Trump must first order the CIA to dismantle the $2 billion aid to the Syrian terrorists.

Russia will not be a mere appendage to Trumps Imperial policies, distancing Russia from China, Iran and Syria. But that the Pentagon can undertake joint aerial strikes against ISIS with Russia.

The best way to defeat ISIS is for the CIA to dismantle the $2 billion aid that is given to the Syrian terrorist groups by the CIA using Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and NATO each year/annually...WITH ARMS, TRAINING, LOGISTICS, C&C, MEDICAL AID, TRADE FOR ISIS OIL....AND THE ARMS FROM EAST EUROPE AND THE UKRAINE.

This in the full sense is what it really means to fight ISIS....a creation of the CIA. 

Russia should not fight ISIS with the USA upon Trumps orders, THUS SANCTIFYING A CIA lie that somehow ISIS is an independent 'revolutionary group' which emerged 'naturally' from the prisons of Iraq......FIGHTING A LEGITIMATE WAR OF STRUGGLE FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE OPPRESSED SUNNIS OF SYRIA AND IRAQ.

The CIA created ISIS, and sustains ISIS....TRUMP MUST ORDER THE CIA TO DISMANTLE THIS DETSBAILISATION FIFTH COLUMN OF THE CIA, first before than should be any meaningful comprehensive cooperation between Russia and the USA.

RUSSIA will not add fuel to the FALSE FIRE that the CIA's ISIS IS A MENACE to the world...requiring joint action by both countries..whilst simultaneously the CIA/PENTAGON SUSTAIN THE 'REBELS' 'THE SYRIAN OPPOSITION' BY covert means via Turkey.

The promise of lifting of sanctions by the USA against Russia, as dictated by Rothschild London May, sometime in the fuzzy maybe future, cannot be a quid pro quo of Russian cooperation with the USA in fighting ISIS, thus sanctifying ISIS whilst in the background the Pentagon and the CIA continue funnelling arms, ammunition, and more terrorists from their networks into the Syrian/Iraqi theater.

RUSSIA is doing an execellent job of fighting ISIS by its self. 

If it undertakes joint strikes with the USA, it will ensure that ISIS WILL always have forewarning of Russian airstrikes.

The USA must not create Safe Havens in Northern Syria....just because the Saudis and the Turks want it.


A Brave, New Multipolar World: Lavrov Declares End of US Regime Change Dominoes

By Rudi Panko at Russia Insider

As a seasoned diplomat, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov knows when to keep his mouth shut. This is perhaps the greatest difference between Washington and Moscow: The Russians know that actions speak louder than words.
When the Kremlin does makes extremely pointed remarks, you can bet they are backed by sober analysis, the "facts on the ground."
According to Lavrov, the supporters of "messianically imposing their own ultra-liberal values, changing sovereign countries’ political systems, among them through ideologically motivated operations to topple undesirable regimes," gained the upper hand in the West some time ago. "The failure of such attempts is obvious, but they will be dealing with the aftermath for a very long time," he emphasized.
The aftermath Lavrov is referring to has several layers to it. The most obvious consequence of Washington's actions in Syria is a massive humanitarian crisis that will take decades to fully rectify. Hundreds of thousands dead. Millions of refugees. A huge swath of the country's critical infrastructure destroyed completely. As Lavrov puts it:
Outside interference turned the region into a space of chaos and anarchy, with numerous radicals immediately taking advantage of this," the minister explained. "Hence, the weakening or collapse of statehood in a number of countries, an unprecedented surge in international terrorism and extremism, and the large-scale migrant crisis that has engulfed Europe.
If you read between the lines, Lavrov is also hinting that there is another serious aftermath to Washington's disastrous and failed intervention in Syria: The west's game of regime change dominoes ends in Syria. It's over. Welcome to the multipolar world.
Lavrov said as much when he pointed out that while Russia has always advocated for conflict resolution based on national accord, Washington felt that it could trample on international law and do as it sees fit, wherever it wants, whenever it wants.
These days are over.
Of course, Lavrov's statements are also a bit of a veiled victory lap for Russia, which, after a little more than a year, managed to completely reverse the massive gains made by the "moderate rebels" and their democracy-loving sponsors in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.S.
Imagine where we would be right now if Russia had not stepped up to the plate and stopped this madness.
Thank god for our new, multipolar world.