Ah well!

So the Party that left the coalition, the MQM, have rejoined the government again......which is an odd behavior for a party in terms of consistency. One presumes the government has given them greater assurance on stability and security for the people of Karachi and Indian Muslims in general within Pakistan.

In the long term this decision will harm, the MQM and the country, because their decision will be seen as extremely inconsistent, quixotic, opportunistic.....and in the medium to long term bad for Pakistan, the failed nation state number das.

PAKISTAN CANNOT SURVIVE 3 MORE YEARS OF THIS CORRUPT PUPPET GOVERNMENT OF THE USA.........the only people who benefit from this is the "Long War" Zionists within the USA, and their local Pakistani military cock suckers (who desperate Pakistanis will turn to for salvation, unfortunately not comprehending their real role).

For the MQM, and for Pakistan, the ML of Nawaz Sharif were always a better option (EVEN IN OPPOSITION) then the priorities of the USA, which has ill-defined globalist designs which fundamentally affect Pakistan as a toy nation to be played around with .......with the help of their Kootta trained Pakistani military cock suckers.

"Long War" Zionists within the USA WILL want greater instability within Pakistan, which OBVIOUSLY will affect MQM strong hold Karachi.

Once the shortcomings of the present government became apparent after 2 bad years, the MQM should have stood with the Pakistani people in boycotting this government.

(PNAC 2000...penned by Israel for the USA for permanent war around the world...aka Jewish Nazi Germany 1933--45, and Jewish Revolutionary Bolshevism in the Soviet Union 1918--1991, both funded from London and NY)


Key Party Rejoins Pakistani Coalition Govt

Pakistan Government Returns to Narrow Majority

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

Less than a week after formally moving into the opposition, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) did a 180 today, announcing that they are rejoining the government and putting an end to the brief attempt at minority rule.

The move was chiefly a function of the government backing off its plan to abandon a number of planned economic reforms, which included reducing the massive subsidies on fuel, and is rumored to have also included some unspecified political concessions.

(As with India, and many other developing nations the hallmark of IMF/WB policies have been subsidy cuts to the POOR MASSES on fuel, social welfare and food products/agriculture.

....GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES FOR BASICS, are the only fair proven way any government around the world attempt to redistribute wealth to the poor and needy, and are essential and should not be cut. The idea systematically was applied and pioneered by Victorian UK in the middle of the 19th century, and later Bismark in Germany.

International Jewish Bankers with their nasty evil mean spirit, and anti-Social anti-Humanist attitudes say state subsidies are a total waste of time, and are the main cause of economic problems around the world within nation states, and therefore the main solution is cutting subsidies to pre-Victorian levels...al a medieval age with Lordie Rothschilds and his narrow clique at the top, and the rest as the unwashed masses of illiterate, unhealthy, penniless, obedient serfs fixed to the JEWvision for mind control queues.

Instead governments must find strategies for more affective taxation of the rich (Greece, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, USA, Germany, India...and so on), and in Pakistan's failed state case, criminal elements who transfer Pakistan's wealth into offshore accounts...$300-400 billion,... more coherent effective economic policies which are affordable {former Pakistani PM Shaukat Aziz the International banker did the looting under MOSSAD Busharaf for 9 years, and now lives in exile in London with Mossad Busharaf}.

Pakistan has a bloated military budget in REAL TERMS....CLOSER TO 8% OF GDP {$38 billion of a $480 billion PPP economy. Dr. Aiysha Siddiqui, "Military Inc."}........massive tax evasion by the rich elite...and extreme corruption by Zardari and his cronies in government. So with such problems/state deficiencies IN THE FIRST PLACE why should the IMF/WB ask the ordinary Pakistani people to pay the ultimate price, and tighten their 2 anna belt, and thus deny them the minimum very basics of food, fuel, education and social welfare?????)

The reverse on the subsidies cut was immediately slammed by the IMF, which responded with a demand that the government re-reverse its position and cut the subsidies, warning that the move is crippling the nation’s economy.

(Those that are actually destroying the Pakistani economy are the (i) present corrupt government of Zardari, (ii) the USA which wants to destabilize Pakistan......and finally their (iii) kutta cock sucking Pakistan military fighting ethnic wars against the Pashtun for false reasons of the JEWSA)

The Pakistani government’s budget is a combination of massive subsidies and massive military spending. (and not much else.......DEVELOPMENT WISE.....steel production is a paltry 1.6 million even though the country has an abundance of iron ore and coal.......with the Germans since the 1950's offering to built EU funded steel mills in Kalabagh....and severe shortage of electric power generation of a mere 100 billion Kwt, which prohibits national economic development)

Cutting the subsidies seems to be too politically damaging domestically, and cutting the military would spark massive international rebukes (from the USA ONLY), leaving the government stuck in the position of out-of-control spending. (......and eventual economic bankruptcy and ruin.....an out of control US managed coal powered steam locomotive within site of the abyss)