Israel's ISIS CRISIS and its dogs



The US and UK military are going into Iraq to help ISIS.

The purpose of ISIS is to help create a Greater Israel.

In order to create a Greater Israel the following countries have to be broken up: Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

ISIS began its invasion of Iraq from NATO-member Turkey. 

One of the Jews who run ISIS.

In order to trick the public in the USA and UK, ISIS has produced photographs of various 'atrocities'.

ISIS managed remarkably quickly to control a large part of Iraq.

Reportedly the ISIS forces have been trained and armed by the USA and its allies.(Turkey, Jordan, Israel......and money from certain Gulf States)

The USA and UK may now be pretending to attack ISIS, while actually secretly helping them.

Kiev Nazis using V1 and V2 rockets and phosperous bombs against civilians in Eastern Ukraine....where is Babo Boji bingu Moon?

Clearly the Ukraine NAZIS are getting desperate militarily.........they are trying to bait Russia into an invasion, by committing genocide.

Kiev’s War Without Mercy Continues

by Stephen Lendman at American everyman
Kiev fascists are murdering their own Southeastern citizens in cold blood. They’re doing it with full support and complicity from Washington.
Russia’s RIA Novosti news service quoted Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense, Franz Klintsevich, saying:
Use of ballistic missiles against Lugansk civilians “suggests that the Ukrainian security forces have been granted carte blance from the Americans.”
“They do not care what Russia says, what the international community or even Europe says today.”
“They got their carte blanche, and while it remains active they want to deal with the situation in Donetsk as quickly as possible.”
Using ballistic missiles against civilian neighborhoods shows how far Kiev and Washington will go to solidify hardline neo-Nazi-infested fascist rule.
Rule of law principles don’t matter. War without mercy ignores them. Ballistic missiles are powerful weapons.
On impact, “huge explosion(s)” follow. Maximum damage is inflicted. Rossiya-24 television said Kiev forces attacked Lugansk with Tochka-U ballistic missile systems.
They can carry nuclear and chemical weapons, as well as high explosives. Moscow’s protests about using this weapon against civilian neighborhoods are ignored.
Kiev has Washington’s support. It’s taking full advantage. Both countries are guilty of high crimes against peace.
[read more here]

No Thank you to 3rd World War.

Much more boring things can be achieved, rather than going into another BUTCH GAY genocidal war for profits of the Rothschilds and the bankers..through certain Sarajevo incidents, false flag and provocation.

Warp Speed

Harnessing the suns energy

Colonization of the moon

Colonization of Mars

Travel into other universes, and back.

Elimination of poverty on earth

Universal education

Harnessing economically the full $300 trillion resources of the sea bed.

Clearly the ever conspiring JEW is incapable of such productive, wholesome civilizational achievements...steeped as they are in such base habits as Pornography, media, finance & speculative banking.......prostitution and white slavery trade from Eastern Europe, retail, property speculation & mortgage insurance.....and finally of-course, narcotics and money laundering.

The Jew is a vile anti-human creature...ugly, smelly and subhuman.

The Ukraine government is Jewish dominated with Nazi decorations (aka Germany 1933-45)

The aggression against Russia comes from Jews in the USA, via the USA government. 

There are 500,000 Jews in Russia at the top of Russian society..running its government, importing heroin and narcotics into the country.

Jews are capable of harming other Jews, as in World War II using the Jewish Nazis.


In The West Respect for Truth No Longer Exists
By Paul Craig Roberts at information clearing House
The Western media have proved for all to see that the Western media comprises either a collection of ignorant and incompetent fools or a whorehouse that sells war for money.
The Western media fell in step with Washington and blamed the downed Malaysian airliner on Russia. No evidence was provided. It its place the media used constant repetition.
Washington withheld the evidence that proved that Kiev was responsible. The media’s purpose was not to tell the truth, but to demonize Russia.
Now we have the media story of the armored Russian column that allegedly crossed into Ukraine and was destroyed by Ukraine’s rag-tag forces that ISIS would eliminate in a few minutes( The Ukrainian 'armed forces'). British reporters fabricated this story to build a war narrative. The disreputable (Paedophile founded and infested---overseen by MI-5 )BBC hyped the story without investigating. 
The German media, including Die Welt, blared the story throughout Germany without concern at the absence of any evidence (Ya voll!  as with Russia, India and so many other countries there is a crowd in Germany who wish to cater to the needs of the USA for money, favor and friendship). Reuters news agency, also with no investigation, spread the story. Readers tell me that CNN has been broadcasting the fake story 24/7. Although I cannot stand to watch it, I suspect Fox “news” has also been riding this lame horse hard. Readers tell me that my former newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, which has fallen so low as to be unreadable, also spread the false story. I hope they are wrong. One hates to see the complete despoliation of one’s former habitat.
The media story is preposterous for a number of reasons that should be obvious to a normal person.
The first reason is that the Russian government has made it completely clear that its purpose is to de-escalate the situation.
When other former Russian territories that are part of present day Ukraine followed Crimea, voted their independence and requested reunification with Russia, President Putin refused. To underline his de-escalation, President Putin asked the Russian Duma to rescind his authority to intervene militarily in Ukraine in behalf of the former Russian provinces. As the Russian government, unlike Washington or EU governments, stresses legality and the rule of law, Russian military forces would not be sent into Ukraine prior to the Duma renewing Putin’s authority so to do.
The second reason the story is obviously false is that if the Russian government decides to invade Ukraine, Russia would not send in one small armored group unprotected by air cover or other forces. If Russia invades Ukraine, it will be with a force capable of rolling up the rag-tag Ukrainian forces, most of which are semi-private militias organized by Nazis. The “war” would last a few hours, after which Ukraine would be in Russia’s hands where it resided for hundreds of years prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Washington’s successful efforts in 1991 to take advantage of Russian weakness to break apart the constituent provinces of Russia herself.
The third reason that the story is obviously false is that not a single Western news organization hyping the story has presented a shred of evidence in its behalf.
What we witness in this fabricated story is the total lack of integrity in the entirety of
the Western media.

A story totally devoid of any evidence to support it has been broadcast world wide. The White House has issued a statement saying that it cannot confirm the story, but nevertheless the White House continues to issue accusations against Russia for which the White House can supply no evidence. Consequently, Western repetition of bald-faced lies has become truth for huge numbers of peoples. As I have emphasized in my columns, these Western lies are dangerous, because they provoke war.
The same group in Washington and the same Western “media” are telling the same kind of lies that were used to justify Washington’s wars in Iraq (weapons of mass destruction), Afghanistan (Taliban = al Qaeda), Syria (use of chemical weapons), Libya (an assortment of ridiculous charges), and the ongoing US military murders in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. 
.(In Intelligence parlance this is known as the 'echo chamber'....I am familiar with it because I have been a victim of it emanating from the criminal UK State)
The city upon the hill, the light unto the world, the home of the exceptional, indispensable people is the home of Satan’s lies where truth is prohibited and war is the end game. 
Update: After pretending that the Russian humanitarian truck convoy contained a hidden invasion force, the stooge Kiev government was forced by facts on the ground to officially acknowledge that the trucks only contained aid for those that the Kiev stooge government has been bombing and attacking with artillery. http://rt.com/news/180844-ukraine-recognizes-russia-humanitarian-aid/ 

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost


Poroshenko vs Carl Sagan
The "Destroyed Russian Armor Column"

By The Saker at Information Clearing House

 - I cannot prove a negative.  But then, I am not the one making the claim.  The Ukies and a few British reporters did.  And they presented ZERO proof.  
As Carl Sagan so well put it "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" and the notion that Russia would send in only 23 armored vehicles, with no protection, in broad daylight is quite extraordinary.  As is the notion that in a region chock-full of Russian military units nobody would have taken any action to save the column.  So even if a Russian unit got into the Ukraine by mistaken (at the age of GPS and GLONASS, yet another extraordinary claim!) the notion that those who sent it did nothing to protect or extract their own men is also extraordinary.  As for the British reporters, they don't even have a cell phone to show even bad images, maybe taken from far away?  They have nothing at all?  Quite extraordinary again.  Last, but not least, there is one more extraordinary element to this story, but one which I do believe.  I just heard that the British Foreign Office summoned the Russian ambassador to the UK over this Russian incursion.  Excuse me -but since when is the Ukraine part of the British Empire of Commonwealth?  What business does the Foreign Office have in this matter?

I am quite sure that there are *lots* of destroyed armored columns all over the Donbass.  In fact, the Resistance always makes a point of filming them.  I just came across this one today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV5Y7OaDBng (sorry, no translation yet).  So maybe the Ukies did show some burned armor to the British journalists.  Ukie armor, of course.  As for Poroshenko, he is desperately trying to convince the world that the Russians are about to invade, possibly by using their humanitarian convoy.  What is sure is that until I see some rock solid evidence, with a credible scenario explaining how this could have happened, I will continue to side with Carl Sagan and dismiss this story completely.




Elite Child Abuse in UK



Cliff Richard and Lord Boothby

The 'friends' of the rent-boy-loving Lord Boothby included:

1. Cliff Richard

2. The pedophile Jewish gangsters called the Kray Twins, who ran a pedophile ring.

In 1969, Ronnie Kray wrote: "John, I had a very nice letter from Cliff Richard." 

3. The rent-boy-loving MI5/KGB agent Tom Driberg

Tom Driberg, rent boys, Aleister Crowley, the KGB and . / MYSTERIOUS MICK JAGGER

4. And the 'gay Jew' Winston Churchill, who like holidays in Morocco.


Above we see Lord Boothby, gangster Ronnie Kray and Ronnie's friend Leslie Holt.

Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray.

Above, we see Tom Driberg and Lord Boothby

Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray.

According to biographer Francis Wheen: Driberg was a regular at Ronnie Kray’s flat, where 'rough, but compliant East End lads were served like so many canapes'.

The Kray Twins were linked to:

1. The American Mafia

2. Christine Keeler, who helped bring down the government.

3. And presumably to Mossad and its friends.

Cliff Richard keeps dangerous company.

Historian Tony Tony Gosling writes that the UK child abuse scandal raises disturbing questions about the UK's top people.

Tony Gosling
Among the points made:
1. It has become clear that organizations like the NSPCC (National Society for the Protection of Children) have actually been the perfect 'hiding place' for nests of abusers.
The NSPCC also runs the national Childline support phone service for the abused which some believe may also have been compromised.

Theresa May

2. Sir Peter Wanless was chosen by UK Home Secretary Theresa May to head an inquiry into the police losing evidence of child abuse.
Wanless is the chief executive of the NSPCC.

Previously, Wanless was permanent secretary to cabinet minister Michael Portillo.

There are the persistent rumours about Wanless' close friend and confidant Michael Portillo being allegedly involved in a Westminster sex scandal himself.

Cliff Richard pictured with pupils during a surprise visit to Binley Park School, Coventry, while performing at Coventry Theatre in 1976
3. Rumours circulated in 1994 that Portillo and another government Secretary of State, Peter Lilley, had got sexually involved with gay footballer, Justin Fashanu.
Fashanu reportedly threatening to “bring down the government” by leaking evidence of these affairs to the Daily Express.

When MI5 allegedly threatened Fashanu, Tory MP Stephen Milligan, a part-time journalist, is said to have weighed in on the footballer's behalf.

Within days, however, Milligan was found hanged in his London flat, naked, with an orange in his mouth in an apparent suicide, made to look like he was a sexual deviant. Several years later Fashanu was also tragically found hanged, this time in a garage in Shoreditch, London.

Judy Garland and the UK's Kray Twins (Another Nickel In The Machine - 2).

4. Brussels has also been the scene of the most horrendous child abuse.
Back in 1996, the arrest of Marc Dutroux in Belgium eventually led, eight years later, to his 2004 trial for the murder of four young girls he had imprisoned as sex slaves for the rich and powerful.

The Dutroux scandal has many of the characteristics of the Westminster scandal: A judicial cover-up, initial reluctance of the press to take it seriously, persistent police inaction and diligent police officers being inexplicably removed from the case.

Senator Stuart Syvret 

5. Exactly the same perversions of the course of justice have been seen in several child abuse inquiries in the UK, including the Jersey inquiry where campaigning Senator Stuart Syvret and police chief Lenny Harper were both removed from their posts.
Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London...

Elite Child abuse in UK



Cliff Richard's home (above) is in Sunningdale, in Berkshire.

Barry George, at 14, attended the publicly-funded Heathermount boarding school in Sunningdale, Berkshire, for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.
CyberSalon / Barry George
Barry George was falsely blamed for the murder of Cliff Richard's friend Jill Dando, who was reportedly investigating top pedophile rings.

Above we see Cliff Richard at St Johns School, in Berkshire.

Above, we see Cliff Richard on the child-abuse island of Jersey.

Above, we see Cliff Richard in the TV soap called Coronation Street.


Above, we see Davy Jones in Coronation Street.

Above, we see Davy Jones and the organiser of pedophile rings, Sir Jimmy Savile.



Certain Christian churches are involved in mind control.

Butterflies are a symbol used in mind control.


Solidifying the economy against sanctions regimes


Russia seeks safe haven in gold, away from dollar and euro

By Rt.com

Russia is taking steps to ensure that it protects itself from any future dollar or euro sanctions. Moscow boasts the world’s 5th biggest foreign exchange reserves and the 6th largest gold reserves. In total, the assets amount to over $1.5 trillion.
While the West is continuing to try and punish Russia via economic sanctions, the response of the Russian Central Bank has been to diversify away from the euro and dollar – and to buy up more gold.
As the geopolitical situation in Ukraine deteriorates, Russia is moving to protect itself from currency risks associated with the euro and the greenback. 
In the first half of 2014, Russia’s Central Bank reduced its foreign currency reserves by 2.5 percent.
“Due to the worsening geopolitical situation, the Central Bank actively redistributed foreign exchange reserves, replacing US Treasury bonds with gold,” Alfa Bank’s chief economist, Natalya Orlova, told Kommersant. 
Instead of buying euros and dollars, Russia’s Central Bank is eyeing the Chinese yuan and the Japanese yen.
Boosting currency swaps and bilateral payments with China and other strategic trade partners will continue to bypass the US dollar. Last week, Russia’s and China’s central banks have agreed to increase currency swaps. 
Holding more of these currencies is a logical move for Russia, which has high trade volumes with both China and Japan. In 2013, trade turnover with China was close to $90 billion and over $33 billion with Japan. 
Russia is fast increasing its gold stockpile and at the end of July, the total volume was worth more than $45 billion. 
According to Yaroslav Lissovolik, chief economist for Deutsche Bank in Moscow, this is the best way for Russia to provide stability to its foreign exchange reserves. 
"The fact that Russia has intensified its diversification process reflects the fact that a fairly high proportion of reserves were held in dollars and euros, while the share of gold was low,” Lissovolik told Kommersant. 
Over the summer, reserves were added at the highest rate since the end of 2009. In June, Russia’s Central Bank added 54 tons of gold, which catapulted Russia ahead of China in terms of total gold, according to IMF data. 
In the last decade, Russia has become the world’s top gold buyer, adding more than 600 tons to its vaults.
Other countries are also actively adding gold. In the last six months, Kazakhstan’s Central Bank increased its gold investment from 12 tons to 155.8 tons. 
Conversely, developed countries such as the US, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain are keeping gold reserves at a stasis. Germany sold 2.9 tons of gold reserves from the Bundesbank but still remains the world’s # 2 holder of gold, after the USA.


British Elite Pedophilia




In 1921, in London, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up to study the 'breaking point' of humans.

Kurt Lewin
In 1932, Kurt Lewin, a German-Jewish psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute, at Tavistock Square in London.

He studied the use of terror to achieve mind control. (Cached )

. Sir Cliff Richard reportedly owned a company, Blacknight Ltd, which was registered at Tavistock Square, where the 7/7 bombings took place.
. Full list of current and 6 past directors / Thecolemanexperience - Mossad's links to Filthy Britain


Billy Graham, who has Jewish roots, and whose conversion techniques are akin to mind control, seems to have had a strong influence on Cliff Richard.

Cliff Richard became a strong supporter of Israel.
The security services like to grab handsome young boys and mind control them - to turn them into assassins and sex slaves.

Above we see a 9 year-old recruited by ISIS, which is run by Mossad and its friends.

  Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile.
Sir Jimmy Savile had links to Israel and high-ranking members of the Israeli Government and military.


Thecolemanexperience - Mossad's links to Filthy Britain

The BBC broadcaster Jill Dando (above) allegedly knew all about Savile and top child abuse rings.

She was murdered by a man of Mediterranean/Israeli appearance.
Cliff Richard, a friend of Jill Dando, was interviewed several times about the murder.

Media Connect Missing Children to Elm Guest House.
Sir Cliff has been linked to the boy-brothel, the Elm Guest House.

Was Princess Diana murdered because she knew too much about the top pedophile rings? (1997....Dando 1999....like many intelligence props his job may been to ween how much the two ladies knew about elite Paedophlia.....example,"I heard that Sir Lord Baron De Rothschild{Most powerful mafia clan in the UK}....so and so sleeps with little boys, and rapes them......its an outrage! I couldn't believe it!.....what do think Diana? You know them don't you? Is it true?......You're not going to marry an Arab playboy are you? Are you pregnant by him?............something like that.....amongst many other celebrity fake confidantes, performing for the evil corrupt elite in the UK )

Some people believe that the security services run the pedophile rings.


The London police and the UK security services reportedly have links to Israel.
. Thecolemanexperience - Mossad's links to Filthy Britain
London police unit, SCO19, were reportedly trained by the Israeli police force.

Operation Kratos
Michael Portillo and Malcolm Rifkind.
. The TruthNews website reported:

"Sir Malcolm Rifkind known as 'Malcolm the p***' is chairman of the British parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which oversees MI5, MI6 and GCHQ - the most important position in the UK intelligence community."


Sir Malcolm Rifkind is the cousin of Sir Leon Brittan.

There seems to be a connection between the Kosher Nostra and pedophile rings.

Margaret (Oppenheimer) Hodge, MP, reportedly helped cover up the Islington child abuse ring, yet was made Children’s Minister by Israeli-loving Tony Blair.

Hodge’s nephew, Phillip, was with the McCann’s in Praia de Luz when Madeleine disappeared.


Sir Cliff Richard lives not far from Praia de Luz.

Jeffrey Epstein paid under-age girls for sex.

He is linked to Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell - daughter 'Mossad agent' Robert Maxwell, Ehud Barak, Bill Clinton, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Lord Mandelson...

Jeffrey Epstein "was once presented with three 12-year-olds from France as a birthday gift."

"At a big London railway station in the spring of 1970, a plastic carrier bag was found in the regular search for bombs before the station closed for the night.
. "The contents were an odd assortment of letters and photos, which seemed to have been taken at a kinky party attended by some well-known figures in entertainment.
. "One in particular showed a pop singer who masquerades under a Christian persona; dressed in women’s underwear he was pictured with young boys.
. "The bag was duly taken to the station office and, as a senior rail worker wrote out a report for the lost property office, two MI5 men and a special branch officer arrived and demanded the photos."

T Stokes

Cliff Richard lent his house in Barbados to Tony Blair, friend of Jimmy Savile and Margaret Hodge.



Ukraine genocide Russia trying to prevent

Russia armored vehicles join aid convoy near Ukraine

By Presstv.com

Russia has reportedly stationed a dozen heavy military vehicles near the border with Ukraine, where Moscow’s aid convoy destined for Ukrainian civilians awaits permission to enter the country.
On Friday, witnesses reported that 12 Russian armored personnel carriers (APCs) appeared near the convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid near the Ukrainian border.
Meanwhile, Andriy Demchenko, a senior Ukrainian border official, said the country’s border guards have crossed into the Russian border “in large numbers” to inspect Moscow’s relief aid convoy.
The convoy of at least 280 vehicles has been parked at a military depot in southern Russia amid disagreement between Moscow and Kiev over how and where it would cross into Ukraine.
Russia says it seeks to provide the people in east Ukraine with 2,000 tons of water, baby food and other humanitarian aid. Moscow insists it has coordinated the dispatch of the goods with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
However, the Kiev government and some Western states have said the humanitarian aid convoy could be a cover for a Russian military incursion into Ukraine.
Kiev has also said it fears the Russian convoy might be a “Trojan horse” bringing in military support for the pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. Moscow has described such claims as “absurd.”
Ukraine’s mainly Russian-speaking regions in the east have witnessed deadly clashes between pro-Russia protesters and the Ukrainian army since Kiev launched military operations to stifle the pro-Russian protests.
The political unrest in eastern Ukraine has so far claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people, according to figures by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Martial Law in America


The Truth About the Ferguson Riots & Martial Law

They want riots, they want martial law. Ferguson is a trial balloon for the entire country
by Paul Joseph Watson at INFOWARS.COM


Professor Maryam Mirzakhani...maths genius

She doesn't look like a professor...and only in her thirties. Its is good that President Rouhani praises a talented Iranian woman with no scarfs, living in the West.


Rouhani congratulates Professor Mirzakhani on Fields Medal
Iranian Professor Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the highest accolade in the field of mathematics
Iranian Professor Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the highest accolade in the field of mathematics
By Presstv.com

Iran’s president has heaped praise upon Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian professor at Stanford University who has become the first woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal, also known as the “Nobel Prize of mathematics.”
“I congratulate you on winning the world’s topmost award in the field of mathematics,” said President Hassan Rouhani in a message to extol the success achieved by the Iranian mathematician.
“Today, Iranians can justly feel proud that the first woman to win the Fields Medal is their fellow citizen,” the Iranian president added.
“Yes, the most competent should verily sit at the highest position and enjoy respect,” noted the president.
“On behalf of the Iranian nation, I value your scientific endeavors,” Rouhani said, adding all Iranians across the globe are the country’s national asset.
The Iranian mathematician has been awarded the 2014 Fields Medal in recognition of her contributions to the understanding of the symmetry of curved surfaces.
Officially known as the International Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics, the Fields Medal was presented to Mirzakhani, one of four candidates, by the International Mathematical Union on August 13 at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), held this year in Seoul, South Korea.
Fluent in a remarkably diverse range of mathematical techniques and disparate mathematical cultures, Mirzakhani embodies a rare combination of superb technical ability, bold ambition, far-reaching vision, and deep curiosity, the ICM announced in a statement.

Born in 1977 in Tehran, Mirzakhani got her bachelor’s in math from Iran’s prestigious Sharif University of Technology in 1999 and received her master’s as well as PhD degrees from Harvard University in the United States in 2004.

She has also won the Blumenthal Award for the Advancement of Research in Pure Mathematics and the Satter Prize of the American Mathematical Society.
She became full professor of Mathematics at the age of 31 in 2008 at Stanford University where she is currently working.

India's black money $2--$8 trillion

If that ILLEGAL money could be properly traced and harnessed back in India, income tax would not be necessary, according to some in India.

Well maybe not, but the huge potential for ANY government prepared to roll up its sleeve and pursue this money is TREMENDOUS....that one can safely say. It will mostly certainly guarantee a second term, given the huge projects it could finance.

Obviously it is logical that India should pursue this money steadfastly and quickly.


Black money: Suspect accounts of 600 Indians under probe

By Press Trust of India and TOI

In another instance of suspected black money stashed by Indians abroad, investigative agencies are probing a set of 600 new names and identities which have been provided to India by a "source" during the last financial year.

The information of these suspect accounts were obtained by the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB), a crucial department under the Union finance ministry, during the just concluded fiscal through a multi-layered sequence of information exchange on tax related issues and as part of the mandate to unearth black money hidden abroad by Indians.

The CEIB, according to an official note accessed by PTI, has "disseminated" the data of these 600 cases to the income tax department, Enforcement Directorate (ED), Financial Intelligence Unit and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence for further investigation under their respective laws which check tax evasion, money laundering and violations of the foreign exchange Act.

The note said the CEIB obtained the data through "source" and the list contains names and addresses of individuals and entities of "Indian origin who may have stashed funds abroad in tax havens".

This is the first time that this important nodal national agency for economic intelligence has obtained data on suspected offshore stash of Indians as, till now, such information was only received by the exclusive wing of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

Sources privy to the development said the list contains the bank accounts of suspected Indians in four tax haven nations and six jurisdictions which are yet to ratify the international treaties of automatic tax exchange which is aimed to check blackmoney and curb instances of tax evasion.

Officials in the Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) on blackmoney said all the agencies with whom the list was shared have begun their probes and some "aberrations" vis-a-vis tax laws have been detected.

The names on the list and the subsequent probes have been shared with the SIT also.

Officials, citing secrecy clauses of international tax information exchange treaties, refused to disclose the "source" of the classified information which is understood to have been obtained by the CEIB through its existing mechanisms of economic intelligence.

India, during the last fiscal, had separately received data on over 24,000 instances of alleged tax evasion and dubious funds which has been detected in foreign shores during the same time.

These cases are now under investigation by the taxman even as the SIT on black money has set its eye on tracking the outcome of this classified information which has been received from over a dozen countries during the 2013-14 fiscal.

American Empire


China Accuses U.S. of Creating Chaos

maritime executive

The United States will monitor the South China Sea to see whether “de-escalatory steps” are being taken, a U.S. State Department official said on Monday, a day after China resisted pressure to rein in actions in the disputed waters.

The official spoke as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Sydney for talks on regional security with Australian officials, which will also involve Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

A U.S. proposal for a freeze on provocative acts in the South China Sea got a cool response from China and some Southeast Asian nations at a regional meeting at the weekend, an apparent setback to U.S. efforts to thwart China’s assertive moves.

The U.S. official said the United States would follow up on those talks by assessing an ASEAN-China meeting due in a few weeks’ time on implementing a 2002 declaration on conduct in the South China Sea, something that “equates to the freeze.”

“We will also be monitoring the actual situation around the rocks, reefs, and shoals in the South China Sea,” he said.

China’s Xinhua state news agency accused Washington of “stoking the flames,” and “further emboldening countries like the Philippines and Vietnam to take a hardline stance against China, raising suspicion over the real intention of the United States and make an amicable solution more difficult to reach.”

“It is a painful reality that Uncle Sam has left too many places in chaos after it stepped in, as what people are witnessing now in Iraq, Syria and Libya,” Xinhua added in a commentary. “The South China Sea should not be the next one.”

A spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department hit back by saying the United States was not responsible for instigating instability in the South China Sea.

“It’s the aggressive acts the Chinese have taken that are doing do,” Marie Harf told a regular news briefing.

“Everything that we are doing is designed to lower tensions, to get people (to) resolve their difference diplomatically and not through coercive and destabilizing measures like we’ve seen the Chinese take increasingly over the past several months.”

Spike in tensions

South China Sea tensions spiked in May when China parked a giant oil rig in waters also claimed by Vietnam. The United States and the Philippines have both called for a freeze in such moves, as well as on building and land reclamation work on disputed islands.

The rancour over the disputed sea has split ASEAN, with several states including some of the claimant nations reluctant to jeopardize rising trade and investment ties with China.

China has been able to head off regional action on the maritime issue before, most notably in 2012 when an ASEAN meeting chaired by Chinese ally Cambodia broke down in acrimony.

Australia was one of the countries to support the U.S. proposal at the weekend ASEAN meeting in Myanmar.

The U.S.-Australia meetings will include discussions on cooperation in missile defence, cyber security and maritime security, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told reporters at a briefing with Australian counterpart David Johnston.

The two sides will also sign an agreement reached between U.S. President Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the deployment of U.S. marines to Australia for joint exercises and training in areas such as disaster relief.

Hagel said the Unite States was firmly committed to its policy of a strategic rebalance to the Asia-Pacific, something that has irked China and been questioned by allies who wonder the extent of U.S. commitment to the region.

“We have an interest here, we will continue to have an interest here, we are a Pacific power,” he said.

Some 1,150 Marines are stationed in Darwin in Australia’s tropical north under a 2011 agreement that launched Obama’s “pivot” to Asia.

The contingent, primed to respond to regional conflicts and humanitarian crises, is expected to swell to 2,500 by 2017. Johnston said troop numbers would be discussed at Tuesday’s talks, amid reports that the U.S. plans to station more fighter jets and bombers in Australia’s north.

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