Divide and Rule

US sows discord in South Asia

By M K Bhadrakumar at Asia Times.

Two templates in regional politics are seriously debilitating the United States's campaign to bring Pakistan down on its knees in the Afghan endgame. One is that Delhi has distanced itself from the US campaign and pursues an independent policy toward Islamabad.

The second factor frustrating US policies to isolate Pakistan is the South Asian nation's bonhomie with Iran. Pakistan would have been pretty much isolated had there been an acute rivalry with Iran over the Afghan endgame. The current level of cordiality in the relationship enables Islamabad to focus on the rift with the US and even draw encouragement from Tehran.

(We mustn't leave out Pakistan's close relationship with China. This is also an important factor which contributes to Pakistan's sturdy posturing against the USA)

It's baloney

A recent statement by the Indian External Affairs Minister S M Krishna on the US-Pakistan rift underscored that India doesn't see eye-to-eye with the US approach. (See US puts the squeeze on Pakistan, Asia Times, October 22). It was carefully timed to signal to Washington (and Islamabad) that Delhi strongly disfavored any form of US military action against Pakistan.

There is a string of evidence to suggest that the Pakistani leadership appreciates the Indian stance. The general headquarters in Rawalpindi acted swiftly on Sunday to return to India within hours a helicopter with three senior military officers on board which strayed into Pakistani territory in bad weather in the highly sensitive Siachen sector. The official spokesman in Delhi went on record to convey India's appreciation of the Pakistani gesture. Such conciliatory gestures are rare (for both sides) in the chronicle of Pakistan-India relationship.

(A little melodramatic interpretation. Numerous occasions have shown in WAR, and peace that both sides can be very cordial with each other, naturally)

Again, last week, India voted for Pakistan's candidacy for the Asia-Pacific slot among the non-permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council and the Pakistani ambassador promptly responded that he would work with his Indian counterpart in New York. Ironically, the UN has been a theater for India and Pakistan's frequent clashes over the Kashmir problem.

Looking ahead, the prime ministers of India and Pakistan are likely to meet on the sidelines of the South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation summit in Male on November 10-11. Washington would have been quick to insist that it acted as "facilitator" in fostering the improving climate in India-Pakistan relations. But the US is instead watching with a degree of discomfort that its complicated South Asian symphony is throwing up jarring notes.

Calibrating India-Pakistan tensions traditionally constituted a key element of the US's regional diplomacy.

Washington has "retaliated" to Krishna's statement by issuing a travel advisory cautioning American nationals from visiting India because of heightened terrorist threats. Delhi, in turn, ticked off Washington saying it considered the US move "disproportionate" - a cute way of saying that the advisory is a load of baloney.

Jundallah in retreat

What is happening in Pakistan-Iran relations is even more galling for the US. There has been a spate of high-level visits between Islamabad and Tehran and the two capitals have reached mutual understandings on a range of security interests. Last week, Tehran acknowledged that there had not been a single attack by the terrorist group Jundallah from the Pakistani side of the border in the Balochistan region during the past 10 months.

Tehran has accused the US of masterminding the Jundallah terrorists to stage covert operations to destabilize Iran. However, since the detention of Central Intelligence Agency operative Raymond Davis in Lahore in January, Islamabad has clamped down on hundreds of US intelligence operatives functioning on Pakistani soil, seriously cramping the US's capacity to dispatch Jundallah terrorists into Iran.

Tehran is satisfied that the Pakistani security establishment is finally acting purposively to smash the US-backed Jundallah network. It reciprocates Pakistan's goodwill by trying to harmonize its Afghan policy and scrupulously avoided pointing fingers at Pakistan for the assassination of Afghan Peace Council head Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was closely allied with Tehran.

Essentially, Iran appreciates that Pakistan's "strategic defiance" of the US will be in the interest of regional stability, the bottom line being that Tehran is keen to force the American troops to leave the region.

Tehran succeeded in the pursuit of a similar objective in Iraq by prevailing on Shi'ite political elites in Baghdad not to accede to the desperate pleas by the US to allow US troops to continue even after the stipulated deadline of withdrawal in December 2011 under the Status of Forces agreement. But Afghanistan is a different kettle of fish and a common strategy with Pakistan will help.

Pakistan keeps an ambivalent stance on the issue of a long-term US military presence in Afghanistan, but it can count on the Taliban to robustly oppose the US plans apropos military bases. Unsurprisingly, Tehran purses a multi-pronged approach toward the Taliban.

Concerted effort

In sum, the overall regional scenario is becoming rather unfavorable to the US. The easing of tensions in Pakistan's relations with India and Iran undermine US strategy to get embedded in the region.

The US's travel advisory was intended to raise hackles in India about the imminent possibility of Pakistan-supported terrorist activities. Again, US-sponsored disinformation is reappearing with claims that China and Pakistan are conspiring against India by setting Chinese military bases in the northern areas of Pakistan, which form part of Kashmir.

This is coinciding with a distinct improvement in the security situation in the Kashmir Valley, to the point that chief minister Omar Abdullah openly advocated last week in Srinagar that decades-old emergency regulations should be progressively withdrawn and that Delhi should initiate a serious engagement of Pakistan to settle the Kashmir problem.

United States-backed propaganda about the prospect of Chinese military bases in the Pakistani part of Kashmir is intended to serve a dual purpose: namely, creating discord between Pakistan and India and in Sino-Indian relations, too.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a significant statement last week that he was "convinced" that the Chinese leadership wanted a peaceful resolution of all problems between India and China, including the long-running border dispute. Significantly, he expressed his "sincere hope [that] it is possible for us to find ways and means by which the two neighbors can live in peace and amity despite the persistence of the border problem".

Manmohan's remarks assumed significance since the two countries are to shortly hold the 15th round of talks on the border issue in New Delhi. In a meaningful move, the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded to Manmohan's political overture. Beijing said China was "ready to work with India to enhance the China-India strategic partnership". The statement said:
As important neighbors to each other, China and India have maintained sound momentum in the bilateral relationship. As for the border issue left over from history, the two sides have been seeking a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solution through friendly consultations. Pending a final solution, the two sides are committed to maintaining peace and tranquility in border areas.
A season for propaganda

The speculative, unattributed - and unverifiable - reports regarding Chinese intentions to establish military bases in the upper reaches of the Kashmir region under Pakistani control are surging again at a formative point in regional security. Their labored thesis is that Delhi should be extremely wary about the "devious" intentions of China and Pakistan and should go slow on the normalization of relations with these "treacherous" neighbors.

Curiously, Delhi is also being bombarded at the same time with US propaganda that Washington is striking a "grand bargain" with Pakistan over the Afghan problem whereby there will be a mutual accommodation of each other's concerns, which may include US intervention to mediate the Kashmir problem and US pressure on Delhi to roll back its presence in Afghanistan.

In a motivated commentary in Foreign Policy magazine last week on the eve of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit to Islamabad, two prominent US think-tankers wired to the Washington establishment actually tried to alternatively bait Islamabad and frighten Delhi by putting on the table the ingredients of the "grand bargain". Truly, this is all turning out to be a season for propaganda.

The heart of the matter is that the US is desperate to clinch a strategic agreement with the government of President Hamid Karzai in Kabul that would allow the establishment of a long-term American military presence in Afghanistan.

On Monday, hundreds of Afghans demonstrated in Kabul against US bases. The same day, the lower house of the Afghan parliament rejected terms guiding the operations of the Afghan government's existing agreement with the International Security Assistance Force as violating the country's sovereignty. The mood in the Afghan parliament seems hostile.

Karzai is convening a loya jirga (grand council) to seek endorsement for the US-Afghan pact. Matters will come to a head when it meets on November 16. Karzai promises that the US-Afghan pact will be sent to parliament for approval after being discussed in the jirga. Washington insists that the jirga approves the draft pact before the Bonn II conference convenes in December. Karzai's political future depends on whether he can deliver on the pact.

All sitting parliamentarians, some former members, one-third of the provincial council members, representatives of civil society and distinguished people, religious scholars and influential tribal leaders have been invited to the jirga. Two hundred and thirty representatives of Afghan refugee communities in Pakistan, Iran and Western countries will also be in attendance in the 2,030-strong jirga.

On September 13, Afghan National Security Advisor Dadfar Spanta told Afghan parliamentarians that the US might set up military bases in Afghanistan after the signing of the pact, but that the pact wouldn't be inked unless approved by parliament. Spanta added, "Concerns of our neighbors [over the US-Afghan pact] are genuine, but we will not allow our soil to be used against them."

The Afghan parliament fears, however, that Karzai might choose to bypass it after extracting endorsement from a pliant jirga and interpreting that as the collective opinion of the Afghan nation. Parliament directed the speaker on Monday to address an official communication to Karzai highlighting its constitutional prerogative to approve foreign policy issues.

The Afghan endgame is moving into a crucial phase; much will depend on regional politics. The worst-case scenario for the US is that subsuming the contradictions in the intra-regional relationships between and among Pakistan, Iran, India and China, these countries might have a convergent opinion on the issue of American military bases.

An accentuation of these contradictions, therefore, would serve the US's geopolitical interests at the present juncture, hence the US's "divide-and-rule" strategy.

Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar was a career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service. His assignments included the Soviet Union, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Germany, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait and Turkey.


Couldn't let this one pass......

In retrospect our Russian researcher has had it easy, within a limited time frame.

As my profile on this blog will show I have been "monitored" by MI-5 since late 1985, and I can categorically state they are not Clouseau.........great artistic movies though they are by Blake Edward.

She at least has had the benefit of a lawyer, and a simple explanation of her predicament as to WHY.......... within the legal Justice system of the UK. I have not for the last 26 years, but instead have been left to ponder as to why with occasional bitterness and bewilderment.

MI-5 is a nasty little England out fit filled with home county boys, with psychopathic tendencies. FULL STOP.

It operates as an arm of the competing elites of the UK, of which there are many sections.

Their MO and training is how to break the law, and to do it as expertly as possible.

No MI-5 officers have ever been prosecuted, and this emboldens them even further.

They are criminals who are into drugs peddling into the UK, Child trafficking, fixing local and national elections (Scotland), fixing soccer matches, false flag terrorist operations (London 7/7 2005) in the service of foreign countries, along with the more regular stuff of commercial espionage {which has nothing to do with national security}, illegal spying on wholly innocent civilians.......and recruiting Islamists for safe havens in the UK(Used in Libya against Gaddafi recently).

It is a threat to the stability of the UK.


MI5 were 'more Clouseau than Smiley'

Security service's pursuit of alleged Russian spy described as 'amateurish, incoherent and desperate'

Kevin Rawlinson at the Independent

The pursuit by MI5 of the alleged Russian spy Katia Zatuliveter was "more akin to Inspector Clouseau than George Smiley", her barrister said yesterday.

Tim Owen QC criticised the Security Service for the way it investigated the former parliamentary researcher, who worked for and had an affair with Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock.

Insisting there was no evidence against his client, he likened the spooks to Clouseau, the comedy Pink Panther character, rather than John Le Carré's spymaster.

Mr Owen called the investigation a "witch hunt" and "amateurish, poorly researched, incoherent, single-minded, misleading and, at times, frankly desperate".

He also attacked the inexperience of some of the agents assigned to the case, one of whom accepted she was "pretty green" and was learning "on the job".

Mr Owen was speaking on the final day of a hearing of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) which will rule whether Zatuliveter should be deported.

Ms Zatuliveter, 26, met the Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth South in April 2006. The pair later began an affair. The Siac commission heard yesterday that she wrote in her diary like a "love-struck teenager", and made entries of a "highly personal nature".

She denies the Government's accusation that she is a member of Russian intelligence and was intentionally used to target and seduce Hancock, who sat on the Commons Defence Select Committee and chaired the All Party Parliamentary Group on Russia. She also denies that the diary entries are faked to lend her story credibility. Dates, travel details and information in the diary about her relationship look "entirely plausible", said the judge, Mr Justice Mitting.

The alleged spy was initially interviewed by MI5 in autumn 2009. In August 2010 she was detained at Gatwick Airport as she flew back from Croatia and interviewed by the Security Service. She was arrested in December last year and served with a deportation order.

Mr Owen said there was "not a jot" of evidence against her.

Siac hearings are unusual in that for large periods they are held in secret with neither Zatuliveter nor her lawyers allowed inside. Instead, a specially vetted adviser represents her but the official cannot relay details of the proceedings to her team. It is not known what evidence – if any – is being presented behind closed doors.

Not every Westerner is run by USA intelligence!


CNN Poll Shows Overwhelming US Opposition to Afghan War

Majority See Afghanistan as the Next Vietnam

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

A new CNN/ORC International Poll shows that the opposition to the US occupation of Afghanistan has grown to a record high, with 63 percent of the American public now firmly opposed to the conflict and only 34 percent still supportive.

CNN was quick to point out that the poll did not indicate regret for the 2001 invasion, saying the survey still showed a small majority believing it was “not a mistake” to invade in the wake of 9/11.

But the open-ended nature of the war and its repeated escalation has destroyed public opinion, and another question showed a solid majority of 58 percent of Americans believe Afghanistan has turned into another Vietnam.

The latest poll shows opposition that tops the previous record, in December 2010. Early in 2011 US officials began claiming major progress was being made in the war, and while those claims of progress are still coming in it is clear that people no longer believe the claims.

Rallies themselves won't topple the USA backed Zardari government, but as the CIA backed "Arab Spring' shows they are an important precursor to.......

............removing the government eventually, whether through popular designated elections in 2013 (seems an awful long way off) or the toppling of the regime, SOON.

The Zardari government is worse than the Mubarak government of Egypt.

The Zardari government is worse than the Ben Ali government of Tunisia.

The Zardari government is definitely worse than the great and benevolent government of Gaddafi in Libya ("Switzerland of Africa" $14,000 per capita income)

The Zardari government is definitely worse than the government of Bashar al Assad of Syria, which faces threats from Israel, USA, NATO and Doenme Turkey.

Zardari is a certified Harijan Coolie crook with $4 billion stashed away in Jew banks in the West, stolen from the state coffers of poverty stricken Pakistan.

Zardari is clueless, and knows nothing about government, governance or how to save and protect Pakistan......since coming to power he has made matters worse, not better.

Zardari was brought into power by the USA, using the ISI to fix the elections in 2008. He is not liked by 90% of Pakistanis, and 70% of his own Party the PPP.

Zardari is a gora cock sucker who takes daily orders from the American ambassador.

Zardari is in purdah, hoping out of sight, out of mind. Gilani is his Zamindari Punjabi front. But its the same Party with the same problems.

Zardari exercises very little real power in Pakistan.

Real power in Pakistan is exercised by the USA working with the Pakistani military Mir Jafars.

BUT SYMBOLICALLY, in the long struggle to regain legitimate civilian power in Pakistan, ZARDARI'S puppet government must fall first and foremost. Then we can deal with the rest of the Kuta's in Pakistan.

The Pakistani people, united in this struggle are thus struggling against the USA empire, and their Kuta in Pakistan.

Pakistanis must save their country themselves, nobody else will help them. Focus on Islamabad, the Capital. Take inspiration from the OWS movements.


Rallies cannot topple government: Gilani

By Daily Times

* Prime minister says general elections will be held on schedule

* Says PML-N wants to wind up democracy

* Nawaz has learnt nothing from his exile

Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani has said that the government could not be toppled through rallies and creating hullabaloo, and that elections would be held according to the prescribed schedule.

(That is not the case with many Middle East regimes, and Third Word countries, which are not necessarily Failed States like Pakistan........taking a top hat, white gloves and 3-piece dinner suit to search for food at a "rubbish tip" is silly........USA backed election formality is not necessary in such dire situations......Pakistan requires a genuine alternative Pakistani government)

Speaking to Pakistani expatriates here on Saturday, he said that it seemed that Nawaz Sharif neither learnt anything from his exile nor from sentence as he was still far away from political maturity.

“PML (N) wants to wind up democracy but the government will not let derail it,” he said categorically.

(Democracy isn't functioning now. 90% of Pakistanis hate Zardari, despite enormous USA efforts to sell him to the people)

The prime minister is here on a four-day visit to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that is being attended by over 50 world leaders.

(Celebration of the British empire. This is very appropriate, but of course now its the American empire, and memshib Hitlery and her on and off threats )

Prime Minister queried as to why PML-N did not give a sit-in on October 12 1999 when their government was overthrown by a dictator. “They did not hold any demonstration when Nawaz was banished but they should realise that politics of protest could not succeed."

(In 1999 the Pakistani military was menacing, dangerous, cock-sure and powerful.......it was Pro Forma IN THOSE DAYS that civilian governments quietly bowed out of power once the USA backed generals rolled their tanks in the streets, that's after all what ZAB's party did in 1977........BUT 12 years have passed; Pakistanis are as skeptical of the military as they are of the PPP, for obvious reasons borne through horrific experience especially since 2001, and they have seen what has happened in the rest of the world, and even in the USA, recently, so they are naturally emboldened.

Pakistanis are displeased with the UTTER MESS of Pakistan and quite rightly they must protest, as is their constitutional right)

He said that the federal government had always supported the Punjab government, as it could not allow anyone to engineer downfall of the provincial government.

“PPP is a symbol of federation and its opponents are confined to only one portion of the country,” he boasted.

(PPP has failed the whole country, there is absolutely no doubt. A new in coming government has its work cut out that it is truly a national party working for the whole of the country)

Gilani categorically said there was no permission to the United States to carry out any drone strike against any target inside Pakistan’s territory.

“There is no such permission,” he asserted.

(Numerous credible Western sources have confirmed that Zardari and Gilani have privately encouraged the Americans to attack the Pakistani civilians in the NWFP with drones. Why should a billionaire crook worry or care about ordinary poor Pakistanis, or a Zamindar from the Punjab? The USA cannot carry out drone strikes in Pakistan without the knowledge and acceptance of the Pakistani government and military......the USA requires their cooperation)

The prime minister said such attacks were counterproductive because of the collateral damage caused, and these also undermined government’s efforts to get masses on the same page as far as fight against militancy was concerned.

He said drone strikes were one of the reasons of tense relations between Pakistan and the United States.

He said Pakistan had also conveyed to the United States that unilateral military operation, such as the operation on May 2 to get Osama bin Laden would not be acceptable.

Gilani, who also had an interactive session with the community members, said there had been a sea change in the country’s foreign policy towards terrorism as a result of vindication of his vision of three Ds, dialogue, development and deterrence.

(Three what????!!!! three Tati's?)

“There has been a paradigm shift in the policy between a democratic government and a dictatorial regime,” he said, and added that now people of Pakistan and parliament were the ultimate arbitrators to take important decisions of national importance.

(The USA controls Zardari's government, and the Pakistan military.........that is why they both look so stupid and clueless when the USA does the dirty against Pakistan again and again. You cannot explain the inexplicable)

The banks of New York and London have made enough money from the Afghan heroin, time to GO HOME.


Pakistan: Reversing the Lens

by , at antiwar.com

Since the United States invaded Afghanistan in October 2001, Pakistan has lost more than 35,000 people, the vast bulk of them civilians. While the U.S. has had slightly over 1800 soldiers killed in the past 10 years (in Afghanistan), Pakistan has lost over 5,000 soldiers and police. The number of suicide bombings in Pakistan has gone from one before 2001, to more than 335 since.

"Terrorism," as Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari says, "is not a statistic for us."

For most Americans, Pakistan is a two-faced "ally" playing a double game in Central Asia even as it siphons off tens of billions of dollars in aid. For Pakistanis, the spillover from the Afghan war has cost Islamabad approximately $100 billion (since 2001). And this in a country with a yearly GDP of around $175 billion and whose resources have been deeply strained by two years of catastrophic flooding.

(Allah is not pleased with the Pakistani military, and Zardari government maybe? They do not listen to the general wishes of the decent, honorable and honest Pakistani people)

Washington complains that its $20.7 billion in aid over the past nine years has bought it very little in the way of loyalty from Islamabad, while Pakistan points out that U.S. aid makes up less than 0.3 percent of Pakistan’s yearly GDP.

(The aid mostly goes into the pocket of the Zardari government, the military, and corrupt netas.......zero benefits for the Pakistani State or the common people. The American aid is designed to "buy" the Pakistani state so that it follows the USA directives, which are not necessarily good for Pakistan)

Both countries’ opinions of one another are almost mirror images. According to a U.S. poll, 74 percent of Americans do not consider Pakistan to be an ally, while the Pew Research Center found that six in 10 Pakistanis consider the Americans an "enemy" and only 12 percent have a favorable view of the United States.

(The main problem is the USA government, and the puppet Pakistani government)

This mutual distrust in part results from mistakes and misjudgments by both countries that date back to the 1979-89 Russian occupation of Afghanistan.

But at its heart is an American strategy that not only runs counter to Pakistan’s interests, but will make ending the war in Afghanistan a far more painful procedure than need be.

Pakistani Interests

If Pakistan is a victim in the long-running war, it is not entirely an innocent one. Pakistan, along with the United States, was an ally of the anti-Communist mujahideen during the 1980s Afghan war.

Pakistan’s interest in Afghanistan has always been multi-faceted. Islamabad is deeply worried that its traditional enemy, India, will gain a foothold in Afghanistan, thereby essentially surrounding Pakistan. This is not exactly paranoid, as Pakistan has fought — and lost — three wars with India, and tensions between the two still remain high.

Over the past six years, India has conducted 10 major military exercises along the Pakistani border. The latest — Viajyee Bhava (Be Victorious) — involved 20,000 troops. India has the world’s fourth largest army, Pakistan the 15th.

(In reality the second largest, unofficially at 1,500,000 with 200,000 paramilitary troops.....which is normal for a country of that size, population and economy {$4500 billion PPP}. India does not and has not EVER initiated a war against its neighbors, but merely reacts to attacks always. The military exercises by India are normal, and meant to remind Pakistan to behave, and not to repeat Kargil again and the Pakistanis are usually informed about such exercises before hand. I don't think conducting military exercises with one or two divisions is anything to get excited about. Pakistan conducted military exercises with 300,000 troops in 1990?

I am also well aware that there is a drive by the USA to use INDIA against Pakistan militarily, and that 26/11 was part of that strategy (for example using CIA Saddam against Mullah Iran 1980--1988 war, both sides funded by the USA, OR if you like more spectacular examples using Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union, both sides built up by the USA in the 1920's and 1930's Professor Anthony Sutton) In addition giving Afghanistan to India for security training is part of that USA strategy. We hope the Pakistanis understand this game, and do not fall for this obvious USA ploy.

For India the attention from the USA is no doubt flattering, BUT ultimately Pakistan is the neighbor with which India must resolve to live with in the long term, through an FTA, and a resolution of the Kashmir issue. It is a waste of time upping the ante against Pakistan, at the behest of the USA, thrilling as it might be for the right wing RSS elements in the security of India. Hitler the super patriot Jew funded entity destroyed Germany. Mussolini the super patriot entity backed by London destroyed Italy. Dealings with FAILED STATE, USA RUN, AND FUNDED PAKISTAN must be steady, methodical and logical)

By aligning itself with Washington during its Cold War competition with the Soviets in Afghanistan, Islamabad had the inside track to buy high-performance American military hardware to help it offset India’s numerical superiority. Indeed, it did manage to purchase some F-16s fighter-bombers.

(40 of them at over inflated prices, which made up the bulk of the American military aid to Pakistan 1981---1987, and subsequently grounded and rendered worthless due to lack of spares after the 1990 arms embargo. String beeds to red Indians. The USA has never participated in ANY single strategic projects in Pakistan.)

But when Pakistan allied itself with the Taliban, India aligned itself with the Northern Alliance, composed of Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Hazaras who opposed the Pashtun-dominated Taliban. Pashtuns are a plurality in Afghanistan’s complex mix of ethnicities, and traditionally they dominated the Kabul government.

Islamabad has always been deeply concerned about the Pashtuns, because a long-time fear of Islamabad is that Pakistani Pashtuns could ally themselves to Afghani Pashtuns and form a breakaway country that would fragment Pakistan.

(Or to put it in a less charitable way, the Americans sold the Pakistanis a dream of "strategic depth" viz India, and the Pakistanis were suckered by it......because its a game designed by the USA, played by the Pakistani State and beyond the FAILED STATE means and expertise of the Pakistani State. The most obvious question is How can a state which has problems running itself as a failed state in the first place, run another entire country.........USA isn't doing a great job either, albeit intentionally based on racist Jewish disdain and Jew inspired chutzpah)

From Islamabad’s point of view, the American demand that it corral the Taliban and the Haqqani Group that operate from mountainous Northwest Frontier and Federally Administrated Tribal Areas of Pakistan could stir up Pashtun nationalism.

In any case, the task would be beyond the capabilities of the Pakistan military. (in this little part of Pakistan alone)

In 2009, the Pakistani Army used two full divisions just to reclaim the Swat Valley from local militants, a battle that cost billions of dollars, generated two million refugees, and inflicted heavy casualties.

Diverging Objectives

Current U.S. strategy has exacerbated Pakistan’s problem by putting the Northern Alliance in power, excluding the Pashtuns from any meaningful participation, and targeting the ethnic group’s heartland in southern and eastern Afghanistan. President Hamid Karzai is a Pashtun, but he is little more than window dressing in a government dominated by other ethnic groups. According to Zahid Hussain, author of a book on Islamic militants, this has turned the war into a "Pashtun war" and has meant that "the Pashtuns in Pakistan would become…strongly allied with both al Qaeda and the Taliban."

("al-Qaeda" does not exists, more accurate to talk about CIA directed Islamists in the Greater Middle East, which were used so gloriously in Libya recently)

The United States has also remained silent while India moved aggressively into Afghanistan.

(India is not an aggressive power, but rather the USA in a controlling position in Afghanistan, in a calculated sly way invited the Indians to train the Afghan security forces to get at Pakistan.....strategy of tension between neighbors)

On October 4, Kabul and New Delhi inked a "strategic partnership" that, according to The New York Times, "paves the way for India to train and equip Afghan security forces." The idea of India training Afghan troops is the equivalent of waving a red flag to see if the Pakistani bull will charge. (By the USA......the USA is the enemy)

One pretext for the agreement was the recent assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani, head of the Afghan High Peace Council, killed by the Taliban under the direction of the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, according to Karzai government claims. But evidence linking the Taliban or Pakistan to the hit is not persuasive, and the Taliban and Haqqani Group — never shy about taking the credit for killing people — say they had nothing to do with it.

Pakistan’s ISI certainly maintains a relationship with the Afghan-based Taliban and the Haqqani Group, but former Joint Chiefs of Staff head Admiral Mike Mullen’s charge that the latter are a "veritable arm" of Pakistan’s ISI is simply false. The Haqqanis come from the powerful Zadran tribe based in Paktia and Khost provinces in Afghanistan and North Waziristan in Pakistan’s Tribal Area.

(The Pakistanis do run the Afghan Taliban as "Controlled Opposition", and this has been done with the full knowledge of the USA since 1994.......nothing new here)

When their interests coincide, the Haqqanis find common ground with Islamabad, but the idea that Pakistan can get anyone in that region to jump to attention reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the deeply engrained cultural and ethnic currents that have successfully rebuffed outsiders for thousands of years.

And in the border region, the Pakistan Army is as much an outsider as is NATO.

Dealing with the Mess

There is a way out of this morass, but it will require a very different strategy than the one the United States is currently following, and one far more attuned to the lens through which most Pakistanis view the war in Afghanistan.

1) The United States and its allies must first stand down their military offensive — including the drone attacks — against the Taliban and Haqqani Group, and negotiate a ceasefire. (Stop killing Pakistani civilians, in collaboration with the Pakistani military)

2) Then the United States must open immediate talks with the various insurgency groups and declare a plan for the withdrawal of all foreign troops.

3) The Taliban — the Haqqanis say they will follow the organization’s lead — have indicated that they will no longer insist on a withdrawal of troops before opening talks, but they do want a timetable.

4) Any government in Kabul that emerges from such negotiations must reflect the ethnic make-up of the country.

Pakistan’s concerns over Indian influence must also be addressed, including the dangerous issue of Kashmir. President Obama ran on a platform that called for dealing with Kashmir, but he subsequently dropped it at the insistence of New Delhi.

(India and Pakistan can settle the issue themselves, they don't need the caring good offices of Washington)

Pakistan and the United States may have profoundly different views of one another, but on at least one issue they agree: slightly over 90 percent of Pakistanis would like U.S. troops to go home, and 62 percent of Americans want an immediate cut in U.S. forces. Common ground in this case seems to be based on a strong dose of common sense.


Allow Chinese Military bases in Pakistan, not just Gwadar

The Chinese have been good consistent friends of Pakistan since 1963, and as a counter-weight to both India and the USA.

The Chinese have carried out significant strategic projects in Pakistan since 1963, unlike the USA/UK.

The Chinese helped Pakistan with its nuclear weapons program, without which Pakistan's nuclear weapons program would have struggled at huge costs for many more indeterminate years.

The Chinese have helped Pakistan with its strategic missile program, without which Pakistan with its basket weaving economy could never have realized such a strategic goal.

The Chinese have helped Pakistan with its strategic conventional defense programs, without which Pakistan with its basket weaving economy could never have realized such a strategic goal.

Such illustrious and consistent help, provided with polite understanding and a smile for 48 years, deserves to be rewarded affirmatively and FINALLY with Chinese military bases in FATA........maybe containing 5000 Chinese military personnel, with radar and heavy equipment, AND the repetition of the offer already on the table since many years by the Pakistan government of the naval base/port in Gwadar in Baluchistan.

These offers need to be articulated more clearly and forcefully by the Pakistan military, who control security in Pakistan, more directly to China.

China protects North Korea, without which North Korea, with no peace treaty with the South would be at war, and invasion by the USA.

China wishes to protect Pakistan, and government publications in China have stated as such. However this is not enough. The Pakistani military must overtly express and show to China that it wishes to be protected by China, by doing a set of things, one of which is giving military bases to China in FATA and Gwadar specifically.

China has strong strategic interests in Pakistan, in terms of greater access to the resources of the Middle East. Finally the avoidance of Western mischief too near its borders....re: "al-CIA-duh".

Simultaneously to avoid confusion and contradiction which recently transpired shamefully with Pakistan China relations.......maybe that was the intention.......Pakistan must also do the following things, since Pakistan cannot serve both China and the USA. Its gymnastically impossible.

Close ALL USA military bases in Pakistan.

Eject ALL USA military personnel from Pakistan.

Cut ALL military training programs with Western countries especially the USA/UK.

Cut all military aid programs with the USA.

Close ALL USA consulates in Pakistan and reduce the USA embassy staff to about 10 people.

Close ALL foreign NGO's in Pakistan since most are intelligence fronts.

Reduce Western tourism in Pakistan.

Close ALL Western missionary organizations in Pakistan since ALL are intelligence fronts.

These policies need NOT be announced by the Pakistan military, but they definitely need to be carried out step by step and quickly.

But we also understand that the whole region including India and Bangladesh suffers from Gora sahib worship and deference borne out of colonial servitude of many years, and therefore weaning the Harijan Coolie from the ever abusing gora sahib may be a challenging question which otherwise offers very CLEAR SIMPLE ABC ANSWERS just provided above.

A male pimp into drugs trafficking will ALWAYS abuse his prostitutes, there are no alternatives.

The drug peddling abusive pimp from the USA/UK with the rolls Royce, and gaudy gold jewelry.

A evil husband, with drink problems, who also batters and traffic's his children for emotional recreation, will ALWAYS abuse the wife, there are no alternatives.

It is the duty of the abused prostitute and the battered wife to "escape" from such suffering with determination and resolution, and not perpetuate such an appalling relationship.

Bengal was occupied by the utterly evil British Empire 254 years ago.

It was the richest part of India, and the Mughals called it the "Pearl of India", providing the bulk of the revenue for the Mughal administration in its last years of the 17th and 18th century.

In 1768 the evil British empire in its lust for business profits decreed that in the whole of Greater Bengal (Bangladesh, Bihar, Paschim Banga) ONLY opium, Indigo and Jute could be grown, a law that was heavily enforced through the use of the British military.......Opium to China, and Indigo and Jute to Europe. 10 million people perished, or 30% of the population as a result of this policy.

The evil British empire destroyed Bengal into utter poverty from 1760---1800. To this day 254 years later Greater Bengal
(Bangladesh, Bihar, Paschim Banga) are still the poorest parts of South Asia.

In 1943 the evil British empire fearing Japanese invasion and liberation of India from their evil misrule, especially in Bengal surrounded the state with paramilitary forces, and passed a law saying no food from neighboring states of Bengal could be supplied to Bengal, and government agents bought up food within Bengal in addition. It was a bumper crop year, and yet 6 million people died from the Great Bengal Famine.

Since 1947 East Pakistan/Bangladesh has experienced continued British mischief in the country and region. 254 years is an inordinate time to learn ones lessons and study of historical FACTS.

And yet the British still run and train the security forces of Bangladesh, its police, paramilitary, military and intelligence with their quaint British names....Rapid Reaction Battalion.......a Death Squad Battalion trained by the British Police which has killed over 1000 mostly innocent people, DGFI, NSI, MI,....................this is utter shame, and yet this is how it is.

Bangladesh along with India and Pakistan still belong to the British Commonwealth, a defacto celebration of the evil British empire!!!!!!!!!!

After 254 years of abuse Bangladesh has not yet run away from its drug peddling pimp master.

And yet Bengal has such enormous and phenomenal human potential.The Bengal State fails its people; Fails to identify the real needs of its people.

The same is true of the Ukraine, filled with enormous and phenomenal human potential, and yet a dejected, rather sad Third World country run by Jews since 1918.

PAKISTAN MUST ESCAPE from its drug peddling pimp master soon.

The abused Ukrainian prostitute working in the suburbs of Tel aviv. 500,000 such women have been shipped from Ukraine and Russia by the Jewish mafia to work as prostitutes since 1991, and yet the Jewish run governments of Ukraine and Russia are unable to do anything to liberate these women.


Some of the benefits of Gaddafi bestowed on his people

By such high standards and aspirations, possibly the best Arab regime in an otherwise sorry list of Third World nations.

Gaddafi made mistakes, after he was installed by the USA in power 42 years ago.

He waged low intensity war against neighbors Chad and Egypt, which he should have avoided. Wars generally destroy nations to a certain degree in most cases. If after all he stated that he was against Western colonialism, what was he doing fighting Third World neighbors?

He should have avoided funding various "liberation" movements around the world.

He should have kept his grandiose Pan-African ideas to himself, since it ultimately made the Jew bankers nervous, which directly led to his downfall, through NATO and "al-CIA-duh".

For all his speeches against Western colonialism and exploitation, presumably not mere rhetoric but a feeling borne from horrific Italian rule of Libya 1911---1943 ......the man despite this deposited a wapping $150 billion of the nations wealth, or there abouts in Jew banks in the very same West.

I mean where's the consistency of policy? The Jew banks have since grabbed most of the money, and say they can't return the money to Libya.......though no movie will be produced to highlight this particular heist, or the heist on the Shah of Iran's money worth about $50 billion today's prices, or the heist on the last Czar of Imperial Russia's bank deposits in the West worth about $130 billion at today's prices?

Fund a revolution, kill the leader, grab his assets in the West.

Libya will go into a downward spiral, led by "al-CIA-duh" and their Western military overlords. Libyans will miss Gaddafi like a long cherished relative, just as many Iranians now rue the loss of the Shah.

In the West mean while Gaddafi will be seen as an "eccentric" leader who got what he deserved, as one "educated" Westerner so eloquently explained to me recently, without going into the minutiae of what Gaddafi really meant to the Libyan people, and what will follow in the years to come in Libya. Or why the West had to invade and destroy a country which was known as the Switzerland of Africa using and installing "al-CIA-duh" into power, with ALL the repercussions of this act further down the short, middle, long term time-line for the region.

First World countries, God's Gift to Mankind countries going around the globe, teaching people what for...........


1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens.

2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law.

3. Having a home considered a human right in Libya.

4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.

5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25 percent of Libyans were literate. Today, the figure is 83 percent.

6. Should Libyans want to take up farming career, they would receive farming land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and livestock to kickstart their farms are all for free.

7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need, the government funds them to go abroad, for it is not only paid for, but they get a U.S.$2,300/month for accommodation and car allowance.

8. If a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidizes 50 percent of the price.

9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter.

10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amounting to $150 billion are now frozen globally.
(A lot of it is unaccounted for, not merely frozen waiting to be reclaimed by a "legitimate" Libyan government, as with Iran, the money will never be returned)

11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession, as if he or she is employed, until employment is found.

12. A portion of every Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.

13. A mother who gives birth to a child receive U.S.$5,000.

14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $0.15.

15. 25 percent of Libyans have a university degree.

16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Manmade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.
(spent up to $30 billion on the project.....not a White Elephant project)


Gaddafi of the CIA.



Gaddafi's friend

Gaddafi has links to the CIA.

"CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson recruited Gadaffi in 1977, and the CIA shipped Libya over 2000 pounds of explosives," says former CIA agent Lester Coleman.

(DIA Agent's Book, Trail of the Octopus - From Beirut To Lockerbie.)

According to spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk:

Edwin P. Wilson ran shipping companies that were secretly owned by the CIA.

For example, Wilson's 'World Marine' sold a high-technology spy ship to Iran.

Wilson's most important customer was Moammar Gaddafi.

Wilson has said that it was Ted Shackley who first suggested he should go to Libya.

Wilson got contracts to sell weapons to Libya.

Wilson was accused of involvement in the killing Libyan dissidents.

Wilson was eventually indicted by the US Department of Justice.

However, he had moved to Libya and Moammar Gaddafi refused to extradite him.

Wilson feared for his safety and the prosecutors knew this and in 1982 they sent Ernest Keiser to convince him that he would be safe in the Dominican Republic.

Wilson flew to the Caribbean but upon arrival was arrested and flown to New York.


In 1984 Wilson was found not guilty of trying to hire Raphael Quintero and other Cubans to kill a Libyan dissident.

However, he was found guilty of exporting guns and conspiracy to murder and was sentenced to 52 years in prison.

Wilson claimed he had been framed and claimed that he was working on behalf of the CIA.

He employed David Adler, a former CIA agent, as his lawyer.

Adler eventually found evidence that Wilson was indeed working for the CIA after he retired from the agency.

In October 2003 a Houston federal judge, Lynn Hughes, threw out Wilson's conviction in the C-4 explosives case, ruling that the prosecutors had "deliberately deceived the court" about Wilson's continuing CIA contacts, thus "double-crossing a part-time informal government agent."

Despite the decision of Lynn Hughes, Edwin P. Wilson was not released.

"I was framed by the government," said Wilson, "they want me to disappear. I know too much."

Edwin P. Wilson was released from prison in 2004 and now lives with his brother in Washington State.

Masonic handshake?

Ex-CIA Agent Edwin Wilson Talks About His Mysterious Allegiance to Libya (People Magazine 23/11/1981)

Reportedly, ex-Green Berets gave training to Gaddafi forces in Benghazi.

According to Wilson:

"A number of former Green Berets ... have worked for me...

"Benghazi is your basic Marine-like boot camp.

"We take Libyan draftees—raw, young, some barely teenagers—and we put them through a special 40-to 50-day operations course...

"There are four or five former Green Berets there...

"There’s about 12 hours of training in basic demolition, the kind that would be used to blow up bridges, roads or trees...

"After training they continue in the Libyan Army as soldiers...

"Colonel Qaddafi ... I admire what he has done for his people in the way of economic progress in the last 10 years.

"He has bettered the standard of living of the common people, even down to the Bedouins. I think he’s improved the quality of life here a great deal. On every level, whether it’s agricultural, industrial, political or cultural, the Libyans are a lot better off then they were before. I’ve never seen a beggar here...


Muttasim Gaddafi, the fourth son, was Gaddafi's National Security Advisor.

Muttasim gaddafi spent years in Egypt after allegedly plotting to oust his father. (France24 - The Gaddafi family tree)

According to Mansour Dao, the former commander of Libya's Revolutionary Guards and the colonel's cousin, "Gaddafi was not running the battle, his son Mutassim was… As I told you, Mutassim was running the battle and not Gaddafi, and he was the decision maker about any move." ('Mutassim was in charge not Gaddafi', says bodyguard)

"Abdulhakim Belhaj, an Islamist whom Gaddafi tried to have the US list as a "terrorist, says he was tortured by CIA agents after being arrested in the Far East in 2004 and later handed over by them to Colonel Gaddafi for further torture and imprisonment in Libya, according to the UK's Independent.

"Belhaj, the head of the military council for Tripoli, who led an Islamist guerrilla organisation fighting the Gaddafi regime in the 1990s, told the paper in an interview that he had been directly 'tortured by CIA agents' in Thailand after being first arrested in Malaysia.

"If true, his story is evidence of the close co-operation between the CIA and Colonel Gaddafi's security services."

Allegiances can change fast.

One moment Gaddafi is helping the USA by ousting British puppet King Idris.(Gaddafi as with Nasser and Saddam were installed by the USA)

Next moment Gaddafi is kicking out the US bases.

Next moment Gaddafi is helping MI6 and the CIA supply the IRA with weapons (reportedly)

Next moment Gaddafi is blamed for the CIA's activities in Lockerbie.

Next moment Gaddafi is helping the CIA with rendition of "al-Qaeda" suspects.

Next moment the CIA uses NATO and "al-Qaeda" to oust Gaddafi from power.

Next the CIA moves the real Gaddafi to Venezuela and a safe house, via Niger.

Interesting theory of why Libya was attacked by the USA, and Gaddafi killed

There are many different types of speculation as to why the USA grabbed, bombed and attacked Libya using "al-Qaeda" affiliates, and killed its leader of 42 years. Bizarre, grubby, crude action against one of their original CIA trained and installed puppet of many years (of Jewish extraction).

1. Theory one is that Libya has a super quality oil which requires very little refining. The USA wants control of this AND also prevent China from getting at it. Gaddafi was showing increasing signs of being friendly with China, depositing at least $15 billion of his state assets in Chinese banks. Look East Ibn Batuta style.

2. Theory two is that Libya has huge potential Gold deposits in the South East of the country. Gold excites the Jew no end, and especially Jewish bankers.

3. Gaddafi started believing in his own propaganda, and that as such wanted to be the "Banker of Africa" using his petro dollars/dinars with other African nations also depositing their wealth into an African IMF/WB.....an idea which obviously was not liked by Wall Street.

4. Theory four is provided below.


Commentary by Mike Rivero at whatreallyhappened.com

Gaddafi’s biggest crime was a government-issued value-based currency, the gold dinar, which is a major threat to the power and wealth of private central bankers who love to loan out the public currency at interest.

Oddly enough, the United States fought a revolution to free itself from that very system when the private Bank of England lobbied King George III to pass the Currency Act, which ordered all commerce in the colonies to use bank notes borrowed at interest from the Bank of England. The resulting stripping of wealth from the people for the bankers is the major reason for the American Revolution.

"[It was] the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament which has caused in the colonies hatred of the English and . . . the Revolutionary War." -- Benjamin Franklin

Of course, the reason that our schools frame the history of the American Revolution in terms of the Stamp act and Tea Party and scarcely mention the Currency Act is that in 1913 a corrupt Congress and corrupt President sold Americans back into the clutches of a private central bank issuing the public currency as a loan at interest; the very same system we had fought the Revolution to be free of! . It is called the Federal Reserve and the authority to create money was illegally transferred (such a drastic change in basic structure requires a Constitutional Amendment) from the civilian government to the newly created Federal Reserve over the Christmas holiday of 1913 (the same year the 16th Amendment for the personal income tax was falsely claimed to have been ratified.)

This was done even though the two previous attempts at allowing a private central bank to issue the public currency as a loan at interest, the First and Second Banks of the United States, had almost destroyed the nation.

"Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out." -- Andrew Jackson

Following WW1, Germany had been forced to accept a private central bank as a means to keep Germans poor and helpless. It led to the runaway inflation abuses of the Weimar Republic. One reason the Nazis were so popular was that they scrapped the private central bank and returned to a system of government-issued value-based currency that allowed Germany to become prosperous. So great was the change it was called the “German miracle” and Hitler was TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year for the obvious improvements in German life.

Let me put a qualifier here, which Mike Rivero has not done, since he is focused on making another very cogent argument. Hitler was a puppet of the bankers, picked up as a stray dog from the streets of Munich from 1919, where he was unemployed. The fact that Hitler created 6 million jobs and rejewvenated the German economy in short order is besides the point......with armament and considerable covert funding from Jewish banks. Hitler was responsible for WWII which killed 60 million people, and also killed 10 million ethnic Germans within Germany and without in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Hitler destroyed Germany, and left the country divided, and occupied to this day by the USA, France and the UK. Germany will pay the Jew reparations unto eternity. In financial matters as in most matters Hitler was an illiterate, and his "Financial success" is merely an indication of his Jewish banker masters knowledge of the German financial problem and its solution.

But bankers are terrified of the rest of the world realizing that there are better ways to run an economy for the public than by forcing them to borrow all currency from a private bank at interest. So in 1933, the international banks staged a global boycott against Germany to destroy that government-issued value-based currency before the debt-slaves in other nations (like the United States) started getting uppity ideas!

This financial “attack” on Germany set the stage for WW2.

So, if you are wondering what this so-called “clash of civilizations” is all about, it is actually a war between banking systems. The United States is attacking nations that refuse to allow private central banks to take control of the nation’s wealth, or nations that avoid western-style banking. Your money is being spent, and your children are dying horrible deaths in, what is it now, 12 wars? And all to make the world safe for Compound Interest. To keep the world enslaved to private central banks printing up and issuing the public currency as loans at interest; a system which by design always produces more debt than available money, to make the slavery permanent.

"This is the very essence of the banking system, to keep us all, whether we be nations or individuals, slaves to debt. You control the debt, you control everything! ""The International"

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." -- Henry Ford

This is why we are at war across the globe. Because bankers will gladly see a billion people die if it keeps the surviving billion under their control.

Crash of 1907 -> WW1
Crash of 1929 -> WW2
Crash of 2008 -> WW3

Follow the money.

Follow the bankers.