Nuclear Power Pakistan's GDP is $480 billion measured by PPP, and the country has 5500 people involved in the nuclear weapons and civilian industry. Pakistan is an ally of the USA, and receives arms shipments from the USA. Pakistan has 800,000 in the military unofficially, 302,000 paramilitary with 1,000,000 reserves, and spends upwards of 8% of GDP on defense in a society which is a garrison state dominated by the military, and blessed and funded by the USA. Pakistan was fingered with 9/11, and is regarded by the USA, some what falsely as the epicenter of global terrorism as stated by senior American government officials.

Nuclear Power North Korea's GDP is $40 billion, and the country has 3,000 nuclear scientists and technicians. A 1.2 million military backed by 3---4,000,000 reserves. Spending upwards of 26% of GDP on defense.......a garrison gulag state, run by a ruthless totalitarian dictator whose favored son was educated in arch Capitalists Switzerland, and drives around in a Mercedes (Not a Soviet Zill Limousine or a very good Chinese made car.....Communism is a Jewish funded creation.....little telling details). It withdrew from the NPT to signal its actual nuclear intentions and ambitions in 2003. Has exploded a nuke bomb or two, and regularly tests long range missiles over Japan to show its power and capabilities.

(from wikipedia) In 2006, there were eight sites identified as potential test explosion sites for current (and future) tests according to a statement by the South Korean Parliament. These sites are distinguished from a number of other nuclear materials production facilities in that they are thought to be most closely identified with a military, or potentially military purpose [16]:

1. Hamgyong Bukdo (North Hamgyong) Province – 2 Sites:

  • Chungjinsi – Nuclear fuel storage site, military base & unidentified underground facility
  • Kiljugun – Extensive military buildup with motorized troop formations and construction of new advanced underground facility – Site of May 25, 2009 Nuclear Test.
  • Phunggyere – Site of October 9, 2006 Nuclear Test

2. Chagangdo Province – 1 Site: Kanggyesi – Production center of North Korea's advanced equipment & munitions since 1956. Also, extensive intelligence of highly advanced underground facility.

3. Pyongan Bukdo (North Pyongan) Province – 4 Sites:

  • Yongbyonsi – 2 Sites – Location of Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center, and the facility's Experimental Test Explosion facility and two unidentified underground facilities. In addition, there is a gas-graphic reactor, HE test site, nuclear fuel fabrication site, nuclear waste storage site
  • Kusungsi – Between 1997 and September 2002, approximately 70 text explosions of North Korean munitions took place. Also, existence of underground facility
  • Taechongun – 200MWe Nuclear Energy Plant construction site. Location of unidentified underground facility and nuclear arms/energy related facilities known to exist

4. Pyongan Namdo (South Pyongan) Province – 1 Site: Pyongsungsi – Location of National Science Academy and extensive underground facility whose purpose is not known.

NPT signatory, non-Nuclear power Iran (Its very first nuclear power station is not yet fully operational, unlike the above two) has been fully CO-OPERATING with the IAEA since 2003 to verify to the International community that it does not posses the means to build nuclear weapons, and thus the INTENTION to do so.Its GDP by PPP is $955 BILLION with over 6,000 nuclear scientists and technicians..............Iran also has uranium deposits. Iran's resources and technical abilities are obviously far greater than Pakistan and North Korea's. If then after all these years there still is no sign of a covert nuke bomb program in that country, and verified by reputable sources.......then that can only mean that the Iran government has NO INTENTION, or INTEREST IN NUKE bombs.

The confidence of the Iranian government in openly inviting the IAEA into Iran to verify its intentions, approaching ten years now, with see anything, go any where, short notice inspections says as much and underlies this fact.

Thus it will be very difficult to verify, as per the Israelis, what is not there in the first place, save for wild speculation, semantics.....and plain old Niger Yellow Cake falsehoods emanating from Israel, and its agents in the West.

It would be far more useful and practical for the Israelis to remove the otherwise vile mullah regime in Iran, rather than SHIT THEMSELVES VERY PUBLICLY, REPETITIVELY, over something that does not exist.

Playing a tough gangster on the roulette wheel in a seedy mafia run casino is no substitute for sound foreign and security policy. Thanks to the Rothschilds of London, and the UK, Israel is a very peculiar, precarious strip of land with 5.5 million Jews.....where more than many hold dual Western passports....ready to leave Israel....should the nutjob zealots in that country initiate further long term ceaseless wars.


In Detailing ‘Threat’ WikiLeaks Cable Underscores Iran’s Lack of Weapons Interest

Iran Could Have Made Nuclear Weapons in 2009, But Didn't

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

A March 2009 WikiLeaks cable which, at the time of its release, probably would have been spun amongst officials as a major “smoking gun” about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, was released today. Two years later, the same information appears to demolish the various administration allegations against Iran.

That’s because in March 2009 US officials were fretting over Iran’s capability to enrich uranium to the weapons grade levels “if it so chose” and, consequently, had the capability to make the nuclear weapons that the US has been making such a big deal about.

The capability of the Natanz facility, which the document is referring to, to enrich uranium to this level was never in serious doubt, though it is worth noting that Press Secretary Robert Gibbs rejected the notion that they had such a capability in early 2010.

But the cable only really becomes interesting when you take into account several additional documents released by the IAEA, all of which detail the operations at Natanz and all of which, despite raising other questions, are able to verify with absolute certainty that Iran never has enriched uranium above 20 percent (and that in very small quantities), far below the level needed for weapons (which experts put in the 90-95 range).

In other words, the Obama Administration confirmed, two years ago, that Iran had the capability to produce nuclear weapons, and they simply didn’t (subsequently in the last two years since 2009 they haven't built nuke bombs as confirmed by the IAEA.....even though it is EASY to do so very quickly once Uranium is enriched up to 90--95% the level, the capability of which Iran has but has avoided reaching that mark). All of the administration’s rhetoric since March 2009 falls apart in the face of this one, unavoidable fact, that despite the program’s ability to theoretically produce nuclear arms, it has continued to exclusively operate for civilian purposes.