The MOSSAD Mohammed cartoon saga, and the promotion of Far Right politics in Europe..

An article by Professor James Petras that was published a few years back at the height of the Mohamed cartoons controversy. This gives us a better perspective and context to the recent Far Right riots in the UK, the riots in France in 2005.........and then the staged saga of the Mohamed cartoons in 2006, first in Denmark and then later world wide, where Muslim countries unwittingly participated in a MOSSAD propaganda drive around the subject of "The Clash of Civilizations":

Western backed Islamic fundamentalism to fight local nationalism..100 years back

How the Shah of Iran was toppled and Mullahs installed in his place

Who started the Arc of Crisis policy from the 1970's

Bernard Lewis

forgetting the very hard truth that of the 57 Muslim majority countries nearly all of them are pro-Western (closely allied to the USA/UK), with the exception of Iran, Sudan, Somalia and Libya (though I hear Qaddafi is rumored to be planning holidays in the USA, and his children are educated in Western countries.........Qaddafi's son and heir loves cosmopolitan London, where I think he was educated as were many of his other children) ............and the elites of these 57 Muslim countries are pro-Western, depositing a good deal of their wealth and personal assets in Western countries. They send their children to be educated in Western countries. They take their holidays in Western countries. They do their exclusive shopping in Western countries.

In short, where it matters, in terms of Muslim rulers and the elite, the mass of Muslim nations are pro-Western.........."The Clash of Civilization" meme in reality doesn't exist in the critical arena. A few Muslim terrorist groups trained and covertly directed by Western intelligence and Israel does not a make a clash of civilizations, but are useful fifth column excuses for the West to "pursue" and invade Muslim countries.

So for some people the promotion of the meme, with staged artificial theater does help their own perceived agenda's........and the thoughtful, forthright article by Professor James Petras exposes that deep deception, and the real actors involved in the deception, and their consequent motivations.


The caricatures in Middle East politics

The center piece of the current explosive confrontation between Islamic and Arab protestors, political leaders and governments and the US and Western European regimes and publishers is rooted in Israeli efforts to polarize the world in its favor and to promote isolation, economic sanctions and/or a military attack on Iran.
An article by James Petras and Robin Eastman-Abaya

There are several key questions, which almost all commentators and analysts have failed to address. These include:

Why did the cartoons get published in Denmark?

What is the political background of Flemming Rose the cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten, who solicited, selected and published the cartoons?

What larger issues coincide with the timing of the cartoons publication and reproduction?

Who benefits from the publication of the cartoons and the ensuing confrontation between the Arabs/Islam and the West?

What is the contemporary political context of the Arab/Islam protests?

How is the Israeli secret service, Mossad, implicated in provoking the Western-Islamic/Arab conflict, and how do the consequences measure up to their expectations?

A starting point for analyzing the cartoon controversy, which has been a focus for attacking Muslims and Muslim countries as intolerant of Western freedom of expression, ........is the long-standing role of Denmark as a major operation point for Mossad activity in Europe. Re-phrased: How could a tiny Scandinavian country of 5.4 million citizens and residents (200,000 or less than 3% of whom are Muslim), renowned for fairy tales, ham and cheese, have become a target for the fury of millions of practicing Muslims from Afghanistan to Palestine, from Indonesia to Libya and into the streets of cities all over the world with significant Muslim populations?

Why, after the bombing of Baghdad, the tortures of Abu Ghariab, the massacres in Fallujah and the utter destitution of the entire Iraqi and Afghan people would Moslems turn their anger at symbols of Denmark from its tinned cookies to its Embassies and overseas business offices?

The story, presented with straight faces, by television news-people, is of, Mr. Flemming Rose, a crusading cultural editor of a widely read Danish daily newspaper who wanted to counter the growing political correctness of Europeans about criticizing Moslems and which he compared to the self-censorship he had witnessed in his native Soviet Union. The oddly named Ukrainian-born editor of the culture page of the Jyllands-Posten commissioned Danish cartoonists to submit a series of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed as they (the Danish cartoonists) might imagine him. However four of the twelve cartoons selected for publication were illustrated by Rose's own staff including the most controversial one ;bomb in the turban. Braving Denmark's anti-blasphemy laws Mr. Rose published the cartoons on September 30, 2005 and the rest is history.

A (perceived) huge world wide attack on the West's sacred right to free expression erupted in the Moslem world with millions of shocked Europeans and North Americans rushing to defend their cherished freedoms in this "clash of civilizations".......(well not millions, Prof, just the media milking the situation.......making the issue bigger than it really was....with shades of the Satanic verses theater 16 years earlier.........The American press was restrained and avoided publishing the cartoons, whilst some of the European press were a little bit more bolder, raising the issue in the context of the increasing rise of Muslim immigration into Western Europe, and whether Muslims could really EVER fit into European society as being after all the marginal very different "other").

Syria and Iran were prominently blamed for the stirring up of furious believers in the streets of Damascus and Teheran, Beirut and in the slums of Gaza (How convenient). According to US Secretary Rice, "Iran and Syria have gone out of their way to inflame sentiments and to use this to their own purposes and the world ought to call them on it." The Pakistani and Libyan authorities allied to the US fired on demonstrators killing and wounding scores while numerous religious leaders were arrested. The Western governments urged their Arab and Moslem allies to prevent more attacks on Danish products and property and blamed those unable to quell the fury with complicity and instigation.

All of this was over a series of cartoons, or so we are told.

The cultural editor, Flemming Rose, who soon tired of being surrounded by a team of Danish police and security to protect him from assassination and missing his daily jogs through his tranquil Copenhagen neighborhood, chose to seek safe haven in Miami, Florida (rather than his native Ukraine among the Cuban exiles, Israeli sayanim and Mah Jong-playing retirees as the drama plays on..........

(anti-Antisemitism is quite high in Ukraine, given its history, and given the fact that it is a THIRD WORLD country where conditions are not so appealing as Miami..............to me the people looked sad and dejected when I was there, .....in an economic mess still 18 years after the fall of Communism; Jews still run the show in Ukraine.....officially 100,000 Jews in the country though the real figure is likely to be higher since the likes of Fleming Rose hide under pseudonyms and local names; many have left like Fleming Rose for the USA or Israel.....Ukrainian women are much sought after in the flesh trade by the Jewish Mafia.........not many immigrants from the Third World in the country, but quite a few Jews in key positions within the state)

Denmark Center of Mossad Activity

Why Denmark? Could this crudely manufactured controversy have been generated on the pages of any major London or New York paper? Who would wish to put Denmark at the center of this clash of civilization appearing as a script from some grade B Islamophobic thriller?

An interesting chapter in former Israeli Mossad agent, Victor J. Ostrovsky's book, By Way of Deception (1990 St. Martin's Press), outlines the close relationship between the workings of the Danish intelligence services and the Israeli Mossad over decades:

"The relationship between the Mossad and Danish intelligence is so intimate as to be indecent. But it is not the Mossad's virtue that is compromised by the arrangement; it's Denmark's. And that's because the Danish are under the mistaken impression that because they saved a lot of Jews in World War II, the Israelis are grateful and they can trust the Mossad."

The Mossad has the capacity to monitor the entire population of Arabs and especially Palestinians (presumably including those with Danish citizenship) through their special relations with the Danes:

" A Mossad man monitors all Arabic and Palestinian-related messages(among Denmarks Arab community) coming into their (the Danish Civil Security Service)headquarters an extraordinary arrangement for a foreign intelligence service."

The Danish Intelligence officers high regard for their Israeli Mossad office mates is apparently not, according to Ostrovsky, reciprocated:

"The Mossad have such contempt for their Danish counterparts that they refer to them as fertsalach, the Hebrew term for a small burst of gas, a fart:..... they tell the Mossad everything they do. Pp. 231-232"

In return for their servility, the Danes get valuable training from the Israelis :

Once every three years, Danish intelligence officials go to Israel for a seminar conducted by the Mossad which generates useful contacts for the Mossad while perpetuating the notion that no organization deals with terrorism better than they (Mossad) do.

In the wake of the US debacle in Iraq and the world's resistance to a massive preemptive military attack or economic and diplomatic embargo of Iran, which could send oil prices to over $100 a barrel, Israel needed to turn the war of ideas on its head. It would make sense that a campaign, aimed to further whip up justifications to attack countries like Iran and Syria (Israel's current enemy du jour), would emanate from one of the US strongest European ally in the invasion and destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan and whose national intelligence apparatus (so fondly known as fertsalach) would be eager to serve Israel's interest.(means, motive and method.....)

Flemming ( or Flaming) Rose: Journalist with a cause

Given Mossad's long-standing penetration of the Danish intelligence agencies, and their close working relations with the right wing media, it is not surprising that
a Ukrainian Jew, operating under the name of Flemming Rose with close working relations with the Israeli state (and in particular the far right Likud regime) should be the center of the controversy over the cartoons. Roses ties to the Israeli state antedate his well-know promotional interview with Daniel Pipes (2004), the notorious Arab-hating Zionist ideologue.

Prior to being placed as a cultural editor of a leading right-wing Danish daily, from 1990 to 1995 Rose was a Moscow-based reporter who translated into Danish a self-serving auto-biography by Boris Yeltsin, godchild of the pro-Israeli, post-communist Russian oligarchs, most of whom held dual citizenship and collaborated with the Mossad in laundering illicit billions. Between 1996-1999 Rose, the journalist, worked the Washington circuit (traveling with Clinton to China) before returning to Moscow 1999-2004 as a reporter for Jyllands-Posten. In 2005 he became its cultural editor, despite few or any knowledge of the field and over the head of other Danish journalists on the staff. In his new position Rose found a powerful platform to incite and play on the growing hostility of conservative Danes to immigrants from the Middle East, particularly practicing Moslems. Using the format of an interview he published Pipes virulent anti-Islamic diatribe, probably to test the waters before proceeding to the next stage in the Mossad strategy to polarize a West-East confrontation.

Political Context for Action

There is a great body of evidence demonstrating that Iraq war was largely a result of a massive disinformation campaign by civilian militarists in the Pentagon and US Zionists in and out of high places in the Pentagon and civil society, in coordination with the Israeli state, which wanted Iraq to be destroyed as a viable nation. ("A Clean Break" 1996......."Project for a New American Century" 2000......The writers and signatories to these key policy papers subsequently holding important positions in the Bush II administration, and especially the Pentagon and Dick Cheney's office ........9/11/ 2001) There is no evidence that the major US oil corporations pressured Congress or promoted the war in Iraq or the current confrontation with Iran. There is plenty of evidence that they are very uneasy about the losses that may result from an Israeli attack on Iran.

The Zionist succeeded in their goals in Iraq: establishing a beachhead in the northern Kurdish enclave (Kurdistan), and securing assets in the new Iraqi regime via Chalabi and others.

The major Jewish organizations mobilized to oppose any critics of the Zionist policymakers, predictably accusing them of anti-Semitism. Nevertheless, over time, FBI investigations, CIA reports and judicial indictments have pointed to key Israeli operatives and their domestic collaborators as Israeli spies. While Israel benefited from the Bush-Blair invasion in Iraq, the same cannot be said for the United States. As thousands of casualties mounted, and war spending skyrocketed to hundreds of billions of dollars, opposition to the war escalated.

Israeli strategic plans to extend US military operations to Iran and Syria faced major challenges, from within the US military and public and even sections of the mass media. Mossad assets in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and elsewhere had to settle for puff pieces on Iran's non-existent nuclear weapon threat, right after the same plot with regard to Iraq was exposed as a total fabrication.

Another line of propaganda was needed to silence war critics and heighten animosities to the Islamists/Arabs in general and Iran in particular. This is where the Flemming Rose-Mossad operation came into the picture. The Islamic-hate cartoons were published in Denmark in September 2005 as Israeli and US Zionists escalated their war propaganda against Iran. The initial response from the Islamic countries however was limited. The story wasn't picked up in the International Herald Journal until late December 2005. By early January 2006, Mossad /Katsas (Hebrew for case officers) activated sayanim (volunteer Jewish collaborators outside of Israel) throughout Western and Eastern European media to simultaneously reproduce the cartoons on Feb. 1 and 2, 2006. One such sayanim operation would have been the decision by France-Soir Senior Editor, Arnaud Levy and Editor in Chief Serge Faubert, to publish the cartoons. The paper's French Egyptian owner almost immediately fired the paper's Managing Editor, Jacques Lefranc, who, according to an interview with CNN, had initially opposed their publications, without touching Levy and Faubert.

A strident campaign was launched in practically all the pro-Western mass media condemning the initial, relatively moderate Islamic protests, which had occurred between September to December 2005 and rapidly provoked the subsequent massive escalation, doubtlessly aided by covert Mossad operatives among Arab populations. Mossad's little farts, the Danish intelligence fanned the fires by advising Denmark's rightwing Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen not to give way by refusing to apologize as the pro-Western Arab regimes requested and even refusing a request for a meeting with a group of Denmark-based diplomats from Arab and Moslem countries to discuss the situation.

Flemming Rose-Mossad tried one more gambit to further heighten East-West tension. He publicly offered to publish any Iranian cartoons which would mock the Holocaust in his paper. The senior editor of Jyllands-Posten, apparently belatedly caught on to Flemming Rose hidden agenda and vetoed the offer and asked Rose to take a leave of absence. Rose left for Miami, not Tel Aviv where his residency might raise suspicions about his claim to be merely an opponent of self-censorship. In Miami, he no doubt will have the protection of the locally based sayanin, armed and train for self-defense of threatened Zionists.

Sayanim : Defenders of Western Civilization

The sayanim, derived, according to Victor Ostrovsky, from the Hebrew word "to help" are a huge world-wide network of Jews in strategic or useful places (real estate, mass media, finance, car dealerships etc) who have been agreed to help in Israeli Mossad activities within their own countries. This has been ascribed to the supra-national loyalty sayanim offer to Israel, above and not always in the interest of their home country. According to Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, in their detailed biography, Robert Maxwell, Israel's Super spy (Carroll and Graf Publishers, 2002), the notorious media mogul, Robert Maxwell, was a super-sayanim, providing cover, offices, political connections, money-laundering services and planted stories in the service of Israel at the Mossad"s behest. Jonathan Pollard, the American Naval Researcher jailed for espionage, is another notorious sayanim.

The activities of these helpers really range from the spectacular to the more mundane and, according to Victor Ostrovsky, in his 1990 biography "By Way of Deception", the sayanim represent a pool of thousands of active and inactive individuals who can provide services discretely out of loyalty to the cause of Israel as defined by any current Mossad operation. The cynicism of this arrangement is clear: It makes little difference to the Mossad if an operation, such as Flemming Rose, jeopardizes the national and economic interests of the sayanim's own country and , if exposed, might harm the status of Jews in the diaspora. The standard response from the Mossad would be: "So what's the worst that could happen to those Jews. They's all come to Israel. Great." This recklessness clearly has ramifications for Jews who have refused to be recruited as Mossad helpers in affected countries.

Mossad War Propaganda and the Cartoon Controversy.

Israeli leaders expressed their opposition to the Bush Administration's diplomatic efforts to engage the European powers in the Iran negotiations. Automatically and without question all the major Zionist and Jewish organizations in the US (AIPAC, Presidents of the Major Jewish Organizations, ADL and others) unleashed a sustained national campaign to mobilize congress and their friends in the executive branch to take immediate military action or to impose economic sanctions on Iran. The Bush Administration however while in agreement, lacked public support in the US and among his European allies and their national electorates. The Mossad policy was to create a pretext to polarize public opinion between the Middle East (and beyond) and the West in order to escalate tensions and demonize Islamic adversaries to its Middle East hegemonis pretensions. Rose cartoons served the Mossad perfectly.

The issue could be presented as a free speech issue, a conflict of values not interests, between the democratic West and the fundamentalist totalitarian (as characterized by Pipes-Rose) Islamists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rose had solicited and selected the Islamic caricatures while his paper had rejected similar cartoons of Jesus Christ in an earlier context. The image of Rose as a cultural iconoclast - while working for a right wing daily whose daily fare was publishing anti-(Mid-East)immigrant news stories and favorable interviews with Zionists extremists - is prima facie not credible, although that image has been purveyed by all the major media outlets. While Rose initiated the international tensions, liberal and neo-con colleagues and his comrades in and out of the Mossad publicized his transgressions and provoked the ire of the Arab and Islamic world.

The cartoons, the subsequent insults and calumnies attacking the Islamic protestors and their secular allies throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe eventually provoked major peaceful and then violent protests by millions of people.

Visual images of violent protests and demonstrations were featured by the Western mass media, successfully creating the intended fear and apprehension against Muslim countries and minorities in Europe. Islamophobia gained momentum. Zionist propagandists in Europe and the US linked the defense of free speech issue to Israeli security policies. While the West turned its fury against the Islamic protestors, Israel blockaded Gaza and the US and Europe cut off all funding to the Palestinians, threatening the population with mass starvation for exercising its democratic right to elect its own leaders!

Rose's free speech charade revived the discredited ZionCon doctrine of Clash of Civilizations.

Playing on European Islamophobia and the increasing sensibility of practicing Moslems and Arab nationalists to Western abuses, it is likely that Israeli psych-war experts pinpointed the free speech issue as the ideal detonator for the conflict.

The democratic electoral victory of Hamas dubbed by Israel as a terrorist movement accelerated Israeli efforts to convince Western governments to insist that regimes in Muslim countries repress the irrational Islamic masses or face Western censure or elimination of aid. (The failure to crack down violently on demonstrators was presented by the media as official approval or instigation) The major US Zionist organizations were able to influence Secretary of State Rice into blaming Iran and Syria for fomenting the worldwide demonstrations, from Gaza to the Philippines. The Israeli strategy was to use European outrage to weaken opposition to a military attack or economic sanctions on Iran and Syria.

Beyond Religious Blasphemy

While most establishment analysts have narrowly focused on the cartoon as the source and target of the massive global demonstrations, in fact it is at best the immediate detonator of a whole series of ongoing events of much greater political significance. From the shock and awe carpet bombing of Iraq, to the mass torture and routine everyday humiliation in occupied countries, from the utter destruction of Fallujah (an American example as Guernica was for the Nazis), to Israeli devastation of Jenin and Palestine, from the everyday assassinations of Palestinians by the Israeli occupiers, to the smearing of the Koran with filth at Guantanamo, Israel, the US and Europe have attempted to demonstrate that no Moslems are safe anywhere- not in their schools, home, offices, fields, factories or mosques- and that nothing is sacred.

The reasons that millions are demonstrating against a caricature of Mohammed published in an insignificant Scandinavian rightwing newspaper is that this is the last straw the detonator of a series of deliberate violations of fundamental social and political rights of Muslim, Arab and colonized peoples. While the Western media have focused exclusively on the religious content of the demonstrators, almost every country, where massive sustained demonstrations have taken place, has been subject to recent Western intervention, large-scale pillage of raw materials and/or experienced the destruction of their secular rights: countries invaded, homes, schools, hospital, systems of health and clean water demolished, agriculture and natural resources looted, museums, libraries and archeological sites pillaged and mosques desecrated.

The present condition for material existence has been a Western inferno for all the people (both secular and observant) living in Arab or Islamic countries. Now their most profound, historic, spiritual reference point, the prophet Mohammed the most cherished religious figure has been repeatedly trampled with impunity by arrogant imperialists, their media servants, aided and abetted by the Israeli state and its overseas sayanin operatives. It is cynical to suggest that practicing Moslems could desecrate the figure of Jesus Christ with impunity when that too is forbidden by the Koran.

As the Israeli strategists well knew in advance, the vilification of Islam was not taking place in a political vacuum: The material conditions for an Islamic-Arab uprising were ripe: Hamas had swept the Palestinian elections, the US military were aware that they were losing the war in Iraq, Iran was refusing to capitulate, Bush was losing public support for ongoing and future Middle Eastern wars, AIPAC, Israel's main political instrument for influencing US policy was under criminal investigation. Israel's strategy of having the US fight its wars was boomeranging. There was a need to revive the political-military tensions which they had exploited after September 11, 2001 to Israel's advantage: hence the Flemming Rose provocation, hence the coordinated, wide promotion of the act, hence the free speech agitation among Western sayanin, liberals, conservatives and neocon ideologues, hence the predictable explosion of protest, hence the recreation of Mid-East tension and the advances of Israel's agenda.

Clearly the burgeoning confrontation is more than a religious or free speech issue, more than the crude provocations of an errant cultural editor coddled by the "little farts" of a penetrated Danish intelligence agency. What is at stake is the deliberate racist stereotyping of Arab, Islamic and Third World people in order to sustain and deepen their oppression, exploitation and subordination.

The most pervasive, prolific and influential source of racist Arab stereotypes are Israel and its overseas (particularly US and European) academics, terror "experts", psychologists at the most prestigious universities and think tanks, who have provided the "psychological profile" to torture, humiliate, provoke and repress the millions struggling for self-determination against colonial and imperial dominance.

Once again Israel and especially its overseas operatives have placed the expansion and militarist interests of Israel above the interests of the people of the US and Europe. Is it good for the Jews?: A criterion as defined by the Israeli state, has led to the blind alley of massive confrontations, deepening animosity between Arabic/Muslim peoples and Western regimes.

What appeared so clever to the Roses of the world and their Katsas and docile Sayanim, in provoking confrontation may once again boomerang: The uprisings may go beyond protesting symbols of vilification to attacking the substance of power, including the Arab and Moslem pro-consuls and collaborators of the Euro-American political and economic power. While the Mossad is very astute in infiltrating and provoking oppressed groups, it has been singularly inept in controlling and containing the resultant uprisings as the recent victory of Hamas demonstrates and the success of the Iraqi resistance illustrates.

The next controversial cartoon may show Moses leading his people into the desert.


While the Mossad-provoked "free speech versus blasphemy" controversy between the West and the Islamic peoples continues to deepen, Israel proceeds to impose a Nazi-like economic siege over 4 million Palestinians, intended to starve them into surrendering their democratic freedoms. Intended is the concise term, Gideon Levy, star reporter for the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz (19/02/06) records Dov Weissglas, advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister, jokingly telling top officials "Its (the economic blockage which may include electricity and water, as well as food) like an appointment with a dietician. The Palestinians will get a lot thinner but won't die." The Israeli officials rolled with laughter.

As Levy points out more than half of all Palestinians are already living in poverty last year 37 had difficulties obtaining food 54% of the residents of Gaza cut back the amount of food they consume; child mortality rose by 15% unemployment reached 28%. Planned pre-meditated mass starvation of a ghettoized population, jokingly discarded by its executioners as "a visit to the dietician", is an exact replica of the internal policy discussion of the Nazi high command over the population in the Warsaw Ghetto. Israel's capacity to impose and implement a genocidal policy has been greatly facilitated by the symbolic sideshow, which the Mossad-Rose orchestrated in Western Europe. "Cultural" conflict at the service of genocide is hardly a clever ruse or merely a violation of Islamic sensibilities, it is a crime against humanity.


The original article is HERE.

Let there be no silence before history repeats itself.


Comrade Genrikh Yagoda

Criticism, conversation between individuals and reflective thinking are the foundations and bedrock of civilization. The obvious unstated truths, which most of us understand.

When governments legislate against this basic right, under the guise of political correctness...........it invariably constitutes a threat to the basic advancement of civilization; that simple.

A particular cabal wish to advance their interests, and they require an unquestioning public to follow their policies without question, without arguments, without reflection, without criticism or any intervening conversation between individuals.

Hurry, hurry hurry, shut your mouth and follow the orders..............indeed this must be the organizational ethos of most Mafia groups around the world, operating within a highly inflexible Pyramid, North African power structure.

But let us compare this modern standard with past leaders in history who ran regimes or otherwise which most people agreed were incorruptible and wholesome.

How would George Washington deal with somebody if they accused him of being a traitor to the King, and a criminal rebel................depending on who said it, and how it was said, and when it was said, and where it was said.............he might well laugh and shrug it off.........or grimace, and make an appropriate terse retort..............or choose to totally ignore it and not dignify it, if uttered by a nonentity, which has no connection to reality and the truth.

And if somebody accused Gandhi in person of being a coolie demagogue; a half naked fakir..........I could well imagine him smile gently, and try and engage the person who made such a remark. Why would somebody say such a thing?

For the great and the good such slanders and criticisms are like water off a ducks back.....there is conceivably no basis for such things so why take them seriously?.................Why give them additional credit by over reacting against them?

For a certified hardcore criminal, whether as an individual or within a cabal the opposite is true. Any and all criticism, unfair and the balanced ones must be made illegal....the full weight of the law must be applied.....nobody must criticize them.....they are above the law.

This is exactly what happened in the Soviet Union after October 1918, when the Bolsheviks took over. One of the very first acts they passed was to make criticism of Jews a crime....................you could be sent to the gulag..............or you could simply be executed.


Well we may get some answers by reflecting and taking a critical look at Soviet history.

1. We know many people died when the Russian Czarist empire came under Soviet rule....according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn as many as 60 million people may have perished between 1918--1991. The emergency rule of the early years; forced collectivization; Holmidor in the Ukraine.......and the great purges of the 1930's ........and so on.....and so on.

2. We know from Jewish sources that a high percentage of the Soviet Communist apparatus were run by Jews, professing to be secular Communists with often Russified Slavic names....and that possibly Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev may themselves had Jewish lineage.

3. We know that not one Synagogue was destroyed in the Soviet Union, but many churches and some mosques were destroyed, whilst under Bolshevik atheist rule.

4. We know that nearly ALL the victims of the Soviet penal system were non-Jewish.........most were innocent people who had been caught up in the evil brutal Bolshevik system of the Soviet Union.

5. We know the Soviet Union had an international agenda to spread their ideology to ALL parts of the world, once it was consolidated in the Soviet Union, through force of arms where necessary.

6. We know that the Soviet Jewish experiment was funded by Banks based in New York, a core of the leadership led by Trotsky based and nurtured in New York, sailed from there to start the Soviet revolution in 1917.

7. We know Jewish financial houses in New York played a pivotal role in the strategic industrialization of the Soviet Union.......making it the second greatest industrial power after America. We know that this close relationship continued into the so called hoax of the "Cold war".

8. We know that the Cuban missile Crisis took place in 1962, where purportedly the two super powers came close to a nuclear war.

The ordinary Soviets were denied their fundamental right to question their leaders, and policies....................and the end result was 73 years of dire misery and phenomenal mistakes by the Soviet Union....in all spheres of life.........if a problem was uncovered whether in the political, economic or strategic sphere it was hushed up, lest the "weaknesses" of the Soviet Socialist paradise be exposed to the Capitalist West to ridicule.

And so as the security is tightened in the USA, and UK under a Jewish agenda driven philosophy and strategy, people living in those two Great countries must be aware; they must be alert......for history can repeat itself....where in 2005, not that far away in the near past the head of the KGB/FSB, Yevgeny Primakov (Jewish), and the head of the East German Stasi, Markus Wolf (retired to Israel)...............came to the USA to advise the Homeland Security Department how to operate more effectively.

Stalin's Jews:"We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish"

Communism is a Social Catastrophe

Gulag Archipelago

Comrade Yezhov



The Kashmir Declaration.

It is dawn, and the PM ManMohan Singh lands at an undisclosed location somewhere in Kashmir. He is accompanied by most members of the cabinet, heads of the armed forces and senior civil servants following his entourage..........................The PM drives on along with his entourage towards the LoC.

There at the LoC they stop, and slowly disembark from their vehicles gradually, and the illustrious entourage head towards the LoC. At the LoC a huge white tent has already been erected, half in India, half in Pakistan Kashmir. Standing by the tent is PM Gilani who had arrived a little earlier, and his entourage of senior military and cabinet officers, including Gen. Kiyani and Gen. Suja Pasha.

The two PM's shake hands....and exchange pleasenteries....."so good seeing you again"..."The weather is beautiful"......"I feel today is a historic day for all South Asia"...."I think so too".........."62 years is enough time for neighboring countries both of which are now democracies to be able to sort out their problems....peacefully, constructively and maturely"......."Yes indeed".

The two men then proceed into the tent........and sign the "Kashmir Declaration"...a document very simple in its objectives, but profound in its implications:


The Kashmir Declaration.
1. The present boundary and LoC between India and Pakistan in relation to Jammu & Kashmir, and the Northern areas will henceforth be recognised as the defacto international boundaries of the two countries. This agreement does not cover Askai Chin and other disputed boundaries in Eastern Kashmir.
2. All areas of control by the two parties to this declaration in relation to all Jammu & Kashmir under control by India and Pakistan respectively are henceforth treated as sovereign territories of the two respective countries, the fact of which is not to be disputed by either party at any domestic or international forum by government officers and elected government officials of the two respective parties.
3. The two parties to this declaration, namely India and Pakistan will enhenceforth sincerely and diligently, in good faith as neighbors avoid any attempts at interference in the internal affairs of their respective countries, particularly in relation to Kashmir.
4. Any intervening problems that do arise in relation to ALL Jammu Kashmir under Indian and Pakistani control in the future, must be addressed bilaterally, without the intervention of Third Parties in the spirit of good faith, through clearly established inter state mechanism to be established through negotiations in the future, be they diplomatic, military, intelligence or the police.
5. The declaration is a broad statement within the context of international customary law to establish a general platform upon which future negotiations between the two nations, over Jammu Kashmir can move forward in relation to the fine details of a future comprehensive agreement between the two countries in a mutual atmosphere of amicable, constructive cooperation which leads to more a comprehensive binding agreement in the future.


Indian Public figures visiting America.


When I heard about George Fernandez, as visiting Indian defense secretary being strip searched by American airport authorities in DC and another place twice in 2002 and 2003, and I thought....nah...must be April fools.....then ex-President Kalam is ID frisked on an American airline on his way to India more recently.......then the same to Azim Premji apparently, the billionaire IT businessman who is also a celebrity in India......Aameer Khan strip searched too in Chicago 2002, the most creative of new wave Hindi movie actors and directors........and finally SRK questioned for 66 minutes about certain unknown matters.......SRK says 2 hours, and that his name had triggered the questioning for 2 hours........"Is you name Khan" ....."Yes"....."Where are you from"......."India".............2 hours of this?.........Do all Khans from around the world who visit the USA go through this for 2 hours?........................Muslim name of Central Asian origin that originates from Ghengiz Khan.............and is a very popular name for Muslim's in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Could you imagine the Russian defense secretary being strip searched??? Or the Brazilian defense secretary?? Of course not..........there would be serious diplomatic repercussion; diplomatic expulsions....and so on. Brazil has already responded like with like.....reciprocity, "OK gringo you fingerprint our nationals visiting America, so we fingerprint your nationals visiting our country."

So the explanation?

Often this mistreatment against Indian public figures is explained in terms of 9/11 and the new "situation" in America.


But I do not accept this, since presumably all other senior government figures from around the world of 192 nations should also logically be treated the same way as Fernandez. But there isn't a deluge of stories around this happening to other Public officials in other countries.

Because of Islamic names.................George Fernandez an Islamic name? Azim Premji stands out as an Islamic name?

Could it be simple racism? Yes but again there are many brown people countries, great and small around the world, and one does not hear stories of ill-treatment at airports against such people.

So what is going on?


1. Cases of this kind does not appear to happen to senior officials, and public figures of other nations great and small........unique to Indian Public Figures ONLY......of obvious public status, usually involving men who are clearly near retirement stage...........Grey hair, frail in the case of some....old, .................we are not talking of 20 something, 30 something stooges/patsies of Western intelligence out to do harm to little defenseless ole America.

2. Could be a simple issue of racism......brown country....though one should add that the USA will become a brown country by 2050, and is already a considerable mutli-racial society (34% non-European). But it does not seem to happen to important public figures of other brown country peoples, the bigger nations or the smaller ones....so whats up?

3. Some sections of American society are envious of India's rising status within the global society both as a military power, and an economic power, and by doing such things it is an expression of their dislike, and frustration at the gradual rise to prominence of India as a significant nation in the world............equally significant that these things have been happening very recently as in the last few years, in parallel with the rise of India's profile in the world........

Explanation number 3 seems to be most likely.

What to do:

1. Foreign secretary Kishna Menon should send a very strong letter to the State Department expressing India's concern about such events, and clarifies that such events should not be repeated in the future, EVER. The American ambassador to Delhi should be called to the foreign ministry, and the full list of public figures humiliated should be recounted to him, asking him to explain why such events take place only against Indian Public figures on American soil.

2. There should be greater liaison between the Indian Embassy in the USA, and the future prospective visits of VIP figures from India. In all cases a visiting VIP from India should be met at the airport by a significant officer from the Indian embassy DC, or where practical consul officials..........they do not need to meet directly with the Indian VIP, but such a person should be in the vicinity of the airport. Such an embassy/consulate person should be at the airport in advance before the VIP arrives, and makes relevant contact with airport authorities in the USA, and inform them that such and such VIP is arriving by such an such airline.

3. There has been talk of "reciprocity" by some Indian officials but that would be silly, and counter productive. The USA is a complicated country with various power group elites......a few like India and see that there are pragmatic practical reasons to have good relations with the country, hence the recent warm up of relations. But some do not like India, hence the silly antics against the likes of George Fernandez, ex-President Abdul Kalam and more recently the Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan.

This animosity by sections of American elite can be alternatively expressed via covert/overt help to Pakistan, India's perennial nuisance failed neighbor....controlled by America......."netaji and babuji you can stop wasting your breath directing complaints against Pakistani public figures, most are puppets of the USA.......Pakistan military...ISI"; $23 billion overall aid package promised under the Obama regime, and military assistance which invariably end up targeting India.

According to some sources the American embassy in Islamabad is a military base right next to the Presidential palace, parliament and other sensitive Pakistani establishments....containing 800 staff, the second biggest after Bagdad, and will be increased to 1,100??........that they are building a huge new compound next to the Presidential Palace, at $500 million...can it be verified?.......That Kiyani has taken over foreign policy, and Zardari focuses on looting..20% by now. And in Afghanistan, the type of regime America runs there, mostly criminals into narcotics.
The thing is Netaji/Babuji from a holistic perspective it is not about getting all worked up with the operations of the LeT, Huj, ....names which no doubt all Indians are familiar with,...... but pondering over what precisely is the fundamental nature of the Pakistani state and its REAL power structure, which allow such extremist illegal entities to come into India and do harm, and who exactly runs such a failed state in the final analysis.
My assertin is that America runs Pakistan, and especially the Pakistan military and ISI. Once this is grasped then a different approach can be formulated by India in relation to Pakistan.....because it looks very silly the site of Indian politicians prennially complaining to the Pakistanis to do this that and the other; the Pakistani promising to do this that and the other...........but in reality never really changing their ways........in such a scenario it makes India look pathetic, ineffective and sorry......rather in the way Indian Public figures are humiliated when they rather hopefully visit America.
........and China, investing heavily in the country, including providing it with strategic help, such that the country is now the greatest industrial power in the world..........500 million ton steel production, and 3500 billion kWT electric generation, and the second largest economic power measured by PPP.....at around $10,000 billion economy, just behind the USA $14,000 billion. Finally, providing various incentives and concessions to Chinese firms (MFN status) to export to the USA, usually at the expense of USA firms--------such economic Hari-Kiri by America can only be described in terms of ideological dogmatism, which trumps plain simple village common sense. Which elite groups are we talking about? Neo-liberals belonging to the American "left" Rockefeller's, Brzezinski, Clinton's.....and so forth........Plus groups of Jews around New York see Communism as an extension, and progression of the Jewish religion......Communism is "their" creation.
So thats why International Jewish finance and investments are pouring into North Korea, Cuba and Vietnam???!!!!! Pure ideological dogma is not the only factor influencing International Jewish finance, but is a major factor directed by their percieved private tribal needs. That is why Israel is a major conduit for sensitive American military technology into China......which then inadvertantly go to North Korea, Pakistan and Iran............nobody said any ideology, especially Jewish ones had to make sense......but its there, and it exists. One should know about it, without the benefit of reading its details emanating from the State Department.
International Jewish finance, and Capital also operate in the real world of commerce and competition sometimes, though through their control of finance in certain key countries (USA/UK/Switzerland/France?Germany?/Holland?) they tend to promote themselves more then other gentile businesses...........but in not investing in Cuba, or North Korea, or Vietnam they also have to take into account, political, and economic considerations before they invest in that Socialist country enmasse, in line with their ideological/tribal beliefs.
Friendship/love is a strange thing, and it can be variously expressed by individials or groups of people towards their object of affection........sometimes taking an antagonistic approach to the percieved enemy of the original object of affection. Though of course from a historical perspective and in many other respects India and China have been at peace with each other for thousands of years.........it is only with the introduction of dogmatic Jewish Communism, that China has adopted a negative policy towards India since the 1960's.....into the present, via Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar.
India has not fully scummbed to any Jewish ideology, like China. Though India did toy with Socialism, and is a parliamentary democracy which is not an Indian ideology....(Anglo-Saxon model from England) and most of its laws are inherited from the British. But never the less for all the foreign ideological imports of India in all spheres of life, India through its unique "Indian" Independence movement under Gandhi and his philosophy, and its present day style of politics still manages to an extent maintain an Indian face in the philosophical base of its national character........that cannot be said for China, where Marx, Lenin, Stalin's names are chanted by the masses in equal adulation to Mao Tse Tung.
We do not know what the role of Qui Ja boards, sacred numbers and private soothsayers play in all this.....to be sure when you have enjoyed privilege over generations and amassed billions of $ mostly illegal, then it is not impossible to enter into a bubble of fantasy and strange ideological worlds, which logically do not favor your own country, but to you seems so logical.

Therefore when Clinton talks about making India to a "great power" and enters India via Mumbai, be on full state alert )

India should diplomatically and pragmatically reach out to those who are Indophiles in the USA, and ignore and avoid the obvious baiting games of those who do not like India. That such things should happen to Indians who have a penchant and love of visiting the USA should be a sobering and enlightening thought.




MI-5 and the British far right.



Someone asked me naively/defensively/almost accusative to prove the links between MI-5 and British Far-Right groups and agitators. In normal social interactions and conversations “proving” all your assertions is not necessary….its merely a perspective, an opinion on an issue……whether believed or otherwise. Conversation would be very stale if we had to reference all our points of view.

It is taken as given for those who belong to the activist progressive class, and who are sufficiently informed that there are clear linkages between MI-5 and the Far Right in the UK.

Identifying this linkage is very important in understanding the dynamics of British politics…….and the underlying motivations around such extremist events which recently took place in Birmingham.

I watch Spooks on the beeb, and I know how they really are, trust me is not enough.

MI-5 and the Far-Right:

From: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=5060

"As a result of information acquired by the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act MI5 were using undercover agents to spy on the Anti-Apartheid Movement in the 1980s. This information only adds to the evidence that the MI5 has always been under the control of the far right.

This has been true since 1907 when Major Vernon Kell become Director of the Home Section of the Secret Service Bureau with responsibility for investigating espionage, sabotage and subversion within and outside Britain. Later the organisation became known as Military Intelligence (MI5). Kell and his men exclusively targeted left-wing activists.

By 1918 MI5 had files on 137,500 individuals. This included trade unionists, members of the Independent Labour Party and those who had campaigned for peace negotiations during the First World War.

In October 1924 the MI5 intercepted a letter written by Grigory Zinoviev, chairman of the Comintern in the Soviet Union. This investigation eventually became known as the Zinoviev Letter Scandal. Zinoviev’s letter urged British communists to promote revolution through acts of sedition. After consulting Basil Thomson at Special Branch, Kell showed the letter to Ramsay MacDonald, the Labour Prime Minister. Kell told MacDonald that MI5 and the Special Branch were convinced the letter was genuine.

It was agreed that the letter should be kept secret but someone leaked news of the letter to The Times and the Daily Mail. The letter was published in these newspapers four days before the 1924 General Election and contributed to the defeat of Ramsay MacDonald and the Labour Party. After the election it was claimed that two of MI5’s agents, Sidney Reilly and Arthur Maundy Gregory, had forged the letter and had been involved in leaking it to the press.

This did not stop the Labour Party being elected to power five years later. This time MI5 used a different strategy for dealing with the growth in socialism. It is the same strategy they have used ever since. You “turn” the leaders of the labour movement. Ramsay MacDonald was only the first leader turned in this way. Others, like Tony Blair, were recruited early in their political career.

In 1925 Vernon Kell appointed Maxwell Knight as Director of Intelligence of the British Fascists (BF). Knight played a significant role in helping to defeat the General Strike in 1926 and by the early 1930s was placed in charge of B5b, a unit that conducted the monitoring of political subversion.

The vast majority of Knight’s agents were part-time. Knight recruited a large number of his agents from right-wing political organizations such as the Nordic League, British Union of Fascists and the Right Club. This included William Allen and William Joyce who was later to become known as Lord Haw Haw in Nazi Germany.

The KGB used this against MI5 by getting their agents such as Kim Philby and Guy Burgess to join right-wing organizations that were working with Maxwell Knight. They were recruited as neo-fascists when in reality they were devout communists."



You don’t have to trudge the history books of Brum Central Library (A most excellent library for research and study), to get an understanding of the subject.

You grow up in the UK, and you come across skin heads and their type. If you are reasonably perceptive you grasp who they are and what they are in the scheme of things, as a reasonably informed Asian growing up in Britain. Your awareness of the subject heightens when you inadvertently cross paths with British security. Of course it doesn’t automatically make you an expert on the subject, BUT YOU KNOW,…..then you talk with other people, lecturers, social activists, and fellow students…..you witness their activity at university…beating up Asian students etc(1994/5 UCE)…and you gain more first hand knowledge of the area.

Then you visit the CRE as it was known then in 1998 in Alpha Tower, and go out to dinner with them, and they fill you in on more inside information of what was going on, and paper cuttings of interesting events and so forth. No startling facts, all taken as matter of fact because you are desensitized to such things, and in the scheme of things you have bigger issues to worry about.

Never an area that I really focused on, but any certified activist leftie (of which I am not part of) should know of the linkages between MI-5 and the British Far Right Movement, and if you do not know, then you know nothing about the leftie movement and its multiple challenges in the 21st century.

Western politics has fundamentally shifted to the right, and lefties are struggling to “accommodate” this fundamental shift……..and that this fundamental shift is headed by the dynamics and perceived interests of Israeli politics, and the necessary awkwardness the significant number of Jewish lefties feel in realigning themselves with the perspectives of Israel…..........Does one follow the tribe? Or ones life long ideology? Difficult stuff for many I imagine.

MI-5_____BNP,NF,Combat 18,EDL

German intelligence__________Neo-fascists, NDP.


SISMI__________Forza Nouva http://kirkunity.blogspot.com/2009/08/convicted-italian-fascist-roberto-fiore.html

MIT_____________Grey Wolves http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_Wolves

ISI______________Razakars, and al-badr units and annex's of the Pakistan military in East Pakistan; Afghan Mujaheddin....usually of the worst extremist sort, sidelining the moderate ones; the Taliban.....LeT....Huj..and so on...amd so on. These groups often change their names,and reinvent themselves just like in the UK.

RAW_____________Siv Sena/RSS.

VEVAK___________Basij (they carry chains and knives, and attack decent Iranian citizens who dare to protest about any government policies…..like the above they attack ordinary citizens who criticize the government,….except they have beards, some of them…..impressionable village boy youths with not much education, but a lot of ideology, and pent up anger….works closely with the Revolutionary Guard)

By posting these I do not say that this is the norm we live in and we must accept this linkage, as the norm. No why should we…..we must expect better…..but for those who are naive this is the reality of our present situation, and it allows us to look at the situation from a more realistic perspective….the mask at the ball is taken off.

So why the riots now in Brum.............the culmination of a natural process? What natural process? The economic meltdown maybe, and people feeling the effects of the recession, or just angry young men venting their feelings against the obvious targets?

As alluded such anti-social events rarely happen by themselves, spontaneously, but must be observed in the context of other forces within the state structure, and the motivations of the power elite. This can be observed in the context of the 1970's, and the activities of the far right then.

(i) Is all this to get the Tories elected....1974-79 redux leading to Thatcher, or April 2001 Oldham just before the elections. The Tories are 18 points ahead, so do they really need further "assistance" in such an area, in this manner. Maybe somebody wants to make sure they win the next elections......based on a Sarkozy election strategy. It worked for him.

(ii) Possibly now that the economy is going pear shaped, the net result of that will be a lot of angry people asking questions as to who, how, why what, when.......etc, and the BANKERS in "The City" don't want to be the obvious answer to all those questions, as to why Britain is in such a mess. The Circus of Brum provides an useful distraction from their failure and greed. The ordinary people of Britain will be less focused in asking why they are having to bail out the bankers.

(iii) The Blood sacrifice of Iraqis and the Afghan Heroin is profitable for "The City" ..........the Opium and Heroin trades association with "The City" goes back 250 years to the East India company, where Opium was harvested in India and exported to China if you remember your history.
The British forces are in Afghanistan purely and simply to ensure that the Heroin is properly shipped to British shores............................BRITAIN IS A STATE OF THE ART SECURITY STATE (bins are tagged, with more cctv's than any other country), AND A WELL SECURED ISLAND...................to import massive amounts of narcotics in such an "unique" country you require the COOPERATION of port authorities, HM Customs & Excise, the police naturally and the intelligence services, part of whose job is to combat organized crime and narcotics.........and naturally as a result of this "unique" security Heroin and narcotics are cheaper than ever in the UK.

Unlike the East India company the Afghan Heroin is coming into the UK, and not sold to some Third World country where the profits are made..............it is harming British people, harming British children, it is also fueling crime and many anti-social behavior which consequently the British tax payer must deal with.
How many people in the UK are effected by all this elaborately organised criminality? 500,000? 5,000,000? Who can say?
The British military is one of the highest regarded institutions in the UK..................The Opium wars happened 150 years ago, and people have forgotten, so how does one come to the realisation that the British military is merely a pimp force for London based criminals with titles like Baron, Lord and Sirs operating in the "The City" and Barclays?
Maybe just easier to switch on the telly, and watch the angst ridden and souless caricature characters of EastEnders to make us feel comfortable, and not think about such "silly" esoteric issues as whether state institutions which the tax payer pays for actually work for the United Kindom, or as unquestioning annex's of criminals in the "The City".........The UK is rich so whats the problem? Things work in the UK so whats the problem?

Unlike the East India company and their Opium trade, an elaborate facade has been erected to justify the British presence in Afghanistan........because we live in a modern democracy where allegedly government policies take account of Public sympathies. The East India Company never had to bother with that..............they were selling "goods" to coolies in the East, never to be seen through the media for a good profit for London. If the Coolies objected to such a trade, then you sent British warships and the British army to make sure the coolies made the right decision, through the first and second Opium wars.

Britain is now fighting a modern Opium war in Afghanistan, 150 years after the original Opium wars, propping up criminal unpopular election rigged regimes in the process in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, though strangely the war is termed a war against the Taliban.............a local militia of a few thousand armed with AK-47, created by the USA from 1994 via the ISI, and has NEVER won a single engagement against the narco criminal occupation forces.
To win any war especially against a modern well equipped adversary you require air cover, and heavy equipment such as artillery, tanks, mortar, AA, missiles and sophisticated C & C network to coordinate you campaign, and these the Taliban simply do not have.......but here we are 8 years later fighting a colonial narco war, where the Taliban allegedly is getting better and more powerful in Afghanistan and Pakistan, without the essentials of modern war just mentioned above.
In a fantasy movie the Taliban could win, or according to the news media, but not in the real world of professional training, organisation, logistics, C&C, advanced heavy equipment and good leadership, the abscence of which the Taliban can never win, but provide a useful justification for the presence of foreign troops on Afghan soil, whilst the Heroin is harvested for them.
So what are we saying, the Afghan Mujaheddin did not win against the Soviets then?
The Soviet forces withdrew after 9 years of bitter fighting, and had in the end suffered 20,000 dead or MIA, and 40,000 wounded...and a collapsing economy at home which could no longer sustain the war.
The Afghan mujaheddin were then backed by the USA, UK, Pakistan, Israel....ALL training up to 90,000 Mujaheddin...and 12,000 Arabs.......with huge logistics, and financial backing to the tune of $20---30 billion from Gulf countries.....the Afghan Mujaheddin also had some heavy equipment and some aircover.
The present Afghan/Pakistan Taliban by contrast do not have this kind of backing....and consequently the Western narco forces have suffered about 800 casualities in 8 years of "fighting" thus far, not enough to encourage them to call it a day.
So whats up?
Whats the real game here?
Obviously the Taliban represent a useful justification as "controlled opposition" for the occupation forces to be in Afghanistan, and talkng them up unrealistically is one rationale for that. The other rationale for talking them up would to allow the justification for the build up of Western occupation forces in Afghanistan which may consequently be used in attacking Iran, and Pakistan without these countries taking the appropriate counter measures in preparation of such an eventuality (especially Pakistan), AND the general public in the USA, and UK asking what on earth their nations are doing fighting endless, narco-colonial wars which benefit nobody except the few organised criminals in their societies.
Riots with nasty, alien, disloyal Pakis at home fit into that overall psychological, emotive buildup and justification of this hidden criminal narrative. A faux dress rehersal for the coming wars abroad, endless wars; the unrestrained unaccountable criminals greed is never satisfied.

All very calculating, conveniently timely and criminal.

Once you grasp that the world does not always operate along the standards set by Pollyanna, then you can begin to get a better picture as to who are the true criminals in British and international society, and what motivates and who motivates actual state policy in such theaters such as Afghanistan, and how they add to their mass criminal deeds, in order to bolster earlier ones.

Article by former ambassador Craig Murray:





The war is unpopular. Normal people are peace loving.................people thrive and naturally develop where there is peace, and society follows the rule of law. That is how civilization progresses. But for a few criminal elements the inverse of this is true......the rule of law should be ignored, there must be war to act as cover and distraction for their illegal operations; People must apprehend fear and cower under their designated security; people must fight 50 year wars for their country, "We fight the "bad" guys over there so that we don't have to fight them over here"........but wait some of the "bad guys" are already here, and so we fight them in our shores.........and presumably that is the underlying narrative of the recent riots, the "enemy within" must be fought by our brave lads.

Ordinary British people and some soldiers are already questioning the real validity of the war, especially in Afghanistan running for 8 years now, propping up a corrupt and ineffective narco-state. The brother of Hamid Karzai is one of the biggest drug lords of Afghanistan, and his running mate for President is another notorious criminal warlord who is into......you guessed drugs. So the unpopular war must be bolstered in its support...........It requires statements from the PM to fight the noble fight, and it also requires theater, crude theater ..........it requires more canon fodder of poor unquestioning white unemployed working class lads, with little or no education....to teach the "wog" what for..... correctly wound up, to join the ranks of the British army to fight for the Heroin business.

Can there be a more noble cause?


Open address to the brothers on the far right.


My Aryan brothers……as one Aryan brother….to ….well, fellow Aryan brothers, what you do brings disrespect to “our race”.


It is not considered a great achievement in “our culture” to attack the weak, down trodden bottom of the pile poor under class to prove our Aryan manhood, huddled pathetically together in their smelly filthy ghetto’s, subsisting on the fringes of society, in often Third World conditions, forever moaning and cringing, providing entertainment subjects for the Sun and Daily Mail.

Indeed my Aryan brothers I am not sure Aryan men are the most physically brave on this earth……often black men out of Africa seem to exhibit the greatest physical prowess, as in boxing, sports of various types, and according to the “Bell Curve” they have the biggest schnitzels…..........particularly the Dinka in Southern Sudan. Being “ard” and “up for it” does not make one a true Aryan.

Our forefathers in the CENTRAL ASIAN STEPPES, lit fires in the bitter chilled winter nights of our original ancestral lands where we evolved as a distinct race, sang songs of joy, recited poetry, drank wine and opiates….and danced around the fire……..they had beards, and long hair (like hippies….natural protection against the bitter cold weather)They were spiritual, shamanistic, at one with mother earth…constantly traveling, living off the land, which they never claimed was theirs to own.

What you do and how you project yourself goes against the code of the true “Aryan brotherhood.” Shaven heads, beer with racist hateful songs, insecure and angry, in male bonded groups on Saturday nights…..this pseudo-gay behavior that has very little to do with Aryan culture, my dear brothers.

Now let us proceed and address the more substantive issues.

What are the real issues that vexes Perfidious Albion, that shining lone beacon of light unto the world?

1. We must question the official narrative from the mass media that Britain is in dire straits…..often juxtaposed with stark images of the immigrants to get the British tea pot boiling. I remember the news in the 1970’s and the 1980’s…..lines of Aryan brothers unemployed, sad, dejected collecting their social security, and then the pictures of a wog merrily working away at his job. Oh the imagery! One always thought journos were enlightened types from happy balanced middle class backgrounds, with a strong social conscience and sense of communal responsibility—–what a load of bollocks! With the exception of a few, many are racist, cunning racist, educated racists, devious racists, dangerous racists, Goebbels racists,Melanie Philips racist………working in the sensitive mass medium. Often with agenda’s, inviting the most obvious caricature types from the immigrant community…................the ones which look dangerous, menacing, teenage sexually deprived angst ridden, and not clearly happy in Britain.

In America they have a label for these types, “Presstitutes” which means that they serve as organs of the government, collecting and memorizing state “talking points” dished out to them during lobbying sessions…….what % of the journos work for MI-5; who knows?


But the true Aryan brothers must not believe everything they see and read in the British press, which dish out “one good hate a day”…or the enormously stogy British TV, again with agenda’s……not good agenda’s.

Britain is a paradise, a rich paradise, and to appreciate the country one must leave it and see the rest of the world. Then one can get a better perspective. Then we can see from afar how lucky the British people really are.

In India if one visits the police station to report a crime, they arrest you, and your relatives must come and pay a bribe to release you. In India 850 million live on 25 pence a day; In India 850 million live on just one meal a day, consisting of rice and nothing else……..In Pakistan a jail bird is the President of the country…..In Russia the police are known as “Wolves”……in South Africa.........in Columbia……in Haiti…in DRC.........in Somalia....in Iraq........Britain is a paradise compared to the rest of the world, and do not let the devious agenda filled journos tell you other wise.

Is it so bad to put things in relative terms, and for once not take things so literally, my dear brothers to the far right?

Now the 2nd substantive issue my brothers:

2. The current economic crisis in the UK is the result of the greed of the bankers in "The City" in London. They were greedy, and they speculated on bad financial schemes and some more....and in the end it all went pear shaped for them....and the country,.... translated into loss of jobs and a slowdown of the economy.........the ghetto wogs have very little to do with that, very little. A lot of them don't even operate in the official economy, but subsist in the margins.

And so of course since the bankers own Britain they must be rescued, by the British government, using the taxpayers money; your money, the wog money, and everybody else who does an honest days work .....money...they feel they have an entitlement, and since the government is beholden to them, the government will rescue them at the expense of the rest of the country.

The recent circus of the brothers in Brum provides a very USEFUL DISTRACTION for the foibles and follies of the bankers.........indeed the brothers in Brum are dumb fodder tools of MI-5, which in turn is a tool of...."The City" and London. To honestly fight the noble fight for ones beliefs is one thing, but to be manipulated by rich fat bankers for your entertainment and distraction value is quite another.

The 3rd Substantive issue:

Many British troops have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and many many more come home physically and psychologically damaged, as a result of their experiences. They become social security basket cases, or simply social outcasts living with homeless people, forgotten by everybody, including the state......and the state is happy to forget them.

Israel has historical linkages with Iraq going back many years, perhaps 3,000 years. Ancient Assyrians invaded Israel, defeated them and took them as slaves to ancient Iraq. They were eventually freed, and able to return to Israel when Cyrus the Great invaded the area and liberated them circa 538 BC. But psychologically Israelis, a race which looks as much back back into history as much as they look forward have a "thing" about Iraq, which you my true Aryan brothers will never be able to comprehend unless you are one of them, living in Israel.

Then there is the issue of Saddam's Iraq, which the Israelis attacked in 1981 against their nuclear installation; the horrifying fact that Saddam had gassed his own people at Halabja in 1988.........and his other military programs....the supergun program.....his missile programs........his chemical/biological programs.....his nuclear program........and a standing military of 1.1 million men in peacetime (1990) 25% of GDP on defense, 6,000 tanks, 4,000 artillery, 600 jet fighters..................made the Israelis very nervous about Saddam, and they angled to get America, and the UK into war against that country via the stooge of Kuwait.

Saddam was never quite sure who his father was, and he was raised by one of his uncles, and a Kuwaiti minister well acquainted with these facts and prodding from the correct sources raised the issue of his illegitimacy in undiplomatic ways guaranteed to arouse his ire, during key negotiations between Iraq and Kuwait. The negotiations between Kuwait and Iraq in 1990 were about canceling Iraq's debts; Saudi had canceled ALL Iraq's debts, but the Kuwaitis insisted that Iraq repay all the money with interest that they had given Iraq during the Iran/Iraq war......the Iraqi position was that Iraq had fought a pan-Arab war against the Persian hoards, and that if the mullah's of Iran had won then many of the Sunni Gulf monarchies would have been swept away.

Additionally there were disputes about the correct boundary between Iraq and Kuwait...........the boundary between Iraq and Kuwait has changed a thousand times......Kuwait is an artificial creation of the British as a petrol station for the British navy......disputes about the correct boundary of the two countries came and went, blowing hot and cold depending on the political climate in Iraq..........The political climate in Iraq by 1990 was hot; they had fought an 8 year war against Iran; allegations the Kuwaitis were extracting secretly crude oil from Iraqi territory near the Kuwait/Iraq border........with undiplomatic behavior from Kuwaiti ministers added to the negative situation between the two countries. Finally in a meeting with the American Ambassador to Iraq, Ms Gillespie, Saddam received confirmation, unofficially that America would not intervene in any quarrels between Iraq and Kuwait...............and then he invaded Kuwait.......and into a trap.

Saddam is not a nice chap, but you need to understand the issue and where British interests lie's in relation to that theater. Saddam's military was smashed in the 1991 1st Gulf war, with 30% of his forces remaining. Between 1991--2003, Iraq was under stringent sanctions, and as a result of this sanction about 1 million Iraqis perished for lack of food and medicine, mainly children.

But Israel which played a critical role behind the scenes in the 1st Gulf war wanted full scale occupation of the country. In addition within that overall context Likud ideologist of the Far Israeli Right penned a document for the then PM Benjamin Netanyahu, called "A Clean Break" (1996)....which advocated using American military might to aggressively expand the interests of Israel around the hinterland of Israel........against Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, perhaps Egypt and Iran later. This document then was repackaged four years later under a new title, "The Project for an New American century" (2000)......which like the policy document four years earlier also called for an aggressive military policy, but this time packaged as Pax Americana policy................penned/signed by the same people who wrote the "Clean Break" document....with the additional names of a few Israeli Firsters from the USA so as not to make it too obvious. These signatories to the PNAC document then joined the Bush administration, as key advisers in the Pentagon and Dick Chenney's office.......9/11 took place organized by the Israelis and Dick Cheney........and the rest as they say is history.

The Invasion of Iraq by America in 2003 was always Israel's goal........going on for years. Saddam posed no threat to the UK, or USA or Israel.......Saddam by 2003 was a spent force seeking Asylum in the UAE, with guarantees..................But Israel wanted its pound of flesh, and so the invasion.

The invasion of Iraq brought NO benefits for Britain except for the privilege of looking like Bush's poodle and stooge, no mean feat.......................there are no political benefits for Britain in Iraq, and there are no economic benefits for Britain in Iraq, as most of the contracts go to American companies. Normally when Britain commits to war the reasons for war are spelled out openly and honestly by the PM in public addresses and in Parliament............this is a tradition.....war for Britain is a solemn, sober and serious occasion................Britain has been in many wars for the last 1000 years..........But this government lied, and manipulated facts and other such devious things to get Britain into this war......WHY?

Most British people are not happy that Britain is fighting in Iraq, and of course naturally a lot of the immigrants are not happy about Britain killing poor people in Third World countries, a lot of whom look like them in some respects....this is only natural.....the real issue is not where their sympathy lies.............expressed overtly or covertly, what they feel or say does not matter; they weren't brought into Britain so as to get their opinion on sensitive state issues; they have little or no organised political power; Its a diversion.......the real issue which you should be concerned about and therefore asking is why Britain fighting wars for other countries.......namely Israel. To be sure Lord Levi as Middle East adviser might be biased given his background, or Sir David Manningham........but at the end of the day there must surely be a greater number of people who see the folly of such situation

With Afghanistan it is about Heroin....................see the above blog about you again.

Now the 4th substantive issue my dear Aryan brothers:

My Aryan brothers let me address the vexed issue of aliens in our midst.

Britain is NOT a multi-cultural society, though there is a pretense and official narrative that it is. The aliens and non-European population constitute about 6-7% of the population, huddled together in the inner city areas of the big cities which inadvertently gives the impression that they are “every where” when the majority commute in from the lush green white suburbs. In addition in especially the summer, many wogs migrate from their hot countries to the moderate climes of our shores for R&R which falsely amplifies this incorrect impression, particularly in London. By 2036, when the British population reaches about 68 million depending on a number of intervening variables, the aliens population will still be at most 8-9% of the population huddled together in their stinking inner city masses.

Or to put it in another way Britain by 2050 will still be an over whelming white and Christian country/society. The powers that be who run Britain will not allow it to become a true multi-racial society. If the powers that be have let in a certain % of small insignificant non-white aliens into British society it is usually for certain good reasons, that you or I are not privy to. It most certainly is not the case that these aliens have outwitted the state of the art British police state and slipped in through the Channel Tunnel, or rowed through the North Sea quietly into the British shores undetected…………..The British elite have decided to let them in from the 1950’s through a variety of policies, and if you genuinely apprehend fear from their very modest presence in our shores then you must correctly and properly address your concerns to the RELEVANT authorities and elite groups in UK society…..the Rothschild and Bankers of “The City” who run the UK.

That is the proper manly Aryan thing to do.

Indeed my dear Aryan brothers, targeting these wogs publicly is of little use accept perhaps in satisfying possible pseudo-gay urges which exist under the cover of projecting aggressive working class male “angst” and “power”in an S & M way….”you hit me I hit you, you hit me I hit you, you hit me I hit you, you hit me I hit you ,you hit me I hit you, you hit me I hit you ,you hit me I hit you, you hit me I hit you ,you hit me I hit you, you hit me I hit you ,you hit me I hit you, you hit me I hit you ” ……..”all right sunshine, was that good for you?”.

…………..then there are deep dangerous consequences of agitating against wogs where they apprehend fear and stay home, which I must bring to your attention my dear brethren. In detailed research it has been proven that when people apprehend fear…..they go on extensive bonking sessions…..bonking, bonking and more bonking. In relation to Israel when they impose curfews in the Gaza concentration camp and West bank concentration camp the Palestinian wogs go on extensive bonking sessions, and bonking and bonking, and more bonking….as a result these “insects” start breeding like rabbits, such that the Palestinians will out number the Israeli population in the future…….with the Israeli middle class skilled force looking to migrate to the EU or California. In India they are trying to address the problem of over population (soon to have the largest population in the world) ……by providing free television and electrification of all villages, so that the Indian villagers don’t go on extensive bonking sessions, going to bed early, after 6/7 where the natural light fades.

You my Aryan brother were most probably not good students at school, but most likely posed as the clown of the class, teasing the teachers, acting all smart, with few qualifications or skills to show for, and any redeeming worth which might make you employable and viable. What is your own true worth to society beyond drinking beer, and picking fights with rival gangs and drawing on social security? What have you done to deserve special entitlements within the British state?…….but you say to me you are British, white, and born in the country and that is enough.

But in the true sense the immigrant does not infringe on your turf, or take your social security, or your special council house….as invariably he tends to live in the worst houses, which you would never consider living in. He works in restaurants between 5pm—4am in the morning; works in hospitals for 12/14 hours sweeping and cleaning; works on the buses and trains which are jobs you would never apply for; works in food processing factories for little or no pay…….and so forth which you would never dream of doing, or is simply self employed in HIS restaurant or shop working 7 days a week and 15/16 hours a day…..which again you would never consider doing….in short the immigrant rarely takes “your” job and prospective income.

No self respecting true Aryan brother would be seen doing these types of coolie occupations. The coolie/wog fills a certain demand in the market, that is all …demand and supply.

You might opportunistically say you would do these types of job, but I really wonder whether you really would/physically could. The great boon about the immigrant is that he works harder than you for less pay, and in the cold logic of capitalism the immigrant is a boon/asset for a variety of reasons for British society, specifically in certain sectors.

As to integration, whats the hurry……………it will take a while. The Jews took hundreds of years when Oliver Cromwell unofficially let them into Britain again after the English Civil war. The Jews based in Holland had funded his war machine and the round heads (skin heads) against the cavaliers, after being expelled 350 years earlier around circa 1300. And they still live in their ghetto’s Golda’s Green, and still in many respects do not feel British…………powerful Jews in the state structure Lord Levi, Sir David Manningham et al are not partial to following policies which ultimately favor Israel’s interests over that of the true interests of the UK (Iraq/Afghanistan).

We must temper our expectations as to what extent, and degree the wog can truly integrate into British society after they migrate from their Third World villages straight into the sophisticated atmosphere of a modern First World city life.........how quickly the process of integration takes place must be realistic......the process will take generations.

In relative terms and in the true sense, Britain is not a multi-cultural society though it is certainly fashionable to talk up the area for a variety of reasons. In Germany, by contrast, the Auslander population is 17% and by 2036, the ethnic German population will come down to 56 million from 71 million, whilst the Auslander population will be 30 million, approaching 40%…….and there after if the trend continues into 2060, Germans will become minorities in their own countries; I haven’t heard of ethnic based mass riots in Germany yet against Auslanders very recently. The Bundestaat Polzei handle the area quite firmly.

France’s ethnic population is around 14% I believe depending on whose statistics you take. The French are known for their revolting behavior and tendencies….French farmers, students from 1968, left wing groups and so forth; don’t require a lot of provocation………then it is only natural for Francophone immigrants to ape this national characteristic, which they did in 2005. But alternative research would suggest that that sad episode was more the handiwork of the ambitious interior minister under Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, who subsequently went on to become President on a right wing immigrant backlash ticket which he had carefully crafted………..powerful water hoses targeted on the immigrant ghettos in Paris alongside provocative police action, as in clearly provocative police action designed to exact vengeful woggish responses. The water hoses are crude metaphor meaning, he will as President cleanse the estates of the immigrant filth…which he never did. Since then allegations he is a MOSSAD agent, by Le Figaro and under police investigations. He has also introduced Holocaust studies into the French curricula.

Is someone trying to crudely do David Cameron's party a favor in the UK 18 points ahead already, and does he welcome such assistance?

In the USA the non-European element of the population is approaching 34%…..the USA is a true multi-ethnic nation. It has a black president, attorney general, a former head of the armed forces who was black, a former black foreign secretary………and so forth…….supreme court judge in addition…………media presence, Bill Cosby,………….and so forth in the INNER SANCTUMS of the state……………which is unimaginable in the UK, and will not happen, now or in the foreseeable future in “multiracial Britain” with its 6-7% non-white ethnic population.

The little shits in Al-magerine and Headbuttterriers, are like YOU “controlled opposition” providing PUNCH and Judy theater to titillate the audience controlled and propagated by………………….the security services; Larger than life, OTT characters designed to apprehend revulsion from any decent human being….captain hook hands, one eye, contorted abnormal angry faces……………….. Omer Shaikh, and the 7/7 members all worked for them……………….once in a while in this PUNCH and Judy theater they are “brought out” to entertain, in highly provocative manner, and then it is your turn, and then them, then you, highlighted in unhelpful ways by the state media circus…….the pattern is clear, for those of us who wish to focus on the area. Funny enough my Aryan brothers, whilst many of us languish in unemployment or subsist on the margins of society, angry and fretful, a lot of these fundie shits have great jobs in high street firms and other such respectable establishments, openly feted by the media as standard bearer norms and leaders of the ethnic community……….where as within the 2 million Muslim community there are great seas of secular articulate individuals, fully integrated in British society, who aren’t caricatures of the shitty embarrassing above.


so my Aryan brothers we must NOT become “useful idiots” of the Bankers and their agenda’s of baiting & diversion…..the immigrants are the least of Britain’s true overall problems…you do a disservice to the dignity of the "Aryan nation" and to what are the true issues which require serious addressing, by you, me and the rest of British society.