Debbie does America


1. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded by the British in the 1920's in Cairo, Egypt to spike Egyptian nationalist anti-colonialism against British domination of Egypt......as with the RSS in India also in the 1920's. 

2. Bernard Lewis the British Jewish super spy. in the 1970's embedded himself at Princeton university and started spewing about 'Clash of civilisation'   "Arch of Crisis' which was accepted by the Democratic Party as POLICY TO FUND ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM. .......to destabilise Muslim countries and draw the Soviet Union' into a bear trap. Pro-American Iran being the first victim 1977-1979.

3. The Republicans after Carter, under Reagan and Bush continued with this policy......as it was considered 'Successful' .........no need to use direct USA military power in order to effect strategic military objectives in other countries.

4. Debbie Wassermann Shultz is thus continuing what HER PARTY ORIGINALLY STARTED in the 1970's.

5. Trump has the power to shut ALL THIS ISLAMIC TERRORISM DOWN.....which is implemented primarily through the CIA. The Pentagon and State Department play ancillary roles in such a policy, as we have seen in Libya and Syria.

The Imperial British, Israel, NATO and even the Muslim countries (Turkey) who knowingly participate in this would back--off from funding Islamic terrorism once the CIA is stopped from doing so.

President Donald Trump is thus very important for the future of the world, beyond his tiny hands, unscripted uninspiring mediocre speeches and tweeting habits.