The Root cause of failure.

Professor Bernard Lewis

No the problem of Muslim countries existing in the bottom of the Third World, with low levels of growth with often harsh autocratic governments can be attributed to many factors. It is not merely the result of "Western oppression", though that may be a significant factor........one must also look at the weaknesses of Third World regimes in themselves and the wider society from which their governments are chosen to explain why so many Muslim nations fail.

It is this weakness that predatory Western powers such as the USA, and UK feed on, as it is in their nature. But here again we must look at the work of specific groups in Western society who shape policy for countries such as the USA, namely Jewish groups.

So to summarize it is not a Muslim vs Christian thing, but rather 1) Weaknesses in Muslim societies which..... 2) Predatory usually Capitalist, usually Jewish groups which exploit the local situation in Muslim countries for their geo-strategic and financial schemes.

SOLUTION: Become an expert on international Jewish Capital; become an expert in their way of thinking and how they operate, and then beat them if you can at their own game....they are human after all. They also suffer significant criminal tendencies involving money, financial transactions, the sex trade, narcotics from South America and Asia, gambling......and the worst source of all, their lust for power and desire for total control of everything on earth, because their local rabbi taught them at aged 10 that this is their destiny sanctioned by their GOD.......such things one can term Jew weaknesses which subject to proper investigation by proper groups can reveal their true nature, and in addition the numerous idiot gentiles with whom they work with...

Their strengths are the Western media which creates popular consciousness, and allows the Jew control of perception management, terms of what is important and how people think about them etc.....Financial strength, running the major banks of the world, especially in the West..........Finally security domination, again especially in the West, and the control of major intelligence and other security organizations which gives them a lot of unofficial power.

These factors are the reasons why Jews like creating "security situations" such as wars, or low level insurgency because Jews feel they can control such situations, through their media, through their banks, and through their security.

The need to "secure" and "expand"
Israel's boundaries is one major factor for the hostile stance of Western governments such as the USA and UK, TWO COUNTRIES DOMINATED BY JEWS, towards Muslim nations and the subsequent covert problems such nations suffer....it is in this Jewish led narrative of Israels that somehow Israels interests are the same as that of the Christian West (Our struggle against Muslims is your struggle)that much of the problems of Muslim nations can be identified at its source.

Or to put it in a faux Ahmedinejad way, so long as Israel exists, in its present condition, Muslim nations will face "difficult" times ahead for many decades to come, as the Jewish dominated West continues to justify false actions against fake actors in the vicinity of Muslim countries in the name of GWOT, an open ended Jewish war against Muslims, that pits western security against Muslim nations covertly and overtly.

What global humanists, especially in the security profession, concerned for both human welfare and national welfare have to do is expose the fake nature of this false struggle between "radical Islam" and the "West"............"Clash of Civilization" as stated originally by the Jew British agent of influence in Washington Bernard Lewis and later sanctified by Samuel Huntington in influential American circles in the early 1990's just as the Cold War had ended.

The huge Bin Laden clan which have close ties with powerful rich Western families and companies.....the Jewish media did the rest of the work.

You can do basic research and find out who actually created these false Muslim Fundamentalist organizations. By doing such work you can work backwards and see who then actually carries out terrorism around the world, since the creation of such organisations has a strategic purpose.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1920's (to destroy and subvert Egyptian nationalist movement), al-Qaeda in the 1990's (Osama dead since December 2001 is obviously real, haling from Saudi Arabia with a few lieutenants, but the fake part of the story is that he never had direct control of thousands upon thousands of men world wide doing his bidding; that bit of the narrative is fake, and he was not responsible for 9/11. He had been recruited in the late seventies by Western Intelligence, and for the next twenty years to the end he took all his orders from his Western intelligence masters), Hamas in the 1970's (subvert the PLO and divide the Palestinians), the Taliban from 1994 (To lay the ground work and justification for the occupation of Afghanistan and control its narcotics, oil routes and as a strategic base to strike Iran, and Pakistan for its nukes, an important Israeli goal since the 1970's)

...and for what purpose from the global perspectives of everybody? Even though these falsely created organizations exist they do not themselves carry out many of the terrorist acts that happen around the world (9/11, attack on USS Cole, the Madrid Train bombing, the attack on Embassies in East Africa, London 7/7 attacks) but provide the cover for state agencies in their acts, and thus the justifications for continued open ended war which lets face it benefits nobody, not even Jews.