Secretary of State John Kerry admits on tape that the USA managed ISIS

OF course we are not saying that the honoutrable Secretary John Kerry himself was involved in the rise of ISIS in 2014, as a senior USA Diplomat.

ISIS was created by the CIA, because the terrorism against the Assad government was waning, and Iraq under Malaki seemed to be heading in a direction that required less closer security cooperation with the USA.

Additionally, the 'al-CIA-duh' meme was disappearing, and therefore the CIA rebranded the Islamic terrorism meme through ISIS....AND created a elaborate Mockingbird tall tail that had ISIS 'legitimately' appear from the USA run prisons of Iraq.

When in reality ISIS was a hotchpotch of Islamists under the direction of the CIA/MOSSAD/BRITISH INTELLIGENCE/NATO.....who were marshalled and funnelled into Syria and Northern Iraq.

The difference being that this time round NATO TURKEY would have a pivotal role in the ISIS destabilisation drama, including its use of its conventional forces to bait and attack Russia along a military prodding probe attacks and that eventually Turkish regular troops would occupy Northern Syria, and the VAGUE promise to the Turks, and illegally that they could carve out Northern Iraq and Syria for the New Ottoman Turkey.

The Turks brought it hook, line and sinker....without seeing the fundamental flaws of such a risky plan to them, through the empty whimsical promises of the USA Empire.

And where is Erdogan now, after the operation of this ISIS plan for 3 years...2014, 2015, 2016.....on behalf of the CIA?

He is in the background.....out of site of the Turkish media...much weaker in power...destroying the Turkish military in the course of staying in power, and dividing Turkish society as never before...still grasping for greater dictatatorial powers so that he may become a President for life, and his children multi-millionaire businessmen and women of much shady business through the largesse and connections of their father.

Don't participate in CIA games, and think you can come out as a winner.


US Watched ISIS Rise in Syria and Hoped to ‘Manage’ it — Kerry on Leaked Tape

By Philip Weiss 
"Information Clearing House" - "Mondoweiss"
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 Last fall Secretary of State Kerry met privately with anti-Assad Syrian activists at the U.N.  The meeting was secretly taped, and you can listen to the tape here:

The New York Times got a hold of the tape back in September and wrote a story about it. So did CNN. More on their accounts later.
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The thrust of the conversation was the mutual frustration of Kerry and the Syrians that Bashar al-Assad was still in power and able to commit atrocities with the support of the Russians, who don’t adhere to international law the way we Americans do (according to the view of the Americans and anti-Assad forces). 
Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageAND ISRAELIS, AND BRITISH, NATO, TURKS, RUSSIANS, CHINESE UIGHURS, AND GGC SECURITY PERSONNEL.....that is why they have been successful fighting the armies of 2 nations Iraq and Syria for 3 years.....ordinary lone terrorists cannot achieve such records.
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. I’d recommend listening to the whole tape; but the conversation went something like this:
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The Syrians complained we aren’t helping enough.  Kerry and his associates said we and the Saudis and Qatar and Turkey had provided huge amounts of aid to the rebels, who unfortunately were sort of aligned with extremists.
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Nusra makes it hard,” Kerry said, referring to Jabhat al-Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria. “Nusra and Daesh [ISIS] both make it hard, because you have this extreme element out there and unfortunately some of the opposition has kind of chosen to work with them.”
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The rise of extremists had led to Russia’s intervention. Kerry said (at minute 26) that when Daesh, or ISIS, started to grow, the US watched and thought we could “manage” the ISIS situation, because it might push Assad to negotiate, but instead Putin came in. Kerry:
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“The reason Russia came in is because ISIL was getting stronger, Daesh was threatening the possibility of going to Damascus and so forth. And that’s why Russia went in. Because they didn’t want a Daesh government and they supported Assad.
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“And we know that this was growing. We were watching. We saw that Daesh was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened. We thought, however, we could probably manage, that Assad would then negotiate. Instead of negotiating, he got Putin to support him.”
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The Syrian activists present wanted more US aid, but Kerry and an aide said more military aid was problematic. “Right now we’re putting an extraordinary amount of arms in,” the secretary of state said. His aide said that arms are a double edged sword, because “when you pump more weapons into a place like Syria, it doesn’t end well for Syria. Because there’s always someone willing to put in arms from the other side.”
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Kerry spelled that out:
The problem is that, you know, you get, quote, enforcers in there and then everybody ups the ante, right? Russia puts in more, Iran puts in more; Hezbollah is there more and Nusra is more; and Saudi Arabia and Turkey put all their surrogate money in, and you all are destroyed.”
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Kerry said the US wants a “political process” to supplant the fighting: elections, with millions of Syrian refugees in other countries allowed to vote– so that in his view Assad was sure to lose.  The Syrians present rejected this. One insisted that Assad had to be toppled by an invasion, because Syrians even outside the country would fear for their loved ones in the country. Kerry said a ground invasion by America would not be supported by Americans, due to thousands dead from our other wars.  Kerry said he was one of those within the Administration who wanted more action, but he lost the argument.  He was as frustrated as they were.
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It’s hard because Congress will not authorize the use of force.
So the conversation was mostly about that frustration, but along the way Kerry said some rather revealing things. Combine this with the wikileaks revelation that the US State Department and Hillary Clinton knew our Arab allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar were giving ISIS “clandestine financial and logistic support” as it swept across Iraq and Syria in 2014, and you have the anti-interventionist view of America’s role in the Syrian war all nicely set out by John Kerry and someone in the State Department: We and our Arab allies supplied weapons. This caused the violence to escalate.  The good rebels “kind of” work with extremists, who get direct funding from our Arab allies. We thought the rise of ISIS would prove useful in pressuring Assad, but Putin intervened not because Russia wants to bomb civilians but because of the rise of ISIS. So our arming of the rebels and our clever hopes to manage the rise of ISIS while it put pressure on Assad led to more violence.
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This all sounds like a list of reasons for why the U.S. shouldn’t have intervened, along with the fact that we had no right to do so.
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How was this presented in the New York Times story of September 30, 2016? Anne Barnard framed it in terms of the US failing to exert the beneficent use of force.
Secretary of State John Kerry was clearly exasperated, not least at his own government.
Over and over again, he complained to a small group of Syrian civilians that his diplomacy had not been backed by a serious threat of military force, according to an audio recording of the meeting obtained by The New York Times.
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In fairness, Barnard did focus on what the participants in this conversation would have thought important—Kerry representing American Good Intentions and the views of those who want America to use its military might to overthrow a brutal government that isn’t one of our own clients.
So you think the only solution is for somebody to come in and get rid of Assad?” Mr. Kerry asked.
“Yes,” Ms. [Marcell] Shehwaro said.
“Who’s that going to be?” he asked. “Who’s going to do that?”
 “Three years ago, I would say: You. But right now, I don’t know.”
But the emphasis was on the fact that in the view of those present, the US hasn’t done enough. The geopolitical context the tape provided was simply absent from the story. No doubt Assad and the Russians are responsible for many atrocities, but surely anyone listening should have been able to pick up on the fact that Kerry was inadvertently making a devastating case against US intervention in Syria.
As for the arms we put in, Barnard states: “But he also said any further American effort to arm rebels or join the fight could backfire”.
What about the arms already sent? “Right now we’re putting an extraordinary amount of arms in,” Kerry said, unquoted by the Times. Was there something in Kerry’s logic that would show our past arms support did no harm, but future support would? Doesn’t his argument point to the painful awareness that some of the hundreds of thousands who have died in Syria died because we and our allies kept the war going?
CNN had a similar focus to the Times.
Kerry also expressed sympathy for the Syrians’ demands that the United States intervene more forcefully amid Syrian and Russian airstrikes against civilians, telling the group that he “lost the argument” for using military force against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
One would be hard pressed to think of an example where activists passionately opposed to US interventions or crimes or the crimes of our allies had a private conversation with an American Secretary of State. How many Palestinians or victims in Yemen or for that matter, Syrians opposed to the rebels ever get to have such meetings? No need to worry about media bias in reporting such conversations, because they never seem to happen anyway. So Kerry can go on about our adherence to international law, drawing a distinction between us and the Russians, in the certainty he won’t be contradicted by people in Yemen, as 1000 children die each week largely because of our Saudi allies, with our support. And Kerry probably won’t be speaking with people from Gaza, though in a hot-mic situation Kerry himself angrily referred to the Israeli bombing of the strip in 2014 as a “hell of a pinpoint operation.”
Wikileaks tweeted about the tape last week, spiking interest in the matter. The audio has received a fair amount of attention on some rightwing blogs, who call Obama a traitor for supporting ISIS.  That exaggerates what is on the tape. On the left the references have been intermittent so far. Joe Lauria at Common Dreams correctly summarized the conversation:
Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S., rather than seriously fight Islamic State in Syria, was ready to use the growing strength of the jihadists to pressure Assad to resign…
This left libertarian site also seized on the gist:
Leaked Tapes Reveal John Kerry Admission That U.S. Was Pulling For ISIS In Syria, Russia Fighting Terror
How is this Kerry recording not a major scandal? The cynicism is stunning
Why #Russia intervened in #Syria, by John Kerry. And why the US watched #ISIS rise & wanted to use it.
This is puzzling. One would expect the MSM to suppress the really interesting parts which go against the narrative usually pushed, which is one where we are the undoubted good guys, if somewhat feckless, and the Russians are pure evil. But why hasn’t it gotten more attention on the left? You aren’t going to find a better case against our intervention in Syria than the one made by Kerry here.

Great thanks to Donald Johnson.


Evil Russians plotting to take over the world.

Or there is a reincarnation of Emperor Cyrus who will constitute a new Persian Empire (from the same dossier source.....doesn't matter if he can't speak a single word of Persian, or has a single Iranian friend---IRRELEVANT)

What is relevant is the lie, and how often it is told, and how many people believe.

But then of course the Russians are expert chess players.....so they might after all be good at trickery, and mind bending games.

....and and and...didn't the Russians have at one time the best intelligence service in the world..the KGB?

Don't Russians speak English with a slightly slippery accent?

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Banana Republic Iran refused a private dossier from London, handed to them by sos John Kerry, stating that Ruhollah Khomenei was a British agent recruited in the 1950's. The Iranian foreign ministry summoned the British embassy representative in Tehran, and strongly rebuked him for insulting the exhalted Islamic Republic, and the great Islamic Revolution of 1979, undertaken by the CIA and British Intelligence..........with such blatant propaganda, and attempt at destabilisation and delegitimation of the Islamic Republic.



The Trump Rabbit Hole Goes Far Deeper Than You Think. Russia Has Tons of Dirt on Him. Super Reliable Information

Of course we can't tell you our sources you see
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I am distressed at the shocking lack of faith shown by so many people in the exposé of Donald Trump’s Russian connections recently published on BuzzFeed. Judging by the sceptics’ attitudes, you’d think that the report was written by some vacuum cleaner salesman trying to earn a little bit of money to pay for his daughter’s pony club membership. As if!! Human intelligence compiled from anonymous sources is known to be the most reliable basis on which to form judgements about important events. Nothing else provides such detailed insider information from the very heart of enemy institutions.
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It is time people knew the truth. I have decided that it is necessary to reveal my own notes from underground (scribbled on a table napkin in invisible ink this morning and just now squirted with lemon juice). I cannot, of course, identify my sources, but I might suggest that you look up Richard Meinertzhagen’s ‘dirty paper method’ (see footnote). I can also claim that I have access to the highest echelons of the Russian government through somebody who knows somebody, who is related to somebody, who went to school with somebody, whose neighbour sharpens Vladimir Putin’s hockey skates.
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These sources of mine tell me that the plot to place Donald Trump in the White House was hatched not five years ago as claimed in the BuzzFeed report, but 13 years ago at an exclusive banya in Sokolniki.
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According to Source BS, the concept for what became known as Operatsiia Tuz emerged during a sweaty discussion over a dozen bottles of vodka, when oligarch Viktor Bogatyi announced that he had an idea for a new television show. Aspiring kleptocrats would audition for a job as Bogatyi’s assistant and the losers would be eliminated one by one with his famous catchphrase ‘You’re shot!’ Hearing this, a senior GRU agent, Max Otto von Stierlitz, after a pause of seventeen moments, suggested an alternative. Why not, said Stierlitz, pass the idea for the TV show on to Donald Trump to use as a vehicle for making himself popular among the American people? It would be the perfect mechanism to gradually push the Donald into a position from which he could become President of the United States of America. The rest, as they say, is history.
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Source VK adds that the FSB later tried to compromise Trump during a stay in Moscow at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. To this end, the FSB tried to lure him into a liaison with a woman from Leningrad, alluringly dressed up in Louboutin shoes and truly awesome jeans. Unfortunately, Trump refused to be compromised, preferring instead the company of a respectable lady with a lapdog. An attempt to get Trump intoxicated at a drinks stand in Patriarch’s Pond also failed when the stand turned out not to have any drinks, and Trump got distracted by a large black cat.
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In a final twist, Source RT reveals that the FSB’s active measures unit decided to turn Operatsiia Tuz into a classic provokatsiia, building on years of experience in maskirovka. As part of a subordinate operation, (Operatsiia Tresk), a former KGB agent known only as Opperput arranged for details of Operatsiia Tuz to be leaked to the American Democratic Party. The expectation was that the Democratic Party would covertly pass the information to the press, which would use it to defame Donald Trump. The final step would then be to feed the full details directly to the public once Trump won the presidency, thereby revealing the Democrats’ dirty tricks and exposing their willingness to plumb the lowest depths of political sleaze. This final stage of Operatsiia Tuz reached its brilliant climax with the BuzzFeed story yesterday.
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Due to the highly sensitive nature of the contents above, readers are advised to shred themselves immediately upon finishing this report.
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Footnote: See Richard Occleshaw, Armour against Fate: British Military Intelligence in the First World War. Meinertzhagen recorded in his diary how he rescued Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna from Ekaterinburg in a small plane in 1918. His famous honesty, which extended also to his extensive (and not at all fraudulently assembled) bird collection, is testimony to the immense trustworthiness of former British intelligence officers. I assure readers that everything in this report is equally reliable.


British interference in American elections, the other sexed up dodgy dossier.

Is the Pope Catholic?

Under appropriate conditions, the sun rises


Did John McCain ‘Launder’ Dodgy Trump Intel Dossier?

 Posted onat antiwar.com

We all know what money laundering is. When you need to hide the fact that the money in your possession comes by way of nefarious sources, you transfer it through legitimate sources and it appears clean on the other end. It’s standard practice among thieves, extortionists, drug dealers, and the like.
The same practice can even be used to “clean” intelligence that comes by dubious sources, and sometimes even US Senators may involve themselves in such dark activities. Case in point US Senator John McCain (R-AZ), whose virulent opposition to Donald Trump is outmatched only by his total dedication to fomenting a new cold (or hot?) war with Russia.
While the world was caught up in the more salacious passages from a purported opposition research report on Donald Trump showing all manner of collusion with Putin’s Russia – and Russia’s possession of blackmail-able kompromat on Trump – something very interesting was revealed about the custody of the information. The “dossier” on Trump seemed to follow two chains of custody. One involved the media, which in October were given and encouraged to publish the “report” by the authors of the report (or their sponsors), purportedly a former British intelligence officer working for a private intelligence company. Only David Corn of Mother Jones bit, and his resulting story picked over the report to construct a mess of innuendo on Trump’s relation to Russia that was short on any evidence.
The other chain of custody is what interests us. Remember, we have a dubious report constructed for the purpose of discrediting Donald Trump, which was first commissioned by one of his Republican primary rivals and later completed under the patronage of someone in Hillary’s camp. It was created for a specific political purpose, which may have tainted its reception among more objective governmental sources had that been known. Enter John McCain. According to media reports, the dossier was handed to Sen. McCain – again, a strong Trump opponent and proponent of conflict with Russia – by a former UK ambassador (who presumably received it from the source, a former British intelligence officer).
Senator McCain then felt duty-bound to bring this “intelligence report” directly (and privately) to the personal attention of FBI Director James Comey. From this hand-off to Comey, the report then became part of the Intelligence Community’s assessment of Russian interference in the US presidential election.
Senator McCain is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, one of the most powerful members of the US Senate. Consider the impact of being handed a strange report by some private intelligence-firm-for-hire or a media outlet versus being handed a report by one of the most powerful men in the US government.
McCain’s involving himself in the case gave the report a sense of legitimacy that it would not otherwise have had. Was this “laundering” intentional on his part? We do not know, but given his position on Trump and Russia that possibility must be considered.
So great was the pressure on McCain to come clean on his decision to meet privately with the FBI Director to hand over this report that he released a statement earlier today portraying himself as nothing more than a good citizen, passing information to the proper authorities for them to act on if they see fit.
Do you believe the Senator from Arizona?

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

Poor sources, poor timing

Some random thoughts:

1. USA government publicly tax funded agencies should not accept foreign sources with dossiers which discredit THEIR constitutionally elected legitimate government of the people, by the people for the people. They should not elevate, prioritize and lionize such shady, obscure, sources of FOREIGN extra-judicial to the American justice system, information.

2. USA government publicly tax funded agencies should not accept foreign PRIVATE SEXED UP DOSSIERS whose marketing job is to confirm the worst fears OF THEIR BUSINESS CLIENT, with dossiers which discredit THEIR constitutionally elected legitimate government of the people, by the people for the people.

3. USA government publicly tax funded agencies should not accept foreign sources, ESPECIALLY from Rothschild run London with their 'private' agencies (number 5....boys) with dossiers which discredit THEIR constitutionally elected legitimate government of the people, by the people for the people.

The Rothschilds of London are the German Jews from Frankfurt who in the 18th century discovered that it was far more profitable for them to fund entire governments for war profiteering (The principality of Hess.....16,000 Hessian mercenaries fought with the British in the American war of Independence 1776--1783) than to make loans to individuals in the vicinity of Frankfurt.  

Step 1 make loans to a government for war mainly verses loans to 1000 individuals, many of whom do not repay subsequently. 
Step 2...initiate war, and fund one side of the conflict (French Revolution, and the Napoleonic wars....The Rothschilds helped the British Empire mobilise 450 pounds stirling for the Napoleonic wars...and the construction of the largest most powerful navy, for the British Empire......but conversely bankrupting most of Europe and devastating France and Russia.) 
Step 3:....Plan and conspire the war, with strategically placed agents, and then fund both sides of the conflict...Napoleonic wars. 
Step 4:   Plan and conspire the war, with strategically placed agents, and then fund both sides of the conflict.......and manage the post war outcome and final victory, and post war spoils...WWI and WWII....................and the Cold War 1949--1989.

Since the 18th century, the Rothschilds have been at the center of all global wars in the world...what we call 'Jewish banker wars'. For the Rothschilds of London the prospect of USA war with Russia is desirable, and for WWIII.....hence the EXCEPTIONABLE DISPROPORTIONATE BRITISH SALIVATING FOR WAR WITH RUSSIA.(Otherwise a small Island nation, with the 10th largest PPP GDP economy on earth.......it makes a lot of nuisance noise given its actual size)

The American civil war was initiated by the Rothschilds of London, as a mechanism for down sizing the USA, before it became to big and powerful (By 1872 The USA became the largest economy on earth.) The confederate South with only 5 million White Americans and no industrial base, was able to fight for 4 years to a standstill the Industrial North with its population of 22 million white Americans....because of vast support from the Rothschilds of London, through their Jewish agent and the Confederate Minister for WAR, Judas P Benjamin.
Image result for The Jewish confederate minister of war 
One of the earliest dual national Jewish neocons.....Judas P Benjamin, who at wars end, with the defeat of the Confederate South escaped to London where he worked as a successful Barrister, and the Rothschilds.

The Rothschild of London then assassinated Lincoln when their plans for dividing the USA failed, through an part-time theater actor and a network of agents of the Rothschilds in 1865. In addition, Canada played a key role as a base of operations against the Union government, which led Lincoln to create plans for the invasion of Canada, and the subsequent acquisition of Alaska to surround British run Canada. Under Code Red, the USA maintained plans for the invasion of Canada until the start of WWII.

The presence of the Imperial Russian fleet docked in the East Coast of the USA prevented a more overt European participation in the USA Civil War (Syria conflict) on the side of the Confederates, though obviously huge numbers of British and other European mercenaries were fighting for the Confederate South, unofficially with the tacit approval of their government.

Image result for imperial russian navy docked in the usa 1864

U.S. Civil War: The US-Russian Alliance that Saved the Union, by ...

600,000 Americans officially died in the American civil war, and vast untold damage was done to American capital assets in the country that had been built up over many centuries.....not to mention the psychological damage and divide the Civil war created. To this day, many Southerners still have not forgiven the North for what had happened in the Civil War.

How would they know that the Rothschilds of London destroyed their country, killed 600,000 Americans and killed the legitimate President of the country?



4. John McCain was the Trans-Atlantic courier who funneled the sexed up dossier from Rothschilds London to the USA. Senator John McCain is a republican, who was once a serious Presidential candidate until the DLC decided that Hussain Obama would be more promising, and they promptly ditched McCain, in 2008. He is also racially a Celt, as is fellow brother President Trump whose mother hails from Scotland.  John McCain is of Scottish descent, as is Trump on his mothers side. Given these facts Senator McCain should he 'high fiving', wild with rapture and joy that his fellow brother at so many levels is now going to be the President of the USA.

Ideally he should be making his way to Vietnam in his 'Hanoi canary' incarnation, and holding a wild orgy party with some teenagers.

But alas instead, the Hanoi Canary tweets for the Rothschilds of London, and the Globalists which bring so much misery to the USA and the world. He has no loyalty to his Celtic Brethren, his Scottish ancestral Brethren, his new party leader and even his religion. For the Hanoi Canary the only thing that matters ........the only single thing that matters above all rational else ....is the money and largesse  he is gifted from the Trans-Atlantic Globalists.
Image result for The Hanoi canary
So where does the Hanoi Canary spend his precious Christmas cheer and goodwill, and peace to all men (and women)....amen?

He spends his Christmas in the Ukraine, along with Linda Graham, the neocon shrill who never misses the chance of a good war, with other peoples children. The Hanoi Canary hoped and prayed in the Ukraine, along with the illegal Nazi Putsch government installed by the Nuland/Kagan Jewish neocon clan .......for war, and more Russia baiting. The Hanoi Canary born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and the USA Aristocracy.....a traitor to the USA whilst in enemy captivity, adopting an Indo-Burmese girl to somehow pay for his sins and oftening speaking against torture......that which he briefly experienced in North Vietnam before he caved in and 'cooperated' .........prays during Christmas for WAR...........but WAR of a special kind, against Russia and WWIII, which surely the Hanoi Canary knows will kill tens of millions of people around the world, and turn the world into another Rothchilds instituted hell.

Then the prisoner of conscience, who adopted a wretched third world girl and who speaks against institutional state sanctioned torture is a wholly inconsistent bag of contradictions and holy hypocrisy........whose only real political actions matter when the globalists need him for their psy-ops.
Image result for John mcCain in the Ukraine 2016 christmas
Utter shameless Cad.

Image result for john mcCain with ISISImage result for john mcCain with ISIS

5. Eve of inauguration--desperate, pathetic and ungentlemanly.


General Stubblebine says Dick Cheney and the Neocons did 9/11








Obviously its not Russia.....Obviously 'al-CIA-duh' and Osama in the cave in Afghanistan didn't do 9/11


SHILLS: FBI Accused Russia of Hacking the DNC Without Ever Examining Their Servers

And then basically lied about it in a misleading report that gives the impression FBI had performed forensic research of its own
Dean Parker at Russia Insider.
The first thing you do when investigating a possible crime is you refuse to examine the evidence. That is if you are the US government.
A journalist over at BuzzFeed has learned the FBI pointed the finger at Russia as having hacked the Democratic Party without ever taking a look at their computers. In fact six months from the alleged hack no US government entity at all has yet had a look:
Six months after the FBI first said it was investigating the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computer network, the bureau has still not requested access to the hacked servers, a DNC spokesman said. No US government entity has run an independent forensic analysis on the system, one US intelligence official told BuzzFeed News.
“The DNC had several meetings with representatives of the FBI’s Cyber Division and its Washington (DC) Field Office, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices, and it responded to a variety of requests for cooperation, but the FBI never requested access to the DNC’s computer servers,” Eric Walker, the DNC’s deputy communications director, told BuzzFeed News in an email.
Why have they not asked to take a look? Not only does it sound intuitive but security techies confirm this normally FBI wants to examine the computers for itself:
BuzzFeed News spoke to three cybersecurity companies who have worked on major breaches in the last 15 months, who said that it was “par for the course” for the FBI to do their own forensic research into the hacks. None wanted to comment on the record on another cybersecurity company’s work, or the work being done by a national security agency.
Instead this time the FBI has been happy to simply accept and repeat conclusions of the private security firm CrowdStrike which went from a small and obscure firm to the world's most well-known computer security company in May when it pointed the finger at Russians.
(Wink Wink Wink Oink Oink Oink)
Aside from underwriting the claim Russians hacked the DNC without ever running a "forensic" analysis for itself the FBI also basically lied about this.
Its joint report issued last month with the Department of Homeland Security claimed the allegations were based on technical work conducted by the private sector, US intelligence agencies, the DHS and the FBI:
“Public attribution of these activities to [Russian Intelligence Services] is supported by technical indicators from the U.S. Intelligence Community, DHS, FBI, the private sector, and other entities,” the report says.
In fact however only the private sector had ever ran an analysis of its own, and everyone else if they did anything at all just worked with data they got from CrowdSource.