Sabotaging peace.

There is absolutely no doubt that it was Pakistan which initiated illegally the Kargil conflict of 1999.

There is absolute no doubt that the Kargil war was initiated by Musharaf, and a few of his buddies in the top brass of the Pakistan army. The airforce and navy chiefs were not informed of the operation.

There is absolute no doubt that Musharaf never intended to win the Kargil war.....using a maximum of 5,000 troops drawn from the paramilitary Northern Light Infantry, and some civilian insurgents, with the SSG as the coordinators. If he really wanted to win, or thought he could win realistically he would have invested at least 100,000 troops from the regular army, with supporting aircover.

There is absolutely no doubt that Pakistan lost the war, and sustained up to 4,000 dead; among the worst defeats for the Pakistan military.

........So what was Musharaf thinking?

Peace between India and Pakistan is considered a threat to the rationale and justification of the Pakistan military and their rather large numbers:

(i) So the Kargil War was an act of sabotage to derail the peace initiative between the two cuntries.

(ii) To destabilise the Sharif regime, and somehow tag the failure of Kargil with the Sharif government.

(iii) reinstate military rule under Musharaf....the national hero and savior of Pakistan.

The mentality of the Pakistan military brass is that they are annointed by GOD to rule Pakistan, and any civilian governments are thus irrelevant interfereing intermissions of control which are fair game to be destabilised and eventually toppled. 1951---1958, 1970--1971, 1977, 1988-1999, 2008----present Swat peace deal.

Sacrificing 4,000 Jawans and civilians, albiet drawn from Gilgit and Balistan is fair game for this mission from GOD.

The "national hero" now doing lecture tours in America, Pakistan and India being groomed to replace Zardari as a "civilian" leader of the nation.

He is guided by the USA.

If you are a civilian politician in Pakistan, and you are serious about power in the country as a government, then the very first initiative you must undertake is peace with India; after the very first day of being elected. Peace with India, not in terms of endless negotiations about peace that drag on for years, and piecemeal gesture politics....like openning a train link here and there, but real comprehensive peace:

1. FTA with India with immediate effect outside of SAFTA, comprehensive across the board, binding....
2. Legalise the LOC.
3. Sign security guarantees and agreements with India....joint terrorism task force, joint military manouvers, exchange security personel for training with each other.

That way, in such comprehensive ways you have neutralised the top brass of the Pakistan military who think they are annointed to rule the country against the interests of the civilian politicians.

In addition, you have secured your Eastern frontier, and can better face the Americans in the Western Front.

In that sense Zardari the small time gangster felon who has done prison time for corruption, installed by America, has failed as a civilian government...........the gansgters has to date not bothered to even visit India, let alone sign any comprehensive agreements with India which strengthens his civilian governments position viz the military.


Sharif blames Musharraf for Kargil War

Suggesting that Kargil war had been a debacle for Pakistan, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said the then Army Chief Gen Pervez Musharraf had virtually pleaded with him to talk to President Bill Clinton to "somehow" ensure an end to the conflict.

Sharif maintained that the war of 1999 had been initiated by Musharraf by attacking India without his knowledge but he (Sharif) had taken "responsibility for everything to save military's reputation and dignity".

"Musharraf attacked Kargil and I had no information about this military operation," the PML(N) president told a meeting of party's general council at Raiwind in Lahore.

"I came to know of it when I got a phone call from (then Prime Minister Atal Bihari) Vajpayee 'saheb'. He asked me --'what have you done after I returned from your country with good feelings... Your army has attacked our army'," he said.

Sharif said he then called up Musharraf and the latter confirmed what Vajpayee had said. Vajpayee had undertaken a bus ride to Lahore on February 19, 1999.

The Kargil conflict began three months later. Apparently hinting that the Pakistani military action had proved to be a disaster, Sharif said,

"You all know what were the consequences of that war. Musharraf asked me to contact Clinton and somehow ensure an end to the war."