A bottomless basket case pit.

There seems to be a double standard here in American foreign policy towards Pakistan, where on the one hand they are fully aware of the linkages between the Pakistan military and extremist Islamic groups, the constant tut tutting of this fact (one reason why the $150 million monthly military installment has been suspended for the last 9 months.....clear information was gleaned that the top echelon of the Pakistan military were in direct contact with the Taliban), and then off loading huge amounts of money unto Pakistan without asking a lot of questions about how that money is subsequently spent(is it being used to kill American servicemen for example? One pertinent inquiry, unless of course you have a Jewish regime in Washington.........then that question becomes moot, and maybe even irrelevant )

One readily thinks of the huge amounts of money pumped into the corrupt and incompetent South Vietnam government when they were fighting Communist terrorists in the 1960's. All of course to no avail in the end, and a humiliating military defeat for the USA (an outcome that was not necessary), when they followed through in direct involvement in that quagmire, from 1964/65.

I suppose history must repeat itself, but hopefully not after the loss of 4 million local native civilian lives and the death of 80,000 American servicemen eventually, unofficially.


US lines up billions for Pak, ignoring terror links.

By Chidanand Rajghatta of the Times of India.

WASHINGTON: The United States is lining up billions of dollars in new economic and military aid to Pakistan despite reports that Islamabad is using American tax-payer money for deals with the Taliban and accounts of US arms ending up in the hands of the extremists.

(The Taliban is an extension of the Pakistan military, it has been so since 1994 since its creation. SO any arms and funds it gets is directly from the Pakistan military)

Amid an ongoing review of the so-called Af-Pak policy initiated by the Obama administration, Washington, under pressure from influential Senator John Kerry among other lawmakers and lobbyists, is said to be considering a one-time $ 5 billion aid to Pakistan over and above the $ 1.5 billion annual package for ten years currently under review for passage through Congress.

(Lets see, Pakistan will get $15 billion for the next 10 years, as economic aid; will soon continue getting the $1.8 billion annual security aid under Obama, including back payments. On top of that Obama has promised more security aid. Proposals are being made for a one off $5 billion aid package being given to Pakistan to sponsor social programs......and the USA run and based IMF are pumping $7.5 billion under an economic restructuring program..........the Saudis, America's ally are promising another $4 billion if the Pakistanis accept the IMF terms of restructuring the economy. Maybe the WB, and ADB, and China can chip in a few more billion $ to the corrupt regime in Islamabad, headed by a felon who has done prison time for corruption)

Will all this help improve Pakistan's economic and SECURITY situation? In the short term this may be of help for the economy, but not in the medium to long term. You've got criminals running the country, and they are only interested in number one, for all their flowery rhetoric. As to the SECURITY situation, throwing more $ at Pakistan won't help, as long as Zardari the crook, corrupt cretin is in power, backed by the military with their own set of perspectives and agendas (maybe usng American $ to buy peace with the Taliban being one gross contradiction).

What Pakistan requires foremost is a competent government at the helm in Islamabad, and maybe, maybe Nawaz Sharif is that person........a person to be sure who is not another Jinnah, but at least someone who will be more competent administratively and willing to face up to the all powerful Pakistan military, and its set of undeclared anti-state agendas.)

Releasing a report by the think-tank Atlantic Council on Wednesday, Kerry, who is also the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is in a position to pilot the aid package, raised the prospect of a total collapse in Pakistan if it was not helped urgently.

(Pakistan is a failed state number 9 from the bottom. Its demise and disintegration has been announced many times..........but it shouldn't fail as long as a competent civilian government is allowed to reign in Islamabad, unmolested by internal and external actors. Though I certainly did not think so earlier, the Pakistan military are the prime agents of destabilization of the state...so they need to be reigned in under a strong civilian government which is confident and competent)

"If we fail, we face a truly frightening prospect: terrorist sanctuary, economic meltdown, and spiraling radicalism, all in a nation with 170 million inhabitants and a full arsenal of nuclear weapons," he said. "The stakes could not be higher, and [this] report could not be more timely."

(Pakistan is a failed state because of the USA interference over several decades. It is not that Pakistanis have or want to fail their state, BUT due to the continued American interference, Pakistan fails. A major part of that failure is due to the military of Pakistan, and their adoption of American sponsored schemes which have a blow back effect on Pakistan: "Operation Cyclone" and "Operation greenbelt" from the late seventies and early eighties, for example, and then the "Operation Taliban" from 1994, and now "GWOT" with "Operation anti-Taliban"...............)

The 27-page report calls for "a total of $4-5 billion above the (Biden)-Kerry-Lugar proposals and beyond the IMF and other loans from the US. and other sources," for Pakistan. Of this, it recommends, about $3 billion should go to the economic and social sectors directly. About $1 billion of fresh or redirected funds would go to security forces -- both military and law enforcement.

US government reports in recent times have detailed how Pakistan has misused billions in aid for a military build-up against India instead of using it for the intended war on terror. Audits have also detailed million of dollars in fraudulent claims by the Pakistani military. Reimbursement to Pakistan have been halted for several months because of this but are set to resume soon after the Obama administration has given a green signal pending further audits.

(We really don't know what military transfers take place between the USA, and Pakistan. A whole covert black market has evolved between these two countries, covering everything from nuclear material, and parts to conventional arms. The trade between the two countries entered the black market after the 1965 war, when America officially to appease India, imposed an embargo against selling arms to Pakistan, BUT through countries such as Iran under the Shah, West Germany(ATGW system---establishment of an underground production line, near Wah with American approval,and the source of Pakistan's numerous rocket/missile projects later, started earnestly in the early sixties with foreign Western help MBB, and the reason why Pakistan is ahead in terms of missiles technology compared to India......Pakistani missiles are better technically, and that certainly has NOTHING to do with North Korea. German security under American direct control since 1945, 80,000 American servicemen stationed there ) and of course South Vietnam war stockpiles (1965--73), Pakistan continued to receive huge quantities of American arms. Since the demise of the Shah and South Vietnam, the Gulf countries, Turkey and others have been covert sources of American technology for the Pakistan military machine............in that sense the current $1.8 billion annual military/security aid is misleading.

In addition we must ask what is the nature of this military and economic aid? What is it really intended for? Does the USA really want the Pakistan military to defeat the Taliban? One thinks not....if one thinks along the line that the Taliban and the Pakistan military are one and the same, and the USA, with their considerable involvement through the ISI (works as an annex of American intelligence) clearly know this to be the fact.

Therefore it is more likely that the economic and military aid is to grease the wheels of power in the Civilian political/military structure of Pakistan so that they toe the American geostrategic agenda which is:

(i) Continue with the "al-Qaeda" myth. OBLs not dead, but still alive in Pakistan commanding a huge network of terrorists around the world, and is a threat especially to Amerca/UK/Israel....coincidently.

(ii) That the Taliban are an independent entity which is a credible military force which might take over Afghanistan (8,000 lightly armed Taliban vs 300,000 Afghan security including 80,000 Coalition forces with full aircover-----Baloney!!!) and they might usurp power in Pakistan (5,000---10,000 lightly armed Pakistan Taliban vs 1,100,000 Pakistan security forces), with its nuclear arsenal........so we need more Western soldiers in that area, right? AND more military and economic aid for Pakistan.

(iii) Most bizarrely, if you are a Pakistani national, but not bizarre if you have served in the Pakistani military and were involved in ALL those American Operations mentioned above.......................as it is unfolding, that ALL so called Islamic terrorism in mainland India comes from Pakistan, and India should attack Pakistan and teach them a lesson, once and for all Jai Ram!!! Lets have the two brownies get into a good punch up, involving millions of men on both sides in South Asia, and maybe including nuclear exchanges.

Besides Suja Pasha's offer to visit India and help investigations initially, the Pakistan military have been eerily silent about rebutting the allegations from India. Now that could be an indication of culpability, guilt by ommission, or it could be that they are under strict orders from America not to expose the conventional narrative set by the Indian media that 10 men on a boat from Karachi, hijacked a Indian.................)

More recent accounts from Pakistan have described how high end US military equipment is ending up with extremists through arms bazaars in the country's frontier. Earlier this week, reports from Pakistan detailed $ 6 million paid through back channels to the Taliban in the latest truce in Swat with more in the pipeline.

(The Pakistan military would not normally sell off state of the art sophisticated equipment into the Frontier arms bazaar; generally they release second hand old equipment into such arms bazaars....for personal gain. There isn't any clear indication that the Afghan Taliban or the TPP are using anything sophisticated in their
"operations" against the Coalition forces in Afghanistan, and Pakistan military. The Taliban tactics are very primitive, and have been so since 2001, they haven't changed.

They don't have any air cover, and don't posses any light SAMs.....you would think that if they were a serious resistance force fighting many years with experience, that they would have been supplied by such things from their Pakistani military source, at least by now......so the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan with the Hologram al-Qaeda exists as "Controlled Opposition" for the benefit of American geostrategy in the region, and don't constitute a serious fighting force.........The 8,000 armed with AK-47 are taking over Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!Send in more troops. The TPP are going to take over Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!)

Reports of enhanced American aid to a suspect ally at a time of economic woes in the US has caused consternation in strategic circles.

(Plus it does not meet the common sense test)

"Not only is the United States paying the Pakistani government to abdicate territory to the Taliban, we get to fund the Taliban as well," said Bill Roggio, an expert in the war on terror, questioning the Kerry-Lugar proposal aimed to tripling military aid to Pakistan.

(One wonders to what end is all this..........)

"It's time for the US. government to ask if it is getting a good return on its investment. Considering that more than $3.8 billion of $5 billion of US. aid to Pakistan has gone unaccounted for and the Taliban is being funded by the US, perhaps the answer is no," Roggio, who runs the blog Long War Journal, added.

Kerry made no mention of any Pakistani transgression in his alarming presentation as he pushed for increased aid amid intense Pakistani lobbying in Washington. Pakistan's foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, its Army chief Pervez Ashraf Kiyani, and the ISI Director-General Shuja Pasha have been in intense consultations with US interlocutors this week to seek a bail-out for Islamabad, warning that a meltdown in Pakistan can affect the neighborhood and the whole world.

(If more proof is required as to who runs Pakistan and where all the Pakistani pigs go with their begging bowls..............to see how quickly they can fall over themselves, to see which of them can sell Pakistan the quickest and cheapest)

Although the Atlantic Council report has several recommendations to temper Pakistan's militaristic outlook, its embrace of extremism, and the need to promote peace with India, the proposed aid is not contingent on Islamabad living up to any benchmarks.

(Empty rhetoric........)

The report largely glosses over the Mumbai attack, in which 159 people including six Americans died, while empathizing with Islamabad for its predicament in initiating action against those who plotted the carnage.

"Pakistan must clearly do more to neutralize and control terrorist organizations operating on its soil and hence must meet some demands it believes are harsh and too biased towards Indian preferences," it says on the Mumbai attack, but adds, "Giving Pakistan leeway to do so on its own timetable may be a way out and prevent the government from being seen as doing so at India's bidding."

Is the Congress being gullible and falling prey to USA's double game (Ditto NDA/BJP...........traditionally more pro-israel and USA, remember?)

(Indeed so, it is a pathetic sight to see India fawning over the USA. A fake competitive scenario is being created where Pakistan military wise competes with India, which is wholly unrealistic, and unwarranted........(i)America's wooing of India into Afghanistan, and a call for Indian military personnel into Afghanistan. (ii) Covert ops by India into Pakistan from Afghanistan, under American encouagement. (iii) The nuclear deal signed recently. (iv) Promise to make India into a "Great Power"..........these are all designed to slight Pakistan directly, by the USA, BUT the Ullu Bacha's in the Pakistan military will read them as pure Indian slights, which have nothing to do with America and their Jewish schemes in the region.


Conflicts blatantly against India's interests, unless you are a fawning Indian, with American initiatives in Pakistan:

(i) $15 billion offered over the next 10 years.
(ii) $1.8 billion annual military aid, with that being topped up with more security aid presumably under a different name and initiative........no questions asked.
(iii) $5 billion one off payment, under proposals.
(iv) $4 billion promise given by Saudi, America's client state.
(v) $7.5 billion restructuring program for the Pkistan economy.
(vi) The basing of American military in 4 Pakistani bases, and the drone attacks from these bases.
(vii) The vitual control and direction of the Pakistan military/intelligence structure through huge formal and covert military aid from the USA, most of which.....$4---$5 billion is unaccounted for.
(VIII) Looking the other way, and making superficial complaints against Pakistan viz the real help given to the country, and how Pakistan security manages and runs the various insurgency networks and bases, some of which are then used against India in Kashmir specifically. American first and foremost pretends that they don't know about these facilities, and further they are powerless in doing anything about it. Again this is false gven the HUGE amount of aid that America gives to Pakistan, and second gven the fact that the Pakistan military and security have very close linkages with American military and security....a relationship built up over several decades, so its a bit disengenious for America to say they do not have a clue what the Pakistan military is up to covert wise, and that they can't control it.

JEWUSA is playing both nations for suckers, and the assholes in both countries to an extent are falling for it.