Mumbai terrorism and responsibility.

Advani echoes Modi's line, hints at local link to 26/11

by NDTV.com

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's statement on local support in the Mumbai terror attacks on Tuesday found support in senior BJP leader L K Advani.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, the Leader of the Opposition and the BJP's prime ministerial candidate questioned the Mumbai police chief ruling out 'local links' in Mumbai terror attacks.

"It is clear that the planning happened for a year and they visited the places they attacked on November 26. It is not possible that there are no local links in 26/11," said said L K Advani, Leader of Opposition.

"It is a well-planned conspiracy. I was also surprised to hear the Mumbai police chief's comment that all 26/11 terrorists are accounted for, that they are either dead or in custody. And there is no local link. How can they give that certificate?' added Advani.

The Congress had condemned the remarks as anti-national and one that toed Pakistan's line.


The tabloid above released this bit of news posted above.

Why does the BJP keep stating that local, presumably Indian Muslims helped the Mumbai terrorists, all of whom allegedly came from Pakistan. What the BJP is saying that an operation of this magnitude;10 men fighting for 3 days non-stop, so huge amounts of amonition in groups of 2,3 and 4 operating in up to 13 different places simultaneously or consecutively in a security hardened, security experienced city of 40,000 police with ATS back-up could not have carried out such a daring act without local Muslim help right?

I agree with the BJP, to a certain extent. The official explanation from India doesn't add up.............and even partial Pakistani admission of responsibility, under American pressure still does not explain Mumbai 26/11. If the Pakistanis are telling the truth and some of the men came from Pakistan, where did the rest come from would be the first question? Which organization backed them?

So whats the BJP's motivation for saying such things? Elections are not too far away and the BJP like to wave the communal card ("our Muslims helped the foreign terrorists" nudge nudge wink wink), as well as dredge up the Ram temple issue, as part of their key election strategy. Sad really sad, and one hopes that like the JI, with similar politics in a neighboring country, the BJP one day is relegated to the political margins, from where it crawled out from a mere decade or so ago. The BJP is the party which was:

  • Responsible directly and indirectly for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent Indians through their political campaigns....and communalism. The Supreme Court remained silent against them for a good while.
  • The party which quite provocatively, without informing neighbors exploded nuclear bombs....unprecedented behavior for India, in 1998.
  • The party which in 2000 invited Israeli security experts into India, including into ultra sensitive Kashmir, signing multi-billion $ agreements with the little terrorist state in the Middle East. Pretending that there weren't any implications to such actions.

Whilst the Congress Party as respresentatives of India must as a matter of course blame Pakistan for national reasons, after all to do otherwise is political suicide, but privately as a matter of common sense and observation they and others must become aware that the whole operation looks like a false flag operation, similar to 9/11 in America, carried out by Israel, with local help to:

1. To compromise and curtail Hemant Kakare's investigations which may have had Israeli dimensions and linkages, which he may have known about, guessed and intended to expose nationally. Unofficially the Israelis have played a key role in the BJP "election strategy" of playing the communal card, and showcasing specific events which pander to the communal card since the 1990's.

2. Assist the BJP in ongoing national elections and pending national elections, as the BJP is considered strong on security issues and terrorism( the reality is that the act of terrorism local or national did not dip during the BJP's last tenure 1998---2004, infact it may have increased within India) Israel's attack on Gaza more recently from a cynical perspective, just before Israeli national elections is another example where security operations are carried out to effect election outcomes. The ruling Kadima Party gained a slight majority.

3. For India to attack Pakistan, for Israel, and dismantle its nuclear arsenal. A persistent strategy of Israel since the 1970's. Israel has invested $9 billion worth of arms into India for this single Israeli objective. Not even Russia, India's traditional arms supplier, or the USA has transfered this amount of arms to India. Clearly this speaks volumes of Israel's desire to see India attack Pakistan...and this general desire over 30 years has been articulated through various channels in India namely the pro-Jewish sections of the Indian media including Bollywood emphatically, and through the BJP foremost, and finally through elements of the Indian security structure.

For secular Indian politicians who do not wish to be puppets of Israel, then what is required is to distance India from Israel gradually. That Israels influence on Indian secuity has been a concern for many inside India who are secular, and was articulated very loudly and repeatedly whilst in opposition. Those very same elements should now carry through on their position viz Israel and disconnect Israel from India, especially in security sensitive areas of India.

India is an important power that does not need its political and security agenda set by Israel through false flag ops in India of the Mumbai type. That Indian security personnel are professional and don't require additional guidance from Israel. If Indian security feels that they need to top up their military and security skills, then they should spar and train with equivalent nations to India, such as Russia and China.

In relation to Pakistan, it is a sad failed state number 9 from the bottom controlled by the USA. Significant security actions of Pakistan for example the creation of the al-Qaeda myth; the establishment, backing with logistics, arms and training, command and control of the Taliban with ISI personnel guidance, AND KARGIL 1999. These are not the actions of Pakistan generally......specifically....the Kargil operation was conducted by just four Pak generals exclusively close to the USA, headed by Musharaf the American agent lately being groomed to replace the gangster Zardari installed by the USA, now proving a disaster.......in English this is known as a Merry-- Go--Round.

So India needs to be very careful with Pakistan.....very careful. Who is in charge in Pakistan? Pranab Mukherjee asked not too long ago. How true, certainly not the Pakistanis. Pakistani partial admission of the Mumbai attack resolves very little but begs more questions. OK, and again, if some of the terrorists came from Pakistan, where did the rest come from? It is more an indication of the USA posturing in the region, but it certainly does not bring closure to that sad episode.

Pakistani admission on 26/11 is good for Congress politically which displeases the BJP, but in terms of national overall security objectives does not answer many vital questions. It is within these unanswered scenarios that India must formulate a comprehensive security post Mumbai policy. It certainly is not merely about throwing more money at security, though that is not a bad thing, but specifically formulating policies which meet India's real security needs in the 21st century.

Let me make some generalized points:

  • I think some where in security, Indian national security , the level of political and administrative governance plays an important part. Let me be more crude. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a failed state with huge amounts of mineral riches, their level of governance is very poor which allows certain predatory, mainly Western nations to exploit the country directly or through East India Company type entities. The country deligitimates itself, through the poor action and corruption of its government which invites more problems security wise, from local and intenational actors. I am not proposing a security state in India, but the level of governance needs to be beefed up to first world standards. A simple measure like better pay for security officials must be a priority, inviting the best and brightest to such organisations....and not lost exclusively to the better paying private sector.
  • Another significant trait of failed states is their over reliance on external security advisors, with their open operation in such areas (See previous post...point 12 of why states fail) India MUST distance itself from Israel, and eject all security operation agreements between the two countries with the Israeli advisors. India should keep a clear distance from ALL nations in its security matters, and not over rely on any nation too much...including Russia, which is not even a proactive predatory power. This is common sense.
  • The Indian army is very good but lacking in vital arms. In my opinion they require probably about 4,000 additional 155 mm artillery, and maybe twice as many mortars; more attack helicopters and transports--both helicopters and planes. Perhaps the divisional HQ can be increased to 70, 22 Corps HQ, 9 army HQ and 4/5 sector commands (army group HQ)---the general equipment needs to be standardized, and locally produced.
  • The airforce is a joke of course. About 900 planes? of which 550 are ready and operational? What on earth does 200,000 odd personnel in the airforce do with so few planes? Stare at the sky and pretend that they are flying planes? Great as a museum exhibition with all types of planes of all ages!!! The Indian airforce needs a standard FGA, about 1,000 produced locally of the 4/5 generation type to be a credible force, not relying on external sources to make their planes operational.
  • The navy, the least important service for India, since if they lose a war India still does not lose.......India loses a war when the ARMY loses. But OK, they have a role presumably, and an expression of Indian national might. I think 3 aircraft carriers projected for 2015 is a waste; its a puffed up prestiage project which is wasteful for essentially a Third World country, and at that the least important service of the three services. Invest the money instead in stealth nuclear powered submarines, which can fire ballistic missiles....maybe 15 of them by 2025.
  • Defence expenditure needs to be raised from 2% to 3%, at least as Pakistan unravels under American "guidance" and how that plays out for India, in the medium to long term. Military Chiefs/service chiefs should not become media "personalities" giving candid interviews to the media about state policy.......but obviously should be given ample opportunity to express their opinion through internal channels. The Indian media have not shut down on that front since Kargil 1999.
  • Extensive indoctrination of senior officers need to be made within the full security spectrum RAW,...........military........to the police and paramilitary....of American geostrategic designs in the region. Please read the PNAC document 2000. An abridged version of the 2000 document can be circulated to relevant officers. I mean the real one, as opposed to the publicly announced one, and how that affects India. Ditto with Israeli geostrategy, which sometimes runs parallel with the USA, but not always. For example in September 2008, unreported by the Zionist MSM in the USA, and thus the rest of the world, Jewish financiers tried to sabotage the American economy by transferring huge amounts of currency out of the American financial system in a few hours (ie collapse of the $)......the normally docile Bush government, close to Israel, buddy of Israel reacted and blocked the massive currency transfers from going into the trillions, and going further...maybe $600 billion transferred in a few hours.......had it been allowed to continue then we would have had a repetition of 1929, and the Wall Street Crash, with catastrophic consequences for America and the world. THE JEWS COVERED THEIR TRACKS BY OFFERING BERNIE MADDOX as sacrificial lamb soon after, at least on the surface, and his $50 billion fraud. This is what is known as a "Special relationship" between America and Israel. On the one hand the Jews whisper to the Americans that the country is a great power that can alone take over the world (PNAC 2000), and on the other they try to destroy the American economy, since from the Jewish perspective a destroyed American economy offers Jews certain unique opportunities viz their control and direction of America. Have the Jews whispered anything to India about being a great power? On the other hand the two states are working together to maintain the al-Qaeda myth, and that somehow Islamic fundamentalists are a real threat to world peace. That the Taliban might take over Pakistan and control its arsenal....Obama will continue where Bush left off in this area....for India this is very important viz, American controlled Pakistan.
  • Any military machine which relies on external sources for its spares is worthless. When the Indian military rely on foreign sources for their spares they have lost the political and military sovereignty of the armed forces. The Indian military is at the mercy of foreign suppliers, and thus political pressure can be applied by foreign powers in the middle of a crucial military engagment. India is the 3/4 largest economy on earth with a considerable industrial base, and the technical expertise to make decent conventional military equipment. If India has not achieved self sufficiency in basic conventional arms thus far this must be because of the lack of direction from Delhi from the relevant politicians who have neglected their duties. India is the only major power who buys her basic core military hardware from foreign sources which to say the least is "unique" and self defeating.