If President Trump can meet with the North Korean leader, than he should be able to meet with President Putin----The consequences of conflict are far greater with Russia.


Cordial Talks Between Trump and Putin; Two Will Meet Soon

Leaders agree on the importance of limiting arms race
Image result for USA rUSSIA FRIENDSHIP

US relations with Russia have been suffering in recent months, but may be making a turn for the better. President Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on a decisive election victory over the weekend, and the two seemed to get on quite well.

All indications are that the talks were quite positive, and indeed that the two leaders discussed an array of topics on which the US and Russia could cooperate. Perhaps most importantly, the two both agreed on the importance of avoiding an arms race.

The two also discussed Ukraine, Syria, and North Korea, and agreed to meet soon. While meetings between US and Russian presidents used to be very common, mounting tensions have made them rare indeed, especially for high-ranking officials.

Russia’s Sputnik reported the conversation in-line with Western outlets, but also offered more details, saying the two were very focused on improving bilateral relations, and that Russia appeared quite positive on the US agreeing to talks with North Korea.
Image result for USA rUSSIA FRIENDSHIP

After years of mounting tensions, obviously, not everything was a source of agreement between the two nations. The fact that the talks happened at all, however, and that they by all indications were positive, is a very good sign.

Enemy of the State.


Benedict Arnold fought very hard and successfully for the first American Revolution, especially at Saratoga: 


American Revolutionary War  Continental Army:

BUT, after his wife died during the war, and he lost most of his money and he became bankrupt, whilst fighting for his country.....and he felt IGNORED....then under the pressure of his new second wife who was a ROYALIST...


That does not describe McCabe, a career Swamper from the beginning......from the Shadow Government Bureaucracy.

The problem of the SES...9100 Obama's secret shadow army

Salary starts at $300,000 up.......non-Americans including Obummer can apply.

Can I apply for the SES position, please?????


Bring General Flynn(not a Benedict Arnold) back to position and power, after his tribulations.

McCabe linked to Susan Rice and the death of 4.5 million Sudanese.

Using MS13 gang members to kill Seth Rich, and then getting the FBI to kill the assassins as a cover-up after done job in DC.

Managing 9/11.

Managing the Boston bomber false flag (Celts are way smarter than Aryans presumably----organising false flags and murdering Americans prove this anthropological FACT---USA at war with Islam meme)....in the very Celtic city of BOSTON.

What a nice Irish American!

You see the CIA MOCKINGBIRD MSM say McCabe is a nice guy, so he must be a nice guy.

Believe me.


Ann Coulter



FIAT MONEY which the world will cease to use SOONER or later.

When that happens, then where is the money going to come from to sustain the $1.5 trillion SECURITY EMPIRE, with the 1000 bases???.......through more taxes? Cut medicare? Cut Education?

The USA is a fake paper Economy.


.......AND FINALLY THE genuine PATRIOT--


IS TRUMP ANOTHER CLINTON, run by the globalist?? hiring an army of Goldman Sachs and Globalists/swampers to his administration???

Where is Devon Nunes in his administration?
Where is Jim Jordan in his administration?
Where is Matt Gaetz in his administration?
Where is Ron De Santis in his administration?
Where is RAND PAUL in his administration?

Too young, handsome and patriotic are they, WITH WHOM HE CAN'T HAVE CLOSER COOPERATION?.....the base would notice the contrast between them and him.

Or would they outshine Jared Kushner the Hassidic corrupt slippery Jew?

Tillerson the WASP is fired by Twitter, whilst abroad on state duty....
He did not want the post, but out of duty to his country and wife he took it anyway, playing the cautionary wise elder statesman to Trump's impulsive behaviour in the international arena, and help push back on the London Rothschild led anti-RUSSIA HYSTERIA.

From Wikipedia: "At age 14, he began to work as a bus boy in the student union building at Oklahoma State University. Two years later in 1968 he became a janitor working in one of the engineering buildings at the university. On weekends, he worked picking cotton."

This noble hard working American who worked his way up to the top without a golden entitled handshake from daddy is the typical American hero, running the biggest American corporation Exxon-Mobil with assets worth $350 billion and employing 70,000 Americans.

While the worthless GLOBALIST DNC INSIDER GARY Cohn is allowed to resign.....in dignity.
Image result for gary cohn with democrats
Image result for gary cohn democrats
Image result for gary cohn democrats

YOU wonder why Trump can fire Tillerson this way, and 'let go' Goldman Sach's Cohn, let go his best loyal ally General Flynn ............BUT can't get rid of his DEEP STATE INACTIVE AG. Sessions??? Rosenstein and McMaster.....who publicly curse his name when drunk.

Trump is GLOBALIST-----and like a true Globalist he is interested in the rest of the world,  

they are called GLOBALIST FOR A REASON........    

rather than keeping his eyes ON AMERICA....and following through on his campaign promises:




Promising Congressman Jim Jordan



The Iran Civilian Nuclear Deal

It is important more good Americans, who are not Likud-Israel firsters should speak out about this issue.


Top US General Expresses Support for Iran Nuclear Deal

Votel: It's in our interest to stay in the deal

 at antiwar.com

Posted on

Speaking Tuesday at the Senate Armed Service Committee, the US Centcom Commander, General Joseph Votel, came out openly in favour of the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. Votel even warned over possible consequences if President Trump withdraws from the pact.

His comments centred on the deal addressing US and international concerns about Iran having a nuclear weapons program. He cautioned if the US breaks the deal, they will need to find some other way to deal with that issue.

Iran, of course, doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program and didn’t have such a program for years before the deal was made. Under the deal, however, they are obliged to grant UN inspectors a level of access unrivalled worldwide, which many see as a guarantee no secret program exists.(2003---2018..and ongoing)

President Trump has opposed the deal from the start and is demanding broad changes to the already negotiated pact. Killing the deal, however, ends all that extra UN  access, and gives Iran no reason to offer so much special access to civilian nuclear sites.

Votel very directly contradicted Trump with his comments, saying he believes it is in America’s best interest to stay in the deal.


Traitor disloyal Oligarchs

They make their money in RUSSIA, but their bank accounts are in Switzerland.......and their hearts and soul in criminal Rothschilds Londonistan, from where the greatest amount of venom and hatred along with anti-Russia HYSTERIA originates from.

The world is indeed strange, that such criminals with connections to the government exist.

Russia is a Third World society which has tooooo many Oligarchs and only 15% of the population is middle class.

Russia's economy is designed by the Chicago School of Economics and PROFESSOR Milton Friedman and his 'EXPERTS' shaped the post-Soviet economy which creates without fail these corrupt KREMLIN LINKED MAFIOSO Oligarchs.

We must also not mention the Jewish Mafia parallel economy in Russia because that would be anti-Semitic, a touchy subject for Russians who fought in WWII against the Nazis......in 'the great patriotic war'----which cost the lives of 30 million Soviet citizens, the number one victim nation in WWII.

President Vladimir Putin in power since 2000 has not been able to fundamentally change and reshape this criminal economic structure, and so it continues.

$150 billion leaves the Russian economy each year to be deposited in tax havens and offshore accounts.

There are no good honest Oligarchs who exist for Russia......all they are only interested in are Casino's, Yachts, homes in London, Cyprus and Southern France.


BILLION $ WEDDING.....the worlds most expensive wedding in history.

"TURNED OUT basically EVERY OLIGARCH in Russia turned out to be A ROTHSCHILDS FRONT"(after 1991, and why the venom against Russia is so intense from LONDON. We hope Washington does not participate in this anti-Russia lets have WWIII hysteria, as the enemy of the USA is the same as the enemy of Russia.

Russia's Worthless Elites: Moneyed, Profligate and Rootless

Russia's rich are some of the most unpatriotic in the world

BY ANATOLY KARLIN at Russia Insider.

The latest issue of the Knight Frank World Wealth Report will not make happy reading for those of us who thought they were seeing tentative signs that Putin’s Russia was making good progress on “nationalizing” its elites (e.g. multiple wealth amnesties, local Courchevellocal Hogwarts, etc).

Also zero class
First, Russia’s wealth structure remains extremely lop-sided. 

While there are ~100 Russian billionaires (about as many as in Germany, and twice the number in the UK), there are only about 2,620 Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (>$50 million), versus 8,070 in Germany and 4,580 in the UK.

UHNWI are a much better proxy for capitalistic dynamism than billionaire plutocrats, especially in a country like Russia, where most of them are made their wealth through their political connections.

Judging by their desire to emigrate and second passport possession rates, Russian UHNWI – we can comfortably use the term, since 2,620 of the 2,870 Russia and CIS UHNWI are specified as Russian – are effectively more comprador than the culture that gave the term its name.

Russian UHNWI don’t seem to want to buy homes in their own country: Russia isn’t a top property investment source for Russian UHNWI, whereas even for Latin Americans, Brazil and Mexico are.

The luxury consumption choices of Russian UHNWI are quite telling of their human capital, thrift, and patriotic investment priorities, or lack thereof.
Russians have more yachts than anyone else other than the US, which has 10x+ as many UHNWI.

Moreover, the list of the world’s very biggest yachts is completely dominated by Russians and Arabs. 
ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNZ REPORT: "The latest issue of the Knight Frank World Wealth Report will not make happy reading for those of us who thought they were seeing tentative signs that Putin’s Russia was making good progress on “nationalizing” its elites 

Neo-con, Israeli first prostitute रंडी randee makes THREATS against Russia, Iran and Syria


Assad a mild-mannered cosmopolitan former Doctor who was not expected to be President, but for the death of his elder brother is the default legal duly elected ruler of the Socialist Republic of Syria.

The ally of Russia since 1958, with security pacts with that country, and Russian military bases there.

It is not in the interests of Assad to WIN BACK AND RECONQUER HIS COUNTRY, by destroying it and killing/genociding his people with chemical weapons.

It is not in the interests of Assad to WIN BACK AND RECONQUER HIS COUNTRY, by destroying it and killing/genociding his people with chemical weapons........WHILST THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING AND OBSERVING, whether through sophisticated surveillance means or by HUMMIT.

It is not in the interests of Assad to WIN BACK AND RECONQUER HIS COUNTRY, by destroying it and killing/genociding his people with chemical weapons........WITH KEY ALLIES SUCH AS RUSSIA AND IRAN.......2 countries which would object to the Syrian military using chemical weapons.

SYRIAN MILITARY OPERATIONS ARE COORDINATED WITH RUSSIA---due to the security pact with that country since 1970.

and the Treaty of Friendship and cooperation (1980)

That means the Syrian military cannot use illegal non-existent chemical weapons from its ghost stockpiles unless the Russian government gives the small desperate Russian dependant country permission to use chemical weapons, and since Russia is the country which publicly dismantled Syria's chemical weapons stockpile--------Russia would not give permission to the Syrian government to use chemical weapons, and OPEN ITSELF TO INTERNATIONAL RIDICULE AND CRITICISM (What kind of dismantling did you do Boris, if the Syrian government is still using illegal chemical weapons in the very same place from where the first false false accusations against the Syrian government came from back in 2013, which prompted the dismantling of Syra's entire military grade chemical stockpile?----NOT)

----Russia is a country which respects International law, and the rule of law......and as such is not a rogue out of control state run by religious messIanic nut-job leaders, who are being investigated by their police for corruption.

FAUX patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel (criminal)---to paraphrase Dr. Johnson.

WIKIPEDIA:   'In September 2013, Syria joined the CWC (formally acceding on 14 October), and agreed to the destruction of its weapons, to be supervised by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), as required by the Convention. A joint OPCW-United Nations mission was established to oversee the destruction process. Syria joined OPCW after international condemnation of the August 2013 Ghouta chemical attack, for which Western states held the Syrian government responsible (whilst Syria and Russia held the Syrian rebels of the Syrian civil war responsible) and agreed to the prompt destruction of its chemical weapons, resulting in U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry declaring on 20 July 2014: "we struck a deal where we got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out."[3]The destruction of Syria's chemical weapons that the Assad government had declared was completed by August 2014."


Centuries, Millennia old Jewish money lender usury problem

It is so old, and yet also a taboo that it has become an URBAN LEGEND, like me.

BUT, it is real.



Jeff Sessions---MIA....and enemy of the state.


"Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse. Will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on Comey etc. Isn’t the I.G. an Obama guy? Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!"


American Intelligence Media----"The rule of Law Mr. Mueller!"


Related image



National Security Act (1947) Under its provision the USMC operates directly under the command of the President of the USA. Thus President Trump does not merely have legal authority as President, but he has ACTUAL MILITARY AUTHORITY to deal with the DEEP STATE.

Founded in 1775, they have about 225,000 troops with considerable fire-power.

This is the gun that Sherrif Trump has.

However, he has not used them too overtly, so far, and has defacto allowed the DEEP STATE to carry out some false flags under his watch in Las Vegas, where 50 Trump supporters died, in Texas........and NY............and finally Florida.

BUT........this state of affairs will not last forever as it did under the CLINTONS, BUSH II and OBUMMER.

Image result for GENERAL fLYNN

Criminal Deep State actors are using foreign Mercs from Israel, and other countries to carry out false flags in the USA, which leads to the death of real American lives on American soil.........this state of lawlessness and murder of American citizens will not be allowed to continue under President Trump forever.

ALSO PLEASE PLEASE, remember that the spotlight on CORRUPTION and TREACHERY by the Globalists/DEEP STATE is distracted by such false flags.

Eric Schmidt went to North Korea after 21st December?????

American Intelligence Media----Obummer Globalist False Flags



The Rothschilds PROJECTING against Russia.

Image result for lynn and lord rothschild

The Rothschild Organ And Octoputin - Projection or Envy?

By Moon of Alabama.

The title page of this weeks Economist:

Now consider one of the earliest cartoons that used this image:

The Rothschild banking family of England, Coin’s Financial School, (1894) bigger

At least 26% of the British Economist is owned by the Rothschild family. Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her spouse Evelyn de Rothschild are sitting on the board of the Economist Group.

Is the publishing of the Putin squid by the Rothschild organ some kind of psychological projection? Or is it envy? (Both .......in my case, and the reason why I can't live in the UK....its envy...don't underestimate it as a human emotion. These Satanic inbred bastards are full of it .....

(i) with Russia it is its size; 

(ii) the $80 trillion minerals in Russia; 

(iii) A holdover of the Imperial competition between the British Empire and Imperial Russia from the 1830's onwards marked Russia in the British elite Psyche as a competitor and an enemy state.

This continued after WWII when Churchill killed Roosevelt(Who wanted better relations with Russia, and downsize the importance of the UK and its empire ) and Churchill is the one who gave the Iron curtain speech. The British initiated the Cold War, and had drawn up plans to attack Soviet Russia, with USA nukes immediately after the defeat of Hitler. The USA declined the latter plan but did initiate the Cold War Kabuki theatre for its MIC.
That kind of evil DEVIOUS satanic venom can only come from the Rothschilds of London (attack Soviet Russia when it was already destroyed and 30 million of its people had already died in WWII, and the LEAD nation which destroyed the Wehrmacht---a great service to the world, regardless of its political position)

AND MOST SIGNIFICANT....(iv) the Aryan/Iranian race originally evolved there. This creates a tizzy in the mind of the Rothchilds as their MONEY and religion had told them that they were the 'Chosen ones' )
Related image

The picture of Putin as meddling octopus attacking democracies is, of course, dumb nonsense. There is no evidence that the Russian government was in any way involved in the U.S. election. The French and the German government have repudiated claims of "Russian hacking" in their countries' elections. The one country that meddles everywhere and destroys democracies left and right is, of course, the United States.

The octopus in cartoons is often associated with antisemitic Nazi propaganda and therefore frowned upon. When the German Süddeutsche Zeitung depicted Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg as an octopus which sucks up all data, the usual suspects were up in arms.

But historically the octopus cartoons were most often used to represent a country or empire.

Last year the Atlantic Sentenial wrote about The Octopus in Political Cartoons. Russia has frequently been depict as such (1904, 1937 1948, 1950, ...). Britain, France, Prussia, Germany, Austria, Japan and the U.S. were likewise caricatured as tentacled dangers. Britain's Winston Churchill appeared as a bloodsucking sea monster.

In 1904 an octopus showed the Standard Oil company entangling the White House, Congress and the U.S. people. Today there are other companies, bankers and extremely rich families who have such undue influence. We should fear and fight their meddling and not the president of a comparably benign Eurasian country.

American Intelligence Media--Patent theft by the GLOBALISTS

America is an enormously resourceful country full of scientific innovation.

It became great through its economic development, but also through its enormous scientific revolution.

By 1872, just a few years after the horrific American Civil War the USA became the richest nation on earth, and there it stayed until 2016.

Image result for Thomas Edison

The 3rd Industrial revolution was in the USA.

The 4th Industrial revolution was from the USA.

The 5th Industrial revolution MAY come from the USA also.???????!!!!!!

Image result for HENRY FORD

By the turn of the century, Germany was also a leading scientific nation winning Nobel prizes after Noble prizes for scientific excellence and innovation .........and by 1914 the second largest economy on earth.

However IMPERIAL Germany, WAS an altogether different society to that of the USA. IMPERIAL GERMANY, as the name suggests was a nation focused on EMPIRE......MILITARISM, and great power politics, with a single dysfunctional gay man The Kaiser running the country with absolute power. 

Never heed the bogus PROPAGANDA from the MIC funded experts that the greatest scientific development in human history happened through WAR.

AND so the USA is now the 2nd largest economy on earth with a PPP GDP at $19.6 trillion (2018). There are REAL economic problems in the USA. Anybody can tell you that.

Since the early 1980's the USA became a 'JEWISH GLOBALIST ECONOMY' with high finance at the center  ------globalisation, FTA's and much more.......massive financial scams. Jewish professors from the Chicago School of Economics and Professor Milton Friedman became the new high and mighty priests of Monetarism/supply side economics. Jewish chairmans of the Federal Reserve further destroyed the economy whilst creating the illusion of economic boom. Larry Summers.....Alan Green spam. Jewish Wall street......Jewish banks like Goldman Sachs started running GLOBALIST WHITEHOUSE ADMINISTRATIONS........the Clintons, Bush, and Obummer.

I do not know how many GOLDMAN SACHS people are in President Trumps administration. I have not counted them.

This shift also occurred in my country the UK, where manufacturing was deliberately sabotaged and HIGH FINANCE and THE CITY, became very important.(The natural domain of the Rothschilds of London since their days in Frankfurt in the 18th century)

In this process, real innovation and scientific development would be stolen from ordinary hardworking British and American ingenuity......by the GLOBALIST CABAL and parcelled out for profit to their networks inside the country. OR WORSE STILL given to other countries like North Korea.

A failed state like North Korea with a $28 billion economy cannot build nuclear bombs and ICBM's .....15,000 ARTILLERY PIECES by itself. The GLOBALIST Clinton's helped them in the 1990's investing for a future of WAR AND DESTRUCTION. CIA planes with money landing in North Korea. This is the conspiracy meme from the USA.

How does one remove this Jewish Globalist Cabal focused on shady finance and war (GWoT and Russia, North Korea, Iran and China---the pivot), run from Rothschild London, and make America great again????


John Owen Brennan

Was the former head of the CIA from 2013---2017. 

He was the most vociferous DEEP STATE actor which very publicly led the counter-coup, often on TV, against the DULY ELECTED POPULIST AMERICAN PRESIDENT.

January 2017 on Fox on Sunday News:

“What I do find outrageous is equating the intelligence community with Nazi Germany. I do take great umbrage at that, and there is no basis for Mr. Trump to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly,” Brennan said.

Brennan told the duly elected candidate Trump, 5 days before his inauguration to watch his mouth----or shut the fuck up, bend over and follow the Deep States dictates on foreign policy, and especially those related to Russia.

The Lead Deep State enforcer often with the FBI, is the CIA.

The head of the GLOBAL Deep State is the Rothschilds of London.

GLOBAL CONFLICT makes the Rothschilds rich....this is how they started their business from Frankfurt Germany over 200 years ago with loans to German princes who subsequently loaned mercs (Blackwater/Xe/Academi/Craft), and the reason Hessian German troops all 16500 served the British in the 13 colonies.

Before his position as a head of the CIA, he was the CIA's Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism. January 2009---March 2013.


"Brennan began his CIA career as an analyst, presumably in the Washington D.C. area, and spent 25 years with the agency.[2][6][21] At one point in his career, he was a daily intelligence briefer for President Bill Clinton.[6] In 1996 he was CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when the Khobar Towers bombing killed 19 U.S. servicemen.[6] In 1999 he was appointed chief of staff to George Tenet, then-Director of the CIA.[4][6] Brennan became deputy executive director of the CIA in March 2001.[4] He was director of the newly created Terrorist Threat Integration Center from 2003 to 2004, an office that sifted through and compiled information for President Bush's daily top secret intelligence briefings and employed the services of analysts from a dozen U.S. agencies and entities.[22] One of the controversies in his career involves the distribution of intelligence to the Bush White House that helped lead to an "Orange Terror Alert", over Christmas 2003. The intelligence, which purported to list terror targets, was highly controversial within the CIA and was later discredited. An Obama administration official does not dispute that Brennan distributed the intelligence during the Bush era but said Brennan passed it along because that was his job.[23] His last post within the Intelligence Community was as director of the National Counterterrorism Center in 2004 and 2005, which incorporated information on terrorist activities across U.S. agencies.[4][24]
Brennan then left government service for a few years, becoming Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) and the CEO of The Analysis Corporation (TAC). He continued to lead TAC after its acquisition by Global Strategies Group in 2007 and its growth as the Global Intelligence Solutions division of Global's North American technology business GTEC, before returning to government service with the Obama administration as Homeland Security Advisor on January 20, 2009.[11]
On January 7, 2013, Brennan was nominated by President Barack Obama to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency.[25]
Brennan currently serves as a Distinguished Non-Resident Scholar at The University of Texas at Austin, where he also acts as a Senior Advisor to the University's Intelligence Studies Project. [26]"

In the alternative media, it is stated that he was intimately involved in many of the false flags with 'al-CIA-duh' in the 1990's........culminating in 9/11 and 'al-CIA-duh'.

I do not dislike him as a person and have refrained from saying anything against him so far. I don't get goosebumps when I see him speak, as I would with Hilary or a Rothschilds. This is my profound belief.

Questioning his motives is not the same as criticising against him.

Now it is intriguing to learn through GOSSIP and hearsay that John Owen Brennan, the Catholic of Irish descent has converted to Wahabi Sunni Islam many years back.

Wahabi Salafi Sunni Islam is the most extreme puritanical form of ISLAM. 99% of Muslims do not belong to this sect. Most Muslims are Hanafi Sunni.

Unlike some Jewish commentators in America, I do not say converting to Islam is a crime or traitorous, and which disqualifies you whilst serving the American government.

At one time the head of Putin's minister of the interior, responsible for the FSB, the police and much more was a Volga Tartar MUSLIM.......General Rashid Nurgaliyev. (2003--2012)
Image result for Rashid Gumarovich Nurgaliyev

Indeed John Owen Brennan is not the ONLY senior American CIA officer who is Muslim. 

Washington Post

'Roger, which is the first name of his cover identity, may be the most consequential but least visible national security official in Washington — the principal architect of the CIA’s drone campaign and the leader of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. In many ways, he has also been the driving force of the Obama administration’s embrace of targeted killing as a centrepiece of its counterterrorism efforts.'

Roger we learn is a Muslim.

aka Michael D'Andrea aka 'Ayatollah Mike' aka 'The Wolf':
Image result for Michael D'Andrea cia counter terrorism director

OK, so all this from the non-extremist Jewish, multi-cultural Globalist 'Cool' perspectives is good.......USA is a truly open society where anybody can make it to the top...even a Muslim.

Image result for cool and trendy american fashion houses

This is the promotion, the propaganda.

Image result for Obama is a muslim

But we live in a world which says one thing and does another.

I as a victim of the spook's TORTURE AND HARASSMENT .......since 1985???? have a different view of the world to that of John Brennan and Michael D'Andreas.

Barak Hussain Obummer went to Cairo in 2009 and talked about PEACE and reconciliation between the USA, and the Muslim world. ..and yet he presided over several wars, increased covert ops, drone strikes, sanctions, false flags in America, the surge in Afghanistan.......and the infamous Arab Spring using the CIA/State Department to overthrow several/some moderate pro-American regimes and replace them with Islamist ones....Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and the worst example where 500,000 have died..Syria.....for Israel.

Well my Muslim bro--'Where dat leading to?"

When John Brennan allegedly converts to Wahabi Islam---an extremist form of Islam--think 'Jehovahs Witness' or 'Mormons', and take billions from them....

and attempts to initiate a Muslim civil war between Shia and Sunnis, by lining up whole countries into each block, including Israel and the USA......which results in many deaths, should I applaud John Brennan 'conversion' to Islam?

When John Brennan creates ISIS to destabilise Syria/Iraq/Russia/Iran/Afghanistan and Central Asia and commits unspeakable atrocities in the good name of Islam....... which results in many deaths, should I applaud John Brennan 'conversion' to Islam?

When John Brennan creates 'al-CIA-duh' to destabilise the Greater Middle East, and become defacto the global foot soldiers of CIA destabilisation and false flags 9/11....... and commits unspeakable atrocities in the good name of Islam....... which results in many deaths and WARSSSSS, should I applaud John Brennan 'conversion' to Islam?

When John Brennan INITIATES drone strikes to destabilise the Greater Middle East....... and commits unspeakable atrocities against innocent civilians....... which results in many deaths and WARSSSSS, should I applaud John Brennan 'conversion' to Islam?

When John Brennan creates black off the books torture sites, and international rendition to send mainly innocent civilians to be tortured in horrific ways..........in horrible horrible ways to destabilise the Greater Middle East, since the false flags of 9/11....... and commits unspeakable atrocities in the good name of Islam....... which results in many deaths and suicides, should I applaud John Brennan 'conversion' to Islam?

Now by this stage, many of the neocons are probably applauding John Brennan, not so much for converting to ISLAM, but because of the enormous harm, he has caused Muslims.

Why has John Brennan the nice Celtic, Irish-American Roman Catholic 'joined' Wahabi Islam, if the rumour was ever true?

Because he likes Islam, and he likes Muslims????-----Nah!!! If you convert to Islam it should be Hanafi Islam, which is the type 80% follow, and its very moderate like most religions the world over....and not Wahabi Islam which came out of Jewish Basra 200 years ago, and is a religious scam geared to SERVE ONE family (Guess).

Zionism is geared to........

Because he likes Muslims??? John Brennan has killed millions of Muslims in their own country and all INNOCENT.

He likes money, and by pretending to convert he has gained billions from the Saudis.

John Brennan has played the Eskimo/Hottentot by pretending to be one of their own. He speaks fluent Arabic, and he is a Muslim.......I am one of you.

Image result for Hottentot and German

One of the many ways the West conquered the rest of the world besides military might.........and trade........was playing on the weakness of non-Westerners to Westerners, by befriending them, learning their language and corruption. 

This is John Brennan's role with 'Islam'.......a fifth column filth from the British East India company, who to all outward 'appearances' has gone native, but has, in fact, done enormous harm to the Greater Middle East.


AG Jeff Sessions


In light of his performance so far, in 13 months of this administration, his GENERAL TEPID PROMISE TO INVESTIGATE THE FBI somehow rings hollow---and will probably go nowhere, like the Warren Commission investigations.

AG Jeff Sessions whether it is by appearance, utterance or deed appears to be a SWAMP INSIDER.

AND, that the only thing he had in common with the President was his tough position on immigration and his early endorsement of Candidate Trump.

The separation between him and the President seems to be growing wider by the second. 

As AG, the President under siege requires his FULL service to defend the mote from the Barbaric hordes of the leftist Globalist Satanists.