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Turkey Announces The Targets Of Its New Air Defense System


Today first parts of the Russian S-400 air defense systems arrived in Turkey. The Russian Ministry of Defense posted a video of the arrival on Facebook. The Turkish Ministry of Defense video showed the unloading of six support vehicles belong to a S-400 set. A complete S-400 set consists of two radars, a command post, eight launch vehicles with four missiles each, and various loader and other support vehicles. Turkey has ordered two complete sets for which it will pay about $2.5 billion.

The U.S. is threatening economic sanctions against Turkey for ordering and receiving the system. It will also kick Turkey out of the F-35 fighter jet program. Turkey was one of the main partners for the F-35 program. It was supposed to receive 100 of the planes and it manufactures parts of the system. Turkey will not receive the ordered planes and those parts will now be made by a U.S. company.

The S-400 system Turkey receives is an export version. It will at first use the 48N6E missiles which have a reach of 250 kilometer. The systems Russia uses include the 40N6E missiles with a reach of 400 kilometers. It will take several months until the first system set in Turkey is complete and operational. So far only 20 Turkish soldiers have been trained on it. 80 more soldiers will arrive in Russia around the end of July to receive their training.
NATO is not amused about the Turkish acquisition:
A NATO official told CNN on Friday that: "It is up to allies to decide what military equipment they buy. However, we are concerned about the potential consequences of Turkey's decision to acquire the S-400 system."The official added that, "interoperability of our armed forces is fundamental to NATO for the conduct of our operations and missions."
The S-400 in Turkey is not supposed to be interoperable with NATO. The most likely initial deployment area for the new system will be around Ankara to protect the wannabe-Sultan Erdogan from potential U.S. or Israeli attacks.

The government controlled Turkish news agency Anadolu made it abundantly clear what the system is supposed to target. 

When it announced the news of the arrival it attached the picture below to its tweet:
ANADOLU AGENCY (ENG) @anadoluagency - 12:05 UTC - 12 Jul 2019#Turkey: Russian #S400 hardware deployment starts http://v.aa.com.tr/1529747

The upper part of the graphic explains the S-400 system. The lower part says: "The system can eliminate" and then shows the silhouettes and names of U.S. military bomber, fighter and radar planes as well as Tomahawk cruise missiles. The only one missing is the 'invisible' F-35 which the S-400 can of course also detect and eliminate.

The second S-400 set will likely be stationed on Turkey's southern coast from where it can cover Cyprus and protect Turkish oil interests in the eastern Mediterranean sea. Turkey recently started drilling around Cyprus. North Cyprus is occupied by Turkey since 1974. But its claims for exploration rights extend even to the south of the island and recently started drilling there.

The European Union, which does not recognize Turkey's occupation of north Cyprus, signaled that it will sanction Turkey over it.

Turkey's relation with the U.S., NATO and the EU are likely to get worse. Russia's slow but steady strategy to draw Turkey to its side is progressing very well. With the F-35 purchase canceled Turkey will have to look to Russia for acquiring modern fighter planes. An order will depend on the manufacturing share Russia is willing to hand over to Turkey.

The Turkish economy is not well. Its aggression in Syria and Libya proved to be costly. President Erdogan recently fired the chief of the Turkish central bank who was not willing to lower the interest rate. Erdogan believes that high interest rates cause high inflation while 99% of all economists believe that higher interest rates are the best way to fight inflation.

Many Turkish companies and private households took out loans that are denominated in Euro or U.S. Dollar. If the central bank lowers the interest rate the Turkish Lira will sink and repaying the loans will become more expensive. New U.S. and EU sanctions will make these problems worse.

Erdogan may soon have an air defense system that can protect Turkey's capital. But the move will cost the country, and Erdogan, in many other fields. Russia is the country that wins from Turkey's problems. One hopes that it will use the leverage it gains over Turkey to remove the Turkish invasions from Syria.


Coming thick and fast (DESPERATION) False Flag number 5

The British Ministry of defense along with the Foreign Office were involved in the latest False Flag----which appears to have been carefully planned. British Imperialism at its best.

Massive EMPTY SUPER TANKER leaving Iraqi port of Basra (Iraq is a key ally of Iran carefully cultivated since 2003 when the country was unintentionally gifted to Iran by the USA...When Iraq's  65% Shia majority were allowed to rule the country for the first time in 1200 years) Iran which carefully monitors ALL Persian Gulf traffic (Habit developed by the USA in the 1970's when the Shah of Iran was designated the 'Policeman of the Persian Gulf'...and supplied with the latest technology from America) knows the origin of all ships coming and going through the Persian GULF.......and most of it annually is routine traffic by the same ships.

Whilst Iran may verbally threaten from time to time to close the Straights of Hormuz, or take further action in tat for tat pronouncements by certain individuals in Iran......it is extremely unlikely to target tankers/ships that do business with friendly neighbor Iraq. The Iranians do track ALL the ships.

Also as the writer below points out ........empty tankers come into the Persian Gulf, and leave with the cargo of oil. NOT IN THIS SUSPICIOUS CASE.

As the writer points out below again, the British tanker switched off its transponder for 24 hours during its time in the straights of Hormuz.......a ship or plane would only do that if it wanted to disappear from international tracking, and invite hostile investigation....or even an attack.

As reported before SAS members and Royal Marines are already on board certain ships in the Persian Gulf ready to repulse Pasdaran speed boat attacks. You don't want oil on the tanker if a fire fight breaks outs, even with a British naval ship shadowing the tanker. 
Image result for British troops helmand opium
The empty British super tanker filled with Somali pirates, people who otherwise would normally be busy transporting Helmand heroin into the streets of Perfidious Albion, appears to be hugging the UAE coast, far as possible from Iran....and therefore EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that the Pasdaran provocatively would come out into CLEAR INTERNATIONAL WATERS....or even UAE waters to attack a British tanker.
Image result for Somali pirates
30 million Somali 'refugees' have been allowed to enter the wonderful UK by Tony Blair's New labour Rothschilds puppet show, to help accelerate the cooperation of Somali pirates and the wonderful British state.

So the British tanker was BAIT........and the Iranians did not fall for it. 


Iran Keeps Calm While U.S. And Britain Continue Their Provocations

Image result for the road runner
Moon of Alabama

Great Britain has joined the U.S. pressure and provocation campaign against Iran. It is creating incidents to put Iran into a defensive position and to provoke it into a violent reaction.

Early today 'two U.S. officials' spread a scare story about Iran which lead to this CNN headline: Iranian boats attempted to seize a British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz
Armed Iranian boats unsuccessfully tried to seize a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf Wednesday, according to two US officials with direct knowledge of the incident.The British Heritage tanker was sailing out of the Persian Gulf and was crossing into the Strait of Hormuz area when it was approached by boats from the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Iranians ordered the tanker to change course and stop in nearby Iranian territorial waters, according to the officials.
The same 'two U.S. officials' briefed ABCNews:
A British warship prevented an apparent attempt by five Iranian small boats to direct a British oil tanker towards Iranian waters on Wednesday, according to two U.S. officials.
Remarkably the official British report came later than the U.S. officials briefing. It showed significant differences:
The UK defence ministry said that "three Iranian vessels attempted to impede the passage of a commercial vessel, British Heritage, through the Strait of Hormuz.""HMS Montrose was forced to position herself between the Iranian vessels and British Heritage and issue verbal warnings to the Iranian vessels, which then turned away," the ministry statement said.
"There has been no confrontation in the last 24 hours with any foreign vessels, including British ones," the Revolutionary Guards said in a statement.
The U.S. officials claimed 5, not 3 boats. They claimed the boats tried to seize the ship, while the Brits just say they probably were getting in the way of the ship. The U.S. officials 'direct knowledge of the incident' seems to be lacking. Iran says that nothing happened at all.

There are reasons to believe that the Iranian statement is the most truthful one.

The BRITISH HERITAGE is a crude oil carrier with an overall length of 274 m, a beam of 49 m and a maximum draft of 17.8 m. How three of the typical 20 feet long fiberglass speedboats of the IRGC could try to 'seize' or even 'impede' such a huge ships is inconceivable.

According to CNN the ship came from Basra, Iraq, had stopped at the Saudi coast and then left the Persian Gulf. It was not carrying any cargo at the time of the incident. That is quite curious as a crude oil carrier is typically loaded with oil when it leaves the Persian Gulf countries, and does not therefore enter the Gulf laden with oil.

Here is a Marine Traffic chart of the last course of the British Heritage.

Of interest is also that the ship turned off its AIS signal, see the dotted line, during its passage through the Hormuz Strait.

CNN also noted that:
On July 10, the ship turned off its transponders for almost 24 hours, making it undetectable by radars. When it switched on its transponders at around 1pm Eastern Time, it appeared to have sailed through the Persian Gulf escorted by the HMS Montrose.
Turning of the AIS in a high traffic area and especially at night is quite dangerous. 

The AIS signals a ships type, speed and course and other ships use that data to plan their own course. But even without AIS the ship will still be visible on the Iranian surveillance radars that control the Hormuz Strait. A ship on the radar screen without AIS information would be suspicious.

So why would the British ship do that? Was that an attempt to draw special attention to it from the Iranian coast guard or military?
Image result for sneaky face

To me it seems that the empty British crude carrier, which was shadowed by a British frigate, was used as bait. There were probably Royal Marines on board waiting for an Iranian attempt to seize the ship. Iran did not fall for it.

On July 4 the British military in Gibraltar hijacked the tanker GRACE 1 which was carrying Iranian crude oil allegedly to Syria. The ship had planned to receive provisions in Gibraltar. The British controlled enclave changed its local regulations only a day before the ship arrived:
The new regulation, introduced on July 3, allows Gibraltar to designate and detain ‘specified ships’ for up to 72 hours if the chief minister has reasonable grounds to suspect a breach of EU regulations.Crucially, Grace 1 can be held until any other legal proceedings in other jurisdictions against the owners of the cargo or tanker are settled. The seizure has triggered a diplomatic row between the UK and Iran, amid claims the detention was done at the behest of the US.
Tomasz Wlostowski, a lawyer specialized in EU regulatory affairs, found that there is no legal base in EU sanctions law and regulations to nab the tanker.

Today the police of Gibraltar arrested the captain of the ship:
Gibraltar Chronicle @GibChronicle - 14:45 UTC - 11 Jul 2019Police in #Gibraltar have arrested the captain and chief officer of the supertanker Grace 1 on suspicion of breaching EU sanctions on Syria, a spokesman for the Royal Gibraltar Police has confirmed.
The spokesman confirmed too that documents and electronic devices have been seized from the ship.

Both men were arrested on Thursday afternoon interviewed under caution. Neither has been charged at this stage and investigations continue.
On July 3 a U.S. military spy plane crossed into Iranian airspace, twice, likely to provoke an reaction. 

The pirating of the GRACE 1 on July 4 was a U.S. planned provocation of Iran but carried out by the Brits. 

The passage of the empty BRITISH HERITAGE without AIS but with a military shadow seems to have been an attempt to lure Iran into a revenge action. When that did not work John Bolton strew the scare story about a failed attempt to 'seize' the ship. The Brits say the incident was less serious, and Iran says it never happened. The arrest of the captain of the GRACE 1 is another step on the provocation ladder.

The people who planned these provocation do not understand how Iran acts and reacts. Its military forces are obviously under orders not to react to provocations as such could allow the John Bolton's of this world to escalate towards a war.

Iran will react to these provocations and especially the British seizure of its tanker. But, as we noted in an earlier piece, its responses to such incidents are nearly always asymmetrical and come at an unexpected place and time.


Straight shooter with integrity, The honorable Robert Mueller esquire

Massive PROPAGANDA from the 1930's HAS BRAINWASHED Americans into thinking that FBI figures are clean public figures who work for the public good. This couldn't be further from the truth, but when you have Hollywood movie idols like Tommy Lee JONES, Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood fronting FBI hero's then the brainwashing is complete.
Image result for young leonardo Dicaprio

This is further reinforced by FBI false flags (hero's to the rescue), and the MOCKINGBIRD FAKE GLOBALIST MEDIA who  further deify the FBI.

Imagine that here you have a man who working under GLOBALIST Hilary was the bagman taking Uranium samples to show to Russian government operatives at secret locations, prior to their illegal sale to Russia.....and no doubt profiting from such clandestine work, whilst still the head of the FBI?

From WND.COM  the-8-dirtiest-scandals-of-robert-mueller-no-one-is-talking-about

It was attorney Jeffrey Marty, who at American Lookout.com, compiled a long list of scandals casting shadows over Mueller. The following are a few of the better-known:
  • Some $12 billion in $100 bills was dispatched to the Iraq war theater, and vanished.
  • The IRS deliberately targeted Christian and conservative organizations to cause them trouble.
  • Fast and Furious saw the government traffic guns into the hands of Mexican cartel criminals.
  • The Department of Justice spied on AP reporters.
  • Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation got millions for speeches while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
  • Hillary Clinton dealt to Russia control of 20 percent of the uranium capacity inside the U.S.
  • Of course, there was Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and all the government records, including classified, that ended up there.
  • The HSBC money-laundering scandal.
Marty pointed out that, despite his history, Mueller was sold, when handed the job, as “ramrod straight” and “utterly incorruptible.”
“It’s always suspicious when anyone’s credibility is oversold like this, but that goes double when the same person was FBI director for 12 years – spanning across both the Bush and Obama administrations from 2001 to 2013 – yet most people can’t remember anything about him,” Marty writes. “We should remember actions he took to impartially uphold the law. Sadly, that is not the case.


Strong indication of progress in a FINAL Peace deal in Afghanistan


Officials Upbeat After Most Productive US-Taliban Talks So Far

Taliban interested in talking power-sharing deal with Afghan govt

 Posted onat antiwar.com

Those familiar with this weekend’s peace talks between the US and the Taliban in Doha are praising the situation, calling the end of the war “more likely than ever,” after the most productive talks yet.

These sides have made productive talks several times this year, and these are said to be the most substantive yet, with a deal approaching agreement on two key points, the withdrawal of foreign troops and the Taliban’s commitment to keep ISIS and al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan.

(Afghan's are war weary after 40 years of fighting inside the country---the card board cutout NOBLE SAVAGE is ultimately human after all including the Taliban, and there is a basic national consensus among Afghans that the country does not need any more foreign fighters in the country. How do we know this?

In the height of 2001, there may have been 5000 foreign fighters in the country from Central Asia and Arab countries mainly.....most of them have moved back to their native countries and one rarely hears about them anymore....'American special forces kill Uzbek warlord' so on...

However the Pentagon according to credible sources have moved several thousand ISIS fighters into Afghanistan for further ops against Central Asia. These ISIS fighters are a challenge to the Taliban and its legitimacy and power in the resistance movement in Afghanistan, THUS the Taliban will fight them where ever they exist post USA withdrawal.....they are foreign, and they seem to replace the Taliban and their legitimacy in Afghanistan.....that is a fact, with several clashes already recorded.

Is it really possible for American air-power, and communications networks and satellite imagery helping the TALIBAN IDENTIFY, attack and destroy Pentagon ISIS imports..??????Is this level of cooperation possible??? That would be a really great confidence building platform.....not just talking and signing declarations.

CO-OPERATION can be tested immediately between the Taliban and the USA in the above scenario. An affirmation of good faith through cooperation)

Those two aspects of the deal have been a foregone conclusion for awhile. The Taliban is also inspiring confidence as they talk about power-sharing with the existing US-backed Afghan government, saying they don’t insist on a monopoly on power, but they want to have some of the power. 

The Afghan government has long been reluctant to talk power-sharing with the Taliban, fearing that without US military support they’re going to have to give up substantial control over the country, in that they can’t enforce their own rule without US and NATO forces having their back.

Decades of failing to build a functioning Afghan government have a lot of NATO nations ambivalent about exactly where the power-sharing deal ends up. The Taliban’s pledge to support anti-terror operations is seen as particularly vital, since 19 years in, Afghan government forces show no ability to defeat any of those groups. 


CIA fighting CIA in Libya

. . . .
Image result for General Khalifa Haftar

General Khalifa Hafter is a CIA trained asset who is attempting to unite Libya (As yet another Arab strong man). 

He lived extensively in the USA prior to the "Arab Spring" destabilization by the CIA in 2011 of Colonel Gaddafi, who himself was a former CIA asset from the 1960's. With the downfall of  Colonel Gaddafi General Hafter appeared in the scene attempting to seize ultimate power and unite the failed state.

To this end General Hafter has had to increase his legitimacy in the eyes of his people, and do the right thing by his country and people in order to come to power. It is not only a simple matter of fighting and taking power in this complex divided society and consolidate the country for his CIA masters.

But as with ALL CIA assets there has been a falling out ....between the master and servant...because of the clash of the inevitable interests between what the CIA wants from Libya through him, and what he sees his country needs for it to be effectively consolidated under his leadership.

This was the case with CIA Nasser who was recruited in the 1940's (His Arab Socialist leadership was too focused on Israel, the very country with whom the CIA was forging through Mossad very close working relationship in the 1950's under the direction of James JESUS Angleton)

CIA Saddam HUSSEIN recruited in the 1950's (invasion of Kuwait 1990, and firing 57 Scud missiles at Israel in 1991)

CIA Gaddafi recruited in the 1960's (Was on the good side of the CIA for a long time 1969--2011, but sadly he started talking about African nationalism, an African Central Reserve Bank set up with Libyan petrol money, and finally plans to repatriate his $200 billion of his country's petrol money from Western banks into an African Central Bank bank set up by Libya......and ofcourse there was 143 tons of gold to loot sitting pretty in Tripoli, and the best super light high quality oil in the world again ready to be looted....Western pangs of PREDATORY CAPITALISM and colonialism...were tooooo irresistible for a little thing like worn out CIA ASSET to get in the way of geo-politics)

CIA Mullahs recruited in the 1950's during the conservative/REACTIONARY ANTI-communist over throw of the Mosaddeg government ...and THEN in turn used to over throw the CIA ASSET the Shah of Iran in 1979. (Tooo many speeches about Israel by the mullahs most of them mistranslated by the GLOBALIST MEDIA, and more significantly IN THE PROCESS OF PROTECTING SHIA MINORITIES in other countries {WHAT ELSE WOULD the only big Shia theocratic power in the Middle East  STATEs DO?} ........UNINTENTIONALLY blocking the Israeli plans for ERETZ Israel...'greater Israel' in Lebanon via Shia Hezbollah, Syria via the Alawite Shia government of Assad, and Iraq by supporting the 65% majority Shia of the country in tandem with the USA who deliberately brought the Shia into power.........in the first place)

CIA Taliban in Afghanistan established in 1994 to help the CIA consolidate the country (Upon coming to power the stupid Taliban not reading their cue cards...attempted successfully to eradicate all Opium production in the country, as it was deemed unIslamic along with ALL music, and female education. Not a difficult thing to do given that almost ALL opium production were in the Pashtun areas and was a legacy of the British empire.......BUT sadly one has to say that one of the biggest 'business' in the USA PAPER ECONOMY is illegal narcotics importation by the likes of the CIA and other such state entities like the DEA WORTH about $1,000,000,000,000 or 1 trillion. It is a business that the CIA cultivates very very seriously, to the point where Capital HILL pretends it does not exist........yep $1 trillion narcotics business is hard to miss.

The CIA Taliban refused to provide guarantees for a gas pipeline running from Turkmenistan via Afghanistan to the markets in SOUTH Asia, to be built by an American company, Unicol. Despite numerous expensive paid for corporate visits by the Taliban to Unicols HQ in Texas.....these savages simply don't understand multi-national business! )

One wonders if the last remaining negotiating point in Qatar between the Taliban and the USA is what percentage of the Opium will be allowed to be grown in Afghanistan after the USA MILITARY leaves? It is a known fact that the Taliban themselves have profited from the business post-invasion/occupation to pay for their war machine.

Now what has poor General Hafter done to incur the wrath of the CIA? The CIA website does not tell us why, and therefore we must look at the proverbial crystal ball and guess:

  • General Hafter approached for friendship, cooperation and security help from Russia. Russia has a solid record of fighting Islamist Wahhabi terrorism, because Russia has been a victim of them and that Russia also doesn't covertly sponsor them, like ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh'.
  • General Hafter maybe doesn't like CIA backed ISIS AND 'al-CIA-duh' fractions in his country and sees them as challenge to the unification of his country....and is expending real energy and resources fighting them?
  • General Hafter maybe does not like his country to be a base for CIA terrorism in Syria and the general middle East...funneling arms and men from where ever the CIA recruits.
  • General Hafter just maybe is infused with genuine Libyan nationalism and does not wish his country to be another failed African state, which is a base of illegal African refugees massing in the country to go to Europe. Or improbably the abhorrent site of African desperate hapless refugees slaves caged in inhuman conditions waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. Bush II and Obummers legacy of creating 78 million refugees around the world, which then become business and political products of the globalists.
  • General Hafter wants to unite his country, the CIA on the other hand wants it left DIVIDED, FAILED AND THOROUGHLY LOOTED BY PREDATORY CAPITALISM.

False Flag number 4


To fall for the trap is to respond in kind and for Iran UNILATERALLY to seize a British ship in International waters, where upon they will be called Somali pirates.

To respond asymmetrically and use Iranian assets/allies in other countries would expose Iran at this specific juncture as a 'terrorist state'

In my 8 year study of law in the UK, after which my legal career went nowhere, thanks to the Rothschilds of London, I can categorically say that law generally and International law specifically is designed for the benefit of great powerful nations, and rich people.

Iran is a poor country filled with poor people.


In addition to the provocative statements the British foreign office and media have been making about Iran, in addition to stationing Marines in Oman recently, and SAS personnel on Persian Gulf tankers.

ALL this British STATE activity APPEARS A BIT 'over enthusiastic' vis a vi other advanced nations like France, Germany and Italy.....though we understand that the TORY INCUMBENT GOVERNMENT is in deep doooo trouble domestically......and this may be a crude neanderthal method of ratcheting up base crude patriotism and Boris Johnson.

"Muslim womens purda look like letter boxes"

Cabbage patch doll.

There is no need for Iranian tankers to go ALL the way around Africa to deliver oil to a Mediterranean country, it looks suspicious (which itself is not an international crime) and economically silly. If Iran wants to send oil to Syria it should do so via road tankers through Iraq; 
or tankers via the Red Sea, Suez canal, Eastern Mediterranean and then into Syria 
or via Russia, then into a Russian chartered tanker in the Black sea, through the Bosporus and Marmara. skirting the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and then into Syria.

In emergency situation Iran will not be able to use Africa or the Red sea. The PAKISTAN land route, TURKEY land route and Russian land route will be the only WAY Iranian goods and services move. We discussed this ten years ago dear mullahs VIA IRNA, and that the Iranian navy's main role would be as large shooting targets of American missiles.
Ali Shamkhani by Tasnim 01 (cropped).jpg
The Iranian navy will not contribute significantly to Iran's defense strategically and any talk of making the navy a blue water navy that sails the Indian ocean, and even the Atlantic ocean, or the Mediterranean ocean is CIA wasted resource talk and ambition.

Iran is a LAND POWER-----always has been.


The Road Runner--attempt number 3 LOONEY TUNES


attempted False Flag number 3 in the Persian Gulf

Trump's thank you to Sheldon Adelson for his $200 million gift:

Image result for Trump and sheldon adelstein
Image result for casino

The failing empire whose foreign policy is run by Jewish Mafioso casino kingpins

On Eve Of 4th Of July Parade U.S. Attempts To Lure Iran Into Shooting Down Another U.S. Plane


Image result for 4th of july fireworks
Today a manned U.S. reconnaissance plane entered Iranian airspace in a clear attempt to provoke Iran into shooting it down. Such an incident would have created an occasion for Trump to give the American people a special 4th of July fireworks.

On July 3 1988 the guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes shot down the civil Iranian Flight 655 with 290 people on board. The U.S. claimed that the plane's transponder was signaling an Iranian military identification code, that it was seemingly attacking the Vincennes, that the ship warned the plane 12 times, and that the ship was in international waters when the incident happened.

The crew of the Vincennes received medals for killing the Iranian civilians.
Investigations showed (pdf) that all the above claims were false. The shoot down was intentional. Iran sued the US in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over it. The case was settled in 1996 when the U.S. agreed to apologize and to pay $61.8 million to the families of the victims.

On June 20 a large U.S. reconnaissance drone, accompanied by a manned U.S. military airplane, flew into Iranian air space east of the Strait of Hormuz. Iran shot the drone down. The U.S. threatened to strike Iran over the incident but Trump did not follow through.

There were reports that some people in the White House doubted that the U.S. Central Command, the U.S. military command for the Middle East, told it the full truth about the incident. Two days before the drone incident happened Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director, had unusual talks with the U.S. Central Command. This led to speculations that the incident was designed to provoke Iran into a shoot down and to push Trump into a war on Iran.

The case today is not in doubt. The U.S. military definitely tried to provoke Iran into shooting down another one of its planes.

Manu Gómez @GDarkconrad - 9:17 UTC - 3 Jul 2019USAF Rivet Joint tracking over The #PersianGulf, spoof Hex Cod 730000 C/S IRI00061
The US Airforce RC-135V Rivet Joint are signal intelligence planes that snoop on other countries.


The plane flew over the islands Abu Musa and Sirri in the Persian Gulf which are Iranian territory and Iranian airspace. It falsely signaled that it was an Iranian plane.

The aviation transponder of the U.S. spy plane was set to a code that is associated with Iran. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) defined (pdf) 24-bit addresses that identify the type of the plane and the country where a plane is registered . The 24 bit codes for Iranian registered airplanes begins with the country identifier 0111 0011, written in hexadecimal as 73. The flight radar page that Manu Gomez used displays these 'S-Mode' transponder codes the airplane sends as a six digit hexadecimal number.

This use of code that identified the plane as Iranian was not a mistake but absolutely intentional:
Steffan Watkins @steffanwatkins - 11:53 utc - 3 Jul 2019
Steffan Watkins Retweeted Manu Gómez
There are so many things wrong with what the #USAF is doing here, that are very much not evident to the casual observer.
1) The RC-135 has changed its unique transponder number to 730000 (hex), an Iranian assigned code. So, the USAF is impersonating an Iranian plane.
2) As @GDarkconrad pointed out, this isn't an accident, the USAF did this with Venezuelan codes off the coast of #Venezuela too. US reconnaissance planes are impersonating the codes of the countries they are conducting reconnaissance on, endangering future civilian flights.
The track shows that the plane was coming from west north west, probably Kuwait, and flew directly over Sirri Island and Abu Musa. It then immediately turned around and flew again over both islands.

Detail of the tweeted screenshot

Sirri Island is the location of an oil platform that was destroyed by the U.S. Navy forces on April 18, 1988. The island has a landing strip and there are several oil and gas installations on it.

Abu Musa is a 12.8 square kilometer (4.9 sq mi) inhabited island near the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz. It is, like Sirri, Iranian territory and Iran has troops stationed there. They likely have decent air defense systems. Abu Musa is the Iranian 'castle' that controls the Strait and most traffic west of it. Its strategic importance is immense.

After Iran shot down the U.S. drone its foreign minister posted maps showing the flight path of the drone and the demarcation of the Iranian airspace (red line). It is obvious that the U.S. plane today entered it.
Image result for abu musa island

This morning the U.S. spy plane willingly penetrated Iranian airspace. It squawked a fake code which showed ill intention. This happened on the 31st anniversary of Flight 655. The Iranian military would certainly still like to take revenge for that mass murder. It was a huge provocation likely intended to lure Iran into shooting it down.

Trump recently threatened to 'obliterate' some areas of Iran should it attack "anything American":
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump - 2:42 utc - 25 Jun 2019....Iran’s very ignorant and insulting statement, put out today, only shows that they do not understand reality. Any attack by Iran on anything American will be met with great and overwhelming force. In some areas, overwhelming will mean obliteration. No more John Kerry & Obama!
This led to speculation that Trump was threatening a nuclear strike.

Had Iran shot the plane down it would have been clearly within its rights. But imagine it had done so. A manned U.S. reconnaissance plane, not a drone, would have come down and the crew would be dead. U.S. media would scream for revenge.

It would have happened on the eve of Trump's 4th of July speech which will be followed by the military parade and overflight he ordered. 5,000 people from military families are invited to the event.

An ideal TV situation to announce that the U.S. Commander in Chief ordered to 'obliterate' Abu Musa island, the castle that controls the Strait of Hormuz. The U.S. public would have loved those 4th of July fireworks. Newpapers would headline "Commander In Chief Demonstrates His Resolve!" 

It would take days until the information that the flight was an intended provocation would enter the news. U.S. media would simply ignore it just as they ignored the evidence about Flight 655. 

One wonders who came up with such a nefarious plan. Was it Trump, the great showman, himself? Was that the reason why he ordered the military to join the 4th of July parade on such a short notice? Or was it John Bolton or 'we lie, we cheat, we steal' Mike Pompeo? Some minion at the CIA or CentCom?

Whoever came up with it, and those who signed off to allow this incident to happen, will now be disappointed. Iran clearly did not fall into their trap.

Image result for iran air defense
The world owns a big thank you to the Iranian air defense crews on Abu Musa(the son of Moses) for their disciplined behavior.


Yes its a good deal if the few thousand American troops finally leave Afghanistan after a rather sorry occupation, 2020.

PLEASE NOTE, I did not use the term 'fighting an actual war' against a real enemy (Controlled opposition).

Elements of the 17 strong American intelligence community will remain, dressed in civilian clothes guiding the Khad, the police, the Afghan paramilitaries and the armed forces.

This is to prevent a scenario where foreign terrorists come into the country, and then using the base to attack other countries.

Of course such a scheme to work effectively should naturally include security cooperation around Afghanistan with India, Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia.

America should not take up such a huge burden by itself.

Good faith will play a part in such a future. 


Trump Would Leave Intel Officers in Afghanistan Under Pullout

Trump invokes Afghan safe-haven myth(from his GLOBALIST PENTAGON GENERALS)

Talking up Afghanistan as the “Harvard of terrorists” in comments Monday night, President Trump says that he would like to complete a withdrawal of US forces from the country, but that he intends to leave “strong intelligence” in the country, amounting to a number of intelligence officers. 

The US is in ongoing talks with the Taliban on a deal to withdraw from the country, in return for the Taliban keeping ISIS and al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan.

Trump said even without US ground troops in Afghanistan “you have to watch” the country. It’s not clear how well the intelligence agents would be able to position themselves when not being embedded with an occupation force.

It’s not clear if this condition has been presented to the Taliban in the Doha negotiations. The Taliban may ultimately not have a problem with a troop-less presence for the US, but if this hasn’t been discussed, Trump may be complicating the talks by insisting it will happen.

Trump has long expressed interest in pulling out of Afghanistan, though some in the administration have been keen to keep troops in the country, and many in Congress have expressed discomfort with the idea of the war, the longest in US history, ever ending.

London ass wipe GLOBALIST Rothschilds rag


No, Iran Does Not Break The Nuclear Deal 

Moon of Alabama

Here is some fakenews from the Guardian which falsely claims that Iran breaks the nuclear deal.
Iran today announced that its stockpile of low enriched uranium now exceeds the 300 kilogram of enriched uranium hexafluoride (UF6) level set out as a limit in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (pdf).

But Iran does that within the frame of the JCPOA. It is not breaching it. Article 26 of the joint plan states that the U.S. will refrain from reimposing sanctions and that Iran will react in case that happens:
The United States will make best efforts in good faith to sustain this JCPOA and to prevent interference with the realisation of the full benefit by Iran of the sanctions lifting specified in Annex II. The U.S. Administration, acting consistent with the respective roles of the President and the Congress, will refrain from re-introducing or re-imposing the sanctions specified in Annex II that it has ceased applying under this JCPOA, without prejudice to the dispute resolution process provided for under this JCPOA. The U.S. Administration, acting consistent with the respective roles of the President and the Congress, will refrain from imposing new nuclear-related sanctions. Iran has stated that it will treat such a re-introduction or re-imposition of the sanctions specified in Annex II, or such an imposition of new nuclear-related sanctions, as grounds to cease performing its commitments under this JCPOA in whole or in part.
On May 8 2018 the United States broke the JCPOA when it reimposed sanctions on Iran. Iran can not "break" a deal that the U.S. already broke.

Additionally on May 3 2019 the State Department removed sanction waivers that allowed Iran to export low enriched uranium in exchange for natural uranium:
In addition, any involvement in transferring enriched uranium out of Iran in exchange for natural uranium will now be exposed to sanctions. The United States has been clear that Iran must stop all proliferation-sensitive activities, including uranium enrichment, and we will not accept actions that support the continuation of such enrichment. 
We will also no longer permit the storage for Iran of heavy water it has produced in excess of current limits; any such heavy water must not be made available to Iran in any fashion.
This step by the Trump administration was obviously designed to bring Iran into a situation where it would have to either stop enrichment, or accumulate a stockpile larger than the 300 kilogram foreseen in the JCPOA.

Iran can no longer export low enriched Uranium. Iran does not want to give up its "inalienable right" to enrich uranium guaranteed under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). Iran thus began to accumulate enriched uranium under the above clause of the JCPOA.

On June 17 Iran announced that it would exceed the stockpile limit by June 27. It took a few days longer but it now happened.

The JCPOA clearly states that Iran would take this step if and when the U.S. breaches the agreement by imposing new sanctions. That Iran is now exceeding one of the limits JCPOA sets out is not in breach of the agreement but in adherence to its letters.

A 'diplomatic editor' who does not understand that should seek a different profession.

Update 3:00PM EDT

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif just pointed out that the primary Iran's legal reason for its move is the unwillingness of the European 3 (UK, France and Germany) to stick to their commitment under the nuclear deal.
Javad Zarif @JZarif - 17:43 utc - 1 Jul 2019We have NOT violated the #JCPOA. Para 36 of the accord illustrates why: We triggered & exhausted para 36 after US withdrawal. We gave E3+2 a few weeks while reserving our right. We finally took action after 60 weeks. As soon as E3 abide by their obligations, we'll reverse.
When the U.S. left the agreement Iran used the Dispute Resolution Mechanism in paragraph 36 of the JCPOA. That paragraph calls for a joint commission to decide on the issue. The commission met in Brussels in July 2018 and promised to further support the deal.

The 6 July 2018 Statement from the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in which the EU-3 committed themselves to uphold their side of the deal despite the U.S. breach said:
6.​The participants recognised that, in return for the implementation by Iran of its nuclear-related commitments, the lifting of sanctions, including the economic dividends arising from it, constitutes an essential part of the JCPOA.
8.​The participants affirmed their commitment regarding the following objectives in good faith and in a constructive atmosphere:
- the maintenance and promotion of wider economic and sectoral relations with Iran;
- the preservation and maintenance of effective financial channels with Iran;
- the continuation of Iran’s export of oil and gas condensate, petroleum products and petrochemicals;
The EU-3 did not fulfill those commitments.

The Dispute Resolution Mechanism in paragraph 36 of the JCPOA states:
If the issue still has not been resolved [by the joint commission] to the satisfaction of the complaining participant, and if the complaining participant deems the issue to constitute significant non-performance, then that participant could treat the unresolved issue as grounds to cease performing its commitments under this JCPOA in whole or in part and/or notify the UN Security Council that it believes the issue constitutes significant non-performance.

This legal argument is even stronger than the argument under paragraph 36 discussed above.