Rallies themselves won't topple the USA backed Zardari government, but as the CIA backed "Arab Spring' shows they are an important precursor to.......

............removing the government eventually, whether through popular designated elections in 2013 (seems an awful long way off) or the toppling of the regime, SOON.

The Zardari government is worse than the Mubarak government of Egypt.

The Zardari government is worse than the Ben Ali government of Tunisia.

The Zardari government is definitely worse than the great and benevolent government of Gaddafi in Libya ("Switzerland of Africa" $14,000 per capita income)

The Zardari government is definitely worse than the government of Bashar al Assad of Syria, which faces threats from Israel, USA, NATO and Doenme Turkey.

Zardari is a certified Harijan Coolie crook with $4 billion stashed away in Jew banks in the West, stolen from the state coffers of poverty stricken Pakistan.

Zardari is clueless, and knows nothing about government, governance or how to save and protect Pakistan......since coming to power he has made matters worse, not better.

Zardari was brought into power by the USA, using the ISI to fix the elections in 2008. He is not liked by 90% of Pakistanis, and 70% of his own Party the PPP.

Zardari is a gora cock sucker who takes daily orders from the American ambassador.

Zardari is in purdah, hoping out of sight, out of mind. Gilani is his Zamindari Punjabi front. But its the same Party with the same problems.

Zardari exercises very little real power in Pakistan.

Real power in Pakistan is exercised by the USA working with the Pakistani military Mir Jafars.

BUT SYMBOLICALLY, in the long struggle to regain legitimate civilian power in Pakistan, ZARDARI'S puppet government must fall first and foremost. Then we can deal with the rest of the Kuta's in Pakistan.

The Pakistani people, united in this struggle are thus struggling against the USA empire, and their Kuta in Pakistan.

Pakistanis must save their country themselves, nobody else will help them. Focus on Islamabad, the Capital. Take inspiration from the OWS movements.


Rallies cannot topple government: Gilani

By Daily Times

* Prime minister says general elections will be held on schedule

* Says PML-N wants to wind up democracy

* Nawaz has learnt nothing from his exile

Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani has said that the government could not be toppled through rallies and creating hullabaloo, and that elections would be held according to the prescribed schedule.

(That is not the case with many Middle East regimes, and Third Word countries, which are not necessarily Failed States like Pakistan........taking a top hat, white gloves and 3-piece dinner suit to search for food at a "rubbish tip" is silly........USA backed election formality is not necessary in such dire situations......Pakistan requires a genuine alternative Pakistani government)

Speaking to Pakistani expatriates here on Saturday, he said that it seemed that Nawaz Sharif neither learnt anything from his exile nor from sentence as he was still far away from political maturity.

“PML (N) wants to wind up democracy but the government will not let derail it,” he said categorically.

(Democracy isn't functioning now. 90% of Pakistanis hate Zardari, despite enormous USA efforts to sell him to the people)

The prime minister is here on a four-day visit to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that is being attended by over 50 world leaders.

(Celebration of the British empire. This is very appropriate, but of course now its the American empire, and memshib Hitlery and her on and off threats )

Prime Minister queried as to why PML-N did not give a sit-in on October 12 1999 when their government was overthrown by a dictator. “They did not hold any demonstration when Nawaz was banished but they should realise that politics of protest could not succeed."

(In 1999 the Pakistani military was menacing, dangerous, cock-sure and powerful.......it was Pro Forma IN THOSE DAYS that civilian governments quietly bowed out of power once the USA backed generals rolled their tanks in the streets, that's after all what ZAB's party did in 1977........BUT 12 years have passed; Pakistanis are as skeptical of the military as they are of the PPP, for obvious reasons borne through horrific experience especially since 2001, and they have seen what has happened in the rest of the world, and even in the USA, recently, so they are naturally emboldened.

Pakistanis are displeased with the UTTER MESS of Pakistan and quite rightly they must protest, as is their constitutional right)

He said that the federal government had always supported the Punjab government, as it could not allow anyone to engineer downfall of the provincial government.

“PPP is a symbol of federation and its opponents are confined to only one portion of the country,” he boasted.

(PPP has failed the whole country, there is absolutely no doubt. A new in coming government has its work cut out that it is truly a national party working for the whole of the country)

Gilani categorically said there was no permission to the United States to carry out any drone strike against any target inside Pakistan’s territory.

“There is no such permission,” he asserted.

(Numerous credible Western sources have confirmed that Zardari and Gilani have privately encouraged the Americans to attack the Pakistani civilians in the NWFP with drones. Why should a billionaire crook worry or care about ordinary poor Pakistanis, or a Zamindar from the Punjab? The USA cannot carry out drone strikes in Pakistan without the knowledge and acceptance of the Pakistani government and military......the USA requires their cooperation)

The prime minister said such attacks were counterproductive because of the collateral damage caused, and these also undermined government’s efforts to get masses on the same page as far as fight against militancy was concerned.

He said drone strikes were one of the reasons of tense relations between Pakistan and the United States.

He said Pakistan had also conveyed to the United States that unilateral military operation, such as the operation on May 2 to get Osama bin Laden would not be acceptable.

Gilani, who also had an interactive session with the community members, said there had been a sea change in the country’s foreign policy towards terrorism as a result of vindication of his vision of three Ds, dialogue, development and deterrence.

(Three what????!!!! three Tati's?)

“There has been a paradigm shift in the policy between a democratic government and a dictatorial regime,” he said, and added that now people of Pakistan and parliament were the ultimate arbitrators to take important decisions of national importance.

(The USA controls Zardari's government, and the Pakistan military.........that is why they both look so stupid and clueless when the USA does the dirty against Pakistan again and again. You cannot explain the inexplicable)