USA Pentagon 'Hyper-power' illegally SNEAKS into Syria


The purpose of the Greater KURDISTAN project is to destroy Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq.

Israel supports this project, as does NATO.

Strangely, the Pentagon is also supported by Turkey, and Iraq in this project.

Only Iran with 2000 Pasdaran forces in Syria is against it, along with the $5 billion it has given the Syrian government, and the 1000 Pasdaran in Iraq, and the $10 billion it has given Iraq in military and economic aid.

The collapse and defeat of the Baghdad and Damascus legitimate governments, means the victory and realisation of Greater Kurdistan.

The USA after Vietnam (1965--1975) cannot accept military casualties of more than 10,000 KIA....IN ANY WAR.

For the Pentagon this is a problem.

How do you dominate and takeover the world, under PNAC (2000) and 'Full Spectrum Dominance'...without losing 10,000 men?.......under the guidance of the Jewish Neocons in the USA.

Well you undertake assymetric warefare:

1. You use USA special forces.....because after they die the USA government can send a letter to the families that the soldiers died in action, without explaining where, when, how and for what to the family and media. They can be used anywhere in the world, without doing a lot of explanations. Plausible deniability.

2. Proxy forces: ISIS, 'al-CIA-duh', Contras, the local police, the local INTELLIGENCE. The CIA especially under GWOT has developed extensive networks around the world with local intelligence services.

3. Intelligence...especially military Intelligence.

AND lo, here are USA special forces in Syria, building their proxy forces and supporting them in military action.

This is what Turkey has supported, since 2011.

Revealing their positions by the Turkish government is a little late, and yes sneaky, especially since Turkey is a NATO member. 

The manly thing to do is mass 300,000 Turkish troops in the Syrian/Turkish border, with air support, and destroy the illegal Kurdish entity in Syria. Then the USA special forces, and NATO special forces illegally stationed in Northern Syria (operating against the interests of NATO Turkey) will run home to their mothers, even before they meet any Turkish ground forces.

The illegal Turkish held areas of Northern Syria, around Jarabulus should of course be peacefully handed over to the legitimate Syrian government in Damascus.

Morally and legally under International law it would be wrong for Turkey to hold on to sovereign Syrian territory, whilst simultaneously ejecting Western forces in the country. 

Turkey can if it wants,  consult on such matters with the governments in Damascus and Tehran. It is not haram to speak with a brother and neighbor.

It is not haram to speak with Israel

It is not haram to speak with the USA

It is not haram to speak with Russia

It is haram when an honored guest arrives thirsty and poor to the house, and is kept waiting for 30 minutes during Eid- al- fitr in October, in the evening..... upon the guidance of the CIA baba. Then the guest has to leave the restaurant hungry, and humiliated.

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Syrian and Iraqi oil through ISIS Abe.  
Syrian and Iraqi ancient historical artifacts through the mafia ISIS Abe.  
Syrian and Iraqi women and children through ISIS Abe. 
Syrian and Iraqi industry and capital equipment through the mafia and ISIS Abe.


US increases military posts supporting

PKK/PYD in Syria

US increased number of military posts in PKK/PYD-held territories in Syria to ten

US increases military posts supporting PKK/PYD in Syria

By Levent Tok, Mohamad Misto and Selen Temizer at Information Clearing House.
The U.S. has increased the number of military posts in the terrorist PKK/PYD-held Syrian territories to ten.
According to Anadolu Agency reporters, a U.S. military point has recently been established in PKK/PYD-held areas in northern Syria.
Washington had set up two airbases in PKK/PYD-held Rmeilan district in the northeast of Al-Hasakah province in October 2015 and Harab Isk village in southern Kobani in March 2016.
While the Rmeilan airbase is large enough for cargo planes to land, Harab Isk base is only used by military helicopters.
While a part of the U.S. military aid to PKK/PYD goes through Iraqi border by land, the other part is shipped to the region through the Rmeilan airbase.
These “field-type” military points are usually hidden for security reasons, making it hard to be detected, according to Anadolu Agency reporters.
Apart from the military points, the U.S. also uses some other places which are hard to be detected like residential areas, PKK/PYD camps, easily transformed factories as operational points.
The U.S. forces keep the construction of operational points hidden by declaring some areas as “prohibited area” in northern Syria, the reporters say.
There are contact officers for airstrikes and artillery shelling, military consultants, training officers, operational planning officers and military units to engage in active conflicts in eight military points.
The equipment in the military points includes artillery batteries with high maneuverability, multi-barrel rocket launchers, various mobile equipment for intelligence and armored vehicles such as “Stryker” for general patrols and security.
Military points in Al-Hasakah
There are also three military points in Al-Hasakah, the latest of which was established in the northern district Tal Baydar.
According to the reporters, 100 U.S. Special Forces soldiers have been deployed to Tal Baydar within the scope of the fight against the Daesh terrorist group.
There are also foreign soldiers from the U.S.-led coalition stationed in the old farm district of Tal Tamir, which is located south of Resulayn near the Syrian-Turkish border.
There are also 150 U.S. Special Forces units in Ash Shaddadi district, south of Al-Hasakah, with a view to backing PKK/PYD during anti-Daesh operations.
Military points in Manbij
The U.S. has established two operational posts in Manbij in 2016 when PKK/PYD captured the district.
One of these posts is located in Ayn Dadad town in the district, which can be used by U.S. Special Forces for patrols against the Free Syrian Army (FSA) units rescued during the Turkish Euphrates Shield Operation.
The other military unit is located in Usariye town, west of Ayn Dadad with the purpose of protecting PKK/PYD units against FSA.
Military points in Raqqah
There are also three military posts in the northern province of Raqqah.
Along with U.S. special forces units, French special forces are stationed in a military post located in Mistanur hill, south of Kobani.
Around 200 U.S. soldiers and 75 French special forces units are also stationed in the PKK/PYD base in Ayn Issah town in northern Raqqah.
A military post in the town of Sirrin in Kobani is also used for airbornes. PKK/PYD is supplied with military equipment and ammunition through this post.
This post also serves as a communication center of the anti-Daesh coalition and used for disrupting Daesh communications.
PYD, the Syria offshoot of the terrorist organization PKK, is in control of Al-Hasakah in the east, northern Raqqah, Manbij, to the east of Aleppo, Afrin and Tal Rifaat districts.
Recognized by the U.S. as an ally in the fight against Daesh, PKK/PYD militants run under the name of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) in the war-torn country.
Despite the fact that the militants were given SDF uniforms, some of them wear uniforms with banners of Abdullah Ocalan, jailed head of PKK terrorist organization in Turkey.