Waiting for Secret Jew Ahmedinejad to visit "al-CIA-duh" liberated Libya.

We hear great speeches from Secret Jew Ahmedinejad, and the Mullah donkeys (That is all they are good for) what a great "Islamic Awakening" is taking place in the MENA, because of "People Power" and the "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and so forth.............English phrases concocted by Western Intelligence.

So naturally Secret Jew Ahmedinejad and his sugar daddy who brought him to power in 2005, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Hoseyni Khāmene’i, should also visit such countries to reaffirm their support of the Western Intelligence backed destabilization programs in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and so forth.........based on their speeches in Iran.....Yes?

After all Doenme Turkey, and its leaders have fully backed the rebels in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria........and Sultan Erdogan I has even conducted state visits to such countries, shaking hands and sharing the podium with the "al-CIA-duh" terrorists in Libya by way of one exemplary instance. Provided them with money, arms, fuel to the rebels since February......NATO logistics, and saber rattling on the Syrian border, and hosting the Syrian rebel leadership in Istanbul......and any other orders from Washington DC. All such noble deeds just after Cameron and Sarkozy visited and endorsed the carpet bombing of Libya, ousting its popular leader Gaddafi (A confirmed Socialist) in favor of "al-CIA-duh" terrorists....whom Gaddafi had fought for many years in the East of his country.

Of course secret Jew Ahmedinejad, and his sugar daddy Ayatollah Seyed Ali Hoseyni Khāmene’i cannot go to Libya, and declare their support for the rebels for a variety of reasons, unlike Erdogan, Sarkozy and Cameron.

1. There is no indication the hardline Sunni "al-CIA-duh" affiliated rebels in Libya want them to come.

2. If they endorse such rebels in Libya, then it encourages the "wrong crowd" in Iran itself, in a country where quite a few people are not really happy with the mullahs.

Secret Jew Ahmedinejad, and his sugar daddy Ayatollah Seyed Ali Hoseyni Khāmene’i cannot go to Libya, because it raises the awkward question that if the USA backed "al-CIA-duh" affiliated rebels into power in Libya, and are in the process of doing so in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and other ME countries......then logically is not just possible the USA and their international poodles also destabilized the Shah and installed the mullahs into power.....32 years ago?

4. Sharing the podium in occupied, carpet bombed, subdued Tripoli, glad handing "al-CIA-duh" affiliated rebels might be very undesirable.

In the case of Syria things are delicate but also very clear. Assad of Syria is an ally of Iran, and his father was also an ally, remaining steadfast on the side of Iran during the Iran/Iraq war, providing arms and many other things, as a vital conduit to Lebanon. An 'al-CIA'duh" affiliated rebel government in Damascus will not be so friendly with Tehran, just as the CIA backed Taliban never was.

Publicly, diplomatically Iran c
an remain stand offish...."What is happening in Syria is an internal matter, we have no comment; we hope the problems of Syria can be settled peacefully......blah b;ah blah" ....privately Tehran MUST provide logistical, financial, and even Revolutionary Guard support to the regime (the latter not being too obvious). Syrian oil can also in addition be sold by Tehran, without taking any handling commission.

Assad must not fall, Syria must not fall to "al-CIA'duh". Syria should be advised to eject all Western tourists, and the closure of certain Western embassies, and their operations in Syria such as Western NGO's, consulates, businesses etc.

This will make it easier to manage Syria.