A Historic moment.

Pakistan's interior adviser to the government, Rehman Malik took partial responsibility for 26/11 Mumbai, by stating that a number of Pakistani nationals (not all of them, out of the-10--16 depending on the source and their latest position) were involved in Mumbai 26/11. So Mr. Malik who and from which countries did the rest come from? Malik did not implicate any state entities such as the Pak military or ISI within his own country, or even resident gangsters at large from India such as Ibrahim Dawood, or even the LeT, but merely that some Pakistanis were involved.

This admission by Pakistan is good, it is even historic, but begs a lot of unanswered questions, because at the end of the day you just can't have a few Pakistanis just saunter into India, into Mumbai with its 40,000 police with their ample anti-terror experience, attack 11-13 different targets simultaneously more or less over 3 days, locate Kakare and his patriotic team and kill them on the very first encounter; fighting in addition up to 40,000 police and 800 plus NSG personnel drawn from the Indian military elite and then say it was just a few Pakistanis involved.

At the very least we need face to discussion between the two countries to sort out the all apparent anomalies in the Mumbai 26/11 official narrative, if only to get a better understanding of it, and perhaps build better strategies for the future.

The lone Pakistani terrorist produced by the Mumbai Police is shall we say is not a credible defendent/product for sale, but seems more like a street urchin of untouchable background from India. But Pakistani authorities have confirmed his identity as that of a Pakistani national.........so where does this leave us in terms of the truth?

Reading the Anglophone (Can I have an American visa please) tabloids in India one would get the impression that Pakistan took responsibility for the whole saga of 26/11, and yet this is far from the case. In reality this admission by Pakistan may be more to do with American pressure more than anything else, and an opportunity for the civilian politicos in Pakistan to achieve strategic depth viz the military/ISI by putting them on the back foot, which has been a perennial source of struggle within the country for the better part of 60 years, without directly implicating them, nudge nudge, wink wink.

But Rehamn Maliks statement does not address the substantive issues of cross border terrorism and insurgency, and WHO were the kingpins of the whole operation logistically and in many other respects. Operations of the Mumbai 26/11 type require state entities organization and facilitation...........a few Pakistanis can't just decide for themselves that they have had it with India, train, arm, plan, time everything to a tee, and then sail all the way from Karachi undetected, hijack a Indian trawler into the Mumbai docks, undetected, position themselves in Mumbai undetected, and then attack the various targets simultaneously in groups of 2, 3 and 4 so precisely over 3 days out of a group of 10 (wait ok, some now say it was 16, and the other 6 got away, 9 killed).

.........yes you guessed folks they had to have had local backing OR as I have argued from 29th November 2008 this was a false flag Indian operation involving Israel and possibly elements from Western security (Germany?), and very probably no Pakistanis were actually involved.

Reason? To influence Indian election outcome, and thus fix the agenda against Pakistan from India (The BJP have called for military strikes against Pakistan, as have ). This is the same Israeli MO, where in Israel they very cynically conducted a war against Gaza in January to affect election results in February, in favor of the governing party.

Thus Rehamn Malik's 'admission' means zilch....zilch. It is a false trail.

From a security perspective to understand Rehman Maliks statement you must ask who controls Pakistan strategically. The answer, since independence in 1947 the UK, and since 1977 after the military coup the USA has had greater influence. The USA controls Pakistan through the military/ISI, which they train (just look at the organizational set up of the PAK military, and equipment, and operational doctrine)...and now significant sections of the civilian politicians like Zardari and others who are currently in power.

They control the country through money and patronage. The USA promised Pakistan $15 billion for the next 10 years recently, reduced to $7.5 billion because of American displeasure with Pakistan. Annually in addition Pakistan receives $1.2 billion in security aid....that is a lot of money to control corrupt politicians like Zardari, and the military under Kiyani and Suja Pasha head of the ISI. In addition the narcotics business of Afghanistan which given a ball park profit figure of $100 billion annually when finally circulated in Europe and North America, a % of that huge business also goes to the Pakistanis. That is an enormous amount of influence the Americans have over Pakistan.

..............yes Mostaque bhai but maybe you are wrong and Zardari, Kiyani and Suja Pasha are good clean upright Pakistani patriots batting ONLY for Pakistan, and saluting the Pakistani flag every morning; whats there to say otherwise.

1) Well since this trio gained ascendancy in Pakistan through USA largess the USA have been launching attacks inside Pakistan killing Pakistani nationals (never mind the fact that another country is launching attacks against sovereign Pakistani territory, without just cause, or lack of clear evidence or information, or clear objectives, or finally without permission from Pakistan). Any normal upright government would not tolerate such behavior, but Zardari, Kiyani and Suja Pasha do because these American puppets brought into power in their respective positions precisely because they covertly agreed to American attacks inside sovereign Pakistan territory. They are to put it simply American agents, puppets and traitors.

2) Any credible intelligence operative knows that the al-Qaeda entity is an American/Israeli fiction used as a convenient tool to justify American security operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan..............and in October 2001 at the Pentagon they were talking about in addition eventual military operations against Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia, to redraw the map of the middle East for Israel after the euphoria of 9/11, another Israeli/American false flag op. Benazir Bhutto said in 2nd November 2007 that Bin Ladin died in December 2001, and so all those videos of him since 2003 must be false, besides the fact that Bin Ladin stated that he did not carry out 9/11.........Zardari as Benazirs hubby, and all the rest of his cronies should know therefore that American claims and justifications of going after al-Qaeda inside Pakistani territory is fake/False..........AND as real Pakistani patriots and not as American/Israeli agents they should be doing their damnedest to expose this little American lie for the sake of Pakistan (i) that Al-Qaeda is a false fiction creation of America (ii) That Bin Ladin died in December 2001.

On this above basis Rehman Maliks claims about Pakistani involvement in 26/11, with a couple of other countries mean zilch, and is mere pie in the sky. He is following American orders, as America controls Pakistan through their agents in the top echelon of Pakistani society, namely Zardari, Kiyani and Suja Pasha (These American agents have to date not paid respects to India and visited the country officially or unofficially....but have visited every other country around the globe).

America wants to keep India sweet, and shield/deflect Israeli responsibility in 26/11, through symbolic meaningless gestures. Thus Rehman Maliks "admission" of Pakistani partial responsibility for 26/11 is a concession without being a real concession and SOLUTION of long term cross border terrorism from AMERICAN controlled Pakistan into India, into Kashmir which should be of far bigger concern to India in terms of cost, time period of the sad episode 1990--2009, and the lives lost; 50,000 deaths.

SO what are the Indian politicians doing? Can they capitalize on this Pakistani admission? Can they create good outcomes from this? The real issue is Kashmir in terms of everything. Can the Civilian politicians in Pakistan be persuaded by the Indians to shut down the 50 odd active/inactive terror camps in Pakistan? Can the Pakistani state dismantle the radical Islamic groups in Pakistan? Can India and Pakistan legalize the LoC once and for all, and thus make the whole affair a non-issue for the pygmies of both countries? Can India overcome negative American influence in Pakistan? Can the two neighbors sit down and talk off camera and away from the media limelight sensibly, face to face, to find long term solutions for both their countries (Rather than acting and talking through the media at the prompting of America Pakistan/Obama/Mullen/Clinton/Biden verses India/Mulford/Obama).............these are the real objectives, and real issues. A false admission by Pakistan under pressure from their American masters is thus misleading and does not solve the real substantive interstate cross border security issues that affect both countries.

On the other side its not all about Pakistan. India also needs to adjust. India needs to distance itself from Israel and the Mossad. India needs to weed out the Israeli influence in Indian security intensified by the BJP government in 2000. India needs to calm down from the fantasy objective of being a great power, which distorts reality from fact, and neglects the basics of national government objectives.........poverty alleviation, education, health, infrastructure, social justice, industry, trade, commerce.........and so forth. The jingoistic reaction of sections of the Indian media, and Simi Garewal on day one of 26/11 were a bit too enthusiastic and staged. To be sure sections of Indian military would like to have a go at Pakistan and teach them a lesson once and for all, for all the four occasions of war when Pakistan committed unwarranted illegal military aggression against India, but that is not the solution now.

Sexy scintillating saucy sizzling
SIMI (not the organization) Garewal encouraging the boys towards war........where do I sign Simi?

India requires peace, and sure steady development along the present trajectory for a good many years; war with Pakistan unravels all that. Some people don't think of such things. They just think war with Pakistan will be Kargil II (5,000 Pak paramilitary and armed civilians against 30,000 Indian professionals), forgetting that in a long drawn out war, which lets face it India has never experienced, Pakistan covertly will be backed by the USA and of course China. What is thus required is greater state to state interaction between the two countries face to face, official to official not merely after a crisis but on a regular basis, WITHOUT American involvement.