More Iraqi style fake intelligence for Israel.

Giraldi: US Intel Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged
By Gareth Porter at Antiwar.com

U.S. intelligence has concluded that the document published recently by the Times of London, which purportedly describes an Iranian plan to do experiments on what the newspaper described as a "neutron initiator" for an atomic weapon, is a fabrication, according to a former Central Intelligence Agency official.

Philip Giraldi, who was a CIA counterterrorism official from 1976 to 1992, told IPS that intelligence sources say that the United States had nothing to do with forging the document, and that Israel is the primary suspect. The sources do not rule out a British role in the fabrication, however.

The Times of London story published Dec. 14 did not identify the source of the document. But it quoted "an Asian intelligence source" – a term some news media have used for Israeli intelligence officials – as confirming that his government believes Iran was working on a neutron initiator as recently as 2007.

The story of the purported Iranian document prompted a new round of expressions of U.S. and European support for tougher sanctions against Iran and reminders of Israel’s threats to attack Iranian nuclear program targets if diplomacy fails.

U.S. news media reporting has left the impression that U.S. intelligence analysts have not made up their mind about the document’s authenticity, although it has been widely reported that they have now had a full year to assess the issue.

Giraldi’s intelligence sources did not reveal all the reasons that led analysts to conclude that the purported Iran document had been fabricated by a foreign intelligence agency. But their suspicions of fraud were prompted in part by the source of the story, according to Giraldi.

"The Rupert Murdoch chain has been used extensively to publish false intelligence from the Israelis and occasionally from the British government," Giraldi said.

(Rupert Murdoch is a crypto-Jew, and this would explain the contents of his media empire around the world......extremely dangerous person....covert Jew with ideas)

The Times is part of a Murdoch publishing empire that includes the Sunday Times, Fox News, and the New York Post. All Murdoch-owned news media report on Iran with an aggressively pro-Israel slant.

(If you watch Fox News, besides employing porn like bimbo's to serve the 'news' or 'rants'....the content alludes to Israel)

The document itself also had a number of red flags suggesting possible or likely fraud.

The subject of the two-page document which the Times published in English translation would be highly classified under any state’s security system. Yet there is no confidentiality marking on the document, as can be seen from the photograph of the Farsi-language original published by the Times.

The absence of security markings has been cited by the Iranian ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, as evidence that the "alleged studies" documents, which were supposedly purloined from an alleged Iranian nuclear weapons-related program early in this decade, are forgeries.

The document also lacks any information identifying either the issuing office or the intended recipients. The document refers cryptically to "the Center," "the Institute," "the Committee," and the "neutron group."

The document’s extreme vagueness about the institutions does not appear to match the concreteness of the plans, which call for hiring eight individuals for different tasks for very specific numbers of hours for a four-year time frame.

Including security markings and such identifying information in a document increases the likelihood of errors that would give the fraud away.

The absence of any date on the document also conflicts with the specificity of much of the information. The Times reported that unidentified "foreign intelligence agencies" had dated the document to early 2007, but gave no reason for that judgment.

An obvious motive for suggesting the early 2007 date is that it would discredit the U.S. intelligence community’s November 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, which concluded that Iran had discontinued unidentified work on nuclear weapons and had not resumed it as of the time of the estimate.

Discrediting the NIE has been a major objective of the Israeli government for the past two years, and the British and French governments have supported the Israeli effort.

(President Sarkozy of France is a Jew and a possible Mossad agent, and the UK.............WELL........this is curious and yet not curious....Britain and France are probably the main backers of the mullah regime in Tehran; America since 1979 has been effectively blocked out.......so logically they---France/UK should be protecting it right?.........These countries will protect mullah Iran from any internal usurption or revolution which threatens the mullah regime (The BBC ran a series presented by Rageh Omer recently, essentially stateing how 'normal' everything was in Iran).....and especially in the case of France where many anti-Mullah dissidents have been killed...HOWEVER........as two major Zionist run states, in direct contradiction they can also play a major role in enabling and justifying Israel's effort to militarily attack Iran...........for Israel.......and hence the duality of state policy......1. Protect the mullah regime as long as possible, so that they destroy Iran...2. Help Israel demonise Iran with false allegations and intelligence)

The biggest reason for suspecting that the document is a fraud is its obvious effort to suggest past Iranian experiments related to a neutron initiator. After proposing experiments on detecting pulsed neutrons, the document refers to "locations where such experiments used to be conducted."

That reference plays to the widespread assumption, which has been embraced by the International Atomic Energy Agency, that Iran had carried out experiments with polonium-210 in the late 1980s, indicating an interest in neutron initiators. The IAEA referred in reports from 2004 through 2007 to its belief that the experiment with polonium-210 had potential relevance to making "a neutron initiator in some designs of nuclear weapons."

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the political arm of the terrorist organization Mujahedin-e-Khalq, claimed in February 2005 that Iran’s research with polonium-210 was continuing and that it was now close to producing a neutron initiator for a nuclear weapon.

Sanger and Broad were so convinced that the polonium-210 experiments proved Iran’s interest in a neutron initiator that they referred in their story on the leaked document to both the IAEA reports on the experiments in the late 1980s and the claim by NCRI of continuing Iranian work on such a nuclear trigger.

What Sanger and Broad failed to report, however, is that the IAEA has acknowledged that it was mistaken in its earlier assessment that the polonium-210 experiments were related to a neutron initiator.

After seeing the complete documentation on the original project, including complete copies of the reactor logbook for the entire period, the IAEA concluded in its Feb. 22, 2008, report that Iran’s explanations that the polonium-210 project was fundamental research with the eventual aim of possible application to radio isotope batteries was "consistent with the Agency’s findings and with other information available to it."

The IAEA report said the issue of polonium-210 – and thus the earlier suspicion of an Iranian interest in using it as a neutron initiator for a nuclear weapon – was now considered "no longer outstanding."

New York Times reporters David Sanger and William J. Broad reported U.S. intelligence officials as saying the intelligence analysts "have yet to authenticate the document." Sanger and Broad explained the failure to do so, however, as a result of excessive caution left over from the CIA’s having failed to brand as a fabrication the document purporting to show an Iraqi effort to buy uranium in Niger.

The Washington Post’s Joby Warrick dismissed the possibility that the document might be found to be fraudulent. "There is no way to establish the authenticity or original source of the document," wrote Warrick.

But the line that the intelligence community had authenticated it evidently reflected the Barack Obama administration’s desire to avoid undercutting a story that supports its efforts to get Russian and Chinese support for tougher sanctions against Iran.

This is not the first time that Giraldi has been tipped off by his intelligence sources on forged documents. Giraldi identified the individual or office responsible for creating the two most notorious forged documents in recent U.S. intelligence history.

In 2005, Giraldi identified Michael Ledeen, the extreme right-wing former consultant to the National Security Council and the Pentagon, as an author of the fabricated letter purporting to show Iraqi interest in purchasing uranium from Niger. That letter was used by the George W. Bush administration to bolster its false case that Saddam Hussein had an active nuclear weapons program.

Giraldi also identified officials in the "Office of Special Plans" who worked under Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith as having forged a letter purportedly written by Hussein’s intelligence director, Tahir Jalail Habbush al-Tikriti, to Hussein himself referring to an Iraqi intelligence operation to arrange for an unidentified shipment from Niger.

And some more on the Delta Christmas flight.

I See London, I See France, I See Bombs in Underpants.
by Jeff Huber at Antiwar.com

So this Lonesome Luke rich Nigerian kid, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, hops on a plane bound for Detroit on Christmas Day with a bomb sewn into his underpants. As the plane begins to land, the kid tries to set off the bomb and it does little more than give him third-degree burns on his tallywhacker, and the entire civilized world goes snake guano.

Many observers have compared the rich Nigerian kid with the skivvy bomb with shoe bomber Richard Reid who tried to blow up an airplane over the Atlantic in 2001. The explosive in Reid’s shoes was the same type the Nigerian kid had in his drawers, PETN. Had Reid been able to detonate his shoes, he presumably would have blown his toes off.

The rich Nigerian kid had twice as much of the explosive in his boxers as Reid had in his shoes. Federal authorities say if the kid’s panties had gone boom like they were supposed to, they would have blown a hole in the side of the aircraft. That would have caused something called "explosive decompression," which isn’t as horrible as it sounds. Unlike what you may have seen in thriller entertainments, decompressions don’t suck everybody out of the airplane — unless, of course, the hole is big enough to break the airplane in half, in which case being sucked out of it becomes a minor concern.

The media have been frothing over the prospect that the rich Nigerian kid is connected to al-Qaeda. The kid himself told authorities that he has ties to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). That could mean just about anything. It could mean some huckster recognized him as a screwed up rich kid with radical Islamic leanings, sidled up to him, and said, Psst. Young Man. I am with al-Qaeda. We’ve had our eye on you for some time now, and we like what we see. You want the martyrdom, the virgins, the seat beside Allah? Well, I have a lovely little bomb you can sneak onboard an airplane in your Fruit of the Looms, and for you I’ll part with it for a mere $100,000 US, and believe me, I’m losing money on the deal.

Who are these AQAP hooligans, anyway? They’re described as an al-Qaeda "offshoot." Does that mean they’re a subsidiary of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda, kind of like KBR is an offshoot of Dick Cheney’s Halliburton? AQAP formed in January 2009 when al-Qaeda in Yemen merged with Saudi Arabia’s al-Qaeda. Whatever you do, don’t mistake AQAP or Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda with al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), which more than anything else resembles a Pittsburg garage band that calls itself "The Rolling Stones of Pennsylvania."

AQAP has taken credit for the rich Nigerian kid’s bombing attempt, which tells us the outfit is a gang of losers. Taking credit for the Detroit plane bombing is like Winston Churchill bragging about his role in Gallipoli: yeah, I’m the schmuck who arranged that unmitigated disaster.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who never met an issue he couldn’t be partisan about, criticized Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for appearing "bored" on the Christmas weekend political gab-athons. "There was no intensity, there was no show of emotion," King said. King obviously would have preferred the female Democrat to appear hysterical and disoriented.

As it was, Napolitano did more than sufficient damage to herself by claiming that "the system worked." Yeah. A rich Nigerian kid who’s on a watch list and whose respected banker father has warned authorities may be a terrorist risk manages to board an airplane headed for America with a pant load of bomb and no passport and the freaking system worked? Napolitano later retracted her statement, but the damage had been done. Like President Obama finally said, there was a "systematic failure" of America’s security apparatus.

Speaking of saying stupid things: I have two graduate degrees in bull crap, I know exactly what it sounds like, and I hear it every time lipstick neocon Joe Lieberman opens his mouth. Like Dick Cheney, Lieberman managed to get himself deferred out of the Vietnam conflict, first for attending Yale and Yale Law School and then for managing to get his wife pregnant. Joe’s only real warmongering credentials are his conspicuous displays of smoking John McCain’s stogie, but that appears to be enough for him to get by. Joe never met a war he didn’t like: except, of course, for the one he managed to dodge when he was of draft age.

Joe told FOX News "Iraq was yesterday’s war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow’s war." Joe’s always been one for acting preemptively. He was a leading proponent of going off half-cocked into Iraq. He still thinks preemptive deterrence is an enlightened method of foreign policy. Joe might want to stitch his pie hole shut on the subject of military actions and look into what’s wrong with the Homeland Security structure, seeing as how he’s the chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and all.

Joe doesn’t seem to understand, however, that we’re already doing preemptive things in Yemen. The US was involved in a pre-Christmas air strike on Yemen’s Sa’ada Province. CIA agents and Special Operations forces began covert ops in Yemen a year ago. This has all been done, of course, without a declaration of war or an authorization for use of military force (AUMF) from Congress, much as the Bush administration blew villages in Somalia to smithereens without authorization from the legislature. We don’t have presidents any more. We have emperors.

Non-G.I. Joe says Yemen is now one of the "centers" of the fight against terrorism, and Joe’s not the only war dog who thinks Yemen is the next military-industrial mother lode.

"Yemen’s security problems won’t just stay in Yemen," says Christopher Boucek, who studies Yemen as an associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington. "They’re regional problems and they affect Western interests."

Lest you think the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is actually interested in peace, be advised that another of its associates is Robert Kagan of the neocon Kagans who include father Donald Kagan and brother Fred Kagan who played a major role in designing both the Iraq and Afghanistan surges. Robert Kagan is also the long-time publishing and ideological partner of Weekly Standard editor and Project for the New American Century founder Bill Kristol.

Keep in mind, then, that Christopher Boucek’s real job at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is to start a full-blown war in Yemen, and the job of everyone else at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is sustain international warfare for as long as humanly possible.

And now we’re all hot to trot off to war in Yemen because of some spoiled, screwed up Muslim kid who, by the way, comes from Nigeria, not Yemen, just as the 9/11 attackers came from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, not Afghanistan.

Richard Reed redux

It's Christmas, and it wouldn't be Christmas without one such incident to remind the world, and especially Americans on whose airline and country the incident took place, about the fake narrative of "al-Qaeda", a non-existence front organisation which explains Israeli mischief and propaganda around the world.

The "al-Qaeda" narrative is wearing thin, and waning as more people become critical of who exactly and what exactly the organisations origins are, especially after 8 years of that event. The recent incident on Delta airlines is a reminder to Americans, WHO ARE FIGHTING ISRAEL'S WARS, around the world of the omnipotence and potency, and strike reach of "al-Qaeda"..........."They can get you any where, at any time, so keep fighting the good fight in Iraq, Afghanistan...and be ready to make sacrifices in Yemen".

Though the whole operation seemed shoddy, with a guy stiching some fireworks to his undies which if remotely successful would have harmed himself and not much else, getting on a AMERICAN AIRLINE, in an Israeli security run airport of a Western country, with no passport, ushered into the plane by mysterious crispy suited exotic men in the background.

Getting and setting up retard patsies who think they are fighting for a non-existent cause, and creating an elaborate history around that person, (verified repeatedly by the Jewish media as authentic) is bread and butter for intelligence agencies...............there are a billion of Richard Reeds marginal, barely sane, criminal types who are wound up and guided into such incidents.

In that sense the remotely possible end criminal result was not important for the Israelis, but the overall message, TIMING, and coverage by the likes of Fuck The News, and the Jewish dominated MSM.

So what were the Israelis trying to say, beyond the above general point?

We can focus on the retard patsy himself.....an African, from a elite family from Nigeria, living the high life in London, and else where..........supposedly appropriated by "al-Qaeda" in Yemen. Lets speculate, thats what gossipy informal blogs are for..................President Barack Hussein Obama is black, with a Muslim father.......and Attorney General Eric Holder of the Justice department is also black. They have decided to close down Guantanamo. This was the election promise from 2008.


Obama the former constitutional law professor and Eric Holder the lawyer realises that what goes on at Guantanamo goes againt the American constitution, international law, the USA 's international standing, and the American soul if you will.........the land of the free and brave, for ever fighting tyranny and representing liberty...."O! say can you see by the dawn's early light.................hmm, hmmm....hmmmmm"...........keeping coloured men ad infinitem as specimens to showcase a phony organisation, which acts as a cover and justification of Israel's proxy wars, might seem reprehensible for some, with a minutae of conscience.

An anally retentive Israeli intelligence officer might not see it that way.

"Don't close Guantanamo"..........."Don't transfer 100 of the last remaining Guantanamo inmates to the American mainland"........"Don't release 100 of the 200 remaining at Guantanamo to the rest of the world, and especially to Yemen"...........(100 of the 200 Guantanamo inmates are Yemeni)...............We can produce through our European network as many NEW "al-Qaeda"members for the Guantanamo gulag, especially of young promising African background, faster than you can release these men............and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mr. President.

What the President might want to do.

Close Guantanamo asap...............speed up the release of the 100 to the rest of the world, and transfer to the American mainland the rest of the 100, and put ALL for them on trial soon there after. If you do not give POW status to such men, then they should be tried in civilian courts ..........they should not be treated as criminals and then tried in military courts........sets a very bad precedence for the American legal system, and one which Obama will not live down historically. It will merely become case/cause celebre's.............one to be discussed endlessly by law professors and students of jurisprudence, and constitutional law especially in America.

OR President Obama can say, "Yes Buwana, I hears you loud and clear; and I can assure you Guantanamo won't be closed, or any trials set any time soon for these evil guilty men,..... fantastic evil men from the darkness and yonder...........not even elaborate show trials in Noo Yawk.........happy new year".


On a lighter side........


The crux of the problem: "The Axis of trouble"

The Axis of trouble: America, Army, Mullahs.
by Yousaf Nazar at The Dawn.

Well Yusuf almost correct......Obviously America is a problem ALL Pakistanis clearly understand and appreciate. But the "American problem" would not be possible without the cooperation of the Pakistan military, from Ayub to Kiani.

The mullahs are manageable side actors and proxies of the Pakistan military, who have enjoyed minimal popularity with
the vast majority of ordinary decent Pakistanis, since 1947, and pose minimal nuisance value except when the Pakistan military utilize them to full -fill their agenda internally (eg. Using such groups in East Pakistan with genocidal consequences in the 1971 civil war, where 3 million civilians were killed by the Pakistan military, remember ?; The Pakistan military creating the Taliban with American guidance in 1994, and more recently setting up the Swat Taliban replete with their own radio station using a military frequency), but in the final analysis in the end always as proxies which can easily be switched off. This is what happened with the Swat Taliban, as a result of American pressure earlier this year.

Ordinary Pakistanis, or educated Pakistanis like yourself cannot account for America and its peculiar illegal behavior around the world.......that is a struggle for Americans. However what is reasonable and logical for ordinary Pakistanis is to seek justice from their own military, the Pakistan military, because it is an organization (800,000 serving military, 300,000 paramilitary....1,000,000 reserves) which is not made up of the sons of Zamindars/Tamindars who loot the country and off load their wealth in Swiss, London or NY bank accounts, or the sons of the 30 commercial families who do the same, or hail from fundie backgrounds though ominously many in the military display beards..........but the majority of the military personal from officers to soldiers come from ordinary backgrounds who love Pakistan and wish with sincerity serve their country.

This is the class and group that the struggling Pakistanis need to engage with through daily personal contacts and communication, and thus in this process marginalise the senior American bought officers who have sold their country for some $ and their lieutenants in the ISI, which operates as a slave of the Americans.

The security tragedy of Pakistan is the work of this lot......the 10,000 in the ISI (staffed by military officers exclusively), and the top military brass of Pakistan who follow security agenda's slavishly of foreign powers without the will or Izzat to pause and say no, and which are having dire short, medium, long term consequences for Pakistan.....which is so so apparant for all to see.


Pakistan’s so-called Islamic parties and groups never get tired of blaming America for all the country’s problems. (But they never blame their masters the Pakistan military, and as if America magically creates by itself without any internal help all the problems of Pakistan)

The military has traditionally blamed the politicians.(The Pakistan military will never publicly blame America........I'll bet a whole rupee on this....Because in the normal world the civilian politicians destabilised or marginalised would be running the country. Civilian political rule, not withstanding 1 year of Zardari's tenure is far far better than the military's rule of endemic national disasters.....Ayub to Musharaf, which is taking Pakistan to the Abyss)

The Americans blame the extremists and terrorists for Pakistan’s current woes. So do Pakistan’s liberals.

( The extremists and terrorists of Pakistan are controlled by the Pakistan military, which is a defacto slave military of American geo-strategy for the last 50 years especially after 1954.

Put it another way, there are no spontaneous home grown militant extremist groups which can survive in the internal security scene of Pakistan without the tacit approval and guidance of the Pakistan military, often with inserted serving military personnel {LeT/Taliban}........This fine tradition began in 1948, when irregular Pashtuns were sent into Kashmir to liberate the state for Pakistan, and this policy strategy has continued to this day..... many of these groups are now Islamic fundamentalist.

This is a 60 year legacy continued by the Pakistan military.

The Pakistan military uniform did not change for 60 years from the British colonial era until America introduced reforms funded and supplied by America, very recently.

Or lets put it another way.....ALL the terrorist ops within Pakistan, on the above fact must therefore be conducted by the Pakistan military against their own people, either for some mysterious agenda of the Pakistan military which I can't fathom (destabilization/control of society/discredit Pakistani civilian rule), or for the benefit of a foreign power....no body especially in Asia should apprehend sympathy for such an ignoble military, OR IDENTIFY THEMSELVES WITH IT; often referred to as the worst in the world by certain American security experts, behind their backs of course.

The American contempt for it is palpable and is de riguer for at least the last 30 odd years.......they kick it metaphorically; they kill their top brass; make threats against it daily; bribe it; ignore it; decieve it; cheat it; humiliate it; betray it; use it; discard it when it please the Americans {ALL in the same day} and the Coolie chamar in the Pakistan military will always respond with a smile and acha sahib!!!!!!!!

As to the liberals of Pakistan.........what does that mean? This sounds more like people who don't really understand the real security scenario or power structure of Pakistan, and their daily views of Pakistan are superficially shaped through CNN or the British run al-Jazeerah)

In the context of the recent past and Pakistan’s history, Pakistan’s biggest tragedy and the principal reason for its break-up was and has been the axis of trouble between America, Pakistan’s army, and the religious parties.

(Again yes and no.

The 1971 tragedy, where 3,000,000 Pakistani civilians wer genocided by the Pakistani military, and 300,000 raped, and the country destroyed......did the Americans have a role in that; maybe in the background? But not overtly....the center stage in that tragedy was the Pakistan military, also using as proxies certain fundie forces..razakar's and al-badr.

Baluchistan; security ops of 1973--1977 where between 50,000--100,000 Baluchis died was ordered by ZA Bhutto to keep the military busy it is alleged, BUT the Pakistan military carried out the security operation in their usual ham fisted colonial manner. The Pakistan military to this day continue to conduct such operations in an ham fisted colonial era manner without treating the Baluchi problem as an internal problem involving fellow Pakistanis. America or the mullahs extremists have had minimal role in the Baluchi tragedy.

The problems of the NWFP currently is a problem created by the Pakistan military in pursuit of policies in Afghanistan, with active American backing dating back to the late 1970's, and the covert funding of extremist fundamentalist Afghan groups first, and the natural evolution of that concept INTO the domestic scene in the 1980s by Zia in the whole of Pakistan under a misguided Islamisation program, where a whole array of extremist fundie armed groups were created and guided by the Pakistan military.

This has created the current destabilised situation in Pakistan, and the even more dangerous image and scenario of being labelled terrorist hub number one...............by guess who????..........................America.....which is also conveniently labelled a failed state number 9 which may require saving from itself by America, so some Americans whisper repeatedly.

The Pakistan military also play a critical role in maintaining for America the "al-Qaeda" myth, which has dangerous consequences for Pakistan.

Soon there will be 280,000 American fighting personnel in Afghanistan (180,000 private contractors....and 100,000 regular soldiers) and 40,000 NATO forces.........America cannot attack Pakistan directly, it is a nuclear power, with a substantial military, and finally a DEMOCRACY,.........but the Americans using the Coolie chamars in the ISI can destabilise it, over throw the democractic government and then create the condition for invasion in the future.

This is what ordinary decent Pakistanis need to be alert about.

Until and unless the axis is broken, neither the reconstruction of the Pakistani state nor the so-called democratisation of Pakistan will bring peace or prosperity to the latter’s 170 million people, nearly eighty per cent whom live below the poverty line of $2 a day.

(YES.............BUT how do you destroy the Pakistan military, and then create in its place something resembling a true national defense force that respects and represents the people, instead of fighting its best and most vicious wars against the Pakistan people........and continually shitting themselves when confronted with professional opposing militaries?????? India/USA.........The Pakistan military is enemy number one of Pakistan)

Pakistan’s elites have little interest in the reconstruction of the state because they have the most to lose if power is truly exercised by the people.

(Yes true, but when you say the Pakistan elite please qualify it......there are elites and then there are elites. Some elite groups in Pakistan have real power in Pakistan which has consequences, whilst others do not.

The 500 Tamindar/Zamindars families and the 30 commercial families........I know they are reapeatedly mentioned as the main source of the elite problem, but I wonder as with ZA Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Gilani....hailing from that class whether they exercised REAL power which had ultimate adverse consequences for Pakistan, as civilian leaders.

Yes a post colonial rentier class who owe their good fortune to the former colonial masters can't EVER be good for Pakistan, they should have been abolished as India did in 1948........shifting some where between $150---300 billion of Pakistan's assets to Zurich, London and NY.......and stifling Pakistan's natural development into a successful modern independent state (exports $18 billion......steel production 1.1 million tons..........electric power production ....100 billion kwt..........GDP 170 billion........national budget....$33 billion???......Punjab , Punjab and Punjab....lopsided development...BUT

This colonial class needs to be dealt with of course, but however having said this I still maintain that the main problem of Pakistan was and is the Pakistan military working exclusively with current American security agenda's which are having obvious negative affects on Pakistan overall.....The Pakistan military is lead by officers of middle class and lower middle class background, and NOT FROM THE "RULING ELITE"....so)

The army has no incentive to break the axis of trouble (a legacy of the great game) because it thrives on the perpetuation of conflicts in the region and the largess it receives from the United States.

(Yes and no. Yes the Americans do provide it with inducements and toys, and the feeling that they are top dog in Pakistan metaphorically.....Admiral Mullen visits them regularly, as do top Ameican politicians. The Pakistan top brass are trained and brain washed at Fort Bragg, or simply bought as with Saddam's generals in 2003.

The Americans work closely with the ISI which is a key instrument of controlling the Pakistan military; 33--50% of the ISI budget is funded by America.........SO in very basic terms the ISI has especially since 2001, if not earlier, worked as an tool of the USA, taking its orders.

If the ISI to that extent is working for America than it means the whole of the Pakistan military is run by America, which would explain the covert ops by the American military into Pakistan, the drone strikes which have killed 800 civilians so far...............and the 1000 or so terrorist incidents in Pakistan since 2001. This is the work of the ISI.

There are no other explanations for this mess.

On the other hand, there may be a tipping point where for Pakistanis it becomes all to obvious where the problem is, and we have mass mutiny within the ranks of the Pakistan security apparatus.....this is what I would be hoping for as a Patriotic Pakistani...in defense of the country.....Finding out which officers work for America and which for Pakistan)

The Americans cannot afford to antagonise the army for the simple reason it is the only power that matters. And the mullahs? They have thrived due to a combination of factors. Most important among the factors is the failure of the so-called mainstream parties to provide honest and credible leadership.

(Yes....The Pakistani military is the only power that matters in Pakistani society today unfortunately.....because of its size...800,000 serving military + 300,000 paramilitary + 1,000,000 reserves.........its control of and share of the economy....6---9 %...$14---20 billion real expenditure based on PPP, AND American donations.........AND its use of violence as a means of strategic objectives which are subsequently blamed on its controlled extremist Islamic proxies. I wouldn't worry too much about the mullahs)

It is customary to blame Zia and his successors, including Musharraf, for the growth of the Frankenstein forces of extremism and terrorism, but the buck does not stop there.

In many other countries, for example, in Latin America, the unholy alliance between the local military, rightwing forces and Americans undermined democracy but the nationalist and democratic forces eventually triumphed because they had capable and credible leadership.

(Good point!.........But there is a qualatative difference between called terrorist hub number one in the world where your proxies wage war for the Pakistan military, and America in Iran via Jundallah, in Afghanistan through the Taliban, in China, and of course India................and the Guatamalan military backing death squads at the behest of America.........The consequences for Pakistan of such a wild policy may be very serious.

Within Pakistan, a nation of 180 million, there must be capable leaders who will eventually emerge to save the nation, but I am not seeing them among the current bunch. A Sharif regime might do better than Zardari's, but only marginally better....and the current military cannot, and must not provide any leadership....they should stick to their job)

Pakistan has been cursed by civilian and military leaders who are too eager to follow the US agenda. From Ayub to Kayani, there is not a single army chief who can claim to have pursued Pakistan’s strategic interests independent of US goals in the region.

(Yes...............Jewish America can never be good for Pakistan, its that simple. In fact quite the opposite, but the great military leaders seem not to notice this fact. American aid does nothing for Pakistan...in any case most of this aid will end up you know where, earning interest in certain Jewish banks)

Since US interests have largely been military and revolved around the containment of Russia and China in the region, its most natural ally has been the military at the cost of democracy and democratic governance.

(That was the case around the world during the Cold war...Nasser in Egypt, Qaddafi in Libya, both military officers....then you take Africa...South America...and so forth..........but I think America still favors military strongmen in the banana republics.......because the military have organization, and power, and because of their training {in America, at Fort Bragg}, they are trained to obey...and not be too sophisticated and questioning about critical issues which may conflict with American agenda's)

Politics has been demonised to a degree that save for incompetent and allegedly corrupt individuals like Mr Zardari or Mr Nawaz Sharif, or creations of the establishment like Altaf Hussain or Maulana Fazlur Rehman, few wish to navigate the treacherous and murderous waters of stormy Pakistani politics.

(Yes looks like it doesn't it.....what decent Pakistani would want to venture into the cesspool of Pakistani politics, with all the wheeling and dealing, interceded by the American embassy and what not. Given this scenario one can see why criminals such as Zardari come to the fore, and get elected as leaders of a major party without really having any political experience, or a political base, or political skills, or any popularity.....I mean what true endearing qualities does the guy have? What % of Pakistanis like him.....10%????? Maybe I'm being too optimistic. But with American backing, ISI rigged elections behind the scenes you become the unlikely president of the country....and then the inevitable mess)

It is easy to say that we need democratisation and decentralisation of power and the provinces should be given full autonomy. But how? We have had many elections since 1985 after Ziaul Haq imposed martial law in 1977 but virtually nothing has changed.

(The inertia of a failed state, fucked up by the Pakistan military and America)

It is even more ironic when otherwise well-meaning intellectuals and civil society leaders lecture about democratic governance and the fight against extremism as if these were the only important issues.

(I'm not against it, I thinks its good, and its a start......Pakistan has mutiple structral problems, but its a start.........."the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with one step")

Some believe the judiciary offers some hope. An independent judiciary is an oxymoron in Pakistan’s current objective conditions. The so-called revolt by some in the judiciary against Musharraf was a manifestation of a power struggle inside the establishment.

( Better than nothing, sitting on their hands........they are doing excellent work for Pakistan...God bless em.......if they go after General Mossad Busharaf I for one won't be complaining)

The judiciary is as much part of the collapsing Pakistani state structure as some of the big media personalities, some whom also openly admit to have been offering advice to the powers that be.

The ugly reality is that the business of the state and politics has become a mafia enterprise with the usual mix of big money (read business, drugs, land) interests and crime.

( The idea of the so called 30 comercial families is highly dubious, especially given exports of $18 billion.........especially where "Pakistani business's" has to compete with the rest of the world...in the political environment of Pakistan, there can't be any true business)

This criminal enterprise has the active support of the Americans who find it convenient to use a corrupt instrument that a puppet state is, be it military or quasi-military. Either in its pure form or in a diluted form; that is, in a coalition with some corrupt politicians.

(Yes.....Iraq, Afghanistan ditto........America likes their Third World banana Republics to be run by criminals, possibly for racist reasons {inflates their sense of superiority} and because criminals with no internal morality are easier to manipulate)

Many developing countries have passed through this phase. But the will of the people ultimately triumphs. So Pakistanis must not despair.

(Yes its a Third World global struggle against Jew America)

However they need to be clear that the forces of oppression and corruption have thrived not only due to the support from the US but also due to the fact that the people themselves have allowed autocratic and corrupt forces to divide, coerce, silence and deceive them.

(The Pakistan military playing a major role in this case)

The people must unite. But for a movement to succeed in Pakistan’s current conditions, it must and has to involve, mobilise and relate to the masses and not just the educated few.

It is therefore the need of the hour that all citizens think seriously about what is the crux of the issue. The country needs freedom from corrupt leadership (civil or military) and America and the axis of trouble.

It is not the sole privilege of any political party or a civil rights group to fight for this. This should be the common goal of every Pakistani who wants to see the rule of the people.

The two main obstacles to the creation of a free, just and democratic Pakistan are the establishment (including its civilian collaborators) and America. It is logical that Pakistanis raise their voice against both as well against the religious extremists.

From Ayub Khan to Yahya to Ziaul Haq to Musharraf, it is the United States that has sided with the generals as it historically did in all developing countries. To expect that a democratic movement can succeed without confronting the dictatorship’s biggest and most powerful supporter is hoping against all hope.

If civil society and journalists forget this and continue to focus on issues like the repeal of the 17th Amendment, it is unlikely that such an agenda would capture the imagination of the masses who are quite aware of who really pulls the strings in Pakistan.

Until and unless a movement emerges that appeals to popular sentiment and represents the people’s real aspirations to create a genuinely democratic state, Pakistan’s chances of survival in its current state are slim.

Pakistan Zindabad............Occupy Islamabad peacefully.....eject the forces who are there for the wrong reasons........Pakistanis must not fear and be cowed into remaining silent and fearful in their homes.......Pakistan Zindabad!!......Organize and create a peoples revolution.


Malalai Joya, and the truth of Afghanistan.

U.S. Occupation and the Corrupt, Mafia-state of Hamid Karzai

By Mike Whitney

December 14, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- It's too bad Barack Obama didn't consult with Malalai Joya before giving his Nobel acceptance speech on Thursday. The ex-Afghan Parliamentarian could have helped the president to see that the ongoing US occupation is damaging to both American and Afghan interests. Afghanistan is not the "just war" that Obama defends so passionately in his speech. It's part of a larger US geopolitical strategy which Joya outlines in her new book "A Woman Among the Warlords: The extraordinary story of an Afghan who dared to raise her voice".

US policymakers have decided to establish a beachhead in Central Asia to monitor the growth of China, surround Russia, control vital resources from the Caspian Basin, and provide security for US mega-corporations who see Asia as the "market of the future."

(Yes this is a repetition of the Grand Chess board strategy of Brzezinski from the 1990's, but hasn't the master theorist stated clearly very recently that you must first have POLITICAL LEGITIMACY in Afghanistan, rather than settle for mere increased number of troops grunting away, fighting an endless war? By implication you need competent local Afghan statesmen in power, who are capable of doing the job reasonably well.

Why does the USA need to be in Afghanistan, fighting an endless war, exhausting itself presumably, in order to surround Russia and China, monitoring them at the same time......surely a Cold War strategy of providing foreign assistance from a safe distance is a better strategy....Example Pakistan, and U2 bases near Peshawar in the 1960's. The USA already has many military bases with which to "monitor" and "surround" China and Russia, in Alaska, Japan, South Korea, potentially Taiwan, Philippines, certain SE Asian countries,....and into Turkey and Eastern Europe in the far West..................The idea that America must HAVE bases and military presence in EVERY nation in the vicinity of China and Russia simply does not wash, make sense. Sounds implausible and stupid, especially in an age of ICBM's, strategic bombers, nuclear submarines, and naval strike forces.

As to the "vital resources" meme, which will run out tomorrow, so lets grab it and secure it.........that's just hogwash. There are still enough resources on the landmasses of the world to satisfy everybody's needs....then there is the resources on the seabed which I think, more than any other nation on earth America is best placed to exploit.

What clear evidence do we have that American corporations are unable and failing to compete with the likes of China ? ($1,435 billion exports, numero uno soon, with significant assistance from America, and the MFN status and finally favorable pro-China trade policies for the last two decades), Germany ($1,500 billion exports) and Japan ($730 billion exports, again made possible by considerable assistance from America),....... and therefore the unstated argument that American corporations are are crying out to the armed forces of America to secure normal competitive business rights which OTHERWISE they can obtain through usual business negotiations without resorting to such primitive tactics? Nah, thats not true......Yes OK American security operations in South America were often driven by business interests and also no less by the Monroe Doctrine, BUT there is no hard evidence that American business community want America forcefully through military means to secure business and resources around the world .......its just a loose baseless, left wing theory that is served without hard statistical evidence.

The hard facts point to the evidence that the great American corporate community are happy to compete with the rest of the world on an equal footing, through normal business practices, and are not shitting in their pants and crying out to the American armed forces to protect, and promote them, in highly unlikely business places as medieval Afghanistan, or Iraq, where I think, if I am correct most of the contracts awarded by the Malaki government were to NON-AMERICAN corporations, very recently.

So what are the real reasons for America to be in a highly desolate place as Afghanistan? I don't know, I don't have the secret state papers, and memos...so I must guess, unfortunately.

1. It is more than likely to do with drugs...Afghan heroin, worth somewhere between $50---$80 billion. The American taxpayers supports your "business", and you at the top echelon of the military or as a civilian contractor profit from it. The Pentagon and the British are drug peddlers, simple cheap street criminals? Well thats fact has been well known since the 18th century in the case of the British, and the Pentagon especially since the 1950's? If not earlier.......war, security ops are a good cover for such illicit trade......so ALL the West Point graduates being groomed, and 36,000 serving officers in the American army are criminals, along with the British? NO......I assume such an operation is compartmentalized within certain criminal groups......all officers can't be like this, otherwise the American and British military couldn't function properly.

But I am finding it hard to imagine Admiral Mullen as Commander of the American armed forces, or Gordan Brown wearing gaudy jewelry, and large expensive rings on their fingers, going, "Yo bro, whatsup!"..................This is a black Diego business surely? That is the false Western Jewish media conditioning. This business is worth about $600 billion annually, and I can assure you that blacks or Latino's do not have the organization skills
of transporting, refining, evading/western security so successfully for so long, and supplying the huge markets of Russia, Europe and North America.......When did you last see a black airline pilot or a cargo ship captain?.....it is an Occidental/Jewish business which has been so since the 18th century if you care to read the history books.

So the poor Afghans are mules for this huge business, and only a righteous nationalist Afghan government mindful of nationalist sentiments and local requirements can stop this trade, not the foreign occupation forces? Yes, put simply....the noble Afghans must overcome the foreign criminal occupiers, but the Taliban is not the answer, as Ms Joya speaking from experience as an Afghan states.

2. Could there be any other reasons which is not openly advertised? The Cold war is over, but the Western apparatus of security/MIC was never dismantled, especially in the case of America.....but rather the opposite....the end of the Cold war was seen as an "opportunity" to flex America's muscle unopposed by any other rival power.....the occupation of Afghanistan in the former Soviet Unions back yard, and so close to China maybe an expression of that. Put simply America has been paying lip service of platitudes of peace and co-existence to the rest of the world, but since the collapse of the Soviet Union, has been waging war..........in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia........and many other planned theaters.

3. Allied to the above point the MIC is huge in America, and America's true security budget maybe closer to $1,500 billion....that is a huge self perpetuating industry that requires a certain level of self justification for its expenditures and numerous "secret" budgets...........low intensity wars such as Afghanistan provide such a justification.....because you have a small manageable enemy..."The Taliban" which never seems to disappear, or "al-Qaeda' with its mysterious persona and leadership.

4. Israel has been attempting to get at the Pakistan nukes for over 3 decades.

(i) The first attempt was through Henry Kissinger's strong arm tactics of threats... 1974--1976.

(ii) Then the democratically elected government was toppled and a military dictatorship instituted in Pakistan 1977, by America.

(iii) Then Israel requested joint aerial attacks with India against Pakistan in the 1980's...many times; India obviously refused........India had extensive ties with Muslim countries.......AND......once you start a war with your neighbor, over a serious issue, where and when precisely does it finish.

(iv) The entire top brass of the Pakistan military are killed i the late 1980's.

(v) Israel develops a more sophisticated strategy in the late 1980's and 1990's after suspicion spreads that Pakistan acquired the technology for the bomb by the mid-1980's.....involving prostitutes.........and this is where it gets seriously weird, but I suppose the Israelis knew what they were doing, supplying the AQKhan network with nuclear technology STOLEN from America (you supply, you control).........AND recruiting Pakistani military officers to spy for Israel......the most famous example being General Musharaf recruited in the early 1980's.....offered exotics Western women, and obviously career progress, into the ranks of a full general, and then head of the Pakistan armed forces, and then in 1999 as head of the country.......a person in many ways plainly unremarkable, personally unstable, and craving the attention of and APPROVAL of Western audiences.....he more than anybody else got the Israelis closet to the Pakistan nuclear program. So I suppose that makes him a good Israeli agent.

Given these not inconsiderable efforts by Israel, one assumes the Israelis' are still after the Pakistan nukes, via America. And the false narrative of "al-Qaeda" GWOT, Pakistan terrorist hub number one has something to do with that. A future American attack against Pakistan may be likely based on Israeli strategic goals.....and FUCK the News with their Jew experts and what not will ratchet up the propaganda in that direction, along with the rest.

What is sad is that the Afghans have to be suffering host's of a such an alien unfriendly force, for so many years, for an agenda which has nothing to do with them.......and still more years to come until the Americans are "ready" against Pakistan........AND in addition equally sad the idiots in the Pakistan military can't see where its all going, despite it being SO OBVIOUS.

It is the Great Game all over again. "Victory" in Afghanistan means that a handful of weapons manufacturers, oil magnates, and military contractors will get very rich. That's it. It has nothing to do with al-Qaida, "democracy promotion" or US national security. That's all just public relations pablum.

(Yes in essence)

"A Woman Among the Warlords" is an explosive book that takes a scalpel to many of the illusions surrounding the US invasion of Afghanistan. For example, most Americans have never heard about the "Warlord Strategy", a term that is commonplace among Afghans. That's because it doesn't mesh with the western media's narrative about Afghan "liberation". The truth is, US war-planners, led by Sec Def Donald Rumsfeld, settled on a plan to hand over entire regions of Afghanistan to the warlords before the first shot was fired. The whole "liberation"-meme was just a ruse to elicit support for the war. How many Americans would support sending more troops if they knew that the original justification of the war was a bunch of baloney?

(Yes, doesn't sound quite right if you were stating publicly that the American armed forces were fighting to install criminal drug peddlers and their ilk)

Here's how Joya sums it up in her own words:

"The people of Afghanistan are fed up with the occupation of their country and with the corrupt, Mafia-state of Hamid Karzai and the warlords and drug lords backed by NATO.... It is clear now that the real motive of the U.S. and its allies, hidden behind the so-called “war on terror,” was to convert Afghanistan into a military base in Central Asia and the capital of the world’s opium drug trade. Ordinary Afghan people are being used in this chess game, and western taxpayers’ money and the blood of soldiers is being wasted on this agenda that will only further destabilize the region.............I offer my condolences to the families here who have lost their loved ones. (They) are the victims of the wrong policy of your government. The families of Afghan civilians killed in this war share your feelings of loss. If we turn these sorrows into strength, we can end this war. Bringing the troops home at the end of 2011 is too late; the troops should be withdrawn as soon as possible, before more Afghan and American lives are needlessly lost."

(Ms. Joya I hardly think International drug peddlers are going to give up their multi-billion $ business and leave Afghanistan finally, because the Afghan people are fed up)

Joya is focused and uncompromising; a one-woman wrecking crew. She's also an electrifying speaker who can bring an audience to their feet when she rails against the war. People can sense her intensity, her honesty, and her unwavering commitment to justice. Unlike Obama, she isn't disposed to lofty-sounding platitudes that only serve to perpetuate war and suffering. (Obama Nobel speech: "We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth that we will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes.") Joya's goal is peace; an end to 30 years of war, an end to US occupation and religious fanaticism. Regrettably, Obama's military escalation ensures that the conflict will drag on for years to come bringing misery to even more people.

(Obama was elected and chosen by the Wall street bankers, and thats whose ass he kissed two minutes after his inauguration speech....his one term mediocre presidency will keep the Whitehouse warm, and provide novelty value until Sarah Palin steps in in 2012)

Malalai Joya: "As I write these words, Afghanistan is getting progressively worse. We are caught between two enemies: the Taliban on one side and US/NATO forces and their warlord hirelings on the other.... Obama's military build up will only bring more suffering and death to innocent civilians.... I hope that the lessons in this book will reach President Obama and his policymakers in Washington, and warn them that the people of Afghanistan reject their brutal occupation and their support of the warlords and druglords." ("A Woman Among the Warlords", p5)

(No nation and its people like foreign occupation forces on their soil, not the South Koreans in the vicinity of American military bases, not the Japanese in the vicinity of American military bases or Germans....and so on.....and I assume the Afghans don't want foreign occupation forces on their soil, actively engaged in security ops against their kith and kin, naturally. Also its one thing to be an occupation which is inconspicuous in a remote part of the country, and quite another roaming the whole country, entering homes of Afghans, and engaged in war seeking out "bad' Afghans)

"A Woman Among the Warlords" gives readers a glimpse of the vast destruction brought on by the US invasion. Joya repeatedly denounces Rumsfeld's strategy which restored warlords to power, thus, condemning 28 million Afghans to a life of fear under war criminals and human rights abusers. She also takes aim at the media which provided cover for the warlords by referring to them as the "Northern Alliance"--or the equally misleading--"United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan". As Joya points out, attitudes about the conflict are largely shaped by disinformation, omissions and propaganda. Obama's Noble speech proves that those same lies will now be delivered by a more competent spokesman.

(Well we are talking about First World senior professionals who have a political background, and know how to sell..........study for example Admiral Mullen, who with his kind, understanding face and statements, repeatedly states that "we are losing in Afghanistan" and again and again, when the reality is quite the opposite....so presumably more reinforcements are poured in..clever.........We are going to be nice to the Afghans, we are going to give them more aid blah blah blah......total lie....98% of the expenditure by America in Afghanistan is for military/security operations)

Malalai Joya: "While the United States bombed from the sky, the CIA and special forces had already arrived in the northern provinces of Afghanistan to hand out millions of dollars in cash and weapons to Northern Alliance commanders. They were the same extremists whose militias had pillaged Afghanistan during the civil war: Dostum, Sayyaf, Khalili, Rhabbani, Fahim, General Arif, Dr. Abdullah, Haji Qadir, Ustad Atta, Mohammad, Daoud, and Hazrat Ali among others. ...Fahim, another ruthless man with a dark past. The western media tried at the time to portray these warlords as "anti-Taliban resistance forces and liberators of Afghanistan," but in fact Afghan people believed they were no better than the Taliban." (Ibid, pg 52)

As the Taliban fled across the Pakistan border (with American assistence) amid heavy aerial bombardment, the warlords seized entire provinces reestablishing their iron-fisted rule over the local people. The Bush administration succeeded in replacing one repressive regime with another. No attempt was ever made to establish democracy.

From the New York Times November 19, 2001: "The galaxy of warlords who tore Afghanistan apart in the early 1990s and who were vanquished by the Taliban because of their corruption and perfidy are back on their thrones, poised to exercise power in the ways they always have."

Joya provides biographical sketches of many of the warlords, including Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, a rabid fundamentalist "who massacred thousands in Kabul during the 1990s." In one Kabul purge he ordered his soldiers, "Don't leave anyone alive--Kill them all." Sayyaf was "the person who invited international terrorist Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan during the 1980s. He also trained and mentored Khalid Sheikh Mohammed , the man who the US claims was the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks." (p 67)

(Fake "al-Qaeda" does not exist, but is a front organisation of Western intelligence, with a merry band of misguided Arabs with close linkages with Western intelligence, who are ditched when it suits their Western handlers.........the above is an excellent example of how "al-Qaeda" operatives and enablers benefit from their Western handlers, their close relationship...AND who actually controls the so called phantom organization)

How many Americans would continue to support the war if they knew they were protecting the friends of bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

(How many American's would support this dirty war if they knew that 9/11 was committed by Americans with Israeli assistance.....or that al-Qaeda was managed by their intelligence agencies, from the beginning, to encourage Americans to fight and die for Israel and its particular geo-strategic "needs' and perceptions)

Malalai Joya again: "Most people in the west have been led to believe that intolerance, brutality, and severe oppression of women in Afgahnistan began with the Taliban regime. But this is a lie, more dust in the eyes of the world from the warlords who dominate the American-backed, so-called democratic government of Hamid Karzai. In truth, some of the worst atrocities in our recent past were committed during the civil war by the men who are now in power."

During the blackest days of the Afghan civil war in 1992, a group of warlords seized Kabul razing much of it to the ground. "The militias of Dostum, Sayyaf, Massoud, Mazari, and Hekmatyar pillaged the city, robbing families and slaughtering and raping women. Eventually, anywhere from 65,000 to 80,000 innocent people were killed in Kabul alone, though there are no official figures for the staggering death toll. According to the United Nations, more than 90 percent of the city was destroyed. (Eventually) "the country was split up into fiefdoms, ruled by the whims of rival thugs and warlords." (Ibid p26)

Joya's Solution: "Withdraw All Foreign Troops"

(That is the obvious answer....even for an increasing number of Americans....British....but the problem is that the criminals with profit are running the show, with the access to their shitty, through the rectum sound bites on Fuck the News, AL-Jazeera and the rest, so how do you persuade such a clique and cabal?)

Malalai Joya: "Some people say that when the troops withdraw, a civil war will break out. Often this prospect is raised by people who ignore the vicious conflict and humanitarian disaster that is already occurring in Afghanistan. The longer the foreign troops stay in Afghanistan, the worse the eventual civil war will be for the Afghan people. The terrible civil war that followed the Soviet withdrawal certainly could never justify... the destruction and death caused by that decade-long occupation." (p 217)...Today we live under the shadow of the gun with the most corrupt and unpopular government in the world. (p 211)

The war that one reads about in the western media, is not the real war. Obama supporters should get a copy of "A Woman Among the Warlords" and compare the reality of occupation to the propaganda in the newspapers. The fact is, the United States has handed Afghanistan over to a group of genocidal maniacs and religious zealots. Even now, the warlords could not continue their brutal repression of the Afghan people without the continued support of the United States. Many of the warlords are still on the US payroll, which Obama somehow failed to mention in his "Peace Prize" speech.

"A Woman Among the Warlords" is a great-read and the perfect antidote for the incessant barrage of war propaganda. It's definitely worth a look.


Seeing the light a bit late.

I read articles after articles at Ahmed Quraish 's site and other Pakistani sources about senior Pakistani Gazi-fauj, who finally speak the truth to power, AND SHARE THEIR ERNEST BELIEF WITH THE PAKISTANI PEOPLE....................................but always after retirement.

They finally utter the truth and share it with the people, after a life time in the PAKISTAN military serving as senior officers covering a career of 30 years, training and sucking up to America Sahib...whilst Amerika Sahib humiliate Pakistanis in plain site......whilst Amerikka sahib destroy's Pakistan in plain site......threaten Pakistan in plain sight........divide the country along sectarian lines in plain site........facilitate Pakistan's enemies in plain site.........taunt Pakistan as a failed state, which requires saving from itself in plain site (Pakistan is a failed state, but how did it get there, and with whose covert help?)......killing Pakistanis in plain site.......backing chamar chor's as head of state in plain site.......but these SENIOR SALA'S when in "American service", working away in the Pakistan military never utter a word of protest, NEVER.

As serving officers they never go public and tell the nation what the people really wants to hear.......the moral majority of good decent honest Pakistani people...waiting for moral leadership from the Pakistan military leadership. 100% OF THE PEOPLE.

This is not an invitation to political power; that's CLEARLY not their business.......The Pakistan military in political power has been a total disaster for the country spanning 60 YEARS, but the Pakistani people would love...love to hear...yearn to hear .......senior serving officers speak the truth of what is going on in Pakistan, against Pakistan, and real CONCRETE and CEMMENT action to de-link and detach Pakistan from such a self destructive road and path.

They yearn for senior Pakistani officers to take the people into their full confidence, instead of playing clever games, semantics in the form of sound bites pre-prepared in the American embassy and sheer cynicism with the Pakistan people, in the total service of Amerikka Sahib.

They seem to find their conscience, and a minimal sense of national IZZAT, only after they retire........and then they only go on to write a fucking article here and there.....hoping fingers crossed it absolves them of their complicity in the crimes of the Pakistan military, after 30 years of loyal slavish service, killing Pakistanis, Afghan's, innocent Indians, Palestinians in the service of America sahib.

"Mostaque Sahib, you're being to harsh on them...the woes of Pakistan are many fold...why label the Pakistan military with ALL the sources of Pakistan's problems"........I'm not, but given that the Pakistan military is still the most powerful fully organized force in the Pakistani nation, with 800,000 in the active military, 300,000 paramilitary, and another 1,000,000 trained reserve....then these senior officers clearly have more power over the future of the nation compared to any other groups in Pakistan civil society...............more than the "Macaulay Brown sahibs" in the Zamindar/Tamindar class...the 30 commercial families..or within the ranks of the numerous Islamic fundie groups which the Pakistan military control and operate as proxy groups.

Heaven forbid if we thought that the acts of terrorism which kill Pakistani women and children in the cities almost daily were the work of the Pakistan military as a sales pitch to get back into power, or worse still being done by treacherous Mir Jafar Pakistan military personnel on the orders of Pakistan's ally.

And I'm not alluding to India.

Here's a few more..............................senior sala after retirement.


Musharraf Barred Pak Army Troops from American-Occupied Predator Base at Jacobabad

Army prevent from entering Jacobabad airbase: General Shahid.

Musharraf obliged US without informing corps commanders; Former CGS talks to Hamid Mir in Capital Talk of Geo News

ISLAMABAD: Former chief of General Staff (CGS) Lt-Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz has said he, along with other senior Army officers, opposed to give Pakistan’s airbases to the US but the then president and chief of Army Staff Pervez Musharraf did it without informing his corps commanders.

Former CGS and former chairman of the NAB Shahid Aziz made this revelation while talking to Hamid Mir in Geo TV’s show “Capital Talk” on Monday night.

He said the Pakistani troops were moved from Quetta to Jacobabad for taking control of the local airbase, but “we were surprised when our troops informed us that the US Army had not allowed them to enter the Jacobabad airbase.” He said that after sometime, he came to know privately from a PAF officer that the US had also taken over the Pasni airbase and as the CGS, he was not aware of all these developments.

Shahid Aziz said Pervez Musharraf took most of the sensitive decisions without informing his corps commanders.

Responding to a question, he said Pakistan never benefited from the US presence in Afghanistan. In fact, India is using Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan and this is happening under the nose of the US troops in Afghanistan, he said, adding Pakistan must say goodbye to the US war on terror now.

He admitted that Pervez Musharraf, his COS Hamid Javaid and Tariq Aziz forced him to close down the investigations against Benazir Bhutto and when he refused to implement the orders, he was asked to resign from the NAB chairmanship in July 2007. He said Musharraf was also responsible for facilitating many criminals through the NRO and he would definitely provide evidence against Musharraf in any court of law, if summoned.

Former interior minister Faisal Saleh Hayat also agreed that Pakistan must keep its distance from the US in the so-called war on terrorism. He claimed that India and Israel were involved in sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.


Musharaf is a spent force in Pakistani politics, and is therefore irrelevant.

Obviously the nation must know the full crimes of the Musharaf junta in order to identify their linkages with the present critical situation, and there after attempt to adjust and rectify them.

The main problem now is the Pakistan military, the most powerful organized institution in Pakistan and how it defines itself viz America, and its particular security dictates.

The recent West point speech by Obama would be of very serious concern to me if I were a Pakistani national, serving in the military charged with defending the country. The Democracts is the true Jew party.

What is the true cost for the Pakistan military of the operations in FATA, and other parts of the NWFP? $2 billion a year...$4 billion a year....is the America beggar money going to cover the costs of such operations or will these operations end up weakening Pakistan militarily?

Is the $7.5 billion bolster the Pakistan economy, or will the funds be tranfered to secret bank accounts in Zurich, London, UAE and NY? Surely the later. So the sum total of American policy in Pakistan is bribe a few Pakistani chors to destroy Pakistan from within, so that America can invade the country later.

Can the 180 million good decent honest people of Pakistan overthrow these few chor's who are selling the country out? How soon?

Is Pakistan's military seriously expected to dismantle all linkages with Islamic fundies, and if the Pakistan military can't whats the end game here one or two years later?

Are the Americans serious about the Pakistan military cutting all linkages with the Afghan Taliban, and if they can't whats the end game?

What are the constructive comprehensive steps being pursued to de link Pakistan from America....a close relation especially of the two countries military's which is slowly destroying Pakistan.....clearly.

Musharaf is no longer the problem; Zardari the chor is not the problem..he has no real power in Pakistan, especially in the all important security arena; XE/Blackwater is not the real problem...

The main problem for Pakistan is the issue of senior serving officers in the Pakistani military cooperating with an alien American security program, agenda and definition (100% American) which in the short term, medium term, and long term is and will be the end of Pakistan as a independent nation state.......with utter destruction to follow...the death of millions......and millions more refugees in India, Iraq style.

The sorry part of it is that Pakistan does not have to go down that road. London, and Washington DC might be able to accommodate a few retired generals, as they have Iraqi generals and Saddam's Mukabarat who "cooperated" with America in 2003, but not all of the serving and retired 40,000 officers or the 800,000 soldiers in the Pakistan military.

Its time to open Pakistan's arms to India seriously, and China even more, and ditch America clearly and comprehensively.

This means:

  • Close ALL American military bases in Pakistan.
  • Reject ALL foreign military advisers in Pakistan
  • Close ALL foreign intelligence activity in Pakistan
  • Reject and resist any missiles attacks or incursions by Western soldiers into sovereign Pakistan territory.
  • Stop taking security aid which indebts Pakistan to Washington's policies.
  • Through the MSM in Pakistan...Geo news, Dawn, PTV etc state to all Pakistanis that OBL is dead, and that he may have died in 2001.
  • Tell the Pakistani people through the MSM that "al-Qaeda" is a fake organization that never existed..............tell them clearly and comprehensively. Then the people will be able to understand the real situation in Pakistan and make better assessment of who exactly is fighting who. There is no greater asset than taking the general people into your confidence. The American narrative must be debunked in relation to Afghanistan/Pakistan, and only then can American policies can be debunked in the region also. The Pakistani military at the very least should not sustain American lies.
  • Reject Holbrooke the Jew, the "peacemaker of the Balkans" as a mediator for Pakistan/Afghan affairs. His only duty and job is to facilitate and legitimate failed states such as Bosnia, and Kosovo.