USA funding ISIS and all the rest....its is a regime change operation for Israel.

Directly from the horses mouth.

One of the most promising breed of new politicians and ex-military who didn't join politics just so that she could be in the gravy train.

We hope that in the future she marshals insider knowledge of the Capital Hill Leviathan by holding positions in the armed services/defense committees; intelligence committee and State Department foreign relations committees.

That is where she must cut her teeth and prove herself and establish her name.

Eventually, she could become a great Defense Secretary or a Secretary of State......or PRESIDENT.

But she seems a one pony trick only concerned about the welfare of dirty brown people, in far off forgettable lands that are not that important for America, but only for Israel and its regime change agenda in its neighborhood?

Good solid reliable politicians build their reputations on hard focused work on a specific agenda, and then once they have proved their mettle, they move on to bigger and better things. These are the best types of public servant politicians, because you know where they are coming from, rather than Johnny come lately politicians who join an issue because its the flavor of the election cycle month...and they have slyly read the tea leafs, and the 'mood' of the nation.....they have no real empathy for the people, but they do have slick well paid marketing companies at their disposal.

Ms Gabbard is of humble background, and truly part of the common people who served selflessly in the armed forces of the USA, and in Iraq. She clearly isn't globalist. Her friends aren't globalist. She doesn't party with billionaire globalists in the Virgin Islands off shore tax haven....she truly is of the people, and by the people. Crooked Hillary Clinton didn't touch her even though Hilary is a rampant lesbian, surrounding herself with a bevy of women of questionable background and even though Ms Gabbard seems such a promising politician from the Democrats.(What better endorsement can you get?)

Syria is important for another reason, and probably Ms Gabbard does not know or understand this because of her background and loyalties.

The USA Deep State along with Likud Israel carried out 9/11...period, they had the resources, the means, and the motive. That means the CIA, FBI and the Pentagon participated in 9/11 with their Israeli soul mates.

9/11 was a gun aimed at the American common man. It converted the USA into a rampant unchecked police state, whose powers would be directed against Americans. The build up to it was WTC (1993)...6 DEAD...and OKC building bombing (1995) with 250 DEAD....under the direction of the globalists Clintons.

9/11 happened on the Republicans watch....2 sides of the same globalist coin.

In the international arena 9/11 by the Deep State and Israel called for 'Full Spectrum Dominance'....sounds sooo sexy doesn't it? And America the unquestioned global military leader who could prosecute wars and regime change anywhere....through soft power...'color revolution' or hard power through military intervention in Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003, Pakistan via the Pakistan military, Somalia through drones and special forces, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen, Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, Georgia, South America, Iran and of course the most famous SYRIA, as of now. 

In certain instances the USA DEEP STATE, along with Israel and NATO forces would fund extremist groups be they neo-Nazis or Islamic Nazis to destabilize foreign states illegally, and criminally, and which would result in the death of millions. This is what Ms Gabbard is doing in Syria, selflessly....since there were a few Globalist frowns and hisses when she went and met Assad, and where now Globalist Donald the Duck JUST announced USA unipolar plans for 'Safe Zones' in North Syria conquered by NATO Turkey, without the consent of the legal Assad government in Damascus.......ie Precursor to regime change as in Libya.

AND if she successfully exposes the links between the USA DEEP STATE, AND ISIS....then by default many more Americans will wonder whether 'al-CIA-duh' actually carried out 9/11. 


The first bit of the news is a little propaganda on behalf of ISIS, after all it is CNN.. using a little girl named Bana who is 7, yes 7, and she tweeted in perfect adult native speaking English and better than Donald from occuppied East Aleppo, held by 'al-CIA-duh' and ISIS......TELLING THE WORLD HOW EVIL THE ASSAD REGIME AND RUSSIANS ARE BOMBING INDESCRIMINATELY, using barrel bombs and chemical weapons, and killing lots AND LOTS OF chilren in hospitals after hospitals....she ends up escaping into the arms of Deonme Erdogan in Turkey, the main facilitator of ISIS on behalf of the USA.

Curiously her internet service was never interuppted whilst full scale war raged on all around her in East Aleppo.

Then Ms Gabbard tells it like it is, later.....in a calm,
civilised manner.