Endless American threats by Memsahib Hitlery

Since 2001 American has been threatening Pakistan every year with dire consequences.

Quite often a lot of these very public threats have been made because of the perceived requirements of the incumbent American administration's Domestic POLITICAL NEEDS.........bash and talk dirty with the Third World slave puppet power, and the Jews and the Nascar class in America will be happy.

Obummer, wrongly wishes to be elected again as President, based on his great record over the past 3 years. Hitlery also wants to have a go at the Presidency maybe.

Threatening Pakistan is easy for the Americans, and the Pakistani military top brass make it EASIER for the Americans to do so over the last 10 years.

It has become a Pro Forma Ceremony.....The Americans arrive apparently for "negotiations" then make a set of absurd demands, the Pakistanis rebut the absurd demands, and the Americans leave with threats on the table.

The fact of the matter is of course...if you convert a Third World country like Afghanistan into a huge Opium plantation, put the local mafia in charge, with American troops killing civilians every where, subvert the society by empowering a minority (Classic colonial social engineering).......ALL ruled over by a corrupt inept puppet "President" with no real power in Kabul.............then maybe a few Afghans might not be happy about this FUNDAMENTAL set-up and subsequently may revolt. International law says these revolting few have the right to resist the invasion of their homeland by illegal marauding foreign powers who are also unaccountable.

Pakistan's role, sanctioned by the USA in this FUNDAMENTAL set-up of USA failure in Afghanistan is therefore incidental, save for the fact that the Pakistani military carry out military operations against the Taliban in FATA paid for by the Americans, and sustain the American occupation of the hapless country with logistics through Pakistan.

Haqqani this and Haqqani that is irrelevant with his few thousand militia...... poorly trained, led, and armed with AK-47 and RPG's. Nobody should be seriously suggesting that 3000 tribal militia's are a serious threat to the Western War Machine of 250,000 troops and mercenaries based in Afghanistan......and the Pentagon is shitting in their pants because of Haqqani this and Haqqani that.

For the Harijan Coolie's in Pakistan, clearly all such threats Psy-ops or otherwise is not good for the country. Such threats should be used to encourage the Harijan Coolie to seek greater complete separation from the West, especially of Western military personnel in Pakistan, Diplomatic personnel, Western tourists, Western NGO's, Western business operations.

These issues have been discussed in the previous post.

Pakistan should not be used for electioneering in the USA Presidential race, but is.

Obummer's approval rating falls to new low, as does his foreign policy


Clinton Threatens Pakistan With ‘Unilateral’ Moves Over Haqqani Network

Another Diplomatic Visit Decays Into Open Threats

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

Yesterday officials were talking about the importance of “pulling out all the stops” as several top US officials arrived in Pakistan to press the Pakistani government on the Haqqani Network. It was not the first time top officials were sent to Pakistan on a vital mission, but all previous trips ended in failure, with US officials loudly condemning Pakistan and threatening the government.

Today, the current trip appears to have suffered the same fate, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Pakistan would pay a “big price” if they continued to ignore US demands, and threatened unspecified “unilateral” acts.

Officials say the meetings lasted around four hours, and included both Pakistan’s top military commander Gen. Parvez Kayani and the ISI chief Lt. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha. They reportedly ended with a promise to meet again Friday and to not discuss the situation in between.

Pakistani officials slammed Secretary Clinton for her threats, saying they did not help with the atmosphere of the extremely important Friday talks. It seems that as usual, however, the US is preparing for the talks to fail and for another opportunity to condemn Pakistan. Some officials just jumped the gun on their longstanding policy.