Lets not talk down India.

No, India is not amongst the most corrupt nations, but clearly corruption is a BIG obstacle and impediment to its eventual economic well being. As yet, that big battle has to be fought against corruption. The Do Nothing Congress Party beyond platitudes and toothless Commissions won't initiate the battle against corruption because its too much entrenched within it, in the first place.

Norway, New Zealand and many other nations are also per Capita the richest because of their very low levels of corruption in both government, and also as a matter of social practice.

Corruption = poverty, backwardness and inefficiency


India among most corrupt countries, says Advani


Senior BJP leader LK Advani Sunday said India had slipped three points to the 87th spot in worldwide transparency and corruption index. He attributed the fall to alleged corrupt practices in the 2010 Commonwealth Games (CWG).

(I think a number of factors are used to draw up a countries place in the transparency and corruption index. Perception plays a part, but only a part)

"It can hardly be denied that the year just concluded has caused extreme distress and depression to the citizens not only because the common man's family budget has been totally upset by food inflation and the cost of petrol diesel etc, but also because our country has come to be known all over the world as among the most corrupt countries of the world," Advani wrote on his blog.

(The most corrupt countries in the world are....Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Ethiopia.....North Korea)

Citing a report on a website, Advani said India had slipped to 87th spot in Transparency International's latest ranking of nations based on the level of corruption. He said the 'Corruption Perception Index' report covering the public sector in 178 countries shows that India fell by three positions from its ranking of 84th in 2009.

Quoting from the report, Advani said: "The perception about corruption in India seems to have increased primarily due to alleged corrupt practices in the recently held Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Delhi."

He said the four investigating agencies - the central vigilance commission (CVC), enforcement directorate (ED), Income Tax Department and the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) - were looking into allegations of corruption against the organisers of the Games.

Advani said while the scene is really depressing on the national level, "one feels proud to hear reports that have been coming from Gujarat lately".

(This is normal fare for most Third World nations and even a few First World nations......ENRON??? Western Banks in Wall street and London????....we're talking trillions, and nothing to be depressed about, especially expressed in such a way by a leading figure of a national party who should be busy boosting the confidence of the nation, whilst making legitimate pointed criticisms of the government with their many short comings)

He said this year's "Vibrant Gujarat" attracted 101 countries and about 1,400 foreign delegates.

"MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) worth $21 billion, that is, roughly one-third of India's GDP (Gross Domestic Product), were signed in two days," he said.

(Unless the foreign business is actually up and running in India for two years without any problems, after over coming the notorious Indian red tape where every Indian from the postman, police, gangster/mafia, teacher, file clerk, party official wants "a piece of the action"..........MoU's in themselves don't amount to a hill of beans.

"$21 billion, that is, roughly one-third of India's GDP "..........national leaders, unlike bloggers casually blogging must get their facts right.....particularly for a huge nation like India. Can't afford to talk through the ass at any time. India's official GDP at current currency exchange rates is about $1,365 billion. The Real Indian economy measured by PPP is closer to $4--4,500 billion. One third of $1,365 is $450 billion approximately. $21 billion is about 1.5% of the current Indian GDP not 33%.

He said Mahatma Mandir, the venue of this year's Vibrant Gujarat conclave, was built in just 82 days.

(Does the Mandir have aesthetic beauty? Or is it a shabbily constructed place?)

"The project conceived was so ambitious that many doubted as to how such a project could be completed so soon. But all credit to Narendrabhai that he saw to it that this monumental splendor located on a 34 acre plot was constructed in just 82 days," the blog said.

"The achievements in Gujarat have a lot to do with Narendra Bhai's astounding success in making the state's administration effectively curb red tape and corruption. It is this success that attracts entrepreneurs, Indian as well as foreigners, very naturally go to Gujarat for this very reason," he wrote.

(Hey I thought Arun Jaitley was the natural well known protege and successor to Advani the geriatric leader of the BJP? Hitler created 6 million jobs in 3 years, and so what? The true qualities of a state are measured at many levels.....business and especially industry is paramount yes, but not at the cost of other things...such as national cohesion, and national development and national harmony)