MOSSAD terrorism in Turkey

A Turkish student, Gulten frustratingly told me that when ever there was terrorism in Turkey between 1980--2006...the Israelis:

(i) Would have surprising fore knowledge, dressed as expertise.
(ii) Israeli Security would be crawling all over the terrorist incident site, just after the attack (Turkey is a very popular destination for Israeli tourists) There are 1.3 million Arab Israelis, and another 2 million Israeli Jews who look like Arabs and speak Arabic-Shepherdic Jews.

The terrorist attack on a Berlin Disco in 1986 was carried out by MOSSAD, using their German Intelligence assets to carry out the attack. The investigations were carried out by the Head of German Police, and he concluded that it was CIA/MOSSAD......though the blame was put on Libyans FOR POLITICAL REASONS.


The terrorist attack was carried out by the STASI German Intelligence for Israel. The Head of the STASI at the time was, Marcus Wulf a Jewish German, who in 1991 retired to Israel, and where he is buried.

The recent truck terrorist attack in a Berlin market place was also carried out by the same MOSSAD network in Germany. 

La Belle Disco club frequented by African American troops on R&R, 2 PEOPLE KILLED AND 20 INJURED. 1 USA SOLDIER AND THE OTHER A TURKISH WOMEN, KILLED.




Turkey seems to be accepting the fact that the Socialist Secular Moderate government of Bashar al-Assad should remain in power and not be replaced by ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)in Damascus.

Many Israeli security personnel have died as they fought with ISIS against the Damascus government.The responsibility for the killing of Israeli security personnel in Syria, embedded with ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh' is mainly due to Russia, who has killed up to 50,000 ISIS fighters in a little over 1 year ( September 2015-2016). Israel took revenge by assassinating the Russian ambassador in Turkey, and the Israeli President went to Ukraine, and told the Kiev government that Israel would help Ukraine regain the Crimea, and defeat Russia generally this December.

Erdogan and Turkey is also punished by Israel for not helping ISIS, as much as Israel wants....the invasion of Northern Syria by the Turkish military, and a No Fly Zone in Northern Syria where ISIS can have a safe zone to regroup and be re-supplied.

Turkey on 29th December signed a settlement with Russia for a ceasefire and settlement of the Syrian war, allowing Syrian terrorists the opportunity to talk and negotiate with the Damascus government...so that there can be eventual peace. ISRAEL was not happy with Turkey about this development by the Turkish government.

Turkey will participate in further peace meetings with Russia and Iran later this year 2017 regarding Syria, excluding the USA, OF COURSE, the main sponsor of terrorism in Syria. Israel is not happy with this development, and with the Erdogan government.

Little illegal entity Apartheid Israel expects all its dogs to obey them, and their plans for Eretz Israel. In Israels eyes and view Turkey is just another pawn that must obey the dictates of Tel A Viv.....regardless of the costs to Turkey.

Likud Israel wants to create GREATER ISRAEL. It needs to destroy ALL nations within, AND NEAR the boundaries of GREATER ISRAEL--or Eretz Israel.
Image result for eretz israel map

During the 1960's and especially the 1970's terrorism in Turkey was primarily carried out by Turkish military units sponsoring both left and right-wing political entities, under GLADIO and a 'strategy of tension' which would EVENTUALLY allow the Military to take over the country in 1980, for the third time, and under Washington's guidance AND APPROVAL. 

Then the 1980's the Israeli backed PKK appeared,....and terrorism in Eastern Turkey by the PKK, and the Turkish military fighting the PKK. There was also terrorism by Ergenekon, a right-wing terrorist cell of the Turkish Deep State linked to NATO's GLADIO.
Then finally in the 1990'S.....ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM...was promoted with the creation of the Turkish Hizbullah, and the AKP. With the election of the AKP, sponsored by Israel and the USA, Turkey for the first time in 2002, had a pure Islamist Party intent on converting the country into an Islamic Caliphate(Which is what Israel desires of Turkey).

Thus MOSSAD's bombing of the Istanbul nightclub is a warning to Erdogan of what Israel can do to Turkey if Turkey does not follow Israel's direction. That Israel can make the situation very bad for Erdogan, who will appear helpless and impotent in the face of a terrorist onslaught. 

Second, the terrorist incident is an advertisement and promotion of the direction the Israelis want Turkey to go towards....a medieval backward, strife ridden weak state that is consumed by Zionist Islamo-fascism and civil war.

By aangirfan

Leanne Nasser, 19, was at the Istanbul nightclub with three friends from her home village of Tira in central Israel.

These young women from Tira are Arab-Israelis.

Tira has been asscociated with wealthy gangsters.

Mabruk Abdel-Kater runs the largest crime family in the Tira area of Israel.

Police nab Israeli-Arab mob family.

The Abdel-Kater family is said to be involved in extortion, drugs and gangland killings.

The Hariri crime family operates in the same area.

Leanne Nasser was reportedly killed in Istanbul.

One of the perpetrators of the attack on Istanbul's Reina nightclub was killed, The Guardian reported on Sunday 1 January 2017, citing Turkish officials.

One of the Istanbul Nightclub Attack perpetrators was killed

Eyewitness testimonies, reported by the Turkish media, described up to three attackers.

2017 Istanbul nightclub attack

The Turkish Authorities originally claimed that one shooter was killed by the police.


Above, we see Bono at Istanbul's Reina nightclub which was attacked on 31 December 2016.

Past celebrity guests have included singers Kylie Minogue, Sting, Kevin Costner, Uma Thurman and Salma Hayek.


The nightclub shooting in Istanbul, on 31 December 2016, involved Israelis and elements of the Turkish government. 

2013 corruption scandal in Turkey.

Turkey is said to be run by crypto-Jews.

Mourning the dead after the nightclub shooting.

There were several shooters.

"Gunmen dressed as Santa Claus massacred 35 people in an Istanbul nightclub terror attack in Turkey just after midnight on New Year’s Eve."

Attackers stormed into the nightclub Reina and began shooting, The New York Times reported.

Many of the police officers who were on duty in Istanbul and around the Reina were dressed as Santa Claus.

Plainclothes police to dress as Santa during New Year's celebrations. / Istanbul police patrol in Santa outfits - BBC News

"It was reported by Hurriyet and the Jerusalem Post that the owner of the club, Mehmet Kocarslan, had told journalists that the security of the club had been transferred to an unnamed entity, days before the shooting at his club in Istanbul.

"What that indicates, more and more likely, is that the security of the Reina club was recently outsourced to an Israeli security company."

False Flag AND Inside Job: Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

Victim Leanne Nasser, an Arab Israeli.

Five Arab-Israeli girls were caught up in the attack on the Reina night club in Istanbul, on 1 January 2017.

Among those who died were 7 Saudis, 5 Turks, 4 Iraqis, 3 Jordanians, 1 Lebanese, 1 Syrian and one Arab-Israeli.

Above, we see what is said to be one of the young females involved in the attack.

Who gains from the Istanbul attack?

Israel gains from the Istanbul New Year's Eve attack.

Attacker yelled 'Allahu akbar' as he fired, says Israeli survivor.

Nabeela has recruited girls for Mossad.

Mossad employs many Arab Moslem girls - mainly young Moroccans.

Mossad using Arab women.
In Morocco, "Nabeela recruited girls as young as 12" for Mossad.

Nabeela also recruited young Asian women.

Among those targeted by the girls are Americans.


"Nabeela used to introduce herself as an Emirati intelligence agent."

Her group has operated in Thailand.
Nabila has been linked to assassinations.

Nabeela has worked with Saudis and Turks who work for the CIA.

Some of the female Mossad agents film their targets having sex.

A German newspaper revealed that the German intelligence service provides Mossad agents with fake passports.

Mossad using Moroccan women to gather sexy secret information