Syrian airspace will be secured by Russia.

Russia was in the process of beefing up Syria's air-defense given the enormous damage to its infrastructure by hostile powers against Syria. 

The Israeli responsibility leading to the shooting down of a Russian surveillance plane will accelerate/prioritize this on-going process.

Russia has 1,000    S-300 systems going back to 1979.....many rotting in storage.

Whilst Russia is in the process of delivering the more advanced S-400 to Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia..the prime sponsors and enablers of the CIA's ISIS 'al-CIA-duh' destabilization operation in Syria and Iraq......BIZARRELY the Russian refused Syrian requests to buy the S-300 from Russia in 2013.............and delayed by a decade the Iranian purchase of 5 S-300 systems in 2007.

There are 500,000 JOOOOOS in Russia. There is a Jewish Deep State in Russia as well as a powerful Jewish Mafia which wield considerable power still in the country. Ditto the USA.


Russia Will Provide S-300s to Syria to Defend Entire Airspace

Delivery could include up to eight S-300 systems

Following Monday’s announcement that Russia will provide Syria with advanced S-300 air defense systems within the coming weeks, officials now say that the delivery is intended to provide enough such systems to cover all of Syrian airspace.

The early estimates are that this will mean Syria getting up to eight S-300 systems. The substantial range of the systems also means that an S-300 system in Damascus would also provide radar coverage across Lebanon, and northern Israel.

All told, this means that the S-300 systems will provide even more of a counter to the repeated Israeli airstrikes against Syrian territory. The S-300 missiles not only are of a generation meant to pose a real threat to such attackers, but the radar, far superior to the S-200, will give them advanced warning of any incursion, instead of just finding out when the rockets start landing.

Israel has long expressed opposition to Russia providing the S-300 to any of its regional rivals, generally Syria and Iran. The Russian decision to provide the systems to Syria came after an Israeli attack on the Syrian coast, during which a Russian surveillance plane was shot down.


Keep Calm and carry on...don't fall for the CIA/MOSSAD False flag bait

We know, with evidence who has been killing Iranian scientists using MEK.

We know, with evidence who has been using Jundallah to carry out terrorist attacks in the South East region of Iran.

We know with evidence who has been using PJAK to attack Iranian security forces in the South West region bordering Iraq.

Its a bit of a Jew Chutzpah why a man like Guilliani, so intimately involved with building 7, and the quick suspicious removal of ALL evidence from the crime scene of 9/11.....should talk about regime change in Iran. What is  his beef?

Mike Pompeo.


Roman vs Parthian history  

Roman verse Sassanid history.


There was the possibility that President Trump would talk to Rouhani at the UN......the terrorist attack there may have been staged to sabotage such an event by Bolton, Pompeo and the Neocons.



By New WokV Blog.

Five world powers have agreed with Iran to establish a financial facility in the European Union to facilitate payments for Iran's exports, including oil, as well as its imports. It is a key move sought by Tehran following the U.S. pullout from the 2015 nuclear deal and its re-imposition of sanctions.

Foreign ministers from Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and Iran said in a joint statement late Monday that the so-called "Special Purpose Vehicle" will "assist and reassure economic operators pursuing legitimate business with Iran."

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini told reporters after the closed-door ministerial meeting that the financial facility is also aimed at preserving the nuclear agreement that is aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapon.

Mogherini says that "in practical terms, this will mean that EU member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with Iran, and this will allow European companies to continue to trade with Iran in accordance with European Union law and could be open to other partners in the world."


Russia says Israeli role in Syria plane downing was premeditated

Moscow says ties between Israel and Russia will be affected by last week's deadly incident.

Brett Michael Kavanaugh to be sure to be sure!

If Kavanaugh is not chosen will it be a FAILURE for President Trump? NO.

President Trump WILL get his man chosen into the Supreme Court even after the mid-terms. Whoever it is.

Then another one after Ruth Bader Ginsberg...before 2020.

Then more in his second term. 2020--2024.

But in a Presidency which is going to be decidedly assertive, and strong backed by military tribunals...I doubt the Supreme Court will be very relevant.

But still the Vaudeville of winning and losing has some relevance.

Brett Kavanough is a GLOBALIST swamp creature, and he and his wife are both SES members which means their ultimate masters are the colonial Brits and the City of London. As an American you become a cult Masonic like SES member (Obummers secret army 10,000) because its a jobs for life bureaucracy where you earn millions from the gravy train of the Washington Federal government....in secret. 

The colours they are wearing in the Murdoch run Fox interview tells us they are Globalists....but thats what they have to wear to show their masters that they are obedient DOGS. (Rothschilds London). Otherwise they don't get elected/progress......... Tom Fitton. Gotta know the game...!!! Gotta play the game Tom! Do you like children's blood???

and Of-course Condaleeza Rice chaperones him in all the hearings for the Globalist Bush crime family.

The man who legalized torture by the USA.

An ardent Catholic linked to the pope, Opus Dei and Ritual child abuse.

1 in 4 females in the USA will be sexually abused in their lifetime according to university studies in the USA...what are the chances Brett is in the 25% of the 2 or more SERIOUS allegations against him.

After South Africa, the USA is the most sexually violent nation on earth.

Bretts alcoholism and major gambling habits....do such things affect his work??? as Supreme court judge?

Trump knows he is getting an obedient DOG, and thus against the better judgement and advice he chooses the cliche alcoholic GAMBLING MICK. 

. . .
. . .
As to Professor Christine Margaret Blasey Ford it is alleged that she was a recruiting officer for the CIA whilst working at Stanford University. Thus there is a political motivation to her action......based probably on truthful events.

Image result for Christine Margaret Blasey Ford
As a fellow teacher and also as a VICTIM of male WASP aggression and unlimited egoism......I believe her 100%...

More than the scum who enabled Bush era Torture (NATURALLY FOR SUCH A PERSON) and probably has links to Ops Dei and the Satantic kabalistic Pope.

Release the documents!!



Modi's Neo-liberal experiment is failing

The BJP neo-liberal experiment is failing in India.

The neo-liberal economic model is NOT doing greatly in Russia either.(BUT as the shooting down of the Russian military plane by Israel shows, the Globalists Jews have power in Russia) 

But SADLY vast armies of native economists were trained in the Economics schools of the USA, and then sent back to India and Russia as indoctrinated zombies of the one neo-liberal size fits all school.

What India should have done is copied China's economic model...vast focus on INDUSTRY AND INFRASTRUCTURE through demand led economics of a Developing economy, and state funding of such projects or a percentage of private partnership...where feasible.

What the fuck is complicated here?

Stalin understood this simple model, as did Hitler before GLOBALIST dictated wars negated the full benefits.(Trump's Presidency)

As to CORRUPTION it is still a huge industry under faggot Modi, installed by Israel and the CIA. For the purpose of WAR with Pakistan and China...for Israel and the USA. Mumbai 26/11 was the drum roll build up to that....but fortunately in 2008 we had military commanders in India who said ..we aren't ready for war.

MOSSAD safe houses and surveillance houses have been installed all over Delhi under Modi.

But hopefully the BJP will loose the 2019 elections, and CIA playboy with suitcase full of dollars at the airport...faggott Rahuljji will come to power and save the day!!!!

and no more CIA funded anti-Muslim movies by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
Image result for Shan Yu
Shan Yu



The Hindu-fascist Modi government in India is crumbling. Its crazy monetary schemeput the economy, as MoA predicted, into shambles

A huge new scandal around a weapon deal with France implicates Modi directly. The always recommendable Caravan Magazine exposed the unbelievable deal in a long and detailed writeup (not paywalled): "On a Wing and a Prayer India gambles its defence interests on Reliance Group".

Reliance also funds Bollywood movies in consultation with the CIA.

In short: The previous government signed a contract with France' Dassault to buy 126 Rafale jets for $10.6 billion. Thirty percent of the price would flow back from Dassault to the Indian state owned aviation manufacturer HAL, which would assemble most of the planes. Modi flew to Paris and changed the deal without the knowledge of his cabinet and the country's military. India will get only 36 Rafales but pay $8.7 billion for them. Thirty percent of the money would flow back to a private Indian company belonging to the largely bankrupt, privately held Reliance Group for unrelated projects and without any know-how transfer. How much Reliance, owned by the once very rich Ambani family, would hand over to Modi and his party is yet unknown. There are callsfor Modi to step down which he is unlikely to do. The issue will escalate.

Liar Liar your pants are on fire!


Senator Goodlatte



Deep State Rodentsteins Jihad against Donald Trump


President Trump's 3D Chess and stable genius leading to what in the Greater Middle East?


Assad heads "the most popular regime in the planet"

ISIS, 'al-CIA-duh' , are the most popular with Israel, the Joooos the CIA, THE STATE DEPARTMENT 

Its been bizarre, its been nonsensical.

On the stupid path.


Omarosa did and so Deep State Rodentstein could have also

This comes under the category of Deep State operatives cleared by Rhino Prebius into the early Trump Presidency, along with the New York Times Trump Insider memo.

A clear case of Trump buying himself some more trouble, when he could have been focusing on the agenda.

'The Golden Age' of USA Russia relations.

. . . .


NATO Turkey Disneyland and 'mom centers'


Roger Stone friend of President Trump for 40 years

Always intriguing why the President never chose Roger Stone as Chief of staff, rather than Rhino Prebius who opened the Pandora's box of Deep state operatives to inhabit the early Trump Presidency and all the subsequent PR confusion, failure and disorder.

A man far more stable and experienced than wack-job Bolton(Did the memo come from him??? along with Pence) and Christian Zionist Pompeo.

Why why why does the President fall for Deep state operatives who WILL INEVITABLY disappoint and work against him, as insiders???

The Presidents defenders say he is playing 3D Chess (keep your friends close to you, and your enemies even more close)...oh I see...so this 3D chess is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals like us....watch and see...Trust and have faith in Sessions as Q so often used to say before being  banned....

But I would humbly ask where are his close friends as per the axiom in the administration? Rudy...weak has been, past it.

Roger Stone still has Oomph and should be put next to the president in an official role, to steady him and whisper to HIS ears soothing words, rather than Sean Hannity OVER THE PHONE.

The Deep state actors who planned the Trump psy-ops with MI since 2014, don't have the depth to keep him running for 2 terms. (Just think of the drama of the last 20 months)

Finally the Trump base is not made up of right-wing southerners with pick-up trucks like ISIS.......IT CONTAINS A BROAD COALITION OF THINKING WASPS who are quite well informed and EDUCATED (Have ya seen any of them street brawling like some common Friday night thug). Emotionally and INTELLECTUALLY they are capable of ditching Trump if he does not keep to his agenda, and initiates the wrong policies or perception of wrong policies. These WASPS are not Cultists or obedient Jooos sayanims working for the MOSSAD and racist Aparthied Israel.

They like America first, and ALL that it has given them and their children.


USA, mother of ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh'

U.S. Protects Al Qaeda in Syria, Proven

By Eric Zuesse at Information Clearing House.

-  There’s plenty of proof that the U.S. Government protects Al Qaeda in Syria. Right now, America is protecting Al Qaeda’s main center throughout the world, which is the province of Idlib in Syria. This protection is part of a bigger picture, not merely an isolated phenomenon.

For example: the key point of difference between the Obama Administration in America and the Putin Administration in Russia, regarding the establishment of a cease-fire in the Syrian war, was that Obama refused to allow Al Qaeda in Syria to be bombed during the proposed ceasefire, but Putin insisted that both Al Qaeda in Syria and ISIS in Syria must continue to be bombed during the ceasefire. Obama was protecting Al Qaeda in Syria, but Putin insisted upon bombing Al Qaeda and not only ISIS during any ceasefire there. (See the proof at that link, and you will also understand why Obama was protecting Al Qaeda in Syria.)

Trump's administration seems to be going one better than OBUMMER:

Right now, the U.S. Government and some of its allies are threatening to go to war against Russia if Russia bomb'S the world’s highest concentration of Al Qaeda terrorists. 

Those terrorists are located in the only province of Syria that has always preferred Al Qaeda and ISIS to the Government of Syria’s secular President, Bashar al-Assad. That’s Idlib province, which now is Al Qaeda central, like Afghanistan used to be before 9/11 (and for which the U.S. bombed Afghanistan right after 9/11).

A 30 July 2017 speech makes this clear. The speech wasn’t given by an opponent or critic of the U.S. Government, but by a high official of the U.S. Government who speaks for the President of the United States on Syria and who has been doing this not only under Trump, but under Obama. This official is the neoconservative and rabidly anti-Assad and anti-Iranian and pro-Saudi and pro-Israeli Brett McGurk, who is U.S. President Trump’s Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, at the U.S. Department of State. He publicly acknowledged that “Idlib province is the largest Al Qaeda safe haven since 9/11, tied directly to Ayman al-Zawahiri. … Leaders of Al Qaeda who make their way to Idlib province often do not make their way out of there.” He acknowledges there that Idlib is like the pre-9/11 Afghanistan was. McGurk, who consistently supports Sunni Saudi Arabia against Shiite Iran, blames Shiite Iran for Al Qaeda, and for everything that Al Qaeda does. He gives as his reason for blaming Iran, Iran’s having been insufficiently hostile toward Al Qaeda members. (One can say the same about any Muslim-majority nation, but especially regarding Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni-Muslim ones, particularly because Al Qaeda is itself an intensely Sunni organization, not at all Shiite.)

Likewise, the neoconservative scholar Kyle Orton wrote on 21 July 2017 (just days before that U.S. official, McGurk, spoke) saying that Al Qaeda threatens to apply terrorism against Iran if Iran goes too hard against Al Qaeda, and yet Orton also said that Iran is to blame for what Al Qaeda does.

In other words: Iran is in fear of Al Qaeda, and yet (according to Orton and the U.S. Government, including McGurk) Iran is responsible for Al Qaeda — that’s actually the official U.S. viewpoint, crazy though it sounds (and it can be understood only by understanding the broader picture).

The fact that Al Qaeda is totally a Sunni operation, and the fact that Al Qaeda believes that all Shia should be killed, are simply being ignored by U.S. officials. 9/11 is instead blamed on Shiites, though its perpetrators (other than Bush, Cheney and their friends) were almost entirely fundamentalist-Sunni Saudis, and none at all were Shiites, from anywhere.

Orton cites the Obama-Trump Administrations’ McGurk as providing support for his view that Iran needs to be conquered, and that, as the Trump Administration says and the Obama Administration had said, “Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world today.” Not Saudi Arabia, but Iran (which the Saud family have sworn to destroy). The U.S. Government blames Iran, regardless of the evidence, and blames it for everything bad in and from the Middle East. The U.S. Government know better, but lies.

Putin, Erdogan, and Rouhani, met in Tehran on September 7th to discuss the threat by Trump (from condemnation backed not only by Trump’s allies but by the ‘humanitarian’ agencies of the U.N.), the Trump Administration’s threat to go to war against Russia for ‘humanitarian’ reasons if Russia assists Assad’s effort to exterminate the jihadists in Idlib. Russia didn’t want World War III, and so this meeting in Tehran occurred. TIME magazine headlined on September 7th, “Presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran Meet to Plot Future of Syria Ahead of Battle for Last Rebel Stronghold” and reported that “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for a cease-fire and an end to airstrikes in the northwestern province of Idlib, something that wasn’t immediately accepted by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.”

On September 10th, I headlined “Prelude to World War III” and argued why, “Unless Syria will simply hand its most heavily pro-jihadist province, Idlib, to adjoining Turkey, which claims to have 30,000 troops there and is planning to add 20,000 more
On September 11th, Peter Korzun at the Strategic Culture Foundation (which favors Russia and its allies, including Syria), argued

Syria needs Idlib — the last stronghold of the jihadists and the shortest route from Latakia to Aleppo. The M5 international highway crosses Idlib, linking Turkey and Jordan through Aleppo and Damascus. Control of the province would greatly facilitate the negotiations with the Kurds and strengthen Syria’s position at the UN-brokered Geneva talks. If the negotiation process succeeds, the only territories left to liberate would be the zone controlled by the US, such as the al-Tanf military base and the surrounding area, the northern parts of the country under Turkish control, and small chunks of land still held by ISIS.

On that same day, SyriaNews.cc (another pro-Syrian site) poured forth venomously against Erdogan for his statements. Linking to this, that commentator said:

objecting to a major operation there because it would likely cause a major exodus of refugees across the border, with extremists potentially sneaking in with refugees.”
Double whammy to have you keeled over with laughter…or should that be tears.
Concerns for refugees??!! Erdogan steals their organs. Refugee camps in Turkey became harvesting centers for it. 

The U.S. alliance is, indeed, now referring to not only Al Qaeda in Idlib but also ISIS in Idlib as being ‘rebels’ and ‘refugees’; and Erdogan does, too. That’s the U.S. side’s propaganda. That SyriaNews commentator was correct to be appalled at it. Erdogan and the U.S. side are accurately represented there. But this does not necessarily mean that Russia and its allies (especially Syria) cannot win with this strategy that’s being condemned by Assad, and by Strategic Culture Foundation, and by Syria News. If that strategy turns out to be the one that I proposed on September 10th, I think that they will win with it. Certainly, for Syria to retain Idlib would be horrible both for Syria and for Assad (who has always been loathed by the residents there, who see him as being either a Shiite or an atheist).

And Erdogan is in both camps — America’s and Russia’s — and playing each side against the other, for what he wants. But he could turn out to be the biggest loser from ‘his’ success here.
If he exterminates Idlib’s jihadists, then the U.S. side will condemn him for it. But if he instead frees those jihadists to return to their home-countries, then both sides will condemn him for having done so.

The biggest apparent ‘winner’ from all this, Erdogan, could thus turn out to be the biggest real loser from it. And the biggest apparent ‘loser’ from it, Assad, could turn out to be the biggest real winner from it.

NEWS UPDATE: On Friday, September 14th, Turkey’s Yeni Safak newspaper bannered “Idlib locals flee to Turkish-controlled areas for safety”, and reported that, “The locals of Syria’s Idlib have started to flee as fears of a looming offensive by the Assad regime and his allies grip the province.” They also headlined“Turkey deploys more armored vehicles to Syrian border”, and reported that, “More military reinforcements including tanks, according to reports from the ground arrived at the Syrian border in Turkey’s southern Hatay province.” These reports are consistent with the plan’s being for Turkey to segregate-out the active jihadists in Idlib so as for Russia and Syria to slaughter those. Another headline there was from Reuters, “Turkey’s Erdo─čan, Russia’s Putin to meet in Sochi on Monday”, and this suggests that there is extremely close coordination between Putin and Erdogan on the plan as it proceeds forward. Russian intelligence knows where the al Qaeda and U.S. chemical weapons are located. Presumably, the goal is to kill all the other jihadists first, and then to leave till the end the killing of the ones who are operating the Al Qaeda and U.S. false-flag event. Idlib will remain in Syria. Erdogan doesn’t want it.



USA soldiers train with ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh'

They are training together to PREVENT the Syrian government from regaining Idlib province and a-Tanf, which contains 3.5 million civilians and 100,000 terrorists along with NATO Turkish American and other troops.

It is a show of force, and informs in clear terms to the Syrian government whose side they are on.

Trump has threatened the Syrian government with military attacks if they try to militarily regain Syrian sovereign territory. The prostitute in the UN, Nikki Haley has reaffirmed the position of Trump. Such Trump policies are backed by the Jewish Neocons and the Likud Party of Israel.......and the casino king Sheldon Adelman ( a flame haired Jew).

Thus under INTERNATIONAL LAW .....TRUMP HAS CONFIRMED OPENLY IN DOCUMENTED SOURCES THAT THE USA CONTROLS AND RUNS ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh'. The USA military training with ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh' thus reinforces Trumps utterances.......they are taking the lead from their President Trump after all.

It is a pity for the world that Trump has decided to side with ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh' and the GLOBALISTS....in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq.

It is a pity that Trump for the mere sake of Likud Israel and the Jewish Neocons has decided to cynically support and bolster the purported criminals who carried out 9/11.

The greatness of a nation is not measured by its ability to destroy dirt poor brown countries, and in mistaken beliefs in false strategic necessities.

Russia has a strategic need in Syria: 

(i) Since the country is an ally since 1958, and officially since 1971 under treaties and friendship and cooperation, reaffirmed after the collapse of the Soviet Union 

(ii) Russia has military bases in the country. 

(iii) From the window of near neighbor Syria CIA backed terrorists enter Southern Russia, doing great harm. 

(iv) The Russians have been requested by the legitimate government in Syria to increase its force in Syria and take a MORE pro-active role in the country.

ALL good reasons why the Russians should be fighting for/in Syria, and conversely why NOT the USA.

Foreign actions are not unrelated to domestic success as LBJ  found out.
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US Marines Conduct Major Drills With Rebels in Southern Syria

Rebels say exercises are bolstering combat capabilities in the area

 at antiwar.com

According to one of the rebel commanders operating along the Syria-Jordan border, hundreds of US Marines and a large number of rebels have completed several days of live fire military exercises along the border.

These appear to be the continuation of live-fire exercises the Marines were carrying out last week at al-Tanf, which officials said were intended as a “warning to Russia,” after Russia warned they planned to act against Islamist factions in the area.

Pentagon officials today described the exercises as a “show of force,” saying that they want to demonstrate the ability of US forces to “respond to any threat to our forces within our area of operations.”

The US has warned a 55 km radius around al-Tanf is off limits to all other forces, though they’ve done little to prevent al-Qaeda forces from setting up shop in the area. It doesn’t appear the al-Qaeda forces were directly involved in the exercises, but they’ll clearly be the beneficiaries of the US preparing to “defend” the area from Syria and Russia.

There is no timetable for the operation in the south, but Russia informed the US it would be happening last week. This is likely to be a confrontation on the long-term US presence in Syria.

While US forces in Syrian Kurdistan are there at the behest of Kurdish officials, the Tanf base appears to serve little purpose, beyond giving the US a little presence in the southeast corner, where they can pick fights with any pro-government forces who get too close.


China Iran Trade

China Iran Trade predates history.

The Silk Road is about 2000 years old, but China Iran trade predates this by thousands of years.

Persian dancing girls, horses and Lapis Lazurilai went to China, and Chinese Silk, Porcelain, paper and other fine quality products went to Persia and beyond.

Despite aggressive illegal American pressure to economically destroy Iran, in a broader process of regime change, China has steadfastly stood with Iran.

Whilst the USA thinks of tomorrow, China thinks 100 years ahead.

Such policies will bring long term loyal allies for China as its PPP GDP reaches $100 trillion by 2050.

For China it is safe and makes strategic sense to import resources from near neighbors, rather than by the seven seas and far away resource sources.


Dare I say it, Chinese imports of Iranian oil and gas may reach 1 million barrels in the near future.


Iranian Oil Exports To China Hit 874,000 Bpd In August

By Irina Slav oilprice.com and antiwar.com

China imported Iranian crude at an average daily rate of 874,000 barrels last month, S&P Global Platts data shows, and, according to the agency, these will start declining now, with the August number representing the peak.

Loading data for delivery this month suggests that China imports of Iranian crude will average 581,000 bpd in September.

Despite this expected decline, China has said it will continue to do business as usual with Iran, including in oil, despite a promise that Beijing officials made to a U.S. delegation last month that Chinese refiners will not increase their intake of Iranian crude further. In light of the escalating trade war between China and the United States, it’s anyone’s guess how willing the Chinese will be to keep this particular promise.

As for how Chinese refiners would continue buying crude from Iran without attracting sanctions from the Department of Treasury, one way would be by using tankers owned and insured by the National Iranian Oil Company. Another, less public way would be to accept illegal shipments that Iran has suggested it could resort to under sanctions.

Sinopec, China’s and the world’s largest refiner, is one company that will continue buying Iranian crude despite sanctions because “The company's business will be hurt if it has to suspend imports from Iran,” S&P Global Platts quoted a Sinopec executive as saying last week. What’s more, in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Sinopec said "Since we have performance obligations under our Iran-related contracts in 2018, we are contractually required to continue our [purchases]."

Sinopec is the biggest Chinese buyer of Iranian crude, utilizing two-thirds of the total. PetroChina is another big buyer, taking in about one-tenth of total Chinese imports from Iran, and it recently boosted its capacity for refining Iranian blends. The third-largest buyer of Iranian crude in China is a trader, Zhuhai Zhenrong, which then sells it on to local refineries.

Supporting 'al-CIA-duh' in Yemen.


Are the US and UK empowering al-Qaeda in Yemen?

Washington and London continue to arm Saudi Arabia, whose coalition has formed a tacit alliance with AQAP fighters

By Mark Curtis at Middle East Eye and antiwar.com
Related image

A recent investigation by the Associated Press found that militias in Yemen backed by the Saudi-led coalition, of which the US and UK are a de facto part, have been recruiting hundreds of al-Qaeda militants to fight Houthi forces to reinstate the ousted government of Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.
The coalition has been cutting secret deals with these al-Qaeda fighters, paying some to leave key towns with weapons and looted cash worth up to $100m. This, and similar stories that have emerged in the three years of Yemen’s war, begs a key question: Given their arming of Saudi Arabia, are Washington and London also arming and empowering al-Qaeda militants in Yemen?
Image result for al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula
The coalition and al-Qaeda militants have been described by the International Crisis Group as having a “tacit alliance” in Yemen. Ansar al-Sharia, a militant group created by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) as its local insurgent arm - has regularly fought alongside coalition forces against Houthis in Aden and other parts of the south, including the cultural capital of Taiz, indirectly obtaining weapons from the coalition.

Wide range of weaponry

On the ground in Yemen, coalition forces comprise a mix of anti-Houthi militias, factions and tribal warlords, in which AQAP militants are often intertwined and present in all the frontlines. AQAP is benefiting from the tremendous amount of light and heavy weaponry that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are sending to Yemen to arm the militias - everything from assault rifles to anti-tank guided missiles.
Image result for al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula
According to the International Crisis Group, AQAP “has acquired a wide range of new weaponry, including heavy weapons from Yemeni military camps or acquired indirectly from the Saudi-led coalition”.
The UK government cannot categorically state that its weapons are not ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda, a risk that will continue as long as London keeps the arms flowing to Riyadh
Middle East Eye revealed last year that the largest Salafi militant force in Taiz received arms and money from the coalition: It was commanded by Abu al-Abbas, who was subsequently designated an al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) supporter by the Saudis and the US. One fighter with the battalion said that Abu al-Abbas held monthly meetings with the coalition leadership in Aden.
These arms supplies are longstanding and are contributing to the growth of AQAP. Joke Buringa, a Dutch foreign ministry adviser on Yemen, noted nearly three years ago that “Saudi Arabia has been delivering arms to al-Qaeda, (which) is expanding its sphere of influence”.
Washington and London try to demonise Iran for supplying arms to the Houthis and posit the Yemen conflict as a Saudi-Iranian one, rather than a war for Riyadh’s control of the whole of Arabia.
Image result for al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula
Yet, as noted by Michael Horton, a Yemen expert at the Jamestown Foundation, a US analysis group that tracks terrorism, “AQAP - far more than the Houthis - has benefited from the influx of weapons to Yemen” while “currently, Iran has little influence with the Houthis, who are distinctly Yemeni and deeply rooted in a very Yemeni socio-cultural context”.

US and British arms

If arms from Saudi Arabia and the UAE are reaching al-Qaeda militants in Yemen, could these be the same kinds of weapons that Washington and London are supplying to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi?
The UK, for example, has licensed more than £4.6 billion ($5.9bn) worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the bombing began in March 2015. These weapons include not only items for the Saudi air force, such as warplanes and missiles, but also arms that are ideal for insurgent groups, such as grenades, bombs and guns.
Image result for al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula
The British government freely admits that it does not monitor the use of its arms exports after sale and has said: “We do not have a full picture of which specific items have been used in Yemen.” Neither do there appear to be any restrictions on how the Saudis might use the British arms they receive.
Thus, the UK government cannot categorically state that its weapons are not ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda, a risk that will continue as long as London keeps the arms flowing to Riyadh.
Protesters demonstrate against UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia in central London on 7 March 2018 (AFP)
The UK government is not only complicit in Saudi war crimes, evidenced in its direct role in the war (supplying arms, storing and issuing weapons used in bombing and maintaining the Saudi warplanes), but it is also contributing to the rise of AQAP.
In July, Foreign Minister Alistair Burt told parliament: “The conflict in Yemen has allowed terrorist organisations like al-Qaeda and Daesh [IS] to establish themselves and spread their message of violence and extremism.” Indeed, Jane’s Intelligence Weekly has reported that AQAP is in the process of asserting itself as the dominant actor across much of southern Yemen.
AQAP’s strength - estimated by US officials at 6,000 to 8,000 members - is increasing, while the war is providing the group with a host of opportunities to refine its tactics. Horton makes a further critical point: “If coalition-backed forces are able to force the Houthis to retreat, AQAP will move to fill some of the voids left by the Houthis and their allies - at least over the short-term.”

Fighting terrorism?(or helping them)

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The US claims to be fighting terrorism in Yemen, and its drone strikes against AQAP targets have increased since Trump took office. But its larger mission is to win the civil war against the Houthis, and in that conflict, al-Qaeda militants are effectively on the same side as the coalition.
By positioning itself as a disciplined Sunni force capable of countering the Houthi insurgents, AQAP has established itself as a de facto coalition partner.
This is further illustrated in the current battle for the strategic port of Hodeidah, through which much of Yemen’s food and humanitarian supplies pass. Two of the four main coalition-backed commanders along the Red Sea coast are allies of al-Qaeda, as reported by the Associated Press. Another Yemeni commander put on the US terrorism list for al-Qaeda ties last year continues to receive money from the UAE to run his militia.
Once again, Washington and London find themselves - as in Syria, Libya and many other conflicts - regarding terrorist militias as proxy forces to achieve broad foreign policy aims. AQAP, formed in 2009 through a union of the Saudi and Yemeni branches of al-Qaeda, has attacked US and British targets in the region, attempted to bomb a US-bound airliner and claimed responsibility for the January 2015 attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris that killed 12 people.
To reverse the growth of AQAP and IS - and end a calamitous war - will require a political settlement in Yemen that is inclusive and addresses demands for local autonomy and security, while operating under the umbrella of a transformed state.
We should fear for Yemen, since AQAP, far from melting away, is likely to grow still stronger the more the war continues. We should also fear for the West, since our governments’ foreign policy priorities remain far removed from promoting the public interest in their choice of wars and allies.
- Mark Curtis is a historian and analyst of UK foreign policy and international development and the author of six books, the latest being an updated edition of Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam.


Israel funded ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh' and hoped and prayed at the Wailing Wall that these dogs would come to power


Israel Armed, Funded 12 Different Syrian Rebel Groups

Rebels assumed Israel would save them during southern offensive

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New reports on Israel’s arming and funding of Syrian rebel groups reveals that no less than 12 rebel factions, all in southern Syria, were on the receiving end of Israeli aid. This included weapons, ammunition, money, and even some armored vehicles.

The story about arming Syrian rebels actually broke Wednesday with the Jerusalem Post, though Israeli military censors shut this down quickly. Once the foreign-based Foreign Policy came out with its own version Thursday, Israeli media were quick to follow, suggesting the censors gave up on trying to keep this secret.

Foreign Policy interviewed rebels from the Syrian groups, and suggested that they “feel betrayed” because they had assumed Israel would intervene militarily to save them from the Syrian offensive, and that never happened.
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This sense of abandonment has been common among rebels getting foreign subsidies, as they’ve often assumed there was a deep commitment to the rebellion, as opposed to just a brief alliance of convenience. Several Syrian rebel groups have similarly lashed the US for “betrayal” during the war.
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One rebel was quoted saying “This i a lesson we will not forget about Israel. It does not care about the people. It does not care about humanity. All it cares about is its own interests.” Israel confirmed it ended funding for rebels in July, when the last rebels in the south lost.
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It’s unsurprising that Israel didn’t commit militarily to southern Syria during the offensive, since Russia was backing the attack on the rebels, and almost certainly would’ve moved against Israel if they had.(Idlib)