The pot calling the kettle black

This is a clear case of Psychological projection.(UK-5)

It is also a case of Pathological lying.

Lying has become the foundation of the American Empire. That is why especially dealing with American people The President must be pure, as heaven, to contrast himself from this fiendish crowd OF CLOWNS like Clapper.

ONLY this way he can run two terms successfully, and transform America and make the nation Great again.

The USA of Jefferson, Washington, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln and FDR wasn't built on lies.

The USA of Jefferson, Washington, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln and FDR wasn't built on the quest for empire, and total domination of the earth (Full Spectrum Dominance)


Promises to Provide Evidence Sometime Next Week

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com
Speaking to the Senate today, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper openly disagreed with President-elect Donald Trump on the narrative of the 2016 presidential election, insisting he was “even more resolute” that the Russians had hacked the election, and promising some evidence would be made public next week.
Clapper claimed Russia had meddled in the US election not just through alleged hacking of the Clinton campaign, but by “spreading of propaganda,” saying that the existence of state-run television station RT played a role in the election by “disparaging our system.”
(The man is on the way out, and I suppose this gives him a license to spew any old rubbish that comes out of HIS right royal arse....never mind public duty and service to the USA, and stability of the ship of state. There is something decidedly wrong when having announced the resignation from office, at the 11th hour you go on a wild unfounded campaign to say that the elected President of the USA is illegitimate, a Russian puppet....and defacto Hilary should be the President. 

The gossip is that he is a 33 degree Free Mason, who enjoys paedophilia and child sacrifice. He wears a CIA satanic goatee, so there is further INDISPUTABLE proof that he is a Manchurian globalist plant in the USA government.

Further SLAPPY CLAPPY HAPPY looks evil .....not your run of the mill ex-admiral sailing the seven seas. He is better than Captain Ahab.....at looking mean, pretentious, privileged, disconnected, rich bastard, elitist Atlantist owned by the Rothschilds of London.

On the subject of unsubstantiated gossip and rumor, it is believed that RT was founded by MOSSAD. The MOSSAD teamed up with the Jewish Russian Deep State, and birthed RT with Putin's blessing in 2005.

Its OFFICIAL Russian founder front for MOSSAD is Mikhail Lesin (JEW), who is alleged to have accumulated $30 million in mafia funds to open and run RT. 

From Wikipedia:

Funny that Lesin'S ENTIRE mafia funds are invested in the USA. Funny how the FBI has not launched a major investigation of the CHIEF STATE PROPAGANDA arm founder of the Soviet government?.....which according to Clapper et al destabilise the USA through their evil Cold War propaganda. Funny how the founder of RT is found dead in his hotel room in the USA, only last year in December 2015.

The basic information above leads us to believe that Lesin was in fact a USA CIA/MOSSAD spy, uncovered by Russia, and executed in the USA, in the country of his original benefactor, the USA. Lesin was a deep deep embarrassment to the Putin government, who conferred on him lavish state praise, and In 2006 he was awarded the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", one of Russia's highest state decoration for civilians. Wikipedia) 

Lesins son Anton became a Hollywood movie producer (Read USA propaganda)

Contrary to what Clapper says, the USA did sort of take over Russia in 1991 into a terminal third World trajectory slide, only arrested by the election of Vladimir Putin. This created a lot of disappointment within the CIA and their friends, and Putin is still struggling with the CIA fifth column in Russia led by Medvedev.

However I still hold to the gossip that RT is MOSSAD, thats why I don't waste my time watching them which we all have the option to do. 

Maybe 000.5% of the USA TV audience watch RT? But certainly a very small percentage compared to the CIA Mockingbird media outlets of the CNN, CBS, ABC, MSCNBC, Washington Post, New York whatever and the Wall Street Journal....and the various globalist think tanks, and CFR and the Trilateral Commission.Funny how for a Soviet government propaganda outlet its never been banned in the USA.

It is filled with Jews, mostly from the USA....and when it is not busy talking about Julian Assange and Edward Snowden (2 alleged USA deep state Psy-ops)....its busy talking about Jews and Israel. Clapper through his unfounded allegations has merely aided the RT circulation audience in the USA to 1% of the total USA TV audience.

A Russian Dacha is being gifted to Clapper, just outside Moscow, so I have heard.

Gossip and propaganda....who is entitled to under take it in this world. The USA $1 TRILLION media industry.....or maybe Russia, China, Iran, Indonesia with a slightly different angle? Must we the people of the world rely on the good corporate oligarchical media in the USA to tell us the truth, OR can we the people of the world when we see the obvious folly of empire mutter, utter and talk back at the sole hyper-power on earth, the USA?.....through our meager basic means. 

Russia has not hacked the USA elections and the evidence is mounting about this FACT, especially from American sources. Never mind the denials of the Russian government.

However the USA has hacked and subverted many governments around the world since 1945, and that issss FACT: 

Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq (2007)

The author is not a KGB agent, but an American.

Clapper then went on to lash Trump for being so vocal in questioning the allegations, saying that there was a difference between “healthy skepticism” by lawmakers and open disparagement of the intelligence community by not accepting their findings.
The evidence underpinning the allegations remains almost entirely secret, with Clapper claiming Russia’s involvement in the US election was “unprecedented,” but not offering any specifics, beyond the fact that RT exists and sometimes publishes stories embarrassing to the US government.
Beyond whatever Clapper intends to reveal next week, officials familiar with the situation say one of the key pieces of “evidence” they have is secret communications among Russian leaders showing they were happy that Trump won the election, which intelligence officials are presenting as proof they made it happen.
Trump has rejected the claims, insisting his campaign never had contact with Russian officials. The Trump team has also been quoted as concerned about the increased politicization of the intelligence community in the US.