It is official, as reported by the BBC in London. Trump was recruited in Moscow by the KGB

These are the likely indications as suggested by the London Guardian, and London BBC recently (5)

Trump likes Russians girls. This is the hook used to recruit him, and control him by the KGB......aka SEXPIONAGE....honey traps.
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The dossier suggests a rather shallow FLAME HAIRED Celt of Scottish descent, who has very deep sexual deviations, not unlike the.....

After buying state of the art Russian arms, which in any case are ....his next step will be to jointly fight rogues around the world with the Russians, followed by further joint military exercises between the two countries.

The USA MIC is horrified.

The Russians of course have more sincere motives.

The Russians remember fondly that it was a Jewish front bank in New York, of the Rothschilds of London which kick started the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution from 1916 with payments of $20 million ($1 billion) With Trotsky leading the charge from New York, and Lenin from his palace in Switzerland via Germany.The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution eventually killed 60 million people 1916--1991, inside the former Soviet Union....with Genocide against the Russian intellectual class, clergy, genocide against Ukrainians (20% loss), Tartars all over Russia(50%) and Khazaks(30%)

The transfer of strategic Western Capitalist technology to the Soviet Union from 1920....starting with steel, petroleum extraction, tank manufacture, aircracft manufacture and so forth.

To the 2 million GM/FORD trucks given to the Soviets from 1942-44, so that the Red army could advance against Nazi Germany more quickly, and smash 500 Nazi Divisions and do 80% of the fighting against Nazi Germany. Otherwise the Soviet military in WW11 was a foot force....and slow.

So with such high flying Globalist Deep State cooperation between the two, why not the USA buying Russian jets along with Russian rocket engines.


KGB Sends Trump His First Directive: Axe F-35, Buy Russia's MiG-35 Instead

The Trump Administration has ordered a full review of the costly F-35 program. KGB sources say that Trump is already negotiating a contract with Russia for 10,000 beautiful MiG-35s.
Russia Insider Paul Kaiser Subscribe to Paul Kaiser
The F-35 is a complete disaster. The over budget, behind schedule stealth fighter jet has at least 276 defects and won't be fully combat-capable before 2020. And the program's total price tag? Over $1 trillion.
Back in December, Trump described spending on the fighter jet as "out of control" and said billions could be saved on military "and other" purchases.
Well, it looks like it wasn't just empty Twitter-talk: Defense Secretary James Mattis has ordered a full review of the F-35 program.
Comrade Trump (real name: Donat Ivanovich Trolstoyevski) has performed spectacularly. Years of KGB plotting is finally coming to fruition.
The Manchurian candidate's first orders from Moscow? Cut the F-35 program, and spend the remaining budget on purchasing cutting-edge, Russian-made MiG-35s instead.
This will pump billions of delicious US dollars into the Russian economy, allowing even the poorest babushka to buy an iPhone 7.
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Thank you again, Donat Trolstoyevski. And keep up the good work!