Evil Russians plotting to take over the world.

Or there is a reincarnation of Emperor Cyrus who will constitute a new Persian Empire (from the same dossier source.....doesn't matter if he can't speak a single word of Persian, or has a single Iranian friend---IRRELEVANT)

What is relevant is the lie, and how often it is told, and how many people believe.

But then of course the Russians are expert chess players.....so they might after all be good at trickery, and mind bending games.

....and and and...didn't the Russians have at one time the best intelligence service in the world..the KGB?

Don't Russians speak English with a slightly slippery accent?

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Banana Republic Iran refused a private dossier from London, handed to them by sos John Kerry, stating that Ruhollah Khomenei was a British agent recruited in the 1950's. The Iranian foreign ministry summoned the British embassy representative in Tehran, and strongly rebuked him for insulting the exhalted Islamic Republic, and the great Islamic Revolution of 1979, undertaken by the CIA and British Intelligence..........with such blatant propaganda, and attempt at destabilisation and delegitimation of the Islamic Republic.



The Trump Rabbit Hole Goes Far Deeper Than You Think. Russia Has Tons of Dirt on Him. Super Reliable Information

Of course we can't tell you our sources you see
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I am distressed at the shocking lack of faith shown by so many people in the exposé of Donald Trump’s Russian connections recently published on BuzzFeed. Judging by the sceptics’ attitudes, you’d think that the report was written by some vacuum cleaner salesman trying to earn a little bit of money to pay for his daughter’s pony club membership. As if!! Human intelligence compiled from anonymous sources is known to be the most reliable basis on which to form judgements about important events. Nothing else provides such detailed insider information from the very heart of enemy institutions.
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It is time people knew the truth. I have decided that it is necessary to reveal my own notes from underground (scribbled on a table napkin in invisible ink this morning and just now squirted with lemon juice). I cannot, of course, identify my sources, but I might suggest that you look up Richard Meinertzhagen’s ‘dirty paper method’ (see footnote). I can also claim that I have access to the highest echelons of the Russian government through somebody who knows somebody, who is related to somebody, who went to school with somebody, whose neighbour sharpens Vladimir Putin’s hockey skates.
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These sources of mine tell me that the plot to place Donald Trump in the White House was hatched not five years ago as claimed in the BuzzFeed report, but 13 years ago at an exclusive banya in Sokolniki.
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According to Source BS, the concept for what became known as Operatsiia Tuz emerged during a sweaty discussion over a dozen bottles of vodka, when oligarch Viktor Bogatyi announced that he had an idea for a new television show. Aspiring kleptocrats would audition for a job as Bogatyi’s assistant and the losers would be eliminated one by one with his famous catchphrase ‘You’re shot!’ Hearing this, a senior GRU agent, Max Otto von Stierlitz, after a pause of seventeen moments, suggested an alternative. Why not, said Stierlitz, pass the idea for the TV show on to Donald Trump to use as a vehicle for making himself popular among the American people? It would be the perfect mechanism to gradually push the Donald into a position from which he could become President of the United States of America. The rest, as they say, is history.
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Source VK adds that the FSB later tried to compromise Trump during a stay in Moscow at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. To this end, the FSB tried to lure him into a liaison with a woman from Leningrad, alluringly dressed up in Louboutin shoes and truly awesome jeans. Unfortunately, Trump refused to be compromised, preferring instead the company of a respectable lady with a lapdog. An attempt to get Trump intoxicated at a drinks stand in Patriarch’s Pond also failed when the stand turned out not to have any drinks, and Trump got distracted by a large black cat.
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In a final twist, Source RT reveals that the FSB’s active measures unit decided to turn Operatsiia Tuz into a classic provokatsiia, building on years of experience in maskirovka. As part of a subordinate operation, (Operatsiia Tresk), a former KGB agent known only as Opperput arranged for details of Operatsiia Tuz to be leaked to the American Democratic Party. The expectation was that the Democratic Party would covertly pass the information to the press, which would use it to defame Donald Trump. The final step would then be to feed the full details directly to the public once Trump won the presidency, thereby revealing the Democrats’ dirty tricks and exposing their willingness to plumb the lowest depths of political sleaze. This final stage of Operatsiia Tuz reached its brilliant climax with the BuzzFeed story yesterday.
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Due to the highly sensitive nature of the contents above, readers are advised to shred themselves immediately upon finishing this report.
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Footnote: See Richard Occleshaw, Armour against Fate: British Military Intelligence in the First World War. Meinertzhagen recorded in his diary how he rescued Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna from Ekaterinburg in a small plane in 1918. His famous honesty, which extended also to his extensive (and not at all fraudulently assembled) bird collection, is testimony to the immense trustworthiness of former British intelligence officers. I assure readers that everything in this report is equally reliable.