Poor devastated occupied IRANIC Ukraine

There are STILL 100,000 of them out of a population of 47 million and declining.

Most of these remaining 100,000 should have left third world failed Ukraine for rich Israel and the USA, but have chosen to remain because they have or play pivotal roles in the country.


the oxymoron SCENARIO IS kosher NEO-Nazis BACKED BY Israel maintain these 2% Jews in power, whilst they continue to loot and abuse the country openly. 

This failed state spews venom and war against fellow Ukrainians who speak Russian, and utter hatred towards Russian who are their genetic kith and kin.

Their self esteem and true self awareness, after one hundred years of JEWISH RULE has hit rock bottom.
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Why Do the Ukrainians Allow Their Country to Be Completely Run by Jews?

(The Irish Savant) and Russia Insider
It's said that people get the Government they deserve. This could be true of Ukrainians, who have elected one corrupt incompetent gang of rogues after another into the highest offices of the land. Or as a local sitcom asked 'why are all the honest people fools and all the clever ones crooks?', going on to ponder 'what kind of people are we that we keep voting mother-fucking liars knowing full well that they're all crooks?. Well they might ask because by any reasonable standard Ukraine is now a failed state. I've been there several times and you just see and sense it. Poor, everything badly organised, listless and apathetic people, all-pervasive corruption.

It's the only country of the former Soviet Communist block that has actually regressed economically since the USSR's collapse in 1991. Yet at that time it seemed poised to be a success story. In fact its people saw themselves as analogous to the Catalans, believing they were contributing more to the centralised USSR Government than they were getting back and independence would mean improved living standards. After all they had some of the world's the richest soil (black gold), iron, coal, its own motor, truck and aircraft manufacturing industries. So what went wrong?

Ukrainian President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky

“Ukraine, which parted from Russia in 1991, has never achieved a true independent state. Just like in Russia, or even 80 years earlier in the Weimar Republic, a tribe of vultures descended upon the body of the nation.” The Russian playbook again. 

Backed by 'international financiers' Jewish oligarchs seized ownership of the state's richest assets. And they did so at a tiny fraction of their real value. The oligarchs then played a largely predatory role, dismantling much of the production for scrap metal, and shipping their profits offshore as opposed to re-investing. 

And of course they own the media as well. Professor Vasyl Yaremenko, director of the Institute of Culturological and Ethnopolitical research at Kiev State University, released an article in 2003 entitled Jews In Ukraine Today: Reality Without Myths which stated "Ukrainians need to know that the mass media is completely in the hands of Jews, and everything that we watch or read is the product of Jewish ideology…". Their control has become even stronger since then. And of course Ukraine's gold, like that of every country 'liberated' by the West, has duly disappeared.

So how have the 99.3% of Ukrainians who are not Jews responded to this? Well by voting Jews into power time and again. Sometimes you'd wonder where they get them all. Professor Yaremenko points out that of the 400+ members of the Ukrainian Parliament, 136 (possibly 158) are Jews. In the few short years since 'independence' there have been Ministers, Prime Ministers and even a President from this minuscule minority. And now they're set to elect another one as their latest President.

Why in God's name would Ukrainians do this? It's not as if their relationship with Jews has been untroubled. Quite the contrary. Less than a century ago up to six million (!!) of them were driven to starvation by the campaign of (((Lazar Kaganovich))) to destroy the kulaks. Ukrainians know this. They also know that the largely Jewish Soviet secret police murdered unimaginable numbers of  their intellectuals, clergymen, academics and successful businessmen. Kill The Best Of The Gentiles ?

So could it be that today's Ukrainians, deprived of the genetic endowment of the intellectual elites exterminated in the thirties, have become dysgenically mutilated unthinking serfs, hewers of wood and drawers of water, easily manipulated by their (((overlords)))?  After all, 'why are all the honest people fools and all the clever ones crooks?' in that country?

Unlike Ukraine, Iraq wising up

The USA and the CIA in particular IMPOSED CIA Saddam (Trained in Lebanon and Egypt by the CIA in the 1950's and Miles Axe Copeland) on Iraq. Of all the beautiful educated balanced people in the oldest nation and civilization on earth the GLOBALIST CIA chose a Psychopathic mass murderer and enforcer of the Ba'ath Socialist party to lead this ancient nation.
Miles Copeland, Jr.jpg
Miles Axe Copeland Jr. (July 16, 1916 – January 14, 1991)... In his memoirs, Copeland recounted his involvement in numerous covert operations, including the March 1949 Syrian coup d'état and the 1953 Iranian coup d'état.[2

Then there is the Iran/Iraq war where the CIA from Amman encourages their agent to attack Iran in August 1980....250,000 Iraqis die from the 8 year war.

The CIA arms Saddam with WMD's....which are used against Iraqi civilians and Iranian soldiers.

Then they used Kuwait to bait Saddam with April Gillespie to invade the country, in August 1990. The first Gulf War Follows...100,000 Iraqi soldiers notably fight and die for another CIA MANUFACTURED WAR. The country is bombed back to the stone age, and Saddam turns on the screws inside the country to keep it together.

500,000 Iraqi children die from murderous American sanctions in the 1990's, in-between incessant airstrikes in the North and South of the country.

The CIA's chemical weapons and WMD's in Iraq are completely destroyed by a covert CIA team led by an UN investigation team and David Kay.

Bush II the rehab retard comes to power and and enables 9/11 by Israel and the USA Deep State. Bush II the rehab retard snarls his nose, and goes full neanderthal and says thems Ayrabs in Iraq did it....not Saudi Arabia.

Invades the country under false pretenses, in 2003 and kills millions of Iraqis, and divides the country under 3 ethnic enclaves. ....WAR CRIMES AND GENOCIDE....unless the USA does it.

IRAN is happy with the USA FOR removing their arch historical Sunni NEMESIS WHO had killed 1,000,000 IRANIAN TROOPS USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS IN SOME CASES...AND $500 billion worth of damage to the country. They are pleased when Saddam is hanged under American justice......FOR THEM AMERICAN JUSTICE AGAINST SADDAM was their justice, and the hunt-down of all the other top Ba' athist leaders.

The Iranians are so happy that in a pique of jubilation they offer a GRAND BARGAIN to America via Switzerland. Snarling Hubris Bush rejects the offer, without even bothering to look at it. Today Iraq, tomorrow Iran.

The American invite the elite Quds force of Iran to Iraq, as a nod to the Shia majority in the country...1000 Iranian special forces soldiers stationed near Najaf and Karbala.
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America with Iran COOPERATE over the security of the country, since they realize the importance of Iran to Iraq, and especially the Shia community 65%. Most of the Shia leaders lived in exile in Iran, during the Iran Iraq war, and there after.

But the JEWISH NEOCONS PULL MORE FAKE NIGER YELLOW CAKE out of their ass and deliver to the CIA, AND NATURALLY AS WITH with 2003 the CIA say it is slam dunk, along with the Gulf of Tonkin False Flags.


Iraqi Parliament Poised to Evict US Troops

Talk of US attacking Iran has many Iraqi officials keen to get rid of them

Iraq has spent the better share of the last 16 years under US military occupation. Despite this, time and again US-Iraqi relations have come to be defined by US hostility toward neighboring Iran, and Iraq’s desire to not get mixed up in that.

So while Iraq’s parliament was already bristling under Pentagon talk of staying in Iraq, and Trump saying that the US was staying in Iraq to “keep an eye on Iran,” the recent escalation of US rhetoric about a war against Iran has sparked action within parliament.

On Saturday, Iraq will be voting on a bill that would aim to expel all foreign troops from Iraqi soil, and singles out US troops in particular as needing to leave. The bill is endorsed by Iraq’s top two Shi’ite blocs, and is expected to pass fairly easily.

What happens then is the real question. Iraq’s parliament is already being spun as “pro-Iran factions,” and it’s been a long time since US officials, Pentagon or otherwise, gave any indication that they thought staying in Iraq was up to the Iraqi government.

So while the Iraqi Prime Minister is warning the US that they can’t use Iraq to launch a war on Iran, the US is browbeating Iraq over its government-aligned Shi’ite militias, and doing everything they can to try to portray that Shi’ite-dominated Iraqi government as effectively in league with the Iranians, and subsequently a threat to US interests. No matter what happens, it seems certain US-Iraqi ties will suffer for it. 


The next 11

Pakistan economically is in the next 11 club:


The Next Eleven (known also by the numeronym N-11) are the eleven countries –

BangladeshEgyptIndonesiaIranMexicoNigeriaPakistan, the PhilippinesTurkeySouth Korea and Vietnam – identified by Jim O'Neill in a research paper as having a high potential of becoming, along with the BRICS countries, among the world's largest economies in the 21st century.[25]

The bank chose these states, all with promising outlooks for investment and future growth, on December 12, 2005.

The criteria used were 
1. macroeconomic stability,
 2. political maturity,
3. openness of trade and investment policies, 

4. and the quality of education. 

The N-11 paper is a follow-up to the bank's 2003 paper on the four emerging "BRIC" economies.[26][27]

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1. Macro economic stability for Pakistan means many things. Pakistan has a massive $1.2 trillion PPP GDP of which 40% is in the unregistered black economy. So the first grinding, colorless جدوجہد task of the state and central government is to register the black economy, until all but 10 % is eliminated. So 90% registered official economy, and 10% black economy. Once the black economy is substantially registered then the tax base of the nation increases also by 30%.

Banning luxury items from imports is gimmickry, and political symbolism....or banning extravagant weddings, which sounds like a party pooooper but which don't substantively solve the macro-economic problems of the country.
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Lets tax the billionaire military people, with their massive wealth gained through kick backs from the USA. Lets tax the super rich of Pakistan who have off shored 100's of billions in the GCC and Switzerland---squeeze them and make them pay more tax.


Money spent on the poor stays in Pakistan (circulates and boost the economy), BUT money with rich military and the general super rich LEAVES PAKISTAN towards off shore bank accounts, where the money lies dormant and worthless.

Pakistan is a resource rich country with massive coal reserves in Sindh at 185 billion tons, and oil off the coast of Baluchistan. Since 1983, I have been saying that Pakistan must industrialize using her own کافی resources. Pakistan must MOBILIZE her own resources to industrialize beyond the 20% of GDP covered by Industrial activity, towards 30% of GDP and never mind 50% of GDP achieved by the Soviet Union and China. 

INDUSTRIALIZATION and INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT are the sure inflation free engines of future economic growth. Perennially begging from other nations is not the solution.
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The Ottoman Empire collapsed when it started begging loans from Western banks to sustain the state, instead of seeking alternative sources.

Whatever it takes.....untainted experts from outside....from Switzerland or China or Japan. REGISTER THE BLACK ECONOMY, AND THEN TAX IT....INCLUDING THE SUPER RICH POWERFUL.
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New SALT and START's


Trump Orders Push for New Arms Control Deals With Russia and China

Trump wants new limits on Russia's nuclear arsenal

Officials concede that the plans are in an early stage, but President Trump has ordered them to start preparing a new push to try to establish a new round of arms control treaties with both Russia and China

Part of the plan is related to Trump’s concerns about how much all the proposals to create new nuclear weapons are going to cost, though it seems that the main goal is to place new limits on the Russian nuclear arsenal.

Getting a new round of talks going may be difficult after the US unilaterally withdrew from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. That move is likely to raise concerns, particularly in Russia, that the US is only looking for a very one-sided deal.

Trump’s talk of broader limits on military spending across the three nations is even more ambitious, but it also has both Russian and Chinese officials expressing interest. The US, after all, spends vastly more than the other two nations, and this is the first indication Trump has given that he’s given any consideration to not just growing spending annually. 



US Agrees With Russia, China on Framework for Afghanistan Pullout

State Dept: Nations support 'orderly' withdrawal of foreign troops

A new joint statement from the United States, Russia, and China expresses their mutual agreement on the general framework of the withdrawal of foreign (i.e. NATO) troops from Afghanistan.

The general idea is that the US and allied forces would leave Afghanistan as part of a peace deal, which would come with a commitment from the Taliban to keep ISIS and al-Qaeda out of the country.

These are the terms which were already reported to have been coming out of US-Taliban talks, and the State Department’s own statement said the other nations support an “orderly and responsible withdrawal of foreign troops.”

Negotiating the specifics beyond this framework, including timing, has yet to be done, and US efforts to get the Taliban talking with the Afghan government are on hold after Afghan officials failed to show for last week’s meeting. 

Getting Russia on board with this deal is particularly important, as Russia has long feared that the inevitable NATO defeat, and withdrawal from Afghanistan was going to destabilize the region, and threaten some of Russia’s close allies, former Soviet states in the vicinity.


Welcome to Moldova


Electricity production in Iran


Iran’s power generation capacity nears 80,000 MW

By Middle East Moniter and antiwar.com

Iran’s nominal capacity to produce electricity has reached nearly 80,000 megawatts (MW) following the connection of a number of power plants to the country’s national grid over the past weeks.

Since the beginning of the current Iranian year (March 21), Iran’s overall nominal capacity to generate electricity has increased by 1,005 MW.

With the coming into service of several new power plants, the capacity reached 79,665 MW in the month of Mehr (September 23 – October 22).

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Tehran back in February, Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardekanian highlighted the country’s self-sufficiency in the area of power generation and said the Islamic Republic is the top producer of electricity in the Middle East.
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About 90 percent of power generation equipment, even complicated parts like turbines and generators, are currently manufactured inside the country, the energy minister said at the time.

Fighting corruption in Iran

There is massive corruption in Iran, and as it faces American led sanctions it is of the upmost importance that the nation launches and maintains stringent anti-corruption initiatives in the country. 

The Soviet Union, Iran's neighbor also faced severe sanctions for being the first nation on earth to embrace Communism, BUT the harsh anti-corruption regime and Stalin's puritanical lifestyle as an exemplar leader (wearing old boots that were torn with holes in them).......and a leader with GRIM DETERMINATION AND PURPOSE......

LED to the Soviet Union from being a third world agrarian basket weaving economy to one that was the third most industrialized nation on earth, behind the USA and Germany.

But the Iran mullahs are hardly Stalin, but rather puppets brought into power by the CIA. They EAT LAVISHLY, dress lavishly, travel lavishly to every nation earth.......they maintain secret offshore bank accounts...and they have very lavish fat rich children who reside with the old rich of Northern Tehran.

The puppet Shah of Iran found scapegoats to blame when the CIA destabilized his country. Instead of dealing with the free wheeling CIA in Iran he arrested his own appointed Prime minister and others and threw them under the bus to please the crowds.

In effect he cut his own hand.


Iran to execute billionaire tycoon Babak Zanjani

By Middle East Monitor– Iran has ordered billionaire businessman Babak Zanjani to be executed for corruption, sources in the judiciary said.

In 2016, the Supreme Court of Iran upheld the death sentence against Zanjani who worked as a broker selling Iranian oil through Revolutionary Guards companies during the period of international sanctions, especially during the reign of former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Zanjani, 42, is one of the richest men in Iran with an estimated fortune of $14 billion. The business tycoon owns 70 companies.
Media reports online claim Judge Sadeq Amoli Larijani has maintained Zanjani’s death sentence in an effort to divert public attention from the espionage case against his daughter.
(The Larijani are four powerful brothers who constitute a government within the government)
The news website had reported that Zahra Ardeshir Larijani has been accused of spying for the UK. However, earlier this month, Iran’s Intelligence Minister, said Mahmoud Alavi denied the media report saying “none of the Larijani family members is suspected of espionage”.

The Netanyahu Problem

. . . .
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The Globalist Carter administration brought the Mullahs to power for Londonistan

It is the 1970's and another fine idea is ordained in Rothschild run UK.

Why not create a whole army of Islamic Fundamentalists to get rid of USA allies or undesirable Communist governments in the Greater Middle East?

Or as Brzezinski called them, 'Some stirred up Mooslems'.

Give it exotic names like the 'Arch of Crisis'  'Operation Cyclone"     or how about 'The Clash of Civilizations'......sounds so high falutin, purposeful and logical.

and then from July 1979 start arming Islamic Fundamentalists ONLY in Afghanistan from Pakistan.

and earlier 1977--1979 in Iran.

What is this ALL about? I am Celtic and I feel insecure about Aryan's in Asia? Put some Hijab's and burka on them and at least I can pretend that they are Ay---raabs.
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No it can't be........because just to balance things out Islamic Fundamentalists kill Sadat in 1981, and attempt a coup in Egypt.

In Syria in 1982, Islamic Fundamentalist attempt a coup.

So the USA exists as a gofer power of bat-shit Rothschild ideas articulated through Bernard Lewis at Princeton university in the 1970's.....using the services of the CIA.

There is persistent rumor that the IRA was run by British Intelligence, with the CIA heavily involved. ...........to make Celtic Catholic people look good and tough?????? 3500 dead people in the UK.
Total dead: 3,532
Total injured: 47,500+
Aggregate total of all casualties in the UK: 50,000+
Image result for shocked gorilla
If you grunt like a gorilla you are superior to an authentic Aryan, my boy.

'To be sure, to be sure'.........talk about predictive programming ...though intriguingly using a pint sized Irish guy with a blond wig. Ireland doesn't do GLOBALIST inspired wars anyway.

Just to satisfy the wrapped ego of one old rich powerful man who exists in the shadows.

Occasionally appearing on TV to talk about art, and the size of his extended family in Europe.

Image result for jacob rothschilds

Goofy looking untermensch the self appointed 'Celtic champion' Jacob Rothschild

"Fuck Iran" is the response of Khomenei, more or less, in replying to a question put to him by an American journalist on the Air France plane taking him back to Iran on 1st February 1979. The Iranian interpreter seen on the screen is later executed by Khomenei.

US had extensive contact with Ayatollah Khomeini before Iran ...

British–Ruhollah Khomeini conspiracy theory - Wikipedia

The CIA already used the anti-Communist right-wing conservative Mullahs in their coup in 1953, and again in 1979.
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Image result for ebrahim yazdi cia

The 2 CIA puppet masters of Ayatollah Khomeini were Richard Cottam and EBRAHIM YAZDI (Iranian based in Texas)

Khomeini was a village idiot illiterate mullah who knew nothing about Politics or revolutions for that matter.

No mullah died in the 1977--1979 revolution in Iran organised by the GLOBALIST Carter administration.

GLOBALIST lefties released from prison at the behest of GLOBALIST CARTER under the guise of protecting human rights .......did the heavy lifting of protesting against the Shah, of whom 800 died in protests.

After creating this False flag unreality of 'peoples revolution' the Carter administration told the 'Policeman of the Persian Gulf' to go fuck off........and carefully maneuvered the mullahs into power.

The colonial West should keep well clear of Iran.

(1916-1919) The British ARMY occupied NEUTRAL Southern and Central Iran during WWI with cataclysmic effects......impounding food and transport for their war against the Ottoman empire.....40-60% of the population died in this forgotten genocide.

(1953) The CIA decides to carry out their first foreign subversive coup in Iran of all places in service to a British oil company. They create SAVAK, the worst intelligence organisation on earth who put the SS-Gestapo TO SHAME.

(1977-1981) The CIA install the mullahs into power in Iran (I will not list what the medieval mullahs have done inside Iran)

(2003---2019) The CIA starts destabilisation operations inside Iran using Marxist PJAK, Marxist MEK, Islamist ISIS and Islamist Jundullah with terrorist operations. They want Marxist MEK to take over Iran, and if that happens there will be a blood bath inside the country, and more refugees joining the 5 million Iranians who have already left the country.

Why is Capitalist America backing a Marxist terrorist group?

Why is America openly backing a Marxist terrorist group, whose Baptism of fire including the murder of American government officials stationed in Iran in the early days of its history?

Why does the Americans think that they can crisis manage a Marxist terrorist group any more than they can ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh'?

What are the long term goals of America funding and arming a Marxist group in Iran?


The USA is moving in the right direction Internationally under President Trump

Now that the Mueller investigation has exonerated the Trump Presidency of collusion, perhaps President Trump can waive reduce some of the sanctions against Russia, and attempt to enter into more meaningful friendlier adult relations with that country.


The Neocon Greater Kurdistan project and NATO Turkey

The Jewish Neocon Greater Kurdistan project....is the source of the problem, and unless the USA drops this covert illegal little project, NATO Turkey will be seeking her old Steppe Eurasian roots via Russia and China.

After all modern secular Turkish republic was founded on critical Soviet arms in the early part of the 1920's, without which there would be no modern Turkey. The Deonme Jews of Mustapha Kemal Ataturk connected with the Bolshevik Jews of the New Soviet Union. 


U.S. - Turkey Spat Intensifies

By Moon of Alabama

The two tweets below are an update to the recent piece about Turkey's problems and how they will change the dynamics in the Jihadi infested Idleb governorate in Syria.

The U.S. threatens to hold back the F-35 fighter planes Turkey ordered, because Turkey also aquired the Russian made S-400 air defense system. We said that the consequence of that would be a further win for Russia:
Russia will be happy to supply Turkey with Su-35 fighter planes. They are arguable better than the F-35 and will likely be cheaper. But they will come with a political price.
The chances for that to happen grew after yesterday's short exchange between the vice presidents of the United States and Turkey. Vice President Pence spoke at the Atlantic Council about 70 years of NATO and said that Turkey risks its membership in NATO over the S-400 buy.
Pence also tweeted:

The response did not take long:

The Kurdish PKK/YPG forces the U.S. uses as proxy force to occupy northeast Syria are indeed legally terrorists as soon as they cross the border with Turkey. What is the value of NATO when it protects Turkey's enemies?

Pence threat is also stupid as there is mechanism to expulse any member from NATO. NATO members can only leave voluntarily.

Around the Kremlin one could hear the champagne corks plop.
The unprofessional and threatening behavior of Pence and other U.S. administration officials will cost the U.S.
As Andrei Martyanov recently wrote:
I can totally understand the irritation Washington feels about this whole situation, after all Turkey is a key NATO member with an actual army, and seeing NATO member going for such a weapon systems from Washington's prime time arch enemy--this is a no-no. But then comes this question: so, the United States will stop (will it?) F-35 and associated technology deliveries to Turkey, then what? Do we really want to open this can of worms? Turks are not idiots, by far--they can calculate and while Erdo might still do rapid 180 degrees maneuver, he also can not fail to consider the fact that instead of F-35 Turkey may get her hands on, say, some decent version of SU-35. Possible? Possible! How probable? I don't know. But Obama should have thought twice when unleashing, or pretending that he didn't know, a coup against Erdogan in 2016. Or, for that matter, a bloody overthrow of government in Ukraine in 2014. But current American elites have no concept of own actions having consequences.
h/t Syricide