The Americans, the Pak military and ISI working covertly through the Pak/Afghan Taliban

The ISI is made up entirely from personnel from the Pakistan military, headed by the Pakistan military, is an intelligence annex of the Pakistan military (military intelligence), and operates on the orders of the top military brass of the Pakistan military; Kiyani and Suja Pasha current head of ISI.

The Pakistan military in turn operates on the orders of the Americans, as do the ISI.......so the story below of the ISI doing things behind the Americans without their full knowledge is misinformation/disinformation from America.

The Afghan and Pak Taliban------ISI/Pak military-----American intelligence are working from the same book; they are not so much fighting each other as cooperating covertly to create a certain narrative that fulfills American geostrategy in that area.

Lest we forget it was in 1994, that the Americans first under the Clinton Administration who approached Benazir Bhutto, then prime minister, to create the Taliban from Pakistan, using the ISI. Then in 1996 Osama Bin Laden was invited to Afghanistan from the Sudan, and slowly through Pakistan assistence the al-Qaeda myth was created. Then as now ISI/Pak military directly and totally ran the Taliban operation using Gulf funds, and American guidance, and advice. Nothings changed.

So we have this story from American that the ISI/Pak military are covertly directing the Taliban to the detriment of the USA......NOT....in the full spectrum of history of how the Taliban was created from 1994.

But obviously somewhere in the future the American military will engage the Pakistan military and this is the running narrative and justification, building up to that eventually.


US launched air attack inside Pak after verifying ISI-Taliban link: Book

By Times of India.

NEW DELHI: The US national security agency (NSA) has intercepted messages to indicate that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence was in "complete coordination" with the Taliban, according to a US journalist.

New York Times' White House correspondent David E Sanger has claimed in his latest book that the US decision to launch air attacks inside Pakistan's western borders was taken after "one such high-level conversation was intercepted" in which a speaker said the Taliban was a "strategic asset" for Pakistan.

Excerpts of the book 'The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the challenges to American power' were published by Pakistani newspaper The News.

The daily said former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf called a press conference recently to "repeatedly deny" allegations in the book that he had held a series of parleys with slain PPP leader Benazir Bhutto about her security, following which she returned to Pakistan.

The book also claimed that NSA had intercepted messages indicating ISI officers of helping Taliban in planning a big bomb attack in Afghanistan although the target was unclear.

After some days, Kandahar jail was attacked by Taliban and hundreds of their militants were freed, it said, adding that the US decision to invade Pakistani territories was taken "after CIA reached a conclusion that the ISI was absolutely in complete coordination with the Taliban".

According to the Pakistani daily, Sanger also wrote that the telephones of all senior army officers, including its chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, were bugged by NSA and CIA.

The author "claims that American intelligence agencies were intercepting telephonic conversations of army officers and the decision to attack Pakistan through drones was taken after one such high-level conversation was intercepted claiming the Taliban as a 'strategic asset' for Pakistan", it said.

The US scribe "seemed to have been given direct access to the secret record of several meetings held at the White House before George Bush left on January 20," the daily said.

The book said NSA had picked up intercepts like someone giving advance warning of what was coming to Taliban when the Pakistan Army was getting ready to hit places in tribal areas.

According to 'The News', the book also claimed that the Americans were in "full knowledge of the facts on the ground and they started attacking territories inside Pakistan as they thought the Pakistan army and intelligence agencies were no more interested in fighting the Taliban."

It also speaks of a two-star general as saying that supporting Taliban was absolutely necessary as "Indians will rein when Americans pull out".

The Pakistani daily said it had sought a detailed response from the Inter Services Public Relations to its report and promised to give it "equal and similar space".