Ahmedinejad the Jew?


The article below from the internet states that Ahmedinejad is Jewish. That is his alleged anti-Israel rants are to hide his Jewish background, in the manner of the fake Kosher Nazis many of whom turn out to be Jewish in America.

Yes I would agree that Ahmedinejad may be Jewish, and his role to act as a baiter against Israel and America to initiate a devastating attack against Iran is part of a wider Jewish master plan of Israel. But it should be noted that he is not a lone actor in a sea of Shia Islam in Iran. I would characterize the whole mullah regime in Iran as Jewish unofficially actually running the state, especially concentrated around VEVAK, and the Revolutionary Guard......the Jewish MO viz Bolshevik Russia, and other revolutionary states.

Saeed Emami

It has been stated by some that Colonel Reza Khan was also Jewish (The illiterate man who could neither read or write, backed by the British to lead Persia and consolidate for the British their position over the country, after the Russians departed in 1918), and so also his son the Shah of Iran, and what we had in 1979 was a change of hand from one set of Jews to another in Persia (with USA and UK help).

We must not forget that Jews have existed prominently in Persia for 2,500 years at least, supplying Queens to Persian Kings.....Esther, and Prime Ministers over many centuries.....and so they have since 1921 with Colonel Reza Khan's coup and the backing of Rothschild's Britain gained direct ascendancy in Persia, with active British backing.....That is why 200,000 Jews happily lived in Iran right up to 1979, rather than move to Israel, and that is why 30,000 Jews still live in Iran now.Though of course in reality there are probably more Jews in Iran now than the official figures.....maybe closer to 100,000 or more.

The Jews existence in Iran is similar to the Jew existence in Turkey, where they are concentrated in the state bureaucracy and security structure...the Doenme etc....and commercial elite of Turkey (they basically run Turkey), so possibly I am sad to say that Erdogan's performance at Davos with Peres might have been pure staged theater (We look at the economic and security agreements between Israel and Turkey since the AKP came to power to get an indication of where things are at in reality between the two states.)

Ahmedinejad/Saburjian and the mullah regime in general thus have done good work for their Jewish coreligionists in Israel against Iran:

1. Destroyed the Iranian economy over 30 years, even with the benefit of record oil prices, and profits more recently. I hear the average Iranian lives on just $2 a day. That real living standards are now 60% of what they used to be in 1979....30 years ago.

2. His "Diplomacy" has made it difficult for Russia or even China to really protect Iran militarily, should the eventuality arise. Though from a logical perspective it is in Russia's mutual interest to shield Iran from an Israel/American incursion. But to date (i) No significant Russian naval presence in the Gulf, on Iran's shores to counter the Western presence (ii) No significant Russian military presence in Iran proper (iii) No military exercises have been conducted between Iran and Russia. (iv) Russia has thus not signed any multi-billion $ military agreements with Tehran.....though common sense and the "situation" around Iran would necessitate such agreements.

3. His "Diplomacy" makes it difficult for moderates in America to seek reconciliation with Mullah Iran.

4. His "Holocaust convention" gained him notoriety amongst many Jews, even though the Holocaust convention in reality has not done any comprehensive revisionist work to refute the conventional Jewish narrative of that event. In short the Holocaust convention in Tehran was Ahmedinejads/Saburjian's gesture politics, lacking any real substance.

5. He politicized the Nuclear reactor project in Bushehr, to the point senior Iranian officials requested him to keep his mouth shut and stay out of the issue. There are far greater issues and problems that require dealing with within Iran, but Ahmedinejad/Saburjian elevated and politicized this single issue, which in itself created problems for this project and Iran........It has provided the Jew state a casus belli to insinuate that Jew run Iran is up to no good.

6. He was picked by the Supreme Leader, Khamenei to be the President of Iran in sham elections in 2005, as a "useful idiot" under Khamenei's control. He is of short unimpressive stature, and of poor background, with mediocre credentials of serving in the Revolutionary Guard, and later as Prison torture manager and Mayor of Tehran, BUT in reality everything Ahmedinejad/Saburjian deals with turns into disaster.

7. On a earlier note, the 8 year long Iran/Iraq war, where Saddam sent peace terms in 1982 to Iran, would only make sense if observed and explained from a Jewish/Israeli perspective. A war where 800,000 Iranian soldiers perished officially (Real figure probably over a million), and caused possibly $500 billion worth of damage to Iran, materially, with no objective military success for Iran. That the mullahs were contemplating fighting the war into eternity, but for the sanctions imposed by the two prime covert arms suppliers in late 1987 into Iran, the UK and USA through Israel of course, who else.(The Iran Contra affair)

8. The mullah (mis) rule of Iran over 30 years would only make sense from an Israeli/Jewish perspective. The mullah drive to de-legitimate Iran's national aspirations on just about everything. The extreme harsh treatment of Iranians, including innocent women and children; the mass destruction of the middle class.....the corruption.......the poverty.......narcotics epidemic......slavery trade involving Iranians into the Gulf........the destruction of the Persian identity in favor of an Arab one, based on religion. The flight of 2--4 million middle class Iranians out of the country, unprecedented in Persian history......again who benefits? Israel of course.

9. No serious attempts have been made to topple the mullahs over the last 30 years, even though year in year out the Americans especially state that Iran is one of the most dangerous countries/regimes on earth (Axis of evil-----American allegations against Iran........Iran could be developing nuke bombs; supporting insurgents in Iraq; that several 100 "al-Qaeda" members are guests of the Iranian government since 2001;Supporting insurgents in Afghanistan; Supporting Hezbollah; supporting Hamas and Islamic Jihad.......pretty serious stuff), and yet we see that trade has covertly multiplied during Bush's tenure between Iran and the USA, though not to the level of the days of the Shah, America's policeman in the Gulf. There is a clear disconnect between what America says about Iran, and what it actually does against Iran, over the last 30 years.

10. An inordinate number of prominent good Iranian patriots opposed to the mullah regime have been killed in Europe (Shahpour Baktiyar, General Mehdi and many others including journalists, writers and intellectuals).....clearly Zionist European security are protecting the mullah regime WHERE IT MATTERS.


1) The walking disaster for Iran of Ahmedinejad/Saburjian can only be explained in the context of him being Jewish serving his coreligionists in Israel.

2) That the powers that be in Iran who are contemplating running Ahmedinejad/Saburjian for President for a second term, after such a disastrous record in office can only mean that the JEW is running the mullah state. An alternative smiley nice candidate from Saburjian the Jew as potential president, does not change the basic power configuration in Iran.

Iran is a covertly run Jew state.

For the Jew and his latest "Scheme" Iran is important as the poster child of Mad Bad rampant Islamic fundamentalism.........and the Jew mullahs in Iran oblige to the full, no holding back, with the image and the requisite fire and brimstone speeches. Its an elaborate act, except for the death and misery of millions of Iranians is for real, that bit is no act. This Jew act has been going on in Iran since 1979, and has caused great harm to Iran and her neighbor Iraq where 250--500,000 perished fighting Iran in a 8 year war. The Jew act in Iran is not finished yet, and one wonders if the final act will be a devastating American attack against Iran, based on more false Iraqified lies, and there after occupation to complete the Jew Empire through America from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Osama Bin Laden of "al-Qaeda", the Western agent, trained, armed and financed by them, dead since December 2001 plays much the same role as the Jew mullahs in Iran, fake fifth column holograms which justify Jewish aggression in Muslim countries, and the objective of creating a new Jewish empire.

Abu Nidal the MOSSAD agent did much the same in the 1970's and 1980's though not as an Islamic fundamentalist.


From Getawaypundit

Radio Free Europe reported, via Free Republic:
Mehdi Khazali, the son of the conservative Ayatollah Khazali, has written on his personal website that he recently learned that President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has Jewish roots.

Khazali notes that Ahmadinejad changed his family name from Saburjian, and says that the origins of the Saburjian family in the town of Aradan should be investigated.

Ahmadinejad's relatives had told Britain's "The Guardian" following his election that the family had changed its name for "a mixture of religious and economic reasons."

"The name change provides an insight into the devoutly Islamic working-class roots of Mr. Ahmadinejad's brand of populist politics," journalist Robert Tait wrote in "The Guardian." "The name Saborjhian derives from thread painter -- sabor in Farsi -- a once common and humble occupation in the carpet industry in Semnan Province, where Aradan is situated. Ahmad, by contrast, is a name also used for the Prophet Muhammad and means virtuous; nejad means race in Farsi, so Ahmadinejad can mean Muhammad's race or virtuous race.”


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