There was never any war to win in Afghanistan

More lying from the criminal UK State.

Lying has become a habit within the criminal UK State.

Lying sleekly and professionally has become a habit within the criminal UK State.

HOWEVER there were clear losers from the Afghan misadventure:

50,000 Afghans died when foreign occupiers invaded their country.

Criminal Afghan narco-war barons became the flavor of the day for the illegal occupiers....who else could they do business with? Honest Afghans? Forget it.

Afghans were humiliated in their own country into utter silence and impotent silent rage.

The Medieval Taliban created by the CIA became the defacto heroes for Afghan nationalism ( a very dangerous outcome, but bourne from desperation) Nobody likes the CIA Taliban, but the occupiers are hated more.

Afghanistan turned into a gaint Opium Plantation by the occupiers.

The British people lost also:

Opium poured into the UK courtesy of the British military, British Intelligence and police at the distribution end......from 2001 onwards the price of Afghan heroin in fortress/Island uber sensitive security UK (I know) ........became extremely cheap claiming victims among the poor, the impressionable young and the foolish......100,000's maybe millions of LOSER victims throughout the UK.

400 troops died, and many more wounded.

Billions of pounds from the Exchequer expended to sustain 10,000 colonial narco enforcers from Bilaat.

Patriotic photo-ops for the great and good.........and massive false propaganda selling the glorious deeds of the security in Afghanistan.....in the British media.

In such a sham situation there could not be any out right winner or loser, otherwise the show would end too soon, possibly jeopardizing the all important Opium harvest.

The French, the Dutch, the Canadians, the Australians, the New Zealanders, the Polish have wised up and either left outright or are leaving soon.

No defense minister, the only WINNERS to use the prepubescent girlie talk jargon in a rather distasteful way are the BANKERS in the City, and their servants in the Criminal State structure.


British Defense Minister: No Outright Winner in Afghanistan

The enduring Taliban insurgency and the weakness of the Kabul government make for a precarious stalemate

by John Glaser at antiwar.com

British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond said on Wednesday that there is a “”growing realisation on both sides of” the conflict in Afghanistan “that neither side can win outright.”
The Obama administration is in the process of beginning to draw down US troop levels in Afghanistan, but will continue to occupy the country, conduct operations, and train meager Afghan security forces beyond 2014.

The transition to “Afghan security” is supposed to be taking place, but the war is increasingly seen as a failure.

“A decisive end seems nowhere in sight,” The Associated Press reported in October, noting the enduring Taliban insurgency, the failure of a negotiated settlement, and the weakness of the US-backed Kabul government.

“We are probably headed for stalemate in 2014,” says Stephen Biddle, a George Washington University professor who has advised US commanders in Afghanistan and Iraq. Biddle warns that the US will probably be pumping billions of dollars a year into Afghanistan for decades to come in an attempt to prevent collapse and civil war.

The Taliban actually control entire parts of the country, where they “collect taxes, maintain law and order, and adjudicate disputes,” Dexter Filkins reported in the New Yorker in July. An Afghan told Filkins, the “country will be divided into twenty-five or thirty fiefdoms, each with its own government,” as soon as they Americans leave.