Its been a while.

The professionals and experts in this area, who have not been appointed for political fealty such as Admiral Blair understand the reality of Iran and its so called nuclear program.

I think Mr. Buchanan whilst I sympathize with your angst about the Jew cranking it up again, as if they had not done enough harm against America and its true interest, we should be quietly pleased that it is six years since the Jew mislead the USA into Iraq, and has not been successful with its full array of antics into tricking America into another war for Israel, since.

Lest we forget after the "euphoria" of 9/11, some circles were talking about attacking several Middle Countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Saudi, Somalia, Sudan.........Only two so far, with Ethiopia playing proxy for the USA in Somalia, and have since gracefully, after two years withdrawn.

So your eloquent, forceful and persuasive arguments, in a small way, is bringing common sense into American global geo-strategy, for had you and the like not argued your position, just think where we might have been.


Return of the War Party

By Patrick J. Buchanan.

“Real men go to Tehran!” brayed the neoconservatives after the success of their propaganda campaign to have America march on Baghdad and into an unnecessary war that has forfeited all the fruits of our Cold War victory.

(What does that mean? That the Jewish Neo-cons and their WASP retainers are volunteering for covert combat duty against Iran, along with their much pampered children?

The fruits of the Cold War were enormous and the legacy of the Reagan administration. Probably Bush senior can also take credit, as he was an integral part of that administration. The various wars and war economy since 2001, has distracted America, and most significantly has bankrupted America....taking a begging bowl to China; weakening the American military; reducing the stature of America; reducing the moral standing of America within America..........rapidly becoming a greasy Third World totalitarian state that lies to itself and its people, and the world, in order to build bigger and better lies, whilst maintaining the pretensions and ambitions of empire, NOT so much for America but for little Israel)

Now they are back, in pursuit of what has always been their great goal: an American war on Iran. It would be a mistake to believe they and their collaborators cannot succeed a second time. Consider:

( Mr. Buchanan there is no left right, blue red political paradigm for the Jew. The Jew is a name changing shape shifter. The Jew never left or arrived in January 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009)

On being chosen by Israel’s President Shimon Peres to form the new regime, Likud’s “Bibi” Netanyahu declared, “Iran is seeking to obtain a nuclear weapon and constitutes the gravest threat to our existence since the war of independence.”

(As I understand it, about 30% of Israelis are of the hardline Likud persuasion, so I do not understand why their politics annually becomes and tilts to the extreme right to the detriment of Israel eventually........where is it all going? Will they attack Gaza again? Will they kill maybe 5,000 next time? What will that achieve for Israel's security? Will they attack Lebanon, and Hezbollah eventually as revenge for 2006? What will that achieve for Israel? Will they attack Iran? What will be the outcome for Israel? Is war with Israel and Iran a self contained affair, or one that spills into the whole of the Middle East, which Israel cannot control?)

Echoing Netanyahu, headlines last week screamed of a startling new nuclear breakthrough by the mullahs. “Iran ready to build nuclear weapon, analysts say,” said CNN. “Iran has enough uranium to make a bomb,” said the Los Angeles Times. Armageddon appeared imminent.

(Jewish media, they control your media Mr. Buchanan, everything)

Asked about Iran’s nukes in his confirmation testimony, CIA Director Leon Panetta blurted, “From all the information I’ve seen, I think there is no question that they are seeking that capability.”

Tuesday, Dennis Ross of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a front spawned by the Israeli lobby AIPAC, was given the Iranian portfolio. AIPAC’s top agenda item? A U.S. collision with Iran.


In the neocon Weekly Standard, Elliot Abrams of the Bush White House parrots Netanyahu, urging Obama to put any land-for-peace deals with the Palestinians on a back burner. Why?

(Jew run rag headed by an ardent Jew)

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is now part of a broader struggle in the region over Iranian extremism and power. Israeli withdrawals now risk opening the door not only to Palestinian terrorists but to Iranian proxies.”

(Lets break that sound bite down into manageable FACTS. Israel birthed Hamas in the 1970's as a counter weight to the PLO. The USA/UK installed and manage the mullahs of Iran......so where is the real threat from?)

The campaign to conflate Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria as a new axis of evil, a terrorist cartel led by Iranian mullahs hell-bent on building a nuclear bomb and using it on Israel and America, has begun. The full-page ads and syndicated columns calling on Obama to eradicate this mortal peril before it destroys us all cannot be far off.

But before we let ourselves be stampeded into another unnecessary war, let us review a few facts that seem to contradict the war propaganda.

First, last week’s acknowledgement that Iran has enough enriched uranium for one atom bomb does not mean Iran is building an atom bomb.

To construct a nuclear device, the ton of low-enriched uranium at Natanz would have to be run through a second cascade of high-speed centrifuges to produce 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium (HUE).

There is no evidence Iran has either created the cascade of high-speed centrifuges necessary to produce HUE or that Iran has diverted any of the low-enriched uranium from Natanz.
And the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors retain full access to Natanz.

And rather than accelerating production of low-enriched uranium, only 4,000 of the Natanz centrifuges are operating. Some 1,000 are idle. Why?

Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, head of the IAEA, believes this is a signal that Tehran wishes to negotiate with the United States, but without yielding any of its rights to enrich uranium and operate nuclear power plants.

For, unlike Israel, Pakistan and India, none of which signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and all of which ran clandestine programs and built atom bombs, Iran signed the NPT and has abided by its Safeguards Agreement. What it refuses to accept are the broader demands of the U.N. Security Council because these go beyond the NPT and sanction Iran for doing what it has a legal right to do.

Moreover, Adm. Dennis Blair, who heads U.S. intelligence, has just restated the consensus of the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that Iran does not now possess and is not now pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

Bottom line: Neither the United States nor the IAEA has conclusive evidence that Iran either has the fissile material for a bomb or an active program to build a bomb. It has never tested a nuclear device and has never demonstrated a capacity to weaponize a nuclear device, if it had one.

Why, then, the hype, the hysteria, the clamor for “Action This Day!”? It is to divert America from her true national interests and stampede her into embracing as her own the alien agenda of a renascent War Party.

None of this is to suggest the Iranians are saintly souls seeking only peace and progress. Like South Korea, Japan and other nations with nuclear power plants, they may well want the ability to break out of the NPT, should it be necessary to deter, defend against or defeat enemies.

But that is no threat to us to justify war. For decades, we lived under the threat that hundreds of Russian warheads could rain down upon us in hours, ending our national existence. If deterrence worked with Stalin and Mao, it can work with an Iran that has not launched an offensive war against any nation within the memory of any living American.

Can we Americans say the same?