USA preparing for bigger and better wars.


The US Air Force Is Preparing for a Great Power War Against Russia and China

USAF is undergoing its biggest expansion since the end of the Cold War, and the reasons are clear

In September, at the Air Force Association’s annual Space & Cyber ​​Conference, Heather Wilson — Donald Trump’s Secretary of the U.S. Air Force — presented the Trump administration’s new roadmap for the U.S. Air Force: the historic expansion of the already, by far, largest air force in the world.

Wilson identified the perceived context of the new expansionist developments right at the start of her 30-minute speech — Russia conducted its largest military exercise on “Russian soil in four decades,” she said, and China sent its first operational aircraft carrier into the Pacific and has “militarized” the South China Sea — and thus exposed at the same time the old dilemma of global security policy: The one’s defense looks quite like offense to the other, and vice versa.

The largest expansion since the end of the Cold War

Secretary Wilson explained that the U.S. Air Force will expand its current operational squadrons — which she martially called “the clenched fist of American resolve” — from 312 to 386 between 2025 and 2030. That’s an increase of 25 percent — the largest expansion ever since the end of the Cold War.

A squadron consists of 12 to 24 aircraft. Wilson’s expansion thus corresponds to well over 1,000 new bombers, fighter jets, and drones, as well as reconnaissance and refueling aircraft. Approximately $25 billion will be added to the annual Air Force budget, and no less than 40,000 additional staff will be needed. That amounts to the Trump administration reversing recent trends, as the Air Force has “drastically downsized in past years,” Military.com reports.
Foreign Policy received exclusive insight into the composition of these 74 new squadrons. The largest percentage increase among the various squadrons is attributed to the bomber squadrons: aircraft that can be equipped with nuclear weapons and, above all, aim at the destruction of stationary targets such as buildings or other massive infrastructure — but not mobile combat units — which is largely interpreted as a shift in strategic focus towards wars against nations, not terrorist groups.

There is also a massive increase in the number of refueling aircraft, which are currently deployed in support of the Saudi-Emirati war against the civilian population of Yemen — an air war, waged across the endless deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, that would be virtually impossible without U.S. air-refueling.

Another central theme in Wilson‘s speech was the creation of a Space Force as the sixth branch of the military. Donald Trump initially understood that project as a joke, but then quickly recognized it as a catchy slogan that was well received by his base. In March, he finally included the Space Force into the national security strategy.

“Space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air, and sea”, Trump stated, although his White House, the U.S. Air Force, and Secretary of Defense James Mattis have vehemently opposed this move in the past. “We can no longer view space as a function, it is a war-fighting mission,” Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told a crowd of applauding military staff in her speech in National Harbor, Maryland. The military, Wilson promised, is working to “put a war fighter’s focus on space operation.”

New fighter jets at Russia’s borders

In recent years, NATO has carried out its largest troop deployment on its eastern flank — right at the Russian border — since the fading of the Cold War in the 1980s. At the insistence of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, a new NATO headquarters is being set up in Germany for the purpose of coordinating the movement of these troops. And with the establishment of the “Military Schengen” area, the rapid and unbureaucratic deployment of troops across Europe’s borders should be guaranteed.

In the wake of this escalating militarization of the European continent, the U.S. Air Force massively increased its presence at Russia’s doorstep too.

In all NATO countries in Eastern Europe, the U.S. Air Force is investing multimillion-dollar sums in the expansion of its air bases: with more than $50 million pouring into a base in Hungary, more than $60 million allocated to the modernization of two air force bases in Romania, and two bases in Slovakia that will be upgraded with more than $ 100 million, besides various base upgrades in other countries in the region.

The majority of these funds are dedicated to explicitly war-related investments such as new hangars for fighter jets or facilities to store weapons and fuel. In addition to hundreds of soldiers, the U.S. Air Force also recently sent several dozens of new fighter jets to Romania alone, including twelve A-10 Thunderbolts, better known as “Warthogs,” that are armed with radioactive uranium munitions. Reaper combat drones have been stationed in Poland for months, and soon they will likely launch from Romania too.

Both the excessive deployment of air forces in Eastern Europe and the establishment of Trump’s Space Force — as well as the historic, long-term upgrade of the U.S. Air Force as a whole — reflect a tendency to slowly abandon the infamous “War on Terror” doctrine of the past 17 years. The relevance of the countless petty wars against al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS & Co. is slowly dwindling. Neither is North Korea, Iran, or Syria the prime target of this strategic realignment.

The historic upgrade of the U.S. Air Force, military experts agree, reflects a shift in focus in the military doctrine of the U.S. empire towards great power wars in the 21st century: wars against Russia or China.

No hegemon besides me

It is one of the fundamental motives of strategic geopolitics that the present empire, in order to maintain its global power, must prevent the rise of other regional hegemons at any cost 
— especially in the three geostrategic core regions of East Asia, the Persian Gulf, and Europe.
This is the primary reason why the U.S. went to war against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan — and transformed the latter into a military colony that still exists today and whose own army is still under Washington’s command. It’s why NATO functions as a U.S. tool for military control of Europe’s armies and the alliance ceaselessly moves eastward to Russia’s borders, why Saddam was overthrown and Iraq obliterated, why Saudi Arabia’s military was brought into vital dependency on the U.S., why the war against Iran is currently being prepared, and why the U.S. empire has deployed 240,000 troops in 172 countries around the world.

A rising China, as an empire in its infancy, however, is of a completely different caliber than the other wannabe-hegemons. Washington’s policy of containment may have a certain time-delaying effect, but ultimately it is irrelevant: China will become the regional hegemon in East Asia in the not-too-distant future, and eventually overtake the U.S. as the world’s primary superpower on the planet in the decades to come.

The 21st century is the Chinese one.
Image result for j-20 stealth fighter

This transition can either go ahead peacefully — or with a big bang, potentially in the form of World War III. Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Heather Wilson once again made it clear in her recent keynote speech which scenario Washington is working towards.

Source: Foreign Policy In Focus

Hollywood Paedophilia

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TUCKER CARLSON ATTACKED BY SOROS'S ANTIFA---he must be doing something right



Jewish Hitler



Rosa Bernile Nienau, a Jewish girl. The photo is personally inscribed by Hitler.

Above, we see Hitler hugging a Jewish girl called Rosa.

The photo was taken in 1933, at Hitler's home, the Berghof, in Bavaria.

Rosa called the German leader 'Uncle Hitler'.

Rosa Bernile Nienau and her widowed mother first visited Hitler at the Berghof in 1932.

Rosa, 'Hitler's Sweetheart'

Rosa became known as 'the Führer's child'.

Rosa's close friendship with Hitler that lasted from 1933 to 1938.

Rosa 'died of polio', in 1943, at the age of 17.

Astonishing photo of Adolf Hitler smiling and hugging Jewish girl ...

Rosa and Hitler.

Rosa kept in touch with Hitler by writing letters to his aid Whilhem Bruckner.

In a 1936 letter to Bruckner, Rosa wrote: "I am already working on some christmas socks for Uncle Hitler..."

'Rosa and Hitler grew very close, so much so that the dictator refused all efforts to ban her from his company.'

Hitler spent more time at the Berghof than anywhere else during World War II.


Hitler had a teenage obsession with a pretty Jewish girl called Stefanie Isak

Hitler's secret Jewish girlfriend | Daily Mail Online

Unity Mitford
Adolf Hitler and Emil Maurice together in 1924.

There is a belief that Mein Kampf was written by Hitler's Jewish lover Emil Maurice.

Emil Maurice - Spartacus Educational / Maurice, Emil / Hitler's First Murder - henrymakow.com / Emil Maurice

Emil Georg von Stauss, the president of Deutsche Bank, lent Hitler a portable typewriter for the writing of "Mein Kampf."

Von Stauss, a principal Nazi Party fundraiser, was a longtime business associate of the Rothschilds.

Hitler Used Rothschild Banker's Typewriter.

Hjalmar Schacht

Hitler did not end interest payments to the banks.

Under Hitler, the Bank of International Settlements continued dealings with Germany.

Hitler's policies helped to further enrich the Thyssen family, Krupp, the Goebbels family, certain US corporations, and the German banks.

In 1934, Hitler got Hjalmar Schacht to manage the Nazi economy.

Schacht was a 'Rothschild agent', a Freemason and he spoke Hebrew.

Hitler and the Banksters, by Ingrid Rimland / Nazi War Financing and Banking, by Otto Nathan / Ziopedia on MEFO’s / Jewish Virtual Library on Schacht / Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, by Antony Sutton / Hitler's Finances and the Myth of Nazi Anti-Usury Activism

Rolf Mengele and Josef Mengele. 

There is a belief that Josef Mengele, the Nazi, was Jewish.

According to Marc Berkowitz, a survivor of Auschwitz, Josef Mengele had a certain love for the Jewish people, was very knowledgeable about Judaism and even spoke Yiddish.

The Life and Crimes of a Nazi Doctor | PEOPLE.com

"Documents and interviews reveal that contrary to popular belief, for most of the time that Mengele was in hiding, the Mossad wasn't looking for him at all."

Why Did Israel Let Mengele Go? - The New York Times

Both Hitler and Eva Braun apparently had Jewish ancestry, according to DNA tests.

Hitler's wife 'Jewish ancestry' / Hitler's Jewish roots

The Jews of Europe and North Africa and are mainly people who converted to the Jewish religion.

These are not the Jews of the Bible, who are believed to have originated in Saudi Arabia.

There are as many different types of Jew as there are different types of Christian.

Maria Schicklgruber

Hitler's father's mother Maria Schicklgruber 'slept with a wealthy Jew in Vienna'.

Hitler - Rothschild

Reportedly, as a teenager, Hitler took a fancy to a pretty girl called Stefanie Isak, whose surname has Jewish origins.

(Hitler's secret Jewish girlfriend Mail Online )

August Kubizek

Adolf was friends with August Kubizek and they developed a "romantic" and "intimate" relationship.

They both moved to Vienna.

They slept together.

Adolf sometimes spoke to Kubizek of his admiration for the Jewish people.

Adolf met Reinhold Hanisch and they went together to live in a hotel, the Mannerheim, which catered exclusively to gay men and their gay lovers.

In Vienna, Hitler had numerous Jewish friends.

His Jewish friends included, Josef Neumann who sold his paintings, the Galician Jew Jakob Altenberg, the Hungarian Jew Samuel Morgenstern, and the Jahodas, the cultivated upper-middle-class Jewish couple whose company Hitler enjoyed on occasions.

Herr Hitler

Josef Neumann  was a wealthy Jewish homosexual who used to come to the Mannerheim to find young men for sex.

After Neumann, Adolf  went to live with Josef Greiner, who was a fan of the Mannerheim.

Emil Maurice

Hitler's 'lover' Emil Maurice, a German Nazi, had Jewish ancestors.


Emil Maurice was an early member of the Nazi Party and a founding member of the SS.

He was Hitler's chauffeur and one-time personal secretary.


The key Nazis had many 'Jewish' connections.

I have found that most Jews, most Black people, and most Moslems are lovely, friendly decent people.

My friend Peter is Jewish and, according to his wife, he is very anti-semitic.

Peter explains that he dislikes that small section of Jews who will happily mistreat their fellow Jews.

According to Mordechai Zalkin, a senior history lecturer in Israel, it was mainly Jewish mafias who, in the period before World War II, controlled the underworld in Warsaw, Vilna, Odessa and certain other large cities in Europe. (World of our (god)fathers,/ the brains behind the sexslave trade)



There is the false notion that 'victory' and 'winning' and 'strength' CAN only be interpreted by military power, and the waging of war.

This is a very primitive regressive interpretation of 'Power' and national rejuvenation.


“Russia Is Preparing for War”  Senior Russian Diplomat Confirms

By The Saker at Information Clearing House

Original Russian text: “Тут недавно на заседании Соединенные Штаты заявили, что Россия готовится к войне. Да, Россия готовится к войне, я это подтверждаю. Да, мы готовимся защищать нашу родину, нашу территориальную целостность, наши принципы, наших людей. Мы готовимся к такой войне. Но у нас есть серьезные отличия от Соединенных Штатов Америки. И в лингвистическом плане это отличие заключается всего в одном слове, что в русском языке, что в английском языке: Российская Федерация готовится к войне, а Соединенные Штаты Америки готовят войну”

Translation: “Recently at a meeting the United States stated that Russia is preparing for war. Yes, Russia is preparing for war, I can confirm it.  Yes, we are preparing to defend our homeland, our territorial integrity, our principles, our values, our people. We are preparing for such a war.  But there is a major difference between us and the United States.  Linguistically, this difference is just in one word, in both Russian and English: Russia is preparing for war while the United States is preparing a war” (emphasis added).

We are so used to western diplomats and politicians saying more or less anything and everything (as the joke goes: when do you know that a politician is lying? When his lips move) that many of us stopped paying attention to what is being said. If tomorrow Trump or some “Congressperson” goes on national TV and declares “read my lips – up is down, dry is wet and yes means no” – most of us will just ignore it. The truth is that being exposed to that constant stream of empty, bombastic and always dishonest statements makes most of us immune to verbal warnings, even when they come from non-western political figures.

It is, therefore, crucial to fully realize that Russian official and diplomats carefully measure every word they say and that when they repeat over and over again that Russia is ready for war, they actually and truly mean it!

Of course, there have been those in the West who fully saw this danger and have been warning about it for years, I especially think of Prof. Stephen Cohen and Paul Craig Roberts here.  And I have been warning about this for four years now, beginning with the article “Obama just made things much, much worse in the Ukraine – now Russia is ready for war” posted on March 1st, 2014, followed by many more articles with the same warning since (see “The Russian response to a double declaration of war” on September 27th, 2014; “Did Russia just “gently” threaten the USA?” on November 12th, 2015; “Debunking popular clichés about modern warfare” on May 19th, 2016; “How Russia is preparing for WWIII” on May 26, 2016; “A Russian warning” on June 1st 2016; “Assessing the Russian Military as an Instrument of Power” on August 25th, 2016; “Progress report on the US-Russian war” on December 1st, 2017; “What price will mankind have to pay for the collapse of the Empire?” on April 13th, 2018; “Each “click” brings us one step closer to the “bang!” on April 20th, 2018).  But for all our efforts, we have been “voices crying in the wilderness” which is hardly surprising since even Putin’s blunt warning during his March 1st speech to the Russian Federal Assembly was quickly dismissed as “posturing” and quickly forgotten.  This is why two weeks following that historical speech I compared Russia to a peaceful rattlesnake (yes, they are peaceful creatures!) desperately trying to warn a drunk idiot to back-off but to no avail: the drunk idiot just boastfully declares “hold my beer and watch this” and tries to grab the snake.  I concluded by saying that:
May, Trump, Macron and Merkel, of course, but also their sycophantic presstitutes and the herds of zombified followers all believe in their invulnerability and superiority. The terrifying truth is that these folks have NO IDEA whom they are dealing with nor do they understand the consequences of pushing Russia too hard. Oh, in theory they do (yeah, yeah, Napoleon, Hitler, we know!). But in their guts, they feel safe, superior and just can’t conceive that they can die, and their entire society can just disappear.
Sadly, since then things have only gotten worse.  This is why a clearly disgusted and frustrated Putin recently declared that
Any aggressor should know that retribution will be inevitable and he will be destroyed. And since we will be the victims of his aggression, we will be going to heaven as martyrs. They will simply croak and won’t even have time to repent,”
Needless to say, the western ziomedia interpreted this warning as a sign of “Russian aggression,” not as a desperate attempt to wake up a delusional and infinitely arrogant Empire.
By the way – something very similar has been happening between the USA and China with an increasing number of Chinese officials publicly declaring that the Chinese armed forces need to prepare for war (hereis just the latest such warning).

Sadly, the Chinese warnings are as ignored and as dismissed as the Russian ones.  And that is truly frightening.

At least during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the entire world press was reporting about the confrontation minute by minute, and everybody knew that the danger of war was very real. In contrast today, hardly anybody gives the possibility of war much thought. In fact, the leaders of the AngloZionist Empire seem to be dead set on multiplying their provocations against Russia ranging from holding major military exercises right at the Russian border to giving the most prestigious EU human right prize to a convicted terrorist (the Poles, always so helpful, even suggested that Sentsov ought to be given the Nobel!). The EU also failed to notice the Ukronazi acts of piracy in the Sea of Azov but instead, condemned Russia for strictly enforcing her legal right to retaliate for the Ukronazi actions.

Such a level of hypocrisy is disgusting, of course.  But it is also very, very dangerous.
Frankly, considering the fantastic and genuinely heroic efforts of Putin and Xi to avoid a major (nuclear) war with the Empire, I would suggest that they, not convicted terrorists, be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (but I am not holding my breath here…)!

In sharp contrast to the western corporate media, the Russian media has been discussing the possibility of war with the US/NATO on a daily basis, and the discussion always revolves around the question “are they really crazy enough to actually attack us even though that would mean their certain destruction?!. In fairness to the Russians, seeing folks like Nikki Haley or John Bolton, the question of “are they crazy?” is a logical one. But I think that it is also possibly misleading. Here is why:

While clearly some Neocons are truly batshit crazy, most are not. Stupid, ignorant, arrogant, hateful and evil – yes. But not necessarily insane. And for that reason, I don’t think that the AngloZionist leaders will stumble into a war against Russia as a result of their insanity. Besides, while US politicians are, indeed, amazingly stupid and ignorant, there are enough men in the US armed forces who remember the warning of Field Marshal and Viscount of Alamein Bernard Montgomery who famously declared to the House of Lords: 

Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is: “Do not march on Moscow”. Various people have tried it, Napoleon and Hitler, and it is no good. That is the first rule. I do not know whether your Lordships will know Rule 2 of war. It is: “Do not go fighting with your land armies in China.” It is a vast country, with no clearly defined objectives.  Most senior US military commanders must realize that war against Russia and/or China is a suicidal proposition.

But while the insanity of western leaders is unlikely to cause a war, I am afraid that their despair might.


President TRUMP's Russia collusion---NATO massing 50,000 WWIII COMBAT soldiers on Russia's border---SO WHERE is the collusion?


Russia's military budget around $48 billion (2018).....after a 30% cut.

The USA's military budget is $1 trillion after you factor in ALL COMPONENT costs not directly appropriated to the annual Defense budget.(2017--2018)

Add to that the defense budget of 30 NATO members.



The Globalist Grandees like Mattis will oppose it, the Deep State Democrat leaning General who planned the invasion of Afghanistan in the late 1990's, a few good years before 9/11.

But Afghanistan is one big fat gravy train for the Pentagon/Deep State.....where you have the obvious Absurdistan statistic of $70 billion + black budgets to sustain a few thousand USA 'warriors' guarding the Opium poppy fields.

The country is a failed narco state run by the CIA and Pentagon, where Opium is refined into heroin and shipped around the world, including the USA. The proceeds from this illegal trade are laundered in Wall Street banks.

The Taliban was created in 1994 by the CIA, like so many Islamofascist organisations in the 1980's and 1990's...taking its globalist Que from the British Empire.

Afghanistan (Ariana) also creates huge number of refugees that go towards Europe, Australia and other places.

The hostile USA occupation of Afghanistan (with very little good will----) represents the very ugly side of America...ugly.




Fine WASP's teasing apart the problem of illegal election interference, and providing credible SOLUTIONS ON how to negate and deal with them effectively in this 11th hour.

They should be brought into the TRUMP election machine formally----non of them are politicians. 

. . . .



Representative Jim Jordan tracking the swamp and the coup against Trump


UN Court of Justice


UN Court Orders United States to Lift Iran Sanctions Linked to Humanitarian Goods, Civil Aviation
By Mike Corder at "Information Clearing House" -  

- The United Nations' highest court on Wednesday ordered the United States to lift sanctions on Iran that affect imports of humanitarian goods and products and services linked to civil aviation safety.
The ruling by the International Court of Justice is legally binding, but it remains to be seen if the administration of President Donald Trump will comply.

Trump moved to restore tough U.S. sanctions in May after withdrawing from Tehran's nuclear accord with world powers. Iran challenged the sanctions in a case filed in July at the International Court of Justice.

In a preliminary ruling, the court said that Washington must "remove, by means of its choosing, any impediments arising from" the re-imposition of sanctions to the export to Iran of medicine and medical devices, food and agricultural commodities and spare parts and equipment necessary to ensure the safety of civil aviation.

By limiting the order to sanctions covering humanitarian goods and the civil aviation industry, the ruling did not go as far as Iran had requested.

The U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Hoekstra, pointed that out in a tweet.

"This is a meritless case over which the court has no jurisdiction," the ambassador tweeted. "Even so, it is worth noting that the Court declined today to grant the sweeping measures requested by Iran. Instead, the Court issued a narrow decision on a very limited range of sectors."

While imposing the so-called "provisional measures," the court's president, Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, stressed that the case will continue and the United States could still challenge the court's jurisdiction.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif praised the court ruling on Twitter, calling it "another failure for sanctions-addicted" U.S. and a "victory for rule of law." He added that it is imperative for the international community "to collectively counter malign US unilateralism."

Iranian state television trumpeted the court's decision in a scrolling graphic at the bottom of TV screens: "The victory of Tehran over Washington by the Hague Court."

No date has been set for further hearings in the case.

At hearings in August, Tehran sought the suspension of sanctions while the case challenging their legality is being heard - a process that can take years. U.S. lawyers responded that the sanctions are a legal and justified national security measure that cannot be challenged by Tehran at the world court.

In its decision, the court said that the U.S. sanctions "have the potential to endanger civil aviation safety" in Iran and that sanctions limiting sales of goods required for humanitarian needs such as food, medicines and medical devices "may have a serious detrimental impact on the health and lives of individuals on the territory of Iran."

The court said that the Trump administration must "ensure that licenses and necessary authorizations are granted" and payments not restricted if they are linked to the humanitarian and aviation goods.

The court also told both the United States and Iran to "refrain from any action which might aggravate or extend the dispute."

U.S. lawyers had told the court that the administration would "use its best endeavors" to look at concerns about humanitarian and aviation related issues caused by the sanctions.

But in its written ruling the court said that the American assurances "are not adequate to address fully the humanitarian and safety concerns" raised by Iran.

Iran alleges that the sanctions breach a 1955 bilateral agreement known as the Treaty of Amity that regulates and promotes economic and consular ties between the two countries.
The treaty was signed when the U.S. and Iran were still allies following the 1953 revolution - fomented by Britain and the U.S. - that ultimately cemented the rule of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Diplomatic relations were severed following the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and takeover of the U.S. Embassy and ensuing hostage crisis. However, the treaty remains in force.

Wednesday's ruling could set up another clash between the Trump administration and a Hague-based court. Last month, Trump's national security advisor, John Bolton, denounced the International Criminal Court - a separate and unrelated institution based just a few kilometers (miles) away from the International Court of Justice.

The ICC prosecutes people accused of war atrocities while the ICJ settles disputes between nations.

Bolton said last month that "for all intents and purposes, the ICC is already dead to us."
Associated Press writer Amir Vahdat in Tehran, Iran, contributed.
This article was originally published by "Associated Press-

Sanction waivers for allies


US Considering Waivers on Iran Oil Sanctions

US officials confirmed Friday that there is an active internal process on considering waivers for countries that intend to continue to buy oil from Iran in violation of US sanctions. This is ongoing in spite of John Bolton claiming only the day before that there would be no waivers at all.

Though the administration had indicated in the past they were loathe to accept any waiver requests, today’s comments mark the first time they’ve confirmed that a process of review even exists, and is active. Several nations, including India and Iraq, have been seeking waivers form the US, while the European Union, China, and Russia have indicated they’ll just defy the sanctions outright.

The EU announcement that they are establishing their own clearing house to skirt US banking sanctions likely is playing a role in this US decision to review the waivers. China buys more than half of Iran’s oil, and with the EU buying it’s clear this “drop to zero” plan for Iran’s exports is going nowhere. Punishing other allies for trading with Iran makes less and less sense in that context.

Historically, Iran’s oil trade has tended to flow mostly eastward, toward the Asian Pacific region. Nations like South Korea and Japan have been buyers in the past, and are likely to be given priority for waivers since failing to get them would inconvenience them more.




Iranian FM: Agreement to Sell Oil to EU Close, Despite US Threats

Deal would be a major step toward breaking US sanctions

Likud Zionism


Image result for nested russian dolls

. . . .

Note To Iran - Debunking Netanyahu Requires Some Care

By Moon of Alabama

The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahoo held a speech in front of the UN General Assembly. As usual he brought some props to continue his 30 years of false claims about a 'nuclear Iran'. Netanyahoo's claim in front of this year's UNGA was not entirely false but highly misleading. Unfortunately he is helped by some rather hapless Iranian responses to it.

Netanyahoo said:
In May we exposed the site of Iran’s secret atomic archive. It’s right here in the Shuabad Distrcit of Tehran. Today I’m revealing the site of a second facility: Iran’s secret atomic warehouse. It’s right here, in the Turkuzahbad Distrcit of Tehran. Just three miles away. Let me show you exactly what the secret atomic warehouse looks like. Here it is. You see, like the atomic archive it’s another innocent-looking compound. Now for those of you at home using Google Earth, this no longer secret atomic warehouse. You have the coordinates, you can try to get there. And for those of you who try to get there: It’s 100 meters from the rug-cleaning operation. By the way, i hear they do a fantastic job of cleaning rugs there. But by now they may be radioactive rags. This is the second secret site. Now countries with satellite capabilities may notice some increased activity on the alley in the days and weeks ahead.
Netanyahoo added the obviously false claim that Iran removed radioactive material from the warehouse and spread it over Tehran.

But just like back in May, when Netanyahoo presented old material that was long known to the IAEA and relevant governments, no one came out in support of his exaggerated claims. Yes, the 'atomic warehouse' in Tehran exists. But it is neither secret, nor does it hold anything radioactive or of current relevance:
A US intelligence official has said that the speech delivered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday at the UN General Assembly about the existence of a second secret atomic facility in Iran was “somewhat misleading.”
According to the US intelligence official, knowledge of the facility is nothing new to the Americans.“First, we have known about this facility for some time, and it’s full of file cabinets and paper, not aluminum tubes for centrifuges, and second, so far as anyone knows, there is nothing in it that would allow Iran to break out of the JCPOA any faster than it otherwise could,” the official said.
Another US military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the United States is aware of the facility Netanyahu announced and described it as a “warehouse” used to store “records and archives” from Iran’s nuclear program.
I am told that the IAEA also knows of the archive and its harmless content. The old material Netanyahoo presented back in May was most likely copied from the IAEA in Vienna. The IAEA is also the most likely source from where Israeli spies gained knowledge about the 'secret atomic warehouse'.
Netanyahoo again made misleading claims about Iran. That's nothing new. The case is closed.

But unfortunately some some Iranian people put the foot in their mouth by trying to debunk even those parts of Netanyahoo's claims that are correct:

The first picture in Meysam Yaghoubi's tweet is indeed the gate to the compound Netanyahoo showed. The other pictures though, which show a carpet cleaning facility,  were taken inside a compound on the other side of the street of the archive compound. They were not taken inside the compound that Netanyahoo pointed out. This can be easily discerned by comparing the second picture in the tweet above with a satellite view of the place. ‏

The notable gate structure of the archive compound visible at the upper left is not the gate of the compound where the picture was taken, but on the other side of the road.

The archive compound is marked, the carpet cleaning compound where the interior pictures were taken is south of it.

The Iranian Students News Agency ISNA provided the carpet cleaning pictures within a mocking piece (Persian, Machine translation) that tried to debunk Netanyahoo by visiting the marked building. The headline and intro of the report make it seem as if the compound Netanyahoo pointed out is a carpet cleaning facility. But the reporter and the photographer never entered that building. They only entered the compound opposite of it:
Netanyahu confused a simple carpet with atomic storage!...
At that place, Mr. Rezaei and his partner, who were the owners of the workshop opposite the atomic bomb of the prime minister of the Zionist regime, stood in front of their workshop, and at the very beginning of seeing the photographer, they were jokingly told us that you were late; before you, other reporter too come here to see the bombs! Mr. Rezaei and his partner are the owners of the "Yekta" carpet workshop, ...
Mr. Rezaei counted the number of reporters who arrived in front of his workshop on Friday morning, whose partner invited us to the workshop to explore it. Together with the carpet owners and the photographer, we entered the workshop showing us the partner of Mr. Reza'i, and said jokingly that there is the secret storehouse there; we went ahead and saw that there was a number of rug and carpet in Anbar's unique workshop.
This ISNA piece and the attached pictures unintentionally confirm exactly what Netanyahoo said about the location of the archive building: "It’s 100 meters from the rug-cleaning operation."

Iran's foreign ministry is also somewhat hapless when it describes Netanyahoo's speech as "false, meaningless and unnecessary". Why can't Tehran simply say: "Decades old administrative records of our legitimate nuclear energy program are archived in a warehouse that is well known to all relevant entities. There is nothing secret nor nefarious about it."

Hapless attempts to debunk Netanyahoo even where he is right will be used by his propagandists to claim that "Iran lies". Tehran, and its news agencies, must up their game.