Elite Jewish Nazis and the Third Reich vehicle

From time to time we get a whiff of Nazism coming out of Jews. Especially in Israel. Their treatment and description of the Palestinians in Nazi like terms, and when the Palestinians could longer be trusted to do the menial jobs in Israel, the Jews subsequent treatment of imported African migrant workers....the secret sterilization of Africa women, even as guest workers...."do not produce in Israel and don't even think about it in your own country when you go back home...you fucking Schwartzers.".....Apartheid Israel, with Berlin Walls....and nuke weapons and technology to Apartheid South Africa back in 1975, and North Korea in the 1990's.

The same is reflected in the USA, where millions in nations of color have died from the Pentagon's habitual wars, which seem to be for resources and yet don't turn out to be so; most of the resource contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be going to American companies.

Being gay is not a problem, but the problem lye's with the fact that the Elite Jew's in the USA and Europe can manipulate even quite sophisticated nations to commit to war, which subsequently kill 60 million people. Which involve the entire world at war. Creates a UN which is dominated by one nation. Creates the multi-trillion $ apparently fake Cold War which necessitates massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons between the two Jewish run super-powers, the Soviet Union and the JEWSA.

......AND many proxy wars which killed millions more since 1949.

We hope books from prominent authors, documentaries and cinema movies can explore this area of high standard and quality.

We need to understand and acknowledge the existence of such a shadowy power structure that resides in the USA, and the West which has implications for the world to this day.

The Nazis of Germany 1933--1945 were brought into power by the International Jewish bankers, using crypto-Jews in Germany.



Magda Goebbels and her children, including Harald.

Magda Goebbels was born Johanna Maria Magdalena Behrend.

Magda's mother Auguste Behrend divorced Oskar Ritschel and married a JEWISH businessman named Richard Friedländer.

Magda Goebbels once dated Haim Arlosoroff.

He became a prominent ZIONIST.

Magda married Günther Quandt, a rich German industrialist twice her age.

Quandt's business later grew into VARTA batteries among other businesses. 

He also had large shareholdings in BMW and Daimler-Benz.

Magda and Gunther produced a child called Harald.

Harald, being touched by Adolf

Magda became attracted to her 18-year-old stepson Helmut Quandt.[3]

On a trip to the USA, Magda formed a relationship with a nephew of the U.S. President Herbert Hoover.[9]

Harald being followed by a strange man.(The typical Aryan looking Goebbels...."The Rabbi")

Magda divorced Gunther and married Joseph Goebbels.

Joseph Goebbels had many affairs during his marriage to Magda. 

Reportedly, Joseph Goebbels had Jewish origins and was gay.

Harald, Magda, Joseph.

Joseph Goebbels' first girlfriend was Jewish. Goebbels' family came from Holland; he was nicknamed "rabbi" in school.


"Goebbels had a medal struck: on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star." Website

"In The Twelve Year Reich, Richard Grunberger tells of a party given by Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, which degenerated into a homosexual orgy (Grunberger:70)." 

In 1945 Albert Speer offered to have the Goebbels family smuggled out of Berlin.

Reportedly, Magda and her family retired to South America at the end of World War II.

Joseph Goebbels; wife Magda; In uniform -Harald Quandt, Magda's son by her first marriage; Magda's children, Helga, Hildegard, Helmut, Hedwig, Holdine and Heidrun in 1942. Photograph: Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

How Goebbels' step-grandchildren became billionaires

In the spring of 1945, Harald Quandt, Goebbel's stepson, was a prisoner-of-war, in Benghazi.

He received a letter from his mother Magda Goebbels.

Magda claimed that she, Joseph, and their six children, were going to die with cyanide capsules.

Goebbels Family or doubles?

Harald Quandt was released from captivity in 1947.

Seven years later, he and his half-brother Herbert, inherited the industrial empire built by their father, Guenther Quandt.

Harald's decendents now share a fortune worth at least $6 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.


Who are the decendents?

Gabriele Quandt, who lives in Munich.

Katarina Geller-Herr, who is Jewish.

Colleen-Bettina Rosenblat-Mo, who is Jewish. Her first marriage was to Michael Rosenblat, a German-Jewish businessman.

Anette-Angelika May-Thies, whose first marriage was to Axel May, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) international adviser for private banking, who managed the family’s investments for about 25 years.

Holding hands.

[1996] Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel: Israel in War - With Jews by Hennecke Kardel 

"Igra...cites Hitler aides and close friends who were known homosexuals.

"He states that Hitler's chauffeur and one-time personal secretary, Emile Maurice, for example, was homosexual, as well as the pornographer Julius Streicher, who "was originally a school teacher, but was dismissed by the Nuremberg School Authorities, following numerous charges of pederasty brought against him" (Igra:72f).

"SS Chief Heinrich Himmler's 'pederastic proclivities [were] captured on film' by Nazi filmmaker Walter Frenz (Washington City Paper, April 4, 1995).

"Reinhard Heydrich, mastermind of the first pogrom, Kristallnacht, and of the death camps, was homosexual (Calic:64).

"In The Twelve Year Reich, Richard Grunberger tells of a party given by Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, which degenerated into a homosexual orgy (Grunberger:70).

"A recent biography of Albert Speer by Gitta Sereny speaks of a 'homo-erotic (not sexual) relationship' between Speer and Hitler (Newsweek, Oct. 30, 1995).

"Langer notes that Hitler's personal bodyguards were 'almost always 100 percent homosexuals' (Langer:179). Hitler's later public pronouncements against homosexuality never quite fit with the lifelong intimacy-sexual or otherwise-which he maintained with men he knew and accepted as homosexuals." 

The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.

"Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, and Adolph Hitler were all of Jewish extraction.


Western Pedophile rings



James Taylor Jr (centre)

The most dangerous child abusers are often members of one of the following:

1. A fundamentalist religious group

2. An intelligence service

3. An extreme right-wing political party
The Exclusive Brethren has been accused of providing over half a million dollars to the campaign of George W. Bush, and providing cash to other right-wing politicians allegedly linked to the CIA.

Exclusive Brethren - Wikipedia...
When Alan Robertson was aged ten, he was raped by James Taylor Jr, who was the head of the Exclusive Brethren.
The Exclusive Brethern is a fundamentalist religious group which operates worldwide.

Alan Robertson
Alan Robertson says that, after a Brethren meeting in Kilmarnock in Scotland, he was invited by Taylor into a private room.

Taylor said they were ‘going to share God’s love’.

Alan Robertson "was brought up by parents who were members of the Exclusive Brethren Church.
"As a consequence he had a very unhappy and rigid childhood, being prevented from playing and even eating with other children."
"He was shy, introverted and insecure. Both Mr Robertson’s sexual abuse as a child and the rigidity of the cult of which his parents were members caused him to experience fear, horror and helplessness."
Read more: dailymail.co.uk/-raped-leader-Exclusive-Brethren-Shock-testimony-man-alleges-abused-child-Big-Jim-Taylor

In 2012, six girls from the Exclusive Brethren's Wilton Park School were 'confined for 37 days' after making a Facebook page.[31]

Lucien and George Rekers.
And here is a list of Anti-Gay Activists who reportedly are Gay

1 George Rekers
George Rekers, a baptist minister, was part of anti-gay lobbying groups in the USA.

He wrote "Growing Up Straight: What Families Should Know About Homosexuality".

He contacted Rentboy.com. and met Lucien.

He took Lucien on a trip, and got caught.

Bishop Eddie Long
2 Pastor Eddie Long, from Georgia, claimed his church can "deliver" people from homosexuality.
He reportedly used his fame and influence to pressure teenage boys into having sex.

Reportedly he took the boys on trips and gave them gifts in exchange for sex.

Ted Haggard
3 Pastor Ted Haggard was 'outed' by a rent boy in 2006.
He had been anti-gay.

Moon, suspected pedophile

Rense has an article about CIA links to Christian evangelical leaders.

Nearly all the top Christian evangelicals in the USA have had connections with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a suspected pedophile. 

Moon had links to the CIA.
Moon, the Moonies, and the Unification Church have been accused of being involved with mind control.

Moon apparently claimed that Jesus failed and that Moon was the new messiah.

Jerry Falwell, linked to the CIA and 9 11.
Jerry Falwell reportedly ‘admits that he accepted 2.5 million dollars from Moon in 1994’.

Falwell spoke at many Moon meetings.

"Jerry Falwell ... owed over one million dollars in unpaid loans to the owner of the terror flight school in Florida which trained Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi, the MadCowMorningNews has learned... 

"The Rev. Falwell’s second curious association at the Venice Airport involves a dummy front company working at terror flight school Huffman Aviation in Venice Florida which moved, amid great controversy, to the Baptist minister’s hometown of Lynchburg VA..." 

Flight school's owner, Wally Hilliard.
"In 1979, Jerry Falwell founded the Moral Majority, which was the key to the rise of Zionist Christian leaders in the USA. Ronald Reagan's election as president in 1980 was partly due to the Moral Majority.

"Falwell set up the Faith and Values Coalition to promote a pro-Israel point of view.

"Falwell received the Jabotinsky Medal, awarded for outstanding services to Israel. Falwell is the only non-Jew ever to receive the medal.

"Falwell made a series of visits to Israel in 1979 and 1980. He pledged to work for permanent Israeli annexation of the West Bank. He received a ‘gift’ of a Lear jet from the Begin government." 

Spot the secret gay.

"Falwell is not the only evangelical reported to have accepted money from Rev. Moon.
"One 'Moon sponsored' organization is the Council for National Policy founded in 1981 by evangelist Tim LaHaye. ‘It is reported that he received $500,000 from a Mr. Bo Hi Pak, Moon’s number one man, and a former Korean CIA officer’.

Oliver North......Linked to drug trafficking, arms running to terrorist groups, pedophile rings AND Christian Fundie groups?
"The Council for National Policy plans the strategy of the Religious Right in the United States."

"Members of the CNP have included: Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Oliver North, formerly with the National Security Council.

"Members have also reportedly included:

J Peter Grace

* J. Peter Grace, Council of Foreign Relations, Knights of Malta, ‘and worked with the CIA to remove classified info concerning former Nazi scientists so that they could immigrate into the U.S., supposedly so they could carry on their work (including mind control projects) in the USA.’

* Lt. General Daniel Graham (CNP Board of Governors) Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Deputy Director CIA.

* Max Hugel (CNP Member) Former special assistant CIA Deputy Director for Administration, and Deputy Director for Operations

Pat Robertson, whose business partner was Charles Taylor 'who enabled Al Qaeda to launder blood diamonds for cash through Liberia...'

"One of the National Religious Broadcasters is Pat Robertson whose activities reportedly include:

'support for the slaughter of thousands of Indians by a Guatemalan dictator; public praise for the reputed leader of Salvadoran death squads; collaboration with murky U.S. mercenary groups; and the provision of chaplains and funds to the contra army seeking to topple the government of Nicaragua...'.


"Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network organised Operation Blessing. This operation reportedly helped supply goods to the Contras.

"The head of Operation Blessing was Captain Robert Warren, who was also formerly associated with a CIA group called Operation Phoenix.

"This was an assassination group that operated in Vietnam. Also associated with this group was Oliver North."

"The Washington Post has claimed that the former leader of Liberia, Charles Taylor, received at least $1 million for providing sanctuary to bin Laden agents in the weeks following the September 11, 2001 attacks


"Pat Robertson had an agreement with Taylor's government to operate a mining business known as Freedom Gold Ltd."

The CIA's general Graham.

"One Moon associated group is called the 'Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable'. This group connects leading Moon associated evangelicals to the CIA.

"Reportedly, Govt Connections to this group include:

Major General George J. Keegan, Jr., chief of the U.S. Air Defense Intelligence and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, worked for the CIA from 1963-1966

General Daniel Graham (ret.) In 1973 Graham served as a deputy to CIA Director William Colby and from 1974-1976 he was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

"Groups belonging to the Roundtable include: The Christian Broadcasting Network, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Moral Majority, Christian Voice, National Religious Broadcasters, National Association of Evangelicals, Gideon Bible, Wycliffe Bible Associates...

Billy Graham, chatting up a young boy. www.art.com

"In The Deadly Deception, by Jim Shaw, an ex-33rd degree mason, Shaw relates how Graham was present at his ceremony initiating him into the 33rd degree."

"In the book, Thy Will Be Done, Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett explain the association between the CIA and Christian missionaries.


"Colby and Dennett detail the Wycliffe Bible Translator's alleged ties to the CIA the intelligence community.

"The link between the CIA and missionary groups 'was quite often the US Agency for International Development (AID)'.

"'President Nixon's director of AID, John Hannah, admitted publicly that AID had funded CIA operations in Laos, and subsequent revelations pointed to CIA-AID collaboration in Ecuador, Uruguay, Thailand and the Philippines.'

"World Vision reportedly has links to the CIA.


"World Vision 'ran the refugee camp in Sabra-Shatilla where the fascist Phalange were allowed in to kill the Palestinians...

"They ran the Cuban and Thai refugee camps in the United States.

"'Mark David Chapman, who eventually shot John Lennon, worked at the Thai refugee camps out in Arkansas that World Vision operated there.

"They ran these camps brutally, forcing people into political education against Castro, refusing to feed people, beating people...

"The chairman of the board for some period was John W. Hinkley Sr.. The son worked at Fort Chafey at the Thai refugee camps.

"There were pictures of him after the Reagan shooting running in his World Vision T-shirt around the edge of the camp...Scott was already doing the wheeling and dealing and was tight with Neil Bush...'

Jim Jones - pedophile, fond of snuff movies?

"The Jonestown Massacre: allegedly Jonestown was part of a CIA mind-control program: the CIA infiltrated The People’s Temple, to carry out their experiments.

"CIA theorists claim that Jim Jones had many questionable associations with the CIA throughout the years he was establishing The People’s Temple.

"The Temple had a strong association with the World Vision organisation that many believe to be another CIA front."


Jim Jones

"'Jim Jones had a very interesting past which was overlooked by the media: Jones was ... sent to Brazil where his house, transportation and groceries were provided to him by the U.S. Embassy, and he frequently traveled to Belo Horizonte, the CIA headquarters in Brazil.

"'Jones had been contacted in Ukiah by 'Christian missionaries' from World Vision (World Vision is a CIA controlled front operation), an evangelical order which had performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia.'"


Lonnie Frisbee was an American Pentecostal evangelist and self-described "seeing prophet" in the late 1960s and 1970s who despite his "hippie" appearance had notable success as a minister and evangelist. Frisbee was a key figure in the Jesus Movement and was involved in the rise of two worldwide denominations (Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard Movement). Both churches later disowned him because he struggled with homosexuality, which he always taught was sin, removing him first from leadership positions, then ultimately firing him. He died of AIDS-related complications in 1993.
Hargis was a prolific author and radio evangelist. Hargis formed American Christian College in 1971 to teach fundamentalist Christian principles. However, a sex scandal erupted at the College, involving claims that Hargis had sex with male and female students. Hargis was forced out of American Christian College's presidency as a result. Further scandals erupted when members of Hargis' youth choir, the "All American Kids", accused Hargis of sexual misconduct as well. The college eventually closed down in the mid-1970s. Hargis denied the allegations publicly.
Clements was a prominent figure within British evangelical Christianity. In 1999, he revealed he was in a homosexual relationship, resigned his pastorship, and separated from his wife. He had written a number of well-received books which were withdrawn from sale when the news broke.[38]
John Paulk  is a former leader of Focus on the Family's Love Won Out conference and former chairman of the board for Exodus International North America. His claimed shedding of homosexuality is also the subject of his autobiography Not Afraid to Change. In September 2000, Paulk was found and photographed in a Washington, D.C. gay bar, and accused by opponents of flirting with male patrons at the bar.
Houston founded his first Assemblies of God ministry at Lower HuttNew Zealand in 1960. In 2000 he was advised to resign his ministerial credentials by his own son, Brian Houston the National President of the Assemblies of God in Australia, after Houston confessed to the sexual abuse of young (under-age) male members of his New Zealand congregation.[40]
Joe Barron, one of the 40 ministers at Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the United States with 26,000 members, was arrested on 15 May 2008 for solicitation of a minor. 

In June 2011, preacher and author Allan Cundick a member of Ash Vale Evangelical Church was arrested on a charge of indecent assault on a minor.

The corrupt mullahs of Iran need to be removed by the Iranian people

At antiwar.com podcasts

Muhammad Sahimi, political columnist and professor of chemical engineering, discusses how Iran’s religious dictatorship can be traced back to the 1953 CIA coup against Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq; 

the 2009 Iranian election and subsequent crackdown on political opposition; 

how Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has squandered Iran’s oil revenues and created a kleptocracy; 

and why the US needs to mind its own business and let Iranians institute their own political reforms.


China's logical defensive policies

China's PPP GDP is $12 trillion, so its actual defense budget could be between $600-700 billion in 2013.

It is the biggest industrial power, with steel production approaching 650 million tons and electricity production approaching 4,500,000 Gwh.

China has emerged as an economic and military super power, the manifestation of which can no longer be hidden.

China is successful because of the effective leadership provided by the Communist government in Beijing, and especaly the pragmatic efficient reform policies of Deng Xiaoping since the late 1970's.

Such policies have allowed massive capital from the USA, Japan and other Western countries to be invested in China.
Jewish capital and guidance has also helped China since 1949. 

(i) Communism is a Jewish quasi religion, and even though China is becoming a capitalist country it is still officially a Communist state, so Jews feel special affinity to it; but such emotional attachment is not necessarily replicated for ALL communist states such as North Korea, Cuba or Vietnam. Jewish elite love and affection is selective, illogical and whimsical...Quija board obscurantist policies that is the perverse preserve of the anointed Shekel. Jewish Communism killed 40--100 million Chinese in the 1950's to 1960's, depending on your source. Mao passed, as did the Gang of Four. The Communist Party privately accepted the mistakes and reformed, and moved on. Now they have had 30 years of total success.  

(ii) The House of Rothschilds based in London and Europe have special affinity to China based on the red dragon symbol......the Rothschilds are still among the most powerful Jewish families in the world, and what they think and feel has implications for the world.

(iii) The Chinese are light skinned people, and for the ultra-racists in the Jewish elite structure that is a very important factor for liking a nation and people.

(iv) China is an exciting ancient civilization, which has been the richest nation for many centuries save for the ravages of 19th century and 20th century Western colonialism into its territory......so it is human nature to admire such an illustrious GREAT nation.....not just by Jews.

The Jews have unleashed the USA in the Greater Middle East, and now Africa, whilst China quietly and not so quietly develops.

Jews such as Hilary Clinton linked to the Rothschilds talk about sending 100,000 American university students to study in China, whilst Kissinger the Jew says Iran is the Greatest threat to the world...also linked to the Rothschilds (I think when they don't bat for the USA, but instead follow Jewish tribal elder policy based in London they are referred to as Atlantists)

However "Esoteric" arguments can only carry for so long and so far, even with the best deployment of semantics, propaganda and BBC deception.

China will become the biggest economy with the best military that such an economy can buy.......and a confrontation with China is a real possibility, (i) because the USA has once too often stepped on a resource that China needs, but the supply of which the USA has subverted, or (ii) the USA backs a minor power against China in China's own back yard.....which China cannot and will not ignore.

The best outcome is of-course that there is no confrontation, and the USA declines peacefully and gracefully in relative terms, and accepts the coming Chinese hegemony.

The USA is not known for confronting big powers since WWII and especially since 1962 and the Cuban missile crisis. It prefers to attack piddy little powers which are thoroughly weak anyway, with an army of "Coalition of the willing" proxy powers. On that basis the USA with its "warriors" of child killers, wedding party attackers, rapists, drug peddlers, Droners and whores for Wall Street will not face down an emergent China in a conventional confrontation.

CHINA'S emergence is good for the world.....not based on the logic of the Jew elite, or because one likes Chinese food, or one speaks perfect Mandarin, or that one is versed in Chinese history or culture.....but that the steady reliable action of China in the world has been consistently mature, CIVILIZED and positive for the development of humans of whatever shade and ethnic background, into the next level.

Long live China.




China “Sinks” US Aircraft Carrier During War Game

‘Carrier Killer’ missile destroys mock battleship in Gobi Desert
Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com

China reportedly “sunk” a mock US aircraft carrier with a state of the art missile during a war game in the Gobi Desert recently, fueling concerns that the newly emerging superpower is increasingly eyeing the United States as a military rival.
“The People’s Liberation Army has successfully sunk a US aircraft carrier, according to a satellite photo provided by Google Earth,” reports the Want China Times,” adding that, “A satellite image reveals two large craters on a 200-meter-long white platform in the Gobi desert used to simulate the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. The photo was first posted on SAORBATS, an internet forum based in Argentina. Military analysts believed the craters would have been created by China’s DF-21D anti-ship missile, dubbed the “carrier killer.”

The article cites a report which appeared in the state-run Global Times boasting of how the new missile has the capability to strike aircraft carriers 2,000 kilometers away. The report was careful to add that the missile, which is being stationed at strategic locations around China’s coastline, does not have the technical capability to reach America, a moot argument given that US aircraft carriers are located at numerous different points on the globe at any one time.

As Business Insider notes, the report’s legitimacy is bolstered by the fact that, “The China Times is a 63 year old Taiwanese paper slightly slanted toward unification, but with a solid reputation and accurate reporting.”

Although the test in the Gobi Desert was supposedly successful, defense expert Roger Cliff points out that targeting a real aircraft carrier at sea would be significantly more difficult.

“The thing to keep in mind is that, in order for China to successfully attack a U.S. navy ship with a ballistic missile,” Cliff told The Diplomat, “it must first detect the ship, identify it as a U.S. warship of a type that it wishes to attack … [then] over-the-horizon radars used to detect ships can be jammed, spoofed, or destroyed; smoke and other obscurants can be deployed … and when the missile locks on to the target its seeker can be jammed or spoofed.”

However, the fact that China is targeting a mock US aircraft carrier as the main focus of one of its war game exercises is sure to set alarm bells ringing, especially amidst an undercurrent of tension created as a result of China’s recent spat with Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Last week, Japan warned that it would fire on Chinese aircraft to prevent violations of its airspace.
The Pentagon’s recent geopolitical pivot made it clear that China was the primary military threat to the United States.

Threats on behalf of Chinese military officials to target the United States have increased in recent years.

In September last year, Zhang Zhaozhong, rear admiral at China’s National Defense University, was quoted in the state-run People’s Daily as bragging that China would comfortably defeat Japan in a war and that Beijing should prepare for the United States to become involved in the conflict.

In December 2011, Zhaozhong also warned that China “will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war.”

Earlier this year, Zhaozhong reacted to the announcement that the United States had developed a new high-tech stealth destroyer warship by saying China could use fishing boats laden with explosives to carry out suicide attacks against the U.S. Navy.

“It would be a goner,” Zhaozhong told state broadcaster CCTV’s military channel.
In July 2005, Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu boldly threatened the United States with a nuclear attack if it became embroiled in a conflict between China and Taiwan, with which the US has a mutual defense pact.

“If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition onto the target zone on China’s territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons,” Chenghu told reporters. “We Chinese will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian [in central China]. Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds … of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese,” he added.

In January 2011, China changed its military policy to allow pre-emptive nuclear attacks on other countries.


  1. U.S. Wants to Know Why China Needs Aircraft Carrier


There was never any war to win in Afghanistan

More lying from the criminal UK State.

Lying has become a habit within the criminal UK State.

Lying sleekly and professionally has become a habit within the criminal UK State.

HOWEVER there were clear losers from the Afghan misadventure:

50,000 Afghans died when foreign occupiers invaded their country.

Criminal Afghan narco-war barons became the flavor of the day for the illegal occupiers....who else could they do business with? Honest Afghans? Forget it.

Afghans were humiliated in their own country into utter silence and impotent silent rage.

The Medieval Taliban created by the CIA became the defacto heroes for Afghan nationalism ( a very dangerous outcome, but bourne from desperation) Nobody likes the CIA Taliban, but the occupiers are hated more.

Afghanistan turned into a gaint Opium Plantation by the occupiers.

The British people lost also:

Opium poured into the UK courtesy of the British military, British Intelligence and police at the distribution end......from 2001 onwards the price of Afghan heroin in fortress/Island uber sensitive security UK (I know) ........became extremely cheap claiming victims among the poor, the impressionable young and the foolish......100,000's maybe millions of LOSER victims throughout the UK.

400 troops died, and many more wounded.

Billions of pounds from the Exchequer expended to sustain 10,000 colonial narco enforcers from Bilaat.

Patriotic photo-ops for the great and good.........and massive false propaganda selling the glorious deeds of the security in Afghanistan.....in the British media.

In such a sham situation there could not be any out right winner or loser, otherwise the show would end too soon, possibly jeopardizing the all important Opium harvest.

The French, the Dutch, the Canadians, the Australians, the New Zealanders, the Polish have wised up and either left outright or are leaving soon.

No defense minister, the only WINNERS to use the prepubescent girlie talk jargon in a rather distasteful way are the BANKERS in the City, and their servants in the Criminal State structure.


British Defense Minister: No Outright Winner in Afghanistan

The enduring Taliban insurgency and the weakness of the Kabul government make for a precarious stalemate

by John Glaser at antiwar.com

British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond said on Wednesday that there is a “”growing realisation on both sides of” the conflict in Afghanistan “that neither side can win outright.”
The Obama administration is in the process of beginning to draw down US troop levels in Afghanistan, but will continue to occupy the country, conduct operations, and train meager Afghan security forces beyond 2014.

The transition to “Afghan security” is supposed to be taking place, but the war is increasingly seen as a failure.

“A decisive end seems nowhere in sight,” The Associated Press reported in October, noting the enduring Taliban insurgency, the failure of a negotiated settlement, and the weakness of the US-backed Kabul government.

“We are probably headed for stalemate in 2014,” says Stephen Biddle, a George Washington University professor who has advised US commanders in Afghanistan and Iraq. Biddle warns that the US will probably be pumping billions of dollars a year into Afghanistan for decades to come in an attempt to prevent collapse and civil war.

The Taliban actually control entire parts of the country, where they “collect taxes, maintain law and order, and adjudicate disputes,” Dexter Filkins reported in the New Yorker in July. An Afghan told Filkins, the “country will be divided into twenty-five or thirty fiefdoms, each with its own government,” as soon as they Americans leave.

Messianic Obssession in a troubled world


Russia Warns US, Israel Against Attacking Iran

Attacking Iran a 'Very Dangerous Idea'

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

Speaking today at his annual news conference, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov cautioned the United States and Israel against attacking Iran, calling it a “very, very dangerous idea.”

Such comments are not new, but the timing of the latest warning likely is the result of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “victory speech” yesterday, in which he insisted the government would focus on moving against Iran with the election out of the way.

Netanyahu has been faulted by rivals in Israel for his eagerness to start a war with Iran, with former security officials terming it a messianic obsession

He has repeatedly cited this spring as the latest in his “red lines” for attacking Iran, but several past lines have passed without a war.

Lavrov finished the speech by urging Iran to hurry up with its negotiations with the IAEA, saying they could get deals on site access done “a little bit faster.” 

Iranian officials have suggested in the past they’d be more eager to open up non-nuclear military sites if they weren’t constantly being threatened with invasion, particularly since IAEA inspectors’ visits somehow seem to include passing supposedly confidential information to the international community.


Jewish Wall Street led USA in permanent decline.......amen

The Jews will destroy the USA for a variety of opaque quasi religious reasons. This is a shame, given the vast quality and ability of American citizens who could be doing a better job with genuine compassion and reason in the place of the current Obama administration.

Bizarre policies will continue to come out of the USA, and there will no magic formula which corrects the cumulative wrongs that the Jews have inflicted on the country.

The problem with the USA are the collective Jewish leadership.

When America continues to fail, YOU know who is responsible.


Courtesy of Infowars.com

President Barack Obama is believed to be Jewish on his mothers side, and a groomed agent of the CIA since birth (his mother worked for the CIA)....linked to Wall Street and the neo-liberal Jews of George Soros et al.

John Kerry the would be secretary of state is Jewish, though outwardly Catholic. Being Catholic is a disguise the Jews have adopted since the Middle Ages for a 1000 years.

Joseph Biden the vice president is of Jewish descent.

Timothy Geithner
Treasury Secretary, Crypto-Jew. All reliable information points to him being ethnically Jewish (at least partially), but if not, he definitely married into The Tribe (m. Carole Sonnenfeld, 1985); he has been President of the New York Fed (which is by far the most powerful and influential branch of the Fed) during the major economic crisis (2007-present) which has utterly decimated the American economy and brought us to the brink of a depression and now this guy is put in charge of the Treasury?

Janet Napolitano
Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, Jewish. Born to Jewish mother (technically makes her Jewish), she claims her religion is now Methodist. She also may be a closet bull dyke.

Robert Swan Mueller III may be crypto-Jewish, serving an extra-ordinary long time in his current position as the head of the FBI, the Jewish run organization that has led the false flag terrorism in the USA from 1993 to the point where the country is now a full police state....though he has a crisp well groomed WASP persona from NY. Billions of useless Latinos pour into the country from the South....and yet when John Smith and his family move from Portland to Chicago, they must undertake grueling uber gestapo like humiliating inspections, and gropings to reinforce Jewish power and Jewish obedience training for the coming total gulag state.......which is a mixture of sexual fantasy based on BDSM and humiliation. In the Soviet  gulags mass rape was the order of the day, as a form of control, dominance and of course humiliation.  

Benjamin Shalom Bernanke....Head of the Federal Reserve...theoretically and constitutionally not part of the administration, but to all intents and purposes is.

Jack Lew Chief of Staff to the President

David Plouffe
Senior Advisor to the President

Danielle Borrin

Associate Director, Office of Public Engagement; Special Assistant to the Vice President

Gary Gensler

Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Dan Shapiro

Ambassador to Israel

Gene Sperling
Director National Economic Council

Mary Schapiro

Chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Steven Simon

Head of Middle East/North Africa Desk at the National Security Council

Eric Lynn

Middle East Policy Advisor
Some more current and former members of the Obama administration.

Douglas Shulman
IRS Commissioner, Jewish.

Steven Rattner
Treasury Advisor For Auto Sector, Jewish.

Robert Rubin
Economic Advisor to the President, Jewish.

Alan Blinder
Economic Advisor to the President, Jewish.

Jason Furman
Director Of Economic Policy, Jewish.

Jon Leibowitz
Chairman Of FTC, Jewish.

Ronald Klain
Chief of Staff to the Vice President, Jewish.

Jared Bernstein
Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the Vice President.

Paul Volcker
Economic Advisor to the President, Former Head of Fed Reserve, Crypto-Jewish

Lee Feinstein (2009- )
Foreign Policy Advisor

Gary Gensler (2009- )
Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Elena Kagan (2009- )
Solicitor General of the United States

Ronald Klain (2009- )
Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Jack Lew (2009- )
Deputy Secretary of State

Eric Lynn (2009- )
Middle East Policy Advisor

Peter Orszag (2009- )
Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Formerly a member of Clinton’s Whitehouse, advisor to the Bank of Iceland before they crashed and burned, and also advisor to the Jewish Oligarchs in Russia when they started stealing billions.

Dennis Ross (2009- )
Special Advisor for the Gulf and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of State Mara Rudman (2009- ) Foreign Policy Advisor

Mary Schapiro (2009- )
Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Dan Shapiro (2009- )
Head of Middle East desk at the National Security Council (yet another ‘neutral diplomatic Jew’ when it comes to foreign policy matters involving the Middle East); also a major Washington lobbyist and fundraiser for the Democratic Party.

James B. Steinberg (2009- ) and Jacob Lew, Deputy Secretaries of State, second in rank only to Hillary Clinton in foreign policy matters (meaning if something happens to her one of them will take over, giving a Jew yet another major Cabinet slot); both of these people are hardcore Zionist Israel Firsters, so it is difficult to imagine how they will remain objective and neutral when it comes to dealing with foreign policy matters in the Middle East.

Lawrence Summers (2009- )
Director National Economic Council, Crypto-Jew (real name: Samuelson)

Mona Sutphen (2009- )
Deputy White House Chief of Staff

Eric Lander AND Harold E. Varmus, Co-Chairs of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science/Technology.

Penny Pritzker
Obama’s National Finance Chair during the election cycle; she is a billionaire heiress of the Pritzker family fortune (at least 5-7 separate billionaires in the family); the Pritzkers are major players in the ’squeaky clean’ Chicago political scene.

Robert Reich
Economic adviser to Obama-Biden.

Nora Volkow
Director, National Institute of Drug Abuse. Great-grandaughter of Trotsky (Leon Bronstein),

Bolshevik murderer and point man for the International Banking Jew’s over-throw of Russia.

Richard Hass
President of the CFR and Obama’s ambassador at large.

Jon Leibowitz
Chairman, Federal Trade Commission.

Alan Bersin
Special Representive for Border Affairs.

Susan Sher
Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama.

Thanks to Zsidozas
Obama’s Jews, Change we can’t believe in


Economic Czar
Larry Summers (real name: Samuelson)

Regulatory Czar
Cass Sunstein

Pay Czar
Kenneth Feinberg

Medical Czar
Ezekiel Emanuel (brother of Rahm Emanuel)

Guantanamo/Military Jails Czar
Daniel Fried

Car Czar
Steven Rattner

Border Czar
Alan Bersin

Climate Czar
Todd Stern

Global Warming Czar
Carol Browner

Climate Change Czar
Todd Stern


Richard Holbrooke
Special Envoy to Pakistan/Afghanistan

Stuart Levey
Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

Lawrence Summers
Chairman, National Economic Council

Paul Volcker: Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board

Jared Bernstein
Chief Economist and Economic Adviser,

Peter Orszag
Director, Office of Management and Budget

Jason Furman
Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget

Dennis Ross
Obama’s Ambassador-At-Large in the (Entire) Middle East

Jeffrey Zeints
Chief Performance Officer to streamline government and cut costs as well as Deputy

Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget

Gary Gensler
Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Mary Schapiro
Chairwoman, Securities and Exchange Commission

Sheila Bair
Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Karen Mills
Administrator, Small Business Administration

Jon Leibowitz
Chairman, Federal Trade Commission

Douglas Shulman
Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service

Neil M. Barofsky
Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“SIGTARP”)

The Federal Reserve…

Benjamin S. Bernanke
Chairman of the Federal Reserve

FRB of Boston
Eric S. Rosengren: Jewish

Timothy F. Geithner: (former) FRB of New York.
Crypto-Jewish. Former Goldman Sachs executive Stephen Friedman was acting head until May, when questions about his insider Goldman Sachs stock purchases came up and he stepped down. Denis Hughes, an apparent Goyim labor leader, fills the spot at least until December, when a new one will be named for 2010.

FRB of Philadelphia
Charles I. Plosser: Jewish

FRB of Richmond
Jeffrey M. Lacker: Jewish

FRB of St. Louis
James B. Bullard: Jewish

FRB of Minneapolis
Gary H. Stern: Jewish

FRB of Kansas City
Thomas M. Hoenig: Jewish

FRB of Dallas
Richard W. Fisher: Jewish

FRB of San Francisco
Janet L. Yellen: Jewish