China is helping to rebuild CIA destabilised Syria.

Since the initiation of the CIA destabilization program from 2011, the overall capital and infrastructure damage to the country caused by the CIA terrorists has been in the region of $350 billion.

Eventually due to its strategic geography, Syria will come into China's OBOR grand plans in the future.

Whilst Syria will continue militarily to be close to Russia, the country can become economically closer with China selling its oil and gas.

In return China can help with infrastructure.


By Information clearing House and AMN news. 

With virtually all Euphrates River bridges in Syria destroyed by the US-led coalition amid a wider bid to defeat the Islamic State, China has meanwhile agreed with the Syrian Government to invest two billion dollars in construction of industrial parks across the country, an important step in restoring the war-torn country’s infrastructure. 

The agreement was ratified at the First Trade Fair in Qin Yong on July 9 and enables Chinese companies to begin construction on a total of 150 enterprises. 

 “China, Russia, and Iran have provided substantial support to Syria during the military conflict. Therefore, it is these three countries that will a major role in the reconstruction of Syria,” 

the Syrian ambassador said during a press conference on the matter. Other deals are also in the making to allow Russian companies to operate Syrian oil and gas fields, many of which have been captured from ISIS in recent months.


USA Pentagon 'Hyper-power' illegally SNEAKS into Syria


The purpose of the Greater KURDISTAN project is to destroy Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq.

Israel supports this project, as does NATO.

Strangely, the Pentagon is also supported by Turkey, and Iraq in this project.

Only Iran with 2000 Pasdaran forces in Syria is against it, along with the $5 billion it has given the Syrian government, and the 1000 Pasdaran in Iraq, and the $10 billion it has given Iraq in military and economic aid.

The collapse and defeat of the Baghdad and Damascus legitimate governments, means the victory and realisation of Greater Kurdistan.

The USA after Vietnam (1965--1975) cannot accept military casualties of more than 10,000 KIA....IN ANY WAR.

For the Pentagon this is a problem.

How do you dominate and takeover the world, under PNAC (2000) and 'Full Spectrum Dominance'...without losing 10,000 men?.......under the guidance of the Jewish Neocons in the USA.

Well you undertake assymetric warefare:

1. You use USA special forces.....because after they die the USA government can send a letter to the families that the soldiers died in action, without explaining where, when, how and for what to the family and media. They can be used anywhere in the world, without doing a lot of explanations. Plausible deniability.

2. Proxy forces: ISIS, 'al-CIA-duh', Contras, the local police, the local INTELLIGENCE. The CIA especially under GWOT has developed extensive networks around the world with local intelligence services.

3. Intelligence...especially military Intelligence.

AND lo, here are USA special forces in Syria, building their proxy forces and supporting them in military action.

This is what Turkey has supported, since 2011.

Revealing their positions by the Turkish government is a little late, and yes sneaky, especially since Turkey is a NATO member. 

The manly thing to do is mass 300,000 Turkish troops in the Syrian/Turkish border, with air support, and destroy the illegal Kurdish entity in Syria. Then the USA special forces, and NATO special forces illegally stationed in Northern Syria (operating against the interests of NATO Turkey) will run home to their mothers, even before they meet any Turkish ground forces.

The illegal Turkish held areas of Northern Syria, around Jarabulus should of course be peacefully handed over to the legitimate Syrian government in Damascus.

Morally and legally under International law it would be wrong for Turkey to hold on to sovereign Syrian territory, whilst simultaneously ejecting Western forces in the country. 

Turkey can if it wants,  consult on such matters with the governments in Damascus and Tehran. It is not haram to speak with a brother and neighbor.

It is not haram to speak with Israel

It is not haram to speak with the USA

It is not haram to speak with Russia

It is haram when an honored guest arrives thirsty and poor to the house, and is kept waiting for 30 minutes during Eid- al- fitr in October, in the evening..... upon the guidance of the CIA baba. Then the guest has to leave the restaurant hungry, and humiliated.

Related image

Related image

Syrian and Iraqi oil through ISIS Abe.  
Syrian and Iraqi ancient historical artifacts through the mafia ISIS Abe.  
Syrian and Iraqi women and children through ISIS Abe. 
Syrian and Iraqi industry and capital equipment through the mafia and ISIS Abe.


US increases military posts supporting

PKK/PYD in Syria

US increased number of military posts in PKK/PYD-held territories in Syria to ten

US increases military posts supporting PKK/PYD in Syria

By Levent Tok, Mohamad Misto and Selen Temizer at Information Clearing House.
The U.S. has increased the number of military posts in the terrorist PKK/PYD-held Syrian territories to ten.
According to Anadolu Agency reporters, a U.S. military point has recently been established in PKK/PYD-held areas in northern Syria.
Washington had set up two airbases in PKK/PYD-held Rmeilan district in the northeast of Al-Hasakah province in October 2015 and Harab Isk village in southern Kobani in March 2016.
While the Rmeilan airbase is large enough for cargo planes to land, Harab Isk base is only used by military helicopters.
While a part of the U.S. military aid to PKK/PYD goes through Iraqi border by land, the other part is shipped to the region through the Rmeilan airbase.
These “field-type” military points are usually hidden for security reasons, making it hard to be detected, according to Anadolu Agency reporters.
Apart from the military points, the U.S. also uses some other places which are hard to be detected like residential areas, PKK/PYD camps, easily transformed factories as operational points.
The U.S. forces keep the construction of operational points hidden by declaring some areas as “prohibited area” in northern Syria, the reporters say.
There are contact officers for airstrikes and artillery shelling, military consultants, training officers, operational planning officers and military units to engage in active conflicts in eight military points.
The equipment in the military points includes artillery batteries with high maneuverability, multi-barrel rocket launchers, various mobile equipment for intelligence and armored vehicles such as “Stryker” for general patrols and security.
Military points in Al-Hasakah
There are also three military points in Al-Hasakah, the latest of which was established in the northern district Tal Baydar.
According to the reporters, 100 U.S. Special Forces soldiers have been deployed to Tal Baydar within the scope of the fight against the Daesh terrorist group.
There are also foreign soldiers from the U.S.-led coalition stationed in the old farm district of Tal Tamir, which is located south of Resulayn near the Syrian-Turkish border.
There are also 150 U.S. Special Forces units in Ash Shaddadi district, south of Al-Hasakah, with a view to backing PKK/PYD during anti-Daesh operations.
Military points in Manbij
The U.S. has established two operational posts in Manbij in 2016 when PKK/PYD captured the district.
One of these posts is located in Ayn Dadad town in the district, which can be used by U.S. Special Forces for patrols against the Free Syrian Army (FSA) units rescued during the Turkish Euphrates Shield Operation.
The other military unit is located in Usariye town, west of Ayn Dadad with the purpose of protecting PKK/PYD units against FSA.
Military points in Raqqah
There are also three military posts in the northern province of Raqqah.
Along with U.S. special forces units, French special forces are stationed in a military post located in Mistanur hill, south of Kobani.
Around 200 U.S. soldiers and 75 French special forces units are also stationed in the PKK/PYD base in Ayn Issah town in northern Raqqah.
A military post in the town of Sirrin in Kobani is also used for airbornes. PKK/PYD is supplied with military equipment and ammunition through this post.
This post also serves as a communication center of the anti-Daesh coalition and used for disrupting Daesh communications.
PYD, the Syria offshoot of the terrorist organization PKK, is in control of Al-Hasakah in the east, northern Raqqah, Manbij, to the east of Aleppo, Afrin and Tal Rifaat districts.
Recognized by the U.S. as an ally in the fight against Daesh, PKK/PYD militants run under the name of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) in the war-torn country.
Despite the fact that the militants were given SDF uniforms, some of them wear uniforms with banners of Abdullah Ocalan, jailed head of PKK terrorist organization in Turkey.


Clinton COLLUSION with Ukraine to undermine America


Security cooperation between China and Russia is increasing

The Clever American shuffle to split the two strategic long term friends is not working......not even with the use of the Nazi Germans......or even with India (Fascist religious based right-wing government brought into power by the USA in 2014)

Their game is simple....promise the earth to China, and wield the big stick against Russia.


Promise the earth to Russia in G-20 meetings in Germany (Putin speaks German, and as a KGB officer in the 1980's was posted there....so he still has many German contacts and friends there.....for Putin, Germany is his comfort ZONE)....and threaten China with North Korean attacks, Pacific Sea attacks and India.

The trick is to understand the game of 'DIVIDE AND CONQUER' ....and not become entrapped by it.

A joint military maneuver in the Far East between China and Russia is good....in the Pacific with both navies is good, Near the South China Sea....In the Baltics with both navies is good.

But it almost smells of tokenism.

China should have joined Russia shoulder to shoulder fighting the CIA's ISIS in Syria, ESPECIALLY given the fact that 10,000 Chinese terrorists were/are based there in Northern Syria and NATO Turkey...hearded, trained, armed and marshaled by the CIA with MIT, with future Islamist ops in Central Asia and Sinkiang, China.

Training Syrian army medical units SAA in China is mere tokenism.

China should have voted with Russia....in the UNSC 100% over Syria, rather than allow the CIA spies and pro-Americans in Beijing to force an abstention over the critical vote of who exactly initiated the criminal chemical attack in Syria, against civilians.

In a true security block China must stand 100% with Russia, and Russia must stand 100% with China. But not through tokenism and gestures politics.

OBOR.....is a remarkable strategic goal that will change the world for the better. The setting up of the banks for OBOR, AND the remarkable humanitarian and economic INFRASTRUCTURE projects across ASIA .......as a grand first step....they are truly visionary.

However, as stated oft before an economic goal and an economic alliance is not going to be effective unless they contain clear SECURITY DIMENSIONS.  OBOR and SCO needs a separate security cooperation agreement between member states, operating rather like NATO.....and sending and voting military action around the world whenever, and wherever member states vote or decree.

Neo-liberal/Globalist USA will economically collapse.....soon. 

Who will take care of the earth then??

China can attempt to do so alone.


China can do so within an alliance of partners from the SCO, under a formal INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AGREEMENT.

The latter is safer for China's long term security.


Chinese Warships Enter Baltic Sea — For Drills With Russia

As NATO exercises in the Black Sea Russia welcomes the Chinese navy

By Russia Insider

A Chinese naval squadron has sailed into the Baltic Sea to join the Russian navy for annual two-nation drills.
The Chinese squadron consists of a supply ship, missile frigate and a Type 052D destroyer. The latter is the most advanced guided missile destroyer in Chinese service which is highly significant:
"By sending its most advanced guided-missile destroyers, China is expressing its sincerity to Russia and also sends a strong signal to other countries who plan to provoke us," said Li Jie, a Beijing-based navy expert.
The Chinese ministry of defense says the drills are not aimed at any third party: 
The Chinese ministry of national defense said the drills are held every year, and are not aimed at any third party. The drills are meant to enhance the China-Russia ties and also to improve both sides' ability to cope with maritime threats. 
But at the same time the Chinese seem to be privately aware that by holding the exercise in the Baltic they are in fact sending a message:
Holding this year's drills in key strategic locations sets them apart from those in the past, Li said, citing the Baltic Sea as the scene of confrontations between countries, such as the US and Russia. 
Recently Beijing has become increasingly upset with US presence in the South China Sea. It may see exercising with the Russians in the Baltic as just the right antidote.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Footage at first light of the Chinese Task Group passing the North Sea towards the Baltic region, escorted by HNLMS Van Amstel.
Amusingly the Dutch, the British and the Danes all scrambled to escort the Chinese past their shores, and the British tabloids in particular are making the most of the Chinese "armada": The SunDaily MailDaily Express.
Even more amusingly, as the Daily Mail reports, the British trailed the Chinese squadron with their trusty HMS Richmond which looks like this:


President Trump will formally stop the CIA arming of Syrian terrorists

This CIA game of arming Syrian terrorists since 2011, created multiple security problems for the USA state (The threat of Islamic terrorism, which the CIA believes it can manage and control since IT alone creates and runs it....and is perceived as good business for the CIA):

1.  The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Libyan terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

2. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Ukraine terrorists, Eastern European governments and terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

3. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Israeli terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

4. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Saudi Arabia and GCC terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

5. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Jordanian terrorists .......and Syrian terrorists.

6. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from NATO terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

7. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from the Turkish state ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

8. The CIA created an illegal funnel of Middle Eastern terrorists ....with the help of Turkish MIT middle men....and organised and funneled them into Syria. So that they could commit WAR CRIMES against the good peaceful people of Syria, since 2011.

Where maybe 500,000 people have died

7,000,000 have become internal refugees

6,000,000 external refugees, heading to Europe.

$350 billion worth of damage to this small peaceful sovereign nation.

Is Syria important? No there are far more important countries. 

Is Syria important for the USA? No not really. 

Was Socialist Syria hostile to the USA, before 2011? No it wasn't......it collaborated extensively with the ILLEGAL CIA rendition program....and may have even participated in killing Hezbollah Leaders in Lebanon and Syria. It meekly and obediently withdrew from Lebanon after threats from the USA in 2005.

So what is the USA problem? The problem is the USA has become AN INCONSEQUENTIAL SECURITY annex butt buddy of the Israeli Likud Neocons (most neocons are JEWS)

The vile filthy smelly Jew with the North African Bongo Bongo religion wants his neighborhood destroyed...and he wants the USA to do it for him.....no peace, but permanent war with its neighbors.

For Greater Israel.

So the problem ends at least in Syria, and again President Trump has made a decisive decision which serves American interests first?

No, not quite.

Whilst the CIA may end its terrorist supporting ways in Syria, at least, the Pentagon at the apex of the $1.5 trillion security budget of the USA...($800---900 billion annual budget..nobody really knows)

Has SNEAKED IN TO SYRIA, under the cover of the Greater Kurdistan project in Syria, and pockets in Southern Syria......ILLEGALLY.

The Lone hyper-power in the world has SNEAKED into Sovereign Syria illegally.

For NATO Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and logically Russia.....the creation of Greater Kurdistan is a challenge and a problem.

There is an UN charter which states that ALL people have rights to self determination. But the UN concept was propagated in a climate of ANTI--COLONIALISM.....of colonies run by mostly European powers.(1950's, 1960's 1970's)

If every ethnic group had their own country then we may end up with 1000 nations in the UNGC.

This is undesirable, since small vulnerable new states will be open to predatory powers such as the CIA and their globalist Jewish financiers......usually with exploitative looting intentions. 


Trump Ends CIA Program to Arm Syrian Rebels

Program Had Been Frozen Back in February

US officials say that President Trump has decided to formally end the CIA program to arm Syrian rebel factions, a program that has been active for years, and highly criticized for having seen a lot of the US provided arms ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda and other Islamists.

This arms smuggling scheme had long-standing problems, and was frozen earlier this year because the rebel factions the US was supporting have been fighting one another increasingly, and have been less and less interested in fighting either ISIS or the Syrian government.

This move won’t end the US arming of the Kurdish YPG, as this scheme is wholly independent from the CIA program, and is being run directly by the Pentagon. The factions getting arms from the CIA are mostly based in Idlib, with some smaller groups along the Jordan border.

President Trump has been seen as sour on the CIA program since before he took office, complaining that the US didn’t have good enough intelligence on who the rebels are, and should focus on fighting ISIS. Still, it took quite a few months to finalize this decision.

It takes three to Tango---GLOBALIST Traitors in the Republican Party


Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey: The Three Amigos from the Deep State

By Roger Stone at Stone Cold Truth
There is a longtime and incestuous relationship between the fixers who have been tasked with taking down President Trump, under the fake narrative of enforcing the law.  James Comey worked in the DOJ directly under Mueller until 2005. Rod Rosenstein and Mueller go even further back.
James Comey wasn’t just some associate of Mueller back then, but rather his protégé.  Under the George W. Bush presidency, when Comey was serving as Deputy Attorney General under John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller was Comey’s go-to guy when he needed help.  The two men, as it came to light years later, conspired to disobey potential White House orders to leave Ashcroft alone when he was incapacitated in March of 2004.  These two men, when together, will not obey orders if they think they know better.  Being filled with hubris and almost two decades of doing just about anything they want, they always think they know better.
Rod Rosenstein, current Deputy Attorney General under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is also a member of the Mueller Gang, having worked directly under Robert Mueller at the Department of Justice as far back as 1990.  When Comey was still working as the Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division for the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York, Mueller and Rosenstein were becoming thick as thieves.
We look back at Rod’s loyal work for Hillary Clinton, when he became a clean-up man for the Clinton Administration as an Associate Independent Counsel from 1995 until 1997. He supervised the investigation that found no basis for criminal prosecution of White House officials who had obtained classified FBI background reports. He did a great job covering for the Team Bill Clinton, including covering for Hillary, as she was one of the people who had access to the reports, and may have even requested them. Convenient for the Clintons, no indictments were filed.
Having proven his loyalty to the powers that be, Rosenstein was appointed to work in the US Office of the Independent Counsel under Ken Starr on the Whitewater Investigation into then President Bill Clinton. By some miracle, or clever work by insiders, the Clintons escaped culpability once again.  Rod wasn’t alone, he had help from his co-worker James Comey, who was also making sure the Clintons were exonerated during the Whitewater affair.
Here is Robert Mueller, sitting in the middle of his two wunderkinds, making sure the path before them is smooth and obstacle free, and practically shepherding their careers along the way.  Is it any wonder that once Jeff Sessions shamelessly recused himself from the Russia Collusion Conspiracy investigation and turned it over to his deputy Rod Rosenstein, that Rosenstein would reach out to his old mentor for help?  Who is surprised when three of the top lawman fixers for the Clinton/Bush cabal have axes in their eyes for President Donald J. Trump?
Enter Lisa Barsoomian, wife of Rod Rosenstein.  Lisa is a high-powered attorney in Washington, DC, who specializes in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the Deep State, err, I mean, the Intelligence Communities.
Lisa Barsoomian works for R. Craig Lawrence, an attorney who has represented Robert Mueller three times, James Comey five times, Barack Obama forty-five times, Kathleen Sebellius fifty-six times, Bill Clinton forty times, and Hillary Clinton seventeen times between 1991 and 2017.
Barsoomian participated in some of this work personally and has herself represented the FBI at least five separate times.  It would be great to research the specifics of the cases she worked in, many of the documents from the Court Docket relating to these cases have been removed from the D.C. District and Appeals Court, including her representation for Clinton in 1998’s case Hamburg. V. Clinton.
Her loyalties are clearly with the entities that make up the Deep State, as are her husbands.
They are a DC Globalist Power Couple, and they mean to destroy Donald Trump under the bidding of their Globalist Masters.  Rod Rosenstein should not have any position in President Trump’s administration, let alone one with so much power to harm the Office of the Presidency.
Mueller is also a Deep State lackey, even acting as delivery boy for Hillary’s State Department, hand transporting ten grams of highly enriched uranium under the auspices of counter-terror. It must only be coincidence that this happened at the same time as Hillary and her henchman John Podesta were nurturing the Uranium One deal that would see Russia take control over 20% of America’s proven uranium reserves.  Shortly after the Russia uranium deal closed, the Clinton Foundation was showered with many millions of dollars from Russian donors.
Comey, Rosenstein, and their patron Mueller are truly the Three Amigos of the Deep State.  Joined long ago in mutual regard, owing allegiance only to each other and the enshrined bureaucracy that created them.  As their actions show, they desire to thwart the will of the people and depose the duly elected President of the United States of America by using all the powers at their disposal.

The DNC is being massacred left right and the center


State crimes under Obama against President Trump wiretapping claims FINALLY EXPOSED by Wikileaks


The Greatest swindle.......that Steven Colbert won't joke about


anti-Trump BS HYPE linked to Hilary


Translator at Donald Trump Jr. Entrapment Meeting Worked for State Department, a Globalist NGO and Hillary Clinton Directly and has a @state.gov Email Address

By Scott Creighton at American Everyman

Anatoli Samachornov(of the State Department)

“The narrative (Clinton’s set up Trump Jr.) appears to be untrue, but in some ways that’s beside the point” CNN

On Friday night Rachel Maddow was beside herself with glee.
She could finally report they had the goods on Donald Trump and he officially sold us out to the damn commies.
All these months she’s been making up connections from innuendo, inference and 6-degrees-of-seperation straw-men fairly tales about Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians during the campaign have finally paid off.
Sounding a bit like Di$info Jone$ she screeched “we have the documents!” and she went on to craft a lengthy tale about the two new participants in the Donald Trump Jr. entrapment sting.
Well actually, she only really talked about one, Rinat Akhmetshin, and she falsely described him as a KGB-linked Russian intelligence asset. He’s not. That’s a complete lie. In fact, Rinat a naturalized U.S. citizen who works as a lobbyist on several issues… one of which is near and dear to Hillary Clinton’s own heart. But more on that later.
The hyperbole and disinformation is so great right now, the New York Times described Rinat as a Russian spy and “master of the Dark Arts
The other participant in the meeting, one acknowledged as having been there by Rinat himself, was not named by Rachel last night. In fact, as a pretext to her rambling disinfo barrage about the other guy and how this all proves Trump and Putin are in bed together, she only said about this guy that “more would come out… BUT DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT HIM” and then she went on too say she would address him at a later date. Clearly she and her handlers want to wait to see what folks come up with this weekend.
The translator is Anatoli Samachornov and he’s connected to the State Department via contract, a globalist NGO, Hillary Clinton and (perhaps more importantly) her ongoing effort to repeal the Magnitsky Act of 2012… something she opposed from the beginning and something her husband got paid a lot of money from a Russian bank BECAUSE she opposed it.
Yep. The translator few MSM outlets are willing to name right now is actually a U.S. intelligence and State Department asset… not a Russian government or Putin one.
Let’s take a look at some of the players involved then get some more info on them and Hillary Clinton’s long history of opposing sanctions on Russia, getting paid by Russia and getting a good old pat on the back by Putin himself for all their “treasonous” efforts.
Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative Foundation (HRAGIF), registered to lobby Congress just two days after the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. It was incorporated on Feb. 18, 2016, just a few months before the meeting. It was incorporated in Deleware by an agent who has filed over 70,000 other articles of incorporation. Their listed address is one that houses hundreds of other sham companies. Their focus is the repeal of the Magnitsky Act.
Natalia Veselnitskaya, graduated law school in 1998. Worked for prosecutor’s office for 3 years until 2001 when she moved to the private sector. She was not a government attorney and has not been officially associated with the Russian government for the past 16 years. On Jan. 5th 2016, she wrote a letter to the U.S. District Court (NY) requesting permission to stay in the country in order to remain in the country and help defend her client. Lobbied on behalf of HRAGIF for repeal of Magnitsky Act.
Rinat Akhmetshin, is not a KGB-trained “Russian intelligence asset”. He was in the army from 1986 to 1988 like millions of other Russian males. Nearly 30 years ago. He came to this country in 1994 and eventually became a naturalized citizen working in D.C. as a lobbyist. Lobbied on behalf of HRAGIF for repeal of Magnitsky Act. Showed up with Ron Dellums
Anatoli Samachornov, translator for Veselnitskaya, worked with her on her work lobbying against Magnitsky Act, so Anotoli was also an employee/contractor of Fusion GPS. “Samachornov, who declined to confirm that he was present, told The Times that he was working with Veselnitskaya to lobby against the 2012 Magnitsky Act around the time the Trump Tower meeting took place.” Business Insider.  Lobbied on behalf of HRAGIF for repeal of Magnitsky Act. Claims to have worked directly for the Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and works for the U.S. State Department and through Meridian International Center (globalist State Department NGO). Anatoli has an @state.gov email address.
Glenn Simpson, former Wall Street Journal “journalist”, his firm Fusion GPS are a firm “centered on “premium research, strategic intelligence, and due diligence.” that get paid to dig up dirt on whomever you want… or fabricate it. In Sept. 2015 they were hired by a secretive “never Trumper” to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. By May 2016 the Republican donor pulled the plug since Fusion had found nothing useful and Trump was set to win the nomination. Fusion pitched it to the Hillary Clinton camp, who took up the contract. Lobbied on behalf of HRAGIF for repeal of Magnitsky Act.
Christopher Steele, British spook, MI-6, centered on Russia, hired by Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson to create the Trump/Russia Dossier (hookers peeing on each other in a hotel in Moscow), filed first report on Trump/ Russia “collusion” with the Democrats who footed the bill on June 20th, 2016…. about 10 days after the meeting.
Here’s a little more information about the mystery translator who attended the meeting:
“The Daily Beast has seen an email sent to the Open Dialog Foundation, a Poland-based NGO, from a man named Anatoli Samochornov, who claimed to “represent” HRAGIF along with Natalia Veselnitskaya, identified in the email as “a Russian lawyer who conducted an extensive investigation of the Magnitsky case.”
Both Samochornov and Veselnitskaya were seeking press accreditation to attend an event last month at the Open Dialog Foundation where Browder was slated to speak.
They were denied accreditation.
The Russian-born, partly U.S.-educated Samochornov is a former project manager at the Meridian International Center, a subcontracted nonprofit hired by the U.S. State Department where, according to his LinkedIn profile, he worked on programs to “establish an understanding of U.S. foreign policy goals and objectives for current and future international leaders,” and served as an interpreter at “high level UN and private sector meetings for the Secretary of State and other VIPs.”
Samochornov was also apparently a “program officer” at the FBI’s field office in New York, according to an FBI press release.” Daily Beast, May 18, 2016
The Meridian International Center is a globalist NGO contracted by the State Department to help “educate” and “cultivate” young assets from around the world so they can get themselves advanced in the political spheres of the countries they come from, then do our bidding.  They bring bright young people together, get them to swear allegiance to their neoliberal globalist agenda (focused almost exclusively on privatizing governments for the benefit of their Big Business partners) and then they send them out like a virus spreading itself with a cough.
Samochornov had risen to the level of project manager with this group. A group heavily influenced by the Clintons. So much so, her image currently graces the front page of MIC’s “about” page:
Here are a few more documents showing the connections between the cast of characters who were used by the State Departments and Fusion GPS to set up what can only be described as an entrapment scheme targeting members of the Trump campaign. (sources here and here)
After the sting failed to generate an appearance by Donald Trump himself (certainly that is what they were hoping for) the cast of characters then went about their business lobbying for the repeal of the Magnitsky Act.
Now here is the connection no one else talks about.
Yes, the Russian government wanted the Magnitsky Act repealed. But so did Hillary and Bill Clinton. In fact, Bill got paid a lot of money by a Russian bank when his wife was working to stop the bill back in 2012.
“In December 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary Clinton opposed the Magnitsky Act while serving as secretary of state. Her opposition coincided with Bill Clinton giving a speech in Moscow for Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank—for which he was paid $500,000. “Mr. Clinton also received a substantial payout in 2010 from Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank whose executives were at risk of being hurt by possible U.S. sanctions tied to a complex and controversial case of alleged corruption in Russia. Members of Congress wrote to Mrs. Clinton in 2010 seeking to deny visas to people who had been implicated by Russian accountant Sergei Magnitsky, who was jailed and died in prison after he uncovered evidence of a large tax-refund fraud. William Browder, a foreign investor in Russia who had hired Mr. Magnitsky, alleged that the accountant had turned up evidence that Renaissance officials, among others, participated in the fraud.” The State Department opposed the sanctions bill at the time, as did the Russian government. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pushed Hillary Clinton to oppose the legislation during a meeting in St. Petersburg in June 2012, citing that U.S.-Russia relations would suffer as a result.
The Wall Street Journal report continued, “A few weeks later, Bill Clinton participated in a question-and-answer session at a Renaissance Capital investors conference. He was paid $500,000. After the appearance, Mr. Clinton received a personal thank-you call from Vladimir Putin, then the Russian prime minister, the government news agency TASS reported.”
A spokesperson for Hillary Clinton denied the connection between her stance against the bill and Bill Clinton’s paid speech, but the conflict of interest is undeniable. During the presidential election, the Clinton campaign even took measures to stop a story reporting the link. An email released by Wikileaks from Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta in May 2015 noted, “With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC’s opposition to the Magnitsky bill to a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow.” The Observer
On June 20th 2012, Hillary wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which she argued for the complete normalization of trade with Russia.
A week or so after that her husband got a big payday from a Russian bank and a thank you from Vlad the impaler himself.
Foreign Policy magazine couldn’t understand why wanted to give the Rooskies a pass.  Guess he didn’t know about Bill’s half million bucks for answering a few questions from the audience.
Let’s be honest. Not many of us can follow the Game of Thrones story of the Magnitsky Act. Who does it help? Who does it hurt? Who’s financial interests are involved and who do they pay off to either keep it as is, or scrap it altogether.
Of course, you wouldn’t expect any of this to have been covered by the Mockingbird shill Rachel Maddow this past Friday night. She’s an asset of Hillary’s just like Anatoli Samachornov is.
No, unless you are a complete moron, this is not anywhere near the “smoking gun” the complicit media hope you think it is.
In fact, I believe it was rather careless of them to even bring it up at this point. But they are desperate to demonize Trump and Russia right now as the cease fire in Syria continues to hold. So maybe they got desperate for something, anything, that they could smear Trump with and further their New McCarthyism agenda.
Whatever the case may be, yeah, there was collusion involved in that meeting between DT Jr. and that gaggle of lobbyists. But it wasn’t between Trump and Russia.
Hell, looks to me like the only one looking to provide aid and comfort to “the enemy” is Hillary and her little band of merry Magnitsky Act lobbyists.
But yeah, it was CLEARLY a set-up.
And no, it isn’t beside the point. It is the point.