Neo-Colonialism in Libya by the International Bankers

Why does the JEWSA wish to topple Qaddafi the puppet they installed in 1969, through a popular "military coup"?

The JEWSA often topples its own puppets......Diem South Vietnam, Noriega Panama, Marcos, Mubarak, Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran......for a variety of geo-strategic agenda's which are often not publicized.

Gaddafi after all is the perfect JEWSA puppet....being Jewish on his mothers side, reportedly gay who enjoys cross dressing, a controlled puppet of the JEWSA who originally bought him to power (ditto Nasser of Egypt, Saddam of Iraq)...and provided him with units of the Green Berets to protect and reinforce his regime. And Gaddafi with his revolutionary zeal is the man who funded many many left-wing revolutionary groups around the world from the IRA to various groups in Africa and Asia, and thus played the vital role of creating the image of the "Arab terrorist" in the 1970's and 1980's along with MOSSAD controlled Abu Nidal group, and the PLO......well before the advent of "al-CIA duh" and Tim Osman's phantom non-group.

These are perfect credentials for a Third World leader from the JEWSA's point of view, covering 42 years...so why does the JEWSA wish to get rid of him now with such unceremonious hatred...killing his children and gandchildren isn't exactly going to "encourage" the JEWSA puppet to leave quietly and obediently to the Gulf living the rest of his life in a desert mansion with all the comforts of life.

We must seek answers in the Protocols of Zion obtained by sheer chance by the Czars secret police, the simple manual for Jewish hegemony of the world. One of the protocols talks of sacrificing "Lessor brethren" (9) for the greater good of the Jewish people, and their International agenda's. "Lessor brethren" though not articulated or clarified referred to Jews who could be used as pawns of the International Jew, and then discarded if and when the need arose: Nazi Jewish Germans like Goebbels, Heydrich killed in 1942, Hess.......Jews who were significant figures in the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet State and became victims in the mass slaughter...Trotsky amongst other key figures who initiated and played a vital role in instigating the revolution in the first place.........and NOW people like Ahmedinejad of Iran, Gaddafi...and some where down the line possibly the Saudi Monarchy ALL of whom have crypto-Jewish backgrounds.

Presumably the "Higher brethren" are the Rothschilds of London, and their agents in New York.

In Libya, it is reported Gaddafi attempted to create a separate financial system using his petro $, which would become a financial hub and banker to the Middle East, and especially Africa, and this was unacceptable to the International Jewish bankers of London and New York. They saw it as a challenge to their natural power of high finance, currency manipulation....and other such financial wizardry.

Gaddafi wants to create a currency based on the GOLD standard as a reserve....this it is reported to have angered the Jewish Bankers lest it becomes popular every where. The Jewish International bankers wish to print money based on NO reserves at all.

Gaddafi has been courting China.

Gaddafi wants to create a "Peoples economy" where the profits from oil go directly to the citizens, and not the government. This angered the Jewish International bankers who wish to see "Free Market" "Free Trade" fostered in ALL countries which in reality create a few rich people (slaves to the International Jews) .....and many many poor people.....Russia after 1991, and India now.

There is believed to be vast amounts of Gold deposits in South East Libya, as yet untapped. The International Jewish bankers realize they can't get at this Gold and profit significantly on their terms from it so long as Qaddafi remains in power.

(See what is happening to the Democratic Republic of Congo...where 6 million have died in Jewish International banker instituted civil wars on-going for many decades, using neighboring proxies....a country that is resources rich, but the people of the country war ravaged and poor due to the greed of the Jewish International bankers based in London and New York)


“After you Brother!” Qadaffi Stays and Obama Leaves?

By Franklin Lamb at Information Clearing House

The International Criminal Courts (ICC) arrest warrants issued for Muammar Gadhafi, his son Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, and Libya intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanoussi, however pleasing to the “rebels” and NATO, probably won’t have much effect on negotiating a settlement between the two camps and certainly the warrants will not facilitate a voluntary regime change.

Quite likely, the warrants effects will tend toward the obverse, with the Libyan government ignoring, but ridiculing the much criticized ICC and pointing out its historical pattern of targeting African leaders. At Tripoli’s Rixos Nasser Hotel, just a few hours after the arrest warrants were announced, Libya’s Justice Minister and a high ranking Foreign Affairs official did just that and then refused to take any questions from the large gathering of western journalists of whom Libya is distrustful of, given a spate of recent false main stream media reports that have been exposed as hoaxes.

((i)That Qaddafi ordered his troops to rape civilians as a military strategy as one example(ii) True to his colloquial firebrand speeches to his followers at the beginning of the "Libyan Peoples Revolution" Qaddafi's security forces slaughtered many many civilians to restore order----Psy-ops is an integral part of warfare, but when such psy-ops are exposed then the psy-ops has the opposite effect of its intended use)

Colonel Qaddafi and his supporters, in a series of what this observer refers to as “Hezbollah style free give and take dialogue sessions” are making it very plain that they will prevail in re-unifying Libya and probably before Ramadan which begins, this year, in early August. They argue that the “rebels” are increasingly fighting among themselves and are losing popular support. It’s an argument similar to the one the “rebels” are using to explain how their victory is all but assured, also by the end of Ramadan.

A subsequent report will also detail NATO terrorism and crimes against the civilian population that have included the bombing of 294 civilian targets, killing and wounding a total of 6,232 according to the Libyan Red Crescent Society statistics.

(Does this constitute war crimes as defined by the ICC????)

These civilian targets include the Libyan Down's Syndrome Society, a school that provided speech therapy, handicrafts and sports sessions for disabled children, as well as Tripoli’s Nassar University, homes, schools, medical facilities and food storage warehouses, bombing these sites are all outlawed by the Geneva Conventions and constitute NATO war crimes. An additional massive documentation project by international organizations is expected to be completed by July 30, 2011.

Once entering Libya from Tunisia, the roughly 115 mile drive to Tripoli currently provides a fascinating if unsettling introduction to the current situation in Tripoli. By the time I arrived at the hotel, my mouth tasted like I had sipped kerosene and my clothes reeked of the same. The reason is that the acute petroleum products shortage has meant that Tunisians and others are transporting for quick cash, whatever they can get to Tripoli to supply thousands of cars that are stranded along the roadside without fuel in their tanks.

Just about every opened car trunk I observed being inspected randomly at more than 50 check points between Jerba, Tunisia and Tripoli, Libya, were jammed with full plastic fuel containers. Many apparently leak and over the past three months have left a heavy pall and stench for nearly one hundred miles. Some trucks, loaded with perhaps close to 1000 55 gallon drums of gasoline seemed quite ready to topple over from being seriously top-heavy with the center of gravity being at tire level. Bread, children's toys as well as dry and canned goods also fill many cars.

The main attitude one encounters on the streets of the old city such as Avenue Omar Muktar, and along the Cornice is defiance and strong nationalist support for (Gaddafi's) Libya’s Revolution.

(The Libyan conflict is sectarian I believe, AND not a general uprising by ALL Libyan's against Gaddafi. If that were the case then Qaddafi would be out of power by now as with Mubarak of Egypt. The East of Libya (rebel held, centered around Benghazi) belongs to one ethnic group which is closely identified with the former King Idris and the monarchy with strong historical links to the UK. These Eastern Libyan tribes tend to be lighter skinned then the Gaddafi's allied clans, possibly because they have Roman or Greek blood........so this conflict in Libya is a racial war at two levels....Libyan's verses Libyan's, and Libyans verses Jewish backed Western powers.

Gaddafi has survived in power because although his security forces have had considerable training with the USA/UK in the past, that is no longer the case NOW. Gaddafi the ex-MI officer has a security apparatus which is loyal to him generally, despite some significant defections based on tribal loyalties. In the case of Tunisia and Egypt recently the American backed coups or "peoples revolutions" were successful because the USA used the local security apparatus to remove the previous USA dictators.....Mubarak and Ben Ali. Both the Tunisian and Egyptian security forces has extensive training relationships with the West, and this network was used to remove the previous dictators.

To put it in simple terms, Qaddafi and Assad of Syria are still around despite the JEWSA's best efforts through "Peoples Power" revolutions because their security apparatus.....the military, police and intelligence are not trained or have ANY relationship with the JEWSA or NATO. ALL Third World nations desiring true independence should make sure their military, police and intelligence do not have any relationship with the JEWSA and NATO.

For PAKISTAN/BANGLADESH to be free the security apparatus of these countries have to cut ALL linkages with the WEST, then a lot of the "PROBLEMS" these countries face year after year, decade after decade will be a little less)

“It’s our country. What choice do we have but to defend it? “is a commonly expressed sentiment. One woman asked me, “Shall I take off my white Hijab and wave it to surrender when the NATO troops come to my neighborhood or shall I wear my green scarf and fire my weapons. For sure my choice is the second!”

(Obviously if you kill people, and destroy their homes, hospitals and schools.......including the tactical and propaganda error of killing Qaddafi's children....then they are naturally left with very little choice but to stand and fight in their locality for their survival with their kith and kin)

A Libyan businessman, who admits he has lots of free time these days, and who was educated at George Washington University, commented: “UN Security Council Resolution 1973 authorized the enforcement of a no-fly zone over Libya to supposedly protect civilians from Muammar Gaddafi. The reality is that we need NATO to just declare ‘mission accomplished’ and then stop slaughtering our “protected” people?”

This morning during a long and exhilarating discussion with an official at the Libya People’s Congress HQ in Tripoli, the General Secretary told me that more than two million of the 3.5 million Libyans over 18 years have been armed and are training to fight NATO when/if they arrive on the ground.

(Generally not a good idea to create a unwieldy peoples militia, but given the fear or possibility of the Eastern Libyan's overrunning the whole country through NATO power, and what they may do thereafter to the Western Libyan tribal people, then naturally from a psychological and tactical point of view Qaddafi has done the right thing.

Thus the reality is that about 82% of Libyan's support Qaddafi, under whom they live..........and the opposition "rebels" in Benghazi despite NATO power are a minority aggrieved tribal group within Libyan society, and do not represent the common sentiments of most Libyan's)

Virtually everyone who is asked gives assurances that “Baba (Father) Qaddafi” will not flee but will, if necessary, die defending his country. They believe he will survive even more NATO assassination attempts. More than once officials confidently stated that Qaddafi will be here after US President Obama is rejected by the American people in the 2012 election.

Support for this idea is found in the seemingly widespread support Qaddafi appears to enjoy and also certain “benefits” resulting from a certain Libyan pride in five million citizens still full of resistance after 100 days of facing many NATO countries.

The bombs have united the people.

Forced the sometimes too comfortable population to face the future even one without Baba Gaddafi;

Learned that the media strikes with false stories is stronger than the military assault in some respects,

The exposure of several in the government who were ready to quickly sell out,

Re-learning that the “Arab system” i.e. Arab League is worthless,

That it’s the poor people of Libya who truly believe in the (Gaddafi) Revolution and are remaining loyal to it, and not to those with foreign bank accounts who NATO and the US were able to quickly threaten and pressure to defect.
(Same in mullah Iran)

The confidence that the peoples arms and their self-confidence will ultimately win this attempted occupation,
(They have the moral high ground)

The “rebels” have exposed the Muslim Brotherhood as a US partner and also has shown the true nature of the Jihadists, Al Qaeda and NATO itself; (This area has already been extensively covered by this blog...the link between Islamic Fundamentalists and Western powers, who use these extremist organizations to destabilize Muslim nations....often in collaboration with the local military....Pakistan/Indonesia as classic examples)

That the African Union has a key function to perform,

That Libya is not divisible because of its social and economic interdependency;

The realization that Libya must reform and reject the IMF system and learn from its mistakes in trusting the US and certain countries in 2002 when it gave up certain weapons systems and placed billions of dollars in American banks;

A return to peoples capitalism, not government capitalism(Which is ultimately controlled by the International Jewish banks....and the Rothschilds)

and the need to become more self-reliant.

In addition, due to the crisis, Women have stepped forward and are surprising many by “taking charge” of many governmental functions and encouraging the population to defend their country.

The youth of the country are following many much like themselves across the Middle East and are getting involved not just in defending their country but also in working on reforms, including the drafting of a Constitution in a convention being held in Tripoli next week.

Libyans are saying that they have to rejuvenate their revolution and rely on themselves.

Nearly everyone is claiming that Libya was deceived in the 2004 negotiations and agreement with the US/UK. They admit that they have paid a big price in terms of lives lost and infrastructure damage.
(also Libyan state assets in the 10's of billions confiscated by Western powers-----$60--100 billion. The Iranians have taken ALL their state money out of the West......some $80 billion, before further sanctions)

Libya also intends to continue their gold based currency project and continue improving relations with African countries. Libya’s squeezing the former French colonial power out of most of Africa is one motive of that country to seek regime change. (The main instigator against Gaddafi is the JEWSA.....the rest are poodles)

Regime Change?

President Obama is likely to be defeated in 2012 according to former Bush adviser, Karl Rove and a swelling number of US political pundits. The US economy is very weak and unlikely to experience a significant recovery by Election Day. Key voter groups are rejecting Obama partly because of his war of choice in Libya (Afghanistan and continued occupation of Iraq....further adventures in Syria, Yemen) which is seen as a bad strategic decision with NATO’s actions increasingly becoming a deadly farce with his justification increasingly ridiculed and the cost now more than 500 million USD.

In addition, the unemployment is approaching 9.1% (Real rate 17%) with close to 14 million Americans out of work with half of them having been without work for more than six months. They remember that Obama promised much better, declaring that his February 2009 stimulus would cause unemployment to peak at 8% by the end of summer 2009 and drop to roughly 6.8% today.

Gallup has reported Obama’s job approval rating this week at 45%, down from 67% at his inaugural. Among the groups showing a larger-than-average decline since 2009 are whites (down 25 points); older voters (down 24); independents and college graduates (both down 23), those with a high-school education or less, men, and Southerners (all down 22); women (down 21 points); married couples and those making $2,000-$4,000 a month (down 20). This all points to severe trouble in suburbs and mid-sized cities in states likes Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Moreover, approval among younger voters has dropped 22 points, and it's dropped 20 points among Latinos. Even African-American voters are less excited about Mr. Obama than they were and many deeply oppose his policies, and he tends to be weakest on issues voters consider most important. In the June 13 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 56% disapprove of Mr. Obama's handling of the economy. Fifty-nine percent in the Economist/YouGov poll of June 14 disapprove of how he's dealt with the deficit.

The White House is reportedly becoming reconciled to the fact that Qaddafi may remain in the Libyan leadership.

Whether Obama will be re-elected is increasingly uncertain.

Gaddafi has survived assaults of various types from US Presidents' Ford, Carter, Reagan, George Bush 1, Clinton, George Bush 2, and Obama. Vegas book makers are giving odds he’ll be the leader of Libya’s Fatah Revolution after the voters retire Obama, whose broken promises included telling them that the US would be involved in Libya for days, not months.

Franklin Lamb is doing research in Libya.



Webster Tarpley reports from Tripoli


Real Movement in Pakistani politics.

They thought about it in early January 2011, but finally in June they have done it. They have left the PPP led coalition government.

This is good for the MQM, since they understand that living in a Failed State initiated since 2006 is not good for the PARTY, and not good for the COUNTRY.

Now all we need is a no confidence vote in Parliament, fresh elections and a PML (N) led coalition government.

Then we can see what 10 paratha a day Sharif can do for the country, on the economic front and the security front.



Key Pakistani party quits ruling coalition

By Presstv.com

The Pakistani government's main coalition partner has quit the administration, raising the prospects of more political instability in the country.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) accuses the ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP) of having an undemocratic and dictatorial approach.

"It is not possible for us to partner with the PPP any further because of its brutal, ruthless and disloyal character to its partners," senior party official Farooq Sattar said.

"The PPP was unwilling to mend its ways leaving us with no option but to quit the coalition government,” he added.

Sattar noted that his party decided to split with the PPP because of differences over regional elections held last week in Pakistani-administered Kashmir.

"When we refused to change our stance, the PPP got the elections for Kashmiri migrants residing in Karachi cancelled on the pretext of security issues," Sattar said.

He also reiterated that the government had failed to crack down on violence against its supporters in the southern port city of Karachi. MQM, the dominant political party in Karachi, had earlier expressed its displeasure and anger over ethnic and militant violence in recent months in the city.

MQM has now announced plans to remove its ministers from the federal cabinet and sit in opposition to the PPP in Parliament and provincial assemblies.

Reports say the governor of the southern Sindh Province, who is an MQM loyalist, has also tendered his resignation to the president.

The decision of the MQM to quit the government has raised fresh questions over political stability in Pakistan.

The developments come at a time when the government in Islamabad is trying to tackle growing militancy and the economic crisis in the country.


Modernizing the Colonial era Indian police, after 63 years.

India after 63 years still has a colonial era police force with a force of 1.2 million policemen.......a small number for a population of 1.2 billion. They still wear their colonial era khaki uniforms and colonial era tactics......lathi charges and brute force when dealing with the public.

Crime is common within police forces, whether in First World countries or Third World.......but such situations can be ameliorated by careful considered reform, as the SC as suggested since 1996 under various directives.....BUT ignored save a few states, who want money from the Central government to institute the reforms.

In India the police have a very poor reputation...and this is justified, but the ultimate blame for this lies with the DO NOTHING CONGRESS party which has been in power for so many years. The party could have initiated modest staggered reforms which could have brought the Indian police force into the 21st century.

This is a shame for India.


Maharashtra cops among most corrupt

The Maharashtra police once enjoyed a reputation that befit the state's status as the country's most developed. But in recent years, its image has taken a severe beating. Rape, extortion, underworld links, disproportionate assets, custodial death, fake encounter, shoddy investigation of cases leading to frameups ...the list of charges is as long as the list of policemen whose wrongdoings have been exposed in the media with almost metronomic regularity.

From 2006 to 2010, over 21,000 cases were registered against state policepersons, including ones of illegal detention and custodial death. The statistic, by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), puts the state police fifth on a list headed by Madhya Pradesh (93,710 complaints), followed by Uttar Pradesh (34,364), Delhi (29,165) and Punjab (23,090).

For a proper appreciation of the data, knowledge of the police strength of the states and the police-population ratio there is necessary. Strength: Madhya Pradesh, 77,617; Uttar Pradesh, 1,70,000; Delhi, 57,500; Punjab, 30,000; Maharashtra, 1,80,000. Police persons per 10,000 people : MP, 12.16; UP, 10.68; Delhi, 42.4; Punjab, 30.76; Maharashtra, 17.93.

If data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on complaints against policemen is considered along with the police strength of the states, the comparison shows that the cases against the Maharashtra police are proportionately less than their counterparts in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab—the top four states on the NCRB list. But still, the company Maharashtra is keeping with these top four is unenviable : MP and UP, among a quartet of underdeveloped states that includes Bihar and Rajasthan, are where the police have historically had a low image; the same is with Delhi and Punjab.

So what has propelled Maharashtra into this league?

"Wrong exercise of power ," said former director general of police S S Puri. "This is the main problem that is causing criminal cases against the state's police persons to rise."

Another reason is collusion of senior officers with their juniors, said former IPS officer and advocate Y P Singh. "Because of this, no action is taken against errant cops. Inaction emboldens those down the ranks, which has a cascading effect. There is a dire need to implement police reforms (changing the functional structure of the force)."

One more reason is that people in the state are better informed and aware of their rights, said joint commissioner of police (crime) Himanshu Roy. This leads to victims of police persecution to come forward and register complaints, he said. "The picture will be clearer if a ratio of the absolute number of cases registered against the state's policemen per 1,000 people is taken into account. I must add, however, that the police department takes stern action against its members who are found guilty of abuse of authority."

Among the most glaring examples of abuse of authority is the case of senior inspector Arun Borude. Months after sleazy details of how he repeatedly raped a 15-year-old Powai girl started appearing, he allegedly committed suicide in December last year.

Most recently, the name of an officer of assistant commissioner rank cropped up in the J Dey murder case. The officer, Anil Mahabole, has had charges levelled against him in the past as well. He was suspended in 2007 for alleged underworld links.

In April this year, Malwani police sub-inspector Munir Shaikh was arrested for allegedly compelling a domestic help, Kunda Shinde, to commit suicide. This was his second arrest.

"The police are supposed to provide security to the people and ensure their welfare. Here, it is not the case," said Shakil Ahmed, member of the NGO Nirbhay Bano Andolan. "The police in the state are misusing their powers to the detriment of the public."

A senior police officer said most of the complaints pertain to accepting bribes to either pursue a case or sometimes alter the course of investigation in cases. "Police officers often make victims of crime run from pillar to post till they agree to pay a bribe. This is absolutely shameful."

Former Thane police commissioner SPS Yadav suggested deterrents like putting in place a special agency to deal with complaints against police.

"These complaints should be immediately looked into. If they are justified, stern action should be taken against the offenders. This will set an example and discourage policepersons from abusing power and indulging in illegal activities."

There are voices in defence of the state police as well. Former Mumbai police commissioner M N Singh said: "Complaints are registered against policepersons in the state for various reasons . The force in Maharashtra is one of the largest in the country. The number of complaints should be seen in terms of a comparison of a state's population with its police strength."

A senior police officer from the central suburbs said: "It is not that rogue cops are allowed to do as they please. A departmental inquiry is carried out against a policeperson if he faces charges. This process is clearly visible if one considers the cases of senior inspector Pradeep Sharma and inspector Pradeep Suryavanshi, who are in custody for allegedly conducting fake encounters.

"Sharma was initially hailed as a hero for his prowess as an encounter specialist . His count was over 100. But still he was arrested over the 2006 encounter of gangster Ram Narayan (alias Lakhan Bhaiya)."

He said that though Maharashtra ranks high on the NCRB list, there is a big difference with other states.

"Arbitrary arrest, illegal detention and torture are rampant across India. Maharashtra is no exception. But here, there are fewer instances of the force as a whole covering up for its guilty members."

Ex-President joins Anna Hazare

If enough public figures and members of the intelligentsia join the fight against corruption, then I am confident INDIA will win the war against corruption eventually. The whole public sentiment needs to be articulated into clear policies and mechanisms for fighting corruption sensibly using secularist strategies.......this is what happened in Singapore, and can happen in India. Though I have my doubts about the Congress Party given its the ultimate insider within the central problem.

A Party which functions behind closed doors around Dynasty politics, political patronage and wheeling and dealing. This is Mafia politics of bygone banana republic years. "Shining" "incredible" India must reinvent itself in this new era.....and leave behind the era of Indira Gandhi politics.


Eradication of corruption vital for development, says Kalam

By PTI and TOI.

With the chorus getting strident over rooting out corruption, former President APJ Abdul Kalam on Sunday threw his weight behind the anti-graft movement.

Kalam launched the "What can I give for India movement" here to fight the menace.

He said eradication of corruption was vital for the development of a nation. Though India has made significant progress in various fields, there are challenges, including corruption and moral turpitude, he said.

He said the fight for corruption free society and good environment could be a reality only if people changed their attitude and started thinking what they could give to their nation.

A Sound policy thats been tried before


Pakistan Demands That Tribal Leaders Police Their Areas, US Merely Wants Them Dead

By therearenosunglasses.com and preliminary comments by Peter Chamberlain in yellow.

[This short report outlines the whole problem and the main point of contention between US and Pakistani generals--plans for Pakistan's tribesmen. Pakistan is creating a legally binding arrangement with the tribes, where they police their own areas against the penetration of criminal foreigners, "anti-state or anti-social elements," as well as to protect "roads, government installations and officials." The tribal system will be advanced throughout the region, as the representatives of government in the now lawless region. America's problem with this is that it is the exact opposite of their preferred solution, the total militarization of the zone. To that end, US assets are continually deployed against these pro-government tribal leaders, in an effort to turn them against the (Pakistani) government and to expand the insurgency. (Using the TTP)

(Additionally the drone strikes and TTP also kill a lot of the pro-government tribal leaders. So what we are seeing is a destabilization of Pakistan from about 2006 by the USA, and the Pakistanis close "cooperation" with USA security objectives makes it that easier)

One would think that the US Army would be proud to support this operation, since it is Pakistan's application of its own "Anbar solution" to its tribal problems. In Anbar, Iraq, the US military bought peace with the Sunni militants by buying them off and empowering them as the local law in their areas of operations. This solution cannot be allowed for Pakistan, since US planners have always planned to expand the war there.]

The military operations by the Pakistan military is costly, domestically unpopular....and more often than not creates more recruits for the element of the Taliban created by the USA to join them and fight the Pakistani military......which obviously will exhaust the military and damage moral and weaken its cohesion given that 25% of the military is Pathan.

Instead of fighting ceaseless campaigns against the Pathans in that region, and trying to figure out who is the bad and good Pathan.......the Pakistan military is better disposed to settle for the locals to police themselves as was the original intention of the British Raj, and Pakistan governments up to 1990 in the FEDERALLY ADMINISTERED TRIBAL AREAS.

That is the sensible long term course that should be seriously and earnestly undertaken.


(PTI) The Pakistani Army will withdraw from trouble-torn Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), close to the Afghan border when its tribal people are able to take up their responsibilities to combat terrorism, Army chief Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has promised.

Addressing separate meetings of Ahmadzai Wazir and Mehsud tribes in Wana and Chegmalai areas of South Waziristan, Kayani said the army had played an important role in eradicating militancy and restoring peace in the region.
“The army will leave the area when tribesmen are capable of fulfilling their responsibilities,” Kayani was quoted as saying by Dawn.com.

Pakistan has deployed over 100,000 regular and paramilitary troops in FATA to flush out the Taliban from the area.

The army chief also blamed foreign elements for the situation in FATA, the report said.

Under the Frontier Crimes Regulations, tribal people have certain responsibilities, including protection of roads, government installations and officials and keep their areas clear of anti-state and anti-social elements, it noted.

The US has been pressuring Pakistan to crackdown on terrorists taking shelter in North Waziristan. Pakistan army had undertaken military operations to flush out terrorists from South Waziristan. However, Pakistan has been resisting similar operations in North Waziristan, saying it will not come under foreign pressure and decide when to carry out any military operation North Waziristan.



Indo-Bangladesh relations? Slow and ponderous like all Indians.

The fundamental problem with India is its passivity, and slow and ponderous mentality.

The problem is there's no "zeed" which you might find in a Japanese persona. "Zeed" or spirit, indignation, self righteous anger drives nations forward when it is collectivized and channeled in the right direction constructively.

The "Zeed" in Japan meant that after WWII, and total defeat and destruction the Japanese embarked on the plan to become "Ishiban" or number one economically with a population of just 75 million in 1945, with no resources in the country. Well they aren't number one yet, but with a population of 126 million they are now the third largest economy in the world.........a magnificent feat for a nation with no natural resources, save for superb organization and sound strategic thinking by the bureaucrats of the nation who set the long term parameters for success.

No wonder Tagore near the end of the 1930's exhorted the young educated elite of India to look to Japan for inspiration.

We may be talking here racial issues, after all India is a hot tropical country filled with hot tropical people.......and marshaling your "zeed" in that 45 degrees Delhi heat may be difficult. Better to accept the daily power cuts, the daily corruption of administration, mis-governance of the central government, the massive poverty, membership and unqualified unabashed CELEBRATION STILL of the Commonwealth Coolie kuta exploited subject Countries, the sheer disorganized filth and dirt of Indian cities as acceptable inevitable facts of life...........what can you do but acceptance of inevitable facts, and thus resignation is the best policy (Karma...Hari Om Shanti).

Yes there is "Zeed" or violence in India with 32,000 murders a year...highest in the world, and 200,000 road fatalities a year, the highest in the world, but the "Zeed" is usually of the wrong sort which also involves directing ones anger against fellow Indians be they children with 1.2 million of them working in the sex trade or 15--60 million bonded child laborers, the maids, non-standard Indians of the communal sort......and the wrong caste.

The National "Zeed" in India what little there is is directed in the wrong direction.

Partition should not have taken place.......strategically Gandhi should have seen what problems would be created by acceptance of Pakistan. However it did take place, also the premise that most Muslims wanted a separate homeland, and the Muslim League was a legitimate representation of wide spread Muslim sentiments in the whole of South Asia. (I am implying it was not; it was purely a Raj created mischief and fiction activated from 1940 with Winston Churchill's blessing)

Bangladesh is created in 1971 with the help of India, and logically relations between the two countries should have been on a sound footing uninterrupted for the last 40 years, based on how Bangladesh was created, with considerable Indian help.

India should have set up a whole department of a few thousand civil servants within the MEA, focusing on maintaining and improving this relationship........simple example.....what were the challenges Shaikh Mujibur Rehman faced between 1973--1975? How could India have helped? Certainly regular liaison should have been maintained between the leadership of Bangladesh and India, which would have saved all the problems in the relationship that ensued after 1975, with the American/UK backed military dictators of General Zia ul Rehman, General Ershad and the right wing BNP.

TALKING regularly with your strategic neighbor is extremely important, as is strategic aid as a follow up reinforcement policy....significant military and economic aid beyond tokenism. This India failed to do settling instead for a negative destabilization policy of Bangladesh especially between 1975--1981....which would create further problems for India, with Bangladeshi economic refugees pouring into India numbering 20 million (1971---2011).

You would think with a pro-India Awami League government in Dhaka with a landslide electoral victory behind it (December 2008), India would take the HISTORIC opportunity to cement permanent strategic ties with Bangladesh........both on security with a bi-lateral Security Pact providing significant military aid annually; and the more important military training of cadets; and regular inter-action of senior security personnel from both countries..military, police, intelligence; joint security exercise....military...police...and intelligence. AND an economic pact with a fully pro-active FTA agreement to balance the lopsided trade between the two nations (as with India's FTA with ASEAN)........and significant economic aid regularly.

India has provided Bangladesh with a $1 billion credit for strategic projects belatedly in 2011! But no real movement in the other important aspects of the relationship. Hari Om Shanti, Hari Om shanti, Hari Om shanti.....just pray and meditate and it will materialize. AND of course whine, whine, whine how other nations are making great inroads at the expense of India in her own back yard.


Other fish to fry

Indrani Bagchi at TOI blog

It's not necessary to have a passing knowledge of Rabindranath Tagore to get the Bangladesh relationship right. And Bengalis (read Bangladeshis) don't actually break into song and poetry at the mention of Gurudev.

(I've not read Tagore extensively, though I have heard his songs many times when I was younger within the Bangladeshi cultural Associations, and his books into movies on TV which my parents watched a lot. I don't think though I could be wrong whether intellectually or in terms of time and effort, Tagore focused on East Bengalis....60% of the population of undivided Bengal, that much did he? He was an intellectual who presided in the West of the state, and an intellectual for the whole of India and the world.......but for the masses of Bengal I think the man was a bit too esoteric and irrelevant. I could be wrong)

But try getting anybody in Delhi's corridors of power to understand that. Yes, Bangladeshis share a love of the poet with our own Bengalis. When they want to sing, they don't automatically run to Bollywood (You mean mafia underworld controlled Goondawood, Thank God, Bangladesh has her own version churning out 80 poor quality movies a year) ;they have the luxury of living their literature (Bengalis are wordy animated emotional people). They don't pile their plates with food (there's never enough?); they prefer to consume a meal in courses - with a portion of hilsa. Kind of civilized, huh? And no, they don't shrug their shoulders, raise a finger and knee, and hop to the beat of a drum.

(I've danced to Bangra at university its irritating....the language is even worse; Tagore I think said, translate my work into ALL languages except Punjabi. We must not conflate Punjabi Sikh culture with all India identity.....and nor should we imply that somehow Punjabi culture is less sophisticated than other parts of India...regional chauvinism)

As the Bangladeshis are only dimly discovering, the last trait is essential to be heard in New Delhi, which does not actually function as the heart of a rising power, but more like a provincial capital.

(No that's a problem in a lot of countries. In the UK, London and the SE is very rich, whilst parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, North Wales are Third World in many respects....ditto in Russia where Moscow is doing very well, but the regions poorly. That's why decentralized federal governments are good for large nations...you get greater accountability, and administrative efficiency. The 40 million Punjabis of India have done well, due to hard work and talent......and the benefit of being ruled by the Raj for 98 years in comparison to Bengals 190 years....which were pretty destructive on the state. Punjabis served in the Raj military, security and bureaucracy.......Bengalis ceased to do so after 1857. India in that sense is a post-colonial society that reflects the bias's and choices of the former British masters. Bengalis in India as I understand are relatively strong in the academic/intellectual field...and thats it, and the problems of a weak state government which has managed to stifle economic and business led development)

With its eyes firmly trained to the West in love and loathing, it only responds to the terror tactics most favored by Pakistan.

India in that sense is a post-colonial society that reflects the bias's and choices of the former British masters.....the Raj in Delhi also focused on the West, the last part to be conquered...to the detriment of the rest of India. Pakistan is a failed client state of the USA, run by the USA, the USA bankrolls the ISI, and the Pakistan military. Solve the problem of American control of Pakistan, and you solve the whole Indo-Pak problem)

Translated, it means the netas and babus here would know Paresh Barua is in Bangladesh, or the number of Chinese bridges being built there, but really have no idea how to engage our eastern neighbor in a language it understands. We think Bangladeshis must speak an alien tongue, which only Pranab Mukherjee can comprehend. So, oftentimes the beleaguered finance minister has to double up as foreign minister for Bangladesh. Everything is horribly complicated.

(Indians tend to make things complicated.....as one notable British philosopher noted. Bengali is a Sanskrit based North Indian language similar to Hindi, evolving over 800 years with considerable patronage given to it by the Turko-Afghan overlords that ruled the state, who wanted to create a distinct regional identity.

China does not merely build bridges in Bangladesh, but has constructed 4 of the 5 ordnance factories in the country as well as power stations, ports and other strategic projects. Most of Bangladeshis defense weapons comes from China... In that sense after India gave birth to Bangladesh, CHINA is the best friend of Bangladesh in a real meaningful way........and naturally the country orientates that way. India is a late arrival in that sense, and has a lot of catching up to do.........suggestions are posted below, but not in a INDIA complicated way, and doable)

Last year, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh diverted his attention away from his adoration of Pakistan long enough to mark a new strategic direction in India's ties with Bangladesh. (He is Punjabi....emotionally affected by the terrible partition experience) When Sheikh Hasina, at considerable domestic political cost, came to New Delhi in 2010, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a new dawn in our ties with Bangladesh. A line of credit worth $1 billion, the promise of 250 MW of power to Bangladesh, boundary demarcation, and free trade were all on the table.

The boundary agreement is crucial to better the whole situation - but we held it hostage to Mamata Banerjee and her crusade against the Left Front government in Bengal. That's done, Didi's won. Now, it's our turn to move swiftly on getting the last bits of the agreement done. But movement is painfully slow.

(Whose at fault? A government at once can be doing many things and yet accomplish NOTHING. I can't see the finance minister solely shouldering the burden of pushing for this.....he's got other things on his plate....who has the PM earmarked to see this job through?)

As it is with freer trade. Bangladesh got a duty-free concession on 8 million pieces of garments to India last year. This year, our commerce minister, Anand Sharma, went to Dhaka and increased it - to 10 million! No surprise when Bangladesh described it as "peanuts. " You think a country as big as India can't absorb 16 million pieces of garments from Bangladesh without our domestic industry going kaput? Sharma should have offered far more to Bangladesh and taken along Indian textile guys to set up joint ventures in Bangladesh so they can add value, decrease costs, and increase exports.

(Need an bi-lateral FTA between the two states asap)

At least we're moving forward on getting those power lines built, so it might be reasonable to expect that, by 2013, Bangladesh can tap into at least 250 MW of power from India. In May, Bangladesh complained about significant procurement issues that bedevil 20 projects that have been identified under that huge $1-billion line of credit. Their implementing agencies have been waiting for over eight months for clearances from New Delhi, which are not coming through.

So we're again in danger of losing the strategic momentum with Dhaka, because we can't get our backsides moving. Primarily, it's because nobody in this government really thinks about the neighborhood in any strategic manner.

(Indian strategic planning is very very poor)

As soon as actions devolve to the bureaucracy, they sink under the weight of pending files. These would move to the top of the line if there were a PM visit on the anvil. There are rumblings that there might be one in June, but then again, it might not happen. He hates to travel, Bangladesh is not Pakistan, Parliament session, cabinet non-shuffle . . . there are any number of reasons - take your pick.

Let's repeat this to ourselves: Bangladesh is an important neighbor to India's east.

(150 million capable people.

20 million Bangladeshis in India, but there should be a reasonable strategy to ensure large numbers of future potential economic migrants don't come to India...which significantly affects West Bengal and Assam....and thus greater "cooperation" beyond building fences with security is required between Bangladesh and India.

If there is "action" in the North East, Bangladesh is the only transit route through which considerable logistics can pass......or to put it another way if the government in Dhaka is unfavorably disposed, it can block supplies going to the NE.....in the future )

It is not competition; Bangladeshis are fellow travelers in the journey to prosperity. We are a big country, a rising power; we can learn to give a little. We don't want them to fall into the clutches of either the Chinese or the Islamists. They should be made India's gateway to South-East and East Asia. Let's rethink our neighborhood.


1. The Indian government needs to sign a security pact with Bangladesh.

(i) The security pact can guarantee annual military aid of $300 million
to Bangladesh of NEW weapons and ammunition, not second hand.

(ii) India should OVER TAKE THE UK in providing military training of cadets, and the training of ALL security forces in Bangladesh (The importance of this cannot be over emphasized)

(iii) India must under-take regular inter-action of senior security personnel from both countries..military, police, intelligence (annually...bi-annually).

(iv) India should conduct joint annual security exercise....military...police...and intelligence with Bangladesh.

2. India should sign a fully pro-active FTA agreement to balance the lopsided trade between the two nations (as with India's FTA with ASEAN)

3. India should provide annually $500 million in grants and credit loans to Bangladesh which utilize resources in India, and increases the dependency and interaction of the two nations in the ec
onomic field.

India Bangladesh trade and transit rights


Dynasty politics and birthday gifts.

I was hoping Digvijay Singh would take up the mantle of PM, being the right age, experience and a man who spoke freely, it would have been "fun" seeing him as PM.

ManMohan Singh the safe mannequin front for the Ganda Gandhi mafia " defense contracts" billionaire loot dynasty, is too old and weak....and Congress will have to replace him due to his age, and persona as the PM who presided over massive corruption in the tens of billions, whilst he smiled passively to the poverty stricken yet anxious hopeful nation of 1.2 billion people.

But, last Sunday Digvijay Singh wished the playboy of the party Rahul Gandhi, happy birthday and speculated with adulation what a wonderful PM he will make in that particular Indian way.

Whilst I am not 100% sure that Digvijay Singh would make a successful PM, I am 100% sure Playboy shallow "love a party" Rahul won't make a good PM. Even with the aid of staged ops, a life-times habit is very difficult to change at 41 and middle age.

The idea that a man gets his position in a party and thus country because of birth is simply absurd save for family run businesses in this modern day and age..........the Congress got rid of the 500 Maharajahs who became a byword for decadence in Western circles in 1948. And yet Congress is reinventing that practice in the 21st century in utter shame.........along with a British Raj colonial economy where you have a few Macaulay Brown Sahib elite educated at Oxbridge looting the country to Switzerland, whilst the majority of Indian "Am Admi" live in abject poverty..........still........ after 63 years of "Independence".

In a nation of 1.2 billion surely Congress can find credible leaders who are not managed by the International bankers in New York and London? If the challenges of the nation become greater, and more sophisticated as the country prospers.....then Congress WILL need credible home grown leaders who have not been recruited and brainwashed by the International bankers. Playboy Rahul spent far too long a time partying, playing around and pretending to study in the USA, and UK.

The leaders of India, and generally South Asia
MUST be educated in their home countries exclusively even if the elite schools are from the colonial era;

Speak the desi native language first and foremost with clear automatic ease (The language you speak is the first language you think with.......Indian LEADERS SHOULD THINK LIKE Indians at a minimum)

....and should have spent the maximum amount of time in the respective South Asian countries which reduces the chances of recruitment by foreign intelligence agencies.
The KGB used to and every other serious intelligence agencies recruit prospect leaders of every nation so that their nations agenda's can be furthered through these recruited agents (not astro-physics)......Rehman Malik, Zardari, Gilani, Kiyani, Suja Pasha work for the USA first and Pakistan second maybe ...thats why the country is in a utter mess.

That is the rule in the USA save Bill Clinton (the globalist former President of the USA), China and Russia........three serious powers.

India requires hard faced, hard nosed leaders, not MAN-CHILD playboy leaders groomed in the West.

"Dear Rahul, give yourself a b’day gift, get Diggy to zip it"

By Anshul Chaturvedi at TOI blog.

"Rahul has got all those qualities and capabilities that are needed for a good Prime Minister", Singh, who has been working closely with the young leader, who turns 41 on June 19, told reporters… Describing Rahul as "quite mature", Singh said he has got the understanding of social and political issues. Besides being a member of the Gandhi family, he has the qualities of head and heart to strike rapport with people, he said.

PTI report, June 19

Dear Rahul

Digvijay Singh has been stunning us to the point of incredulity the past week with his repeated assertions of undying loyalty, disguised as assessment reports certifying your immediate readiness to step into Dr Manmohan Singh’s chambers. If you skim through the stories and the responses of readers, you’d realize that he’s done more to draw sustained flak on to you than anything the opposition could have done. Since there’s no point addressing Diggy at the moment, given his state of mind, this small set of observations is addressed to you:

* Anybody halfway in a politically relevant position can “become PM”; it’s not as Herculean a task as it sounds, and acquiring the PM-ship has hardly been necessarily the same as achieving political primacy. Charan Singh became PM. Chandrashekhar became PM. Deve Gowda became PM, and yawned through most of it. IK Gujral became PM. Big difference it made to us – or to them. The chair is only as big as the stature of its occupant. So even if they thrust the PM-ship willy-nilly down your – and our – throats, as some sort of gift at some stage, it’ll hardly help give you greater stature.

* The biggest questions facing the political system have been questions of integrity. This is not to say that this is a Congress issue alone – there’s hardly any political organization that’s not part of the rot – but for someone who is apparently all set to run the country, it would be nice to know what you thought of the CWG management, or of the 2G spectrum scam, or of Adarsh. Or, for that matter, of Osama. The reality is that I have little clue; if I have to resort to Google to get an idea of your having said anything on the political issues of the day, well, that’s not how I’d like to know my PM-in-waiting. We’d like to know better what you think – not what the second rung of the Congress thinks of you. I mean, seriously, if they went on record to say you weren’t equipped to be PM, they wouldn’t be in the Congress, so what exactly are they proving by their assessment?

* Rita Bahuguna is making a joke of the issues facing farmers by deciding to make your birthday “farmer’s rights day”. I’d assume it would make you squirm as much as any outside observer. Please tell your party’s leaders that the more bizarre the levels to which they go to exalt you to score internal brownie points, the sillier they look – and make you look the same, since your silence can only be read as happy acceptance.

* The PM already has had enough damage to his reputation and standing; the man who was an exemplary Finance Minister keeps on being derided for being a stand-in for the family. How are we expected to take his functioning as PM with any degree of gravitas if every other day Congress leaders tell us that the only reason he’s not been asked to vacate yet is because you have graciously chosen not to step into 7 RCR. As it is, nobody outside the Congress says a good word for the man any more; at least give him his dignity within the system.

* There is a school of thought – you’d surely be aware of it – which says the whole exercise of letting things be the way they are the Centre as they currently are, is to pitch things for an internal regime change; to give the public a Rahul-led regime as relief from the quasi-paralysed Manmohan tenure. Each time people like Digvijay go public with such quasi-hysteric declarations, they merely strengthen that impression.

There’s no reason why anyone who can command a majority support in the Lok Sabha should not be Prime Minister, be it you or anyone else. Neither I nor anyone else need have a point of view on who can and who cannot be PM. But, please, let it not be handled as a running joke. Let the party celebrate your birthday; but let it not pitch to the country the spectacle of the prime ministership of India as a birthday present, all gift-wrapped, waiting for you to unwrap it. Seriously. Some things look better earned than gifted. Better to achieve greatness, even if a trifle late, than to have it thrust upon you - and that too, by Diggy Raja.




Parliamentary control of the Pakistani military.

The civilian government of Zardari is weak, and a puppet government brought to power by the JEWSA which controls it. The JEWSA hopes to utilize the weakness of the Zardari government to foster the JEWSA agenda in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Zardari bhen is a corrupt character who has made a few billion looting Pakistan since the early 1990's, and naturally given his life choice he has surrounded himself with similar ministers, especially Mr. fix it Rehman Malik. Given such a personality the Pakistani people can't expect him to forcefully advocate what is best for Pakistan viz a vi the all powerful nemesis of Pakistan, the military. Pakistan became a Failed State officially under Zardari's tenor.

It says a lot about Pakistani politics that one of the leading parties chose such a person as Zardari with such a poor reputation going back many years to lead the party, at such a critical time in the party's and country's history. Is 10 paratha a day Nawaz Sharif any better? Is any other political party or leader?

Be that as it may, somehow the nation of 180 million Pakistanis have to find the characters, personality, spirit, Izzat and political will to mobilize the nation to bring the disastrous Coolie Kuta's in uniform under the purview of parliament.

ALL STRATEGIC DISASTERS THE NATION HAS FACED SINCE 1951 is due to the PAKISTAN MILITARY, OFTEN WORKING WITH GORA POWERS FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD........often again working against the Pakistan people, often in secret.

Pakistani activist urges civilians to challenge army

By Michael Georgy at Yahoo News and antiwar.com

Pakistan's civilian leaders should capitalize on public anger with the military and try to ease its grip on power, a leading human rights activist and lawyer said on Tuesday.

(You don't say...really???)

The army's image has been dented by a number of setbacks starting with the killing of Osama bin Laden last month by U.S. special forces on Pakistani soil.

(Its image should have been dented when it carried out the coup in 1958...and there after)

Traditionally seen as untouchable, Pakistan's generals now face strong public criticism.

(These Coolie Kuta's are untouchable all right-----Harijan untouchable)

Asma Jahangir, a leading human rights campaigner and head of the Supreme Court Bar Association, said the mood in the country provided an opportunity to start correcting a lopsided balance of power between the army and the civilian government.

(Turkey and India have succeeded, so why not Pakistan?)

"I am hopeful that public opinion will finally embolden civil society, including politicians. But it's not going to happen tomorrow morning," she told Reuters in a telephone interview.

"It's going to be a perpetual struggle. They are not just going to hand over and say 'thank you very much we are now under civilian control'. But at least they know that's what people want now."

The military has ruled nuclear-armed Pakistan for more than half of its history. Generals set security and foreign policy, even when civilian governments are in power, as is the case now.

(But they are not qualified any more than Zardari bhen)

The 600,000-strong army also runs a vast business empire that includes oil and gas interests, cereals and real estate.

(Ayesha Siddiqa: "Military Inc." Think of it as one big mafia organization with its own set of laws/codes unto themselves)

"Our parliament has to strengthen itself for anyone to change because nobody hands over power just voluntarily," said Jahangir.

(Who is going to lead this campaign, certainly not Zardari or Sharif?)

"The parliament will have to be more forceful and also begin to realize that they (the army) can't hold the economy of this country hostage, foreign policy hostage."

Pakistan's civilian leaders don't seem willing to stand up to the military in a country prone to army coups. Generals often orchestrate Pakistani politics from behind the scenes.

"They have selfishly overlooked the interests of the people of Pakistan. We think that it's time to change," said Jahangir.

The army says it does not interfere in politics and reiterated its commitment to democracy in a statement issued this month.

(Obviously untrue given the reality)

Jahangir said she is hopeful of change because the military has been on the defensive.

The United States kept Pakistan in the dark over the raid that killed bin Laden, humiliating the army and then piling pressure on it to crack down harder on militancy.

Then a handful of militants besieged a naval base in the city of Karachi last month, further embarrassing the military, which eats up a large chunk of state spending.

About 25 percent of government expenditure flows to the defense budget, according to some estimates, in a country with widespread poverty and social inequalities.

"The government needs to make legislation on intelligence agencies. They need to debate the defense budget. They don't need to cut it but at least they need to debate it," said Jahangir.

"There are parliamentary committees that are oversight structures for them. And there needs to be more parliamentary committees which are more effective."

(Pakistan needs to have OPEN committee hearings where the senior generals such as Shuja Pasha and Kiyani answers questions asked by the defense and intelligence committees. They have to be asked real questions, not soft ball ones)

To make matters worse for the military, suspicion fell on its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency after a prominent Pakistani journalist was tortured to death and dumped in a canal. The ISI said it played no role in his death.

Then the killing of an apparently unarmed man by paramilitary forces which was caught on videotape further eroded what little public confidence remains in Pakistan's security forces.

Jahangir said politicians and Pakistanis should move swiftly, but cautiously, to try and strengthen civilian institutions while the military seems vulnerable.

(Emphasis on swiftly.........if the Arabs, why not the Pakistanis?)

"Momentarily they are a bit worried. They are vulnerable to the extent that people are besieging them to change. It is critical," she said.

"They have a way of overcoming it too. They know that this is momentary. They will soon start getting their civilian counterparts to change public opinion to confuse the issue, to demonize people. We have seen it happen before."

(Editing by Myra MacDonald)


Jewish controlled Germany.

Germany since 1919 has been controlled and run by Jews without any interruption of their power and control. From the 1920's and onwards since a high percentage of Germans JEWS were in mixed marriage with gentile Germans, Jewish power naturally expanded in the country through the use of crypto-Jews..........with Hitler being the possible ultimate example of a crypto-Jew.("Rabbi" Goebbels with his overtly ultra-OTT German nationalism was used to hide their Jewishness and their globalist Jewish agenda, Eichmann, Hess, Heydrich, Himmler )

Jewish power in Germany is not obvious thus. German Crypto-Jews don't for social/political reasons EVEN TODAY openly publicize their Jewish lineage lest it is quickly identified/connected with their beliefs and actions, which may have linkages with their overall tribe's agenda's in the International plain.

Since world war II, where the country was utterly destroyed, occupied by 4 Jewish powers (USSR, JEWSA, Rothschild France and UK) guilt ridden, shamed, defeated with 10 million Germans dead........and CONTROLLED, the country after 1949 was allowed to re-build based on the fake Jewish narrative of the COLD WAR, as an important Capitalist buttress against Communism.

The Jews briefly between 1945--1949 toyed with the idea of further genocides under occupation (explained as food shortage....security problems...Iraq......2 million German POWs were starved to death thus during 1945--46 under American care, and many more under Soviet care) and turning the country into one big agrarian farm for Europe.

Germany is now a rich prosperous country, and the fifth largest economy on earth...and is termed as the "powerhouse of Europe" (It pays for and runs the EU, and bails out its failed economies) It is a burden it must bare for its "crimes" during WWII into infinity.

There is strong anti-American feelings within Germans, maybe because of the occupation by their troops....and a healthy skepticism of what American governments do and say. In a recent poll 89.5% of Germans do not believe the official American government explanation for 9/11. But save for sections of the older generation who have not been "re-educated" by the occupation forces there isn't any Antisemitism in the country. Why should there be?........Germany is rich, and most Germans are happy with their country.......unlike Russians or Iranians high percentage of Germans don't want to emigrate to the USA.

But everything is not perfect in Germany. To be sure Germany has done well in comparison to the rest of Europe from the Jewish banking crisis of 2008, but in the long term there are fundamental structural problems which thinking Germans are well aware of.

The issue of population, and emigration.

The issue of European integration.

Whether Germans really do have free and fair elections or whether they are fixed, with status quo Jew controlled political parties.

Do Germans have ultimate control of the security of their country, or is it the USA through the security apparatus of Germany, as an occupation power?

Such issues which some might term esoteric for a nation obsessed with cars, football, beer...........and the good life, but maybe in the future they may become fundamental questions to ask given the long term direction the nation is heading....I'm talking about 2050...2070.

Herr Guido Westerwelle the German Foreign minister sacked by the JEWS within his own party the FPD, because he pursued a German specific foreign policy which was also favorable to the rest of the world, AND not based on an International Jewish agenda. Germany since 1919 has been run by JEWS.


The Jews Sacked Germany's Foreign Minister Westerwelle
(From his own party)

Even His Party Friends Used the Expression "Mangy Dog." By the Authors of the National Journal Translated by J M Damon The original is posted at www.globalfire.tv

Never before in the history of the so-called Federal Republic of Germany has the head of a political system-party been so abruptly and disgracefully driven from office as Guido Westerwelle (photo). Even the expression "mangy dog" has been used in conjunction with his forced resignation as party head.

In the view of the Jewish Lobby, Guido Westerwelle's hesitation to participate in the war against Libya (engineered by Jewish do-gooders Nicolas Sarkozy and Henri Lévy) caused the cup of "Anti-Semitism" to overflow. Westerwelle committed too great an indiscretion for the Jewish power centers. Henri Lévy pronounced the political death sentence on Westerwelle when he "decreed" in the 28 March issue of DIE WELT:
"Gaddafi has got to go, and so does Westerwelle."

On 18 February 2011, Westerwelle played a decisive role in Germany's vote against Israel in the United Nation's condemnation of that country's policy of building settlements on Palestinian lands. To this day, the Lobby-controlled media has effectively hushed up that vote against Israel, presumably because Westerwelle might well have received broad public approval.

It is significant that just a few days after Westerwelle's fall, Israeli Prime Minister Netanjahu called on Chancellor Merkel in Berlin. On that same day, 7 April 2011, Merkel announced that Germany would station soldiers in Libya. Needless to say, this was touted as a "humanitarian mission" (like Germany's war in Afghanistan.)

It was a kind of declaration of war against the Jewish Lobby early last year when Westerwelle called for the removal of American nuclear weapons from German soil. According to SPIEGEL magazine on 13 April 2010: "The American ex-Nato Secretary General George Robertson strongly attacked Foreign Minister Westerwelle, saying his demand was irresponsible." It goes without saying that the German occupation government did not support Westerwelle's demand for the removal of nuclear weapons from German soil.

It is significant also that immediately following the victories of CDU/CSU and FDP in the elections of 2009, the Lobby media began warning of the danger of a new "Teutonic identity" in Germany. "Following the national election, the eyes of the world are on Germany. The judgment and expectation of the international press have a certain implication or implied judgment. They say that a new 'Teutonic consciousness' is evolving." (wap.n24, 28 September 2009)

The list of Westerwelle's transgressions against the Jewish power centers is long, going back to the days of Jürgen Möllemann. Möllemann died in a highly suspicious "accident" in 2003. That is why the campaign against Westerwelle was launched in the Lobby media soon after the election of 2009. At that time Westerwelle was "advised" to let the office of foreign minister go by and accept instead a ministerial position that would not entail contact with foreign governments. An opinion survey was staged right after the election to persuade Westerwelle to decline the office of Foreign Minister: "According to the opinion of the voters, Westerwelle should not take the foreign office." (WELT.DE, 7 October 2009)

At that time SPIEGEL, the voice of the Lobby, referred to Westerwelle as "The Disliked." (SPIEGEL, 41/2009, page 42) And Israel made it unmistakably clear to Chancellor Merkel that it greatly esteemed her dedication and loyalty to its interest but would be displeased to see Westerwelle named as foreign minister: "The possible designation of the head of the Free Democratic Party, Guido Westerwelle, to be the new German Foreign Minister is meeting with reservation in Israel. The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem would not comment on questions regarding its misgivings. Previously the daily newspaper Jerusalem Post had reported that the prospect of Westerwelle's naming as Germany's foreign minister was causing 'wrinkled brows' in Jerusalem. As a representative of the new Generation of Germans born after Holocaust, '...he does not have the same reflexive sympathy for Israel that characterizes German politicians throughout the political spectrum'." (NN-ONLINE.DE, 29 September 2009)

Why this sudden dislike of Westerwelle so soon after the federal elections of 2009? After all, he is homosexual, which is actually a prerequisite for high government office within the international "Lobby Democracies." In contrast to his former party colleague Jürgen Möllemann, Westerwelle was not to be expected to resist to the "ruling" of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

In reality, the Jewish power structure tends to block politicians from influential positions when those politicians have intimate knowledge about them. This is especially true if they suspect that the politicians harbor a secret disinclination against international Jewry, even though they keep their mouths shut. The Jewish power brokers never forgave Westerwelle for not distancing himself from Möllemann until the latter was ousted for the dropping shot: "Westerwelle did not immediately distance himself from Möllemann, but rather waited for public pressure to build..." (NN-ONLINE.DE, 29 Sep 2009)

The Central Jewish Committee and Israel are correct in this respect. During his visit to Israel in 2002 Westerwelle dropped a rhetorical bomb, after the customary kowtowing and guilt ritual: "...Referring to Friedman [the then vice president of the Jewish Council in Germany], Westerwelle denied that Friedman had a ‘higher moral position' in the debate. Responding to the question of his relationship to Germany's National Socialist past, his response was: 'We all need to ask different questions and come up with different answers'. He declined to explain what he meant by that." (SPIEGEL, 41/2009, page 42)

For Israel and international Jewry, such a remark, even if denied and relativized a thousand times, has the same effect as if the "Holocaust" Story should be exposed as a lie in YAD VASHEM (the Israeli "Holocaust" Memorial).

Another thing for which international Jewry can never forgive Westerwelle is "Campaign 18" that he and Möllemann launched years ago. It is known in the worldwide resistance movement that "18" signifies "A.H." It is obvious to everyone that Westerwelle and Möllemann did not really believe they would win 18 percent of the vote! "18" was instead a cabalistic jab at the Power Jews, who reacted abruptly. Acting on instructions of the Jewish Central Council, the head of the FDP in Berlin Dahlem, Susanne Thaler, accused Möllemann of Nazism and Racism: "Playing with fire like as Möllemann is doing is 'repulsive and dangerous' said Thaler, accusing her party colleague of harboring 'internalized Nazi racism' ... She had doubts as to whether the goal of '18 percent' had not been chosen with more profound significance. Among Neo-Nazi, the number 18, in numerization of the alphabet, stands for the abbreviation AH, or Adolf Hitler." (SPIEGEL online, 6 June 2002)

The number 18, being 3x6, also represents the diabolical number in the Kabala and in Revelations. Möllemann was sending a signal: "You have been recognized: we know who you are." Obviously, Westerwelle was collaborating in this.

The object in those days was to hinder Möllemann from becoming Foreign Minister... Westerwelle was following in his footprints. This has now been revised. Westerwelle has been neutralized.

In our article following the Federal elections, we at the National Journal foresaw Westerwelle's fall. We wrote the following commentary, which can be read on our 2009 web page: "Guido will be carved into mincemeat by Merkel the Lobby Moll, with the intention of bursting the coalition bubble. This is because the queer QUIETSCHFROSCH (stuffed frog, a child's plaything) will now be required to throw all his campaign promises overboard. We have not forgotten how he flatly promised that he would not sign any coalition agreements unless they contained his promised tax reductions and simplifications: 'The Chancellor knows that I will sign a coalition agreement only if it contains a system of taxation that is lower, simpler and more fair.' (Westerwelle on his website.) Probably the Mossad will not have to bump him off as it disposed of Möllemann. Westerwelle has squashed himself, since his promises of tax reductions will still be empty promises until the next elections."

During the 2011 regional elections, the campaign to dump Westerwelle was carried out under the slogan that under his leadership, the FDP became the party of broken promises. Again and again his simplistic promises to lower taxes have been emphasized and pilloried. The turning point in atomic energy policy, following the constant stream of horrific reports from Japan, finally brought the campaign to a successful conclusion. In a way, this was understandable. How can a mentally stable person initially swear on the Bible assuring the public that atomic power is absolutely safe, and then admit that it is not safe? Nobody can appear less credible than such a person. On top of this, his party colleague Rainer Brüderle whispered to the nuclear potentates that talk about abandoning nuclear power should not be taken seriously.

Now the Jewish Lobby has driven the brainwashed masses into the life-threatening arc of the Greens. The Greens whine about nuclear power plants, but they have nothing against American warplanes armed with concrete-penetrating munitions conducting war games above these installations, as MONITOR reported on 7 April 2011. In addition, the Greens want to continue stuffing the international cartel of finance criminals with guarantees of more German billions. And of course the Greens are maneuvering to assure that in a few more years Germany will surpass the number of 100 million foreigners.***(1) This hate-filled conglomeration has marshalled its forces to totally wipe out the Germans. Greens such as Volker Beck, leader of the Green faction in the Federal Parliament, considers it their duty to pass legislation establishing child abuse as a human right for pedophiles. In his book DER PÄDOSEXUELLE KOMPLEX Beck writes that "the struggle for human rights includes the decriminalization of pedophilia", and this demand is supported by broad sectors of the Green Party.

In the case of Guido Westerwelle we can see that homosexuality, the predicate of "Lobby-Democracy," means nothing once the Jewish power structure recognizes a critic lurking behind that "preference."

Acting on orders of the Zionist Lobby, the wretched FDP knifed its chairperson in a manner normally used against Neo-Nazi. Westerwelle was abroad when his party colleagues, led by Mr. Kubicki (who in turn was egged on by Mrs. Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger) used the expression "mangy dog" on N-TV, in conjunction with Westerwelle. Kubicki's literal remark was: "We have to allow Westerwelle the possibility of stepping down from the leadership of the party... we should not drive him away like a mangy dog."

Now the Free Democrats are seeking salvation through the nomination of Vietnamese-born Philipp Rösler (adopted by German do-gooders) to head the party and fill the office of vice chancellor. This "beacon of hope" speaking German with Asian sibilants makes a good impression on politically correct Germans, and the FDP hopes to win back the favor of the Lobby with the nomination of a Multiculti figure. Besides, Rösler has already made a name for himself with health insurance "reforms" that so restrict the delivery of health care that many Germans no longer expect effective assistance. Furthermore he did this while simultaneous he makes Germans pay for first class medical treatment for millions of foreigners in their native land: "German public health insurance must now pay for family members of foreign employees... They pay the costs of treatment even of family members who do not live in Germany, but rather in their native countries. This applies to countless parents of foreigners who are national health insured in Germany, including foreigners in Turkey and countries that were formerly part of Yugoslavia." (WAMS, 13 April 2003)

What a superb vice-chancellor for Germany!


***1. Germans are a significant part of the Indo-European race, as are Iranians. Both races evolved as distinct races with their own languages in Russia. In the case of the Germans between the Urals and the Baltic republics in the Northern section of Russia....as their original homeland before being driven out or assimilated by invading Slavs from Siberia during the First and Second Great Migrations in the Steppe. Iranians evolved South of the Germans, in the Pontic Steppe.......though they are related the two races are also different.

There are 71 million ethnic Germans in the federal Republic and another 12 million foreigner guest workers, with families mostly from Eastern Europe and other parts of Europe, and Turkey.

Germany contains the largest number of foreigners within her borders, and the greatest percentage (about 18%) in comparison to ALL European countries.

Future projections show that by 2040 given the current low birth rate, the ethnic German population will drop to about 54 million, and the foreign element depending on a number of intervening factors, about 30 million. If this trend continues then ethnic Germans will become a minority in their own country by 2060 or 2070. The problem thus for Germans is both the low birth rate, and high emigration to the country due to its prosperity, and EU emigration laws of open borders within the community.

This we may term a slow genocide of the German race in Germany. Granted that Germans as a race don't just exist in Germany, and that during the Great Migrations they went all over North and West Europe and hence into the New World there after....Spain the Goths...thus later Central and South America.....France the Franks....United Kingdom the Angles, Jutes, Saxons and hence North America and the other colonies.

But is this slow genocide of Germans Jewish driven, through careful social engineering? Maybe.....Most Third World nations without much central planning tend to achieve high birth rates.....Tanzania 4%, so why can't Germany given the sheer efficiency of the state? Sweden experiencing poverty and high emigration from the 18th and 19th century has managed to stabilize her population through careful social engineering....why can't Germany? Is this because of the Jews who control the country?

We note that Russia has the same problem. Its population will decline from the current 142 million to 80 million by 2050, and maybe 30 million by 2100. Russia is controlled by Jews, and we note that during the Jewish Bolshevik rule of the country between 1918--1991, 60 million Soviets were murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks (Alexander Solzhenitsyn).

Is this the secret Jewish master plan for both countries? Close surveillance of the Rothschilds, and other top globalist Jews such as Soros, the Rockefeller's might give us valuable clues, using the usual latest surveillance techniques with remote viewing.

In the USA the Jews are using another technique in relation to the host population....flooding the country with Hispanic emigrants. By 2040 European Americans will become a minority of 38% in the country, and the Hispanics the largest ethnic group.(see previous posts)

Why do Jews hate certain gentiles more than others?

The Jew is a schizophrenic paradox.......due to his weird North African Bongo Bongo religion written in the Torah and the Talmud....and how it is interpreted to them by their Rabbi.

The Jew loves Western Occidental society, where the Jew exclusively resides. The Jew loves and benefits from the achievements of the Occidental....the Western culture, innovation, hard work, civilizational achievement.......what is Israel if its not a dirty little geographical strip which oozes and boasts of how Western, European it is? Israeli leaders boast about their Westerness ALL the time....with their nude beaches, whore houses with Ukrainian ladies stolen from the country......and their gay parades fashioned like the Mardi Gras.

And where do ALL Israelis have their second passport to?.......Why of course Occidental countries in Europe and North America in case the Rothschild funded little experiment fails.

But the Jew who is a schizophrenic paradox who is also dangerous because he is paranoid and fearful of the Occidental.........especially of Great nations with Great people like the Russians, Germans and Americans. Therefore to satisfy this paranoia and fear of the gentile, the Jew seeks to destroy these very nations through war, financial collapses and social engineering.