of course, Lavrov's statements are also a bit of a veiled victory lap for Russia, which, after a little more than a year, managed to completely reverse the massive gains made by the "moderate rebels" and their democracy-loving sponsors in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.S.
Imagine where we would be right now if Russia had not stepped up to the plate and stopped this madness.
Thank god for our new, multipolar world.


Will President Trump be impeached?

How soon?

By who?

Why will they impeach him?

Did the Deep State read the Tea leafs, and decided to elect Trump ( a Populist)...and then ditch him for Pence? LBJ 1963, Bush Senior 1981

Controlling the CIA


US Senator Blows the Whistle: Americans Kept in the Dark as CIA Wages Covert Wars Across the Globe

Rand Paul reminds Americans that they are not allowed to know how many covert wars the CIA is waging. In other words: the Agency is conducting multiple secret wars with basically zero transparency or oversight. Democracy in action!
Rudy Panko  at Russia Insider

Approximately how many countries are being actively ruined by the Central Intelligence Agency right now as we type these words? Unless you are one of eight members of Congress "in the know", it's basically impossible to ever find out.
This is because the United States is the world's greatest and most exceptional representative democratic republic.
We know that we don't know how many countries the CIA is destroying thanks to U.S. Senator Rand Paul, one of the few individuals in Congress who isn't a total butt muncher. During a recent interview with CNN, Paul dropped this painful truth bomb:
I think the CIA needs more oversight. Our intelligence community has very little oversight. There are only eight members of Congress that truly know what is going on in the CIA. That truly know what is going on as far as covert war around the world.

And I really think that war --unless there is an extraordinary exception-- should be fought with the approval of the Congress, and the approval of the American people. That is what our founding fathers thought. They took that power away from the president, and gave it to Congress. They specifically precluded the president from going to war without the approval of Congress.
Here's what we do know, though: U.S. Special Operations forces currently operate in no less than 134 countries. That's basically 2/3 of the world. And where is the CIA operating? Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, probably under your bed ... all the best places.
The disappointing reality is that despite all the reassuring talk from Trump about ending U.S. meddling abroad, it's highly unlikely anyone in elected government is capable of reining in the CIA.
It's important to remember that conventional warfare has along ago been retired as the go-to method for American power projection. We live in an age of shadow wars, a time when wag the dog tactics are used to whip up western support for terrorist proxy armies. The world is upside down. And the CIA is largely to blame for it.
We welcome fewer military adventures (and would be ecstatic if they ended all together), but an isolationist foreign policy is close to meaningless if the CIA is allowed to continue to operate with total impunity.

Where is all this leading to Mr. President?


Officials Avoiding Public Comments on the Matter

by Jason Ditz antiwar.com
Pentagon officials are said to be full of questions today after reports of President Trump planning to order the State Department and Pentagon to develop plans within 90 days for the establishment of “safe zones” in Syria, unclear exactly what is being planned.
Publicly, officials are avoiding any comment at all on the idea, saying it is too early in the planning stages to discuss the idea. Privately, however, officials are being quoted in the press saying the whole idea is “ambiguous,” and that they aren’t sure if Trump wants secure camps in those zones, or no-fly zones, or both.
The question of safe zones has been heavily pushed by Turkey for years, with Turkish officials envisioning the idea of turning northern Syria into a region to house all the refugees they’ve had to take in during the civil war so far. The call has tended to fall apart, however, when people consider what it would take.
US officials have previously suggested it would take a massive ground force to secure this safe zone from attacks, and that even a limited no-fly zone would risk starting a war with Russia. This scared the Obama Administration away from trying anything.
And indeed, the no-fly zone idea was scorned by Trump during the debates, specifically over the risk of a war with Russia. At the same time, Trump has repeatedly insisted he wants to have safe zones as a humanitarian measure, but as for how this will work, it seems the Pentagon is as in the dark as the rest of us are.

Massive build up of American armed forces

There are no significant policy documents developed in the USA carefully and in detail by Team Trump over years as to how the armed forces of the USA are to be 'rebuilt' again.

It is a fuzzy, political, sloganist, populist FASCIST/Nazi like declaration.....which sets the USA on a war footing, or even looking to pick fights, and is in contradiction of Trumps declaration not to interfere in another country.....BUT refocus the country to rebuild the USA again, away from the globalist agenda.

Traditionally for the American elites and globalists at the dinner table...talking domestic and about roads, bridges, industry, healthcare, education, social security, the environment, ethnics in the inner city, immigration, the american family is depressingly boring. For them it is far more exciting talking about FOREIGN LANDS FILLED WITH EXOTIC FUNNY PEOPLE.

It is an elite taste acquired from the UK.

Subconsciously the USA elite wants to immitate the Wonderful British Empire.

Its an Oxymoron to re-build something that is already at the top of its game....the American Armed Forces which unofficially according to Chalmers Johnson devours around $1.5 trillion of the national cake, along with the other security agencies.

The problem with the Pentagon is its massive corruption, and its bloated defense budget. Giving it more money with which to be more corrupt does not solve the problem. The Trump administration is not doing any favours to the Pentagon, and the American people by giving it more money.

Whilst simulutaneously calling for $10 trillion budget cuts, which will harm the working class and the middle class.


Aims to Increase Number of US Warplanes and Ships

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com
Trump promised the plan would include new warplanes, new ships, new resources, and in increase in the number of special forces. The order calls for the Pentagon and Office of Management and Budget to work jointly on increasing military spending in the next fiscal year, and in ways that will give the Pentagon chief more flexibility on spending.
Exactly how much bigger the 2018 military budget is going to end up being is unclear, as analysts have estimated things like the planned increase in warships adding a massive amount both in construction costs and in maintenance. At the same time, the Trump plan calls for reducing spending on projects not considered “highest priority.”
That’s potentially difficult, however, as the costliest weapons projects, even those the Pentagon is relatively ambivalent about, tend to carefully spread their spending through enough Congressional districts as to make the cuts politically difficult.
Trump made increasing the size and strength of the military a top priority during the campaign. He is considering several proposals on escalating the fight against ISIS, which is likely to involve an increase in ground troops deployed around the Middle East. This too is likely to increase costs in the final budget.

John McCain, Adam Kinzinger and Evan McMullin are ISIS terrorist enablers and the critical link to Benghazigate.

ISIS was rampant in 2014, appearing out of Turkey.

Turkish government officers from MIT, and AKP hugged them and told them that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH. 

Turkish government officers from MIT, and AKP hugged them and told them that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH....AND THE presidents daughter sets up hospitals to treat ISIS fighters in Turkey. 

Turkish government officers from MIT, and AKP hugged them and told them that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH.....and the Presidents son, and son in law set up business links which sell ISIS oil to Israel and the West, as well as profits from Human trafficking from Iraq and Syria. 

Saudi government officers from the military and Intelligence hugged them and told them that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH....providing them training in Saudi Arabia with British and USA help, money, arms and 

Qatar government officers from the military and Intelligence hugged them and told them that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH....providing them training in Qatar with British and USA help, money, arms and

CIA government officers from the USA told them that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH....providing them training in Jordan, Turkey, money, arms and MUCH ELSE. 

Pentagon government officers from the USA told them that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH....providing them training in Jordan, Turkey, money, arms and MUCH ELSE.

Senator McCain, Adam Kinzinger and McMullin with the blessings of the State Department and the CIA government officers from USA the told them FROM 2012 that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH....providing them training in Jordan, Turkey, money, arms and PHOTOBOMBS TO INVIGORATE THEIR ILLEGAL DESTABILISATION JIHAD AGAINST SYRIA, AND IRAQ....whilst the USA, PENTAGON, CIA kept a straight face and told the world that the USA was sincere about fighting ISIS......IN Syria and Iraq.

AMBASSADOR STEVEN'S OF LIBYA BENGHAZIGATE...WHO SPOKE FLUENT ARABIC, A HOMOSEXUAL, A ONE TIME CIA OPERATIVE CIA told them that they were on a mission for GOD and that they had the blessing and بركات FROM ALLAH....providing them training in Jordan, Turkey, money, and ARMS from LIBYA, with the support and consent of Hilary, and Obama.

The American ambassador was gun running for ISIS....on the orders of Hilary and Obama.


EPIC: Tulsi Gabbard Calls Adam Kinzinger, John McCain and Evan McMullin Terrorist Enablers…

This is beyond epic.  Representative Tulsi Gabbard visited Syria and delivers big and bold truth to CNN upon her return interview.
Gabbard deconstructs the false narrative sold by the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama administration, John McCain, Adam Kinzinger and Evan McMullin -all of whom supported the various terrorist factions within Syria- and sets the record straight:
The “Rebels” in Syria are extremist terrorists.
CNN host Jake Tapper just didn’t know what to do with himself as Gabbard deconstructed his ideological, and brutally wrong, talking points.  Tapper left staring at the camera with that doofy expression, puzzled and wrinkled brow: “huh”?  Watch:

To further support what Tulsi Gabbard is explaining, previously we shared:
Were it not for an fortuitous, albeit innocuous, picture spotted today – a connection would never have been possible. As such please consider this outline an important addendum to The Benghazi Brief…. and bear with me as we attempt to outline something quite remarkable as it relates to the 2016 campaign against Donald Trump.
isis-brotherhood-1-kinzinger-mccain-mcmullinRepresentative Adam Kinzinger, Senator John McCain, candidate Evan McMullin
What you are about to read is specifically how the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS, connect to those outlined above – and how their individual behaviors within the 2016 election begin to make sense. Perhaps, like us, you will have an ah-ha moment.
The “Never Trump” coalition has always consisted of a few noisy and indecent politicians within Washington DC. Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Jeff Flake and Representative Adam Kinzinger the most noteworthy and vitriolic.
Whenever CNN, or for that matter any media, want a republican voice to argue against Donald Trump, in the “current days’ outrage du jour”, they call upon Kinzinger first and foremost. He seemingly loves the spotlight as much as he enjoys promoting himself on social media. In essence, he’s a proud #NeverTrumper.
We’ll come back to Kinzinger and McMullin in a moment. But first we must place the second set of puzzle pieces on the table.
When we did all the exhaustive research into the Benghazi Brief three years ago, one of the pictures that continued to draw our interest was this one:
The picture above was taken during a time when Senator John McCain visited Syria, and the Western media were proclaiming there were “moderates” in the opposition to Bashir Assad. Senator McCain proclaimed this 2012 visit to be meeting with the “Free Syrian Army”. [Coincidentally, this was on the same trip where he met Ambassador Chris Stevens at the Benghazi courthouse in Libya for the last time].
However, at the same time McCain was trying to convince the world of moderate Syrian resistance, multiple voices within non-traditional journalism, and a large number of people doing independent research, reached the conclusion that al-qaeda and al-Nusra extremists had completely infiltrated the Syrian resistance groups, and a new militant Islamic network was forming.

“2012 NO ISLAM WITHOUT JIHAD” – members of the Free Syrian Army. Abu Khuder and his men fight for al-Qaida. They call themselves the ghuraba’a, or “strangers”, after a famous jihadi poem celebrating Osama bin Laden’s time with his followers in the Afghan mountains, and they are one of a number of jihadi organisations establishing a foothold in the east of the country now that the conflict in Syria has stretched well into its second bloody year.
They try to hide their presence. “Some people are worried about carrying the [black] flags,” said Abu Khuder. “They fear America will come and fight us. So we fight in secret. Why give Bashar and the west a pretext?” But their existence is common knowledge in Mohassen. Even passers-by joke with the men about car bombs and IEDs.
That network ultimately evidenced and defined itself as the Islamic State, or ISIS.
In 2013 and 2014, even though ISIS initially did not have a name, as the hardline extremists in Syria became more openly visible, eventually the western media accepted Raqqa and Aleppo had become the de-facto center of Syrian ISIS operations. In August of 2014 President Obama finally admitted the problem and stated his administration was caught off guard and did not have a strategy to combat them.
Back To The Photograph – The importance of the McCain photograph became increasingly interesting because ISIS as an extremist force became increasingly visible. As a direct consequence we were able to identify the ideology of the people in the picture:
There has been some skepticism as to #2 being al-Baghdadi himself, and Senator John McCain has strongly refuted this claim. However, there is more evidence to prove it is Baghdadi than to refute it’s not Baghdadi. Person #2 looks just like him:
In addition, one of the important bits of evidence to prove #2 is indeed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is actually found in #1 Abu Mosa (ISIS Press Officer).
There is absolutely no doubt that #1 is the (now dead) Islamic State Press Officer Abu Mosa.
abu-mosa-2abu mosa dead
Abu Mosa was killed in August 2014. In 2012, during organization, Baghdadi would have a man with this level of importance to the Islamic State around him at the time this picture was taken.
However, lets look at #5 – “Mouaz Moustafa”, because he is the current person that should be of interest to everyone in the 2016 presidential discussion. Moustafa is the connective tissue per se’. In the photograph, he’s also Senator McCain’s intermediary:
Fast forward two intense years later and look where #5, Mouaz Moustafa shows up in 2014. And more specifically the two faces that show up with him:
Well lookie there. During a trip to Turkey in 2014 to discuss arming Syrian rebel groups, under the auspices of fighting ISIS, you see Representative Adam Kinzinger appear. Oh yeah, and who’s that other fellow circled in the meeting? ….why that’s our anti-Trump candidate Evan McMullin.
Huh, fancy that.
Spotting Evan McMullin conspicuously standing there in the picture made us want to go back to the CNN file footage from the time and see if he was actually visible in the report they filed from Turkey. Yup, he’s there alright.
Watch and spot him in the background during quite a bit of the footage:

Long before anyone heard about Evan McMullin running for President, there he is paling around with #NeverTrump Adam Kinzinger in Turkey chatting with the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates (guise SETF) who are essentially the political arm of ISIS under a differing name.
The declared purpose of the meeting was to discuss who and how to arm the entities within Syria. However, just like in 2012/2013 these same Brotherhood voices in 2014 are simply trying to present themselves as one thing, only to gain the goal of another. That’s ultimately the story behind the arms deals within The Benghazi Brief. That’s the lesson that should have been learned if the truth contained within the brief were ever to have larger public interest.
Additionally, all that said – it’s connections like these that make other things, like the opposition to Donald Trump, make much more sense.

Yup, “things that help make other things make much more sense”….

An incredible piece of investigative journalism that would have otherwise won a pulitizer prize from one of their own in the MSM, BUT is written by the alternative blogesphere, with their thread bare resources and limited funds and staff.....Mr. Bannon should be rolling out the red carpet for these heroes of America and semi-formulising their work in the American media.