The Poor noble and brave Pashtuns.


The poor, poor proud noble Pashtuns, the descendants of Sher Shah and Sher Afghani, and many many more, disenfranchised and out of power in Kabul after dominating Afghanistan for more than a 1,000 years, since 2001. Being harassed by alien hostile occupation forces from the other side of the world, treating them with dishonor and disgrace, exploiting their country for their narcotics trade, and the benefits of a few criminals in the UK and the USA.

In Kabul there is a puppet American government made up of the usual criminals and bandits the Americans feel at home with, and where sadly the only "hope" and "salvation" for the Pashtuns is a return to power of the Taliban, the illegal medieval fifth column entity created by the USA through the services of Pakistan from 1994, and run by the Pakistan military..................for the Americans as a casus belli for neo-imperial criminal adventurism as the "controlled opposition".

And the situation for the Pashtuns in Pakistan?

They too, all too many of them are being attacked by the Pakistan army, in collaboration with with the USA, using Pakistani military bases. For ever since independence this noble race has been neglected by the Pakistan government, and now the final act of the Pakistan government in collaboration with the Americans, much like East Pakistan in 1971, are inflicting suffering on this noble people........in pursuit of their geo-strategic agendas in this area.

Surely the division of Pakistan must follow, since the Pashtuns will not forgive and forget this slight by the Pakistani central government operating as extensions of the Americans.


An Empty Tribal Belt? Pakistan Is Betraying Its Proud Tribesmen


The proud tribesmen of Pakistan, those who beat the English and the Russians and fought their way to liberate half of the Indian occupied Kashmir are now facing an American conspiracy and a Pakistani complacency.

(That there is an American strategy there is no doubt, related to narcotics and other things...."The Grand Chessboard" Brzezinski, "Arc of Crisis" , since the 1970's and Bernard Lewis.......UK/London Narcotics-neo-imperialism interests, and the continuation of the British empire Opium trade from the 19th century onwards etc.

but Ahmed you say "complacency" of Pakistanis, which Pakistanis and what complacency? Unless you are a complete idiot.............in Pakistan if not the world you should know that the Pakistani army has been battling the Taliban in the NWFP for the last couple of years at the behest of America, and America has been using some Pakistani bases to attack Pakistani civilians mainly. Thats what the billions of $ worth of American military aid is meant for presumably.

In addition your hero Busharaf, dedications of whom adorn your site, carried out his private jehad using Arabs and other Sunni foreign nationals against Pashtun Shia's in various parts of the NWFP, and Northern Territories in the late 1980's and 1990's, another good reason to charge Busharaf with treason.........the ethnic cleansing of the Pastuns in certain areas has both Pashtun ethnic dimensions and Shia/Sunni dimensions.

So Ahmed there is no complacency on the part of the Pakistan military which has created this tragedy and mess with the Pakistani Pashtuns, but merely more bad judgment and traitorous behavior of a few top brass in the Pakistan military in taking the American advice, and $ and military aid.......these criminal top brass in the Pakistan military sacrificed the dignity and integrity of Pakistan for the sake of misguided wrong American advice.................the real tragedy is that they are still taking orders from the Americans after all this failure.

But Ahmed you are an ISI/Pak military media front, so you use semantics and evasive language of otherwise all too obvious facts that nearly all Pakistanis are familiar with, except you as a so called articulate informed journalist.........The Pakistan military determine all security issues in Pakistan; the Pakistan military created the Taliban and still control it; the Pakistan military take their best advice from the Americans.....and that's the tragedy.....and mystery)

American Afghan blunders have resulted in expelling the proud Pakistani tribesmen from their homes and turned almost half a million of them into refugees in their own country.

(Only indirectly through the actions of the Pakistan military, allowing such things on Pakistani soil, and previous Pakistani military incited conflict in that area funding training and arming Sunni radical groups and criminals............you can't seriously be suggesting the Americans are directly attacking 500,000 Pakistani Pashtun civilians......causing them all to leave their homes)

If this wasn’t enough, here the Pakistani authorities comes to treat them as animals in the ‘tent cities’ built for them near Peshawar.

And then come the Americans and the Indians to spread literature encouraging the Pashtun to demand a separate homeland called Pashtunistan.

(Like you mean 1971 East Pakistan............? The Pakistan military can assist this separation process by dusting off their operational manuals from 1971 East Pakistan, or they can try something radically different)

PakNationalists Group have been explaining to Pakistanis, with original reporting and informed analysis, how Pakistan’s tribal belt was peaceful until 2005, and how ‘non-state actors’ in Washington DC have used the Afghan soil to create, arm and sustain insurgencies inside Pakistan that run from the Chinese-built Gwadar port in the south to the Chinese border in the north. The suicide bombings, the attacks and the destabilization is punishment for Pakistan for supporting the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan and for insisting to stick to Kashmir against the wishes of India, Washington’s new regional slave-soldier.

(Who is Washington's true regional "slave soldier" in South Asia Ahmed .....India?


Does India allow any American bases on her soil?

Does India take any military aid from the USA?

Has India sent any regular army soldiers to Afghanistan despite repeated American requests?

Is you is, or is you ain't America's slave soldier? "yes massa, yes massa.........yes massa!"

Does India send its best cadets and senior officers to be "trained" in the USA?

Ahmed can you name the vast quantities of military hardware in the Indian military machine from the USA, donated free or otherwise?

Which country Ahmed participated in "Operation Cyclone" for the USA?

Which country, more than any other Muslim country helped America create the al-Qaeda myth Ahmed?

Is you is, or is you ain't America's slave soldier? "yes massa, yes massa.........yes massa!"

Which country created the Taliban for the Clinton administration from 1994 Ahmed?

Which country Ahmed handed over 650 mostly innocent people to the USA in a fake GWOT war Ahmed?

OR IS PAKISTAN THE REAL BADMASH SHAITAAN "SLAVE SOLDIER" FOR America?......which has four or more bases in Pakistan being used by the Americans, one of them to attack Pakistan Pashtuns, and the other to attack Iran, and Jundullah? The Pakistan which takes American military aid. The Pakistan military which consults and follows the orders of the Americans. Acha sahib! Acha Sahib! Acha Sahib!)

Is you is, or is you ain't America's slave soldier? "yes massa, yes massa.........yes massa!"

The anti-Pakistan insurgencies hide behind the covered faces of the so-called Pakistani Taliban who receive money and weapons from Afghanistan. (With whom your Pak military did a deal for peace recently lest we forget, against the American wishes)Now the Americans want to expand the process of more and more Pakistani tribesmen leaving their homes and escaping deeper inside Pakistan. The suspicion is that Washington wants to create a buffer zone between the U.S.-occupied Afghanistan and, a zone inhabited by no one. All Pakistani tribes pushed out. The strategy is working. The number of these Pakistanis who have become refugees inside their own country is nearing half a million.

(Which the Pakistan military is assisting.........to what end is this objective?)

Pakistani media and journalists are playing an unfortunate role in helping the Americans by focusing on failed Pakistani politicians and their power games that are diverting the attention of the Pakistani public opinion from the important issue of the plight of these brave Pakistani tribesmen and how our government is silently abetting the Americans in humiliating them.

(Now we are talking about a different matter. Zardari and Sharif aren't responsible for the mess with the Taliban since 1994, in the NWFP more recently........this is purely a Pakistan military problem of their own making in listening to and being naive about bad faith American advice about "strategic depths" etc Busharaf 9 years in power in the critical years when it mattered, where he could have managed the situation better.

So which one of these jokers looks like and behaves like or at least a little like Sher Shah; Allauddin Khilji ; Mahmud Tuglaq, Mehmud Ghauri, Babur or Akbar even.

I think what is happening in Pakistani politics is good, its murky, dirty and in the end good where Chaudri is reinstated, and Sharif gets Punjab back under his control....this is what democracy is about............people agitate,.............protest......mobilize around issues.......for you as an ISI/PAK military front journo this looks "unstable" but this is POLITICS..........as long as innocent people don't get hurt.

Obviously given the recent developments the Pakistan media is going to be focused on that rather than the Pashtuns and their plight, sad though that is...........and through the progress and "evolution" of the Pakistani politics maybe we can finally have solutions to the Pashtun plight and problem)

I wrote recently in The News that Pakistan needs a Putin, a Pakistani nationalist who loves his homeland and his people and who is ruthless enough to do what’s right for all of us and for the homeland and liberate it from the clutches of the stooges of the Americans and the Brits. I hope he comes before it’s too late.

I am sure such a figure will emerge out of Pakistans present population, but I doubt it will be a figure from the corrupt and worthless ISI, which operates as an annex to American geostrategy in the reason.

You and their type are perfectly happy taking $10 billions of American military/ economic aid and working around American geostrategy in the region, but jump up and down and cry foul when such policies naturally destabilize Pakistan.........................how stupid. Do you think such generosity was because Jew America "loves" Pak---i----stan, the Islamic Republic?

I mean well Ahmed, harsh barrack room banter aside.....its being more open and direct, an expression of well intentioned frustration, genuine concern, passion and feeling, no more. I don't have to write about Pakistan generating the ire and sufferings of certain quarters. But I want to. I expressed the same things, almost the same issues with Farook Rana in the early eighties as a school student...........where I met official arrogance and down right we are always right stupidity. My advice is Pak...............there are no hidden 300 levels of meaning. That it is good for the whole nation if what I say is considered and heeded.

We need a major change in the Pak military game plan for Pakistan, or its bye bye Pakistan.

Finally I am not a Pakistani, but you as a young journo must see the problems where they really are if you can, and be honest to yourself and your audience. The solution lies first with the military, that huge organized force in Pakistani society of 800,000 men backed by paramilitary of 300,000.............once that is sorted out, we can start talking about responsible civilian governments.

The policy, not the party.


The subject matter is right, and probably more important than any other single political agenda in India in the current elections.

If Advani is serious about addressing the question, willing to set up an effective BJP team to look into the matter, including accountants and bankers of which profession and talent India has no shortage of, then it is a significant development and the right step for India as a truly modernizing and advancing nation.

You have to ask your self what you can do as a government with the $2---3,000,000,000,000 off shored into the various tax havens and other places, a significant portion of which belongs to the central government, through taxable income lost?

  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for Indian infrastructure if invested properly and comprehensively?
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for the Indian antiquated colonial education system if invested properly and comprehensively by a revolutionary activist government in Delhi?
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for Indian industry if invested properly and comprehensively, creating millions of new jobs for the new generation? The agricultural sector can't and the service sector can only employ so much.
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for Indian defense if invested properly and comprehensively?
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for Indian agriculture if invested properly and comprehensively?
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for Indian poverty if invested properly and comprehensively?
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for Indian trade and commerce if invested properly and comprehensively?
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for Indian corruption if invested properly and comprehensively, where state employees are paid realistic living wages?
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 for Indian culture, art and the media if invested properly and comprehensively?
  • What could you do with $2--3,000,000,000,000 in investing into the antiquated Indian police and domestic security system in combating crime, and other anti-social behavior in addition to the naxals and other terrorist groups.
  • What could you do with $2----3,000,000,000,000 in investing into the Indian environment preserving beautiful forests, rivers, canals, jungles, wildlife, with anti-pollution drives, and combating and addressing the sheer demoralising filth and stench of the average Indian city. Imbibing Indians with civic and national pride in the fundamental beauty and pride of the country, rather than attempting to loot it and disabuse it every which way Indians can. Massive new canals from the Gangetic plains into Rajasthan; reforestation programs in Gujrat. Construction of dry season resaviors so that tens of millions don't have to move around the country for water------------BASIC things any self respecting civilized country could should have and easily doable, before you start talking about Blue water navies and missions to the moon. Also acts as a real sustainable stimulus to the economy, and provides 10's of millions of jobs.....and nationally it makes everybody feel good that progress is being made in the country, visually.

I imagine rather than failing in your election promises as a party, and the victim of an yet another anti-incumbency vote, you would be more than matching ordinary Indians expectations AND making the country work for everybody, and not just the urban few.

Just requires a few with the right qualifications formulating a clear strong strategy in that direction for India, and the government implementing it, seriously. Obviously in addition the CBI and RAW need to be brought into this separately doing their own research work, with linkages to criminal activity within India. Finally a parliamentary and judicial investigation looking into the matter......so several state and private bodies looking into the matter.

This is of national importance. Priority number one.........my sober assessment is that Congress can't do much in this area, because its part of the problem, and one hears that the BJP aren't exactly that different from Congress, as per the previous post.


Bring back India's money in foreign banks: Advani
By the Times of India.

BJP on Sunday demanded that the government make efforts to bring back money deposited by Indians in foreign banks and asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to raise the issue at the upcoming G-20 summit.

(Yes that might have some use, but basically it is up to the Indian government to take strong measures in this area working with the relevant state institutions concerned with this area, namely the judiciary, those which are specifically trained to deal with financial scams, RAW, CBI, parliamentary committees, and a special commission set up by the government which ear marks a specific strategy in this area for India)

The party also promised to bring this money to the country, if the NDA comes to power.

(So sad when such important issues are raised during elections.....this should not be a political matter, but a common cross party issue)

"I demand the Prime Minister should seriously raise the matter at the G-20 summit and ask the countries to provide information about money of Indians deposited in foreign banks," senior party leader Lal Krishna Advani told reporters here.

(PM. ManMohan Singh won't; he hasn't for 20 odd years in politics as a bureaucrat with speciality over economics and he won't now...............not that I ever thought he was corrupt, but just never focused in this area as an economics specialist............intriguing)

"If NDA gets the mandate, we will pursue this matter at legal and executive level and force such Indians to bring back their money from foreign countries and allow it to be used in India," he added.

The BJP leader also said that he had written a letter to the PM earlier over the same issue for which he received an "evasive" reply from the Home Minister.


Advani's statement comes after the NDA convener and JD-U chief Sharad Yadav had recently announced to make the issue of Indian money deposited in Swiss Bank an election issue and include it in his party's manifesto.

(Bravo............but its not just Switzerland, that is a bit of a cliche, for historical reasons also look at London, "The City" ; Manhattan, and numerous other tax havens............Switzerland is not the only tax haven if you please.)

Advani announced setting up of a task-force headed by IIM-Bangalore professor R Vaidyanathan to prepare a strategic document for getting back the national wealth stashed away illegally by "corrupt politicians, venal businessmen and criminal overlords".

(And babus........)

The Committee would also comprise of S Gurumurthy, Mahesh Jethmalani and Ajit Doval.

"The chief ministers of BJP-ruled states will write to the Prime Minister urging him to write to the Swiss and other authorities to disclose the names of hoarders of Indian money abroad," Advani said.

The senior BJP leader said that the money trail in the Bofors scam in the 1980s had revealed the involvement of secret Swiss bank accounts.

(In one sense defense contract kick backs are not the main problem; its criminal to be sure and can't be condoned, but essentially you are talking about foreigners trying to curry favor with local Indians using foreign money, not Indian money.............however the reality is that the vast amounts of $ trillions of off shored INDIAN money is money taken out of the Indian economy, originally creating by INDIANS. Think of what effect that lost money might of had if it still was in circulation within the Indian economy, deposited or invested...either way.

Can I speculate? Why not? Maybe the Indian economy would be double its present size....$3.5---4 trillion PPP, when it actually could have been $7--8 trillion. Money invested into an economy and circulating has a multiplier effect, especially as the economy rapidly grows. ..........So its not the loss to India of $2--3 trillion ONLY, but also the loss of the potential of investment, and the consequent circulation of such a huge sum.

The ravages of British Raj colonialism might have encouraged a lot of Indians to be creative in hiding their true income, and Congress Socialism might not have discouraged that old habit, but we are in a new era..........and ordinary Indians can no longer suffer because of the greed, and criminality of the few in Indian society.)

"The BJP sees in secret banking the RDX that has the potential not only to blow up national financial systems but also to support and fund global terror networks whose attacks on India increased during the NDA regime," Advani said.

(Shouldn't that read UPA government............or is the BJP saying such failures occured more under their watch 1999----2004; the more you wage war against terrorism, and the more legislation you pass against it; the more personnel you invest into it; the more organisations you invest against it; the more alliances you build with Israel against it.....the more terrorism increases in India.....we live and learn hey?

Beyond OBL and his Western linkages and the BCCI (Bank of crooks and criminals international), most modern terror finance is through informal hawla systems, and the financial networks of intelligence agencies......not really relevant to India except maybe the actions of Ibrahim Dawood, and some of the gangsters around Mumbai.)

The party's prime ministerial candidate promised that if NDA got the people's mandate then it would intensify the "diplomatic, political and economic" efforts to get back the real sovereign wealth of the country.

(3 cheers.....hip hip...)

"At a lower estimate, the amount of Rs 25 lakh crore which is secret foreign money is sufficient to relieve the debts of all farmers and to build world class roads all over the country, apart from providing safe drinking to six lakh villages in the country," he said.

Meanwhile, Sharad Yadav today asked the Prime Minister to take up the issue in the G-20 meeting after taking opposition parties in confidence.

"It is a matter of serious concern that huge amount of black money from India is deposited in Swiss Bank as revealed by the Bank which is shocking," he told a press conference, claiming that India led the list of countries whose citizens deposited their money there.

Claiming that Indian citizens had deposits USD 1,456 billion followed by Russia (USD 470 billion), UK (USD 390 billion), Ukraine (USD 100 billion) and China (USD 96 billion), Yadav said all this need to be investigated.

(Is this an updated current figure?............is Switzerland the only country you can deposit ill-gotten money? Of course not)

Saying corruption was 'one of the major issues' to be raised by the NDA in course of electioneering, Yadav urged the Prime Minister to hold immediate consultations with leaders of all political parties on the issue.

Asked why the issue was being raised at the time of elections, Yadav said, "We have raised it in the Parliament and since the country is in the election mode now we must make people know what is happening."

(This is better than the Varun Gandhi issue..........or free rice for some Indians as an election platform. Free rice, and free this and that, if you vote for us..............why isn't that an extension of the corruption culture by another name. So the state legitimates and reiforces corruption)

In reply to another question as to what the NDA did on the issue when it was in power, Yadav said the Swiss Bank made the revelation under pressure of the US and the abolition of the secrecy act debarring declaration of amounts deposited in the bank recently.

The JD-U chief did not rule out Indian politicians or some industrial houses having their deposits in the bank but the details can be disclosed only after an inquiry.

(Also including babus, gangsters and scam artists)

Swiss Bank had been asked by the US to reveal the names of Americans who have deposited money, Yadav said, adding the bank was willing to do so.

"It is very unfortunate that the Indian government has not asked the bank to reveal the names of Indians who have their deposits and inaction on the part raises suspicion that the Indian side is not interested in bringing back Indian money," he said.

(OR finding out who they really are......imagine Mr. X projects himself as a pillar of the state and a first class citizen who loves his country..........and then finding out that he invested the majority of his assets in a foreign country)

He demanded that the Centre not only should ask the bank to reveal details of the accounts of Indians, but also do the needful to bring the money back and prosecute those having accounts in the bank.



The old arms purchase game.


The Shah of Iran, the Western backed puppet who was installed into power also ran a huge unaccountable defense budget, maybe $10 billion out of a possible GDP of $65 billion in 1976 alone. This fact was well known within Iran, certainly with the anti-Shah critics, and also with the anti-Shah critics outside of the country. For example he bought 80 F-14 Tomcats for $3.8 billion in 1975 to basically save the defense manufacturer Grumman's from going bankrupt; a hugely over inflated price for 1975.....but I suppose as a foreign backed puppet that's what you do, in addition to shifting a high percentage of your national earnings into the Jew banks in Switzerland, Manhattan and "The City". What did all this expenditure on foreign American arms ($30 billion 1969-79) actually achieve for Iranian national defense when it came to the crucial moment, an actual war with Iraq, in 1980?

NOTHING. In many respects.

What really counted in Iran's defense was the bravery of individual patriotically motivated Iranians, mainly outside of the military willing to defend their country, with their bare hands, stones, sticks and basic small arms, all of which was greatly helped on the opposite side by the stupidity of the other great American puppet Saddam Hussein and his mishandling of a significant opportunity for his country, with an invading army of 500,000 men. The expensive American arms for lack of spares and expertise to use them (60% desertion of the Shah military personnel by 1980, helped by mullah purges of the senior military figures) lay redundant mostly whilst the war raged on for 8 years.

This is the basic pattern of Third World purchases of arms from First world nations. Saudi Arabia, and Gulf states most spectacularly. The corruption of government officers, and the purchase of defense equipment which don't really add to the overall all in one compact compasite defense of the country, but rather increases and compromises the defense system, and subjects it to the whims and wiles of foreign powers with their political interests, and individual geostrategic interests.

And so to India.......where the Times of India very pertinently and astutely notes the correlation between Indian elections, with their huge campaign expenses, and the signing of defense contracts at similar times...........CORRUPTION.

This is why the Congress Party and BJP repeatedly appoints marginal clowns to the defense portfolio.............Fernandes, Anthony; why India has only 40 ordinance factories, when it should be 400 or 1,000; why India after 62 years of Independence is still purchasing its basic conventional military hardware from foreign sources; Why India with its huge scientific and engineering skills (40,000 of the best working for the USA alone)....can't make basic defense equipment....CORRUPTION/LOSS OF SOVEREIGNTY.

Lets say India purchases 126 jet fighters from Russia for $10 billion, to replace the aging MiG's 21, 23, 27. Like the Shah's defense budget the unit cost is way over inflated, but that is not the real cost alone. Sure Netaji and Babuji....with their middle men and prostitutes make gains, but any modern equipment you purchase requires spares. A modern jet fighter may have anything between 4---5,000 parts................a well serviced jet fighter with a service life of 30 years will require a lot of spares.......and that cost can be anything upwards of $20 billion in addition, over 30 years for the above hypothezised purchase. Let us hope it does not take place, and the Indian airforce takes its chances with the latests fourth generation fighter that DODO has to offer----baazi, and anticipates the fifth generation project with Russia with patience.

Now imagine that money being invested into an Indian domestically manufactured military system, working not perfectly, it doesn't have to, but reasonably. The jobs generated, the additional technology generated and learning experience as you focus on improving your product, and the security of not relying on foreign supplied spare parts to the overall Indian military machine.

As things stand the Indian military is a joke. Its not a serious strategy to defend India, and the 2% spent on defense reinforces this perception.

The problem lies with the Congress Party and the BJP, as they have the power to maintain the present farcical situation or make fundamental changes to meet future real challenges. The Congress/BJP are suspicious of the Indian military and the fear of coups as in neighboring Pakistan. This fear was heightened under Mrs Indira Gandhi viz Sam Manekshaw in the 1970's.....however the reality is that the Indian armed forces have shown extreme professionalism in this respect, and have duly avoided entering politics.....So "Lets neglect the military, and not build them up because they might be a threat to us" does not hold as an argument. More, better, home grown munitions and arms have no direction correlations with threats of coups anyway......................there are variety of other more complex, socio/economic/and finally political reasons why coups happen in certain countries.

In fact abject neglect of the Indian military in the face of clear "needs" may fuel such a desire in the future, though unlikely (in reality what might happen in the case of India is that the quality prospective recruits in the future cease to apply for enrollment in the profession and instead opt for the much more rewarding private sector).

The other explanation for the current mess is simple CORRUPTION; the desire to satisfy private individual needs over national security and interests.


Poll campaigns fuel defence deals?
By Rajat Pandit Times of India

NEW DELHI: There is something about mega defence deals and the general elections. If the previous NDA regime inked a flurry of arms deals in the run-up to the 2004 general elections, the UPA government is doing pretty much the same this time.

(So both parties are familiar with the scam)

First, in January, the UPA government covertly signed the biggest-ever defence deal with US in the shape of the around $2.1 billion contract for eight Boeing P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance (LRMR) aircraft for the Navy.

( I note the huge flurry of multi billion $ defense contracts for the navy; the least important service for India ................its the army which is the most important, followed by the airforce strategically speaking)

Despite having A K Antony as defence minister, who promises "transparency'' at the drop of a hat, the government kept this deal under wraps till it was first reported by TOI a few days later.

(Because there is CORRUPTION)

Then, towards end-February, the defence ministry secretly inked the largest-ever deal with Israel in the form of the huge Rs 10,000-crore joint project to develop MR-SAM (medium-range surface-to-air missile) systems for IAF.

(India is relying on a little terrorist state for its vital defense....to be sure India should source its equipment from the best, but doesn't morals and an ethical foreign policy play a small part in all this?.............I am sure Russia has better SAM's, or perhaps India could try and make them herself)

A month later, the defence ministry is still tight-lipped about the exact contours of the project, which include a staggering Rs 600 crore as "business charges''. "We have nothing to say,'' said a defence ministry (MoD) spokesperson, questioned about the project on Friday.

(CORRUPTION----so which journo is going to uncover the scoop here, or have the netas become complacent and thick skinned to such accusations?)

That the armed forces desperately need reconnaissance aircraft for maritime snooping as well as MR-SAM systems to bolster the country's air defence cover is not disputed. Neither is the fact that both the projects were in the pipeline for a couple of years.

But eyebrows are being raised about the "propriety'' of such deals being signed -- and that too in a thoroughly opaque manner, as if the MoD had something to hide -- in the run-up to the April 16-May 13 general elections.

"Technically, both the deals were signed before the model code of conduct came into force on March 2. But yes, the government should have been more open about them,'' admitted a senior official.

Murky wheeling and dealing, commissions and kickbacks, of course, have always been an integral part of the armament procurement process, with political parties often being accused of using defence deals to swell their election war chests.

The NDA regime, too, had sealed a spate of defence deals just before the 2004 elections. They included the $1.5 billion package deal for Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, the $1.1 billion one for three Israeli `Phalcon' AWACS (airborne warning and control systems), and the Rs 8,000 crore project for 66 British Hawk AJTs (advanced jet trainers).

All these three deals, incidentally, have been facing some problems. While the Gorshkov contract is now being renegotiated, with Russia demanding an additional $2 billion, the delivery of the first Phalcon has been delayed by well over a year to May now.

(The Gorshkov aircraft carrier deal is increasingly looking like a JOKE, a big joke for India. For $3.5 billion which is the latest price tag for the Russian second hand retro-fitted carrier, India could theoretically make 1 NEW light aircraft carrier herself. Second, the performance of the Russians in upholding the deal; delays by a couple of years; followed by one post contract marked up price demand of $700 million, and when that is paid, another marked up price demand into $2 billion more recently............and India is putting up with this from the Russians?....you've got to be kidding!.......the contract should be torn up, and the Russians taken to litigation for recovery of all sums......otherwise, in my opinion India doesn't even need aircraft carriers anyway.....nuclear power stealth submarines capable of carrying ballistic warheads, that's the priority for India, as far as the navy goes)

MoD also recently floated a global tender for acquiring additional AJTs, virtually cancelling plans for a follow-on order for 40 more Hawks for IAF and 17 for Navy at a cost of around Rs 2,210 crore.


Obama's America wants to expand ties with India.


Ironically it was under the Republicans and that great statesman GW Bush junior that India actually at certain levels moved 'closer" to the USA, especially with the signing of the nuclear deal recently between the two nations. Not strategically, in the military sense, but certainly rhetorically with the aid of Bollywood and sections of the Indian media, exhausted with Congress Socialism and tickled by American Capitalism with all its glitter and allure has India psychologically, especially the upwardly mobile 300 million bracket in India moved closer to America. To like America is to be modern in India these days; to have American qualifications is the height of acceptance in Indian society, and no longer a qualification from Bilaat. Its cool to use American vernacular words into Hinglish like "cool" "dude" and other such un-English things.

This is all very naive, but there it is.

Why shouldn't India have good relations with ALL nations. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, as long as no naive assumptions are made about "special relationships".............where they don't really exist and never have existed, and might never exist. The USA is over there in the American continent, and India is in Asia. That is why India keeps its door open to the SCO.

The Democrats on the other hand have always been on the right side of India, especially since the 1960's, praising the country at many levels, but that is what it always was rhetoric. Bill Clinton made an official visit to India at the very end of his last term in 2000, and stayed for five days, and did absolutely NOTHING, signed absolutely NOTHING with India, which might have boosted trade between the two countries ( a real solidifier of bilateral relations) or maybe defense contracts between the two countries, with greater technology transfers...........and so on, NOTHING.


Jewish Communism. Most Jews consider Communism as an extension of their religion Judaism. Starting from Karl Marx we note the prominence of Jews in the Communist/Marxist/Socialist experiments around the world. Whilst Communism is a failed ideology, clearly the Jews have never lost faith in "their" ideology. Israel in many ways is a Communist/Socialist state, sustained by Capitalist America and the Jewish fraternity of Maddox et al..................so Jews have a "religious" belief about Communism which can be applied to gentiles without calling it a Jewish religion, upfront which might be reprehensible to many non-Jews.

Whilst the Jews don't normally pour their resources into every Communist country.........North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Angola don't have thousands upon thousands of American plants manufacturing American goods..........with the big Communist nations however, such as the Soviet Union and China, the Jew has paid special attention for obvious geo-strategic Jewish reasons.

It was pure American Capital and technical assistance which build up the Soviet Union from the 1920's, so that Europe's most backward nation rapidly turned into a mighty Industrial power by 1941, manufacturing 18.6 million tons of steel and 48.5 billion kwt of electricity, with a manufacturing capacity close to 45% of the USA............not bad in achieving such great feats in such a small time 1928--41, under the Stalin 5 year programs.

The Soviet military by 1941 had 6.7 million under arms; 24,000 tanks, 10,000 fighter planes. On paper the greatest power on earth, and had Stalin not purged the Soviet military officer class, in reality possibly the greatest military force on earth ready to conquer Europe first and then the rest of the world for the Jew. Then the Jew funded the other side, the Nazis, and built them up with funds from the 1920's......not gossip but actually documented.

Both policies are inexplicable on the one hand and understandable from the Jew perspective. Such policies cannot be possibly explained in terms of the actions of nation states, but in terms of powerful individuals and their religious and racial motivations in funding and backing such diverse groups as Nazis and Communists (I have covered this area before in previous posts, so I am repeating myself)

This is what has happened with Communist China since 1980. The progress of China is the achievement of Deng Xiaoping, and his modern and pragmatic reforms which have made investment and business much more easier within China, beyond ideological dogmatism, "Chinese Communism with two faces". However this is only part of the story.....the other part is the huge amounts of American investments into China, into the $100's of billions, and possibly trillions which now make China the greatest industrial power in the world, producing 500 million tons of steel, and 3,300 billion kwt of power, and the second greatest exporting nation.....................................again China's developments in such a short time have the shades and patterns of Soviet development where Jewish capital methodically moved huge amounts of capital and American technology into China, and especially under the Clinton administration in the 1990's.

From the Indian perspective it should also be noted that it was only under Communist China that India came to blows with her neighbor, and that before the advent of Communism in China, the two Asian giants never experienced any conflicts of any type for thousands of years, indeed quite the contrary. It is my firm belief that fundamentally there are no grounds for conflict between the two Asian giants, and that both can develop amicably as they have done for thousands of years. However having said this, one must not underestimate the power and drive of Jewish global ideology which sees and seeks conflict between nations, and from the conflict, the various strategic advantages that can be gained by the Jew economically, politically and strategically from such conflicts within those nations involved...........and thus in this light one must be wary of creating artificial negative "competitions' between nations and especially neighbors where there were non previously. That great nations do not fall for such games and tricks through the power and manipulation of national ego's and chauvinism. That we must learn from the experiences and ashes of German Nazism and Soviet Communism, both failed Jewish experiments that have left many 10's of millions dead.......we can avoid this.

So what can PM ManMohan Singh request for India which would increase and create real ties between the two nations, which Indians can believe in when he meets Obama next week?

1) American arms for Pakistan since the 1950's which is subsequently used against India in 1965, 1971, and 1999 wars. All this talk of warming ties between the two countries is great, and lets keep it coming, where's the harm? However wouldn't be great if for once America stopped arming Pakistan....giving Pakistan unofficially $10 billion worth of arms free since 2001, which Pakistan subsequently uses in investing in military systems against India. $10 billion worth of arms doesn't turn Pakistan into a superpower, but isn't it an indication of the inconsideration of America over India basic interests?

2) America is promising $15 billion for Pakistan over the next 10 years; $5 billion under the Kerry-Lugar proposal; $7.6 billion from the IMF. Thats a lot of financial commitment for Pakistan...whats India getting? Has India been consulted over this aid issue, and what consequences does such aid have for India? What is the American purpose of giving so much aid to Pakistan now?

3) America backed Zardari into power, and basically run the country through the military and chamars in the elite in Pakistan. Wouldn't it be considerate of India's interests by America if America for once backed a competent, India friendly civilian politician into power in Islamabad?

4) Trade is a great solidifier of relations between nations so why not an FTA between the USA and India. The USA has been signing FTA's with many other nations, so why not with India........it could be mutually beneficial.



From Wikipedia:

Asif Ali Zardari (Urdu, Sindhi: آصف علی زرداری) (born 26 July 1955) is the 11th and current President of Pakistan and the Co-Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). Zardari is the widower of Benazir Bhutto, who twice served as Prime Minister of Pakistan. When his wife was assassinated in December 2007, he became the leader of the Pakistan People's Party. He is considered to be among the five richest men in Pakistan with an estimated net worth of US$1.8 billion (2005).[4]


($3 billion by 2009 ????)

Charges of corruption

French, Polish, Spanish, and Swiss documents have fuelled the charges of corruption against Bhutto and her husband. They faced a number of legal proceedings, including a charge of laundering money through Swiss banks. Though never convicted, her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, spent eight years in prison on similar corruption charges. After being released on bail in 2004, Zardari suggested that his time in prison involved torture; human rights groups have supported his claim that his rights were violated.[28]

His wife is killed; his country's falling apart whilst he's at the helm, but the foreign back clown is happy.....and the USA/UK adore him, thats what counts in Pakistan.

A 1998 New York Times investigative report[29] claims that Pakistani investigators have documents that uncover a network of bank accounts, all linked to the family's lawyer in Switzerland, with Asif Zardari as the principal shareholder. According to the article, documents released by the French authorities indicated that Zardari offered exclusive rights to Dassault, a French aircraft manufacturer, to replace the air force's fighter jets in exchange for a 5% commission to be paid to a Swiss corporation controlled by Zardari. The article also said a Dubai company received an exclusive license to import gold into Pakistan for which Asif Zardari received payments of more than $10 million into his Dubai-based Citibank accounts. The owner of the company denied that he had made payments to Zardari and claims the documents were forged.

Bhutto maintained that the charges levelled against her and her husband were purely political.[30][31] An Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) report supports Bhutto's claim. It presents information suggesting that Benazir Bhutto was ousted from power in 1990 as a result of a witch hunt approved by then-president Ghulam Ishaq Khan. The AGP report says Khan illegally paid legal advisers 28 million rupees to file 19 corruption cases against Bhutto and her husband in 1990–92.[32]

His wife is killed; his country's falling apart whilst he's at the helm, but the foreign back clown is happy.....and the USA/UK adore him, thats what counts in Pakistan.

Yet the assets held by Bhutto and her husband continue to be scrutinized and speculated about. The prosecutors have alleged that their Swiss bank accounts contain £740 million.[33] Zardari also bought a neo-Tudor mansion and estate worth over £4 million in Surrey, England, UK.[34][35] The Pakistani investigations have tied other overseas properties to Zardari's family. These include a $2.5 million manor in Normandy owned by Zardari's parents, who had modest assets at the time of his marriage.[29] Bhutto denied holding substantive overseas assets.


On 23 July 1998, the Swiss Government handed over documents to the government of Pakistan which relate to corruption allegations against Benazir Bhutto and her husband.[36] The documents included a formal charge of money laundering by Swiss authorities against Zardari. The Pakistani government had been conducting a wide-ranging inquiry to account for more than $13.7 million frozen by Swiss authorities in 1997 that was allegedly stashed in banks by Bhutto and her husband. The Pakistani government recently filed criminal charges against Bhutto in an effort to track down an estimated $1.5 billion she and her husband are alleged to have received in a variety of criminal enterprises.[37] The documents suggest that the money Zardari was alleged to have laundered was accessible to Benazir Bhutto and had been used to buy a diamond necklace for over $175,000.[38] The PPP has responded by flatly denying the charges, suggesting that Swiss authorities have been misled by false evidence provided by the Government of Pakistan.

His wife is killed; his country's falling apart whilst he's at the helm, but the foreign back clown is happy.....and the USA/UK adore him, thats what counts in Pakistan.

On 6 August 2003, Swiss magistrates found Bhutto and her husband guilty of money laundering.[39] They were given six-month suspended jail terms, fined $50,000 each and were ordered to pay $11 million to the Pakistani government. The six-year trial concluded that Bhutto and Zardari deposited in Swiss accounts $10 million given to them by a Swiss company in exchange for a contract in Pakistan. The couple said they would appeal. The Pakistani investigators say Zardari opened a Citibank account in Geneva in 1995 through which they say he passed some $40 million of the $100 million he received in payoffs from foreign companies doing business in Pakistan.[40] In October 2007, Daniel Zappelli, chief prosecutor of the canton of Geneva, said he received the conclusions of a money laundering investigation against former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on October 29, but it was unclear whether there would be any further legal action against her in Switzerland.[41]


The Polish Government has given Pakistan 500 pages of documentation relating to corruption allegations against Benazir Bhutto and her husband. These charges are in regard to the purchase of 8,000 tractors in a 1997 deal.[42][43] According to Pakistani officials, the Polish papers contain details of illegal commissions paid by the tractor company in return for agreeing to their contract.[44] It was alleged that the arrangement "skimmed" Rs 103 mn rupees ($2 million) in kickbacks.[30] "The documentary evidence received from Poland confirms the scheme of kickbacks laid out by Asif Zardari and Benazir Bhutto in the name of (the) launching of Awami tractor scheme", APP said. Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari allegedly received a 7.15% commission on the purchase through their front men, Jens Schlegelmilch and Didier Plantin of Dargal S.A., who received about $1.969 million for supplying 5,900 Ursus tractors.[45]

His wife is killed; his country's falling apart whilst he's at the helm, but the foreign back clown is happy.....and the USA/UK adore him, thats what counts in Pakistan.


Potentially the most lucrative deal alleged in the documents involved the effort by Dassault Aviation, a French military contractor. French authorities indicated in 1998 that Bhutto's husband, Zardari, offered exclusive rights to Dassault to replace the air force's fighter jets in exchange for a five percent commission to be paid to a corporation in Switzerland controlled by Zardari.[46]

At the time, French corruption laws forbade bribery of French officials but permitted payoffs to foreign officials, and even made the payoffs tax-deductible in France. However, France changed this law in 2000.[47]

His wife is killed; his country's falling apart whilst he's at the helm, but the foreign back clown is happy.....and the USA/UK adore him, thats what counts in Pakistan.

Helicopter scandal

In 1998-1999, an enquiry was conducted by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament to investigate the matter regarding the purchase of the helicopter. The case involves defrauding substantive sum of $2.168 million and $1.1 million public money. The record shows that the case was not pursued properly nor diligently. FIR No 1 of 1998 was registered with Federal Investigation Agency State Bank Circle Rawalpindi on the complaint of Cabinet Division. Thorough investigation was conducted by the committee headed by Chaudhry Muhammad Barjees Tahir and two other members, namely Faridullah Jamali and Jamshaid Ali Shah. During this investigation the committee Chairman Barjees Tahir summoned both the former President Farooq Leghari and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto along with others, and they were investigated. The case received extensive media coverage both inside and outside Pakistan. The recommendations of the committee, obtained from the file, are as follows:

6.1: That FIR be lodged against (1) Malik Allah Yar Khan of Kalabagh, (2) Zia Pervez Hussain, (3) and Dr M.A. Khan, and that criminal proceedings be instituted against them for defrauding the government.

6.2: That the amount of $2.168 million be recovered from Malik Allah Yar Khan, Zia Pervez Hussain and Dr M.A. Khan by attaching their properties etc in Pakistan or abroad for this purpose. FIA may be directed to take steps to recover this money through Interpol, if necessary. Any banker or foreign national involved in this fraud may also be taken to task by the Federal Investigation Agency.

6.3: That since Benazir Bhutto is clearly responsible for this loss to the exchequer as major decisions in respect of this contract were taken with her approval or direction and passed on to Cabinet Division through former PS PM (Ahmad Sadiq), FIR may be registered against her for causing loss to state by misuse of her authority as PM, and criminal proceedings be initiated.
6.4: That since
Farooq Leghari knows that his name has visibly come up in this case, and he has tried to plead innocent; and since it is unimaginable that those operating in this scandal could have easy access to the top bureaucrats like Cabinet Secretary, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and even to the Prime Minister herself without the backing and active support of the President, FIR against him must also be registered and criminal proceedings initiated.
6.5: That as for the senior civil servants involved in the case, Ahmad Sadiq former PS PM, Humayun Faiz Rasul, and Sahibzada Imtiaz former Cabinet Secretary, no action can be taken against them at this stage as they already stand retired/superannuated.

The case was further referred to the National Accountability Bureau in 2000-02 but no action was taken.

His wife is killed; his country's falling apart whilst he's at the helm, but the foreign back clown is happy.....and the USA/UK adore him, thats what counts in Pakistan.

Western Asia

In the largest single payment investigators have uncovered, a gold bullion dealer in Western Asia was alleged to have deposited at least $10 million into one of Zardari's accounts after the Bhutto government gave him a monopoly on gold imports that sustained Pakistan's jewellery industry. The money was allegedly deposited into Zardari's Citibank account in Dubai. Pakistan's Arabian Sea coast, stretching from Karachi to the border with Iran, has long been a gold smugglers' haven. Until the beginning of Bhutto's second term, the trade, running into hundreds of millions of dollars a year, was unregulated, with slivers of gold called biscuits, and larger weights in bullion, carried on planes and boats that travel between the Persian Gulf and the largely unguarded Pakistani coast.

His wife is killed; his country's falling apart whilst he's at the helm, but the foreign back clown is happy.....and the USA/UK adore him, thats what counts in Pakistan.

Shortly after Bhutto returned as prime minister in 1993, a Pakistani bullion trader in Dubai, Abdul Razzak Yaqub, proposed a deal: in return for the exclusive right to import gold, Razzak would help the government regularize the trade. In November 1994, Pakistan's Commerce Ministry wrote to Razzak informing him that he had been granted a license that made him, for at least the next two years, Pakistan's sole authorized gold importer. In an interview in his office in Dubai, Razzak acknowledged that he had used the license to import more than $500 million in gold into Pakistan, and that he had travelled to Islamabad several times to meet with Bhutto and Zardari. But he denied that there had been any corruption or secret deals. "I have not paid a single cent to Zardari," he said. Razzak claims that someone in Pakistan who wished to destroy his reputation had contrived to have his company wrongly identified as the depositor. "Somebody in the bank has cooperated with my enemies to make false documents," he said.[48][49][50][51]

Bhutto's niece and others have publicly accused Bhutto of complicity in the killing of her brother Murtaza Bhutto in 1996 by uniformed police officers while she was Prime Minister.[52]


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Busharaf was destabilized from early 2007, with urgings from his "friends" that he should relinquish his position as head of the armed forces, and promised political power and patronage as a civilian president by his "friends". Which he does. He entered into a "deal" brokered by the USA, where upon Bhutto and Zardari can come back into Pakistani politics with a clean chit and "share" power working together within a new democratic set up in Pakistan. Benazir is killed, and Musharaf is destabilized again, with Zardari's party allegedly winning the elections.

What can be learnt from all this for any aspiring Pakistani politician?

Don't get into any power sharing arrangements which compromises your future ability to maneuver policy wise............Pakistani politics is not India.

More importantly don't enter into any power sharing agreements entered into and arranged by the Pakistan military or the USA...........this de-legitimate your position and popular mandate. If you do, then you become beholden t0 them and their whims and wiles....as they deem you as their puppet who must obey on all matters. For Zardari such an arrangement is not a problem, but for a honest decent Pakistani politician it should be. On substantive policy areas you find that you have very little room to maneuver.....you are a non-government. Dutifully shaking hands for the camera, attending countless irrelevant international meetings and state functions, and reporting regularly to the American embassy in Islamabad. BUT NOT actually GOVERNING THE COUNTRY.

Is he saluting the wrong country? Maybe not.

So why was Busharaf removed, the well celebrated/entertained pro-American chamcha chamar chaud who basically did whatever he was told?

1) He opened Pakistani military bases to America which operates to reinforce America in Afghanistan, and the nation through which 80% of the vital logistics of the occupation forces run through into Afghanistan.

2) He withdrew Pakistani military personnel and logistics from the Taliban in 2001, substantially if not wholly, after investing huge amounts of Pakistan's military and logistical support to them for 7 years running.

3) He maintained and reinforced the "al-Qaeda" myth and lie for Israel/America/UK that such a fake organization actually existed, and that they carried out 9/11. Did Musharaf kill OBL in December 2001 using Omer Sheikh, to prevent him repeatedly airing his side and angle about 9/11, contrary to the official Jewish narrative?????Further that a good deal of "al-Qaeda's" members were in Afghanistan/Pakistan...handing over 650 innocents to be tortured, murdered, raped and humiliated....with his full knowledge, some of them Pakistani.

4) Conducted military operations in FATA for the Americans against Pakistanis mainly, killing many Pakistani civilians in the process.

5) Accepting some $12 billion in American aid.

6) Unproven secret guarantees between the USA and Pak military about Pakistan's nuclear sites.

7) In relation to point 1, the opening and handing over of Pakistani bases to be used by the Americans to attack Pakistani targets in Pakistan, in the process of fighting a fake counter-insurgency war. The use of Pakistani bases by America against Iran and the training of Jundallah.

8) Related to point 3. The advertisement through omission and commission by Busharaf of the idea that Pakistan was the "most dangerous state on earth" harboring OBL into 2008 and his "al-Qaeda", and that Musharaf was the only man capable/qualified/loyal in fighting this danger for America/Israel/UK. To be sure $12 billion worth of military and economic aid might be of some good for Pakistan if its not pocketed by corrupt babus and military men in Pakistan...............however what is far far far more dangerous is if Pakistan is perceived to be a dangerous failed state, about to collapse into the hands of the "al-Qaeda" and Taliban. Busharaf in his 9 years in power at the helm with more or less dictatorial powers as a"military strong man" has played a no small part in this dangerous scenario and development in Pakistan, for the JEW.

Hence, with all this service to America and the Jew, as an after thought the attempt at his rehabilitation into Pakistani politics more recently by his American masters.

Why remove Busharaf in the first place? For the Jew behind America enough is never enough........more, more, and more, onwards towards Eretz Israel....the Pakistan nukes must be secured for Israel................for Israel to destroy many Middle Eastern countries there should not be any other nuclear power in the vicinity (not Iraq, not Iran, not Pakistan).

Busharaf for all his "service' to America was not enough of a Chamcha chamar chaud to the Jews (meeting and greeting Sharon, and Barak in NY and Paris). The Jew wanted to realize the dream of securing Pakistan's nuclear weapons finally, and that maybe Busharaf was an obstacle for that final objective and what was needed was a civilian government in Pakistan, extremely weak and corrupt which the Jew could then use as an excuse to say that Pakistan was a unstable failed state about to fall apart, and thus required America to "save" it, ......just like Iraq and Afghanistan by the Jew proxy forces.

From Pakistan's counter strategy perspective, Zardari should not be allowed to operate as President of Pakistan............not a day longer.

An effective civilian government must be installed in his place.

The reinstatement of Chaudri symbolically is good; someone ordinary Pakistanis can believe in who is good, honest, upright, decent, moral, Pak working for Pakistan within the state apparatus of Pakistan........psychologically this is an important need for ordinary Pakistanis..........the civilian politicians and the military have not provided this.

However Chaudri's reinstatement with the tacit approval of the military, and my guess the Americans behind them, does not address the substantive issues and challenges mentioned above about ZARDARI, and why he was brought into power by America/UK in the first place. Thats why some Pakistani commentators have described the recent saga as "the Judge and the fudge.".................its more of a symbolic victory for the Pakistani people, more so if Chaudri was reinstated with certain "pre-conditions" which he has tacitly or otherwise accepted...........1) No questions asked about Musharaf 2) No questions asked about Zardari and his numerous business deals 3) No questions asked about disappeared Pakistanis and the validity of GWOT within Pakistan, around which the Pakistani security system is geared..4) The Sharifs permanently barred from Pakistani politics.

..........so the Sharifs will have to resort to "other' means to obtain power...........in essence that is what the latest Supreme Court ruling is saying............but for God sake, when you've got Zardari as President running the show with his background and a "popular mandate' than technically on a level playing field any old bandoor from a Zoo in Pakistan should be allowed a chance to challenge him WITHIN THE SYSTEM.

Otherwise by default you are stating that Sharif is the rightful and legitimate President/PM of Pakistan, but for the nefarious use of the judiciary in Pakistan, and presumably the reason why Chaudri came into office officially on Tuesday and not Saturday as originally stated.

Finally, if you are an officer and a soldier in Pakistan, and you haven't been to America/UK to be trained and brainwashed, then maybe its time to think about how to defend Pakistan comprehensively, despite the nations leaders.