Failed state number 9 again.

So basically the Pakistani military and civilian leadership have turned the sovereignty of the country to a foreign country, the USA.

And we ask why the country is a failed state?

The reason the gangster Zardari government, and Mir Zafars in the Pak military keep quiet about their role in the Predator attacks is that they know what they are doing is morally, politically, strategically, militarily in terms of what is best for Pakistan, wrong, so they play a lying game with the nation, and sow the seeds of doom for the nation in the future.

If the Pak military and Zardari seriously think that al-Qaeda operatives are based in Pakistan's FATA, along with anti-Pakistan Taliban elements then it is the duty of the Pakistan military to attack them, NOT a foreign power using Pakistani bases. Then after the attack tell the nation that the Pakistan military conducted operations against al-Qaeda, NOT for America but for the integrity of Pakistan. It is important that the establishment of Pakistan should be open and clear with the Pakistani people.

Behaving deviously, deceptively, duplicitous, double dealing, dishonestly, scheming, and lying to the Pakistani people is dangerous for the country. Such Jewish behavior by Pakistani leaders will not help the country.

Tough if the Americans don't trust the Pakistan military, since the Pakistani people cannot exactly trust the Americans, after having destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan for "democracy".

Further how does one justify signing peace deals with the Taliban in Swat, so that they can establish Sharia law, a few miles away from Islamabad, but secretly support American attacks against sovereign Pakistani territory, killing many civilians, attacking the very same groups or types of groups as the ones in Swat a few miles further away?

Ullu Bacha assholes!

The FATA terrorist operatives based in the semi autonomous Federally administered area consisting primarily of the Taliban and a few foreign jihadi fighters, don't constitute a direct threat to Pakistan's sovereignty, and there fore do not require dealing with by Pakistan. They certainly should not be dealt with by America using Pakistani bases, which then kills many innocent civilians.....Pakistani civilians in sovereign Pakistani territory. The Taliban in the FATA area should be isolated, and their linkages with the rest of Pakistan should be severely restricted, so that they become irrelevant to Pakistani politics viz the Pashtun majority in the NWFP, the majority of Pashtuns have opted for secular parties such as the Awami League in February 2008 elections. By allowing American drone attacks from Pakistani soil into FATA very publicly, the central Pakistani government is pushing otherwise moderate Pashtuns into the extremist Taliban camp...............and in the words of the fake news pronouncements of the Islamabad government which is parroted every time the Americans attack, "This does not help the situation, and the REAL fight against terrorist for the integrity of Pakistan.....medium to long term."

On the other hand the Taliban, the 3,000 massed in Swat with covert ISI and American backing DO constitute a threat to Pakistan's integrity, partly because of the sheer number (3,000......with more coming from FATA!!!!!!!)......peace with them gives them legitimacy, as they have negotiated and settled with the Pakistani government on their terms; a defacto surrender to the Taliban. Peace also gives the Swat Taliban the chance to consolidate and strengthen their position in the vicinity. A base from which to recruit, train and amass more fighters.....perhaps from 3,000 to 12,000 in the near future. Also unlike FATA, Swat is part of Pakistan proper, administratively, politically, culturally and socially (Many Pakistanis used to go there for their cherished holidays....its a natural beauty spot). Swat is geographically too close to Islamabad, Wah, Taxila, Peshawar and of course Kashmir, with its Sharia imposed law at gun point by fifth column elements within Pakistan and external entities.

For these reasons the Pakistani civilian government must force the Pakistani military numbering 800,000 military personnel unofficially, and 300,000 paramilitary personnel (1,100,000 total) to deal with the 3,000 lightly armed poorly lead men of the Taliban in Swat, and destroy their logistics linkages with the Pak and ISI extremist elements who are covertly backing them to destabilize the democratically elected government of Asif Zardari. So instead of the 12,000 troops Pakistan is presently using against the Swat Taliban, why not surround the rag tag lightly armed, poorly led Swat Taliban with 30,000 troops supported by comprehensive air cover if we are really serious.

The numbers game is very excellent Kiyani and Suja Pasha.......but I am happy in the knowledge that I have, and never will be a Mir Jafar.......kissing Gora ass, as national traitors.

I would characterize the Swat saga as a Pakistani military operation, to weaken the position of the civilian government, and reinstate the military under another quasi-military administration under Musharaf, slowly being groomed and reinvented as a future civilian President. Whilst I am not a fan of Zardari, I question the dangerous brinkmanship "game' that the military/ISI play in order to pursue their illegal lust for power in Pakistan.

AND......................................whilst Kiyani and Suja Pasha are playing these games in Pakistan, a force is massing in Afghanistan which will soon number 100,000 American and NATO troops. They sure aren't expanding in Afghanistan to deal with the 8,000 Taliban which is controlled and supplied by................................The Pakistan military/ISI with secret American approval. This force is expanding with the idea that it can viably invade Pakistan in the future........."The Taliban" which is "controlled opposition" and "al-Qaeda" a phantom organization, with a long since dead Osama Bin Laden, provides the "justification" for the surge of American troops in Afghanistan. But the real goal and target is Pakistan, and its nukes......an objective of the Jews since the 1970's; Bhutto removed 1977; the military top brass killed 1988; Israel asks India for joint attacks in the 1980's; creation of the Taliban and al-Qaeda myth to justify future action against Pakistan in the 1990's, through Afghanistan....Maybe even 9/11 is part of this with the overt Pakistani involvement in that sad saga, which then is used as blackmail against the Pak military to "cooperate" or else......"bomb you back to the stone age".

OK, so what is to be done?

Zardari is clearly no good, he is just a stop gap filler to allow the unpopularity of the Musharaf regime to to be forgotten within Pakistan, which makes the Musharaf regime in retrospect look good to ordinary Pakistanis. There has got to be some other asshole in Pakistan, probably from the Punjab to lead a civilian government...maybe Main Nawaz Sharif the billionaire tycoon. What Pakistan does not need, and I make this comment after seeing the real judgments of the Pak military brass over the last couple of years and how they operate viz the Americans, is another military government. What Pakistan requires is a reasonably competent civilian government that can replace the Zardari government. The Zardari government is weak, incompetent, corrupt and ineffective in dealing with the Pak military and especially Americans.

On the other hand the Pak military in power, through Musharaf in the future will help in a variety of ways the Americans to occupy Pakistan. The American drone attacks from Pakistani bases, against sovereign Pakistani territory is one step in that direction and one aspect of that. The other Pak military help to the Americans is the covert support of the Taliban as a "controlled opposition" which the Americans then use to justify their expansion in Afghanistan, attacks into Pakistan, and the apparent destabilization of Pakistani society. Finally the continued support of the "al-Qaeda" myth by the Pak military, since the beginning. The continued participation in that game, which some have refered to as the "Pakistani striptease"-----Pakistan more than any other country has produced up to 600 people for America, as being somehow linked to "al-Qaeda", including some its own nationals.

Normally the military are tasked to defend a country and its national interests, after all the nation funds, clothes, feeds, arms, houses and trains them for this purpose. However in especially Third World environments, especially in failed states which have lost their direction and sense of national purpose, the armed forces essentially become another mafia organization, involved in politics, business operations extensively, and out right criminal activities such as human trafficking, narcotics and other such things.

This is the case with the Pakistan military. It represents the greatest threat to the integrity and sovereignty of the Pakistani nation. It is also a problem for its neighbors India and especially Afghanistan.


Pakistan ‘Privately’ Backing US Drone Attacks

Public Condemnations Carry Little Weight as Proof Grows of Complicity in Strikes.

By Antiwar.com

There has been plenty of talk over the past several months that the Pakistani government had come to some sort of secret understanding with the United States about its continued use of Predator drones to launch attacks on Pakistani soil. But with the Pakistani government publicly denying it and the United States refusing to even officially confirm that it had launched most of the strikes, concrete evidence was elusive. That is no longer the case.

The Wall Street Journal cites several unnamed officials on both sides confirming that Pakistan’s military is giving “significant support” to the US attacks. The Times of London has published aerial photos from 2006 of a Pakistani airbase in Balochistan that also shows three Predator drones on the runway: seemly confirming last week’s comments by Senator Dianne Feinstein claiming that the United States had been using a Pakistani base for their drone attacks.

The stakes are high for the already floundering coalition government of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. If the formal protests and summoning of the US Ambassador is all really, as one Pakistani official put it “for the sake of public opinion,” the Zardari government has been openly lying to its citizenry about one of the most controversial domestic issues it faces. If it is possible for the already skeptical population of Pakistan’s tribal areas to lose more faith in the government, this would certainly be the issue for it.

The United States has been launching a growing number of drone strikes in North and South Waziristan since mid-2008, killing a large number of civilians as well as the militants it has targeted. President Obama made advocating the strikes a centerpiece of his Pakistan policy, and the attacks have continued since he took office last month.