Supreme Court vs the Do Nothing Dynasty Controlled Congress, .......and Black money.

The BJP should spend its time more constructively by pursuing REAL political issues that require addressing urgently, and where Congress has been found wanting, namely Black money. It could be $500 billion or it could be as high as $1500 billion, who knows how much Indian money is illegally stashed away in the 70 or so offshore tax havens around the world?

The amount is increasing, as the pace of development in India picks up, and a chosen few within India make huge amounts of profits at the expense of the majority..........classic colonial neo-liberal development model. So the black money is increasing in volume, and any rational government needs to checks it comprehensively....NOW.

Think of the wonders that could be done with the black money for the shabby 4th world infrastructure of India, or India's weak defense system (tested so far against failed state Pakistan in short 2 week wars)....education, health, rural development with agriculture, industry, R & D......and so on.

What the BJP is doing in Kashmir is a Political Stunt........with fascist overtones (We're the biggest patriots in India)......"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scumbag" to quote Samuel Johnson. Extreme patriotism, xenophobic patriotism is self destructive as the Germans found out under Hitler, and the Italians under Mussolini.

India is too complex and cosmopolitan for xenophobic assholes to willy wave around (not in Sushma's Mataji's case obviously) and lord over. The flag hoisting in an already troubled state with 600,000 armed security present isn't going to do anyone any good except stir the masala pot.

This is precisely the sort of thing the Nazi Party did in its rise to power....carry out Provocative Political stunts......then Goebbels went into action with the propaganda.....the march into the Rhineland with bands playing and flags flying in 1936. Ditto the "March on Rome" 1922 by the Italian Fascist Party prior to taking power.

So what I want the BJP to do is focus on the Black money issue. Its the THE REAL ISSUE........and distance themselves from the RSS.

The Congress cannot do anything about it because since the License Raj days the party has been at the center of the black money problem, and the so called Nehru/Gandhi dynasty have even institutionalized and accommodated the problem at the highest level, with an elaborate pecking order constructed since the 1960's.


SC asks government to ascertain source of black money

Press Trust of India via TOI

Expressing concern that the black money stashed in banks abroad might have originated from arms deals, drug trafficking and smuggling, the Supreme Court on Thursday asked the government as to what action it had taken against individuals and firms having foreign accounts.

A bench headed by Justice B Sudarshan Reddy directed the government to file its response by Thursday next.

The court also sought replies from the government, RBI and CVC on a petition seeking direction to the government to ratify UN convention on corruption which would facilitate in bringing back black money from foreign banks.

Asking the government not to restrict its probe only to the tax evasion aspect, the bench told the government to go after the sources of black money.

"We want to know what steps you have taken against the people who have accumulated so much money in foreign banks. What are the sources of the money," the bench asked.

"These are people in the country who are amenable to the law. What action have you taken against them when you came to know that they have stashed money in foreign banks?

"What are the sources of the money? Where has the money come from? It might be because of arms deals, smuggling, narcotics, drug trafficking or something else. These are more serious issues, when you know the name, what action you have taken?," the bench asked.