President Trump will formally stop the CIA arming of Syrian terrorists

This CIA game of arming Syrian terrorists since 2011, created multiple security problems for the USA state (The threat of Islamic terrorism, which the CIA believes it can manage and control since IT alone creates and runs it....and is perceived as good business for the CIA):

1.  The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Libyan terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

2. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Ukraine terrorists, Eastern European governments and terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

3. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Israeli terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

4. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Saudi Arabia and GCC terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

5. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from Jordanian terrorists .......and Syrian terrorists.

6. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from NATO terrorists ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

7. The CIA created an illegal funnel for arms from the Turkish state ....Turkish MIT middle men....and Syrian terrorists.

8. The CIA created an illegal funnel of Middle Eastern terrorists ....with the help of Turkish MIT middle men....and organised and funneled them into Syria. So that they could commit WAR CRIMES against the good peaceful people of Syria, since 2011.

Where maybe 500,000 people have died

7,000,000 have become internal refugees

6,000,000 external refugees, heading to Europe.

$350 billion worth of damage to this small peaceful sovereign nation.

Is Syria important? No there are far more important countries. 

Is Syria important for the USA? No not really. 

Was Socialist Syria hostile to the USA, before 2011? No it wasn't......it collaborated extensively with the ILLEGAL CIA rendition program....and may have even participated in killing Hezbollah Leaders in Lebanon and Syria. It meekly and obediently withdrew from Lebanon after threats from the USA in 2005.

So what is the USA problem? The problem is the USA has become AN INCONSEQUENTIAL SECURITY annex butt buddy of the Israeli Likud Neocons (most neocons are JEWS)

The vile filthy smelly Jew with the North African Bongo Bongo religion wants his neighborhood destroyed...and he wants the USA to do it for him.....no peace, but permanent war with its neighbors.

For Greater Israel.

So the problem ends at least in Syria, and again President Trump has made a decisive decision which serves American interests first?

No, not quite.

Whilst the CIA may end its terrorist supporting ways in Syria, at least, the Pentagon at the apex of the $1.5 trillion security budget of the USA...($800---900 billion annual budget..nobody really knows)

Has SNEAKED IN TO SYRIA, under the cover of the Greater Kurdistan project in Syria, and pockets in Southern Syria......ILLEGALLY.

The Lone hyper-power in the world has SNEAKED into Sovereign Syria illegally.

For NATO Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and logically Russia.....the creation of Greater Kurdistan is a challenge and a problem.

There is an UN charter which states that ALL people have rights to self determination. But the UN concept was propagated in a climate of ANTI--COLONIALISM.....of colonies run by mostly European powers.(1950's, 1960's 1970's)

If every ethnic group had their own country then we may end up with 1000 nations in the UNGC.

This is undesirable, since small vulnerable new states will be open to predatory powers such as the CIA and their globalist Jewish financiers......usually with exploitative looting intentions. 


Trump Ends CIA Program to Arm Syrian Rebels

Program Had Been Frozen Back in February

US officials say that President Trump has decided to formally end the CIA program to arm Syrian rebel factions, a program that has been active for years, and highly criticized for having seen a lot of the US provided arms ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda and other Islamists.

This arms smuggling scheme had long-standing problems, and was frozen earlier this year because the rebel factions the US was supporting have been fighting one another increasingly, and have been less and less interested in fighting either ISIS or the Syrian government.

This move won’t end the US arming of the Kurdish YPG, as this scheme is wholly independent from the CIA program, and is being run directly by the Pentagon. The factions getting arms from the CIA are mostly based in Idlib, with some smaller groups along the Jordan border.

President Trump has been seen as sour on the CIA program since before he took office, complaining that the US didn’t have good enough intelligence on who the rebels are, and should focus on fighting ISIS. Still, it took quite a few months to finalize this decision.