Iran 1979, Egypt 2011?

To those who are not familiar the numbers 7, 11 and 24 represent in the Jewish numerical codebook so-called Islamic terrorism. But this Islamic terrorism is "special" because it is not carried out by Muslims per se in the strategic planning level, but by Israel and their agents, using what we may term patsies (innocent or otherwise). 9/11, 7/7, 26/11 and so forth.

Numerology is complete unscientific rubbish of course that only finds favor with the really superstitious, paranoiac elements of the Jewish community........and is an eagerly anticipated mystical phenomenon only when it suits and fits in with their peculiar world view:

1. GOD has given the earth to Jews to Lord over, and subjugate all others.

2. A Greater Israel exists which must be created from the ashes and destruction of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey............in addition to all other significant Muslim nations in the Greater Middle East (Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Algeria) who possibly might pose a threat to Israel militarily. "Eretz" Israel.


The plan is very simple, and was implemented in the late 1970's.

Use the fifth column of Islamic Fundamentalism to destabilize and weaken Muslim countries, and then aid their takeover in those countries. In Iran in 1979 an Islamic Republic was eventually created with the Jews using the services of the USA/UK/France and Israel itself. In Afghanistan through an Islamic Taliban government backed by the USA/Pakistan military, and HAMAS created by Israel in the 1970's.

With Islamic Fundamentalist governments in power in Muslim countries.....Israel looks pretty and attractive in comparison for the West, AND Israel through its agents can then use the military might of the West USA/NATO to fight wars on its behalf against such entities.........Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and so forth and so forth. The Pentagon planned action against several Muslim countries post 9/11.

To a rational human being the idea of "Eretz" Israel seems rather silly, and even unrealistic. After all if Israel has problems grappling with the 5000 Hezbollah militia armed with nothing more than ak-47's, how on earth will it win against so many Muslim countries, even with the aid of the neo-Crusader NATO organization grunting in a meaningless Neanderthal fashion endlessly for Israel.

The Jew Rothschilds funded the Young Turks experiment in Ottoman Turkey in 1908. With the idea that through Pan Turanic nationalism, a vast new purely Turkish empire would be created stretching from Asia Minor to Chinese Sing-yang province in the East. It was an absurd idea, given that many Arabs and other non-Turkic ethnic groups existed within the Ottoman empire. But the absurdity of the dream and idea didn't stop the largely Jewish Doenme Young Turks destroying Ottoman Turkey in the long process of realizing the Rothschild funded dream. 25% of the Turkish population killed at the end of WWI, with 500,000 military casualties....and genocide against the Armenians.

The Jewish Rothschild funded Nazi Germany also had such grandiose territorial ideas, but it failed dramatically leaving 10 million dead Germans, and 60 million overall. But the German Nazi experiment nevertheless had its strong adherents in London, and NY who helped create the phenomenon from the 1920's onwards.

Ditto with Mussolini who was a British agent, and like Nazi Germany funded by the Rothschild's of London. Mussolini too had grandiose territorial dreams, perhaps not in the league of Nazi Germany, but he too wanted to recreate the dream of the Roman Empire, at least in the Mediterranean. Mussolini failed ultimately, and he was killed by his own people.

Jewish Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union had a dream. With backing from the Rothschilds of London and their agents in New York the Bolshevik experiment was initiated in the former Russian empire. Their dream was to spread Jewish Communism around the world. Eventually Jewish Communism failed, but not after fighting many wars...and leaving 100---150 million people dead in the Soviet Union, Red China and many other nations. China is now a Capitalist state in all but name.

And so very naturally the Rothschilds of London created Israel........the land of milk and honey, Kibbutzim, democracy, enlightenment, modernity, Utopian Socialism....and a green oasis of a paradise in a sea of backwardness. It too has, as with the previous Rothschild created monsters/experiments grandiose territorial claims through Eretz Israel, of which about 30% of Israelis are ardent adherents.

It too must logically fail in this secret, and as yet undisclosed territorial ambition set by the Rothschilds of London, when they deliberately drew Israel's peculiar and precarious borders in 1947. The Rothschilds never struck me as the true friends of Israel as they pretended to be........no true well wisher would have drawn up such boundaries for ANY state. The Rothschild's of London after leaving the back alley ghetto's of Frankfurt in 200 years have since become quite well entrenched in English society.....inter marrying into the nobility of that country at the highest level, and possibly genetically NOW represented by Prince William and Harry through Diana (real father Sir James Goldsmith {Jew of Frankfurt origin} + Lady Shand -kidd {Rothschild's of Frankfurt and related to the Rothschilds}) .......why should they care what happens to "Eretz Israel the experiment" any more than the "Nazi German experiment" or the "Bolshevik experiment" of theirs?

But a dream is a dream. It has its own momentum, power and the backing of powerful Jews in London and New York. Armchair generals whose blessed children will never have to commit to the toils and tribulations of Israel. But the question remains, how many must die and how many wars must be fought before this latest Rothschilds experiment destroys itself?

An American intelligence report states that Israel will implode by 2030.

Unlike China's rise which I have followed and predicted correctly since 1999, I will not put a date on Israel's demise. I am not against Israel per se. It is a victim of games played by and set by Jews in London and NY. 70 % of Israelis are just like all of us, enjoying BBQ, surfing in the beach, going to parties.....enjoying the fruits of hard earned honest work. Unfortunately the rest of the 30% of Israelis are not of this planet.....and they infest Israeli "intelligence" and the state security apparatus, including the higher echelon of the military. It is this narrower constituency which is susceptible to the wild dreams and schemes of the Rothschilds of London........what country does not have such people????? Didn't Germany have them...didn't Japan??? Doesn't the USA NOW???

AND so onto Egypt......

Let me start by saying that I'm not a fan of Mubarak. He has been in power for 30 years, and he is/was grooming his son to takeover from him, and thus creating a defacto monarchy/political dynasty in Egypt.

Nasser was recruited by the American's (Miles Copeland case officer), and since the 1950's ALL Egyptian Presidents have been puppets of the USA, including Sadat and Mubarak. However it should be noted that being puppets of the USA does not guarantee jobs for life as Presidents of any state. As the Shah of Iran found out it depends on the whim of day of the USA.

Egypt is in a poor state, with wide spread poverty and inequality that are typical of many Third World nations. A few rich people........and many more poor people. With 80 million hungry people, and only 4% of the vast country with arable land. Egypt's situation is very precarious. Its PPP economy is only $500 billion so per capita is just over $6200. Hosni Mubarak in being in power for (i) 30 uninterrupted years, (ii) with major aid from various Arab countries, (iii) remittances from Egyptians working abroad especially in the Gulf, (iv) Sinai oil, (v) American aid and loans, and (vi) finally tourism has not strategically shifted the Egyptian economy towards a new and different path and a better future.

He has wasted his time, and the country's money.

Like so many Third World leaders he has squandered the potential wealth on White Elephant projects, such as the New $2 billion library with no books......EXPENSIVE UNNECESSARY modernization of the military and especially the air-force (Mubarak is a former air force officer.......as with the Shah's expensive unnecessary modernization of the Iranian armed forces a civilian pilot who was over obsessed with his 100,000 air force). After signing the Sinai peace deal with Israel in 1978 against whom did Egypt hope to fight a war with?

Mubarak has mismanaged the economy running a government with his mother in the Kitchen, along with the aid of soothsayers.......and he is too old at 82. A man should be in power for about 10 years if he is effective...serving no more than two terms. Most certainly shouldn't have groomed his son to take the reigns.

But he is a puppet of Washington, so we must not expect too much from him. An educated Egyptian told me in the mid-eighties that in Egypt there are no retired Presidents, only "Pharaohs for life"

His government is not good it is universally agreed, BUT, BUT it could have been worse....lets imagine in place of Hosni Mubarak, the Islamic Brotherhood (created by the UK) were in power from 1981. What would Egypt be like now?

The Shah to be sure was bad. He was installed along with 100's of other Third World leaders into power by the USA/UK in 1953. Over turning a Democratic government in the process. Using false reasons for domestic consumption in the West....ie Communists were about to take over Iran, so it had to be saved from itself. The Shah created SAVAK the notorious secret police with the help of the USA/Israel which committed unspeakable harm against ordinary Iranians. The Shah killed about 3000 Iranians, and probably less between 1953---1979, at the behest of the USA/UK/Israel to maintain himself in power. The Shah was corrupt, and had a bloated military budget with $10 billion spent on defense in a $66 billion GDP economy (1976)....the defense budget was a huge scam with massive corruption that was overseen by the American puppet masters and their friends in the American defense industry (aka Saudi Arabia now)

As with Mubarak of Egypt I do not support the Shah of Iran. He who was buried in Egypt in 1980, and denied entry into the USA. But he did some good. His "WHITE REVOLUTION" attempted to modernize the country from the 1960's, liberating and emancipating women, giving land to the poor peasants, industrialization, infrastructure development, expansion of education to all, universal health care.......and the rudiments of a social security system!!!! The first for a Muslim country. The Iranian economy multiplied, and was the largest Muslim economy in the world and a significant military power by 1979.

The Islamist mullahs of Iran (installed by the USA/UK/France/Israel) by contrast......well I could be here all day talking about their dirty deeds and woes.

The Shah killed maybe 3000 Iranians 1953--1979 (probably less), and the mullahs have killed at least 1,000,000 Iranians. 800,000 via the Gulf War 1980--1988 against Iraq (a war which never would have happened if the Shah was still in power) 200,000 by the mullah regime through civil war against political opponents.

Living standards in Iran are now about 60% of what it was in 1979. Rent is increasing. Price of food is increasing. Massive subsidies for fuel is decreasing/or gone no longer sustainable by the corrupt mullah regime.

Whilst the Shah's regime was corrupt, the mullahs are even more corrupt. There are now billionaire mullahs, and multi-millionaire mullahs.....with property and assets in London, Canada, France, Italy, The Gulf of course and in South East Asia especially Thailand.

1. The mullahs sustained the Iran/Iraq war for 8 years; causing $500 billion worth of damage to the country, and the death of possibly 1 million boys and men fighting Iraq, and Saddam an American recruited agent since the 1950's. Saddam the American agent sought peace after two years of the war in 1982; the mullahs in Tehran were not interested.

2. The Iranian civil war 1981-1982 between the mullahs and the Tudeh left alliance; 100,000 dead.

3. The mullahs promoting pan-Islamism, and general Arab culture over and above traditional Persian identity. For a genuine Iranian who loves his country this might be considered a GREAT crime.

4. The de-legitimation of Iran's standing in the world, with silly OTT antics; taking over foreign embassies; threatening foreign writers ; holding Holocaust revisionist meetings and so on and so on.

5. The destruction of the Middle Class; their partial expulsion from the country 3-4 million of the most educated articulate Iranians in favor of the illiterate villagers, who are constantly promised great things, and used primarily in the security apparatus to keep the rest of the population in line.

6. Running a banana Republic economy which could collapse at any time. $800 billion to $1 trillion worth of Capital flight by wealthy Iranians who refuse to or cannot do business in mullah Iran. The current wisdom that mullahs and mullah cronies are the only people privileged and qualified to own and run significant parts of the economy.

7. Running a very repressive police state, which has accounted for the death of possibly 30,000 political prisoners since 1979. A regime that executes more children than any other regime on earth.

8. Seeming to posture internationally, usually through speeches against Israel and the USA, and through talking up the Uranium Enrichment issue designed to niggle the USA and Israel. And through the support of Hamas and Hezbollah directly, WHILST not making any real efforts to defend itself militarily......spends 3% of GDP on defense, and is not a significant conventional power....at rank number 18, with Israel at 11, and the USA at number 1. Turkey at 10; Pakistan 15, Egypt 17.

9. Upwards of 3 million drug addicts in mullah Iran where the regime touts its conservative austere, puritanical credentials, but is unable, and unwilling to tackle this serious national problem. Credible reports indicate that aspects of the mullah regime are involved in the narcotics trade into Iran from Afghanistan, and towards other countries such as Iraq and Turkey.

10. The mullahs are modern slave runners selling "surplus" destitute Iranians to Gulf Arab countries, who face an obvious bleak future there after. Any Iranians who dare criticizes this national mullah shame are punished with imprisonment or death.

Of course these are clear antics of an imposed puppet regime of the Jews. This is not a true Iranian/Persian regime....never!

The Shah was bad, agreed, agreed...............BUT the mullahs are far far worse, surely? The mullahs who were brought into power by the USA/UK/France/Israel in 1979.


The only people that are going to be happy from such an outcome are the REAL conspirators in LONDON, AND Washington.

This so-called Revolution in Egypt has all the similarities with the Shah's fall from power. Hence my extensive reference to the Shah of Iran. Publicly the American's profess support for Mukbarak as they did for the Shah to the end (then blocked him from entering the USA after his fall), but we know since at least 2008 the American's have been inviting these very same opposition groups who we see on TV now, to meetings in Washington to bolster their public standing, experience, organization, network, legitimacy and political position within Egypt.

Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei touted as the leader of the Egyptian "Peoples Revolution" by the Western media.....who is the man? Well he comes from a very respectable establishment family of Egypt, and he himself served in the Egyptian government. He is most famous for serving as head of the IAEA, and received the Noble Prize for his work there presumably. The IAEA is an American created organization, and staffed by many agents of Western Intelligence agencies. Mohammed ElBaradei would not have got his position in such a sensitive organization unless he was first a well trusted recruited agent of the USA, with sympathies for Israel. ElBaradei is also member of the International Crisis Group......an American Intelligence front of the USA that forments destabilization of certain regimes around the world, whilst promoting Democracy. George Soros the agents of the Rothschilds of London who spread financial mayhem in South East Asia is a Director of the Group. Brzezinski who formulated the toppling of the Shah of Iran is also a director of the organization. The organization has an office in Cairo. ElBaradei the would be new President is a puppet of the International Jews, trained and educated in New York.

When the Americans placed their agent Nasser into power they didn't do this immediately. They first removed the King, and put General Neguib in place. Then after 4 years the Americans put Nasser into full power.

When the American's placed their agent Saddam into power in 1979 fully, they first made him Deputy of the Ba'ath Party in 1968.....from 1968---1979, with American guidance Saddam amassed power within Iraq.

When the American's with the assistance of the UK/France/Israel toppled the Shah of Iran they didn't bring the mullahs to power immediately. The first post Shah government was headed by urbane educated cultured moderates, Shahpour Baktiar/ Mehdi Bazargan not unlike ElBaradei himself.......then with Western guidance the mullahs were eventually slipped into power.

It seems the same scenario is unfolding in the Egyptian tragedy.........Western backed "Peoples revolution"........a moderate post revolution coalition government is then formed, which includes Muslim Brotherhood members. The coalition obviously falls apart as it did in Iran in 1979, and lo the Muslim Brotherhood are in full political control of Egypt with Western mischievous guidance.......the elite and middle class flee Egypt taking their money and expertise......a jihad is declared against the Christian Coptics of Egypt, and the West intervenes to save the Coptics (The Christmas Church attacks in December 2010 were by Israel, which Mubarak alluded to vaguely......and where Egyptian security have uncovered covert Israeli spies operating in Egypt 2010).........Egypt becomes Sudan.....where the South just voted for separation 98%....with a covertly backed Islamist government in Khartoum.

Have I just written in a paragraph Egypt's future in the years to come? I hope not. We hope the combined Egyptian State, and security apparatus of the country apply common sense.......and prevent an unnecessary revolution that will not do anyone any good. Stability must be achieved.....then negotiations. No government must come from popular revolution, which is then manipulated to facilitate the Muslim Brotherhood to take full control of Egypt politically a few years later.

Mubarak, with the Egyptian security state must publicly sit down with purported opposition groups on TV and negotiate to deescalate the situation......recognized government parties with leaders who are known to be part of the agitating opposition.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to step down from the position of "Pharaoh for life" at a specific date in the future...15th October 2012 or 15th October 2013.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to not ever allow his son to gain access to the position of "Pharaoh for life".

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to include ministers for 40% of the ministerial portfolio to opposition candidates, BUT not any Muslim Brotherhood members.......and not necessarily try and form a national coalition government which will of course collapse.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to remodel his cabinet away from security henchmen in dark glasses trained in the USA/Israel to normal, capable technocrats from within the ruling coalition, and opposition.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public that he will respect the wishes of the Egyptian parliament on major issues that affect the country.......and not be a mere puppet of Washington, and a defacto dictator.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to massively increase subsidies for food and fuel (very important for the common man) The French Revolution was significantly caused by food shortages in 1789, as was the Russian Revolution in 1917. This can be done at the expense of defense expenditure and the cost of maintaining 500,000 men under arms unnecessarily.

In the mean times whilst the negotiations are going on, the crowds must be dispersed, the Israeli agent provocateurs in the Egyptian crowds must be expelled, and all tourists must be asked to leave the country as soon as possible. All NGO'S must also be closed temporarily as they have been known to operate as foreign intelligence fronts. Obviously the American, Israeli and British concerns must be put under full surveillance within Egypt given their history and performance in the Greater Middle East since the 19th century.