Drag Queen Assange's leaks.

Alleged Drag Queen, Julian Assange states through his Rothschild London funded Wikileaks operation that Mullah Iran has 300 Shahab III missiles, which could within 12 minutes be fired against Israel...........as stated in an alleged leaked document from the American embassy in Israel.

Sounds like the neocon......45 minutes from a Saddam WMB attack, and nuclear trailers and tinfoil WMB's, which with the YELLOW CAKE cliam from Italy turned out to be totally fabricated lies orchestrated by Israel and their agents in London, Rome and Washington/Capitol Hill.

Alleged drag Queen, Julian Assange also states through his Rothschild London funded Wikileaks operation that after certain blogger pressure, he will finally publish 3700 documents on EXTREMIST APARTHEID RABBI DRIVEN, BASKET CASE, SOCIALIST KIBBUTZIM PARADISE ERETZ ISRAEL.............IN 6 months time.

Hmmm........... 6 months, where did I hear that time line before? Why wait, why not dump the fake documents now? Why create this artificial drum roll for fake documents over 6 months?

Mullah Iran installed by the USA/UK/France/Israel toppling the pro-Israel Shah is not, and does not seem to be a pervasive military power (Unlike the USA/Israel with their ongoing wars and extremely hostile occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan. $1.5 trillion actual security expenditure....and 800 military bases around the world.....the hyper power that is the actual threat to world peace.... with the tail wagging the Dog)

Mullah Iran spends 3%
of GDP on defense. 350,000 in the army, including 300,000 poor quality conscripts, 50,000 airforce, 1700 air defense guns and a few SAMs, 200 serviceable combat planes....and 24,000 in the navy. 424,000 armed forces.

Iran as a "military power" is a purely defensive force, which has no offensive military capabilities. The Mullahs installed by the USA/UK/France/Israel don't trust the Persian military and on the advice and covert guidance of their Western/Israeli masters have shorn and limited the capability of the Iranian armed forces to a bare minimum. Iran was a significant power in 1978, but now it is not.

The Persian military is further checked by the 125,000 Revolutionary Guard and the Basij Militia......for the mullahs. The Revolutionary Guard, and the Basij performed extremely poorly against Iraq in the 1980-88 Gulf War.......using tactics borrowed from WWI, and the medieval era.

Nuclear Bomb, with missiles North Korea spends upwards of 20--26% of GDP on defense; has 1.2 million under arms...and anything between 14000-15,000 artillery pieces, with 5000 active and stored tanks.

Pakistan has 1.1 million under arms, including paramilitaries....nuclear bombs, 5,000 stored and active in service tanks, 3000 artillery pieces...and spends covertly probably nearer 8% of GDP on defense. It will acquire stealth jet fighters in a few years..J-20, and already posses cruise missiles and other such top military technology.

MULLAH IRAN....guided by Western countries, and without any Nuke bombs is not in the league of the above 2 countries militarily....North Korea and Pakistan. It is not meant to be. The biggest Threat to world peace MILITARILY therefore is the USA, and its tail wagging the Dog ISRAEL.............because Israel has ill-defined all encompassing regional and global ambitions through the junk yard DOGGY USA.

That is the main problem......for the world.

Iran has between 400--600 long range missiles which can be fired 150 km or further. Mostly of North Korean poor quality design. Iran has about 25 launchers for these missiles. Iran can only fire 25 missiles at a time, then fuel the next 25 and fire again. The process of which takes a few hours, and not minutes. Most of these will be shot down by the USA in Iraq, and the rest by Israel with its considerable air defense system, and missile interceptor systems in the airforce. There after if the situation is escalated, the 25 launchers in Iran will be taken out by super sensitive satellite tracking.

Iran does not have 300 Shahab III missiles. That is just a figment of certain arse scratching officials or a fake purported document in the league of the Niger Yellow cake claims. Someone probably watched the movie "The 300 Spartans" and then came up with the figure.

Saddam in 1991 had 200 such missiles, SCUD's of which he fired about 57 at Israel. At that time Israel was unprepared for such a military outcome, but despite this with American protection, unprepared Israel experienced very minimal damage. One or two elderly Israelis dying from shock of the rockets being fired into Israel. As with the German V1 rockets such weapons have very little value in conventional military terms, and are more of a propaganda tool used by either side against the other, unless they are armed with WMD's.

Since that time, and taking queue from Saddam, it seems the mullahs of Iran have threatened Israel with such missiles mainly in retaliation and in response to overt Israeli provocation to attack Iran by its airforce Iraq 1981 style. Obviously such empty threats gives Israel ample opportunity to beef up its air-defense systems against such a threat, from 2003 mainly.

As stated before the mullahs are remotely interested in creating a North Korean/ Saddam like garrison military state. Their primarily objectives are to: (1) Stay in power (2) enjoying the material benefits of power (3) winning acceptance/legitimacy by Western powers.(4) finding new allies in the Third World.

The mullahs never trusted the Iranian military, even as its ranks are now filled with mullah cronies. In war the Iranian military will stay put in Iran defending Iranian territory with their primitive aging Shah era equipment, whilst the main offensive operations will be carried out by the trusted Revolutionary Guard in Iraq, Afghanistan and else where. It therefore made sense for the mullahs to give basic MRLS with missiles to Hezbollah, rather than enter into an expensive missile program which fired long range, primitive unreliable North Korean designed Soviet era missiles into Israel. Especially when Iran does not have a basic air-defense missile program...lt SAM's and SAM systems.