Altaf Hussein and the MQM.

Altaf Hussein and the MQM, represent the political and social interests of those Muslims from India who chose to live in Pakistan.

British created Pakistan has been a drunk unstable entity since its birth, taking swings at everybody including close friends Iran, USA and China covertly of course (That naturally was the intention of the parting British......."taa taa, here's your independence, and doodoo enjoy your "liberation" won't you deary lovies"......sneer...sneer..sneer, sniff sniff sniff...sort of Terry Thomas like but decidedly unfunny sinister given the sum total of events since 1947 within Pakistan, and without).

Naturally in such a primitive unstable State, medieval bows and spears tribal politics would float upwards to the surface dominating every walk of life, and thus destroying any chance of "National cohesion"........."I'm PAKISTANI {Land of the Pure in Farsi} and I'm proud to be a Pakistani".

Not a chance of national cohesion with so much foreign inspired instability (initially the UK, later the USA).....and many dangerous consequential military interventions since and rule guided by the ISI, which in turn was established and guided by the UK and now the USA which pays for it and runs it.

Naturally in such a fragmented unstable situation, with little confidence for and in the future of the country, each ethnic group would establish their own party.......Muslim League (for Punjabi's who are the majority in Pakistan, and dominate the military, Civil Service,and Police) ....the ANP....which represent the Pashtuns. The PPP which whilst it touts itself as a national party is in reality now a Sindhi party, another of Pakistan's numerous ethnic groups. The Baluch have their own party, and the Indian Muslims in Pakistan the MQM, as mentioned before. Then there is the INSAF Party which represents a playboy, turned cricketer, turned politician who had a Jewish wife.....whats his name?. Oh yes of course lets not forget the numerous Islamic Fundamentalists Parties for which most Pakistanis don't vote for unless the ISI decides otherwise in specific areas of Pakistan (with the approval of the USA,UK).

Pakistan sadly lacks national parties like The Congress/BJP in India; Labour/Tories in the UK, and finally the Dems/Republicans in the USA.

Pakistan lacks a national Party which convincingly can rule the country for two terms or more, and which goes beyond the ethnic divide..............and this is because of the all DOMINATING PAKISTAN MILITARY.......which in turn is funded, armed and guided by the USA NOW.(800,000 armed forces unofficially, 302,000 Paramilitary, 1,000,000 reserves....ISI {Guiding think tank, with operations arm), and at their disposal about 500,000 Islamic fundamentalists militia's all over Pakistan. The Pakistan Military's overall economic activities and state expenditure account for 6--8% of GDP...maximum $38 billion of a $480 billion GDP economy measured by PPP as of 2010)

The problem of Pakistan Democracy is the USA. The problem of Pakistan's stability is the USA. The problem of Pakistan's development naturally is the USA, ultimately and those Pakistanis who cooperate with the USA in destabilizing Pakistan deliberately (Pakistan military).

It is thus supremely ironical that a Pakistani Party whose leader is exiled in London, the UK..........because he is deemed a terrorist in Pakistan, and the party which represents the "foreigners" within Pakistan should have initiated a sensible strategy to topple the present puppet government installed by the USA in 2008.

It is also quite sad that the leader of
the main opposition Party Nawaz Sharif, in his desperation to regain his rightful place as PM of the country, snatched from him prematurely by MOSSAD Busharaf in 1999, has been going into extensive gora cock sucking sessions quietly in the vain hope that somehow the USA will eventually relent and allow him to be the leader of Pakistan again. Have I not said many times that if the ML can come to power through its own popular force and organization, only then will it survive for a full electoral term and quite probably complete a second term as well. Such a scenario is not possible through illusionist USA goodwill, which may have other plans for its Pakistan Policy depending on which elite groups in the USA takes the helm for the week.

Altaf Hussein and the MQM have done a great service to Pakistan the nation state, at a very critical time. So let us rejoice, move forward, have elections soon......give the ML a landslide victory and clear mandate......and a national government where every ethnic group is represented in government, and the all important national policies consensually established and followed through. Then invite Altaf Hussein back into Pakistan and government..........maybe as Home Minister in charge of the Police and IB, amongst other things.

In criticizing Zardari bhen we are not arguing against Democracy, and the rule of law, and national Izzat, but in fact quite the contrary in support of such things in a real and forceful way, rather than through mere empty words and political rhetoric.

It is quite clear that the present government was installed by the USA in 2008 in fake elections. The present government is not good for a number of reasons which I shall run through briefly, which also represent extremely strong persuasive reasons why NO PATRIOTIC PAKISTANI should serve in such a government a day longer:

(i) The Americans are daily killing many Pakistani civilians, including women and children, and defacto the present government is helping America kill Pakistani women and children. How can any decent government around the world allow a foreign power to come into their country and there after help kill its own citizens so brazenly, for so long,....... without any end in sight?..."There but for the grace of GOD go I".......today Waziristan and FATA, tomorrow Quetta, and there after Southern Punjab...and so on...and so on.......Boomeranging back to the USA under the guise of a Police state there eventually. All Pakistanis are the same, afforded equal rights under the constitution.....A Pashtun in FATA is no less a Pakistani CITIZEN then a Pakistani living in Lahore or Rawalpindi........it is the States duty to protect ALL its citizens and certainly not help foreign powers KILL them, and then cover it up with lies. GWOT is a lie. "al-Qaeda" is a lie........there is no such entity as "al-Qaeda".....merely a handful of people run by Western Intelligence directly or through local intelligence agencies in the case of Pakistan and Indonesia........who carry out terrorism for their Western masters....we are not talking of a great coordinated army of thousands dedicated organized followers but end run agents who bolster security policies of Israel and certain Western countries. The Taliban is run by the ISI, who created it on the orders of the USA in 1994......it poses no real threats to either the Afghan government or the Pakistan government, unless the ISI re-invents them as a menace to topple the civilian government in Islamabad (Swat Taliban 2009). ALL terrorism acts within Pakistan are carried out by the Pakistan military either by themselves, through XE, Dyn Corps or through the numerous Pakistan military trained Jihadi groups.

In sum total the present PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT is knowingly participating in the killing of its own citizens, helping a foreign power carry out the killings against innocent civilians based on lies originating for the USA. In legal terms this is known as High treason.

ii) The present Pakistani government is enabling the slow occupation of Pakistan by the USA, with 5000 military personnel now and many more civilian contractors for the USA........as their numbers increase in Pakistan, so does the incidence of terrorism in Pakistan. 2 +2=4 or is it 3 or 5 according to Zardari's bhen's maths??? The foreign military, and foreign contractor occupation of Pakistan is as argued before based on totally fake reasons......there is no "al-Qaeda" there is no real Taliban threat except that created by the ISI and the USA. Again this is High Treason by this government. Sobering glances and notes should be made of the American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan in addition. America is a Jewish run power/empire with 800 military bases around the world......it is the last country on earth Pakistan should be cooperating with.

(iii) It is widely agreed that Zardari is a mere puppet, a front in the manner of Hitler, and many other leaders around the world. Zardari has no power, and in matters of foreign policy and security he does not even formulate them. The real power in Pakistan is the Pakistan military, and behind them the USA. ...............However Zardari bhen the civilian President is not totally irrelevant and mustn't be ignored, whilst he remains in purda and out of public view. on the contrary Zardari plays a VERY IMPORTANT GAME OF CHARADES FOR THE USA, by giving the image that Pakistan is a real functioning Democracy, and all is well and legitimate in Pakistan. He was installed as a puppet by the USA in fixed elections in 2008, and his governments unpopular policies; his daily visits to brief Anne Paterson...and his reaction to the floods in Pakistan recently........OBVIOUSLY suggests he is a foreign agent and puppet who has no empathy and feelings for the Pakistani people. Thus the only solution is that he be removed along with his crony filled and corrupt GOVERNMENT.

Zardari gives a bad name to civilian government rule, and encourages the disastrous military to think about coming back to power. All those in favor of civilian government thus logically for the sake of self preservation, and great memories of Musharaf therefore should strive to remove such a blighted government from power and attempt to elect a better one. Its is out of pure self interest that all politicians including those within the ranks of the governing party should think about toppling the present government quickly, and not let it linger a day longer.....and out of this selfish act perhaps the outcome may be good for Pakistan also.

(iv) The situation becomes worse by the day in Pakistan, not better.......worse security....worse economic conditions....a worse future. For the sake of self preservation the Pakistan people, against the traitorous Pakistan military and their foreign masters must "struggle" to liberate their country from the dire problems created by the Pakistan military and their foreign masters in the first place. The Pakistan people must find courage in this noble endeavor.......just as 100's millions of other people are doing around the world, in other Third World countries.

Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!


PM Dismisses Chance of New Elections, But Lacks Votes to Keep It From Happening Email This | Print This | Share This | Antiwar Forum

Finalizing a move that began last week when they left the cabinet, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the liberal party that dominates Karachi politics, today announced that they are joining the opposotion, leaving Pakistan’s coalition government roughly a dozen seats short of majority.

Nawaz Sharif

The question then becomes whether the Zardari government can hold on as a minority government through the next two years of their term, or if early elections will indeed take place. Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani again, as he so often has, insisted the party would retain power.

But unlike those past claims, Gilani no longer has the votes necessary to prevent that from happening, and it is only the question of if, or perhaps when, the opposition decides to bring forth a vote of no confidence.

The Pakistani Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) say that they believe the end of the government is at hand, and as the largest bloc in the opposition they would be the ones to move for a new government. A spokesman said they believe PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif will become the next prime minister, and likely soon.